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tv   America Reports  FOX News  June 27, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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made america great. up to 45 now, but the editors and producers did an unbelievable job. this was over the course of 4 or 5 months. i learned a ton doing it. >> we love our police officers here on "outnumbered" thanks to everyone, here is "america reports." >> john: kayleigh, thank you so much. pain at the pump continues for americans ahead of the busy fourth of july travel weekend as gasoline prices hover near $5 a gallon. >> sandra: one state preparing to offset costs with rebate, but if placing a band aid on a worsening problem. >> john: begin a new week with another major ruling from the supreme court as the high school football coach let go from praying on the field emerges victorious in a landmark case.
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sandra, you are warmed up. >> sandra: hope you had a great weekend. well come everyone, this is "america reports." in a 6-3 ruling, the courtsiding with coach joe kennedy argued it was his right to pray on the field after the game and was not coercing his players to participate. it could allow for more religious expression in education. >> thank god, i think everybody that supported me and i found out i'm not insane. it's absolutely true of all the facts of the case and it feels good to know that the first amendment is alive and well. >> john: also falling the fallout from friday's ruling that reversed row v. wade after 50 years. outrage from the left not subsiding, protests coast to coast. those demonstrations, some of them, turning violent. north central colorado, a christian pregnancy center was set on fire saturday morning. the fbi is investigating as
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potential arson. >> sandra: protestors arrested in eight states, including in los angeles, for attempted murder after throwing a makeshift flake thrower at a police officer. >> john: reaction just ahead. >> sandra: but first, shannon bream is live with the latest on the coach kennedy ruling. >> 6-3 victory for the coach, and hope beyond him, other public employees and the question how they can express their faith in that private setting. justice gorsuch says mr. kennedy's proposal to pray quietly would have meant some people would have seen his religious exercise. those close at hand might have heard him, too. but learning how to tolerate speech or prayer of all kinds is "part of learning how to live in a pluralistic society," and
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tolerant citizenry, respect for religious expressions he writes is indispensible to life in a free and diverse republic. those who say it's a win for christians, no, every religion. not just who coach kennedy was trying to do. in the dissent by justice sotomayor, enforcing states to entangle themselves with religion with all of our right hanging in the balance as much as the court protests otherwise, today's decision is no victory for religious liberty. so, no common ground here, nothing meeting in the middle for the two sides on this particular case. what it means is, and what coach kennedy i'm sure told you when you had a chance to talk with him, what he has told me is he just wants his job back. he said he would go back to washington state, he lives in florida now, but he would go back if the job is opened up to him again and asked how he could state the fight on for 7, 8
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years and he told you it's been a really tough time but he felt like it was doing a service not only his own case but hoping more broadly. the majority makes it very clear that you don't give up your private religious life and the ability to express it in your workplace because you are a public employee. sandra and john. >> john: you look at the pictures of him on the field, seven years ago. a huge undertaking and a lot went into what happened today and the outcome that we all saw today. shannon, thank you so much. >> john: victory took a while, but it's sweet for him. mollie hemingway, let's take on row v. wade, democrats try to see this as a galvanizing moment, talk of nuking the filibuster, stacking the court, maybe impeaching conservative justices, pushing pro life democrats out of the party. but when you take a look at the
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issues, and up on the screen, what's most important to people, inflation. far and away, the most important issue. so this talk around abortion seems to be for a small segment of the electorate out there. what about the great middle of america? >> you can see why democrats want this to be a big issue, things are going poorly for them, whether it's domestic policy, crime, the economy, inflation, gas prices, the border, or foreign policy, also not going well for them. so you can understand why they hoped this would be the case and it might actually help them in a few swing districts in suburban areas. it is also unlikely to help them in these districts that the republican party is finding to be much more favorable to them, areas like in the rio grande area of texas where the democrat position is fairly radical, support for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. the middle, dobbs ruling, allows
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abortion after 14, 15 weeks, that's very popular with the american people. so, as these discussions get articulated, might be helpful in a few, in a handful of districts and suburban areas where the new democrat base of white, wealthy, college-educated women are, but less likely to help in other areas that are now more favorable. >> john: we saw rioting, violence, in some cities, including portland, oregon. bad taste in their mouths from the summer of rage in 2020. could it backfire? >> the main thing democrats have been focusing on put all their resources are the january 6th hearings in congress, and also prominent people in the democrat party questioning the legitimacy of the court because the court made a ruling that differed with their policy prescriptions, and solutions like packing the court, or impeaching justices or
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the violence across the country. >> john: a.p. analysis, since 2020, more than a million americans have changed from democrat to republican. now, republicans are saying it's great, bring it on, but i'm wondering how much is real and how much might be republicans just, or democrats playing in republican primaries? >> i think it's probably pretty real and undercounts the actual vote changes. a lot of people vote outside their own party or don't register with a party affiliation. democrats, more beholden to their base, they are seen as normalcy. know what's happening in the schools, probably republican.
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nationwide, looks like it will be pretty bad for democrats and the only way out to turn away from the hard core base they are hoping to get excitement for but without losing all the normal voters. >> john: the a.p. analysis found the bulk of the switches were in the suburbs, people tend to be more moderate, looking for bread and butter issues. and what john braybender said, the universal issue is the concern over the economy and that's going to drive the election more than any other issue as much as the democrats are trying to prevent that from happening. so based on that, what kind of candidates should republicans be running? >> it makes sense the economy is a huge concern, if you cannot feed or clothe or house your family, you are looking for people to help with that. republicans can have a wide variety of sensible candidates who speak to those issues.
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>> john: thanks for kicking us off this new week. big change in the electorate as far as party affiliation, and if it plays out in november. >> sandra: and the economy, top issue, the baby formula shortage, still parents having a hard time getting formula on the store shelves for babies in the country. so, these are huge problems right now for the party currently in power. >> john: interesting to see abortion is the number three issue, but way, way down what the economy is. >> sandra: president biden overseas in germany for day two of the g7 summit. biden was blaming russia's invasion of ukraine for the record high prices at the pump and pushing world leaders to invest in clean energy to solve that crisis.
