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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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call. if i say no, they shouldn't, vaccine people will say roberts, you're crazy. you're the reason why the world is as it is. >> sandra: i'll make a prediction. i wonder if they change the rules by then. >> john: we'll see. covid is turning into something else. >> sandra: another big day. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> sandra: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. here's "the story." during the trump administration, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell vowed that he would leave a lasting conservative impression on the courts. he approved over 200 federal judges across this nation. many of which have been unfilled by the obama white house before they left. also, 3 supreme court justices in one term. as a result, we're now watching the fruits of that inaction as
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these constitutional originalists do exactly what their past writings and decisions would indicate. upholding the second amendment and a short time ago in a huge win for religious liberties, the first amendment. in a 6-three court decision, they protected coach joe kennedy's right to take a knee in prayer on a public school football field. writing the government essentially cannot pick and choose which secular or religious viewpoints it chooses to promote or suppress. >> everybody was keeping their eye on this to see what their rights will be. are they going to be taken away? it shows that hey, it doesn't matter what your faith is or if you have no faith. it proves this is america. >> martha: with the court's ruling on roe, it has exploded into outrage. that now leading to claims that we continue to see over and over in the world today. that something or someone is simply illegitimate.
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>> this court has lost legitimacy. we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> thanks to how this court was put together, it's credibility has never been more in question. >> martha: so if you don't like the outcome, it's illegitimate. let's bring in marc thiessen, fox news contributor and democratic strategist richard goodstein. good to have you with us. these judges were nominated by duly elected officials. people vote for their representatives. then those representatives approve the members of the court. that is the way that it works. if we lose the ability to do that, richard, where are we as a nation? >> here's what people like elizabeth warren mean when they say these justices are illegitimate. five of the justices on this majority were chosen by
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presidents that got fewer votes than their -- >> martha: that's not how the system works. >> the senators who voted for them represented millions of voters fewer. okay? now, the good thing is oddly for democrats, this is a horrible outcome for women and people that love them. for democrats, we have already seen in the polls that whereas back in april in the generic congressional ballot, republicans were up three points. now today democrats are up seven. and every poll shows women in attendance and the public at large wildly -- you can laugh, mark. you smirk. i can bet on it. i'm right. you're way off. >> martha: what you're saying right now is that because of what this court has done, that there will be an electoral backlash. you're saying the people should be able to have an impact on who makes these decisions, which is precisely what we're witnessing right now. people voted.
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they leaned towards elected representatives who then put in place conservative originalists, people that believe the constitution is not a fluid document. that it is a profound document and should be adhered to, this is what the american public put in place by elected officials. mark, i'll let you weigh-in. >> yeah, sure. first of all, richard seems to think that americans care more about abortion than $5 gas and the worst inflation in 40 years. >> let's talk about that, marc -- >> martha: richard, let him talk. i'll come back to you. >> what richard and the folks on the left don't like is the outcomes. what they don't like is the fact that donald trump is the first republican president in 60 years that has a perfect record when it comes to appointing judicial conservatives on the bench. every president going back to richard nixon that nominated the justice that wrote the roe decision has had half of their
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nominees to become swing vote and vote against. liberal judges never vote against the left wing. they never john the major block. donald trump had a perfect record. he appointed three conservatives that voted the way that their judicial philosophy guides them. they don't like the fact that he was that successful and that's why they're upset. >> martha: i want to play this. this is alexandria ocasio-cortez on "meet the press." let's watch. >> there must be consequences for such a deeply destabilizing action and hostile takeover of our democratic institutions. >> you think lying in a confirmation hearing is an impeachable offense? >> i believe so. >> martha: lying in a nomination process. when i look back and i know we know what she's referring to, she's talking about brett
