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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  June 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures, "i'm maria bartiromo. today, chaos and choice. pro-abortion groups lash out destroying property all weekend as the democrat leadership blows off the constitution and undermines the supreme court. >> the supreme court has made some terrible decisions. >> the extremist maga supreme court. >> you see this turnout here? you ain't seen nothing yet. no matter how they try and stop
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us. the hell with the supreme court. [bleep] maria: and with that, protesters took their cues and took to the streets, in some cases croixing property across big cities as nancy pelosi made it about the choice of her and her power. >> a woman's right to choose, reproductive freedom is on the ballot in november. maria: coming up, constitutional expert and former department of justice chief of staff mark levin on the supreme court decision to send abortion rights back to the states as it was before the roe v. wade decision. then, the most consequential presidents in decades, the legacy of president trump, decisions in evidence and major rulings on abortion and gun ownership in america. investigative reporter john solomon and ohio congressman jim jordan on the efforts to stop trump from the january 6th
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committee. all of this as joe biden is in germany with even the german leadership now pushing back on the expensive climate change agenda, urging the european union to reverse the spending on the green agenda. coming up, tennessee senator bill hagerty with the real issue on voters' minds, making ends meet. 40-year high inflation, an economy teetering on resession and heading into the few -- recession and heading into the july 4th holiday gasoline prices doubled since joe biden walked into the oval office. the issues driving independents, business and the hispanic community this morning including texas republican congressional candidate monica de la cruz. coming up, she walks away from the democrat party and toward or the gop amidst wide open borders and the impact on her town in texas. st all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪
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maria: but first, a nation divided this morning polling a weekend of protests -- following a weekend of protests and demonstrationings in response to the supreme court ruling to overturn roe v. wade, a 1973 decision which established a constitutional right to an abortion. the high court sending the issue back to the individual states to decide and to manage. the landmark ruling capping a week that saw the high court's first major decision on gun rights many over a decade, striking down new york's handgun law which requires those who want to carry a handgun in public to show a reason for it, a special need to defend themselves. president biden unhappy with these decisions, lashed out at president trump and and attacked the supreme court. >> there were three justices maimed by one president, donald trump -- named -- where the count's decision to upend the scales of justice and eliminate a fundamental right for women in this country. make no mistake, this decision
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is a culmination of a deliberate effort over decades to upset the balance of our law. it's the realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic error by the supreme court. maria: joining me right now is mark levin, the host of "life, liberty and levin" which airs sunday night at 8 p.m. eastern on fox news, also host of the mark levin show, daily talk radio show. mark, great to have you this morning. >> my pleasure. thank you, maria. maria: you were former chief of staff of the department of justice. you've been talking about what has taken place all weekend. let's walk through the ruling. tell us how you see things. >> first of all, we don't need lectures from joe biden who plagiarized his way through law school. he has no idea what's going on. secondly, the media in america are so thoroughly corrupt, they haven't read roe v. wade or the
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subsequent casey decision or even this decision. and thirdly, neither has pelosi or schumer, because they would come right out of the box, here's the decision. how do they know what's in the decision in 30 seconds to have press releases and so forth? and they're lying about this decision. this decision is very simple. here we have what's called the constitution of the united states. not the tax code, it's not obamacare. it's very simple, about 5,000 words. you can look all you want, the word "abortion" is not in there, and it's never going to be in there millions they add to it. unless they add to it. here's the deal. really roe v. wade wasn't overturned. roe v. wade was fundamentally altered by the decision in 1992. roe was 1973, called the casey decision in pennsylvania, which changed the trimester test and had the undue burden and viability test which they basically stole from europe and from other kinds of laws we have in this country. the supreme court has been
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shooting from the hip on abortion now for about half a century, and that's why of all these cases that keep working their way to the supreme court from federal district courts. and so all these pro-abortion groups constantly litigating to prevent the states from having any regulation whatsoever. and let's be clear about what this decision says. this decision says something really unique in american history. we have a very, very powerful body, the supreme court, saying we don't have any power. when's the last time you heard congress or the president or the bureaucracy say we don't have any if power, so we're going to give this authority where it belongs, back to the people in the states. it's that simple. they're interpreting the constitution. finish it's not taking anybody's rights away, it's not giving rights to anybody. first of all, god does that. but that said, there's 50 states for a reason. we're not a parliamentary system like in canada, like in france. we have 50 states for a reason, 50 legislatures for a reason.
