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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 29, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. ithhthank you for making the shw possible for news any time . fox hannity outcome, please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity and in the meantime let not your heart be troubled. laura ingrahamhe and the ingrahm angle are next . have a great night. i'm laura ingram ingram girl from new york city. tonight bad actors, shiny objects. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> i think of many favorite tweets of the day this is really my favorite tweet of the day. it has to be from scott adams of dilbert fame. so far trump's second term has been a huge success. he has several major scotus victories, looks better than ever compared to biden and the january 6 theater just went full justice. you can't win harder than
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that . oh my god . i was screaming reading that . well, pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? now there are a lot of shiny objects being dangled in front of us lately by the democrats and a few of those demented have never trump . and i'm here tonight to tell you that none of them will have any measurable effect on the midterms or really change the public's realization that under democrat leadership america is just going down the tubes. now the first attempt, a distraction or shiny object. a former aide to mark meadows, cassidy hutchinson was slotted into what was billed as a special super duper special session of the january six committee today. and i spoke with some former white house staffers, three or four of them in the afternoon and they knew her well and not one person had anything good to say about her performance today because they watched especially the second hand claim supposedly from tony arenado, another trump aide that was supposedly one of their big blockbusters that somehow
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trump was desperate to get to the capital by any means necessary. >> he thought that they were going up to the capital and when bobby had relayed to him we're not we don't have the assets to do it. it's not secure. we're going back to the west wing. tony described him as being irate. the president said something to the effect of i'm acting president. take me up to the capitol now to watch bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab the steering wheel. mr.. engels grabbed his arm, said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. mr.. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards bobby angle and mr.. or not, i had recounted the stories we had motioned towards his clavicles . okay, bad acting.
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well, this was a tidbit that the media they've been waiting for for years. finally they had trump wanted to go up to the hill as we heard, and he assaulted his own secret lead secret service agent in that vehicle as part of his attempt. >> that's going to stick for a lot of people know the president of the united states, you know, attacking a secret service agent. the president's in real trouble, not least for assaulting a secret service agent toobin. >> all right. one little problem here . it looks like it never happened. a source close to the secret service is telling fox that bobby angle, trump's lead agent and the president's suv driver are both ready to testify under oath that neither was assaulted by president trump . they will also say he never, quote, lunged or something to that effect for the steering wheel and wait, there is more because according to cnn's shiman, prokop is a secret service official said that tony arenado denies telling cassidy hutchinson that trump grabbed
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the steering wheel or an agent in the first place. i can't wait to see that surprise here . >> englis and as their surprise witness testimony blows up in their faces, there's another problem for the democrats. it turns out the voters just don't care about this january six raid. a new cbs poll finds that the lowest number of voters polled consider investigating january six a high priority while most consider it a low priority. >> well, all the while the bad news keeps streaming in . so the democrats more than a million voters in 43 states have now officially switched their party registration to the gop in just one year. don't worry because the democrats and their media supporters are hoping abortion is going to galvanize all the suburbanites and save the democrats from a midterm rout. well, unlikely, according to
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the ap. nowhere is the shift more pronounced in more dangerous for the democrats than in the suburbs where well-educated swing voters who turned against trump's republican party in recent years appear to be swinging back . and just when you thought things couldn't get any more dire for the democrats, she's back. >> do you miss the day to day of politics? is any scenario in your brain you would think i want to get back? no, but i miss it. i mean, there's no scenario in twenty twenty four you would even remotely consider you know, i can't imagine it. i really can't. but what i don't know well but what i can't imagine is staying active and outspoken as i can . that's right. while hillary plays coy she's out doing the media rounds auditioning clearly to run in place of old joe. >> she's vibrant. she's strong. right. why can't she do it like a democratic presidential candidate to i've been saying
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for quite some time i think the filibuster is it should be eliminated at the very least for constitutional questions like voting rights, like a woman's constitutional rights to make decisions about her own body. this is going to, i hope, wake a lot of americans. women are going to die gaile women will die. >> is that going to go on the button vote hillary women are going to. all right. the leftist media are already assembling their hillary ommen corner. chris cillizza at cnn is gushing the whispers of hillary clinton. 2020 four have started and john ellis is raving now it's her moment and being the political sage that hillary is with no concern at all for the voters she's betting it all on unjam six . >> i think these hearings have been incredibly powerful. i hope the justice department
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is paying attention. i hope in these midterm elections candidates and democratic party pay attention if there were ever a time to vote and to vote literally for your rights and our future, it's this midterm literally now the woman is now and always has been a complete and total fraud . no one cares about this sideshow. they care about the fact that they're getting poorer every day that biden is in office. so americans out there, you hear it right? you feel it in their own way. they're begging for relief. they want their old country back . they want clean, safe streets. they want a situation where parents aren't worried that their kids are going to die from fentanyl, where families can actually, heaven forbid, afford a summer vacation. and we're optimism about the future of living here in this incredible country of ours is shared across a broader array of demographic groups.