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kavanaugh and now justice gorsuch. their adherence to the principle of saying i accept this is a precedence. this has been in the law a long time. neither one ever said a precedent can be overturned based on the case that comes before them. ruth bader ginsberg said the same thing when she was in the nomination process. watch this. >> it would be wrong for me to say or to preview in this legislative chamber how i would cast my vote on questions the supreme court may be called upon to decide. >> martha: i would add that justice sotomayor did the same thing when she was pressed on the second amendment. she said it's a precedent but i cannot say what i'd do based on an individual case. explain how they lied in their nomination process, richard? >> again, one thing on the ill
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legitimacy. it's withholding obama from getting a justice in 2016 and ramming through one at the end of 2020. that's what people refer to. susan collins and joe manchin feel deceived in the meetings that they had in their personal offices with brett kavanaugh. so your beef is not with me. it's with them. they're the ones that put out the statements. they feel that they were deceived. whether it's impeachable or not, i don't want to go there. that is the beef. it's bipartisan. right? collins and manchin both have said the exact same thing. the problem is yes, abortion is not mentioned in the constitution. neither is same sex marriage. neither is -- there's in number of things. northeaster is the marriage between a person of one race and one of another. those things are not mentioned in the supreme court either. that's what has people upset. those things are at risk, too. things not specifically mentioned in the constitution --
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>> martha: it's not -- the whole point of this is not a judgment on abortion. the whole point is that it should be the states and the elector call process for these things to be decided. address what richard brings up, mark. >> both judges kavanaugh and alito took those off the table in those opinions. there's no votes for doing what richard is saying. >> not yet. >> during her confirmation hearing, elena kagan was asked by john cornyn, is there a constitutional right to same sex marriage. and she said, there's no federal constitutional right to same sex marriage." she then went on to vote to create a federal constitutional right to same sex marriage. did she lie? another thing is that if brett kavanaugh or judge gorsuch told a senator how they would vote in a case before hearing the facts
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in evidence in exchange for their vote, that would be an impeachable offense. >> martha: it would. >> violation of judicial ethics to say that. >> martha: senator collins has said that he did not promise her anything. that's not what her -- it's not about a promise of how he would decide in any one of these cases. >> exactly. >> martha: bring up marc's point before we go here. richard, did justice kagan lie in her nomination process when she said that she would -- that the right to a same sex marriage is not in the constitution and then she decided to have an opinion in favor of it at the federal level? did she lie then? >> of course not. because as of that moment, there was no such right. but again, what i think you're trying to skirt around is how this will be -- marc, smirk away, this is a disaster for
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republicans because the public is wildly against it. people have gotten energized. we've had people like herschel walker say no acceptance whatsoever. 10% of the public believes it. 10% of the public supports that idea. 2/3s or more says no. there should be abortion allowed in most circumstances. that's the problem you're up against. >> martha: when we look back at the decision of roe v. wade, it talked about the first trimester. then it talks about leaving it up to the states. >> agreed. >> martha: that's where you are now. you talk about mike pence and herschel walker. that's what's going on. those individual states are to have this debate. the people will vote on them. that is what this process is about. it's not about wanting there to be no abortion in the country. it's about the justices saying we don't have jurisdiction over this. it's not in the constitution.
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>> first of all, 66% of americans -- hold on, richard. you just spoke. 66% of americans believe that overturning roe v. wade would make abortion illegal. a vast majority support eliminating abortion to 15 weeks. so the orthodoxy embraced by joe biden is taxpayer funded abortion up to the moment of birth. i'll put that up against any democratic policy. >> that is not true. >> it is. that is the position of joe biden. >> martha: that is the position of certain states, new jersey included. i mean, i spoke to stacey abrams over the weekend. she would not deny that she is against it going up to nine months. this is a state issue. that's what everybody needs to understand here. richard is 100% right. it may hurt republicans when it
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comes to election time. that's the beauty of the system. we'll see what the people think when it comes to election time, this is a state decision, not a federal decision. thanks nor being here. richard and marc, good seeing you. coming up, we'll talk to david asman and mercedes schlapp about that issue. what is the impact electorally. we're live in ukraine after putin bombs a crowded shopping mall a short time ago. several are dead and dozens are wounded. we'll take you there live on the ground when we come back. your . they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty. liberty.♪ my a1c stayed here, only pay for what you need. it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®.
