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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  June 29, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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there is a fight in brooklyn balancing a suitcase on his head. >> you can see them making his way past the restaurant on fifth avenue even high-fiving someone. this is only in brooklyn and so there on fifth avenue to recently learned that even though i've lived here for 11 years jillian wonderful to have you today thank you so much. and n for harris faulkner at faulkner focuses next year she g january 6th committee hearing and now getting a whole lot of pushback. it was the first testimony from a formal white house staffer. she told lawmakers that after january 6th, trump threw a plate against the wall that white house staffers pardon and a huge claim that has secret surface aids saying no way. this is "the faulkner focus" i'm dagen mcdowell in for harris. former white house chief of staff mark meadows with the
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shocking story. speak with the president said something to the effect "i'm your president and take me to the capital now." to which bobby responded, "sir, we have to go back to the west wing." the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. >> dagen: a source telling fox that claim is simply not true. aisha hockney high on capitol hill with a lot more. >> hey, good morning to you, megan, particularly that is secondhand testimony and that is important because now some are questioning why the committee brought the secondhand testimony up in the first place. let's start with the incident inside the armored vehicle. so hutchinson testified in front of the committee that she was told by secret service agents that president trump lunged towards the steering wheel of
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the altercation with the agents inside. and told he could not go to the capital after his speech. fox news has confirmed that those agents including a lead agent bobby engel are disputing her telling that story. they say that trump did not assault them and he did not reach for the steering wheel. both men are prepared to testify the u.s. secret service is talking with the committee about making that happen. and tony are tells fox news that he never even briefed hutchinson about any of this. he was actually shocked when she made the allegations yesterday in public. also at the hearing kathy hutchinson testified that she wrote a potential statement for trump during the attack on the capital and "abc news" reporting that former trump lawyer eric herschmann is claiming that he actually wrote that note. this, again, raising questions why the committee went down this line of questioning in the first
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place if they had not yet cooperated these events. >> this incident with the secret service and the other secret service agent, kathy hutchinson says, clearly this information. >> speaking as one evidence of committee, what have you seen? >> there are still first-hand accounts that are troubling including when hutchinson said that trump knew that rioters had weapons and still wanted them to march to the capital. we are not expecting any more hearings for the future, at least not until the house reconvenes july 11, dagen. >> dagen: the story about the limo would not be allowed in a room full of law. it did strengthen even without the pushback from the secret service. again, it didn't sound
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reasonable. thank you so much, aishah. some big wins for trump backed candidates and yesterday's primaries. democrats celebrating one republicans victory. the party going all in on the strategy of pouring money into more conservative g.o.p. candidates campaign. the hope is the candidate will have an easier time -- are you following all this -- the democrats will have an easier time against a farther right republican opponent than a moderate one. this big work in illinois where democrats backed republican darren bailey and the governor's race and democratic governor jamie brinson are. and also stated a victory for trump in georgetown. the same strategy did not work on the colorado senate race. moderate joe o'day easily winning there despite democrats pouring millions of dollars at least $4 million into his conservative opponents race. o'day said he's ready to take on democrat incumbent
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michael bennet. >> people are getting crushed here appear to be forgot to do better. we have better policies. i will bring some common sense to the united states senate and that is what we need. >> dagen: the primaries continue to show trump's influence on the party and competitive contest 1:30 races and lost 11. a big test of the power playing out in illinois newly 15th district. tromped back the g.o.p. rep rody davis to move on to the general election. ronna mcdaniel republican national committee chairwoman is here, make sense of it all. it is kind of astonishing the democrats would throw so much money into races with further right republican elected and that signals their own weakness in their candidates. >> sounds desperate to me, dagen.
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the voters won't like that when they hear the democrats spending money in the middle of a democratic primary. independent voters especially won't like that and in colorado it didn't work. this election many democrats should be worried. because people who can win and races that you didn't expect with what we saw in new jersey last year and look with mayra flores in texas and the win with glenn youngkin so i think the democrats are nervous appear they are trying to figure out which republican they want to go against. >> dagen: joe o'day stands up for he's not in favor of completely abolishing abortion. it doesn't really fit in the colorado state's law the way it stands. he is for some restrictions or some availability, but he also ran on pocketbook issue in the four minds of the issues.
