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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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dump truck and derailed. more later. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts this week right now with five extra seconds. jesse? >> jesse: i will take them and run with it thank you so much, bret baier. >> bret: see you, buddy. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the supreme court overturned roe v. wade on friday and just like we predicted, some people on the left aren't taking it so well. >> trauma and destruction kind of the thing that i love so if you guys want to join me in mailing blood from your uterus to supreme court. >> i was kidding.
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[inaudible] [screaming] ladies of "the view" were upset they fled the country and did the show from the bahamas. watch. >> you better hope that they don't come for you, clarence and say you should not be married to your wife who happens to be white. [applause] >> nobody said well, you are not in the constitution, you are back to be a quarter of a person. >> jesse: by the way the ladies of "the view" probably didn't run this by their travel agents but abortion is illegal in the bahamas. just thought you should know that. and the politician who may as well be a co-host on "the view" sounded exactly as you would expect the mayor of chicago to sound. >>ing if you thomas he said [bleep] clarence thomas. >> clarence thomas.
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he said that we are going to stand idly by why they take our rights? >> jesse: when you have the biggest unit in chicago, they let you say whatever you want. so how did the media cover the reaction on the streets to the decision? well, the same way they covered the black lives matter protest. >> have been overwhelmingly peaceful. most protesters were peaceful. >> the protests remained largely peaceful. >> people are listening to speeches. this is a very peaceful crowd. we not seen any incidents. >> peaceful protests happening outside the supreme court and other state capitols and cities across the country. >> because the media lies to protect their own side they won't tell the truth about what went down this weekend but "jesse watters primetime" will. friday night violent protesters held lawmakers hostage inside the arizona state senate building. they were trying to breakthrough the glass while members were inside. police had to deploy tear gas to break them up.
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>> jesse: another attack on democracy that adam schiff probably won'ten holding hearings on. next day an angry mob righted outside the capitol again and tore down the fence around the senate plaza. police arrested four people on righting, disorderly conduct, trespassing and criminal damage charges there they are. kaitlin hadz, alex sim pair row, lovely, lovely people. over in california things were just as bad. on friday protesters attacked vehicles on the freeway. protesters blocked traffic on a california freeway and had to be
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physically removed by police officers. traffic is not going to get people on your side this was actually calm compared to the demonstrations that happened friday night when criminals started shooting fireworks at law enforcement. rioters started surrounding lapd cornering them as they started punching and throwing things at them. one psycho even went around trying to murder officers with a makeshift flame thrower. the alleged flame thrower michael ortez was arrested for a attempted murder of a police officer. was that mostly peaceful flamethrower. hollywood businesses vandalized and smashed up. these businesses have nothing to do with abortion. we saw the same thing happen in portland, oregon saturday night when over 100 criminals set out on a ram rampage. the rioters were chanting death threats against the supreme court justices. something, you know, you want to
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pay attention to considering a wannabe assassin made it all the way to kavanaugh's house just a few weeks ago? pro-life centers were also in the crosshairs. the blue ridge pregnancy center in virginia was vandalized, windows were smashed. threatening messages written from graffiti, the center helps council women with unplanned pregnancies, i thought the left loved counseling, don't they want counselors riding shotgun with police officers. a christian pregnancy center in colorado on early saturday was set on fire and spray painted with messages like, quote: if abortions aren't safe, neither are you. this trail of destruction is eerily similar to all the lawlessness we saw in the summer of 2020. and in 2016. cops being attacked. small businesses looted. and the media telling us just chill out. it's all good. over in oregon on friday night over 75 antifa linked people dressed in all black, masks,