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in a packed shopping mall. there's been a lot of activity in the eastern part of the country. this is a little west of that. reports say there's unimaginable carnage on this scene. the strikes are a message of some sort to the g-7 leaders as they meet in germany. all together say that they're committed to helping ukraine "for as long as it takes." nate foy on the ground in ukraine for us in lviv. hello, nate. >> hi, martha. the video that is coming out today is one that is sure to give you chills. devastating watch. president zelensky just said over 1,000 people were in the shopping center when this missile came down this afternoon. the numbers that we have right now, ukrainian authorities say 11 people have been killed. over 50% have been hurt. ukrainian president zelensky says it's impossible to imagine the number of victims.
12:18 pm
when you see this video, you'll understand. take a look at this video. you'll see a massive fire after those russian missiles hit. officials say it took 115 firefighters to put this fire out. you may be wondering, why this site? it's home to the largest oil refinery. this comes after a busy weekend. we had over 60 missile strikes. that's why president zelensky is pushing for a stronger air defense system. listen to this. >> some of the missiles were shot down. only part of them. we need a powerful air defense system, modern, fully effective. the one that can provide complete protection against these missiles. we talk about this with our partners on a daily basis. >> martha, fox news can now confirm the u.s. plans to give the ukraine the same surface to air missile system used to protect washington d.c. i mentioned the very busy
12:19 pm
weekend unfortunately here in ukraine. after yesterday's missile strike that killed one and injured six, idaho senator jim rich met with president zelensky in kyiv. senator rich tells fox news he wanted to see how american military aid was being delivered. he learned this. >> i'm incredibly impressed with the way stuff is getting to the front lines. we here anecdotal stories about how the russians blow up the stuff when it gets here. that's not the case. this stuff is coming through and getting to where it needs to be. >> senator rich tells fox news that he's impressed with the competency and the training of ukraine troops and believe that they will take full advantage of all military aid that they get including from the united states. president zelensky telling g-7 leaders that he wants the war to end by this winter, martha as conditions to fight are set to
12:20 pm
get worse. we'll send it back to you. >> martha: thank you, nate foy in lviv, ukraine. what is going on? why are the airlines incapable of doing their jobs? selling you a plane ticket that can get you where you're going when you want to get there. david asman here to explain next. >> we were scheduled to leave on a thursday night. the flight kept getting cancelled. we missed our connection. we booked for friday. there wasn't anything available without an overnight connection. we finally got a flight saturday morning. psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms...
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>> martha: oh, my gosh, what a mess in the skies or on the ground. delta pilots are fed up. reports say they plan to protest at airports thursday after cancelling flight delays and cancellations that they call unacceptable. they say it's not going to impact operations if they protest. they're in the middle of contract negotiations right now, we should note. they say they're putting in record amounts of overtime trying to keep planes in the air and aaa predicts more people will be flying this fourth of july weekend than last year. david asman is here to analyze this. first to lydia hu in new jersey. fortunately she didn't have to
12:25 pm
wait in line. she's there for us. hi, lydia. >> hi, martha. delta has cancelled around 7% of their flights just taking off today that were supposed to take off today. another 8% are subject to delays across the country. it's not just the pilots for delta airlines that are now pointing the finger back at their own airlines. we see the union that represents 14,000 pilots calling for more federal government oversight on airline scheduling practices. watch here. >> as pilots, we're beyond exhausted. they're trying to get us to fly to the maximums that the faa has. the bad news is it means a flight cancels. when you schedule to it the max, you have failures. >> meanwhile, airlines are now blaming the federal aviation administration. a letter written by a trade
12:26 pm
group called airlines for america to transportation secretary pete buttigieg says staffing challenges have led to traffic restrictions under blue sky conditions. the faa facility in jacksonville, florida, has been understaffed for 27 of the last 30 days and crippling the traffic. the faa is pushing back. they're pointing to the pandemic relief given to the airlines saying after receiving $54 billion in pandemic relief to help save the airlines from mass lay-offs and bankruptcy, the american people deserve to have their expectations met. that is being a reference to safe, affordable and efficient travel. the delays and cancellations come as americans return to the skies in record number. more than 2.4 million people yesterday. the highest volume we've seen
12:27 pm
since february of 2020. now i do mention aaa is predicting a record number of people to take to the skies over july fourth holiday. more than 3.5 million people are expected to fly. that comes as a cost of a ticket is sky rocketing 37% the last year. so we're paying more, we're traveling more. but it's creating more headaches. >> martha: thanks. even the dog is upset. he's like give me a break. thank you, lydia. fox business anchor, david asman here. david trying to get back to new york. i kept getting updates. delay, delay. as americans, you expect a certainly level of efficiency. there's some countries that you may see, oh, my gosh, the plane is delayed five hours. you don't expect that here. i fear we're becoming used to it. like that's just the way it is.