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>> pocketbook issues are what matters right now. everybody is going to the gas station paying $5, $6 of gas. and they know fourth of july will cost more this year. everybody knows groceries are costing more. you can't find things like baby formula. these are things republicans don't have to say are happening. people know it and see it with their own eyes. that is what is driving a lot of the victories we have seen and this off year cycle. i think it will propel us to victory to the senate in november. >> dagen: i mentioned j.b. pritzker the governor of his state but he's been out gallivanting making a trip to new hampshire. it may be putting his toe in the water trying to figure out if he could run in 2024. on that note, president biden is apparently annoyed at a lack of party enthusiasm when it comes to potential second term for him. "the new york times" is reporting, worked by democrats
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who won't take yes for an answer on 2020 and sink the president and this is a quote in his top aides have been stunned by his plan and irritated with what is a lack of respect from their party in the press. and determined to tamp down suggestions is effectively a lame duck a year and a half into his administration. when it comes to respect, you have to earn it. he hasn't even earned it among his own party, particularly people having to run for reelection or run for election in this cycle because this white house has done little if anything to fight inflation with the number one issue. >> exactly. we never have these conversations about donald trump. we all knew donald trump would be the nominee because of the strength he was curing to the 2020 election. i think it is funny everybody is talking about joe biden running instead of running away from joe biden. not a single democrat wants to
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be seen with joe biden. no candidate wants to campaign with joe biden. his numbers are so low. to hear that he is irked a little annoyed that people are talking about this, maybe he should be annoyed what is happening with the border. maybe he should be annoyed about the fact we don't have formula for babies or a drug crisis were inflation, or gas prices. this is what is bothering joe biden? i think his priorities are a little off. >> dagen: the american people can see what's going on. the president of the united states had to be cut off by the easter bunny. that is one of the lasting images that will stick in people's minds. and also, you got to beat -- this has me guessing -- but i would suspect somebody worried about respect from his own party might be irked at gavin newsom. california's governor is spurring more speculation with six figure added by but one bay area reporter up near san francisco calling him out on twitter saying the governor
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subzero interest in running for president will totally air ads in a state commit check notes, 2700 miles away from his own." president obama with "the new york times" last week that if the president were not to run, it is hard to imagine that newsom would not be sorely tempted to enter the race. he is young, muscular, which may be at the market would be seeking post biden. your reaction to this. you might be getting out over his scheme a little bit. >> i think you are right. california's riddled with the homelessness crisis, drug crisis, they have so much crime and crime is surging. look what we saw in san francisco with the prosecutor being recalled. recall the board members, school board members in san francisco, liberal san francisco. i don't think newsom is going anywhere but if that is the best that democrats can offer newsom or biden, i feel good about
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republicans winning in 2024. we have to keep our eyes on the price, 2022 winning back the house and the senate make sure the democrats don't destroy our country already further than they are doing. >> dagen: fighting inflation, what gavin newsom is doing in california, the state with $100 billion budget surplus in large part because of the federal covert release that the state got last year. but he's cutting checks to families that make $500,000 a year. and couldn't check for inflation release. some more money actually spurs inflation rather than fighting it, but he's in for a handout. >> it is a handout from the american taxpayers. this is what joe biden did, he took stimulus money and threw it into the economy, incentivize people not to work. this is why we have a new factory labor costs are up passed on to the consumer on top of gas prices being higher.
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everything we are suffering right now all ties directly into biden's policies. this is intentional. this is where they want our country to be. in the american people are suffering well joe biden goes on vacation in delaware every weekend. >> dagen: thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> dagen: some are saying time for the attorney general to do something, anything about this. it is all about newly revealed voice mail that shows, yes, joe biden did talk to hunter, his son come about his foreign business dealings pure lawmakerd world leaders are furious after the death of 51 migrants trapped in a boiling hot tractor-trailer. >> it is absolutely heartbreaking to see all of these people die in the manner that they did. and it needs to stop. this is on the biden administration. this blood is on the hands of dhs secretary mayo alejandro mayorkas. >> dagen: the white house has its policies are not to blame.