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hoods, came together for a night of range. they attacked the dove pregnancy resource center where they threw smoke bombs at officers and then physically attacked them. police say several officers were left with some injuries and, according to eugene jail, support all 10 of the people arrested were later released. of course. we saw antifa mexico unik into e chaos all over the country out in seattle. will tackled a woman to the ground and pepper 13r5eud her in the face. antifa capitol saw them over the weekend. all black same deal. they set an american flag on fire. that's what they want to do. take america down and destroy everything that's left standing. where is biden's attorney general, merrick garland? he hasn't said a word about the
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violence over the weekend. and he is still letting protesters descend on the homes of our justices. we can only conclude that the biden administration is okay with the violent attacks that happened in the last three days and that is a very dangerous dynamic. protect yourselves out there because the government went. senator chuck grassley a member of the judiciary committee and he joins us now. so, senator, what can we do about this? >> you got a letter from me that i'm sending to the fbi director. we need a briefing on capitol hill to make sure that the fbi is just as concerned about this sort of demonstration as they are other demonstrations. we have got to have equal application of the law we also know the constitution protects peaceful demonstration and peaceful speech. but it doesn't protect what you
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just were talking about what you showed the people of this country. we can't have a double standard of justice. i don't know what i'm going to get from the briefing. a week ago i had a telephone conversation with wray and i asked this specific question about jane's revenge, whether or not they were looking into that the same way that they were other violations. and when the attorney general sicks the fbi on the school board members and people going to protest to their school boards, you would think that they would have the same consideration about this violence going on against businesses. >> jesse: it's very clear from the video footage and the arrests that antifa has now gotten into this crowd on the streets and they are committing violent acts. has chris wray, has the attorney general, have they ever told you what their plan to deal with antifa is? >> no. i think that we have some
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judgment from two years ago that there's a double standard on -- for instance in portland, not enforcing the law against the destruction of that property like there is other federal property that, you know, people are being prosecuted for. and consequently, we shouldn't have that double standard. >> jesse: all right. well, we have got to see some action out of the fbi and the attorney general's office because you can't continue to have nights like this where innocent people are being hurt. law enforcement is being assaulted. and innocent small businesses are being ransacked. you can't let it go on. we know what happened the last time that happened and that's no good. >> absolutely. >> jesse: you and i agree with that. >> i agree with you. >> jesse: great. thank you for coming on. >> you bet. glad to be with you. >> jesse: now, it's not just antifa and anarchists using the roe decision as an excuse to cause chaos. all across the country. progressive politicians are
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throwing a hissy fit and just ready to pick up their ball and go home following the court striking down roe v. wade. democrats didn't get their way, so they have donated open season on the high court. watch. , this is not just a crisis of roe. this is a crisis of our democracy. if we allow supreme court nominees to lie under earth -- under oath and secure lifetime appointments to the highest court of the land, we must see that through. there must be consequences. >> do you think lying at a confirmation hearing is an impeachable offense? >> i believe so. >> okay. >> i believe so. i believe lying under oath is an impeachable offense. >> jesse: just because the court disagrees with you, aoc they don't want to date you. by the way, is there a republican anywhere that aoc doesn't want to impeach? we haven't found one yet. and then there is liz warren who, of course, wants to pack the court. >> this court has lost
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legitimacy. they have burned whatever legitimacy they may still have had after their gun decision after their voting decision, after their union decision. they just took the last of it and set a torch to it with the roe v. wade opinion. i believe we need to get some confidence back in our court. and that means we need more justices on the united states supreme court. >> bret: so the senate wants to destroy the court. and now the squad wants to destroy the senate. oof this is getting interesting. watch. >> we know that the senate is broken. you have heard me say multiple times that we need to have -- get rid of the jim crow filibuster and/or carve out an exception for these critical pieces of legislation that need to be passed. >> jesse: so democrats now want to nuke the filibuster to get abortion on demand throughout the land. and joe biden who has come out against court-packing and nuking the filibuster has folded.