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that's the america we love and we all deserve the january six hearings, the abortion scare mongering, the hillary revival, none of it will add up to a better america and democrats don't even care. they never have. and americans, they're on to them. the shiny objects have lost their luster and the bad acting. it's just not funny anymore. it's just bad. and soon this show will be shut down for good and that's angle joining me now, mollie hemingway, editor in chief at the federalist fox news contributor and stephen miller, former senior adviser to president trump , founder of american first legal volley. let's start in reverse order of the shiny objects that we discussed. let's start first with hillary clinton emerging on the scene this week, kind of playing coy with twenty twenty four . but i think it sounded like without a doubt to me hillary is back in the game.
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yeah. she's not known for subtlety so it didn't come off coy. and it's really a sign of desperation on both the part of the democrat party but also hillary clinton that they're trying to get the gang back together to have another round of things. she was a terrifically bad candidate in 2016, you know, forgetting to visit the state of wisconsin being so unlikable that americans really could not envision you know, so many americans couldn't envision voting for what really is a testament to how dire the democrat party's situation is right now that they are that don't have a good bench and they are looking for someone who at least seemed more competent than joe biden. us and the dnc chair steven, tried to spin the democrat's dire situation this way. what we are seeing right now an energy and an activism, particularly among women that we have not since the election of donald trump and the march women's march. we have to make sure that we
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push back against these republican efforts to take away the american right. >> steven cook political report today came out with an analysis of eight new races. six of them are now pointing toward the republicans. that's in addition to the other thirty or thirty five or so i think they think maybe twenty five seats so far for the republican as a pickup. but i don't know what fantasy land he's living in . but you know, this doesn't seem like it's going their direction. well, the right they are energizing women to run as fast and as far as they can from the democratic party and into the arms of republican candidates. i mean, you saw history being made when congresswoman flores won in the 84% democrat latino district and won convinced in a special election the first mexican born congresswoman in the united states of america. all the democrats have to offer
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is this circus show of conspiracy theories and witch hunts on january six and now this new immediately debunked james bond fantasy and hopefully write about this crazy story about trying to commandeer a vehicle that was debunked within 30 minutes of it being told and then of course, they have the single issue of late term abortion on demand through the ninth month. so we're saying we want to create more jobs. we want to create more opportunity. we want to create safety. we want to secure the border. we want lower inflation. and all they're saying is we've got january six an abortion clinics. that's it. and molly stevens last point there. i want to move on to this disaster on the hill today. >> that's cassidy hutchison wasn't the only one caught lying. >> if you had any question about whether the president knew these people were armed or that they were dangerous. i think it's pretty clear from that testimony today he knew what a threat they posed and yet he was insistent
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on marching to the capitol to the point of potentially getting an altercation. >> his own secret service about it. molly relaxium to that i mean from our old pal if adam schiff is saying something, it's a pretty good indication that it's not true . this committee has engaged in widespread manipulation of evidence there, refusing to provide the testimony of people who dispute the narrative that they're trying to construct. they are really running roughshod over our american ideals of what should happen when you accuse people of crimes and whether there should be ability to make a defense or have a cross-examination. and i mean those rights are enshrined in the constitution and our congressional committees are supposed to honor that in the way that they conduct their hearings. that has not been the case since day one and to date this was just absurd. and i have to say, if you believed this absolutely ludicrous story from this person even before it was
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disputed by everyone on the record, you should not be involved in political and politics in journalism and you should really think deeply about whether you're able to really analyze information on a level that you should. yeah. these are so-called journalist steven. i've written in the beast a few times and i, i couldn't remember if you could even reach a can you even reach that way to get i couldn't remember but i don't know the whole story seem ridiculous. but you know you knew cassidy hutchison what kind of a i've met her a few times but i didn't really have much contact with person she's an extremely junior low level aide. i don't think i ever had a conversation with her that i can at least recall of any of any substance or death. but some always point this is a rorschach test for your sanity. if you heard this story and you thought, man, i believe every word of this , i'm going to go online and say something about it energetically, something is wrong with you. something is wrong with you. if you're that gullible, especially after five years of the hoaxes and the witch hunts