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: the white house trying to put blame for the death of 53 migrants and in a abandoned 18-wheeler in san antonio, texas. two people have been charged and what is being called the worst human being smuggling operation in u.s. history. the white house is insisting the border is closed. the critics continue to blame the administration's policies, including mexico's president who said this, "it happened because there is trafficking of people and a lack of control. in this case, the mexican u.s. border, but also in the u.s. interior. texas governor greg abbott says
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there is no doubt when it comes to blame. >> we have a worse cuban smuggling problem than ever before. these people who lost their lives, that they did so because president biden has empowered and emboldened the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen. >> dagen: griff jenkins is live at the southern border in texas, griff. >> hey, dagen, said news to report an update to the story. the officials just moments ago confirming to fox news the death toll is now 53. it was 51 this morning, two additional migrants have died. sadly, we also know teenagers are among the victims. we may hear, dagen, from governor abbott when he has a press conference in four hours. we can show you from the drone right now, the cbs vehicle pulling in and setting up next to our live shot on the
8:20 am
rio grande river here. the governor will address and talk about the operation lone star, the own border initiative undertaken 17 months ago with president biden when he came into office. and the trump policies, they say are to blame for this crisis. we have to hear about the three individuals arrested in this case. and documents with the mexican nationals, the third american who is not yet charged. meanwhile as the president vows to crack down on the smuggling industry, the press secretary maintains the border is not open, karine jean-pierre, listen to this. >> the effect of the matter is the border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying not to make this dangerous journey using the same network. we will stay focused on the facts and making sure that we hold them accountable. the smugglers. >> dagen the pictures and numbers challenge her fax
8:21 am
directly. take a look at this group where we have 300, 400 crossing every single day i have been here. i've been counting five days, dagen, 7,000 commit 8,000, and earlier this morning dan patrick had this to say. >> totally agree, dana and when i hear karine jean-pierre say the border is closed i can't see anything other than this, that is a flat out lie. speak with these 51 people that died or on their hands. >> now, you talk about migrant deaths, here is justice del rio sector, the border sectors, 124 migrant deaths this fiscal year today. 71 from exposure, many of them from heat exhaustion and heat strokes directly. as far as the border wide numbers of migrant deaths this fiscal year, that information is not available, although, dagen, and pressing for those numbers
8:22 am
because it is on the rise. perhaps we will hear more about that today or tomorrow, dagen. >> dagen: keep pressing, griff, keep reporting griff jenkins at the southern border. an opinion piece in "the new york post," argues this of course biden policies are to blame for the migrant tragedy. our border resembles what in the law is called an attractive nuisance like a swimming pool without a fence. biden's policies were people with promises that they will be able to live here forever without meaningful chance of deportation. if only they can make it happen at the border. jason chaffetz, fox news contributor, former republican congressman from utah is here to call this a closed border. it is a new level of insanity. it is much worse than fentanyl's price hike because people are dying because of the border pol.
8:23 am
>> can you imagine how horrific this scene must have been in there with the heat, the exhaustion. you have 53 people dead. this could have been totally preventable. the border is not closed. the white house spokesperson to say they are focused on this, joe biden has never been to the border effort. kamala harris is a supposedly the borders are and has done absolutely nothing. alejandro mayorkas the secretary for homeland security b is saying the border is under operational control. that is a lie. it is absolutely totally not and that is not just me, dagen, or somebody else making this comment, that is border control. how can the senior officials not me to take the time to meet with brandon judd in the border patrol and talk to any one of the tens of thousands of agents trying to do this job. it is a magnet. it is drug trafficking, human
8:24 am
trafficking, one of the greatest tragedies and totally preventable. >> dagen: mark lamb of arizona, the sheriff there said yesterday when we were talking about this horrific tragedy and the inhumane treatment of migrants trying to get into the united states, he said this u-haul and migrant just google and over and over again, they are our stories after story since joe biden took office of migrants from adults and even unaccompanied children found crammed in small, unventilated vehicles. even last june, there were 33 migrants found in a u-haul and 100-degree heat. and so, they stand back and let this happen and let these traffickers, these drug traffickers and human traffickers with human suffering whether fentanyl deaths or migrants dying in the back of a tractor-trailer. they are standing back, lying
8:25 am
and letting it happen. >> yeah, you talk to the border patrol agents, they will tell you more than half of the women coming across and smuggled are being raped along the way. how about the fentanyl, we did stories about fentanyl and the drug trade coming across killing americans and hundreds on a daily basis. this is totally preventable. and for the white house to pretend that they have an action plan and that they have it under control, the border is closed is absolutely in fiction and a lie. why are we hitting all-time highs, number so big since ever started counting. it is because the biden-harris administration is tactfully responsible for the spear they have attracted them and told them they would not be deported. live the american, get here and come here as fast as you can and they've done so by the millions. >> dagen: border apprehensions and new border apprehensions into month spirit the same amount of fentanyl being seized