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whenever there is an issue that he can't handle, he makes kamala in charge of it. and that's where issues go to die. kamala harris has now been appointed abortion czar. >> we have to also recognize, dana, that we are 130-od odays away from an election, which is going to include senate races, right? part of the issue here is that the court is acting. now congress needs to act. if you count the votes, don't appear to have the votes in the senate. well, there is an election happening in 130 odd days. we need to change the balance and have pro-choice legislators. >> jesse: so the democrats are making abortion their midterm issue because they have no other issues to run on. they can't do anything about it on the federal level. but there is one thing democrats can do and they do it really well. fund raise off of abortion. is that all they have? >> i received a text message from joe biden's campaign
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yesterday saying that the supreme court had overturned roe v. wade and that it was my responsibility to rush $15 to the democratic national party. i thought that was absolutely outrageous because my rights should not be a fundraising point for them. for a campaigning point. they have had multiple opportunities to codify roe into law over the past 20, 30, 40, 50 years and they haven't done it. >> jesse: so this roe v. wade has created a civil war on the left it looks like and they are turning on each other. how could this happen when democrats control the house and the senate? get yesterday for a lot of infighting. is abortion a top priority in america? a new cbs poll shows that the american people are for more worried about inflation, the economy, crime. at the end of the day, this is a kitchen table election not an operating table election. moms and dads are worried about
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being smothered by masks, crt and transgenders at school and how they are going to afford gas and groceries. this is why voters are bailing on the democratic party. in the last year, over 1 million voters have ditched the democrats and have switched their registration to republican. and most of the shift has come in the suburbs where the key counties swing elections. kellyanne conway is the former counselor of president trump and author of here's the deal. i know it's early but kellyanne how do you think this court decision is going to play in the midterm? >> look pro-lifers and pro-choice feel completely engauged. if you believe that's a baby you are going to get out there and thank the supreme court for doing the right thing after 50 years. look, the democrats are actually mad at themselves. they only have themselves to blame. i'm shocked that joe biden
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stepped foot on that plane to europe without doing something, doing something. he took no executive action. he didn't go join the protesters on the steps of the supreme court. he didn't call legislative leaders to the white house as far as we could tell. you have to wonder what is the issue that is going to make him get some energy, some vigor and say i am not leaving this desk this resolute desk until you put something on it that's important for inflation or rise in crime or baby formula and now abortion. 34 senate democrats wrote the president a letter this weekend. he took no action. they urged him to take action before he left. 20 black democrats sent him a letter saying please declare a public health emergency. please do something. and do you know what the answer was, including by kamala harris today the new abortion czar in an interview on cnn. she is talking about ending the filibuster. they want the to pack the court and end the filibuster think wanted to argue in the courthouses where the rank and file are in the clinic saying wait a second, i came here today
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to terminate my presidency. i came here to get a plan b pill. you don't have a plan b on abortion. they are mad at themselves. one more thing, some of them are mad at rbg for not getting out of the court and retiring and instead of being replaced by amy coney barrett. some are really mad at obama. in 2007 he promised planned parenthood about 15 years ago to this day he promised them when he was running against hillary that one of the first things he would do as president, jesse, is to codify roe v. wade. and he didn't do that. and then they asked him during his first 100 days why not? he said that's a legislative thing i can't do it. so it's a party in disarray. look, i do think there will be some apathetic democratic voters who now have that anger and anarchy and bring it to the ballot box. it does not compete with inflation and immigration, education, national security, border security, and, of course, infant formula and a rise in crime. 25% increase in crime in major cities under biden's watch. >> jesse: i agree. i think that's going to be the main driver, and the fact that
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you put kamala out in front on this is going to backfire. that means she is going to be doing more interviews. here is more sound of her on cnn saying something which i think everybody agrees is quite obvious. >> no sound. well, she said that she is the daughter of a woman and that she is the daughter of a grandmother there is a lot of sound on this interview from cnn. we are still going through it we are going to have a big, big segment. not good when you put kamala in charge. i will give you the last word. >> jesse, we keep on giving vice president of the united states russian title czar. voting czar, border czar. nobody trusts and respects her. nobody wants to work with her including people whose job it was to work with her. by the way, jesse, let me ask
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you all the democrats a question, people protesting what is the point already of having a female speaker of the house, a female vice president, if you can't even get them to articulate your point of view on what you say is the major issue of your time? also, i think aoc is going to be mad for kamala saying she is the daughter of a woman. i think she is a daughter of a birthing person according to aoc. warfare over at the democratic party continue. they are really in a big mess and kamala is not up to the task. that's why you see presley and warren and others stepping forward and trying to take ahold of this. but biden should not have stepped on that plane without, quote: doing something. >> jesse: i think you are right. kellyanne conway who is usually right, thanks as always. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: joe biden, a lot of money going to hunter to pay for escorts. a smoking gun voice mail. also, nancy getting a little
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anxious over what's going down with paulie p. >> when people ask me what is the most important issues facing the congress, i always say the same thing. our children, our children, our children.