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peter doocy is in austria across the border from where the world leaders are meeting. interesting to see if anything is getting done. >> yes, and sandra, president biden is here in the alps making the case to the rest of the g7 that nobody is going to be able to rattle the energy market the way putin is right now if the g7 countries just go green. >> every day. the entire world is feeling the impact of russia's brutal war in ukraine. and on our energy markets. we need worldwide effort to invest in transformative clean energy products, to ensure critical strur is resilient to changing climate. critical materials are necessary for the clean energy transition. >> peter: even the ambitious folks here set carbon neutral goals for 2050. the same time they are talking about capping the amount of money that buyers of russian oil
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will pay, and is that idea percolates we are getting behind the scenes feel for the president's approach. >> i wouldn't describe what the president has been doing as lobbying, so much as posing the problem. >> peter: the g7 has decided to ban russian gold imports, so they are attacking the gas and the gold. something u.s. diplomats insist is working. >> they already are having a dramatic effect. let's take gold, the thing we are just announcing. the second most lucrative export russia has after energy, $19 billion a year, and most is in the g7 countries. >> so the secretary of state is saying he thinks the sanctions are working but plenty of evidence they are not. putin is accused of bombing an apartment building and a kindergarten in ukraine. today he is believed to have
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bombed a shopping center in ukraine and if you want to hear from president biden about any of this, you have to wait. the white house already told us no more events on camera for him until tomorrow, sandra. >> sandra: we'll have to wait on see that. peter doocy, live from the alps. the clean energy, a lot of public support, but in the moment where americans are paying sky high prices for gasoline and food for that matter it's painful and that is tangible stuff that voters are dealing with today. so to be talking about this push and this transition to clean energy that is going to take quite some time, john, that's difficult. >> john: also no shortage of irony, germany, everybody is preaching about clean energy, is restarting some coal fired power plants because they don't have enough electricity to supply through other means and they are not going to go nuclear. left with the old technology.
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hey, if you are planning on flying this holiday weekend you may need to pack your patience. massive frustration as thousands of flights are being canceled and delayed. what is causing all of the kayous? >> sandra: the fallout from the supreme court striking down roe v. wade. calls from the far left to ra -- radically change the court. >> i believe there has been a weak democratic strategy in the past and we cannot use those same playbooks. worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio.
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>> john: radical rhetoric from democrats days after the supreme
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court shot down roe v. wade. but first, f.a.a. tells fox business it will be ready to meet this summer's travel demands soon. but until then, staffing will cause delays and cancellations and frustration is only growing as we head into the 4th of july weekend. lydia hu, they said they will be ready soon, summer started the end of may. >> yeah, john, that's exactly right and even today we are seeing the number of cancellations and delays continuing to grow as the day wears on. we are up over 2700 cancellations and delays for flights across the country at the moment. here at newark, about one in six flights are canceled for the day. now, while travelers are facing these disruptions, a lot of finger pointing happening right now. airlines now blame the f.a.a., a
10:19 am
letter written by a trade group called airlines for america, pete buttigieg says air traffic control staffing challenges have led to traffic restrictions under blue sky conditions. the group also says an f.a.a. facility in jacksonville facility in florida has been understaffed for 27 of the last 30 days, crippling to the entire east coast traffic flows. but the f.a.a. is pushing back, pointing to the pandemic relief given to airlines saying after receiving $54 billion in pandemic relief to help save the airlines from mass layoffs and bankruptcy, the american people deserve to have their expectations met. that's a reference to safe, affordable and efficient travel there. some pilots are blaming their own airlines for overscheduling
10:20 am
flights. and allied pilots association is calling for more oversight on airline scheduling practices. the delays and cancellations that we have seen over the past few weeks, they come as americans return to the skies in record numbers. t.s.a. screened more than 2.4 million people yesterday, the highest volume we have seen since february 2020, and now aaa expects another record number of people to travel this holiday weekend for july 4th, more than 3.5 million expected to fly to their destinations, and the price of the ticket is soaring, up 37% over last year. more americans are getting back to travelling. paying more to do it, but encountering more headache along the way. >> john: you mentioned safe and affordable, not so much anymore.
10:21 am
sandra, you travelling this summer? >> sandra: a little bit. i flew last week and heading to the airport, you kind of say a quick little prayer and hope things go ok because you hear about all the cancellations and it was smooth sailing for me. but i know it's not the case for everybody. >> john: we are going to go to prague in august, a bicycle trip through europe, which will be great. >> sandra: love that. >> john: you have to kind of game it out. never take the last flight of the day, chances are it's going to get canceled, so find a sweet spot in which to do all your air travel. bought the tickets a long, long time ago, hate to think about buying them now. >> sandra: and when they say your flight is delayed, still go on time because they can mark it undelayed and take off on time. >> john: i learned that during the election campaign, we used
10:22 am
to watch our app, ok, delayed, now it's on time, no, early, and late again, back and forth. >> sandra: all the best travelling this summer. >> john: thank you, you too. >> everybody is keeping their eye on all of this to see what their rights are going to be. are they going to be taken away, and it just shows that hey, it doesn't matter what your faith is or if you have no faith. it just proves this is america and the first amendment applies and nobody should have to worry about now especially have to worry about just because you want to thank god you could do it now, and it's just an awesome thing for everybody. >> sandra: high school football coach joe kennedy scoring a victory in the supreme court, his first reaction today. ruling 6-3 that a washington state school district violated his religious freedom after he lost his job for praying on the field after games. we are joined now by mike davis, former law clerk to justice gorsuch and i go back to that moment where i was speaking to