8:26 am
right now that they used to seize in a complete 12 month fiscal year. i want to move on to the critics digging in after a newly released 2018 voice mail from president biden to his son, hunter, a proof that was asking his son about his business dealings with china. former doj prosecutor jim trusty called it in a integrity test, will they walk away from powerful evidence? will they come up with a tax charge, talking about justice that does not remotely capture the actual wrongdoing. while they treat hunter biden like any other white color dependent in bed with the system? congressman and house oversight committee james comer said republicans or are committed getting answers. >> i've got some bad news for the mainstream media and democratic leaders in washington. joe biden did have knowledge of
8:27 am
hunter's shady business dealings. he was involved. this is going to come out. if it doesn't come out because of anything merrick garland or the department of justice, i can assure the american people that there is going to be a hearing early in the republic majority that will bring these concerns to light. >> dagen: jason? >> look, we know that the biden has been doing personal business in china and russia, in ukraine, mexico, romania. you have pictures of joe biden with hunter biden's business partners on a golf course at the residence there. the vice president's residence. you have emails. you have text messages. now you have voice mails you can listen to. how much more information do they need in order to justify this when the president of the united states and when he was a candidate of the united states, canada for presidency said, "i've never had a conversation with them." and his business dealings. when you listen to that
8:28 am
voice mail commit is obvious they had a conversation before that. he was responding and saying, hey, i think you are in the clear. >> dagen: i found it among other things odd that a son would save this voice mail from his dad. hunter biden would save this voice mail. i know, may be reckless addict, but may be a son keeping leverage over his own father? raising that question. >> i don't know, we need a special prosecutor. that is what is going to take. >> dagen: thank you jason, jason chaffetz. sentencing today for superstar singer art kelly who can face life in prison for his heinous sex crimes. and we have this: >> let's get up on a moral pedestal and lecture people what is right or wrong and simply reporting the facts and talking to the folks on the ground on
8:29 am
both sides of this. >> dagen: the liberal media's full meltdown over the roe decision not letting up. in fact it's getting uglier when it comes to attacks on justice thomas. we will see that next. ♪ ♪
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with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now. >> dagen: the liberal stream media, hollywood and full meltdown following the supreme court reversal of roe v. wade. comedian in late show host stephen colbert echoing what many on the left are feeling. >> this sucks, man, it really does. it is like the country is no longer a democracy, right? it is no longer a majority rules. it is no longer a majority rules. and it is like these judges, they basically lied when, you
8:35 am
know, they were at the confirmation hearing, right? >> dagen: max boot of "the washington post" said this about the recent supreme court decision, "we are experiencing what the founders feared, a crisis of governmental legitimacy brought about by my nora terrien tyranny." joe concha says this: reporting on both sides of this issue has gone completely out the window. let's get up on a moral pedestal and lecture the american people what is right or wrong instead of simply reporting the facts and talking to folks on the ground from both sides of this spirit that is what happens in these situations. media doesn't report much anymore. they take aside and roll with it as if it is actual fact." >> dagen: fox news contributor series with a new documentary on fox nation called "overturning roe" which you can stream right now. so great to see you.
8:36 am
there is a fundamental lack of intelligence when it comes to the foundations of this republic. and what they are saying is just upside down wrong. >> it is completely upside down. consider the situation hear, hear are the supreme court basically just put this question, this deep moral question about abortion back into the hands of democracy, back into the hands of the boaters and their representatives having had it ripped away almost half a century. they are now begging people can decide this question. the states can decide this question. so to go on there and stephen don't make stephen colbert to say oh, yes, this is an important point you are making an obviously our moral is down. these host and to declare this in such a way that is completely wrong and then max boot, war mongering who is someone, no understanding of the american
8:37 am
founding. to come into this debate and say this is tyranny of the minority issue, no, it's not. it is taking something that always should have been, decided by the states, their representatives, there are voters and giving it back to them here that is a good thing. trust the people, trust the people. they can make these determinations for themselves, and they do not need to have them decided on high by a bunch of people in robespierre that is something an official ultimately and surprising in terms of the fact we can live together, we can disagree. we can have fundamental disagreements, but we can live together as americans. >> dagen: max boot, when boot is not a noun, it is a verb and i don't mean kick. one thing this captures people who live in states outside of the deep blue bubble of new york and california and the like.
