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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 29, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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now on "fox & friends".com. >> nickens of the thermoset statistics to gate because she has a jacket. >> good, god. so join us friday everyone. [cheering] ♪ ♪ >> bombshell testimony now called into question secret service agents disputing new allegations about january 6 and we are told they are willing to go on the record. >> dana: good morning of dana perino and bill's office week of morning jillian. >> this is julian former white house aide serves as the star witness yesterday star hearing. >> included is a secondhand and his driver and attempt to go to the capital during the riot periods are is now tells fox news to agents are prepared
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to give sworn testimony rebutting hutchinson's story. >> dana: also being called into question those hutchison note she wrote impression of her former staff was part of a presidential statement will former white house lawyer eric harshman says such a not write it out all and that it was in fact written by him. high asia. >> high there good morning to you both look bottom line here is to proceed with caution has even some committee members are saying that some of hutchinson's testimony was "hearsay" so let's start first with hutchinson's dramatic secondhand account about former president trump president trump lunging towards the steering wheel inside his armored vehicle on january 6 when he was told he could not go to the capital so she testified yesterday that she was told by agent tony arnaldo that trump got into a physical altercation with the agents inside fox news
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now confirmed that those agents, including age and the lead agent bobby angola are now disputing hutchinson story. they say that trump did not assault them and did not reach for the wheel. now both men are prepared to testify and the u.s. secret service we are told is in discussions right now with the committee to make that happen. also, a source close to tony arnaldo tells fox that tony never mentioned anything about trump trying to grab the wheel to hutchinson and that he was actually shocked she was made those allegations yesterday in public. also at that hearing cassidy hutchinson testified that she penned a handwritten statement for trump during the attack on the capital. we saw it, it was a handwritten note, but "abc news" is now reporting that former trump lawyer eric herschmann is claiming that he actually wrote that note and to underline the point here, here is our representative drained of rap ski who sits on the responded
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when cnn jake tapper called hutchinson's testimony, at least part of it, hearsay. >> it is just an incredibly and dramatic story i would just as a journalist and as an american appreciate more cooperation for the story sounds as of now, it is hearsay. >> somebody saying this is what i heard. >> and of course were not in a court of law were not charging anybody with a particular finance. >> now there are still parts that testimony that are firsthand that are deeply troubling we are not expecting any more hearings until the house reconvenes at least early on this july 11th. back to you. >> back to you. jillian. >> there is all out for one of the worst human struggling tragedies and american israelis 51 migrants are confirmed dead after getting trapped inside an overheated semitruck in san antonio. president biden says of the republican critics quote brand
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standing on the incident but texas governor greg abbott says the buck stops squarely with the white house. listen. >> these people who lost their lives, they did so because president biden has empowered and ended bold and the cartels exactly what he is i have been. these are not the only people who have died coming across the border. this is just the most recent example is happens all the time and you can see this guy the numbers skyrocket during the hot south texas summer that setting and right now. >> with those triple digit temperatures are extending into today presenting a real danger to migrants making this journey. the dangerous journey from central america to the southern border texas senate governor patrick will first or go to gordon jenkins he's an eagle pass, texas, this morning. >> i curse. >> jillian, good morning, and governor on out it will be here in eagle pass laid his afternoon right where we're standing to get an update from him on the
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border as a meanwhile that tragedy, 51 dead in bear county officials telling us teenagers were among the victims. we hope to hear from officials about the individuals arrested, to charged and a third american trying to see if charge will come towards him and president biden if he saying that the administration only everything they can to crack down on the billion-dollar human struggling trade with its product secretary john pierre for drawing criticism of the same for saying the border is not open watch. >> the fact of the matter is the border is closed which is why in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling that works. we are going to stay focused on the facts and making sure that we hold of these smugglers accountable. >> but jillian look at these images, groups every day of three to 400 crossing where we are in the del rio sector it is an unprecedented number of
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migrants coming into the congress tony mcallister represents this area in eagle pass as well san antonio or the tragedy happened is blaming the biden administration here to see what to say. >> biden administration has failed to give those around the world a legal route to come and live the american dream. it is absolutely heartbreaking to see all of these people die in the manner that they did and it needs to stop. it starts by outs holding the biden administration accountable. >> now as far as migrant deaths so far this fiscal year we can show you that fox is confirming exclusively that the number of migrant deaths and justice sector, a hundred and 24 causes of death, 71 from exposure that means heat exhaustion but finally, jillian, when you hear governor abbott talk about skyrocketing deaths we reach out to cpp to find out why the entire southern border find out how many government deaths have been the fiscal year that
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information is not publicly available cdp stop publicly posting that information in 2020, we hope to get a number perhaps later today. jillian. >> gillian: griff jenkins from eagle pass this morning, dana. >> dana: looks pregnant dan patrick, it's been quite a week and it's only wednesday. the mexican president andre mandel will resort he also blamed lack of control of the u.s. border he said it happens because her trafficking of people on the lack of control in the case of the mexican u.s. border but also in the u.s. interior. i would imagine that you agree with that. >> totally agree dana on what i hear john p.r. make that statement at the border is closed i can't say anything other than this. that is just a flat out lie. she is lying to the american people this administration biden has not been to the bordering harrises was a joke when she went to el paso at their echoing themselves but you know they
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getting reports from border patrol they know what is wide open. you know we set a record last month 209,000 there's another 50 or 6,000 that got away people we see that we cannot catch and that of course all the people that cross that we don't see i've been saying, dana, for years the people should not have to come to america in the back of an 18-wheeler and die i have been saying that forever. and this is where we are, this is an administration that is a culture of death. every policy that they have results in death. whether it is soldiers in afghanistan whether it is people in the street innocent victims of the criminals amok on her street, whether it is this 51 helpless souls look died a terrible death the poor people that died in the back of a truck or whether it's now planned by the biden administration to set up abortion camps they can take more babies lives. everything is a administration such as a result in death and these 51 people who died are on their hands and john pierre
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[stuttering] shall look america in the eye and say the border is secure that is just a joke, it's laughable, and in this case it cost people their lives. >> the board headline side when the u.s. immigration policy killed migrants trapped in a tractor-trailer died in the and we saw those temperatures just a moment ago from dan jillian, they went on to say that the biden administration has a duty to fix this so migrants do not have to play roulette with their lives but as with so many other issues as white house seems trapped by the demand of the political left has a little or nothing at the border more human tragedies are inevitable. and i certainly do not speak for john pierre, but i'm trying to watch what other democrats are saying as they are asked about this on one of the things i'll say is well it is closed meeting that there is not enough legal pathways for immigrants so that is why this is happening. and it feels disingenuous even as i say adam try navy explained it on what they are half which is not my job but just trying to provide their point of view and
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i see them going down this path of the people of texas, arizona, new mexico, and the southern california, are they going buy that. >> will we are not buying it in texas and of the governors down there today i will be down for several parts of the border tomorrow and, dana, here is what the average american who really does not have to follow it closely day today. let their eyes tell them what is the truth. closed means or secures me in it is close, were close, you can command, the doors are shut, and we are going to break another record this month and all the drugs coming in on top all the criminals coming in on top. this is, this is, this is a selling out of america, these people that come across the border -- trust me -- there is many that die in the vast wasteland of texas when their dropped off by different smugglers in the middle of nowhere with no water. plus the people who have drowned in the river and the president,
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does he have no conscience, does he never hold himself accountable for anything. all the people that are dying offend on this country that he is also allowed in and again it is a culture of death that he does not seem to care about whether it is a baby in the womb with the people in the trailer has a one-time dana senses happened has he had any empathy added and concern any carrying and any true passionate way about these people that are dying all across america. >> and also for the people and also for the people and also for the people who work for him, the border patrol, script so their hundred and 24 people who have died but we do not put up the number they saved because there has been a lot of interventions in order to help protect them. and you're going to stick around to be available next hour just in case we get that out of the way new mexico policies and state stay close don't go too far on will be back next big decision >> dana: democrat spending a lot of down primaries by getting nothing for their money as motor
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voters pick moderate republicans in the act actually backfiring on them. plus publicly facing and the bad adam west hollywood after the city of l.a. counseled their votes to defund the sheriff's office, this comes as a city is right now suffering a dramatic surge in violent crime. >> and the boy scouts living up there motto coming to the need of passengers and a deadly train derailment in missouri. to go this happened it all kind of kicked in and i mean i just know what you do, they were just asking for help and i was just asking them if anything hurts, making sure this just stood down if they need to, get water, calm them down. t of water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today.