10:23 am
the coach earlier this morning when he said that, and i thought gee, would he do it all over again? and he said well, you know, it's something to think about. because it was seven years of a lot, a lot of losses he encountered on the way to this moment, mike. but certainly a huge victory for those who want to exercise their right to pray in public and what you think it means now for prayer in particular in public schools. >> so this coach is an american patriot and hero for going through this process and vindicating religious liberties, religious rights, free peach rights for all americans. this is so important what this coach did because what the supreme court held, justice gorsuch held in the 6-3 opinion, the government cannot use the establishment clause as a phony excuse to stifle people's free
10:24 am
exercise and free speech rights. just because he's a high school football coach does not mean he doesn't have free exercise rights and free speech rights under the first amendment. >> he wanted to pray on the field after the games and made it clear that nobody had to join him, although many did choose to join him as we have seen in so many photographs. we will continue to watch the coach. he told me he's willing to get back on the field after this decision. we'll see if they will have him back. as we watch that, we also have continued reaction to the overturning of roe v. wade. we spoke to you in the wake of that decision last week and you said there was growing concern about accusations that the justices, including neil gorsuch, your former boss, and brett kavanaugh lied to members of congress during their confirmation process. the opinion section and the editorial board took that on in the wall street journal and said the justices did not lie to the
10:25 am
senate. claims of deceit are especially unfortunate because they suggest that the court is no different from the political branches. this is damaging to the court's credibility, whether the ma leans to the left or the right. it reflekts grief at having lost the court as a vehicle for achieving policy goals that cannot get through legislatures. what is your thought today as there are still accusations that some justices lied to members of the senate during their confirmation process. >> so these liberal politicians, whether it's chuck schumer in 2020 going to the supreme court and threatening justice gorsuch and kavanaugh by name, if they did not rule his way on an abortion case or liberal republican susan collins of maine falsely accusing them of essentially lying and vote trading. i think the politicians in washington, d.c. need to cool it. cool their rhetoric. i led justice gorsuch's outside
10:26 am
effort as his former law clerk for his confirmation, the staff leader in the senate with justice kavanaugh's confirmation, worked on the chief justice and justice alito's confirmation in the white house, and judge barrett through a group i run. they follow the traditional canons, and their job is precedent, evaluating precedent under the law of precedent to determine whether the precedent is still good. and for susan collins to say these two supreme court justices lied to her, it just shows she did not do her homework and she has a fundamental misunderstanding of the law of precedent. and if you were a party before the supreme court, how would you feel if you got there, if you were this coach and you got there and you found out that the law did not matter, the facts did not matter, because supreme court justices traded your
10:27 am
votes, your vote on their case for a senator confirmation, we are not a third world banana republic. susan collins needs to cool her rhetoric. >> sandra: and this is elizabeth warren over the weekend. >> the court has lost legitimacy. burned whatever legitimacy they may have had. we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> sandra: your reaction to that. >> for 90 years the liberals controlled the supreme court. there is finally a constitutional majority, and democrats don't like it. they are not going to accept it. >> sandra: mike davis, appreciate you joining us, thank
10:28 am
you very much, mike. >> john: sandra, new york city prosecutors quitting in droves on the soft on crime district attorney. rafael manguel. >> sandra: and court ruling demands i.c.e. to get tougher on arrests and deportation. brandon judd joins us next. >> the border crisis is as bad as it's ever been and my district is at the forefront of icht find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night. book now at . new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. . i need indeed. . . . sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria.
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>> sandra: the biden administration claims to have operational control of the border but the pictures and numbers coming out of the del rio sector tell a different story. migrant encounters up sharply, keeping agents busy as the latest migrant caravan
10:33 am
approaches the southern border. brandon judd, but first, griff jenkins live in eagle pass, texas. griff, has the sector where you are become ground 0 for this border crisis? >> hey, good afternoon, sandra. the answer is yes, it really has. del rio sector, last year's total encounter, 259,000. the last previous years, that combined is fewer than last year. this year's current year to date numbers are 60,000 more than last year. let me show you just this weekend, check out these numbers, we have exclusively gotten these numbers just this past weekend. friday, saturday, sunday. in del rio, 4,496 encounter, up 118% compared to last year. they have more than 322,000 and that is not including the 130,000 got-aways they say that have happened this year. now, we want to show you some
10:34 am
stunning video, sandra. yesterday a group of more than 300 crossing near where i am in the middle of the day, 101°, the migrants were from venezuela, cuba, and colombia, many were remnants of the massive caravan we saw earlier this month. and then one picture taken by a pecan farmer named migali abina, here are five afghan nationals on her property. and yes, this sector is getting hammered. very much ground 0 and part the entire sector-wide. one last thing, i think i just picked up here sandra, not going to put up close to the camera to give away identity, but an i.n.m., a mexican immigration
10:35 am
card, a cuban woman has to june 8, 2023, to work and live in mexico and apply for asylum. why was it just discarded here? because if she's holding it when our border patrol takes her into custody, they can then use that to title 42 her because she has temporary residency in mexico. she will likely be released and let go in the u.s., sandra. >> sandra: very interesting. thank you, john. >> john: the biden administration is fighting a texas court order tossing out a policy that limits which i will legal immigrants border agents can arrest and then deport. joining us is brandon judd. the biden administration, brandon, had tried to significantly clip i.c.e.'s wings but the texas judge said you can't do that, biden administration thought you know what, we can't abolish i.c.e.
