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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 28, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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her story changed. shocker. >> sandra: brett, we'll see you at 6:00. thanks for joining us for our special coverage here. i'm sandra smith. i'm john roberts. our coverage continues post hearing with martha maccallum who starts us off on "the story." >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. our special coverage of the january 6th committee hearings continues with the surprise testimony today of cassidy hutchison, the former aide of ex-white house chief of staff mark meadows. andy mccarthy is standing by. first to aishah hasnie, reporting live on capitol hill where this has all been playing out over the past couple hours. aishah? >> martha, good afternoon to you. quite dramatic testimony that we just watched for a few hours here. cassidy hutchison right off the
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bat told the select committee that she was "scared and nervous" about what could happen on january 6th when her former boss, mark meadows, acknowledged that things could get bad on that day. key moments from this hearing. hutchison said the president was upset, that the elapse where he was about to speak on january 6th wasn't completely full and that he did not want the secret service because he said the people some of whom were armed are not there to harm him. she also testified that the president desperately wanted to go to the capitol and that she said kevin mccarthy at one point called her up and told him not to come. when the president was told by the secret service that he was not going, she was told that he had a very dramatic response inside the beast. listen. >> it had very strong, very
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angry response to that. tony described him as being irate. the president said something to the effect of, i'm the f-ing president. take me to the capitol now. to which bobby reresponded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. angle grabbed his arm. said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge toward bobby angle. when he recounted the story to me, he motioned to his clavicle. >> so the former president has responded via his own social media platform. he writes this. part of it says "i hardly know
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who this person christmas did hutchisons is other than i heard very negative thing about her. a total phony and leaker ". then he goes on to say that she's bad news. march that it's important to point out here that republicans say this is an illegitimate committee with no gop appointed members. as the committee tries to build this narrative trying to connect the former president to the january 6th riot. some experts out there believe that some of this evidence that we're hearing in these hearings might be used by the doj for any future prosecution. martha? >> thanks very much, aishah hasnie. let's bring in former federal prosecutor, fox news contributor, andy mccarthy. good to have you with us, andy. some of the strongest moments and i've been listening to your analysis throughout the course of this the past couple hours, but since i heard from you, we heard the discussion about cabinet members talking about invoking the 25th amendment. your thoughts on that. we also saw matthew pottinger, a
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foreign policy expert that say when he read the tweet that was brought to him about mike pence not being able to do what needed to be done, he decided in that moment that he would quit as did secretary chao and secretary devos at that time. what was your discussion about the 25th amendment? >> i think the relevance of it, martha, is that it was the reason that they were able to persuade president trump to give the speech he didn't want to give on january 7th. as a constitutional matter, i never thought much of the 25th amendment because that is really intended for situations which we have never had since the amendment has been on the books where the president is medically incapacitated from performing the job. that was the reason vice president pence did not try to invoke it even though i think what happened was realizing that you -- it would be very difficult to do a snap impeachment, they were trying to figure out some way to rest
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authority from president trump, but in the narrative that we heard today, the main relevance of it was he was obviously very resistant to giving the speech like the healing speech on january 7th. he even wanted to include this idea of pardoning people that were involved in the riot, which i think at the time -- i remember how shocked we were january 6th. the thought of that on january 7th would have been bizarre to people. i guess i'd say two things. number 1, it's incredibly irresponsible the way the house did the impeachment back in january of 2021. this investigation should have been done, this evidence should have been in front of the senate. these changes should have been in the articles of impeachment and we wouldn't be talking about criminal prosecution. if we would, it would have a
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different context. secondly, they're building a strong case. understanding again there's not been cross examination and all of that stuff that we say. they're building a very strong case on this idea of corruptly impeding congress from doing its job. based on what i heard today, leaving incitement aside, you know, it's a federal crime to intimidate or assault members of congress. i continue to think the important testimony that came out today was just how much information president trump had about how armed to the teeth this crowd was and his reaction was that well, what is the problem with that? they're not coming for me. i'm not the one threatened by this. then he encourages them to go in the capitol and he wants to lead them. i kept thinking the thought of him leading a mob down to the capitol. what would the capitol police have done if the president of the united states leading the
