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tv   America Reports  FOX News  June 29, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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are armed with that information and something to do about it. thank you to the viewers, and another list comes out today, maybe we'll stay on top. >> no more important topic. >> you know the "new york times" did not want to do that. >> begrudgingly. now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. jam packed night of election results from several states holding primaries as some trump-backed candidates clinch key races and a democratic plan to get more favorable opponents in november finishes with mixed results. >> sandra: former counselor to president trump, kellyanne conway is here, she'll weigh in moments from now. >> john: we begin this wednesday edition of "america reports" where president biden in spain for nato meetings after wrapping up climate talks with g7 leaders
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amid a global energy crisis and soaring gas prices at home. sandra, good to be with you. >> sandra: and great to be with you, john. the topic of clean energy front center, net 0 emissions by no later than 2050. all of this as the world leaders say they are now working to tap russia's income from global oil sales that are financing putin's invasion of ukraine. >> john: biden's plan to bring down gas prices in the u.s. with help from two top oil exporters could be in jeopardy. video showing the french president pulling biden aside to tell him the united arab emirates and saudi arabia have already reached their maximum production. >> sandra: it comes as americans are still feeling the effects of the sky high prices at the pump ahead of the holiday weekend. national average, 4.86 a gallon.
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>> john: wow, jacqui heinrich live at the nato summit in madrid, spain. jacqui. >> jacqui: good afternoon to you guys. u.s. officials do not want to comment on the content of that conversation between president biden and macron talking about whether or not the trip to saudi arabia can produce commitments to increased oil production. we have had officials pivoting away from questions over that, the conversation was caught on camera before national security adviser jake sullivan pulled the president from the reporter's view. but the u.a.e. did affirm much of what was said in the conversation, saying they are already producing a maximum capacity and the question mark now is how much wiggle room the saudis may have to ramp up their production. john kirby indicated the administration is still hopeful about the president's trip. >> i won't talk about that particular conversation but i can tell you first of all opec has already increased by 50%, scheduled increases of oil
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production that were set for july and august, so that oil production is already increasing. >> jacqui: kirby also said the president signed out additional leases on federal land for drilling and pointed to the 9,000 unused leases the administration often talks about. the top energy adviser told edward lawrence that oil and gas companies could be taking action now. >> there is nothing the industry needs, literally nothing the industry needs to increase additional oil. they have the permits they need, they have the equipment, they don't need anything else from the federal government. >> e and e news reported that environmental activists are preparing lawsuits as the interior department will give leases for drilling on land, and also offshore oil and gas options over the next five
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years. one activist told the outlet there's no legal requirement for the president to move forward at all and one oil and gas executive said they don't expect the president to sell anything, meaning the pressure really is on for president biden to return from saudi arabia with son kreet commitments that right now look a little bit uncertain. john. >> seems to be a disconnect between the administration and industry, the american petroleum institute put out a ten point plan what it needs from the federal government to increase production. at odds there. >> jacqui: a gulf, one might say. >> john: good way to put it. we have more on this coming up, sandra. >> sandra: joe lieberman will be joining us, the former connecticut senator, we'll ask him about the situation with the russian oil and the proposed cap on the price that will be paid by some of these countries for russian oil. john, i have been telling you, digging into this and we are going to get into this in a little bit, but russian oil
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sales, while the administration continues to make the point that this is the putin price hike, russian oil sales are back to $20 billion worth of sales in may 2022. they are back to preinvasion levels. john, i don't have tell you prices are now much higher than they were then for oil, which means vladimir putin is making more selling oil today than he was before the invasion ever happened. he just found different buyers. >> john: selling it to different places. >> sandra: exactly, more on that coming up. >> john: looking forward to that. >> sandra: some secret service members pushing back on yesterday's testimony at the surprise january 6th hearing you heard during these hours yesterday. a source telling fox the agents mentioned by former chief of staff mark meadows' aide, cassidy hutchinson, want to testify publicly to refute one of her most explosive and headline grabbing claims. aishah hasnie is live with the
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details on that. >> cassidy hutchinson was clear with the committee. said some of her accounts were secondhand, but the committee still chose to go down the road of this line of questioning and now they are facing some problems with this. so, let's talk about this account. hutchinson yesterday testified that she was told by a secret service agent tony ornato that former president trump lunged toward the steering wheel of his armored vehicle and got into a physical altercation with the agents inside when he was told he could not go to the capitol after his speech at the ellipse. but they are telling fox he was not briefed this at all and they were shocked when she made the allegations in public on tv. and confirmed the agents in the car, including bobby engel are disputing the story, they say trump did not assault them, he did not, rather, reach for the
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wheel. and that both men are prepared to testify. >> do you have any concerns, though, congressman, that the story about him lunging for the secret service agent and for the steering wheel is not true? >> look, i believe cassidy hutchinson, i think she's a very, very smart, capable, honest individual. she has no incentive to make up something that isn't true. >> now, there is another pushback. cassidy hutchinson also testified she wrote a potential statement for trump to read during the attack on the capitol but reporting that eric herschmann claims he was the one who actually wrote that note, there are still, though, sandra, some accounts that she made that were firsthand that are still pretty troubling, including when she said that trump knew that rioters were armed and still wanted to march towards the capitol. we are not expecting anymore hearings, at least no surprise hearings be know of until at
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least the house reconvenes july 11th. sandra. >> sandra: i guess you never know. thank you very much. live on the hill. john. >> john: a busy night of primaries across the country. lee zeldin will try to unseat democrat kathy hochul. and mike lee won his race and will square off against evan mcmullen in the general election. but in colorado and illinois, gop primaries got some added attention for how democrats tried to get involved. both saw money pour in from more right-leaning candidates who democrats think would be easier to beat in november. it, would -- it worked in illinois. let's put up what happened in illinois. a couple of big wins for mary miller and darren bailey.