12:28 pm
>> we're in many ways becoming third world in the way we operate believing that the government could solve the problem by spending our money. the government has to -- the fda is easy to spread blame. it was more than $54 billion. we spent $29 billion for payroll support even though right now we have 28,000 fewer workers than we did in december -- >> martha: where did the money go? >> a great question. i went to keep worker there's temporarily but clearly many left. just said the heck with it. i'm leaving this job. maybe some of it went to pensions. who knows. $25 billion went to passenger carriers directly. $4 billion went to cargo operators and $25 billion in loan and loan guarantees. a lot of that was utilized as well. it could be up to $80 billion. it's this insane idea that government spending will cure a
12:29 pm
problem. it doesn't. we spent $200 billion on the schools. remember? k-12. >> martha: to get them open. >> in the three covid relief bills. where did that money go? we don't know. the omb is supposed to track the money. they do a terrible job. we talked to the omb. we've been unable to get answers on the education spending. there's other things. right now the senate is negotiating with the house on whether to spend $52 billion on tech companies for them to compete with china better. you really think spending $52 -- >> martha: people say to me, why isn't someone held accountable? why not bring pete buttigieg in front of congress and say we want to know where the money went. you're in charge of overseeing transportation. the airlines are a mess to the country right now. explain to us, secretary
12:30 pm
buttigieg. what is going on and how can you fix it. >> what is a failed mayor's knowledge of the transportation industry? >> martha: he accepted the job. he better get up to speed. >> if we're going to spend $50 billion, spend 100 million or $10 million on accountants to track the money. they haven't been doing that. the idea that the government does anything better than the private sector -- they say they know how to fix the problems of the oil industry. don't believe it. when you hear i'm here from the government to save things, grab your wallet. >> elected representatives should think about it when they start forcing money through. yeah, i voted for it. then they don't care. it's gone. >> watch out for the compete with china bill. another $52 billion up in smoke. >> martha: thanks, david. we have reports that are breaking of an amtrak derailment speaking of transportation. this is in missouri.
12:31 pm
we're working to confirm what happened here and to find out if there's injuries in this situation. we'll get you an update on that shortly. also, mercedes schlapp and juan williams and the call to bring back hillary clinton to fix what's going on next. meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point.
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>> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter. were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪
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>> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly. >> tech: alright, all finished. >> dad: wow, that's great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> martha: amtrak is confirming reports of a train derailment in missouri. 243 passengers were on board. there's reports of injuries. seven cars went off the tracks after that train hit a dump truck. obviously a very serious situation. we're watching this develop. we'll have more as we get it. a red alert today for democrats as huge numbers of voters switch parties with about four months until the mid-terms. republicans according to a.p. picked up more than a million voters in the past year. democrats just over 600,000.