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mob. how would they have contained that? >> martha: it's a stunning image. he obviously according to this testimony very much wanted to go down there and was stopped. you have to think about the role of the people who stopped him in preventing us from all having that image in our heads. so before i let you go, do you think the doj is wanting to or has the ability to, i should say, take action here? you think in the context of jeff clark's home being searched the other day and also john eastman's phone being taken? there's clearly things going on over at justice outside of what we're watching play out here. what is the meaning of that to you? >> i'm glad you brought that up, martha. i don't think this can be looked at in a vacuum. it's very apparent the justice department's investigation has
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moved from concentration soly on the riot at the capitol to the planning for it or the planning at least for january 6th and the people who were around the president in that time. they're clearly looking at the white house. if they're looking at the white house, there's one guy that is the main guy they're looking at. i think attorney general garland has to understand that it would be devastating to the country to indict the political opposition of the president and someone who was a former president. so what has to -- the threshold that has to go gotten through here, there has to be a consensus in the country before it's safe for the justice department to do what it can do. the threshold that they have to get through is do most people think that is a good thing to do? that's a reflection of how bad they think this conduct was, which is why i think today's
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testimony was so important. >> martha: interesting. reflected in how many people are watching and how much of an impact they had on their thinking. we'll see. andy, thanks very much. good to have you with us today. all right. we're going to go to the other news of the day. there's quite a bit going on while we've been watching this hearing. breaking just a short time ago, ghislaine maxwell has just been sentenced to 20 years in prison for recruiting young girls that say that billionaire jeffrey epstein sexually abused them. prosecutors asked for 30 years. the defense called for more than five. saying maxwell is a scapegoat for epstein who committed suicide. there was a lot of questions about that. that seemed to be the consensus at this time. eric shawn joins me now with more. eric, what can you tell us about some no doubt dramatic moments
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in the life of ghislaine maxwell? >> an amazing afternoon in course. as you know, she was jeffery epstein's girlfriend. she's learn the price she will pay for participating in epstein's debauchery. she's sentenced to 20 years in prison and a fine of $750,000. maxwell was found guilty in december of sex trafficking, including recruiting and grooming underage girls as young as 14 years old to be sexually abused by epstein who notoriously moved through the wealthiest levels of american business, politics and high society but allegedly procuring young teenage girls for himself and for others. marks well's defense blamed epstein as the mastermind and the abuser. the prosecutors called from 30 to 55 years in prison said it
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was maxwell that was an integral part of epstein's crimes and that she abused use women herself. in court, she finally apologized to the victims saying "it is the greatest regret of my life that i met jeffrey epstein. i'm sorry for the pain that you experienced. i hope my incarceration brings you closure." the victims did give victim impact statements in court. earlier some said maxwell, she still hasn't come clean about epstein's operation. >> ghislaine must die in prison. >> today is a day i didn't think it would ever happen. for me, it's a blessing. >> martha: as you said in 2019, epstein prosecutors say, killed himself in jail. he and maxwell did procure that
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possibility of that bigger operation and so far has not been proven. ghislaine maxwell spending the next two decades behind bars. >> martha: quite something. eric, thank you. joining me on the phone, fox news legal analyst, mercedes colwin. good to have you with us. your reaction to this sentencing that just happened a short time ago. >> it's amazing at the very and, at the end of the road, ghislaine maxwell still session she's a victim. but she's a predator. she preyed on these young women. there was evidence that was expressed during the trial that she sexually abused these children as well. the fact that she stand before the judge, the presiding judge and tried to say it's the worst thing that could have happened to me, to have known jeffrey epstein, no, the worst thing you could have done is to abuse
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these young women. these underage girls that could not consent. she did this, she preyed upon them. they were from underprivileged backgrounds, vulnerable. all of that so that she could then also abuse them alongside jeffery epstein. i'm really curious that judge nathan only gave her 20 years. and you recorded that the prosecutors did ask for 30 years and with stood good behavior she could be out in her late 70s, which would mean that she would probably serve between 15 and 18 years with good time served. but at the end of the day, it's interesting that judge nathan said to mrs. maxwell, we're not sentencing use because we can't sentence jeffery epstein, we're sentencing you because of the predatory behavior that you were found gimentty of. there's justice for these young girls that were abused by
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jeffery epstein and ghislaine maxwell and hopefully they will find peace in having justice served. >> martha: it's astonishing that jeffrey epstein did not stick around to get justice for these women. the assistant u.s. attorney said that maxwell subjected the girls to horrifying nightmares. they were partners in crime together. they molested these kids together. that is what this jury seems to have concluded as well, mercedes. >> indoubtedly. i'm glad that at a minimum because i know there was other talk by the defense to get significantly less than 20 years. that was not upheld by the court. the 20 years will give her plenty of time to pay for the crimes that she's been convicted of. >> martha: mercedes, thank you. mercedes colwin on this breaking news that just happened. also breaking right now, texas
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officials are about to give an update on the 50 migrants that are now dead after abandoned in a tractor trailer in sweltering texas heat. ben dominic, general jack keane here with us on "the story" as we move through this hour. we'll be right back.