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>> onto the primaries they look to prop up a tentative for the
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ton with modern business plan og easily defeating state representative ron hanks, a day will now faced democratic senator mike call bennett and no cylinder alicia conyers live in denver with more high alicia. >> high good morning dana democratic super pac spent $4 million on tv ads alone to help the more conservative broad hanks win last night. he did not win the whole goal was to keep the more moderate joe oh dave from going up against democratic and competent senator michael bennet. on the campaign trail o'day said if he was in the senate at the time of the 2020 election he would have voted to certify partisan joe biden selection and well he is pro-life his position position abortion allots for the procedure in the case of or. last night's of that he would be more like a republican joe manchin reference shows democrat senator that just always follow the party line o.j. also took a swing that the
6:19 am
dems who help as his opponent. >> good night to be a democratic super pac, right. >> no senator bennet tells the super pac that put up attack ads against o'day is not affiliated with his campaign. he also acknowledges parties and for a rough go this november but feels his seat is safe. >> i think that we are going to have you no incredibly vigorous uncontested general election here in colorado which is the way it should be, and they are going to be very, very, different choices to be made on the ballot. >> okay, so it took a look at the g.o.p. primary for the governor near where the more candidate lost despite the democrat funded attack ads against his opponent hiding in all. canal will have it out brace and against democratic david polis was a massive war trust and is considered safe.
6:20 am
and there is the new colorado congressional district dave made up of liberal suburbanites, moderate habits panics funko conservative rural folks. once again the democrat add to help lori singh did not work instead bark mercantile buyer also faces dr. jan said last night in the statement quote "bob kirk meyer is dangerous for colorado vitamins, kirk wyer supports her total nationwide ban on abortion without exceptions and shade the radical scotus decision to overturn roe" and david as you know and colorado it's all about the unaffiliated voters here and once again as traditional health is a unaffiliated voters in these primary races up with feasible moderate candidates across the line, dana. sweet you think is a much alicia and we will have a lot more on this will colorado's republican saturday jell-o day, he will join us in the next hour. >> will nato was firmly biting finland and sweden to become new
6:21 am
members of military lines nato making it official in the summit done right coloration to madrid the news comes to president biden now slated to with truckers project in who just force a course on this decision peter doocy joins me from madrid, spain, where he is traveling to president biden what's russia's reaction so part of this nato expansion. >> they are saying jillian that they are going to start putting nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles on their board or if this goes through. if finland and sweden are visually made part of mato but president biden said he is undeterred and that all of mato was going to be ready to go and to fight on behalf of sweden and russia if the putin regime tries anything there. >> article five of sachar site, every inch. so, at this time, fellow line is going to welcome finland and
6:22 am
sweden. >> a lot of the heads of state here having the same problem, high gas prices back in home and as a search for alternatives to russia as a supplier, the nato secretary general's warning everybody not to get too cozy in the meantime with china. >> we must not shop one dependency for another. lots of new green technologies and that our minerals they require come from china periods omega must diversify our energy sources and our suppliers. >> and they're going to put all that in plain english today rewriting the strategic concept for nato for the first time in a decade. so basically nato's official charter is going to focus less on afghanistan and boron china and russia. jillian. >> gillian: so peter the president oversee is now well beco at home people are facing major challenges, political turmoil in the wake of roe v. wade, how are you doing with all this.
6:23 am
>> he says that he is enjoying himself. actually he made a threat, jokingly, but i haven't heard make anywhere else in asia or europe yet earlier today. >> there's an old expression town tolerate called steel town and it says were like poor relatives we show up over invited we stay longer than we should so they carefully may not go back. >> we think he does plan to go back with though our understandings of the press corps is not packing up to move to spain with the president. jillian. >> well i certainly hope you will come back as well, peter. thank you so much. dana. >> dana: well in the city of west hollywood they will be cutting funding for its sheriff department after a narrow three to two city council vote is comes despite a surge in violent crime in that area over the last year senior national
6:24 am
correspondent is live in los angeles, william, help us understand what happened to her last night? >> well what happened is westerly... tiny circle in los angeles but on weekend santa monica boulevard sunset strip, they are jammed with people called bar and restaurant hopping and with that is the crime wave is up two37%, assault, burglary, theft. last month they told residents and visitors if you are coming out to we hope, please make sure to secure your phone, avoid carrying a wallet containing cash, debit cards, or driver's license and be vigilant as pickpockets have patrons up to 40 times a night. yeah one monday at the city council voted to cut chair of department funding reducing the current staffing by four deputies to 56 or placing them with authority on armed security ambassadors an increase in
6:25 am
funding for a russian arts festival the mayor said this was a bad idea not on armed foot patrol or not much of a book but determined and councilwoman set up a sign said the deputies cost too much. >> that we have all talked for two years about reimagining policing. and reimagining means reallocating funding. >> well attracting that young wealthy clientele at night west hollywood is also home to a upscale gay community that says that often feels like a target needing police protection. still, most attending the meeting supported the council's action. >> the sheriff's department at los angeles not only is violent and brutal and cruel, there is not a shred of evidence that it makes anyone any safer. >> crime is high in the last three months since they announced they were think about cutting their sheriff's budget crime is gotten worse it feels like an alarm went off telling the thieves here's the city you can hit.
6:26 am
>> so time will tell but defunding police media remains a big issue in the l.a. mayor zeiss and the black lives matter candidate wanted to abolish l.a.p.d. loss. >> back to you. president biden's cabinet to take an action now on abortion in the wake of the supreme court's ruling the count official those are offering contradictory marriage or it whether abortions will be made available on federal lands, what is behind that confusion plus progressive rep allergies agile because ocher ties is leaving the door open for a white house bid in 2024. we've got fresh republican reaction to that coming up next. >> you know i know somebody that is going to turn 35 about a month before the election 2024. and, they represent new york 14, is that job appealing to what all?