10:36 am
but our best to abolish what they do. the judge said ah-ah. >> so grateful for a co-equal branch of government able to come in and check the executive branch. they can say what this president is doing is illegal under our laws. and what this judge said is they cannot use pros -- prosecution discretion, and that will minimize the people across the border. look at the judge's orders on remain in mexico. it must stay in place so the biden administration said they would go along with that order but only enrolling a handful of people every day so it's moot. then title 42, a judge said you have to continue title 42. so administration says they are going to comply but they only
10:37 am
enroll a handful of people into title 42, so becomes moot. the one problem we are seeing with the judge's orders, there are no teeth. you can't hold the president of the united states in contempt of a judge's order and so he continues to exercise policy. there are ways around that, then you can come back and sue again and i expect it to happen to then give the orders teeth and it will, in fact, increase. the border security we will have on the border. >> john: that brings me to the question i was going to ask you. d.h.s. says it is going to comply, at least while appealing this ruling, saying while the department disagrees with the southern district of texas decision to vacate the guidelines, d.h.s. will abide by the court's order as it continues to appeal it. the question is, do you think it will? they were ordered to reinstate remain in mexico, they didn't fully do that, why would they do this? >> history shows the
10:38 am
administration is going to ignore the courts. give political rhetoric to the public. tell them they are going to comply with the court's order when in reality and behind the scenes they just don't do it and then of course they don't release the numbers and don't tell the truth. this is the problem with the mainstream media. it's not telling the american public what is actually happening with the administration, especially as it pertains to border security and what's going on on our borders. the vast majority of the public would be up in arms if they understood what was currently happening. and that's why i'm truly grateful and look, i'm not trying to beef you up or a bigger head but i am grateful you are constantly covering the issue, it does, it forces the administration to look at what's going on, give border patrol agents, us, the necessary resources to secure the border, that's all we want to do. >> john: i know there are a lot of rank and file members at the
10:39 am
border patrol who are very interested in giving fox the data that they are saying of people coming across the border because their job is so difficult. speakering of that, put the video from the griff jenkins piece. i covered the border in 2014 during the obama administration. we would see people 1, 2, maybe 6 or 7. 300 people at a time came across the border on the weekend. we are increasingly seeing these larger number of groups that kind of surge across the border, overwhelm the resources there. is this a harbinger of things to come? will the groups get bigger in the future? >> they are continuing to get bigger. this shows the administration's policies are causing this problem. it's not root causes, it's policies by this administration. >> brandon judd, always good to get your take on things. thank you. >> thank you, john.
10:40 am
>> sandra: new york state supreme court strikes down new york city's controversial law allowing noncitizens to vote. the ruling says the city overstepped authority because the state constitution expressly grants voting rights to citizens. the our city our vote bill would have allowed about 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections. john. >> john: a new battle in the fight for fairness in women's sports. why a transgender skateboarder finds herself at the center of the latest controversy. >> sandra: and americans paying a small fortune to fill up the gas tank, the most pricey state in the country is planning to roll out rebates for gas and drivers. will more states be asked to follow suit? connell mcshane is here.
10:41 am
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>> sandra: newly elected congresswoman mayra flores joined us on the program last week, accused nancy pelosi of pushing her daughter at a photo op. it happened in the swearing in ceremony, you can watch the video. flores praised her daughter for not letting the alleged shove faze her. her chief of staff said she was trying to make sure the young girl was not hidden behind her. you would like to take the speaker at her word that she did not shove the little girl but the video looks like that what happened, for whatever reason. >> john: definitely gave her a nudge. nudging her forward or to the side, you tell me. look at this. making sure she's in front of her, or as sting sang, not standing so close to me. >> nice music choice. well, you decide. >> john: moving on.
10:46 am
29-year-old transgender woman at a skateboard competition is causing controversy after she beat a 13-year-old girl to win first place in a woman's competition in new york city over the weekend. also took home a $500 prize. international correspondent william is live with more. there are two issues at work, transgender and age difference. >> well, remember when you were a kid and your parents said john, life isn't fair, 13-year-old shiloh learned that lesson sunday in the skateboard competition when she lost to a 29-year-old trans woman, you are right. the next four finishers, 10, 12, and 16-year-old girls. there is a male division but the sponsor red bull allowed tres to compete as a woman. unlike the ncaa quashed, some
10:47 am
female skaters are speaking up. silverman placed second, losing $5,000 in one event. she said a biological man with a clear advantage took away the opportunity meant for women to place and earn money. what happened was unfair at the time and i was too uncomfortable to speak up. i understand in today's society some women tha it's acceptable, i've only been doing the right thing even when it is not the popular thing. according to silverman, red bull ignored her and said nothing that events for women should be exclusive to female athletes. red bull has not responded to our request hours ago. >> john: the transgender woman was ranked way lower than the 13-year-old who was second. >> guess she had a bad day.
10:48 am
women are women, girls, trans men, it's a difficult thing. >> john: thank you. >> sandra: a major drug bust in california, officials recovered enough fentanyl during a traffic stop to potentially kill millions of people. how big was the operation. >> john: as putin ramps up attacks in ukraine, leaders at the g7 poking fun at the russian president over his penchant for going shirtless while riding his steed.
10:49 am
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operator: 2-1-1, how can i help you? vo: call 211 or visit 2-1-1 get connected. get help.
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>> sandra: america is bracing for sky high gas prices over the holiday weekend. 4th of july weekend is almost here. in california, lawmakers are close to striking a deal to send out $10 billion in gas rebates to help ease the pain for drivers, connell mcshane is here. i don't know if a lot will help, in this moment people are paying the prices, but i don't know, is a gas rebate the way to go? >> we have had a lot of kind of short-term answers to longer term problems from politicians and this probably fits into the
10:53 am
basket. sometimes things like this help a little bit but the problem is, and you know this because we talk about so much, is that it can kind of mess up the demand, the supply and demand equation that we are dealing with and could have the unintended consequences and prices have gone down over the last week to ten days. >> sandra: haven't noticed. >> 10, $0.12 on average, but what have the headlines been, recession, the economy slowing. that has an expectation of demand impact. if you start handing out $350 to somebody, that and more in california, depending how much money you make, that could make demand stay where it is or higher. >> sandra: if somebody hands you a gas rebate card, you would be happy. and increases in demand are higher than you got the rebate card. here is proposed california
10:54 am
rebate, under $75,000, 350, or eligible for $350. under 120,000, 250. >> speaks to what politicians want to make people think they are doing. we are doing something about it, the best we can, give you a rebate, you know, suspend the gas tax as has been proposed for a certain amount of time. when the real longer term problems here are much harder to solve and you know, whether they are solveable is an argument, you are talking about the supply side of it where we have a shortage, understandably so of refining capacity. what's the incentive if you are running a big oil company to open those up the way they were when you know we are making this transition in energy and down the line you might be stuck with a refinery making too much
10:55 am
money. >> sandra: you look at the reality, a chevy suburban in california, the state average is 6.31, bear in mind a lot of people see higher than that, 28 gallon tank, costs you $176 and change just to fill up that chevy suburban tank and that is why you are hearing this from men and women on the street. listen. >> the gas is still double what it was a few years ago, so $0.18 really is not a big thing. >> it's not enough for me to think it's worth it. >> they need to figure out a better way to get gas prices down to something normal. >> say one thing, sandra, they are at a gas station buying gas. demand is there. 42 million americans will travel over the weekend. >> sandra: and the rebate card increases demand, but not supply, therefore, fear that
10:56 am
will only lead to higher prices. all too reasonable, once again. >> john: new at 2:00, protests breaking out over the supreme court roe v. wade ruling. some calling it illegitimate and calling some justices liars. and rafael talking about the new york city prosecutors walking out, to rebecca grant on the g7 leaders making fun of putin.