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>> martha: president biden was caught on camera apparently getting some bad news or some information on the world's oil supply with gas prices close to an all-time high. watch this. french president emanuel macron pulls him aside as they're walking here in spain and tells him about a conversation that he had with the leader of the uae
12:20 pm
and mbz. a white house adviser pulls them aside and says we should get away from the cameras. watch this.
12:21 pm
>> martha: interesting moment there. of coursely macron very determined to get some time with the president there. some of that was inaudible as you could see. general jack keane is watching this with us. first to jacqui heinrich traveling with the president. she joins us from madrid. hi, jacqui. >> hi, martha. yeah, really something else. according to the french president, saudi arabia and the uae, top two oil producers are
12:22 pm
barely able to ratchet up oil production. saudi arabia according to macron at least only able to up their production by president 150,000 barrels a day at least for the next six months or so. the uae's top energy official confirmed as much in a statement that happened a day prior. they said they're producing at ceiling levels and they will continue to do so through the end of the pact. whether or not president biden was already aware of this ahead of his trip to saudi arabia next month is unclear. the plan is to push arab nations to produce more oil to bring down gas prices. >> you spoke with president macron about the trip. he spoke with a couple other leaders about the trip as well. not focused on or confined to the energy centerpiece. i'm not going to characterize
12:23 pm
president macron's comments or either the content of them or the -- this particular notion about saudi arabia and their spare capacity. >> saudi arabia and the uae are perceived as the only two countries in the opec plus group that might have spare capacity according to reuters, this could take the wind out of president biden's sails on his upcoming trip. he invoked leaders of other g-7 countries to put a price cap on russian i'll exports, which would require a lot of voluntary coordination among countries. jake sullivan said as of today, talks have begun with india, a major buyer of russian oil about the implications of a price cap and what that would involve. this is all discussion. nothing has materialized yet. martha? >> martha: thanks, jacqui heinrich. let's bring in fox news
12:24 pm
strategic analyst, general jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war. here on the big picture. general, good to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> martha: first on that exchange. macron saying, look, i know you're going to saudi arabia. just so you know, they don't have a lot of upside capacity or in the uae, somebody that you should know before you get there. what did you think of that? >> well, i'd be stunned if the president of the united states didn't already know that. >> martha: that is generally known. >> he's cozying up to the president trying to provide him advise. i don't know what their relationship is like. obviously trying to provide informal advice to him. i'm convinced the president knows full well what the uae and the saudi's capacities are and what the answer to his question is if they can help more. they already got that answer. this is about renewing their relationship that i believe was misguided and stiffing them at
12:25 pm
the beginning of the administration and reaching out to iran to appease them and get them back in to the deal. meanwhile, we shut down the military assistance that we were going to give the saudis to defend against iran's behavior and confrontation in the middle east. they have since provided them that military assistance. what a terrible way to start this relationship. this will i think renew the relationship somewhat. i know people object to it because of saudi's behavior. but this relationship since president roosevelt for eight decades has always been at the intersection of what is good for our values and also what is good for our national interests. whoa had to find the balance. >> martha: this is the nato secretary general calling this a pivotal moment. the finish president has just announced that turkey has agreed to support finland and sweden's membership in nato that is a
12:26 pm