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>> democratic government cafe holds goals going in abortion safe harbor to something $35,000 in taxpayer money to cover up or transfer of a new live out of state but traveled to new york to obtain the procedure. eric shawn joins us with breaking details now one of the new york newsroom high eric. >> high jillian will states are now offering will bring the portion is no ban. will here in new york there was a move to block taxpayer money to do that. the controversial supreme court decision is creating so-called abortion refugee states. states where abortion is still legal. offering to help fund the procedure for women from states where abortion is now against the law. 18 states, and the district of columbia allow abortion procedures and are now preparing for an influx of out-of-state women. near governor abbott kathy hochul wants to help women across state lines who want to get abortions. >> your rights are oppressed. and you know to go. you come to new york.
6:33 am
so our providers will take care of you and treat you with the rights that we believe you have here in the state of new york. >> governor hochul has set up a 35 million state funds, to help ensure access to patients seeking abortions in new york them expand abortion capacity and ensure safety of providers and patients. but of bill sponsored by republican state senator philip boron long island seeks to block funding to the procedure and helping women who come from out of state come to new york for abortions. senator boyle says that while new yorkers do support a woman's right to choose that does not mean he says that public funds should pay for it. >> we are talking about 26 states i think i could ban or restrict abortions, if we are paying for women from all of those states by the thousands to come to new york, they are air for airport, hotel expenses, pay for the abortion procedure themselves on the fly them back home. it could be in the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of the course of years
6:34 am
and we just cannot do that. >> will government hogle on the democratic primary from governor last night she will now face republican long island congressman lee sell it in the november election. sale and is pro-life and he promises to be new york's first antiabortion governor in decades. >> jillian. >> eric shawn in new york for us today, thank you. dana. >> dana: leads eldon's as he said one of the states republican nominations to the three other candidates including andrew giuliani, cylinder face-off junior democratic governor demi hogle not spring in and kelley talk is on this. just quickly on her decision to try and set up this $35 billion fund. you know the new units new york state a lot better than i do, how will that go over statewide. >> well as said the majority of new yorkers may support being pro-choice, however, they do not necessarily support their tax dollars going to fund for travel
6:35 am
for abortion tourism is really a guess the expression. week, we, we, we, we believe that people have to protect to the taxpayer money. we are seeing record budget in the state aid is completely physically irresponsible we are seeing a budget that is twice the state of florida yet florida has more residents -- and they can't seem to find luck they can never seem to fall short of ideas on how to spend the taxpayers money. >> okays the leads eldon with congressman on the house of representatives now is going to be the candidate for governor on the republican side. the chances of him being able to win, how do you see a question mark >> will look at what happened to virginia last year and you look at what happened in new jersey how close that canada came despite having a lack of funding and support. nobody thought that would happen. and so, i believe that lee zeldin does have an opportunity and really this is our last chance to save the state of new york we've been living under one-party rule
6:36 am
since 2018 and all of these radical laws have come into play here, the bail law that kathy hochul continue to support it refuses to repeal has been disastrous for a state and three quarters of new yorkers have said that crime is a top issue on their minds when they are going to vote and if that's the case, not a single one of them should be voting for a kathy hochul. lee zeldin will repeal the bail law that is when is a master. will make sure that he poets poets on parole board that will keep releasing cop killers and murderers and serial like our current governor has done. and at the end of the day he said he is going to also take control and take away the district attorney's rights here in new york like alvin brock and she refuses to remove alvin brecht. >> and the roe v. wade decision i noticed that many different crates that is what they want to talk about, they do not want to talk about crime, inflation, gas prices, or even immigration.
6:37 am
and so there will be interesting to see. as a want to ask about this is that there is another new yorkers she is weighing in on the supreme court being expanded after roe v. wade. business fell congress from exam julia abkhazia cortes as golfer number two. >> i believe that president biden should entertain expansion of the supreme court [applause] >> i think he should forcefully come out and ending the filibuster and i think we should show and demonstrate that the american people that with the vote to give democrats power we will use it to the fullest extent possible to just end everybody civil, economic, and senior rates. >> not sure she realizes how to step she is out of the rest of the country and even president biden it is that is not for this the commission they set up so they are not for this is actually not going to happen. >> lee zeldin geo o because a potential developed socialist alerts should be no surprise that she is taking a page out of the socialist playbook of hugo chavez, that is what hugo chavez did in venezuela he pack the
6:38 am
supreme court from 23 justices 45,000 cases world and he and maduro's favor that is how they destroyed the richest nation in south america and now people are fighting for food looking for garbage cans and have lost a significant amount of body weight as a result. we could never allow that to happen in the united states. at that as i have been one of the most vocal opponents of packing the court and she has some audacity to say that we are separate branches of government and then claim that this legislator should go forward with packing the court. >> and she says that she wants to consider maybe even running for president and i was on the colbert show last night upshur will have somewhere to save my on the five later if you have a chance to watch that and the quality of thinking over the coming in. >> thank you pete jillian. >> gillian: were also major construction projects across the u.s. are now on hold due to industry-wide staffing shortages. what is driving the roadblock. plus the new study spots the health risks of using marijuana more states right now are moving
6:39 am
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>> will roughly a trillion dollars of infrastructure money is starting to hit the nation's bloodstream and some major construction projects though are running into roadblocks just as they finally begin to get under it are and joined us from new york city high lydia. >> high there jillian yeah thanks to forty-year isolation and labor shall choose we can pay for if for fewer bridges, tunnels, roads, now than seven months ago when the president signed a $1 trillion infrastructure law that skyrocketing cost of labor is a particular problem as construction companies suffer high turnover and compete with
6:45 am
other industries for workers. now, you can see here, the average hourly earnings combats out to $32.19 signs for a construction job last month. that is up 6% from last year and much higher than the average hourly earnings of 20 7:30 three across the private sector. now, still, hiring is happening but nowhere near what is needed contractors hired 455,000 people last month but that is less than nearly a 500,000 jobs that still left open. now industry experts say that somebody construction jobs are available that can fit are able to avoid undesirable shifts over consistence for example road construction jobs requiring overnight shifts they have been hard to fill, watch. >> one stick a that we have for labor. truck drivers do not want to work at night. and that is whether they are
6:46 am
working for the construction companies or whether they are working for material suppliers. >> and the prices of materials are soaring a trade group called associated builders and contractors that construction input prices are up 21% from a year ago that reagan's local government officials are being forced to delay or a trust project deadlines of drilling in all this means is that taxpayers are going to get less bang for their buck lack of workers means longer timetables which means less work getting done with the funds that congress allocated. jillian. >> so proud to always impact players guo scruggs with the book lydia new york thank you. >> that's truth and a new study shows a recreational marijuana users are 20 purdue percent likely to visit emergency room or be hospitalized compared to those who do not. that do not use weed or pod whatever housing it physical or bodily injuries let's bring in
6:47 am
professor here and also fox news contributor. civil call of a number one is a physical bodily injury was a leading cause emergency department visits and hospitalizations among the hand of a sooners ours with respiratory reasons coming in a close second. what's going on dr. siegel? >> well, you know, good morning. this is occurring in canada, the study. and it looks at about 4800 marijuana users on 10,002 did so it had a nice control group but in canada it is legal throughout the entire country of canada and i think this is related to thc content. you know the active chemical in marijuana we keep calling you marijuana dana but it is changing. back when i was a kid it was 2.5% now it's 25% on average. one of the formulations is called girl scout cookie but i think that's the wrong name for this. 25%. you are not going to be able to focus. you may be more likely to have falls which again leads to 22% e.r. visits and, if you have
6:48 am
underlying asthma or respiratory problem you might have a problem with that. we continue to have concerns and study after study has shown problems with concentration with performance on tests and schools. that is not going to lead her to the e.r. but it may certainly lead to long-term problems. >> but, if it's legal though wouldn't the dosage be more regulated. >> well, you would think so. but not if you're trying to get a bang for your buck and try to get more and more people involved. in new york state by the way they are starting to grow a lot of pot because it is legal now and that feeds the industry but that could be more regulated, and new york it is by the way in the pot shops in new york it is tightly regulated in terms of the thc content i think there needs to be more regulation of more legislation on this and we are not seeing it. we're going to see this trust towards legalization there is no way to stop this freight train 19 states already remove drupal medical marijuana.
