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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: it's the monroe doctrine and the joe biden a administration is letting china turn brazil into a colony we would hear that all week and in the meantime enjoying rio de janeiro. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hannity: welcome to "hannity" another big win surrounding your freedom of religion full detail straight-ahead we will interview the coach that was at the heart of this big ruling today also nancy pelosi likes to say that she will take a punch or throw a punch for kids last week the speaker caught on tape actually throwing elbow a congresswoman mira florist as a young daughter. the congresswoman will respond also tonight we take a look at
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the lefts we can of rage and despair and lying in fund-raising emails even roe v. wade is no more. democrats have decided into a state of full-blown line, hysteria yet again and keep in mind that this decision did not outlaw abortion in america. instead they decided who will decide, they will return the issue to the states to decide. your elected officials who ultimately the american people decide. allowing voters to debate size the rules and regulations surrounding abortions in their respective states that democrats are not interested in honest debates over the weekend they took to the streets. some probably displayed very graphic and vulgar signs like this one right here calling justice... well i can even say it. the justices to burn in others are burning coat hangers displayed cartoon and stated that god was pro killing babies
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one common thing at all the demonstrations in america that we are doomed in supreme court needs to go in other words they are calling for an insurrection against a coequal branch of government. "the new york times" they need a step-by-step plan to discipline the u.s. supreme court by impeaching justices and packing the court and according to top democrats one where the other the u.s. supreme court must be punished take a look. >> this court has lost legitimacy they have burned whatever legitimacy they may still have after gun decision and after the putting decision after union decision they took the last of it and set a torch to it with the roe v. wade opinion. >> its credibility has never been more in question in this decision came at a time when the country is already dangerously
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divided. >> there must be consequences for such a deeply destabilizing action and hostile takeover of a democratic institution. >> hannity: the hysteria was worse for lori light had to say this about supreme court justice clarence thomas take a look at this. >> we knew what happened with the suncor yesterday. believe it clarence thomas. [bleep]. they think that we are cannot stand idly by when they take our rights. >> hannity: one of many democrats who quote of violence against the court she issued a call to arms and claim that the court was coming for gay people
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that's right he threaten justices run on the steps of the u.s. supreme court saying that you will release the whirlwind and you will pay the price. you won't know what will hate you. what did that mean chuck is now violent left-wing group is now showing up at their private homes and the justices. one man had a plot to assassinate justice kavanaugh meanwhile other left-wing groups and the committee huge acts of violence all over the country all in the name of abortion rights over the weekend lynchburg, virginia, a pregnancy center spray painting of abortion ain't say you're not safe it was on fire and spray painted with a message in portland, oregon. private businesses were damaged during a violent pro-abortion right numerous windows were smashed was also more spray painting, one message reading kill the supreme court.
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meanwhile out in l.a. one writer was arrested for attacking a police officer with a makeshift flamethrower. per abortion protest there attempting the storm the state senate building trapping lawmakers inside according to one state senator we are currently they're being held hostage it's at the senate building to the members of the public try to breach our security we's material great tear gas and children one of the members are in the office sobbing with fear. fortunately fake new cnn they love insurrection talk but not now the only love covering it a bit of answer political agenda? democrats and the media mob only seem to care about democracy when it is politically expedient safety and security the only speak out against violence when it advances their political cause and of course the never let a crisis go to waste in the hours following the decision top democrats are try to raise
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money. asking people to donate 25 bucks nancy pelosi asking 15 bucks. within this president joe biden set of lead in the fight abortion rights he's off to saudi arabia why? he's going to what he called a pariah nation to kiss the of the crown prince that he claims is responsible for killing journalists is a debate for oil is an intimacy production lay by the westside given of resources despite his country with oil and gas for hundreds of years he made a pit stop in your during a follow-up he looked dazed and confused and at times staring off in the space unable to hold down simple basic conversation or be present during meetings with these were leaders needless to say between his cognitive
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struggles in a state of our economy general woke lawlessness on the left voters early from the democratic party in droves look at this. past 12 month alone or than 1 million voters have now switched their party affiliation to the g.o.p. here's a reaction. aoc says that the supreme court who lied under oath must face the consequences for an offense kaylee elizabeth warren says no longer the court believes that they have legitimacy others are saying packing the court is just a reaction because that in get the wondrous vision that they wanted? >> yes and as "the wall street journal" pointed out the root of this problem is this they been inappropriately using the supreme court for decades to get their policy preferences whether