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and the fabrications, people keep falling for it again and again and again and again. at what point do people just lose their credibility and do you notice she kept saying something, something to that effect? she kept couching everything she said a lot of it was hearsay, obviously not admissible in any kind of real court. but she kept saying something to that effect, whether it was about trump's reaction to pants and the hanging chads. but i found it almost like she was auditioning for a seat the view or the real staffers of pennsylvania avenue or so it just seemed like an audition tape that wasn't going well for her . god bless. i , i don't know i don't know her well but just seemed bad. well, i mean when you have people coming out and saying that they did not in fact tell us information that she claimed that she had been told by them, it is probably wise of her to distance herself from her own testimony. but again, this is really the fault of the committee. there is not a single republican appointed member of
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this committee. they are not engaged in any rights of minorities. they're not engaged in any back and forth on evidence. they now lying and they've done it with really high level witnesses and it has massive implications because the department of justice appears to just be following their lead in what they're choosing to prosecute and who they're choosing to target. this is a really serious attack on the country and on our norms. and it's i know a lot of people on the right are checking out because it is so absurd. but what they're doing is very damaging and very detrimental now. i'm glad you said that , stephen . they're trying to make her out to be like alexander hyndman right. she's the new renren for the latest chapter in the attacks on him. >> well, she tries to start a war in europe. maybe she will be alexander. but look, the bottom line here is that these secret service agents that we're seeing the news reports that are vociferously rebutting this , these are decades long, distinguished career nonpartisan law enforcement officers. it doesn't get more credible than that when it comes to
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rebutting fantastical fairy tales, aside from the fact that it looks like she wanted to go down to mar a lago and work down there and i guess it was no, i mean she was on the manifest at one point one of the staffers told me molly steven, great to see you both. and tonight is also primary night across the country and our own baer is manning the touch screen tonight to take us through some of the big primary contests. brett, where are you taking us first prate take a little tour here . right, eveningwear. let's start in the governors races. you get five states with primaries tonight . we have two runoffs, one special election. but let's go here to new york . the current incumbent winning overwhelmingly not a surprise there, but the race is still ongoing on the republican side ,representative lee zeldin holding 41% is roughly 40% in andrew giuliani with twenty four point six . if you look at this , this is the area for giuliani support brooklyn, queens, the bronx,
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staten island. he's leading in all of those places. however, as you look at the state, zeldin is well positioned. he had the endorsement of the state committee and vice president mike pence, former vice president campaigning for him. we'll watch this with 40% in . and let's head back out to illinois here you have state senator bailey who is now declared this has just happened. senator state darren bailey, he will face the current incumbent incumbent governor j.b. pritzker. and this is interesting. this is a trump endorsement over the past few days the race flipped in the past few weeks, but as you can see, overwhelming his colors throughout here . all right. let's go back here and take you on a little tour of house races. we're talking illinois. this republican race pitted two republican current incumbents against each other. it was a redistricting deal . this is a congressional district 15 not over yet, but
12:18 am
it looks like the trump backed representative mary miller is going to beat representative davis here . it's not called yet, but it looks like it's heading that way. this is in the south and east of illinois. this particular district. let's head back here and head out to the senate and go out to colorado. and this has just been called joe odey, construction firm owner is now going to go up against the democratic incumbent michael bennet. that will be an interesting race to businessman and hanks was the more to the right candidate who actually had the most votes in the gop effort in colorado today pulling this out pretty significantly and that has now been called there's a number of races we're watching in house races that have yet to be called. but that's the overview across the country for tonight . colorado is always a fascinating state but still