6:49 am
i can get medical marijuana regulated obviously recreational know. >> also wanted to ask you about this because there are many people that need insulin in order to survive their daily lives and insulin is getting extremely expensive and it is hurting people let's put this up here. people in the survey said 83% are not able to pay for living expenses because they have to pay for insulin 62% have skipped or adjusted an insolent dosage which is a terrible thing for the health and 30% have been admitted to the hospital for more than a day which ultimately is costly to them and he wasn't 33% become sick with additional health issue as a result of insulin or lack thereof. what can we do about this can we increase supply in order to bring down the price? >> there's a lot to do about this we can loll a lot more biosimilars to be approved we can understand there's a monopoly right now with three companies signal steve make over 90% of the insulin, hello baby
6:50 am
formula problem same idea. we do not have a reserve, just a bill before they passed the house but not the senate yet that would limit the amount of pocket expense to $35 a person only the insurer but that includes medicaid as well. i think we've got a get a handle on this. dana, almost 10 million people in the united states rely on daily insulin and as we have more weight gain in the united states we are seeing more and more and more insulin needs is an enormous crisis and it is the next supply chain shortage that we are facing which is huge. >> i remember being warned about this why newt gingrich and so you can't say that you were warned america. that we should have done something about this for sure. dr. marc siegel thank you for being with us today. speak of are be with you during a. >> dana: well investigators at a texas crime lab are telling fox news that nearly every street drug they have intercepted is laced with font and all the tricks that cartels used to smuggle it into the u.s. coming up next plus, the
6:51 am
country's largest newspaper chain is reportedly per burning its opinion pages were to talk to a journalist that says it's another example of local newsrooms running a box. stay withh us. i had to do somet. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx.
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>> home rental sites a little melt permanently rent parties listed on there they a ban on august 2020 due to the covid pandemic now your pmp says that now more than 6600 guests and hosts were suspended last year alone for violating the policy send out his company-wide policy. >> old former "usa today" opinion writer said he was demoted after tweeting "people who are pregnant are also women. in a new york post op at out he says david matthew writes "usa today" demoted me for a tweet because it's woke newsrooms are out of touch with us readers. >> david jones is now his executive editor with a straight arrow news david, a lot to
6:57 am
unpack here because i want to start with the particulars of your story, your situation. why do you think it is that your opinion, we make sure you get this very people who are pregnant are also women. why is that opinion for braden or at least the expression of that opinion forbidden. >> because it has gone from being a fact to being an opinion to being completely false in the eyes of newspapers and other journalists across the country because transmission can get pregnant and therefore we we can't say pregnant women anymore. >> so you bring up the issue of, gender identity here interestingly at least to me in this "new york post" op-ed you have about you rate the following let's pull this up so reviewers can see. "don't misunderstand they want nothing for more than trains and nonbinary people to live free
6:58 am
and fulfilling lives work in peace and pursue happiness in my personal life i love one of them. now, david, i bring this up because, it struck my attention because you clearly are taking pains here to point out that your opinion, which you put forth on the pages about women also having the ability to be pregnant comes from a place of, out of respect for the lgbtq community. you may be even your approval of the lgbtq community i don't want to put words in your mouth here but why did you feel it was important to highlight that here. >> my child is known by an attorney and, you know, i have the greatest respect for her and her decisions for how have a house she lives her life and what her identity is and i do not want anyone to feel like you know this comes from a place of hatred i just think it is a fact that, we men are the ones that
6:59 am
get pregnant. >> i want to open up the lens just in for a minute here and look at the bigger picture about newsrooms, news outlets, papers, putting the kibosh on opinion writers especially conservative opinion writers. you rate this in "the new york post" of wokeness department staffers have anything like the wants and needs that they have an opinion half of our potential prescription subscribers have no chance of seeing their views barely are presented. why is it important, david, for traditional news outlets to included put me in writing along and not just leave that to say leave the opinion needing to social media wise and important to get in with the news. >> i think readers want a variety of things. they want the news and they wanted street and they want to know what people are thinking
7:00 am
and saying about the new house so that they can shape their own opinions on a photo of the moves that they agree with on those that they disagree with. you know, it is a centuries long tradition from newspapers to have opinion and "usa today" has abandoned it and left us left us with with with nothing. >> yeah. well, david, we have to leave it there thank you for joining us in talking about your story we appreciated. >> thank you. >> fate you bet. dana. >> dana: top of the hour now topping the news as the supreme court is about to release one or more of the final four cases left on the dock at the session alluding to go big ones that we were watching this warning the eta versus west virginia plus a ruling on the trump arrow remained in mexico policy. plus shocking new video that deadly missile attack on a shopping mall in ukraine the
7:01 am
president biden to say now about russia's president putin. and a poisoning of america bobby takes you into a high-tech pilot crime lab of the front live on the warren friend all. will have more of those stories show hour. >> but first backdoor top story the u.s. supreme court dressed as a sanding down the new ruling any moment will come to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom i'm dana perino bella bill is off and we have julian today high gillian. >> gillian: high-grade to be with you for the hour it's down to the final four cases now we are watching to go big ones one centers on the environment and the other on u.s. immigration policy with the biden administration fighting a court order to enforce the trump area so-called remained in mexico policy take a listen. >> the president can do it he can ignore federal law was passed by duly elected members of congress on i guess we do not have immigration law they can let anybody in that they want now would be a huge problem with the supreme court lets that. >> correspondent fox news at
7:02 am
night as more for us. shannon, we are coming to the end of all these cases what you expected. >> we have the first case the day, not one of the ones on our watch list but that stuck with it ones that are to be heard from a tax attorney general they are closely watching these cases they are very involved and that deals the border. this are made in mexico policy that was set up during the adventist and administration set a lot of folks that come through the u.s. to mexico awaiting asylum they have to remain in mexico and wait there were other forms are getting vetted could access that it's cruel especially if they're they are and if they running from a thread of their home collage country are feeling unwelcome in mexico as they wait. the administration is trying to unroll it up as over the courts have not been on their side so we now wait and see with the supreme court ultimately decides about that executive power to either continue and arrange mexico a lot of the biden administration has the ability to get rid of it now. we are also looking at a case that deals with the apa and