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it's banning a coach from banning on the 50-yard line, whether it's achieving the end of a nationwide abortion despite no evidence of the president in history, and tradition ruth bader ginsburg has said that they cannot win at the ballot box so they must abuse the court and when they don't get their way abolished institution abolish the court and get rid of it the filibuster. when you go back and read with each they said during the confirmation hearing they invoked the rule to not give any previews up to how will rule on a case they spoke appropriately aoc changing institution's the basic we can't the results. >> hannity: we know why they're doing it if they can't run on the 40 year high record high gas prices they can't run on the disaster the border of
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afghanistan is not one thing i can point to that i would say is successful or a policy that they have implement it okay so we will run abortion, january 6 and a republican's names. the old playbook. i'm think that they have anything else. my question is will that strategy work? >> i don't think so sean i don't think gonna work because very few people now are single-issue voters when it comes to abortion and those that were have been voting that way let's say it's 25% of the american public on both sides pretty much canceling each other out for a very long time the vast majority of the american public out there you just referenced it in the last year 1 million people have flipped from being democrats to be republicans. that is overwhelmingly happening in the suburbs were inflation, or an inability to find baby formula all of that is going
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together and creating what i believe is gonna be one of the biggest red waves of all time. democrats are kind of letting you know that abortion itself is not enough because they've had seven weeks to try this since we got the supreme courts missing they agree us here who did it? we still don't know they weren't successful but this was an unbelievable violation of the form and set of supreme court democrats now are moving on to can take away your right to any sort of birth control okay clarence thomas 3rd to call him out for the decision here. they're trying to move on to a larger privacy argument because abortion by itself sean when you really break it down all of this is doing is allowing the democratic process to flourish at the states and make a decision about what should and should not exist all over our 50
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states. speak to our friend and colleague who is gonna be on later on the show tonight his 18-year-old brother was killed on the southside of of chicago this weekend. a five-month-year-old baby shot and killed in chicago this weekend all of this defined, dismantle, no band laws record homicides in all of these big cities couple that with horrific state of education and at that to the high gas prices and record high inflation in the border in afghanistan more in europe what the hell do they have the run on? i don't see one thing that they are doing that is working. they are hurting this country. these policies are crushing the american economy and it is hurting us abroad and our cities aren't safe. >> when i said at the podium i said the names of those children who lost their lives the press never asked about them than ever
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asked about any one a 4-year-old boy who was shot in his bed and because of that operation we are resting 500 people that committed homicides president trump did? he did this very quietly with those kids whose i read the podium he quietly wrote letters to them and their families and meant the world to a lot of those families i saw some the social media that reflected it wow i am praying for him and my heart goes out i can imagine his pain but to his credit he is using what is a painful moment in his family to highlight the millions of families out there open plagued by violence in the streets and some have lost their children he is speaking to a very big cause unfortunately the left totally ignores it. >> hannity: i will give you the last word clay. >> i certainly echo what kaylee said. we have unfortunately allowed our cities and our states to turn into killing fields would
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need to happen sean is not complicated when gillette police do our job we need to keep criminals behind bars we did in the 1990s and it worked every do it again it will work these democrats are soft on crime policies are failure thoughts and prayers and all the family and also so many families out there that are struggling with violence all over this country don't feel safe and are having to deal with losses in their family is absolutely awful and indefensible entities to change now. >> hannity: all of it is preventable and it's awesome and we can fix. we know how to its policing, refunding the police get rid of these idiotic and no band laws. it is simple. anyway clay thank you, now we turn to south dakota in the wake of the row weight decision -- the outlawed abortion at sugar
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law as they call it if roe v. wade was overturned it would trigger that and they do have an exception save the life of the mother kiddo explained a brand-new book just out today you can get in on, bookstores everywhere it's on my first rodeo. lessons from the heartland south dakota governor kristi noem us. i asked you a question on radio today and will ask you in a second about how to the people of south dakota feel this elegant supreme court we have enumerated right in the constitution right to keep and bear arms is no enumerated right for abortion, but they have provisions that sentiment in the to mimic that allows them to hand it off to the states within the people will elect the officials i will make the decision based on their state values of these values of the people in south dakota i would assume they are.