12:36 pm
that according to data from a.p. which writes but no one is the shift more pronounced and dangerous for democrats in the suburbs where well-educated swung voters that turned against the republican party appear to be swinging back. so do democrats need help from hillary clinton? juan williams says she can rescue her party in the mid terps writing that democrats need a strong voice to restore women's rights now that the supreme court has struck down roe v. wade. so let hillary roar her message to subject -- suburban white women. welcome, mercedes and juan. my first thought when i read your piece, juan, wouldn't it be like the president who was elected, president biden and the vice president kamala harris who would be the people that you
12:37 pm
would turn to to be the strong voice of the party? there was this image of kamala harris watching the protests on a plane which sort of got ripped apart on twitter saying gee thanks, she's 30,000 feet above and viewing this on the private aircraft. your thoughts. >> you're right. normally you'd say the president is the leader of the party. in this case, i think president biden is afraid that if he speaks out too sharply, march that he will be seen as adding fire to an already polarized political environment and he wants to appeal to voters as a moderate, not an extremist. he wants to point to the republicans and now the court and say this is a radical maga extremist party. so that's why i wrote today in the hill, i think that hillary clinton, who is very sharp in her rhetoric and very talented, has clear reach into those
12:38 pm
suburbs particularly those suburban women that are likely to determine the outcome of the mid-terms, that she could be a real instrument to reach them and convince them to change what you pointed out at the very top. you know, general discontent in the country about inflation, gas prices and maybe them focus on abortion, gun rights and the rest. >> martha: you know, again, i'll say, mercedes, let's pull up that picture of kamala harris on the vice presidential aircraft watching this from above. you'd think she would be just be the obvious person to step into the role that juan says that hillary needs to fill, someone that ran twice for the top office and lost. >> yeah, well, kamala harris is not the obvious person. neither is hillary clinton. so juan, i just rewrote your whole open set. really the person that you should be pushing into the suburbs is michelle obama.
12:39 pm
at least she's more likable than hill little. the biggest issue with hillary clinton is she's outdated. she no longer connects to these suburban women. there's too much political baggage that comes with hillary clinton. we might be -- the democrats might be more successful with a chelsea clinton or again, like i mentioned, michelle obama. they could connect a lot more with the suburban women. the reality is at the end of the day for the mid-terms, it's going to be about the economy. it's going to be about inflation, high again prices, food shortages, this is what is impacting the american family today. that will be the driver force of these mid-terms. >> martha: let's take a look at a poll, this is changing the dynamic a little bit, this roe v. wade decision for right now. 62% of voters say that the decision to overturn roe v. wade makes them more likely to vote in november. so it's a motivating factor for
12:40 pm
62% of voters. juan, seems to me the issues that democrats will focus on is this, this roe v. wade decision, guns and january 6. do you think that focusing on those things if they can find the right messenger and mercedes has a couple of good ideas to add in the mix there, you think that can overcome the economic issues that we see at the very top of people's minds? >> well, in the fox polling that we saw last week, martha, inflation was by far the number 1 issue. issue number 2 and 3 were abortion and guns. the supreme court. supreme court's popularity approval rating way down. so what we're seeing is i think now a jump. people like hillary clinton, mercedes points out and i appreciate your editing. you're so smart. you always have been a friend. >> i try. >> i think hillary is pretty strong. this is not a 50/50 issue.
12:41 pm
she has name i.d. people know her. remember, she won the popular vote. she lost the election to donald trump, but she won the popular vote. she's pretty popular. >> martha: she's very popular in new york and california and illinois where there is a lot of people living. but now a lot moved other places. which makes me think about this. i saw a piece earlier. you look at the fact that you have companies fleeing places like new york and chicago, mercedes and also los angeles, california and yet now those cities and states i know governor hochul talked about this, basically like if you want an abortion, come to our city. i think that is a sad statement. i'm sorry the companies are fleeing but we're going be your place to come for an abortion. >> right. i think this has been the biggest change that we've seen in corporate america. the mere fact that they've got ten involved in so many of these political divisive issues where
12:42 pm
they don't take into account that maybe half of their customers are pro life customers. maybe half of their employees are pro life employees. so what you've seen is more and more of corporate america taking on the woke agenda, taking on the leftist agenda. in essence, silencing their employees and having customers say wait a second. do i have any other options for shopping for this protect or for my finance seasonses. what you're going to start seeing is more and more of what i call the alternative economy where those of red states, the red state kind of republicans and customers will want to find alternatives from these bloated corporations that have decided to take on these very divisive political issues. >> martha: juan? >> well, i don't think it's a 50/50 issue. it's more like 2/3s of americans
12:43 pm
think roe shouldn't have been overturned. people hear about liberty and patriotic rights. if people want to have abortion rights, they're entitled to it. >> martha: okay. you know, it's worth saying a lot of people think that the children are also worth the same kind of freedom and entitled to life as well. that's where the other side of this argument lies, of course. thanks, mercedes. juan, thank you both. get together on your next editorial. >> we will. >> martha: all right. so this unbelievable story. enough fentanyl to poison several million people was recovered in a bus in california. i'm tell you about that. a story exclusive with the mississippi attorney general at the heart of this scotus ruling of abortion after her state's
12:44 pm
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>> martha: we all need to wake up to this problem. on that table, 150,000 fentanyl pills found hidden in a vehicle during a traffic stop. bill melugin reporting live from los angeles. hi, bill. >> hi, martha. good afternoon to you, this was a massive fentanyl bust that potentially can save many lives. the amount of pills here recovered during this traffic stop had enough lethal doses to kill seven million people. take a look at the photos. 150,000 fentanyl pills found by california highway patrol. the sheriff's office during this traffic stop, this were 150 bags
12:49 pm
in the vehicle with approximately 1,000 pills in each bag. authorities say each bill is about $5 on the street making this bust worth $750,000. authorities arrested two men from the state of washington during this bust. you're looking at two. they were charged with possession, transportation and selling of illegal drugs. the jail records show neither of the people are in custody anymore as of this morning. fentanyl is a synthetic opioid more than 100 times powerful than morphine. two milligrams are a deadly dose. last year the u.s. had more fentanyl related deaths than gun and auto deaths together.