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pretty purple and that didn't surprise me that right. but fascinating. we'll keep watching it. thank you , brett. all right. we're going to keep an eye on all those races and make any big calls if we need to. but up next , the less casual racism as it relates to my old boss, justice clarence thomas horace cooper has reaction. plus every single branch of the u.s. military is now under joe biden struggling to make its 2020 two recruiting goals. nice going, joey. lieutenant colonel stu scheller was discharged for calling for accountability over afghanistan. he responds to this disturbing development in moments streaming on fox nation. lawrence taking us on a journey across america. i mean, come look at this . how on earth did you pull this off uncovering the rarely these places? this museum reminds us that one person really can help save our heritage. fascinating faces. do you remember the first time you saw him, though, this work? i do. i was sold over that are
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12:25 am
driving their intense anger directed at my old boss, the lone black man on the court, clarencee thomas. joining me now is horace i cooper, co-chair of project 21.. horace, remember back to nineteen ninety one and justice thomas's confirmationst hearing when he made it clear that he believed they didn't like anyone likene him because he refused to remain on their plantation. he didn't agree with them and their world viewor so he didn't count as a humanes being. and boy, alle r, these years lar what he said completely is still obviously true .>> that's h the very reason whys project 21 was created. ur we wanted to make sure that americans understood that black americans have conservative views, moderate views, liberal views. there's not a one size fits all that we come from all walks of
12:26 am
lifefe and that someone amazing and as talented as clarence thomas is in fact authentic black. the challenge from my perspective as i see it has been the american people embrace this idea. i don't have a lot of pushbackth with america. i have a lot of pushback with the progressives. they act just like democrat did during jim crow. >> hey black guy, stay in your lane, stay in your space. there's only certain thingsic you're supposed toal be able to do. ironically, 20thur century democrats twenty first century democrats 2 now the same thing. stay on your side. stay on your plantation. he called it a high tech lynching all those years go and they're still trying to do it to him. and if you thought those attacks, by the way, horace, were pretty gross then there
12:27 am
was don lemon and jeffreyey toobin last night. >> why does he feel the same about interracial marriage? well, you know, look, let's let's not be coy about that . everybodyic knows he's involved >> he's married to he's married to a white woman still don't mention it. .i i'm trying to be fair play loving is just a couple of years before roe . i mean it was no i mean, look, it is a conspicuous absence, horace. it's a new low even for cnn e who can't can't get much lower in the ratings. well, you know, you just probably triple their audience by showing this clip that i was going to say. the good news is no one is actually watching cnn. lly first point i want to make though is clarencerst thomas ir the leader of this court. this is clarence thomas court.he he's the i intellectual leader and what he has promised and what he demonstrates is a fidelity to the constitution. the left c hates our constitutin
12:28 am
. all you say no, that's not true that stretching it they want to alema every state getting two senators. they want to eliminatee. the electoral college. they want to get rid ofto g our supreme court. o they want to throw out the most wonderful, amazing document that is allowed liberty and a free people to operate. clarence thomas is its champion. shame on those people for using racist names that would have been welcomed and normalized in the 1920s0s, 30s and 40she and then to see them todayam on twitter. shamehem on them. and also why hasn't our president said a word? why haven't any of the democrats o said let's come up with an argument if you don't agree with clarence t thomas, why the bigotry?ho be reveals who they t really are.he
12:29 am
>> and i after all these years, his philosophy, his judicial philosophy is preeminent. they have no judicial philosophy and they're losingan and they're angry and bitter and he's one of the nicerd o, t hilarious, most awesome people. absolutelyeopl everybody who clerked for him. but everyone on the court i mean all the judges, they love to race and bring in your life privilege. >> got to all of us and thank you . >> we're committed to advancing transgender equality in the classroom, on the playing field, at work and our military everywhere, simplyth everywhere. one of the things i want to do is make sure i create as an inclusive environment as possible. > you know, diversity is really important to us . i want to understand white ragen and i'm white and i want to understand it. afterau hearing all that , the next bit of news my covid little surprise. according to nbc, every singlenc branch of the u.s. military is
12:30 am