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>> at the people of south dakota really appreciate that the supreme court did their job here. years ago the mitterrand decision when he put the decision back last week but they did was put this authority at the state level which is where it should've always been so we will have this conversation in south dakota. it's a bit if roe v. wade ever overturned at it become illegal and our state down abortion list was to save the life of a mother. there's been different ballot initiatives over the years i'm sure it will continue to be a debate but i'm proud of the fact that my state stands for life and they recognize that every single life is precious and that this is someone that is very clear that the people will have debate with. i know that the public out there doesn't necessarily know the latest science and technology developments that we now know in last ten years that we didn't know previously about what happens to a baby in the womb but they feel the pain that they
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feel all of that is an education process that so many of us need to get continue to talk about and it is important that we talk about supporting mothers we have for programs and some plan pregnancy or crisis situation that's facing them how to get health care or people to walk alongside them? financially what they need and how do we connect them to adoptive families if that's the route that they choose? >> hannity: we have states like new york actively promoted the idea if you can't get a late-term abortion in your state come to our state. i think it south dakota to promote mount rushmore. >> it's shocking to me that they wanted to be the legacy of their state. don't come here if you wanted to live. we know that there are consequences for leadership but boy i would much rather be proud of my state for sending for freedom and liberty honoring great leaders who lead our country in times of crisis.
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it is important to us that we continue to talk to people about this issue because it is summing that is so important, some timely and friendly the supreme court makes really big decision since last week that overly upheld our constitution. i'm so grateful for them for doing their job. >> hannity: let me ask you i learned a lot about you as i read not my first rodeo. i didn't know that you lost your father at a young age i do know that you decided to stay and work on the ranch. all of the life lessons that you learn doing so i think it's a big party your life that a lot of people don't know about tell us why those values how they shape you and the person you are today? >> i think it's just the person i was raised she is who i am today. my guy was a cowboy he was tough is actually one of my best friends, my whole life's plan was a grope and go to school and come back and run
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businesses with him live the rest of my life there with fme together that dramatically changed when he was killed. at there was into a situation we were hit with his taxes all of sudden we have this tragedy has killed killed at the age of 49 in the way of federal law take away our entire family business that's what got me involved in government and politics it was really trying to be ten years to pay off those taxes. you must also family business with two other challenges of the years where i grew up in the family that i had helped create the production that i am today it's from my value system. i'm hopeful that people will not just know me for covid now they will recognize that covid was my first rodeo i went to a lot of other challenges in my life i'm part of the fact that it may be strong and be a good decision-maker a minute maybe want to serve people.
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>> hannity: your name gets mentioned a lot when it comes to being a president or vice president have you given it any thought? >> a lot of people asked so often that you have to give it a thought but i'm hoping that people reelect me to be the governor of south dakota if not in my plans i truly just want to continued to focus on my state we have some unique opportunities with the best economy in the country with the fastest growing income and estate and people are thriving there happier than other states i think that is a testament to the rest the country of what is really possible we do conservative policies that really does benefit our families the fact that we are an example right now for the rest the country and little bit of hope that's we desperately need i will continue to do what i can to make sure i keep this country is great as i've had the chance to grow up and i want my granddaughter to have the same opportunity. >> not my first rodeo governor thank you so much for being with you we appreciate as always.
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coming up the supreme court handed down a major victory for religious freedom today in the case of a high school football coach he is at the heart of this case he won this case he will react to this historic rolling straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. ♪ ♪ >> emergency services and police are on the scene in san antonio, texas, for at least 40 migrants have been found dead inside of an 18-wheeler truck. more than a dozen others have been hospitalized and was believed to be a possible human smuggling operation. according to local media first responders are not using third all mall and urging to look for more victims inside the truck. three people are dead following
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a collision and a railroad crossing in rural missouri. two of the people who died were aboard a chicago bound amtrak train the other victim was inside of a truck the train was coming about 243 passengers and 12 crew members. at the time of the collision which happened near there is about a hundred miles northeast of kansas city that crash because seven cars to derail. incurable pictures right there. now back to more of "hannity." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ speed to a win for religious supreme court is a high court ruled in favor of a former high school football coach and joe kennedy was placed on leave by a washington school district affect 2015 what reciting a prayer at the 50-yard line after games. 6-3 decision the court ruled that his prayer was protected speech one of the free speech
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and free exercise clauses of the first amendment the majority he wrote that the first moment doubly protects religious speech is no accident is a natural distrust of government attempts to regulate religion and suppress. joe kennedy himself along with the president and ceo of the first liberty institute kelly shackle forwards with us. coach congratulations to you. how do you feel about it? >> i'm so trying to get accustomed to my gosh we actually won. a big sigh of relief when just immense thankfulness for the court and the lawyers in every supporter and every american who made this happen. >> hannity: you would pray after the game at the 50-yard line you did by yourself right?