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so decisions can be made by the people in these states. the majority leader in the senate is from new york, speaker's from san francisco. hay don't get to decide everything -- they don't get to decide everything in between the country and try and impose their will. and the court rightly says, look, we're nine justices. sometimes these are 5-4 votes. this vote was basically 5-3-1. we should be deciding -- we shouldn't be deciding these cultural issues for the american people. that's why we're at each other's throats. we have a system for that, it's called federalism. now, what do the democrats really stand for, maria? we know what they stand for because right after the leak of the first draft, they put together a bill and they voted on it, and it lost. let me tell you what was in that bill, because we're debating the wrong issue. we're not debating roe v. wade. this is what the democrats want. abortion up to delivery. that was in their bill. maria: yeah. >> all state laws invalidating
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abortion after five months of pregnancy, they would invalidate. so there's viability, it's a baby, it can live outside the womb even under those circumstances they support abortion. invalidate state laws that prevent abortion for sex selection, so their law would have invalidated that. invalidate conscience decisions, certain nurses and doctors because of their faith and so forth. we have those laws in 46 states. the democrats would have blown out that. that's why radical, pro-abort types like collins, murkowski and others, even they had to vote against this law. so let's be clear, the democrats stand for partial birth, last second infant side which means sticking a big needle, shoving it in the top of the head of the baby, draining out their brain, turning it around in the womb and pulling it out by its feet. that's why you never see graphics on these news shows explaining exactly what the democrats stand for.
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that's what they stand for, that's what they would do. maria: well, mark, i mean, remember a couple of years ago when andrew cuomo ruled that it would be allowed to have an abortion up income the ninth month -- until the ninth month really was an incredible moment, and the world watched the celebrations going on in new york at that time. so we know likely where new york is going post this. but let me get your take on the broader story of what's happening in america right now. and you wrote about this in your most recent book. there is a marxist thread that appears to be traveling throughout this economy and if this country. and i believe that the ccp, the chinese communist party, is watching all of our political debates, abortion included, and they are pile being on on social media and further trying to divide this country. unfortunately, it appears that the democrats are allowing it. >> the democrats are the funnel through which it takes place.
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the democrats grab on to every one of these american marxist movements whether it's this bizarre transgender movement in our schools, whether it is critical race theory that rips at the fabric of this country, whether it's the war on capitalism with the degrowth movement that they call climate change, whether it's open boards where they do not secure the borders, the war on the cops. over and over, who benefits from all of this? our enemies. the communist chinese. and, maria, mark my words on this, they are positioning themselves for war existence the united states. against the united states. what i mean by that is let's take a quick example. if they invade taiwan and we do nothing, they're going to see that as a go light to invade other countries and expand their power. if we have to defend taiwan militarily, well, that's the trigger that could start the war. so so either way we're in a very, very serious problem. so it's better that we trash the supreme court, it's better that that we attack our economy with
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inflation. it's better that that we weakennen america from within, to your point, so the communist chinese, russia, the iranians, the north koreans and all the rest have have a leg up. they benefit from what the democrat party is doing to this country. and one last footnote. nancy pelosi and the democrats are serial liars. this court specifically said they're not addressing contraception, they're not addressing marriage. they're attacking clarence thomas. read what he said. he didn't say that he opposes those rights. he said we a ought to look at different parts of the constitution to see how we justify them rather than a big something called substantive due process through which the left pushes its agenda. if the media in this country would actually inform itself as you do and report facts to the american people, we'd be less divided. the problem is when you have people like chuck todd and all the rest of them who are flag carriers for the most radical elements of the democrat party, we have a more divided and even
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violent nation. that's what happens. maria: and, unfortunately, we saw that play out during the russia collusion lie over and over again. mark, it's been great to have you this morning. thank you very much for weighing in on all of that. >> thank you, maria. maria: see you tonight at 8 p.m. eastern on fox news, mark levin. quick break, and the democrats say the supreme court decision on abortion is on the ballot in november. they can't defend much else given their tax and spend policies have led us to the precipice of recession with crime soaring across the country. next up, what's most important to voters with investigative journalist john sol -- john solomon. plus, president trump's legacy on full display this weekend as the high court's rulings prove. the high court's rulings prove. we'll be right back with. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go!