7:03 am
their ability to set rules about missions from plants. but, here's the thing, a lot of people think that the case could go far beyond epa, could be nearly tailored just to the specific case but it is really looking at the power of federal agencies to interpret regulations and, agencies in this country are professor jonathan turley was on with us quite a bit said they sort of turned into a forced branch of the founders never talked about are intended because the ministry of state has so much power so we wait to see if there was a brush back on the epa and its power, you can be a narrow decision but that is one also that depending where the court decides to go cut actually be broad reaching. we'll see in just a few minutes. >> and i'm super interesting it's called chevron deference i believe it's a little bit technical but it's a big issue and it would affect a lot of businesses across country shanna, thanks, it will stay in touch with you as for have a cases to come forward. >> dana: this is coming from the big democrat donors to try and prevent the more electable
7:04 am
republican campaign to get through although they failed they spent a lot of money in colorado to get rid of jim o'day. he did win the senate nomination which is going to make that a competitive race against bennett colorado. >> the democratic shortages funding in some cases but not others but the big primary race out of colorado by rich aiken in just a moment, first we go to a place where it seemed to have worked that is illinois where the trump back count on the primary this is where we find grady trimble with the detail. >> a greedy. >> hey jillian, governor j.b. printer called when your daily abilities news extreme and dangerous. despite the fact that he, partner, helps bailey to victory last night pritzker and the democratic government associations but does much is $35 million on the republican primaries according to "the new york times" that was part of an average to think more modern than canada richard
7:05 am
irvington bootstrapped back bailey was looking ahead to bailey they say bailey is an easier target than irving. >> tonight, tonight, danny pritzker went to the republican primary for governor of illinois he is an historic amount of money to choose his own republican opponent in the general election. >> in our republican nominee for governor says that senator daily bailey wasted no time attacking billionaire democratic governor j.b. prichard. >> we know j.b. pritzker will spend a lot of money trying to full you by telling lies about me. >> but as an out of touch trust fund elitist billionaire wasting money on trying to fool working people is actually what pritzker does best. >> i also want to point out a great day and was interested in an incumbent on incumbent congressional primary in southern illinois between rodney davis and dave barry miller
7:06 am
voters there handed former childs and president trump's pick miller very resounding victory and back to the governor's race, jillian. it is shaping up to be one of the most expensive governors races in u.s. history if not the most expensive areas that is in large part because j.b. pritzker has his own money to spend by the bell. jillian. >> already grady trimble out of chicago for us this morning, thank you. dana. >> michael bennet, though, he builds with the democratic party every time. i will make tough choices, i will ruffle feathers, and i will always put america and colorado first. [applause] >> no political party will only. >> dana: so in colorado the democrats risky strategy backfired a liberal super pac spent millions to promote conservative republican albert
7:07 am
tank and yesterday figuring he'd be easier to be in november, that bette did not pay off a loss to a moderate rival businessman joe day handing republican their best chance of beating michael bennet the eight incumbent democrat in november, joe day is here to tell us more about his campaign and what this means from colorado, congratulations on your victory last night what he think of the democrats attempt to raise up your opponent said something that ended up backfiring on them? >> what did data thanks irving meant that he appreciated it yet it went nowhere yesterday. they spent over $10 million to try and make sure that i was not on the ticket here in november and were just simply excited we put a huge coalition here in colorado a lot of people really fired up about my race. a lot of people really fired up about something different. you know i'm not in the crew politician. i am just a working guy, we are going to get this over the finish line in november i am excited to be the next senator of colorado. >> last night to to get indication from the other
7:08 am
republicans that they would get behind you now that the results are in and they lost. >> you know we built a huge coalition here in colorado does a good trump republicans, it is g.o.p., independence, some disenfranchised democrats are jumping on this ways. they know that i'm going to get this thing done here november. they are just ready for change. they ready for a noncareer politician somebody could bring some common sense to the u.s. senate. >> so michael bennet doesn't incumbent has been on a show a few times in the past and he has a few called member to hear a hundred percent voting record with sun hit with president biden, excuse me, and so, i am assuming that it is something that you will be using. it is interesting to note that there is a lot of people this morning that are in politics and they look at all these things suggesting that the democrats are scrambling to save senators on their side and washington meeting in washington and in colorado to be taken michael bennet. what is your biggest beef with the way that he is represented in the state.
7:09 am
>> well, look, he's a forgotten state his rubber-stamp of the democratic party. he would never step out of line at all, he does not differentiate himself at all, he does not worry about colorado and that is what colorado wins want, they want somebody that will take and to just get behind or our state and make sure it is good policy for our state, you know these policies that he and biden have in place right now it's over $450 and biden inflation tax and michael is been rubber-stamp for the whole thing it's per month on working families are having to make decisions right now whether they can actually take a vacation or have their kids play sports. i mean people getting crushed year. we have to do better. we have to have better policies and to bring some common sense to the united states on it and that is what we need. >> you had a fake newspaper last night touting your wind that we get flash up here right now if everybody that says o.j. defeats schumer. and so, i am sure that they democrats are looking at that is going, we are going to have to pump a lot of money into this
7:10 am
race. let me ask you, what is it that means he wants to run because of the said you are businessman, not run for public office before, not an environment that is for the faint of heart and you have jumped him and now you're going to be in a very high-profile race between now and november. >> i could not set on the sidelines anymore watching our country had done a path that is just unacceptable. we have got a great country here, would walk the land of opportunity, my wife and i start and we built a huge company 300 employees that i'll have opportunities and, these policies just take those opportunities away so have been laser focused on pleasing michael bennet since we started this campaign and were going to make sure the policies that we put in place allow people to live the dream that i was able to live here in colorado. >> you and any rodeos? >> i wrote a little but as a kid. >> ii heard about that.