6:27 pm
and that times people saw what you were doing and they decided to join them they didn't force to join them and you weren't forcing players to join you? you want force in the crowd to join your question mike they would do it voluntarily on their own correct? >> that is correct. >> hannity: is a free exercise your faith. one of the things that i love about the nfl is i think is spontaneous i believe it is at the end of a lot of nfl games you see players from both teams they get together, sometimes the reps even join in again the circle to bend the knee to say a prayer together and they walk off the field. if you don't watch it you don't have to watch that part we don't participate if you don't want to participate in it. adding a little bit different than the cap next scandal what you think joe? >> i think every american should
6:28 pm
have the same freedom of everybody else first amendment is very clear i think is very awesome that this is a big win totally protects all americans i don't expect any writing on this i think everyone should be partying right now just saying hey the first amendment is for all americans people of faith in different faiths or no faith at all. >> hannity: will joke at its job back? will he get damages? >> one of the neat things that people don't realize is i coached and asked for any money you want to make that very clear all he wanted was his job as a football coach and to be able to say that 15-22nd prayer after the game. the court reiterated that that's all he asked for today and so that's what he's gonna get less than one divide the
6:29 pm
supreme court. this is a great win not only for coach he's been fighting this for six years before the president my whole career of 33 years fighting for religious freedoms the fall position when there's religious expression has always been censorship. that is over after today because we have supreme court to make clear free speech fully protected. >> hannity: i can understand you don't want damages from the school district, definitely take you back pay. they owe you that. make them pay for your lawyer too. [laughs] [laughs] >> i will let the lawyers worked out one out i just be able to have the same freedoms that i fought for for 20 years in the marine corps. it's great that i been able to continue to fight and defend the constitution. >> will you be officially hard backed by the district will he be hired back? >> that's all he asked was to get his job back and to be able to say that 15-22nd prayer after
6:30 pm
the game. that should be coming next and the be back on the field and he'll be saying a prayer after the game. >> hannity: are you sure than i can to try to keep them off the field? i don't trust school districts at all. you sure he's in a be at back out there? >> let's hope that they don't have that fight but we are ready to have that fight if they want defy the supreme court there to realize that they made a serious mistake. on expect them to do that but we will be ready if they do. >> hannity: bring into the case i will be a free advisor [laughs] we will demand the back pay and then we will demand damages and i think they'll probably given that would change the mind pretty quickly at that point. fear of that loss is probably greater than the supreme court loss. coach great case fascinating i applaud you for standing through your convictions in your belief in god.
6:31 pm
not backing down good for you good job counselor did an awesome job. we have tragic, tragic news out of chicago this weekend. a fox news friend, colleague contributor reveals his brother was murdered 18 years old on the south side of chicago also in chicago this weekend a five month-year-old shot and killed will talk about his brother killed this weekend as we continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: more senseless violence in the city of chicago is fox news on gianno caldwell since his 18-year-old teenage brother christian tragically murdered in the shooting on the city south side of the begun. yesterday was the worth worst
6:36 pm
day of my existence i received a call informing me that my teenage baby brother was murder on the south side of chicago he wrote on saturday according to authorities by the way that the suspects fled in a black man no arrests have been made as of now also over the weekend and that safe city of chicago, a five month-year-old baby was among of those killed in a shooting across the city of chicago. sadly it shows the latest case of unending senseless sane violence across the windy city is met as residents now continue to suffer under out-of-control crime far left rule the buyer of course mayor lloyd light weight was so busy. he with reaction and other political analysts john o. i don't have words except my heart aches for you.