now struggling to meet recruiting goals with boths a record low percentage of young americans eligible to serve and an even tinier fraction willing to consider it. joining me now to shelter a marine corps lieutenant colonel discharged after criticizing the military's afghanistan withdrawal. he's also the authors crisis of command stuart, this really ishe the chickens coming home to roost moment. t. i think you predicted it. i predicted it. they want the military to military to be like, you know, i don't know harvard know, harvard law schoolho likese thursday night seminar where it's really different from any collegelege campus. >>. yes. laura , thanks for having me on bottom line, you alluded to it. this is not a recruitment problem. this i a problem with our senior leaders, our senior leaders inability to haver courage, their hypocrisy. it's affecting all other things you would think a young american would want to raise a y their right hand support and defend the constitution similar to your last guest
12:31 am
talking about wanting to support and defend the constitution and have trust in our senior military leaders. but our senior military o leades have demonstrated through action that we can't trust them and you would be naive to think that a youngng american isn't getting online going on the internet and seeing all the missteps that we can clearly see ofthat our senior military leaders. >> i was lucky enough to be at the michael our fauci navy seal museum opening at long island today and had a chance to meet so many incredible men and women in uniform and former seals and so forth. i'm looking at the wall of all these special operatorsav who gave their lives for this country. and i actually got angry. i got angry about what's happening to this military and all their sacrifice and the families who are still sacrificing to this day. we owe them a lot and a lot better than them. >> yeah, i actually just spent some time down in texas with morganen and marcus t luttrell. i saw some pictures with their patrol at the at the museum and i was talking to marcus
12:32 am
and he was talking a about our generation born in the 70s and 80s that has been forged in fire through combat wheree our senior leaders have made m consistent mistakes. but i think it's our time to step up and get us back u on track to a constitutional mindset. we need leadership. we needp. couragege . i think that's what the 2010 election cycle is going to be about. that's what i'm dedicated oh to >> and i think our senior leaders need to wake up to the real problems right now. they are going too>> need lau aw commander in chief for that . i think here's something else affecting recruitmentnc and retention since the military is covid-19 vax mandate, over 5000 military members were discharged for refusing to comply. sueur most of these people are in good health. lot of them already had covered. how do we expect the military to meet miluo our quotas when we kicking out perfectly healthy will td women? yeah, i'll tell you firsthand that those numbers are muchre larger m, especially if you star going in the national guard, the reserves, you start getting into the forty to one hundred thousand are still a bunch of medical waiversuc
12:33 am
that are making it hard for them to discharge. but the problem is much bigger t than five thousand that youen described and even is exacerbated by people comingve in right now we a have a senator candidate in new hampshire, ge don bodek, a former one star general. his kids were through went rotc and we're told right at the end that they couldn't join because they weren't going get vaccinated and then they were told that they had to pay back the rotcd scholarship. all of these service members that have served for two decades in warth, they made an individual medical choice not to get vaccinated. i don't care what your opinion is, but for you to say that they don't deserve an honorable dischargeabab on the e out the door is criminal and it's indicative of our lack and hypocrisy and our senior military leadership. >> now again,ilit the message cs from the top and republicans are the onesbl who helped fund all of this . so the republicans have to at some point lieutenant colonel scheller, they have to say no more , not a dime is going to go to this diversity and inclusion nonsense and then followequi a through on it. and they just have to we appreciate you . we appreciate you and your vote
12:34 am
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call and get your very own risk free bottle of relaxium sleep now fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed with relaxium sleep call 800 six one three fifty four sixty two 806 one three fifty four sixty two being rimando has exclusively obtained leaked footage from a department of labor panel about transgenderism foxes. matt finn isha in our west coast newsroom with all of the alarming details. >> matt by the video was obtained by a congressional source and shows transactive speaking at a department ofct labor webinar about how to provide safe and nurturing spaces for trans employees. one ofof the activists with then pronoun she, her and godusou tod attendees that some white men don't acknowledge trans identities and want to criminalize trans people. >> that'so what we'reim dealing with is really reclaiming all those identities that have
12:40 am
always existed. butte we polymerization and whie men not understanding and being confused about what they saw by either male or female. another trans activist said that if insurance companies will not lower copayments for gender reassignment surgery, then she might go back to work to pay for it. if i don't get elective surgery on top or bottom surgery and my co payment is four and five thousand dollars, i might look i'll pay for the surgery myself and back out of that working if that's the case. to republican congressman, that gate sent a letter to the labor secretary martin walsh on monday requesting more information about the webinarre and asking walsh o investigate writing in part the conversationtion is entirela inappropriate and the claims made are without any merit. itck is shocking that deol employees are using their time at work to have an open endedis partisan forum consisting of abrasive social commentaryan. f