12:50 pm
the state of texas has said that they have taken in more at the border to kill every american. >> martha: more deaths related to fentanyl than guns or car deaths, bill, together. amazing. it takes a couple grains of salt of this drug to deal you. thanks, bill melugin. good to see you. thanks. so five-month-old girl was among more than two dozen people who were shot and killed in chicago over the last weekend alone. the baby and four others died. police say she was in the car around 6:00 p.m. friday when someone else opened fire. the shooter is on the loose. mike tobin with the latest on this in chicago. hi, mike. >> this isn't the first time we've talked about innocent life lost in the crossfire here in chicago. unfortunately, there's nothing to indicate that this will be the last. a five-month-old baby girl.
12:51 pm
if she made it another four days, she would have been half a year old. she was driving securely in her father's car. when the baby made to it the hospital, she was pronounced dead after being hit in the head with a bullet. the west side of chicago, two gunmen boarded a cta bus and opened fire, a 17-year-old was killed a 25-year-old was grazed by a bullet and refused treatment on the scene. gun violence hits close to home. the brother of gianno caldwell was killed on the south sid e. caldwell said i never imagined my baby brother's life would be stolen from him. 24 people were shot in chicago. seven people were killed.
12:52 pm
five by gun fire. martha? >> martha: mike, thanks very much. rob smith is here. he's founder of the douglas society, host of the can't kill him podcast. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> i know you posted about gianno caldwell and he's 18-year-old brother that he lost. what can be done? where is this i'll have lens coming from? >> it's heart breaking and or welling. and gianno is a friend of mine. i spoke to him with tears as he's dealing with what's going on here. when we see these stories over and over again because this is something that we see every weekend with the chicago violence, it's really important to know that there were more homicides in chicago in 2021 than there were any other city in the united states. 2021 was the biggest you're for homicides in chicago in a quarter century. so when we look at gianno's story and this awful story of this little baby that was shot
12:53 pm
and killed, you have to realize there's people attached to these statistics. the criticism with chicago, it's all on lori lightfoot. i have to tell you. lori lightfoot instead of bringing the citizens together, instead of governing and managing in a way that she can support police officers -- when you talk to the activists on the streets, they want more police, not less police. >> when she has a chance to do this, she doesn't do it. she hops on to blm or roe v. wade or parentsal rights in florida. she does everything than focus on what's going on in chicago. these are real people that are not being represented by the far left activists on twitter. they want more police officers on their streets, not less >> we talked about gun laws.
12:54 pm
they're very strict in illinois. >> yes. >> martha: something is wrong. something is going very wrong. what can lori lightfoot do to get the guns off of the street to you the laws on the books to con if i skate them and also isn't a lot of this gang-related and how you get at the root to that? >> it is gang-related what lori lightfoot can do is enforce the laws on the books right now. the reason that a lot of democrats sort of ignore what is going on in chicago right now, especially when it comes to the gun violence, it's politically inconvenient to the conversation that they want to have in that way with america. what lori lightfoot needs to do is to listen to these activists on the ground. this is not a partisan issue. i don't believe that is left or right. >> martha: what bothers me, you look at the situation that we covered in texas in the robb elementary school. we rightfully so looked at the pictures of every one of these young people. we listened to their families.