8:38 am
it captures the deplorables, rednecks, hicks, that vision of so much of the country. so, why don't these liberals -- they were moving to texas and florida, but really if you want to change policy in those states, you have to move there. and you have to make a difference and convince people that you are right. but they don't want to rub elbows. >> it is an old fashion idea, dagen, to go where people are and meet them where they are and convince them that you have the right of the dash what a crazy idea. it is a fundamental balance that happens in her representative democracy in a responsible way. look, i care passionately about the abortion issue and i will argue anywhere about the abortion issue. i'm happy to have a debate, but one of the reasons i'm happy to have that debate, i believe we ought to have that debate. we ought to be able to meet each
8:39 am
other where we are and go back and forth. one of the reasons we made this documentary overturning roe, to tell a story of something that many people thought was resolved in 1973. and a bunch of people, common americans, who woke up the next morning and decided "this isn't over." we will fight, march, be activists and try to change people's minds and ultimately, what the effort led to was this decision. a decision that puts this back into the realm of political debate, back into the realm of discourse in states across the country. look, we will have different results. we will look more like europe where there is different weak bands and the like, but that is something that i think is beneficial. it will be an illustration of the fact that a democratic republic still works. we don't need to outsource this to people in robes were big tech or big corporations or hollywood or the like. we can decide this for ourselves. >> dagen: you were touching on
8:40 am
what is the very greatness of our republic system and what we are capable of. i want to get your reaction before we go. congressman alexandria ocasio cortez just one person of many on the left pressing president biden to use federal land in red states to provide abortion. >> the baby steps. open abortion clinics on federal land. [cheers and applause] >> dagen: conservatives roasting idea, when tweeting "they have run on turning our national parks into abortion factories." another, "the tribes ain't going to have this." one more, aoc. a new up ed with snarky headline aoc and senator warren master plan abortion at yellowstone. the "washington examiner," member of the biden administration are not on the same page about this at all.
8:41 am
listen. >> can the administration expand abortion access were abortion services on federal land? >> i mean, it is not right now what we are discussing. >> congressional democrats are calling for the biden administration to create clinic with access to abortion on federal land. are there any plans to do so? >> we are aware of a number of ideas many of which we have been considering internally ourselves, but as i said, every option is on the table. >> dagen: ben, they have no idea what they are doing. >> baby steps. how do we get more baby steps? we have fewer portion spirit obviously, an example of the kind of person you have deployed in the situation. he has no experience in health policy and i worked the bush administration and he has no awareness using political hack. one of the things we have seen from this administration, they are willing to do all sorts of
8:42 am
crazy things when it comes to trying to reach out to the farthest left portion of their constituency. so, i wouldn't put it past them to come up with ridiculous thing where they tried to put abortion federal ability on federal land. but this is an argument where they were losing. they are winding -- they are not the representation of the future. people are turning against them and turning against them because they know the truth, the way that human life is formed and what matters here at the point at which we ought to protect it in our law. >> dagen: didn't they sue that group of nuns? [laughter] >> yes, in fact, he did appear at an kamala harris -- when you get exposed, these are people who are total hacks on this issue. these are not people you can trust in any way. and they will engage in underhanded things to try to undermined a movement, i believe, the future in terms of
8:43 am
american policy. >> dagen: you can watch ben's special on fox nation. thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> dagen: a controversial vote in california spiking in the city of west hollywood. but the city council voted to defund the sheriff's department anyway. the mayor not happy. our power panel on america's crime crisis next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dagen: right now sentencing underway for her and be star r. kelly who could spend the rest of his life in prison. the jury convicted the singer on all counts for a him sex trafficking and it was seen as a signature moment in the me too movement. his attorney said to limit the sentence to ten years but the defense told the judge that kelly grew up in a violent neighborhood and was raised in poverty and was molested. right now, kelly's victims are making their impact statement. we will get word on his sentence here at west hollywood, california, city councilman voting to defend the sheriff's department. a surge in crime in the area over the last year, apparently, not a concern. not for the city council
8:49 am
members. senior national correspondent william la jeunesse live in los angeles, william. >> dagen, supra bands two square miles packed on weekends with mostly wealthy individuals from bar and restaurant hopping. and that presents an opportunity for criminals,, sold, burglary, thefts and up 173% year-over-year. and the residents and visitors last year, listen to this "if you are coming out here, make sure to secure your phone come avoid carrying a wallet with cash, debit cards, or driver's license. be vigilant. pickpockets hit up to 40 times a night. yet monday the city council cup for deputies replacing them with 30 unarmed security ambassadors and also russian arts festival. the mayor argues the patrols are no deterrent. supporters say deputies cost too much. >> we have all talked two years