6:37 pm
i can imagine how you feel today was even frustrating and angry to me is that this is been going on for decades and nobody lifts a finger to stop it. how to react to that? >> will shawna come here tonight is a man who feels shattered. my baby brother just turned 18. he was a good kid. knowing that living in chicago seemingly comes with a price these days i never would've contended a rather expected that would come with a death sentence for my baby brother. black bodies are being glittered in the streets of chicago and it's not just impacting african americans it's impacting everyone. you can't go downtown chicago now without looking around her shoulder. you may be shot there. the truth of the matter is you
6:38 pm
need to uncover the police and that's what happened the policies that a been pushed by many of the elected officials here are only causing if only. dead fruit and now my family is paying the price. >> hannity: your family is paying the price on a you read about the 5-month-old baby. >> 5-month-old 5-month-old. that's not just a five month-year-old give kids that are five years old that are dying here. you cannot prevent crime in the city unless you get tough. the city has decided not to get tough. now with mayor lightfoot i hope that she will have the police department make this case, my little brother christian a priority i'm hoping for i'm hoping that the county prosecutor will make this a priority up and that these men who got out of a lack suv on
6:39 pm
friday my little brother was standing in front of a venue just a few blocks from his house ruled the area with bullets on hoping that these men are captured. there were four african american men with the dreads is what i'm told. i'm told that this interview will spark someone who is may be in the area who might've seen something to call the police and say hey we got a tip for you we need this solved in a needed solved immediately my family has been through so much go up on the south side of chicago fishing report. mom consumed by drugs and having had this happen this year my little brother when he was considering what college she was going to that's what you sing about. what school was he going to attend? and now he doesn't even have that option. he will never get married. he will never see his first child. he will never have a real career and i don't blame myself for it because i did everything i can
6:40 pm
do with the family and ensure that everything worked out well he didn't do anything wrong. at the same time the fact that there are still in chicago in these areas were crime murdered in the streets and herdsmen enough to think about solutions or what i can do to ensure that my baby brother's life meant something. >> hannity: my heart just aches for you and obviously your heart is broken the sad reality is on the show since 2009 i looked up all the people shot and all the people shot and all people shot and killed this is an political for me because every life is from god and it matters to me nobody ever seems to care most are some political component to it. this is an political if you don't have law and order, if you don't have safety and could security you can pursue
6:41 pm
happiness in your dreams, your god-given talents i believe your brother had that this five month-year-old had please know i speak for everyone at fox you are in our prayers, we ate for you, we are praying for you and your whole family. praying for your brother and praying more importantly that the stops we know how to good policing. we want to do it new york went from 3,000 murders a year down to 300. aggressing policing worked. there are things that we can do to protect people. >> it is absolutely needed here and i want to think from the bottom of my heart i fox news family you all have been amazing suzanne scott, you sean, everyone. everyone at the fox news channel is ensured that this was made a national story and certainly shined light in a way that no one could've ever anticipated it should not be that i should be a member of the fox news family and get coverage to see possible
6:42 pm
change it shouldn't be what about the people who live in chicago that have no one who doesn't have a brother who may be on national television may not have a father who was a politician or someone was perceived important. that should never be the case last year alone was the highest murder rate in r t the court ofa century here in chicago. you've got murderers who are at home right now people were waiting for trial with monitoring devices on why are they in jail? where these people being prosecuted? the clearance rate is low what is going on here in the city of chicago and i'm telling you i just want justice for my little brother that's all i want. so if anyone is listening and you know anything if you don't reach out to the police dme on instagram at gianno caldwell reach out to me on facebook do whatever we just want to see an end to this senseless violence because a continuous and if the crime policy continues and no one, no one can ever be safe in the city of chicago.
6:43 pm
>> hannity: defend, dismantle, and obey all laws, last year was a record and we are on track for another record in terms of murder rates of many big cities. >> if the on cuff the police. >> hannity: we fund them. >> they are demoralized they are demoralized in this city and a lot of other major cities. we have to support law enforcement there is a balance between police reform, criminal justice reform with the make for the people feel safe in that police are operating in a proper way that they should. we need to uncover the police and let them do their job. >> hannity: i can't say it any better. love you at fox. >> i love you guys back. >> hannity: whatever we can do for your we will be here. coming up ahead a disturbing video came to light here of nancy pelosi appearing to shove new g.o.p. congresswoman myra floor florescent daughter during a photo op what is that all about we will check in with the
6:44 pm
congresswoman up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: there's nancy pelosi facing backlash after shoving the young daughter of newly elected republican congresswoman myra florescent during her swearingen last week now it shows nancy pelosi shoving someone off camera she looks down to florence's daughter and extends her elbow now the congresswoman tweeted i'm so proud of my strong beautiful daughter for not allowing this to phaser. she continued to smile and pose for the picture like a queen. nancy pelosi's office pushed back in a statement saying it's
6:49 pm
sad to see news outlets that no better misrepresenting the speaker's effort to make sure that represent of florez's daughters wouldn't be hidden behind her and all of the photos of such an important moment for their family. we will let you decide here with reaction is congresswoman florez along with fox news contributor lara trump. i looked at this many times it's kind of like getaway kid. but that type of thing what was that? congresswoman? >> [laughs] yes it's okay i was honestly disgusted to see the video after, but i'm so proud of my daughter for having the situation so well. she kept on smiling and didn't allow that to ruin such a special moment so i'm very proud of her she is a queen.