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trouble in the protest home tonight as nancy feeling anxious prime time footage about to be released from her husband's arrest. she is panicking, even pushing the around the daughter of a new republican congresswoman. it's obvious nervous nancy is a wreck and we don't blame her. she knows the clock is ticking before find out what happened until the night she was out of town and her husband went stag
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at a dinner party and smashed up his porsche was someone potentially riding shotgun. as you know pauley p. has a wandering eye did paulie p. fall face first into vineyard grapes failing field sobriety test. did he try to slip the officer a wad of cash and was there a guest in the sports car that night. according to the "new york times" there was a witness. our lawyers made it very clear to them they didn't release a dash cam and body cam raj by tonight we would be seeing them in court. napa's d.a. highway patrol have less than 30 minutes to respond. if not, at 8:00 p.m. sharp following a motion and taking this to court. testify why they would be lying to us and why they are engaged in a giant cover-up to protect the drunk husband of a corrupt speaker of the house.
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sending us on wild goose chases. the bookers over at cnn have a very high bar for would be guests. will you hyperventilate about january 6th? if the ape is yes. what happens when they accidently booked someone that doesn't buy into that narrative? i am not. i think -- let's get back to what i have been trying to say to you throughout this interview. i think that reports of the death of democracy of the united states are obviously, grocery exaggerated. america is a shiny city on a hill. there was some weird and kind of unattractive scenes back -- it was pretty serious. >> pretty weird. >> looking from the outside it was pretty weird.
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but i don't believe that american democracy is under serious threat, far from it. i believe that america is competely guarantor of democracy and freedom. >> jesse: good to believe there is a leader who still believes in america. kind of weird, jake didn't like that. coming up, a smoking gun voice mail that proves the big guy knew all about hunter's ties to the chinese communist. ♪
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>> jesse: we know joe biden is a wealthy man. thanks, china. but what exactly does joe do with all his money? he made a fortune as the big guy. and millions from a book that nobody read. but that doesn't go towards living expenses. he has got taxpayers for that
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so, how is joe spending his millions? well, we have a partial answer for you don't. one that might actually surprise you. what if we told you some of joe biden's money may have wound up in the hands of a human trafficking ring and what if that human trafficking ring was russia. we are not kidding? according to "the washington examiner," in early 2019, hunter spent over 30 gs on russian sex workers. and it was the big guy who was footing the bills, sending hunter at least $100,000 all in one month. and it looks like hunter was using it to pay russian prostitutes. newly obtained text messages by the examiner shows one instance where hunter negotiated the price of a 16-hour tryst costing him a pretty penny, too. almost $10,000. but here's the kicker. less than 90 minutes after hunter received wire
4:34 pm
instructions. his dad, joe just happened to send him five grand. are we supposed to assume it's just all a coincidence? well, you be the judge. and just hours later, still short of the fullest court's fee? hunter got into what appears to be a little dispute with the sex trafficking ring. telling his russian point person that the escort didn't speak english and was frustrated. well hunter's father barely speaks english so i don't see why that was a problem. he even recorded a video with the escort to prove he has been a good customer. watch this. >> anything? i was literally saying i'm sorry that it took so long to give you $10,000 or touched you in a bad way ever. i have asked you every time if i could touch you? every time? sweetheart, look at me.
4:35 pm
you cannot talk to me that way and say things like that. because i am more respectable than anyone you ever met. >> jesse: yeah, hunter is the most respectable person ever. investigative reporter andrew kerr of "the washington examiner" broke the story and he is here now. all right. so what's the significance for joe biden with regards to the money transfer? >> right, so joe biden transferred hunter $100,000 in december 2018 and january 2019. and during the same time frame hunter biden spent over $30,000 on escorts that are linked to russian bank accounts. that video that you just showed, joe biden wired hunter biden $5,000 about two and a half hours before that was filmed.
4:36 pm
now grassley published a report in 2020 saying that hunter biden had -- alleging that hunter biden had engaged in transactions with a suspected human trafficking or prostitution ring tied in eastern europe. it's not clear at the moment whether these payments that we're reporting on are linked to what senators grassley and johnson were talking about. but it is important to noted that we did pull text messages from a copy of hunter biden's abandoned laptop saying that hunter biden was talking to a woman linked to this escort agency saying that, hey, i can't make payments to these bank accounts linked to russian email addresses because they are throwing red flags from my bank account. one i object stance he said his bank account was frozen temporarily because he was trying to make payments to russian email addresses for these escort services. so, yes, this is pretty incredible the amount of money that joe biden was sending hunter biden then what he was using that money on. this is in a time frame where hunter biden, despite making tens of thousands of dollars a month as a director for burisma.