7:11 am
>> energy group from part colorado. >> i think you're from southeast denver and i just want to know do we still have skate city on honor up our road or what? >> no, i do not believe that it's there anymore. >> that was a great place. will look congratulations to you it's great to meet juncture will be talking to you between now and november, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you take care. >> dana never misses an opportunity to ask a question so now flipping to a totally different california is taking matters into their own hands over the soaring price of everyday goods in the states planning to send millions of inflation relief payments totaling up to have thousand $50 per family. governor newsom, governor gavin newsom tweeting this "that's more money in your pocket to help you fill your gas tank and put food on your table" many economists though are saying that adding more cash to the economy right now is only going to fuel this crisis making inflation even then morse on the
7:12 am
medium and in the long run for american families. dana. >> dana: will for the world's most powerful news lines nato formally inviting sweden to become members know what this means in the showdown between vladimir putin. plus, russia's invasion of ukraine biden try to keep nato allies on the same page, with a sand script about their own way. who better to ask about this than general jack keane, his next. >> from all the stuck dock for the wright administration about the toughest sanctions the world is overseeing i don't think it that putin's feeling it. but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash
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>> providing assistant to the government of ukraine as they respond to this unprovoked assault on their lives on their democracies. sometimes i think from the objective is just to literally change the intelligible culture wipe out the culture of ukraine. the kinds of actions that he has taken. >> president biden slamming vladimir putin's channel and new video shows the moment a russian missile strikes ukrainian mall on tuesday killing at least 18 comes as nato says they're putting 300,000 troops on high alert as he or she continues to make advances in eastern ukraine. joining us now as fox and senior strategic analyst and retired four-star general jack cain, so good to have you.
7:19 am
can you just listen to leon panetta, his thoughts on this house that is all going on he's on with me. >> it is important for ukraine to get back on the offensive because they have got to show the world that they can push the russians back and our responsibility very frankly is to show putin that we are not going to split apart, that we are going to unify on the we are going to continue to provide these heavy weapons systems to the ukraine. >> it seems like were at a pivotal moment right now how do you see a question rack >> yes i think it is a tipping point are the words i would use to describe it. certainly. what happens here is, putin is economically devastating the ukraine by cutting off all of their agricultural exports and they are doing that by blocking the cargo ships coming in and out. that is the number one thing. the common economies with about 35% going to 50%. and if it continues to economically advance stay of them they have also military momentum for the first time by
7:20 am
putting everything they've had into one axis of advance and gradually using artillery that they have worn down and ukrainians. and taking significant amount of cash in the upcoming weeks they are likely to take an operational pause. this person's opportunity for zelinski. what he would like to do is go on the offensive. with secular pet auto was just talking about and begin the retake territory. will they have taken to casualties heavier than they have in the past so it will not be easy this meeting at nato was a tipping point because they do, what they have been doing is not going to be enough. their part far any countries like france and germany who will who are powerful economic countries that have significant and military capable capabilities but they are not a nato. the united states is pretty much all and we have recovered from the slow steps in the beginning and we have relieved back to ukraine rather significantly. no other country is even close as an example we have given
7:21 am
close to 30,008 take weapons over a hundred hot ones. but the other countries are not. i mean, it there being piecemeal and support. poland, the baltic states, netherlands, u.k., all in. but too many countries are sitting at the table with binder not. >> to think by pressing the? >> i worry about his persuasive leadership. i mean, we see him in public for anti-comes up short. could he persuade his people unscripted about what is needed here in terms of what they have to be willing to do. as it is two things one, sacrificed himself economically a bit, to help ukraine. to take risks with your military aid to help ukraine. would biden has got to put on the table is that look at, if russia gets a win here, we lose. nato and the united states lose. and russia will be to build and begin to do what he said he would do and go after the former
7:22 am
republics particularly the baltics, the crush nato. that is what the future portends for us if we do not help the ukrainians on the way that they needed. >> this president biden get any credit for getting to want to back down on his objections to sweden and finland joining nato? >> really know he called them the day before but, here is what i've been told is that, liz and that was a negotiating ploy from the outset a. putin wanted something he got the concessions he wanted, finland and sweden will give him give him extradition rights of the people he identifies that our in his mind in turkish terrorists, that is number one. number two, they were restricting certain military equipment going to turkey and they have removed that restriction. so, erwin got what he wanted i think. he was never going to, oppose this permanently. finland and sweden coming into nato is a big deal. >> okay, so we are at a tipping point, that means we are going to stay close to you and stay on
7:23 am
touch because we want to see what happens. thank you for being here. >> great to see you in person. >> go to the yankees today. >> will they left a plot against the u.s. and southern part of an official state of the majority of those drugs include deadly substances like fat and all, coming up an extra going to take you inside a crime lab where most of these drugs and end up for analysis. plus that is, a group of unaccompanied migrant by you during his arriving at the southern borders will be housed in an abandoned boarding school in north carolina until they are placed with sponsor families. we have a reaction from the former north carolina lawmaker coming up next. >> was about the children, it's about jobs. it is about doing the right thing over these children, these are innocent children, we should not quit politics and aggressively.
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
>> as we continue our series the poisoning of america fox news goes inside a texas crime lab for the majority of these drugs are taken to be analyzed.
7:29 am
alexa comes adams is alive and his tone of the more you got to see this firsthand alexa. >> high dana that's right we went inside that lab and i can tell you it is followed i mean full of fun now. the deadly opioid that try to fix across the country that the bride in nearly every single day by mexican cartels and is ending up on interstates across the country and in the hands of americans that are dying at an alarming rate. >> every day scientists at the stocks the department of public safety crime lab at their hands on one of the dudley's drugs in america. >> this is actually a little fight not. >> forensic sciences to jennifer hash tells me every street drugs she analyzes is laced with synthetic opiate. >> we are more surprised than they do come back legitimate when then they don't. >> last year that noll was a number one cause of death among americans 18 to 45 years old
7:30 am
according to the centers for disease control and prevention. >> most of the time he seated in pill form and not houston but it also comes in a pressed brick form. >> if you consider a lethal dose to be 2 milligrams it could potentially produce up to high for 500,000 legal doses. >> and i could kill hundreds of thousands of people. >> could potentially yes. >> but before the drug ends up the lab. law enforcement has to find it. >> could you pull over quickly. >> they go. >> police say that the cartels hide it and everything. from tigers to water pumps. >> dps chris oliveras is focused on stopping the pounds of what he calls poison being shipped into the united states from china and mexico. >> they are using the chemicals to manufacture and mass-produce these pills. >> you cannot tell the pill difference between these pills is a real oxycodone pills and these are fake but even for scientists they can't tell by looking that's why they have to use high-tech instruments like this here in houston to find
7:31 am
out. >> these are all legitimate xanax tablets and they look excellent. >> investigators say the cartel makes big money off of the synthetic opiate. but, americans pay the ultimate price. >> it is killing hundreds of americans daily. >> to cell battery doji think it's going to continue to get worse? >> it's not slowing down. >> not slowing down on record pays dana to kill even more americans this year. they say it's been nearly every three drugs that traffic across the country and you really cannot tell the difference between a counterfeit pill and the prescription pill that's what they say do not take any belt or you can get it straight from a dealer because it's probably laced with the synthetic opioid rate on gps gives is calling on the federal government to step in and do more the headquarters in china and to go after the mexican cartel. >> but never got yesterday said that one pill can kale in that report exacerbates or underlines that very same issue. >> but thank you very much
7:32 am
alexis great to see you. >> well as early as this weekend biden administration is going to begin the housing micro children at a former boarding school in greensboro, north carolina, and it appears to be a widescale very large operation of facilities reportedly have looking to hire up to a hundred new staffers. here to talk about is somebody who were present at the community, the community in washington former north carolina washington walker, so the officer or refugee that we sent to the federal agency that oversees this project, they are telling us that they are going to provide schooling, mental and medical services, case management, legal services, and recreational opportunities for the kids while they are there. they're also emphasizing this is meant to be temporary. is all there is a great terrible? >> i think it can be dangerous. we talk about migrant kids is a former pastor for 16 years, i worked in refugee camps, we want to make sure that the children are taking care of. but here's the deal, jillian.