significant step here as well. here's the nato secretary general. >> this summit will be a pivotal summit. we will agree of the concept for the madrid strategic concept that will be the blueprint for nato in a more dangerous and unpredictable world. >> martha: that is for sure. it happens in the backdrop, russia has bomb add shopping mall in ukrainian and appears to be making head way in the east for sure. >> certainly this meeting is important. what the secretary is talking about there is they put together a strategic concept which they'll ask all the members to approve. it's a ten-year plan. they've had to revise it substantially as a result of russia's incursion in to ukraine. certainly what will come out of this is likely increase support for ukraine for sure and also we're going to put more troops on the border of russia particularly in the baltics and
12:27 pm
in poland. likely going to be a brigade of troops in each of the three baltic states. >> martha: nato troops. >> yes. there's just a battalion right there. a brigade is about three or four times the size of that and quite significantly like we have forces that are on alert all the time like the 82nd airborne division to respond top a crisis, nato has 40,000 troops on alert. not as strict as an alert as the 82nd has but they will increase that to 300,000. that is significant. nato has woken up to the problem that we've had with russia certainly. it's undeniable what has taken place here. the organization, the unity that they have achieved despite their differences, despite the fecklessness and frustrations has been a positive thing. with finland and sweden, it's significant that they'll become
12:28 pm
a part of nato. they have good militaries. they understand russian clear-eyed what they're dealing with. they're also the biggest threat that most hoff us see as the baltic states and they would be able to participate in that as well. huge step in the right direction. >> martha: fascinating to see finland and sweden joining nato or in the process of joining nato. you have to wonder what putin's reaction to that have been. finland and russia have fought each other the last several hundred years in different battles. they're no stranger to animosity over that border. general keane, thanks very much. great to see you in person. >> great to be here. >> martha: president biden's open border policy now being blamed for the death of at least 50 migrants. this is an absolutely horrific atrocity inside of this tractor trailer. a fire chief on the scene describes the bodies hot to the
12:29 pm
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12:33 pm
on u.s. soil. the death toll rising to 50 now. officials say that they discovereded stacks of bodies, too hot to touch. it's unfathomable what these people went through. those that did survive were too weak to get themselves out. one very disturbing report from the texas tribune, one of the persons was sprinkled with steak seasoning in an effort to cover up the smell of people as the smugglers were transporting them. this is the kind of people doing this smuggling and in cases trafficking as well, which is a question mark so far in this case. griff jenkins reporting live from the border at eagle pass, texas. hi, griff. >> hi, martha. this is the raw human cost of smuggling operations and they are -- officials confirming it's 50 debt. 39 males, 11 females.
12:34 pm
we hoped to hear from those officials very soon in a press conference on the 12 remaining. we will not hear about the investigation dhs is conducting but rather the condition of the remaining surviving 12. many of them in critical condition. this after that abandoned tractor trailer, the temperature yesterday martha was in the 100s. this was a truck on a back road abandoned with migrants schrocked in the sweltering heat. three people have been arrested. president biden called ate horrifying and heart breaking and saying my administration will continue to do everything possible to stop human smugglers and traffickers from taking advantage of people from seeking to enter the united states between ports of entry. texas governor greg abbott not holding back blaming directly the administration with this tweet saying these deaths are on biden. they are a result of his deadly border policies. they show the deadly
12:35 pm
consequences of his refusal to enforce the law. there's another piece to this as well. jean-pierre defending the administration in a gaggle with reporters regarding border issues. but adding that she says the fact of the matter is the border is closed. let me tell you something, martha, in the four days i've been here in the past month of reporting down here, the pictures and the numbers tell a different story. we had an enormous large group hours ago. this group, we can show you images of, 300 to 400 migrants cross the river. it's the third largest group we've seen in three days. the heat exhaustion is affecting all of them. let's show you video that i shot yesterday of a migrant suffering from heat exhaustion. he's okay. he was in border patrol custody. but this is what happens when you go out in 100-plus degree heat to make this dangerous trek. the river also dangerous.