4:37 pm
he was essentially broke. his bank account were running in the negative. he couldn't afford car payments. and in one instance he was reduced to begging his sister-in-law to fork him over some cash so he could afford ski lift tickets. he didn't have a dime to his name. yet, somehow he still was able to spend $30,000 on escorts tied to russia. >> hunter biden, great skier. not a great negotiator. thank you so much for your reportage and, again, no other political family in the history of the united states would be getting a pass the way the biden family is. joe biden has had a history of lying. it's just who he is. probably his biggest lie was saying he never once spoke to his son hunter about any of his overseas business deals. well, tonight, we have more proof that he did and that joe biden was much more involved than the media says he was.
4:38 pm
in 2018 the "new york times" released a report on hunter's chinese business deals. now, at the time, one of hunter's chinese associates had just been arrested by the fbi on corruption charges. and hunter was paid a million dollars by the chinese to handle this situation. right after this all broke, joe gave his son hunter a call to say he was in the clear thanks to the daily mail, we have the tape. listen. >> hey, dad it's dad. it's 8:15 on wednesday night. give me a call. nothing urgent. just want to talk to you. i thought the article, at least online was good. i think you are clear. >> josh boswell a senior reporter at the daily mail and he is the one who released the audio and he is here now. josh, this obviously blows up
4:39 pm
the viability that the biden family traffic you had in. where do you think the store goes now from here? >> well, i think this is a really important revelation that we have. it's coming right from the president's mouth. almost as important what wasn't said, right? it wasn't a phone call from joe biden to his son saying what the hell are you doing? like i'm reading about deals with corrupted criminal chinese businessmen. what is going on? it's you are in the clear. he clearly knew what was going on. >> the white house and joe biden himself should talk about this. they should tell the american public what really went on. when i asked the white house, they declined to comment on this. and they have been stonewalling the whole way. of course, the background to this is that this is not the first piece of evidence we have got to suggest that joe biden knew what hunter was doing and discussed his business dealings with his son. there are countless other incidents, a good one piece of evidence here is 2015, joe goes
4:40 pm
to a dinner in d.c. with hunter's business partners and business associates. the white house says that joe didn't go to that. but when photos emerge of him there, they do a u turner and say well, it was only a brief meeting. their athere are countless examples like this where it's clear that joe knew what hunter was doing and had discussed it with his son. i think we really need some transparency now from the white house on this. >> jesse: the big lie is that joe claimed he didn't know anything that hunter was doing. that's the truth. thank you so much. the u.k. daily mail continues to outhustle american journalists and cracking the biden case wide open. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jesse: she's addicted to marriage. the woman has been married not once, not twice. but 11 times. and, later, what's going on over at the airport? >> you know, those tiny little
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three ounce things. put vodka in them in my pocketbook. ♪
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>> jesse: breaking news for the kamala harris interview. the vice president just revealed the administration's plan to lower gas prices. >> is there anything else you can do to help bring down the cost of gas. >> yeah, well, first of all let's just say that this is a very real issue. and, um, we have to do something about it and it's one of our highest priorities as an administration. >> jesse: she gave the exact same answer on inflation. but give her a break. she is the abortion czar now. she can't worry about gas prices. and the abortion issue is a very complicated one. s that requires deep thought. >> thought about it as, you know, a parent, we have two children, who are in their 20's, a son and a daughter. i thought about it as a god parent of teenagers. i thought of it as an aunt of preschool children. >> and a woman yourself. >> and a woman myself. and the daughter of a woman. and a granddaughter of a woman.
4:47 pm
>> jesse: most people hope to be and can only handle one marriage. but not from onet diaz. >> i'm 52 years old and i have been married 11 times. my second husband, we got divorced and then we thought we could work it out so i married him again. number 10, we should have just stayed friends. number 11, i'm not even going there with that one. when i add it all up i guess i have been proposed to over 2 # times. >> jesse: this utah woman has been married and divorced 11 times. and it's all documented on her tlc "addicted to marriage." despite everything, she is not giving up. she still believes in love and that her one true soul mate is out there. monette diaz joins me now. one question, why? >> why?