7:33 am
is at over 70% of these migrant children are older teenagers with a great majority of them being males. we do not know this specifically what that looks like but most blue cities and blue counties did over the last year our robberies are 50% of this county, homicide up 67%. so going to make sure that we are protecting our local citizens as well. this is a hundred acre campus at 880 former olympic size swimming pools rock climbing so a lot more details as we have been struggling far as to the cost of what this might cause taxpayers' and long-term and short-term. >> over the points are, i believe as i remember your north carolina facility going to be male and over 14 and the gun from honduras. but, to your point about scale and scope here. the office of refugee resettlement has told us that they are operating now 200 stated licensed facilities of this kind and 22 states, i'm terrible at math so i moved out
7:34 am
my calculator before the segment that means, they are hiring, sir, about 70,600 staff to run these facilities across the country. that is a lot of folks. >> yes, no question about. editor continued examples are that the bad border situation providing. when you have hhs secretary for sale in the church as secretary of the sorriest units could be a clown show when they talk about compassion and pure you know we saw the 51 migrants that were killed to the former ranking account terrorism had been the rio valley have been to the border. this is an compassion up over giving the green light when you have the mexican president of the door basically saying america, you need to get your act together. this is nothing a passion about it. in fact if they were organized, crime city right now world relief is 12 minutes from the side corridors. they have dozens of staff that could often when many of these young adults might need, these children may need. has anybody reached up to them, no. to our elected officials know
7:35 am
what's going on. no. this is a not overplayed by the federal government once again taking a campus that most college and universities would love to have to be able to do something that we are trying to figure out exactly the details, the cost, 800 staffers where those folks coming from is that going to tax our local school system. there's a lot of questions and needs to be answered here. >> yes, g.o.p. lawmakers in the state, right now, or saying one of their abuse of this plan is that they were given no heads up and that it was a complete policy reversal by health and human services secretary hobby air this area and he's in charge of the office of refugee resettlement take a look at what he said to just under a year ago. >> can you confirm if this report is true have you already sent her plan to send miners to north carolina? >> there is no plan to show for her to children north carolina. >> what you say? >> yes that was congressman richard hudson has been leading the fight on this.
7:36 am
once he and as we touched on. with ha secretary becerra, does not seem to have any kind of plan whatsoever is specifically working with mayor graham secretary mayorkas. i think that's potentially damaging to the community. i know churches and others want to do with the kfc military end and we applaud that effort but we need more information we need more details and we just want to give something of the supreme pass. >> all right, mark whopper fungus mendota north carolina think is much for joining us today we appreciated. >> thanks jillian. >> already chilling to have an update from the supreme court so there will be no more cases of released today and they two that we are paying attention to, the one about the environment, and the trump area, remained in mexico policy, we have now just heard from the supreme court that those final two opinions will be released tomorrow, thursday, 10:00 a.m. so we are not going to tease it with these anymore. and they will not drag us through it anymore. we are going to know, tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. comes to being here for that. will have analysis parties to be
7:37 am
there for that. jillian. >> gillian: be day or be square that is it will fire less democrats now including of elizabeth warner pushing a vision no abortion clinics on federal land which includes a national parks and wildlife refugees. next steps after last week supreme court ruling coming up next. >> mount rushmore is a symbol of freedom, of this country, to put something like that even remotely close to what i think would be absolutely devastating and a this country. you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember.
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>> this is a moment of crisis. and health care. at hhs we will leave no stone unturned. all options are on the table. >> that was health and human services secretary hobby up or say or he is promising that the biden administration now is going to do everything that is legally possible to provide continued abortion access for women across the country appeared cheese washington mike emanuel has new details on the secretary's plans for his department. hey mike. >> jillian devonian's hobby tear up the stairs trying to reassure pro-choice america owes the administration is looking at every legal option for abortion access. but says, they are not interested in going rolled. his hair was asked about providing abortions on federal land and idea thrown out by
7:43 am
elizabeth warren is an option. >> we have made no decision yet, we would certainly have a conversation with the president to make sure that we implement his directives to us on trying to protect the reproductive health care services. but as i said. every option is on the table. >> but every donley the biden demonstration is not looking at that option hours later vice president kamala harris at abortion on federal lands is not under consideration. >> i mean it's not a now what we are discussing. but, i will say when i think about what is happening in terms of the states. we have to also recognize that we are a hundred and 30 days away from an election. which is going to include senate races, right. >> leading conservatives are worried about what they biden administration is doing in response to threats or possible violence at pro-life centers and churches. the top or a republican on senator tester a chuck grassley of iowa has written to fbi director chris ready quote "i
7:44 am
request a briefing from the fbi on your preparedness to counter another potential summer over riots and your efforts thus far to combat this wave of abortion-related violence. drastically said things could spiral to widespread unrest similar to the summer of 2020. jillian. >> i hope that's not the case, mike emanuel joining us from washington, thanks so much. >> more on this running anchor and author of the story anchor of the story author really good book at 3:00 p.m. eastern. this is gotten a little bit of attention because the democrats are saying that they are so frustrated. was the biden demonstration doing for 50 days after the leaked draft and they are saying you've got to have some sort of plan and so i think they are there and things against the wall like maybe we'll just have abortion clinics at national parks. >> yeah, i think that is the most surprising aspect of all of this. it is shocking to me, even though they went through the confirmation process of all of these justices and i know that there is a lot of discussion about whether they misled. but they did not do anything
7:45 am
that we did not see ruth bader ginsburg do or just a set of mayor do when she was asked about second amendment rights. they all made it very clear that they were originalists. so the idea that they were going to look at the constitution and many of them had talked about prior discussions about the fact that they thought they were only way was wrongly decided without it was not there was no right to abortion the constitution. but that they also understood the importance of precedents. but, the tea leaves have been laid down here for such a long time, dana, i cannot understand. and i got the impression, it was just my impression, when kamala harris was also a a question about what abortion facility on federal land that it never occurred to her not that they were. >> and have heard that. >> i think it appeared it i be wrong but it seemed like she never considered or heard any talks about that it was all so it appears they do not have a plan. >> and so they've had all the time that so i think the democrats are frustrated but there's also something else happening the biden demonstration started directing team others to abortion access
7:46 am
online. to know you have people like elise stephani saying that the biden administration should be ashamed for helping minors bypass their parents to abort an unborn child. on congressman version of texas saying executive branch should not be trying to undermine parents or the traditional brilliance, if the judicial branch try to pull this political stand on the executive branch the administration be calling and i can imagine the parents everywhere thinking guys, we want to be talking to her children about these things, not the government. >> yes, and that is really what this decision was, ultimately. the decision was not a ruling on making abortion illegal in the whole country was that states should decide. and states have ruled about parental notification. so, really at this point the white house can say, look, turn to the states. be active in your state legislator elections, understand the people of the reporting and charge will make decisions about parental notification and it appears in every way that they are absolutely scrambling to
7:47 am
stop the leaking around here and it is it isn't that coming across as a plan that they have fully thought through that is for sure. >> so that it is like us were about five or six days since the opinion was announced we bought a couple of primary elections. but i think thoughts and feelings are all still settling. but if you are looking ahead to november and make midterm elections how do you think that this will that the republicans and democrats will try and frame this going forward. >> you know, i think from a political perspective, the states that you would expect to be blue-green blue. and continue to have abortion rights. which is why it is interesting that places were using the most outrage are states that are not likely to have any change in fact some of them might open their doors even wider to have abortion tourism coming to their states for just that purpose. so, i think it is perhaps, diminishes a bit over time. and the need. i do not think we are seeing at least not this point i hope opera violence perspective the kind of reaction we saw during
7:48 am
the blm riots. we're not saying that same kind of reaction. so we will see if that changes over time i guess it is all settling. and, but my sense is that it is not as strong of a political issue. >> maybe not federally but it does happen. >> and that's where it should be that's with the decision is dictated. >> great to see you and you'll see that the p.m. >> great see you then. >> while, an atlanta suburb now is aiming to actually secede from the peach state capitol's violent crime there is plaguing city streets. committee bill white joins us next. >> this is murder and mayhem. it is obvious that police officers do not want to come work for a mayor or city that does not backbone. so, they want to take things into their own hands. nd seal.