8:50 am
about reimagining policing. reimagining policing means reallocating funding. >> so in addition to a young, wealthy at night, west hollywood is home to a large upscale white liberal gay community that often feels like a target for police protection. still, most of the council meeting support the action. >> when i asked over 51 hollywood residents and visitors what they would like to see $22 million? not one person said policing or increased policing, not one. >> you cannot except the public safety commission's recommendation without putting the people in hollywood in danger. >> so, for some context, west hollywood represented by democrat adam schiff peer of the council, the city banned the sale of handguns and violates human rights. in short, dagen's deep blue
8:51 am
with a blue county and deep blue state. so, to some not much of a surprise. >> dagen: i'm sure they are all walking around with iphones made in china, speaking of human rights violation. william la jeunesse, thank you so much. power panel, american conservative union chairman, african american studies at the university of maryland. jason, what do you make of this decision? you get what you elect. so, these council members were elected by the people and this is what they got. >> welcome i would just say this, first of all, experts and criminology's have studied this and found no correlation between police funding and crime. as a matter of fact, cities like nashville increase the police budget and still saw a rise by 50%. and you have a better chance of being murdered in republican-led california cities like fresno or san bernardino or kevin
8:52 am
mccarthy's bakersfield then you do l.a. or l.a. county. now, l.a. is for sheriffs and i believe in community policing which means more police walking the streets and building relationships and being paid well and also being accountable, but if you want to fix crime, we have to address the root causes through simple things. increase funding for mental health services, street lighting, cleaning vacant lots, those are things that actually produce crime that i think can go and help communities like west hollywood. >> dagen: i can say in new york city we did that in new york city and almost $1 billion disappeared and overseeing my mayor appear there was a defining movement and crime spiked. what say you? in hollywood telling the residents there might prepared to be robbed if you go out at night. >> yeah, no, this is very obvious. there was only one thing that changed in this country over the
8:53 am
last couple of years. and this was the election of all of these district attorneys and prosecutors soros funded, by the way, that were soft on crime. and they believe everyone should get a get out of jail free card. when we have to reform the criminal justice system, you can't let violent people and repeat offenders back out. that is the big shift in the country. you know the difference in new york city. we know the big cities and some of these cities like san francisco, the crime spikes are actually starting to say, look, putting all the criminals on the streets doesn't work. i want to speak very directly to the police around this country. they have been maligned, belittled, they have been called racist, they have been called every name in the book. their morale is in their shoes. then when you cut the budget and told them they were not valued public servants, even though they are government employees, you know, it has an effect. they are having trouble filling
8:54 am
the spots that are open pure they are having a lot of early retirements. what we see in the police report is what we see in the military. when you attack people as in effect. >> dagen: jason i will give you the final work but it's in the paper "the new york post" which i read carefully, "the nypd 100 detectives retired in june alone and another 75 prosecutors are leaving the d.a.'s office." and what does this mean for crime-fighting? the final word real quick, jason. >> well, what i will say is, first of all, new york city as you know has the largest police department in the country. it is almost like a little military. 100 officers as the number, but some of that could be people retiring. i also think that what matt was saying about police funding, when you look at actual experts and the kind of people who actually study these things and certainly with the progress of
8:55 am
d.a.s, they are not putting violent criminals back. they are putting people who have committed property crimes. >> dagen: we've got to go, jason, but that is not true. the people who are committing violent crime should have been behind bars in new york city. that does it for us on "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" is after the break. ♪ ♪ your va benefit now to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have on hand, so it's there when you need it. since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, the process is fast and easy and newday can say yes when other lenders say no. call today.
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>> this is outnumbered hello, everyone i'm emily compagno here with my cohost kayleigh mcenany. >> emily: also dr. nicole saphier and democrats are bracing for a political tsunami come november and their stance on crime and defunding the police is one of the reasons behind the looming red wave. but the democrats still don't seem to get it what is probably what is the latest example of that. the city council just voted


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