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♪ ♪ >> you see this turnout here? you ain't seen nothing yet.
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women are going to control their bodies no matter how they try and stop us. hell with the supreme court. we will defy them. maria: that was democrat congresswoman maxine waters fanning flames of violence after the supreme court decision on roe v. wade. more massive hypocrisy given the january 6th hearings underway right now and the democrats' efforts to try to blame president trump for just that. joining us right now to discuss january 6th hearings and the blockbuster news of the week are ohio congressman and house judiciary committee ranking member jim jordan along with investigative journalist and editor-in-chief of just the news, john solomon. gentlemen, great to have you both. thanks very much for being here. of jim jordan, it's great to see you this morning, and, john solomon, thank you for being here. congressman, el me your thoughts after seeing maxine waters in that clip. isn't this exactly what we're talking about in the january 6th hearings?
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>> well, the left is always, they're always trying to intimidate. this decision this week was a win for life, was a win for the constitution, a win for common sense. and god bless the supreme court, and god bless president trump. this doesn't happen if he doesn't put the right people on court. i mean, this was a huge victory for life, but it was also a victory over intimidation tactics of the left. never forget the pattern here. it started with the kavanaugh confirmation, all the crazy things hay did. then it was schumerer on the steps of supreme court saying all the ridiculous things he said. it was jerry nadler introducing a bill to pack the court, it was the intimidation tactics they tried to use against justice thomas and his wife, then, of course, the leak of the draft opinion. it was the hearing the judiciary committee had on the subject matter pending on abortion issue, and then, of course, the assassination attempt on a sitting united states supreme court justice. but none of that mattered. the court did the right thing, and they said the constitution means what it says. and we got a victory for life.
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but, again, this doesn't happen if president trump doesn't do what he said he would coand put the right people on our highest court. maria: well, that's right. not to -- john sol ron, you wrote about this -- john solomon, prime minister's legacy was on full display this weekend not just with the abortion ruling, but also with the supreme court striking down the new york handgun law. >> yeah, no, absolutely. just want to remind people, friday night legislators in the aver capitol were trapped by pro-abortion protesters trying to break into the capitol, threaten the lawmakers. they had to be rescued by police. a mini insurrection in phoenix. a lot of the media aren't talking about that, but that shows what happens when you get red hot rhetoric like we sue from congresswoman waters. president trump said he would get three picks, he picked three people that were instrumental in the two ruling last week, gun rights and abortion. and and now we have a very clear
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majority in the court that says two things. if a right is enshrined in the constitution, we're not going to infringe on it unless there's a very good reason. and if it's not enshrined in the constitution like abortion, we're just going to kick it to the states the way our founding fathers did. that is a very clear majority in the court that speaks with that that voice now. maria: congressman, let me get your take on the gun bill that a passed the senate, and you voted against it. tell me what you felt about that, that bill. >> well, the government has already shown that it will weaponize, the left will weaponize the government against their proposition concern opposition. we saw it with the irs targeting conservatives, with the fbi spying on president trump's campaign. we're seeing it today with the department of justice going after moms and dads who have the courage to show up at a school board meeting and speak up for their kids. and now the congress passed a law which says to states, we're going to bribe states to put in place red flag laws which in simple terms say if someone
12:20 pm
doesn't like you, they can go file a petition with the court or with law enforcement, and there's a hearing that you're not allowed to be at, your lawyer can't be present, you can't confront your accusers, you're never charged with a a crime, but they can take your property, your second amendment rights from now. and -- are from you. and you have to go and petition to get that right back, that fundamental liberty that john just talked about. you have to go petition to get that back. that's not how the country works, that's not how our constitution works. that is not i cue process in any way whatsoever, so that's why i was against this bill. i hope states don't do this even though the federal government's trying to bribe them. i hope they don't go down this road because it's unconstitutional. maria: i want to take a short break, i want to get to the breaking news that, john, you had this weekend. coming up, adam schiff is at it again in plain sight. more with congressman jim jordan and john solomon right after