10:57 am
10:58 am
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11:01 am
washington. crooks from coast to coast try to get their hands on gasoline and some cases using tricked out trucks. >> sandra: in washington, democrats are plotting their next move after the supreme court's historic overturning of roe v. wade. this is a fox news alert. >> we will vote, we will vote, we will vote. >> sandra: protests in all corners of the country over the weekend and on into today, thousands of demonstrators flooding the streets from coast to coast, some of them protests and some of the protestors even turning violent. some folks outraged over the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. >> john: many democrats in congress using the decision to call for changes, some even questioning whether the conservative justices may have committed a crime? >> this court has lost legitimacy. we need more justices on the
11:02 am
united states supreme court. >> the supreme court has dramatically overreached its authority. >> i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offensive. >> sandra: jonathan turley is hot on that accusation from a.o.c., we'll get to him in a moment. >> john: fallout on capitol hill, also find congressional correspondent aishah hasnie this afternoon. >> hi there, john and sandra. democrats are out and about trying to drum up support voter enthusiasm ahead of the midterm elections and if they can gain wider control in congress, and they have interesting plans for that, watch. >> we know that the senate is broken. you've heard me say multiple times that we need to have, get rid of the jim crow filibuster and/or carve out an exception for critical pieces of legislation that need to be passed. >> others are going straight after the justices themselves,
11:03 am
specifically those appointed by former president trump. elizabeth warren has called the supreme court illegitimate. alexandria ocasio-cortez is calling to impeach those justices for what she claims is lying under oath during their confirmation hearings. we know any precedent or settled law can be reversed and members cannot ask justices for their opinions on a case because that would be considered prejudging. democrats are fundraising from this ruling but they are also taking in some heat from members in their own party when they failed themselves to codify roe in the first place. >> people can do something and it is not fundraising, so that is not the critical thing. the critical thing for people to do is to vote. >> so again, their eye is on the ball, midterm elections. i will say representative jason
11:04 am
crow has gone on tv and claimed that republicans will try to rig this election if they don't get their way. >> john: we'll keep watching it. thank you. >> sandra: thank you very much. let's bring in jonathan turley, a george washington law professor and fox news contributor. great to have you today, we saw your reaction there. liz warren saying the court has lost its legitimacy, called for more justices. what do you make of that hearing from the far left of the decision? >> well, these are the voices, people who have lost faith and in our constitutional system, you know, they argue that they are defending the rule of law by destroying the highest court in our land, and they would destroy that court and create a dangerous, destabilizing element. senator warren calling for packing the court with a liberal
11:05 am
majority because it would not yield to public opinion, would not yield to her opinion. what type of system would you have if we would allow that type of impulse buy changing of the court. every time you disagree with it, add more, send more down the chute until you have a majority. >> sandra: wow, alexandria ocasio-cortez, susan collins and others are out with these accusations that some justices lied during their senate confirmation process, including neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. you heard from a.o.c. a minute ago and the wall street journal is responding with its own op-ed, the editorial board said the justices did not lie to the senate. judges are limited under article iii, and ruling on facts and law specific to the cases. word inside the supreme court there was a lot of worry about the accusations of lying on friday bubbling up because of
11:06 am
obviously the threats to the conservative justices and obviously the threat to the life of brett kavanaugh during this process. >> you know, sandra, first it's disorienting to see so many democrats claiming that lying under oath is an impeachable offense. i was buried under democrats when i testified in the clinton case and the justices said exactly what their colleagues have said in their confirmations. they said that roe was settled law, that it was long standing precedent entitled to deference. they never said that they would only vote to preserve roe. they couldn't say that ethically and would not say that. and so the question is, why do so many individuals want to take a hatchet to this court because it holds an opposing position on
11:07 am
constitutional law? and there's very little consideration about the implications of what would happen to our system if they were able to do that. the other thing i want to note, when they are talking about the filibuster rule, the composition of this court is due to the fact that the democrats shot the filibuster rule with regard to supreme court nominations. when they did that, i wrote a column saying you will rue the day you did this. and democrats did not get a lot from doing it but they certainly lost a lot and one of the things they lost was roe v. wade. and some of the people now calling for impeachment supported that decision. more than any change that has happened in the last few years, that one was probably most responsible for the decision this week. >> sandra: all right, and on to the big -- >> or last week. >> sandra: and this morning, coach kennedy reacted to his victorious morning. listen. >> i just can't stop smiling and
11:08 am
you know, thank god and thank everybody that supported me and i found out that i'm not insane. it's absolutely true of all the facts of the case and it just feels good to know that the first amendment is alive and well. >> sandra: and we know that justice neil gorsuch wrote in the court's opinion, a government entity sought to punish an individual for engaging in a brief quiet religious observance, protected by the free speech clauses of the first amendment. he wrote that and that was the coach's reaction this morning. jonathan, your reaction. >> the coach has every reason to be excited, not just the outcome but has entered history as a namesake. who the court did was not just side with the coach, but it went further to effectively change how we look at these cases.
11:09 am
if there's one theme that comes out of this session of the -- this term of the supreme court, it is clarity, that they are bringing clarity to many of these areas. and this is one such case. they effectively overturned a case called lemon, which previously dealt with whether something involved the establishment of religion. the court clearly said that they don't believe that that is a workable test, and instead they adopted a test that frankly is more forgiving towards religious speech and expression. >> sandra: it was very interesting to get his reaction to all of that this morning. obviously he's been through a lot over the recent years, the seven years since he was let go from his job. he was very quick to answer my question, if you would like his job back. he was ready for it. so we'll see what the future holds for coach kennedy. thank you so much, jonathan. great to see you. >> thank you, sandra.