12:36 pm
let's show you video yet of border patrol. you may have heard the loud buzz of the airport. they had to rescue nine venezuelan migrants caught in the currents. they were okay and brought to this side. in the four days i've been here, there's been more than 6,200 encounters and that's just here in the del rio sector. it's a surging problem. border patrol officials horrified at that situation as well as what happened in san antonio just a few hours north of where i am. martha? >> martha: thanks, griff. with that, we bring in ben dominic, fox news contributor and jose, a former dnc national press secretary and form obama spokesperson. jose, i want to start with you. how much longer are we going to refer to the policy at the border as compassionate when this makes it clear that it is anything but? >> i think we have to recognize
12:37 pm
that we're a nation of laws in the world. republicans talk the big game. they say they want to make sure that we increase security at the border. why don't we pass president biden's 2023 budget -- >> martha: hold on. i have to jump in. i'm talking about what happened with these people, right? this is the absolute opposite of compassion. you know better than probably most people that cover this story, that the cartels are completely in charge here. we're allowing the cartels to abuse these human beings to the point of stranding them on the side of a road with absolute disregard for life. it highly possible that these young women were being trafficked for sex in the united states and beyond. when are we going to stop calling this what it is? >> i understand that. my heart goes out to the families that their migrants have passed. what i can tell you is, we need more resources. republicans have --
12:38 pm
>> that's a joke. that's not a real response. >> we need more money, more technology. >> that's not true. >> it is true. >> it's not true. i have been dealing with this issue two decades. the fact that you continue to engage in these lies -- >> martha: jose. let ben respond. >> this is ridiculous. it's a choice. a policy choice. the biden administration is enabling these cartels to profit from the sadness of these people. this is -- this blood is on your hands and you know it. and no amount of defense that you try to marshall here is going to make up for that. the fact is you had majorities in the house and the senate. you had the white house and you could have -- >> you have blocked the immigration -- >> you had it in 2008. >> the republicans blocked the bill -- >> you're engaging in a lie
12:39 pm
here. you know this is true. the fact is -- you cannot get around it. >> martha: let me jump in here and ask one more question, guys. jose. when you look at this situation, i can't even wrap my head around what it was like for the people that were still alive inside of this vehicle. i want to go back to the point. the idea that the white house continues to say that the border is closed is so preposterous. obviously it is not closed. obviously both sides have lost -- both governments on both sides have completely lost control of what is going on at the border. the cartels are running the border. do you agree with that, jose? the cartels are running the border. >> what was the answer was president trump? he wanted to build a wall. he built a couple miles of wall. guess what? >> what a joke. you cannot take this serious. this is absurd. he's turning this into a
12:40 pm
political game when people are dying. >> martha: we're looking for some actual -- . >> people have passed the wall that president trump guilt. >> people are dying. this is unacceptable. i'm a pro immigrant person. i'm in favor -- >> martha: you know what the -- >> this is a stupid argue that is designed to score points -- >> martha: it is -- hold on. i have to interrupt. we're out of time. jose and ben, you know, thanks for coming. we do have to -- we have to get past the point where this is about pointing political fingers and we have to start caring about the -- the compassion that is said to be the motivation at the border has clearly failed in the most heinous way imaginable by what is happening to the lives of these poor people and these families. so we need to wake up and
12:41 pm
understand that arguing about technology or a section of wall that was built -- if the whole wall was not built, it's not going to function and people will get through. i hate to say my heart goes out to these families because it sounds so trite at this point. i can't imagine what these individuals went through. thanks, jose, and thank you ben. more to come on that. two alleged fentanyl traffickers arrested during a traffic stop and they had 150,000 fentanyl pills. we heard the other day that two grains of salt of fentanyl will kill you. imagine how many people would have been killed by what's on that table. now those two that you see on the right-hand side of the screen are out on their own recognizance. that's what you'd do, right for people accused of this? the sheriff in california joined fox earlier. watch. >> learned of this release and i was infuriated. i could not believe that we had
12:42 pm