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>> you can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence. we'll show evidence of the president's involvement in scheme. we'll also, again, show evidence about what his own lawyers came to think about this scheme. >> do you have evidence that he directed it? >> you know, i don't want to the to get ahead of our hearing. we'll show what the president's role was. maria: oh, boy. welcome back. that was democrat congressman house intel committee chairman adam schiff last week saying that he has evidence of wrongdoing once again by president donald trump just like he did during the russia collusion lie throughout 2017-2019. three years later we are till waiting on evidence especially since we now know for sure hillary clinton's campaign made up russia collusion lie and managed to distribute it throughout the government agencies such as the pbi and the
12:25 pm
doj -- fbi and the cia as well as the media, making it go viral across the world and misleading the american people multiple times. we are back with ohio congressman jim jordan and investigative journalist john solomon. adam schiff, forgive us if we just don't believe it anymore after all of these lies for so many years. january 6th committee is muddying the waters, or trying to, heading into the midterms. your reaction to what took place this week, congressman. a witness testified that you discussed presidential pardons with with members of congress. >> yeah, fake news. the witness said i didn't request a pardon, and i didn't request a pardon, because i didn't do anything wrong, and i never in relation to january with 6th discussed pardons. this is just more lies from this committee. in fact, we caught them in another lie, and i think this is important, maria. we only get to see a limited a amount of information because, remember,man city pelosi wouldn't -- nancy pelosi
12:26 pm
wouldn't let the people that leader mccarthy selected for the committee, we've already caught them in multiple lies. imagine how many hinges that they're lying about that we don't know about because we we don't get to see the documents, a hear the testimony and do the depositions. a few months ago they altered a text message adam schiff presented to the country, it didn't come come from from me, and they did the same thing this past week when they showed a video clip where i said the ultimate date of significance is january 6th in the presidential election in terming -- determining the winner. what they left out is that i was quoting the late justice ruth bader ginsburg. she's the one who said january 6th is the ultimate day of significance in finally determining who is, in fact, president of the united states. this committee, i think the country understands, is purely partisan, and they're not, frankly, paying much attention to what's being said. maria: by the way, we should show the tweets of liz cheney
12:27 pm
praising the supreme court's decision. she was very much many line with all the democrats up until now. i think she's turned some democrats' stomachs with this tweet: i have always been strongly pro-life. today to's ruling that the supreme court returned power to the states to address the issue of abortion urn state law. liz cheney. now, john solomon, you've written this week about government transparency dimming under joe biden. we know that they are trying to control the narrative with all of these, these, these new agencies that they're creating like that misinformation commission aha they had to cancel -- that they had to cancel. tell me about transparency dimming under this president. >> well, listen, the amount of mfg they put out is shrinking every day, and some of the transparency initiatives that president trump had put into mace like settlements with liberal groups, they'd get a settlement with the justice department takes care of a
12:28 pm
litigation case, they've taken the transparency away. they're no longer going to post that that publicly. and when you get to the january 6th commission, you see this time and again, the same tactic we saw in russia, only put out certain pieces of information, leave the rest out. hay create the illusion that there's reality this, and when we dig in and get the whole body of evidence, you find what they claimed was never true. they create false reality time and time again going all the way back to russian collusion. maria: and there has been evidence uncovered that shows nancy pelosi and the democrats had ample evidence that there would be violence on january 6th. isn't that true, jim jordan? you've been asking the question why was the capitol vulnerable in the first place? >> yeah. especially when president trump offered the national guard. they didn't take him up on the offer. i think the reason is, is because the summer before in the summer of 2020, you had the democrats calling rioters and
12:29 pm
looters peaceful protesters, saying defund the police. and all of a sudden when there might be a concern, they say, well, it wouldn't look good if we called out the national guard in light of what we said now for several months in the runup to the election. maria: yeah. >> so i think that was the reason, but that's something the that needs to be answered, but i don't think it's going to happen. certainly not with this committee. maria: real quick before you go, do you think this changes what we were expecting for november? i'm talking about the supreme court ruling. does this scotus decision on abortion change anything that that you're expecting in november, both the president and nancy pelosi have said now this is on the ballot. >> i don't think it will -- >> no, i don't -- maria: go ahead, jim george can. >> no, i don't think so it will at all. pro-life people have been or working for 50 years for this kind of decision. for the court to say the constitution means what it says. this is a huge win for life. i think our people are going to be motivated to vote, and all