11:10 am
>> sandra: john, maybe he goes right back to work, we'll see. >> john: somehow i doubt it. >> sandra: at the end of the day, that's what he said he wanted. he was not seeking money, he wanted to go back to being a coach and exercise his free speech rights to pray on the field without the coercion of the other students and the court said that was not the case, he was not doing that. l>> john: great interview you did with him. i don't imagine his previous school would bring him back but another maybe would. and jonathan, if the democrats did not nuke the filibuster the court would not look like it does today. who are you going to blame? >> sandra: hundreds of prosecutors in america's biggest city calling it quits in the wake of woke criminal justice reform. new one former top prosecutor calling the soft on crime approach insanity. rafael mangual ahead.
11:11 am
>> john: a shift in politics, could impact the nation long after the midterms. charlie hurt on what republicans should say to their new found voters. nd. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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11:17 am
bryan joins us on set. >> majority of voters in the blue state do not agree with the supreme court decisions on guns and abortion. 63% favor now laws of abortion, and 79% restricting carrying of guns. the four candidates in the primary for governor, they have to strike a balance between appealing to the conservative base without going too far to the right if a republican plans on winning a statewide general election the first time since 2002. leigh zelden is the most pro life, wants a pro life commissioner and require parental consent. challenges, andrew guliani, son of rudy guiliani, made three campaign stops and did not mention abortion but did talk about guns. >> i want to let new yorkers and
11:18 am
americans know i am pro 2a, i'm very, very happy that new yorkers will have the right to bear arms, as clarence thomas said in his majority opinion. it's not a second class right, it's absolutely right and i stand by the constitution as written. >> democratic primary gubernatorial candidates like kathy hochul are seizing on the supreme court decision on abortion and guns to galvanize support to protect abortion rights and be protect against guns, and the covid mandates and spike in crime. >> john: new report showing a big swing in voter registration. associated press reports more than 1 million voters have
11:19 am
switched to the republican party. well educated suburbs appear to be swing back. bring in charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor. how real is this? people wanted to decide to play in the republican primaries or do you think they will vote republican november 8th. >> without a doubt, some is registering the people to switch over to the republican party to play in the primary there. but you can't deny the fact the overall majority are people who are genuinely disaffected with the democrat party. the problem for republicans is that does not necessarily mean they are running into the arms of the republican party because of some positive reason. they are leaving the democrat party for negative reasons. but my goodness, this could not be worse news for democrats in general, you know, with this sort of environment, larger
11:20 am
environment where you look at president biden's approval ratings, you look at the state of the economy and people's concerns about the economy, this is the first sort of granular evidence we are seeing. we have also seen some of these surprise races such as the texas 34 race where a republican won the first time in 100 years. but this is the first real sort of widespread granular evidence we are seeing that voters really are walking away from the democratic party. >> john: put a map on the screen to see where the majority of voters are shifting affiliations in terms of which state they live in. colorado, joe biden won by 14 points, but iowa, went to the republicans last year, last time, pennsylvania was a very close race, president trump narrowly lost, same thing with georgia. north carolina again is a close state, ohio, close state. you know what, a few thousand
11:21 am
votes here and there can change the outcome. >> yeah, think about how close some of the states were and how some of those are old swing states like ohio, but then you have some new swing states like pennsylvania and north carolina and you know, and clearly one of the places associated press did this survey found was, in places like raleigh and pittsburgh and cleveland, those are where they see some of the largest numbers of these -- of these voters walk away from democrats joining the republican party and you know, to your earlier good question, in those places it sort of makes you wonder why they are necessary. i can see in pittsburgh, but a place like ohio or in north carolina, i'm not quite as sure why, how many of those people were doing it to play in a republican primary. >> john: although i remember on the election campaign back to the year 2000, we spent a lot of time in the counties around the major cities like cleveland and pittsburgh because it was
11:22 am
believed there were a lot of republican votes there. which brings me to the point the biggest switch in affiliation came from the suburbs where voters tend to favor more moderate candidates, bread and butter issues. what the r.n.c. chair woman said. american suburbs will trend red for cycles to come, because of biden's price hike, not putin, and they are out of touch with the american people and voting are flocking to the republican party in droves. >> that doesn't mean everything she says is not right. i think she's right about that, and also the same areas where democrats have made significant gains over the last several cycles. but when you are talking about things like the economy, and again, democrats control both chambers of commerce by a small margin but both chambers of congress, they control the white
11:23 am
house to regular normal american voters, they think democrats are in charge and what they got and they are not happy with it, so little wonder you see the migration towards republicans. >> john: well, still a long way to go to november 8th. >> this is why we followed politics. it's exciting. >> john: i was going to say early voting begins at the end of september. charlie, great to see you. i see some people will be casting ballots -- can you imagine? >> sandra: soon. hi to charlie, by the way. the slip of the tongue about the putin price hike, the biden price hike, it's a fair point. nobody is walking and the suburbs filling up their suburban as we said for $176 saying darn vladimir putin, they blame the party in power for that sky high inflation. >> john: they certainly do. you take aim at the closest target, putin is a long way away. >> sandra: high taxes and high
11:24 am
crime, not exactly a winning combo at the polls, speaking of which. do republicans have a chance in illinois? >> john: progressive district attorneys driving away their own prosecutors. how could big cities turn things around? rafael mangual reacts coming up next. >> i fear it's going to be looked at as good news to alvin bragg who wants to purge folks in the offices. we should be terrified. p
11:25 am
11:26 am
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>> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> john: prosecutors in the big apple walking out while their bosses push soft on crime policies and not just a few prosecutors, try hundreds. rafael mangual moments away on that. but first, voters in illinois head to the polls tomorrow for the state's primaries, congressional seats, governor mansion up for grabs. elections framed as referendums on progressive crime and tax
11:30 am
policies. fox business correspondent grady trimble is following it all in chicago for us today. grady. >> hey, john. republican candidates for governor are certainly hammering those two issues, crime and taxes, because they impact everyone. violent crime in chicago is up 34% from a year ago, and on the tax front, a recent wallet hub study found people in illinois pay higher state and local taxes than people in any other state. if you look at the numbers, illinois is the only state in the country with a state and local tax rate above 15% combined with inflation and high gas prices. the voters we talked to say they are feeling the pinch on their budgets. high taxes and crime are not just impacting people, though. businesses are impacted as well. ken griffin citadel, the third major company to leave illinois for states like texas and the
11:31 am
case of caterpillar, florida for citadel, and virginia for boeing. before announcing his own move to florida, griffin spent $50 million in support of a republican candidate for governor named richard irvin, a tough on crime mayor in illinois's second largest city. >> there is nowhere you can feel safe to say walking home at 9:30 at night. and you worry about your kids going to and from school. that's no way for our city to exist. >> for his part, governor j.w. pritzker claims, and pointed to kellogg moving a headquarters to chicago and after overturning roe v. wade, pritzker called himself the most pro choice governor in the country.