12:41 am
weor have reached out to the labor department for response but so far i have not heard back just yet. >> laura mat, thank you . and joining me now isma the mentioned florida congressman matt gaetz who got his hands on this video. congressman, now what does any of this have to do with furthering the mission of the department? >>sing what am i missing here ? well, what's bizarre is that in the name of inclusion, our government ission embracing the policies of exclusion and it's really state sponsored racism for your money to be used by the department of labor to try to say that all of society's flaws are the faultso of white men. so i believe we have to expose t these things when they happen. i believe when we retake the house we havey to actually use the power of the purse to stop this . and then when we retake the white house, we have to reorient these agencies where they actually work for people'sh freedoms. i mean, the department of labor is goingnt to oto be focused
12:42 am
on pronouns instead of the freedom of people toor actually work in our country. >> why even have a department of labor? i think that'ss a greatis questn and that's that's what we should do is get rid of the whole department. now i want to play another clip from this panel for a longdi time had the trans identity rights that did not allow me to to censor my femininity and ie also walk that line to be looking androgynous. i have allowed myself to go completely into what i likee to call my goddess mode, bothe male and female. you know, i am just energy. >> i am energy congressman. again, the purpose of the labor otpartment i mean i should like this is actually syrett and aton someone paying for this somewhere along the line i imagine maybe they do this for free around the country, but i doubt because a lot of these people g get paid big money to
12:43 am
be consultantsai in this arena. speaking of the goddesses and centering femininity and all these important labor department topics for birthing people, i'm i'm going to findow out exactly how much this cost because we may see a circumstance under divided government where we have to shut down the government in order to get what we need to secure the border or to be woken by these agencies. and if it comes to that , i at least want the american people to seese the government that we are shutting down, literally people focusing more on pr.hutt than people and whether or not one has gone into goddess mode effectively probably doesn't inform on whether or not they are an effective worker in our society and in s our economy. i rememberoc the trump economyad where we had rising wages and success and actual labor that was prosperous. now under joe biden weiden just have a weird labor department that seems like a bad trade now and that at some point i think the republicans more than just
12:44 am
you and a few others saying that actually have to start saying we're not spending any more money on them. i mean we're not i mean rightht now we could do that with the u.s. military, but there are too manynt establishment gop voters who would never touch a dime of military spending. but this is happening across every agency. it's one of the reasons why we're not recruiting up to the goals that we need for eacht branch of the military. as we just discussed. so this has got to be defunded across the board. h i do think we're going to have to bifurcate our analysis. there will be some agencies like the department of defense that we have to keep around and they will have to be d woke aside. but there may be other agencies where the rot is so deep like at the department of education or the department of labor or at the epa where we really can't salvage a meaningfule o government mission forur our people. and the question is whether or not the republicansgh will endeavor to fight on that and to expose it and to actually use the power of the purse. your friend rand paul has a saying when the democrats are in power, the republicans arerep the conservative party and when
12:45 am
the republicans are in power,re there is no conservative party . that's why these primaries you're reporting on is so important because we need the backup too have a spine too stop this , to shut it down and actually make our government work for our people. >> and the establishment keeps failing. we don't want to reelect them . congressman, thank you . n and some news out there in newfr yorkom where our guests from lat night, a frequent guest on the show, congressman lee zeldin, just won the republican primary for governor and nowican he gets the chance to take k on kathy hochul this november. if republicans really want tore make a difference in this country, they need to fight everywhere. the empire state, it deservesth a lot better than it's been getting to say the least. and this is a this is the beginning of a new start for new york . next to drug traffickers who were arrested friday for having enough fentanyl to kill millions hl of americans. but because it happened in california, they're back out on the street just days later. that lovely? the sheriff whose deputies made
12:46 am
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12:50 am
i'll take a look at this photo . what you're seeing is one hundred and fifty thousand fentanyl pills seized friday by police in california. that's enough to kill millionso ofkirica americans.