12:30 pm
the crazy things you see from the biden administration, it's going to be a big day for are republicans. maria: final word, john solomon. >> 27% of people in a gallup poll said abortion matters, only 27%. this is a pocketbook election. high gas, high inflation, food shortages, that's what this election's going to be about. maria: gentlemen, we so appreciate your time, jim jordan, john solomon. thank you, gentlemen. quick break, and then the issues that are eating away our paychecks and savings accounts as we head into the most expensive july 4th holiday in 41 years. and now biden is blaming gas station owners for the pain at pump. >> bring down the price you are charging at the pump to refrequent the cost you are paying for the -- reflect the cost you are paying for the product. do it now, do it today. your customers, the american people, they need relief now. maria: coming up, senator bill
12:31 pm
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♪ ♪ >> in january of 2021, inflation was at 1.4%. by december of 20 the 21, it had risen to 7%, a fivefold increase. since the war in ukraine began in late february, the rate of inflation has risen incrementally another 1 #.6% to
12:35 pm
a current level of 8.6%. so, again, from 7% to 8.6%. given how inflation has escalated over the past 18 months, would you say that the war in ukraine is the primary driver of inflation in america in. >> no, inflation was high before, certainly before the war in ukraine broke out. maria: that was tennessee senator bill hagerty getting the truth from federal reserve chairman jay powell this week during powell's wednesday testimony in front of the senate banking committee. as we know, the democrats' spending demands in 20 the 21 stoked inflation. joining me right now is man himself, tennessee senator bill hagerty. he's a member of banking appropriations and foreign realizations -- relations committees. senator, thanks very much for being here. great work on panel this week. i want to get ott activity of the weekend in a moment and the supreme court decision, but first, i want to get your take on the economic issues. here's a question for you, because bloomberg is reporting morning that at the g7 germany
12:36 pm
is pushing back on the european union's green agenda. joe biden says he's doing everything he can to get inflation down. germany is pushing the g7 nations to walk back a commitment that would halt the financing of overseas fossil fuel projects by the end end of the year. this is according to brook berg this morning -- bloomberg this morning, and yet biden says he's doing everything he can to to get inflation down. >> it doesn't surprise me at all germany's taking this posture. they killed their nuclear agenda, and they've realized that it doesn't work. they're going back to reopening coal-fired plants right now. by the way, maria, germany never met its obligations under the paris climate accord, america exceeded ours even though we pull out of it. the technology isn't there. and it's inherently inflationary, and it's made a huge national security issue for germany, for all of europe, and it's happening here at home as well. when biden talks about inflation here he's doing all he can, what
12:37 pm
he's done is wage a regulatory war on american industry, particularly on the oil and gas industry. and by suppressing supply with all these regulations, by killing any incentive to invest at the same time mass you have stimulus spending that we saw in that march 20 # 1 bill, you're come pressing supply and increasing demand, there's only one way to go, prices have to go up. 40-year highs in terms of inflation right now. and if you look beneath those numbers, maria, it's accelerating. maria: you also have the timeline that shows exactly the point that you made to jay powell, that inflation really started stoking after the president's covid relief package in march of 20 the 21. we've got the inflation rate timeline, and we see what has taken place. he walked into office and on day one canceled the keystone xl pipeline, signed in the covid relief bill in march, signed in a infrastructure bill in november and, of course, the democrats were pushing their $5 trillion spending package
12:38 pm
throughout. jason smith in the house, the ranking member on budget, told us hundreds of billions of dollars went out in the last couple of weeks to states that they haven't even appropriated that money yet, so he's expecting innation to get worse. your thoughts on where this is going. >> that's true. inflation is still in the pipeline because the funds have not yet been spent. there's more stimulus dollars sitting in these state coffers that are getting ready to pile into the economy again, and the biden administration will not take its foot off of american industry. more regulations, more constraints particularly when it comes to our energy policy, maria. you and i have talked about before. biden waged war on the american energy industry since the day he came into office. if you think about what's going to happen this fourth of july, empty tanks, empty wallets largely due to the increased energy costs here in america, but it's had a broad or effect on a global basis. that's a had the impact of benefiting vladimir putin. we're inadd very endly funding his war with on ukraine.