11:32 am
crime and taxes on one side and abortion on the ballot as they head to the polls tomorrow. >> sandra: big apple, hundreds of prosecutors are hanging up their hats. the new york post reporting a major reason is simply their boss is going soft on crime. rafael mangual, manhattan institute senior fellow and author of "criminal injustice." manhattan has hemorrhaged 12% of the staff this year, 65 assistant district attorneys gone, walked out the door, cannot operate under the soft on crime policies. >> that's right, and we are seeing a zapping of the motivation. you sign up to be a crime fighter and you are asked to by' associated with something the greater crime problem. the kind of policies to give
11:33 am
people free passes time and again, and they come back to your office with more serious charges in the office. i find it hard how it was not predictable to a lot of people and how it was not expected, and reforms in new york and the job of a prosecutor has morphed into something really, really different and unpleasant and hard to feel meaningful in. >> your point is a perfect segue to the mayor of new york city, adams, eric adams saying he was surprised by this. listen. i'm sorry, its in the new york post. he said this, his words. it's bad, he's admitting basically being shocked by what is the sorry state of new york city today, saying i started peeling back layers and we had the good shell but underneath it is bad. well, he shouldn't be shocked by it. ask absolutely anybody who works or lives in the city what they have been experiencing over the
11:34 am
past couple of years and they could have told him. >> that's exactly right and on top of that, the legal regime we have put in place. 2019, new york state had two big justice reforms. bail reform and lesser known but very, very important discovery reform. it really just increased the administrative burden that prosecutors had to face and crunched the amount of time to comply with that. so a crime fighter, spending their time preparing cases, arguing motions, doing the substantive law everyone signs up to do and now you are a glorified file clerk chasing down paper most of your day and they did this without providing any new money for them to comply. so i think this is part of a broader strategy through starvation of the system, you give the institutions you want to see less of more responsibility, fewer resources to meet those demands and then the results are predictable. >> wow. meanwhile, the new york post
11:35 am
headline on the sorry state of new york, speaking of which. this is the bust of the century, says the new york post, on a serial shoplifter walking the streets now after her 100th arrest, professional booster, released again. she has even been heard joking about all her arrests. i guess this was in february she was arrested for allegedly ripping off a target store on the upper east side. she bragged that "i haven't got caught in a long time, i have to get a new outfit." >> its incredible. the reality and the narrative that has informed so much of the criminal justice reform movement is mind blowing. people believe we are denying second chances, when in fact you can get arrested 100 times in new york city and find your way to the street. political leaders, prosecutors
11:36 am
need to heed the concerns of the people they serve and people are fed up. >> sandra: listen, right? >> that's exactly right. >> sandra: unbelievable, 100 bust, it happened over the weekend for that woman. thanks so much for joining us, rafael. we always have you remotely, and now live and in-person. >> john: quite a landmark, 100 busts. a sheriff's office in central california busted two men with fentanyl pills, to kill millions of people. we often forget how lethal the stuff is. >> that's right. this is a massive fentanyl bust. the amount of pills recovered during the traffic stop have enough lethal doses to kill several million people. take a look at the photo, 150,000 fentanyl pills found by county highway patrol, 150 bags in the vehicle with
11:37 am
approximately 1,000 pills in each bag. each is worth about five bucks on the street, making the bust $750,000. this happened in tulare, california friday night, three hours north of los angeles, a population of about 70,000 people. two men from washington were arrested, 25-year-old and a 19-year-old. both were charged with possession, transportation and selling of illegal drugs. though tulare county jail records show they are no longer in custody as of this morning. fentanyl is a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than her -- heroin, and fentanyl continues to pour into the country through the southern border and overdose deaths are record highs all over the
11:38 am
country with more than 69,000 fentanyl o.d.s in 2021. and according to the d.e.a., last year the united states suffered more fentanyl deaths than gun deaths and auto deaths combined together. this year the state of texas alone said it has already seized enough fentanyl at the southern border to kill every single american. back to you. >> john: fentanyl is so incredibly dangerous and the nation is awash in it. >> sandra: world leaders having a laugh at vladimir putin's expense, analysts warn president biden better come away with just a few photo ops. >> john: why critics say it's only hurting the little guy. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow.