12:51 am
now two suspected drug traffickers were arrested and walked on numerous charges ,but it'sme california so guess what happened next ? they were released just days later. now they had enough drugs tond kill millions and then back out on the streets, by the way,ir on their own recognizance after a risk assessment was done by this judge to la county court commissioner mickey verismo joining me now is s sheriff mike boudreau of tulare county sheriff, you said that you weren't even e consultd on this decision in this risk assessment. >> yeah, that's right. i i mean, we have about six hundred thousand people that live in our county right through the center c of it or to major highways that have heavy drug trafficking. pa and as you know, fentanyl is incredibly dangerous and we a hundred and fifty thousand pills of fentanyl. this case went before a judge
12:52 am
through the probation department on a risk assessment never notifying us the sheriff's office and then ordered a court ordered releasec of these two people. >> well, sheriff, cdc data now is showing that this synthetic opioid death count primarily through fentanyl, they've gone up 91% since 2019. so it takes it takes y your breath. t obviously the lockdowns and allt that exacerbated all that was locked up. harbthey things were going craz. but this drug is essentially t becomehi a wmd and we're still now allowing those selling it o to just go free on their ownan recognizance after this bogus risk assessment. this is maddening. well, let me tell you , this law force law enforcement leaders in the state of california are frustratedtete this soft on crime approach that we see from the governor's office in sacramentoroer legislators. we are completely frustrated. i sitompl on the california stae
12:53 am
sheriffs association executive board and i speak with law enforcement leaders all up and down the state and we have to stop this soft on crime approach because there's no deterrent to the criminals, nore deterrent to the drugnt trafficking organizations and no deterrent to the cartels . matterag of fact, what we sent the message was is the risk is very low and that your reward is veryo big. we've got to quit doing that in california. we want our criminals to be held to justice in our court system. we have failed to do so in ouror california. the people of california just you know, they're going 1% they're staying with them. so speaking of hand , well, let me tell you yeah. i think that i think that is changing in california. i think that the message for california is notca what we'reye portrayed as . i can telldyo you the central valley is largely supportive of more of a conservate justice approach and that the citizens of californiath are getting fed up when we see these criminals running into stores when i we se
12:54 am
the borders open freely to allow this type of drug h and guns, sex trafficking, human trafficking to freelyum come acrosslly our border, the citizens of california are beginning to get fed up. well, long since overdue in the central valley. good people there o and they've been hit by this criminal wave of drug trafficking. and sheriff, we appreciate you and it must be incredibly frustrating for all of you and your men and women out there.yo butu. we appreciate you , congressman adam schiff of today should listen to adam schiff off let's say twenty five or so. >> the last fight will explain the i didn't get the memo. we're still
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: now, when you hear this clip from the now forked tongue adam schiff ask yourself did he fall on his head in the last 17 years or so. >> this protract i have war against the judicial branch will only denigrate both congress and the courts. why does it matter if the congress and the courts are at war? because if the separation of powers is eroded and the independent judiciary is
1:00 am
impaired the decisions become increasingly politicized public confidence in the rule of law e roads and people begin taking law into their own hands >> laura: what changed adam? what? remember, your usa freedom gear is all on great stuff for the fourth of july and the summer. honor flight network gets all the donations in june. gutfeld is next. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> carley: a fox news letter, breaking results from primary elections overnight. utah senator mike lee fending off two primary challenges setting up a general election battle with former republican evan mcmullen. and republicans named their nominees for governor's races in two deep blue states looking to capitalize on democrats failures in the white house to pull off historic victories. you're watching fox and friends first on this w


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