12:39 pm
this has got to stop. maria: this is exactly what a source just wrote me, he said biden's war in ukraine is currently financed by the united states. $100 oil provides putin a billion dollars a week. we are also financing the ukraine government by spending a billion dollars a month in military arms. this is the first time the u.s. has financed both sides of a war. he says this is biden's war. >> i couldn't agree more. and i'm pleased to see more and more people coming out and talking about this harsh reality. again, biden is pursuing this theology of green energy, and he's doing this without any regard to the real consequences. and, again, he's causing massive inflation here at home, and he's putting us in a position where we've to got war happening in europe thanks to these backward-looking policies. maria: well, what is going on with the oil industry? because i've spoken with a number of investors who say, look, they're under pressure to show the securities and exchange commission that they are investing with esg as their north star. chevron wrote a letter to the
12:40 pm
president and basically said, look, we're doing all that we can, and yet we continue to produce as much as we can given, in the face of, you know, pushback from this administration. the ceo of chevron writes: chevron produced the highest volume of oil and gas in our 143-year history, and in the first quarter we had 1.25 million barrels a day, and yet we continue to get the emergency sector needs cooperation because we continue to get pushback from this administration. what is going on in terms of this industry? they've completely changed their businesses, senator. >> i know. i mean, think about the investments that have to be put in place to continue to maintain supply here in america. these are 10-year investments, multibillion dollar investments, and ceos and boards of these large energy companies can't follow their fiduciary duty if they know that the biden administration's declared in eight years they want to see an end to the fossil fuel industry. this is a terrible environment
12:41 pm
for investing and continued capacity. you look at what the epa has done with the small refinery exemptions, they've retroactively withdrawn and imposed retroactive billion dollar fines on these small are refineries. they're going to go out of business. we're constraining supply at every point. it's no surprise that prices are going through the roof, and we're making ourselves far more vulnerable. now president biden's going to the middle east to genuflect before saudi arabia and the uae to get them to pump more. he's sent a team down to venezuela to work with maduro, an international terrorist. he's looking to other countries that may not have our best interests at heart. he'd rather make us more dependent on them than look right here in our own backyard where we could launch a resur gent domestic energy production, increase our own national security and make us better allies as well. maria: well, senator, i'm glad your emergency funding bill to protect the scotus judges passed
12:42 pm
the senate on wednesday, but pelosi is sitting on the legislation in the house. we'll see if it comes to the floor for a vote. senator, thanks very much for joining me this morning, bill hagerty. quick break, and then what is driving the hispanic community to the gop? texas congressional candidate monica de la cruz talks about the wide open border disaster in her community. she's next. she's next. ♪♪ ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission. ♪♪ features available on gmc sierra heavy duty. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm.
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maria: welcome back. well, texas republicanwoman mayra flores are was with us last weekend. she flip a seat held by democrats for is 000 -- 100 years, she's one of four hispanic republican women running for congress this november including my next guest who is hoping to end the 118-year democrat streak in her district, monica de la cruz joins me now. thanks very much for being here. >> thank you as much so much for
12:46 pm
having me. maria: well, we've been to the border four times just in the haas couple of years, and i've seen what's taking place there firsthand. i want to get your take on what's going on with hispanic voters. ted cruz has predicted all four gop hispanic women running for congress will win their races in november. why are hispanics flocking to the gop, monica? >> well, i am confident this that all four seats will be flipped this november because the democrat part has just moved so far from the values that are important to hispanics. those values include law ask and order -- law and order, securing our borders and standing up for our border patrol agents and customs agent. it includes our faith, our family and really opportunity for the american dream. hispanics believe that that opportunity exists, and democrats have moved away from those standard values of hispanics. maria: yeah. and we have a graphic here of
12:47 pm
joe biden's approval rating with the hispanic community, and you've got 58% disapproving of joe biden according to this most recent poll. your district has been democrat for 118 years. what do you hear from constituents that make you believe that that, in fact, you'll be successful in november? >> well, the biden administration has caused the crisis on our borders that's affected our local communities. but layer on top of that inflation. the american families are worried about how they're going to put food on the table, gas. they're worried about the economy, their children. you layer all these things on top of each other, and i would say that all of south texas and americans across this nation are just going to say no more many november. in november. and we are going to see a
12:48 pm
massive walkaway movement from the democrat party to the republican party because of this. maria: and you were part of that back in 2016. you were a democrat, right? you walked away from the democrats, and now you've been endorsed by president trump. >> that is exactly right. i am one of many hispanics who have been generational democrats. my grandparents were democrats, my parents were democrats, and i was a democrat. you know, i walked away in 2016 with president trump, and i continue to spread the message to be a role model like a congresswoman missouri are rah flores to say, hey, it's time for us to wake up because the democrat party walked away from hispanics a long time ago. they're no longer standing up for our faith, they're not standing up for our traditional family values, and they are not standing up for law and order and protecting our american communities. and that's why people are walking away. maria: yeah. well, i'll tell you, it really
12:49 pm
is hypocritical. the democrats are always telling us how they're pushing for women's rights, for example. they're up in arms about the supreme court decision, and yet they don't want to describe what a woman is, and they don't want to keep women and knowing that women have babies, they call it birthing people. i mean, it's absolutely mind-boggling. i want to take a breakment when we come back, you are at heart of america's border crisis in the rio grande area. i want to talk about crisis exploding in your backyard with the border patrol apprehending a record or 239,000 migrants just last month, hundreds of thousands of others who got away who are in america after the. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ friday. now let's head over to the tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like... looks like you paid too much for your glasses. who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. it's a quality exam worth $50.