12:55 pm
we don't do this with these children in chicago. more kids die this way than die in school shootings across the country. it's a travesty and such an oversight to not give their lives the same value that we give the lives of these poor children who are killed in these school shootings. >> i think we do. what we need to do is like you said, there is a problem when there's only certain outlets that are talking about this issue. there's a problem when this becomes an issue that only maybe conservative-oriented media talks about. this is something that affects the entire country, this is something that we all need to come together to figure out. if we do not do that, then this will never go away. >> martha: none of these children matter, to use a phrase and they get ignored. it's a travesty. we cover it a lot. thanks, rob. thanks for your service the our country as well. >> absolutely. >> martha: so mississippi attorney general lin fitch has
12:56 pm
been called the architect behind the case that led to the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. today she certified her state's trigger law that would make abortion a felony offense except in cases of rape or danger to the mother. lynn, welcome. good to have you with us today. what are your thoughts as you reflect on the decision that we got on thursday? >> hi, martha. thanks for having me. it was a great day. you know, we turned the page on roe v. wade. it's a new time for all of us. it's exciting. you know, it's a victory for women, it's a victory for children. it's a victory for the court. i really want to commend the court for restoring constitutional principle and returning this back to the states. this is an important issue that states should be making the decision. now we move on to the next step and empowering woman and promoting life. >> martha: let me ask you about the felony charges and how that
12:57 pm
will work. i assume those are aimed at providers and not at women. am i accurate in that? >> you're exactly correct. definitely aimed at providers. today we certified the trigger law. it should go into effect july 7. i sent official notice to the jackson women's healthcare organization as well to put them on notice that i had filed the certification on the trigger law and that they should be mindful of abiding by the rules and regulations of the state of mississippi. >> when you look at roe v. wade, which i looked at again today, it made it federal law that you could have an abortion in the first trimester. after that, the middle trimester and beyond, it was in the state's jurisdiction. so in some states, it goes up to nine months, which is far and beyond that you see in countries all around the world.
12:58 pm
we have more liberal laws in some states on this than anywhere else. i want to play this exchange with stacey abrams running for governor in georgia that i had yesterday on "fox news sunday." watch this. >> do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion all the way up to nine months? >> i believe in abortion is a medical decision. i believe that that should be a choice made between a doctor and a woman and consultation with her family. this is not a political issue. it's a medical issue. >> martha: i'll take that up to nine months in some cases depending on the woman? >> that's not what i said. i said this is a medical decision. >> martha: hard to determine exactly what she was saying. she's saying it's a medical decision. so i'm assuming that means through to the end because she didn't say it doesn't mean that. what are your thoughts on that and what about this idea that it's always a medical decision? >> certainly every state is
12:59 pm
going to react differently. you'll have different laws in each state. you'll have some states that they determine if they'll have full term abortions. so you'll have other states that will have certain restrictions. so you know, the science has been part of our argument, too. things have changed. we know these babies are alive and in the womb. that was part of the argument, too. the medical science has changed in over 50 years. you think about it. 50 years is a lot to have changed as far as all the number of things that affect what has happened not only for the women, the children and we have to take the professional integrity of the medical professions into context. >> martha: lynn fitch, thanks very much. we want to update you quickly on this amtrak derailment. 243 passengers on board, a train hit a dump truck, several cars
1:00 pm
have gone off the tracks. wire getting reports that there's injuries involved in this. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. and that is "the story" for this monday, june 27. "the story" goes on. thank you for being with us today. we look forward to seeing you back tomorrow at 3:00. i'll see you on "gutfeld" tonight. have a great evening. see you later. >> the issue right now is how we're getting pinched. the cost of everything is through the roof. >> the right to choice. the economy. crime. >> i think it's going to be huge. i think there's a lot of other things going on in the country. i think this is the biggest issue. >> inflation, gas prices, these are issues that people will vote on. >> the big issues are inflation right now, gas prices are huge and we have three boys.


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