4:48 pm
[laughter] that's a really tough question. i just dreamed of being in love ever since i was a little type by girl and so that's what i wanted. but i was in religion where you had to get married to have sex and so i was going to be kicked out if i did that. and so i chose to get married. and it wasn't me that proposed. it was them that did every time. >> jesse: so you are saying yes to proposals just to have sex? >> no, not just to have sex. i really believed in it. i'm a hopeless romantic and i'm very trusting in people and so i really, as much as i look back at it now and see how stupid i was, i really believed that every single one was going to be it. i tried to make them be the soul mate i always dreamed of when i was a little girl.
4:49 pm
>> jesse: you can't change men. we are hopeless. >> and i have to tell you this, jesse. i was so excited for this interview that i told my sister is that i was excited than any i do that i have ever done because i love your show. this is a big deal for me. >> jesse: monette, i'm happily married you are not going to be number 12. >> no it's ever since the interview. ever since have you been out' 00 street i always wanted the interview bite. >> jesse: it's your lucky day. more marriages than geraldo, what can i say? you are putting geraldo to shame. monette, just be careful out there, eventually you have to stop. i think we might be at that point. so, good luck and god bless you. thank you. >> thank you. >> jesse: the price of gas is so bad people would rather fly out of the newark airport. >> place we get to where we going to go.
4:50 pm
i'm not driving no more. gas is too high. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: plane tickets are outrageous. patience is growing thin so we decided to send some producers to new york international airport to talk to some passengers. ♪ ♪ >> where you flying to? >> viva las vegas. >> toronto. >> we are going to disney world. >> how do you feel about all of the delays and cancellations? >> it kind of sucks but you know what i'm here to live my life and be happy. >> last year i paid 300 now this year paid 800. >> the fuel is so expensive we
4:56 pm
have joe biden as our president. >> come on man what would you say is the most frustrating part of traveling? >> getting to the airport and finding out it is delayed. >> for some reason even though i don't have any metal on me that thing beeps and they always have to pat me down. >> they always say put your hands up please. >> what would you say is the strangest thing that is ever happen you on an airplane western mark >> been people near me who takes off their shoes and their socks. >> i have a foot odor problem. >> it is been pretty good i haven't gotten into any fights, if someone touches me. >> what is the strangest thing you've ever packed for a flight? >> i put vodka and put it in my carry-on.
4:57 pm
>> i am ready to party. >> you could probably edit it out of its bad. sometimes you get it try some stuff out. >> gross can you show us what you practice time? >> i have my sandwiches. >> i have my toiletries bag. a couple of snacks. >> some haagen-dazs ice cream bars if they have chocolate man. ♪ ♪ >> do you guys where your masks on the flight? >> i don't believe in that belief. >> you can't make me. >> the joe biden a administration is all about going free to do you feel guilty when on a plane? >> what other options do i have? >> i have to do what i have to do. >> i'm not driving a more gas
4:58 pm
too much. >> do you feel guilty when you fly in a plane? >> was a john kerry on his private jet? >> is the only choice for some of you like me. >> your to be on jesse watters prime time is there anything you'd like to say to us? >> shout out to jesse. >> a jesse you look really cute all the time. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: thank god he didn't reach into his bag that would've been upsetting. when you are houseguest for a weekend you have to how good houseguest this is not a hotel if the clean up after yourself. if you have towels that are out you have to put the towels away and hang them up. cantley water bottles everywhere this is really, really important if you ever want to be invited back you can't just trash the place. be respectful be a good houseguest and makes a homeowner feel much better.
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time for some text messages. diane set a month ago that these people protesting couldn't tell you what a woman was now they're going crazy over a woman's right to have an abortion. tim says if only lori lightfoot but of that much passion towards a crime. after 50 people get shot in the weekend. nothing but crickets that should've been over a long time ago. i set it on the five you get everybody in a room. it is on like that. greg from tennessee, the big i knew everything one to the hearing start? jen says well least hunter treated the nice. [laughs] hunter said that he is the most respectful person ever and he also said he is the smartest so is the smartest most respectful
5:00 pm
person ever to purchase russian from a kremlin ring. jesse from cleveland or would you say to nancy. i want to do anything. i would just sue her. tucker is up next always a member i'm jesse watters on this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" where coming to this evening from rio de janeiro this huge and beautiful and very complex city on the east south american coast we are to be here all week we are filming a documentary for tucker carlson original series on the rise of chinese power and influence in brazil. brazil is the largest economy in latin america by far it's one the biggest in the world and it is the most impor


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