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maria: welcome back.
12:53 pm
i am back with texas congressional candidate monica de la cruz. monica, let's talk about the heart of the issue where you are. tell us what's going on if many brownsville right now. we know that border patrol has apprehended 239,000 migrants just in the month of may, and we've seen almost 2 million people cross into this country since joe biden walked into the oval office. they say the border is closed, we know that it is not. what can you tell us? >> look, what we're seeing down in the rio grande valley is a self-made disaster be by the biden administration. i'm, you know, i'm endorsed by the national border patrol council, and i hear from these brave men if women -- men and women the catastrophe that has happened will. they don't have enough agents to support them, and they are overwhelmed by amount of people that are crossing. but let's talk about what biden has really caused. he has relinquished our borders to the cartel. and what we're not talking about are women and children that are being exploited.
12:54 pm
women and children, children who are abandoned on a daily basis on private property because their families many south america aren't paying up. people on the border mow that the cartels control -- know that the cartels control who comes in and who comes out including drugs at our board, and they want no part of it. hay want the biden administration to stand up for american communities. maria: isn't this so extraordinary? if i mean, anybody who sees this has to be just shocked to find out that dangerous drug cartels are in charge. they are running the southern border of america. they are in charge of who comes into this country and who doesn't come into this country. we know that they are talking home -- taking home $200 million a week just on human smuggling and charging up to $50,000 a head if you're from china. tell me about the impact on the
12:55 pm
border towns, because i've spoken with people who own ranches, and they say they don't even throw out their garbage without carrying a pistol. their land are gets damaged every day from the gotaways that go on their property. >> so the impact to our local communities is, number one, we have our medical system clogged at the hospitals. with the illegals who come in and end up having to go to the hospital. we have private property damage. i was just speaking with farmers, the schuster farming family who are long term, farming families many our community, and they were saying that they have had generations of farmers along the border where they no longer feel safe. they just recently found about 30 illegals hiding many their warehouse where they have women and children praying on their farms, and it used to be safe.
12:56 pm
our farmers said, you know, now we feel like we need to have security on our own farmland. they actually old me of a day where they were going down their farmland, and cartel came with guns, told them to stop while they passed illegals through their farms. i mean, it's horrific -- maria: yeah. >> -- and it is scary. your listen arers and your followers can actually follow me at monica for to find out more about what's happening on our borders. maria: monica, it's also the drugs. i actually, unfortunately, know people who have lost are sons and daughters to. fentanyl. we have not heard this president discuss at all the fentanyl crisis, and i know for a fact that president trump told xi jinping stop sending this fentanyl into america. it's still coming in now under joe biden. >> that is exactly right. the drug cartels have no fear --
12:57 pm
maria: okay. >> -- of the biden administration. maria: very, very, very disturbing. monica de la cruz, we'll be watching your journey. thanks for being here this morning. we so appreciate it. that'll do it for us on "sunday morning futures." have a great rest of the sunday, i'm maria bartiromo, i'll see you next week on fox business, you next week on fox business, i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functional. but we'll gladly be functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah
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ticks and fleas, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> prosecutors in america's biggest city reportedly leaving their jobs after controversial criminal justice reforms. the new york post reports 65 assistant district attorneys have left manhattan d.a. alvin bragg's office so far this year. 97 quit all of last year. hello everybody. welcome to another hour of "fox news live". i'm arthel neville. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. several staffers left because of bragg's liberal and progressive


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