150,000 fentanyl pills, one of the most dangerous epidemics that is facing our nation today, with people in custody that we may potentially be able to impact the future of this type of drug trafficking organization and/or cartels in california and my county and we let then go. >> martha: william la jeunesse reporting live from los angeles. hi, william. >> there's meetings in the central valley about how this and and where these accused drug dealers are. even the sheriff says they're gone. complaining that he was forced to release these two by a judge six hours after their arrest. this happened in tulare county halfway between san jose and los angeles friday night. cpp stopped a vehicle by these two men from washington state. a drug dog hit on 150,000
12:43 pm
fentanyl pills. the deputies booked them in to jail. the problem began when a probation department risk assessment team decided to release them as soon as they had no criminal record. according to the sheriff, under california's progressive laws, the intent here was to keep nonviolent offenders out of jail. the probation record was signed by a court commissioner. the d.a. and the sheriff didn't find out until two days after the release. budrow appealed to the assistant judge but got no reply. >> allowing people like this to be released from our facilities, we have no control over that. and for law enforcement leaders in california it's frustrating when we're responsible for public safety. we want people to be safe but we have to hold people accountable to our court system in california. we're just not seeing that. >> long time d.a. tim ward says
12:44 pm
this on twitter. the office was not part of this decision and all questions related to their release should be directed to the tulare probation department. we talked to them or contacted them this morning. the probation department, martha, says they're preparing a statement for us. haven't received it. nothing from the supreme court. spokes to them. they know we're after this story. no comment. back to you. >> martha: thanks, william. an update from the texas officials is just more heart breaking. the number has just gone up to 51 individuals who have died as a result of being caravanned in that vehicle that you see that was abandoned on the side of the road in 103 degree heat. 39 men and 12 women lost their lives in that vehicle. and there's new audio of president biden appearing to
12:45 pm
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>> mr. vice president, how many times have you spoke to your son about his overseas business dealings? >> i have never spoke to him about his overseas business dealings. >> the daily mail reports in its possession a voice mail that the president left about a "new york
12:50 pm
times" article on his chinese business dealings. the man that hunter called the spy chief of china. miranda divine that report the book on hunter biden's tab top. first, david lee miller. hi there. >> this voice mail in question renews questions about the president's claim that he and hunter never talked about his son's overseas business deals. the daily news got the phone. the laptop computer was used to back up his iphone. joe biden made a call to hunter in december to talk about the publication of a new york times story leading hunt tore a defunct chinese energy company. >> it's 8:15 on wednesday night. if you get a chance, give me a call. nothing urgent. i just want to talk to you. i thought the article has been
12:51 pm
online printed tomorrow will be good. i think you're clear. anyway, if you get a chance, give me a call. i love you. >> "the new york times" argue said that the founder and chairman of cefc china energy who had been arrested by the chinese met privately with hunter biden in 2017 to discuss infrastructure and energy investment. a man named patrick ho later con vested in a plot to bribe african officials hired hunter as an attorney paying him a million dollar retainer. hunting reported himself calling ho the spy chief of china. joe biden has denied discussing with hunter any of his foreign business deals. the phone call does show on awareness of the chinese firm and executives. we have reached out for a
12:52 pm
comment and have not heard back. >> david lee miller. >> martha: okay. let's bring in miranda divine. talk to me about this voice mail and what your reaction was when you heard it and what it tells us about the relationship here. >> hi, martha. look, again, it shows that joe biden did not tell the truth when he said he knew nothing about his son, hunter's overseas business dealings for him to be in his own voice, you can hear him there saying "the new york times" article was good, i think you're clear, tells you at least that there's some guilty knowledge there. because this was the closest call that the biden family had from the media actually investigating this rather shade did deal with this chinese
12:53 pm
energy company, which was more than just an energy company. it was the capitalist arm of president xi's belton road trying to take over the world from the united states as the super power. this is the biden's getting into bed with president xi's chief vehicle. hunter was panicking when he knew that the new york time was sniffing around. patrick ho who was arrested at j.f.k. airport, the first call he made was to jim biden, john's brother and hunter's uncle involved in this deal. patrick ho was looking for hunter. he rang jim. "the new york times" knew this. hunter was devastated about that. there's text messages showing him accusing his various partners and friends of leaking to the times. he was really beside himself.