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11:44 am
>> >> bare chest horseback riding. >> shirt off. >> john: the leaders cracked jokes, putin stepped up the deadly missile attacks striking kyiv, upping president biden to do more. rebecca grant does national security and military consulting, and fox news contributor. good to see you today. put the famous picture of putin on the horseback up there. you can't see that too many times. this was taken a long time ago, but he was pretty buff back then. the leaders are making fun of them, meantime, this is going on in kyiv where missile were fired at a shopping mall, apparently
11:45 am
there might be people buried in the rubble, was this putin flexing his muscles to say to the g7, that's what you are doing, this is what i can do. >> p utin is watching the g7, he used to be part of the group when the horse picture was taken. now he's public enemy number one, he sees the g7 and the west are going on without him, no request he that ruthless attack on kyiv was a message from putin. >> john: the missiles were fired over the caspian sea, about 1,000 miles away from kyiv. so a fairly substantial standoff attack. was this putin also saying to the g7, here is my capabilities, don't mess with me? >> nice try, putin, but so much criticism of the russian air force and the incredibly poor performance, i'm not impressed he could put bombers over his own space and launch 1970s technology cruise missiles. but he's trying to do it. the russian pilots don't want to fly in ukraine because ukraine has a capable air defense and
11:46 am
good fighter pilots. >> the wall street journal has a take on biden's participation in the g7, editorial said big international meetings often end with little beyond photo ops and feel good statements. this week summit has the potential to produce much more and a failure of mr. biden if he came home with nothing but symbolic gestures. what does he need to bring back from these meetings? >> g7 and the nato allies need to bring back an idea of what they want the victory with ukraine to look like. they may not tell us the details but is it unconditional surrender by russia or something else, and zelenskyy has to be key to that discussion. it's time to be proactive with zelenskyy and decide the outcome that we want and tailor our military support and economic sanctions to get that. >> in terms of this end game, what does it look like? i don't think putin is going to
11:47 am
say unconditional surrender, yes where did i sign. >> and zelenskyy said they want to end it in months, but they cannot end it with the russian troops in ukraine and the ports closed. we have a ways to go. i think ukraine is well justified insisting that russia leave a lot of that territory. it depends how long they can stick it out. >> john: i'm wondering if the attacks on kyiv are saying look, we are in the donbas in the south but my goal is to take out kyiv, and the entire country. >> i think we have seen he does not have the military ability to do that. the russian military is too clumsy and too brutal. the only way they can take ground is by pulverizing it.
11:48 am
they failed to do that around kyiv. >> sandra: crooks are looking to make a buck or two off high gas prices by stealing the fuel and selling at a discount rate to desperate americans. more on this. what are we learning? >> it is a real growing problem, gas is a precious commodity at 4.89 a gallon. thieves are out in force, they do the old fashioned thing, just siphon gas, they actually get under the cars, drill a hole in the tank and get the gas. >> sandra: my word. >> creates $1,000 worth of damage if you have to replace the tank and the gas. a new methodology, too, we are hearing about out there, the thieves are hitting gas stations in the middle of the night and they are using, use what the cops told me, a mechanism, a handheld device, technology of
11:49 am
some sort to override the pump software and get the gas out of the pump. hundreds of gallons in one night. then they go on social media and tell everybody where they are at and sell those folks gas using some kind of payment app. >> sandra: a big clue something is up, kvvu in las vegas, they say the thieves are sophisticated, thinking of serious ways to do this. saying if the gas pump is running for hours, how long it would take to steal thousands of gallons of gasoline, a sign something is up. how are police responding to the problems? >> i spoke to a lieutenant in virginia beach, virginia where this is happening and he says they have never seen anything at all like this. they are just discovering it and it took crime suppression units and the locals teaming up to figure this out. and he says that folks will say these thieves are modern day robin hoods, he says that's not
11:50 am
true. listen. >> it's completely new to us and we had to do our own research and work with our external partners to figure out how this was happening. this was a locally owned gas station, not from some large corporate entity, it was a mom and pop business and they were trying to survive as well. so, to lose tens of thousands of fuel in a week's time is devastating for them. >> devastating, $10,000 worth of gas stolen in a week and this is like a family. this is a family-owned business, the neighbors love them. just devastating. >> sandra: 90 plus percent of the retail stations are, mom and pop owned. >> small business operators. >> john: tennis fans crying foul. one of the world's best could be banned from one of the biggest events of the summer. all because of a vaccine. s a me, for sure. we always fed him kibble
11:51 am
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>> john: the colorado avalanche put dent in the stanley cup last night. moments after defeating the tampa bay lightning, a forward slipped and fell carrying the cup. oops, ding! may have been the fastest it has been damaged in a postgame celebration. the stanley cup has taken a beating over the years. this is the least of it. unlike the lombardi trophy, it's never been tossed between two boats. it will be fixed up for months of partying. >> sandra: that's unfortunate. wimbledon is banning rush tennis players. eric shawn explains for us. hello, eric. >> hello, sandra.
11:57 am
the russian players have been called out because vladimir putin's war in ukraine. england's wimbledon has been the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. russian players have been scratched in wimbledon. "it was very important to us that wimbledon should not be used by the propaganda machine which we know the russian government employs in relation to its own people. we regret the impact on the individual players affected. we also regret the impact on so many innocent people which the tragic situation in ukraine has caused. daniel medvedev is acted.
11:58 am
jovic understands the banning. >> i know what it feels like. on the other hand, i can't say i fully agree to ban russian tennis players, bella russian tennis players from competing. >> critics say politics and sports shouldn't miss. others say putin needs to be punished. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, ehrlich. the u.s. open is seeing a different kind of ban. what is that tournament going to look like? >> different on this side of the ocean. the russians here will be allowed to play in the u.s. at the open that starts in new york city later this summer but not djokovic. he's not vaccinated for covid. the usta will not allow players to play under the national flags. they're supporting the ukrainian
11:59 am
efforts. the usta has condemned the unprovoked and unjust invasion of ukraine by russia. medvedev will be allowed to hit the court here to defend his u.s. open title. >> it's great. i heard this news yesterday. i always say that i have to follow the rules. where i can play, i'm going to play. i'm going to try to play my best. >> sandra, you're waiting for a rematch with medvedev and djokovic. it won't happen unless the vaccination rule is lifted in august. that's something that he says for now he won't do. now back to you. >> sandra: his choice. those are the rules. everybody has an opinion on this one. thanks, eric. john, where do you fall? >> john: i'm -- on whether or not they should be vaccinated? >> sandra: or ban those that are not. >> john: you know, it's a tough
12:00 pm
call. if i say no, they shouldn't, vaccine people will say roberts, you're crazy. you're the reason why the world is as it is. >> sandra: i'll make a prediction. i wonder if they change the rules by then. >> john: we'll see. covid is turning into something else. >> sandra: another big day. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> sandra: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. here's "the story." during the trump administration, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell vowed that he would leave a lasting conservative impression on the courts. he approved over 200 federal judges across this nation. many of which have been unfilled by the obama white house before they left. also, 3 supreme court justices in one term. as a result, we're now watching the fruits of that inaction as


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