7:49 am
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7:54 am
scarce but he was seen checking in yesterday with his wife kourtney kardashian by his side. the trip are posted a tweet in which he said only quote "god save me" his daughter has now asked fanta's on their prayers. back in 2018 parker was a was hospitalized for 2018 for blood clots. >> back to modern life kids are getting more and more glued to their screens and now californians are making a push to hold big tech companies liable for social medias addiction kelly gertie is alive in los angeles. how would this even where kelly. >> hated good to see you deanna if past this would be the first limitation bill would allow california attorney to sue platforms that allegedly harm children through addiction similar legislation installed to the federal level so simply build 240 weight is another example of bipartisan state legislation going after big tech that appeal doesn't show for our content but it protects from social media itself. opponents could not argue that sites are structured to become dependent on them. for recloser probe closes they
7:55 am
are lobbying for the bill. if found tech guilty eight meta twitter snap would face up to $25,000 for a violation or 250,000 if there showed to have a knowingly employed harmful features the legislation is limited to social media companies that make a hundred million or more in gross revenue. of this bill comes in direct response to revelations of how social platforms impact mental health in teens. facebook with lower division shows leaked documents to a program knowing that a platform was harmful to young city showing inside at 41% of responses to bill not and 6% to have suicidal thoughts. now unsurprisingly tech companies have been well legislating gaining a recent winter mode potential plaintiff. some businesses are pushing back in a letter to lawmakers industry trade group arguing "this would punish a company for suddenly having a platform that kids can access and would do little to improve safety it imposes new liability that would most likely leave companies to severely straight strict access to kids under 18" i somewhat argue the measure would do
7:56 am
nothing for big tech to make meaningful change but even so the bipartisan support at the state and federal levels a rare occurrence of the sentiment certainly has momentum. >> jillian. >> of the recent surge in violent crime at buckhead george or one of atlanta's wealthiest districts as regiments demanding more protection as of june 18 sired crime stats show that it's up 80% of the same time last year robberies are up 8% and burglaries are up 26. now a number of residents say that seceding from atlanta so they can get their own police department is the only way they can move forward to combat the rise in crime we have got bill white his buckhead committee ceo is joining us now sir thank you for taking time with us. i want to redo this. this is pushback from the democrat china governor they are, jeff duncan he says "there were those out there pushing for a new city of that that are not willing to answer real questions, i have yet to hear any answer, i have not heard a
7:57 am
bad answer, i have not heard any answers to those questions" these questions about the planned feasibility and have you seen plans for this kind of aspects. >> yes thank you jillian for having on thank god for lieutenant governor's out of office. first of all he's a liar. we've met with him many, many times i met with them four times our lobby has met within several times. we have an ironclad battle-tested plan similar to the ones their cities like brookhaven and city springs to put the smack down on the violent crime here. atlanta has become a criminal's paradise and we have a mayor and andre dickens the photo to defund the police so no wonder that police families do not want to come and work for a study that will not back them, love them, pay them, cherish them, and let them do their jobs. that is all we want and buckhead. he is opening up a police precinct today with great
7:58 am
fanfare as i am talking to you and we have only three new police officers coming to buckhead will be our 180 officers short. so the good news is we have a plan to fix that and that his buckhead city. it is the surgery that we need on something that they continue to put a band-aid on. >> what about criticisms of the net that this plant is just to give it as feasible it's just not fair. take a listen or excuse me and to read this from you first have any flowers who opposes the secession here she chairs the alaska neighborhood planning unit in the south side have been dealing with for years. >> in the south sides or demographics can pay her way out this is just a way to separate the haves from the have-nots. have-nots what you say. >> yeah listen i respect people's opinions but i am concerned about buckhead and 72% of the 80,000 legally registered voters in buckhead want to see this on the ballot next year.
7:59 am
so we are going to get on the ballot. i think we will succeed in 2023. and buckhead city will be two things, one, it will be great for safety, public safety will be number one. we are hiring 300 and police officers which is better than the 90 we have now. and it will be great for atlanta because those 90 police officers will be able to go back in and help that young lady with the crime in south atlanta. so it is a win, win, for everybody. >> certainly desperate times come for desperate measures creative solutions to the nation soaring crime prices. thanks so much bill for joining us, to lay this all out. >> thank you jillian i would like to have you down for the celebration ceremonies. >> you know i have never been to atlanta in my life so maybe it will take you up on that. >> you have to come on down. thank you so much. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: jillian you should go in late october when the weather is perfect. >> gillian: i'm gonna wait a little longer. >> dana: i want to show you this before we go check out this posture i know you love posture
8:00 am
there is a fight in brooklyn balancing a suitcase on his head. >> you can see them making his way past the restaurant on fifth avenue even high-fiving someone. this is only in brooklyn and so there on fifth avenue to recently learned that even though i've lived here for 11 years jillian wonderful to have you today thank you so much. and n for harris faulkner at faulkner focuses next year she g january 6th committee hearing and now getting a whole lot of pushback. it was the first testimony from a formal white house staffer. she told lawmakers that after january 6th, trump threw a plate against the wall that white house staffers pardon and a huge claim that has secret surface aids saying no way. this is "the faulkner focus" i'm dagen mcdowell in for harris. former white house chief of staff mark meado w


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