12:54 pm
then his lawyer just a couple months before comes out and re-assuring him that it's okay, the story won't be too bad. they're not going to mention joe biden with relation to cfc. there's little mention of hunter. that is the way the story panned out. and afterwards, there's another texas message from hunter thanking his lawyer saying he did an incredible job keying it to a big fat nothing. >> martha: it would be great to know the background of all that went back an forth between "the new york times" and the reporters and some of these players in what would and wouldn't be in that story and exactly how much the president knew about his son's involvement in the belton road initiative, the most aggressive program of the chinese government to infiltrate itself to countries
12:55 pm
around the world. thank you. so the biden administration is looking at new steps to counter the reversal of roe v. wade. the head of h.h.s. calling for increased access to abortion pill as national imperative. kamala harris is looking at travel vouchers for those seeking help in other states. and we have more from a democrat candidate for new york state it is a. rachel, let's start with you. we knew that obviously there would be some answer from the white house and the administration in terms of how they would effort to get around this decision by the supreme court and there will be some things that will fall into their legal purview and ability to do. >> yeah, you just had a very
12:56 pm
interesting and fiery discussion with ben and jose about liberal policies wrapped up in compassion that are nothing but compassionate. women that find themselves in an unexpected crises pregnancy. they don't want to ride to the abortion clinic to kill their child. what they want is support and love. they want that primarily from the men in their lives. you heard kamala harris about young men and abortion. this is the lack of taking ownership for what their participation in a pregnancy. that's a culture change that we need to talk about. they need support from their families and community and government. there's a program in pennsylvania put in place by governor casey when democrats could be pro life, it's a $7 million program by the government with state and federal funds, mostly state funds, to help women in need to provide pregnancy and parental support and even has maternity
12:57 pm
homes. who knew that though still existed for women in need. young women in need that were maybe kicked out of a home or something like that. these are the kind of help and compassion that women need. they don't need the trauma of abortion. this is a moment to pro lifers to step up as well. they've been doing a lot of this work. we need to do more of it. >> martha: yesterday i said it was sad that states were advertising themselves as you can come here, come to our station for your abortion. i was echoing the thoughts of president biden back in 2006 when he said every abortion is a tragedy. but now the tone has changed completely on this. people are told to shout their abortion, that it's something to be proud of and not to be -- i never have spoken to anyone that was excited or happy about it. you know, i'm wonder where we are right now in terms of
12:58 pm
compassion and if your pro choice, wouldn't you be pro all of these options in terms of looking for help? >> i love how rachel talks about family planning clinics when the the far right, the extremist right, religious groups getting tax breaks have been arguing in stat legislatures to shut down family planning clinics -- >> i'm not talking about family planning clinics. >> it's my turn, rachel. so if you're listening right now and you believe that a woman and you believe in compassion, a room should have a right to choose what to do with their body and their lives. how many people are at risk of losing their lives because they have an ectopic pregnancy because there are states being controlled by right wing legislatures that are now making ectopic pregnancy termination illegal. that is a medical risk. that is actually -- >> martha: hold on a sec. i want to play something.
12:59 pm
every state will have the right to vote on and approve these through their legislature. >> it's wrong. >> martha: that's what the supreme court did. if you don't believe in democracy and vote for people who they want to represent them, that's a whole different country that you want to live in. >> a would should have the right to make a choice about their own body. rachel, give me a second. rua had your chance to talk. i had an abortion. if i didn't have it, i would have died. there's millions of women that are victims of rape, domestic violence -- >> martha: there's not nothing that we have heard that would prevent those women from finding a place -- >> yes. go to missouri. >> martha: you wanted it to be you turn. now i'm going to rachel. i have 15 seconds. go ahead. >> it's about punishing women. >> i just interviewed ryan bomberger that was conceived through rape.
1:00 pm
a man that says his life had value -- >> great anecdote. >> i will say this. violence is never the answer. all lives are matter. >> you don't want to regulate guns. isn't this ridiculous? >> martha: thank you both. i'm out of town. thank you for being here. that's "the story." we'll be back tomorrow. have a good evening. >> i overheard the president say something to the effect of, you know, i don't f-care that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. let my people march to the capitol from him. >> the president had very strong, very angry response to that. i'm the f-ing president. take me to the capitol now. to which bobby responded, sir, you have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up toward the front of the


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