6:50 pm
[laughs] >> hannity: that's a great way to put it did you talk to her about it? [laughs] >> yes i did, i did honestly she sees good in everything and she was so focused on the event that she honestly didn't see what just happened like a said she just didn't let that ruin such a special moment i saw it afterwards and yes i was very disappointed and very disgusted by no child should be pushed aside for a photo my message is that we are going to push her and her friend. >> hannity: when you really look at it i'm looking at it right now as we speak actually seems like she is pushing her out of the way to give more room for her to be in the picture. [laughs] just the office of what her office is saying. >> there seems to be a lot of cleanup at the pelosi office and
6:51 pm
just when nancy pelosi couldn't get any worse she goes to mrs. which with a child you can judge someone's character how they treat those who are weaker or more vulnerable in a child would qualify the speaker of the house the third in line to the presidency a grandmother of i believe nine grandchildren herself doing this to a child is rather shocking but perhaps nancy pelosi was so overcome with her bitterness over the situation that it just came out in this manner because i have to congratulate the congresswoman on her incredible victory it was truly historic the first mexican-american congresswoman ever elected to congress and in a democrat district it must really burn it nancy pelosi up to know that they love to downplay and dismiss any great
6:52 pm
achievement made by someone within our necks or the name and not a d so perhaps that is what happened here. she was just letting her emotions out with old knowledge there really sad to see on a child though. >> hannity: it was a democratic district for hundred 50 years and not only did millie i guess sworn in congresswoman win the seat she wanted overwhelmingly is that a canary in the coal mine? we reading too much into it? these preview of coming attractions in november? >> i would say absolutely yes this will be what we are go to bc. this is honestly her win and the great achievement again.
6:53 pm
>> hannity: what to change your christmas and we had to change no change in virginia when was a change for you? >> defending to spread the message because this area has always been very conservative we are republican we just didn't know it so we were defending to spend the message across the record and residents to but is doing such a horrible job with the border and some in organizations coming down to south texas to help us with the special election through hard work and dedication work it out win the election in november is a debit craddock party takes his race for granite. no matter what because it had a d after the last name the people can vote for them. that is not true they don't own us but they feel like they own the hispanic vote and we are to show them in november just like we showed them in the special election they do not own the
6:54 pm
hispanic vote. >> hannity: working here for the last word but when you look at polls and you look at demographics you see major attrition with the democratic party double digits have hispanic americans, often americans, asian americans women the youth folk all moving towards the republican party. is it because they have finally woken up to the fact that their policies are failures? >> you saw that there are roughly a million more people who had migrated to the republican party recently sean that's of new information integrates on of what's to come. look i think for a long time congresswoman is exactly right. if different groups in america but the democrats look at anything that we get their vote no matter what we don't even have to try to do anything and then you look on the republican side and you see that life actually works and republicans are in charge you low gas prices
6:55 pm
and low grocery bills that you can afford everything. people are working everything is humming along i think you're right sean may be people have woken up and they have seen that the republican party is the way to go i think what we saw with congressman florez race is an omen of what is to come i think you are to see an incredible red wave come november and beyond. >> hannity: congresswoman congratulations to you your daughter is a rock star. congratulations your whole family we appreciate you being with us. we come back a special programming announcement as we
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have for this evening. thank you. thank you for making this show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." to then tomorrow nitric a special content investigation
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looking into all of the fires at all of these food processing plants all across the country and what it means for a possible national food shortage. but that is tomorrow night. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. or ingram, "the ingraham angle"'s next. we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from new york city. my ankle in moments. but first took you find yourself looking around at all the destruction wrought wondering, how could things get worse than they are under biden? be sure to remember that his number two is kamala harris. tonight, she sat down with dana bash in a interview following the jobs decision at the courts. if you are expected anything profound from