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mary miller, we should point out the democrats invested heavily in both of these candidates. thinking that they might be easier to beat in november. what do you say? >> well, democrats should worry about getting what they wish for, john, and what do the democratic rank and file voters and donors think about this exactly. you are spending tens of millions to decide who the republican nominees are instead of, drum roll please, making sure women have access to abortion pills and migrants who are coming here illegally don't die, 53 tragically, and smuggled through trailers, i wonder what the rank and file think about this. j.b. pritzker wants to run for president? he must be afraid to run for a republican who will take this on. we heard it in 2016.
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we want to run against donald trump, he's a joke, he can never win, he's not electable. the old saying my grandma used to say, big minds talk about issues and small minds talk about other people. that really applies to the democratic party right now. they are trying to fix these elections in favor of candidates they think are going to be leaked. look, in colorado i went to the republican convention, but joe odai became the nominee, although he's pro choice, welcome in the republican party, there are not pro lifers to speak of in the democratic party, john. even though he's pro choice, he's not for what governor polis in colorado signed into law, abortion up to the moment of birth. and last night joe odai finished remarks in colorado, he wants to beat michael bennett and he says i'll always put colorado first and america r first.
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i think the democrats are worried they have stale candidates, and even in washington. the republicans have done a better job recruiting candidates this cycle. >> john: point out and call for number two here in colorado, tina peters, ron hanks and greg lopez, but instead, pam anderson, joe odai and a more republican moderate candidate. and also something else in the past 24 hours, you saw cassidy hutchinson, mark meadows' former personal aide testifying about president trump and the january speech off the mall. and something that happened afterwards as the president was getting back into the suv, not the beast, the suv to go what he thought was to capitol hill, according to hutchinson. listen here.
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>> the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm, said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel, we are going back to the west wing, we are not going to the capitol. >> john: mr. engel is bobby engel, and another secret service agent driving the vehicle. we are told by sources close to the secret service that engel and the driver are willing to testify that that incident never happened. and tony ornato, who allegedly recounted that incident to her, back at the white house says i never briefed her on that. what do you say about what we heard yesterday and hearing now? >> well, john, this is a problem having minimal cross examination and both parties truly represented on the committee in any muscular way. very basic questions, even though fully recovered attorney like me would have asked miss hutchinson, whom i worked along
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with ornato and the white house, when did they tell you this, what was their state of minds, did you write it down, who else did you tell in the interim and i would point out that the spokesman for the secret service today said in the ten days leading up to hutchinson's testimony, they received no in inquiry whatsoever about what did or did not happen in the beast or the suv that day. and so if you really want to know the facts you are going to get everybody involved as first person witnesses and actors in the event to actually testify. but the committee knows what they are doing and their friends in the mainstream media know what they are doing. they have done it with russia collusion, impeachments and the like, they make a resistance hero out of anyone who remotely worked for president trump or supported him.
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now she's under oath and that's important and she'll have to wrestle with that. but remarkable for someone who was actually there to say i want to testify and tell you what was there. i've discussed the testimony with president trump he called me yesterday and feel i got his first person account and he would like for that to be known also, but again, this is a one-sided committee hearing. i think the committee made a big mistake by not cross examining some witnesseses, one-half the country, not tuning in, will be suspicious and say wait a second, isn't anybody going to ask her what i'm asking watching the tv as a citizen of the country. so, last thing, she did say an awful lot, the gist of what was or essentially they said where so and so told me, and so you really have to understand if this were a true court of law how much of that could be admitted, how much would be objected to if there were an
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attorney objecting. and she either wrote the note or someone else wrote that note. that's easy to prove. this is what the left does and hear one more person on tv say hutchinson had nothing to gain out of this, she can probably get a spot on "the view" and cnn. what are her motives were, let's stop pretending people like that have not and will not continue to be heralded by a week before or weeks before could not stand them because they worked for donald trump or mark meadows. and the chief of staff not ready for the global pandemic, unrest in our streets after george floyd's murder, not a man matching the moment and i think you are going to continue to hear about that, somebody who turned over thousands of text messages and emails and then decided he would take the fifth. >> let me ask you very quickly, we are just about out of time
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here, kellyanne. if bobby engel and the other agent refute her testimony, is it a case of he said/she said or undermine everything that she testified to yesterday? >> that's going to be a decision for the public to make, and it's not clear who the audience is. is it merrick garland department of justice who is not making criminal referrals of any kinds, chairman thompson, i think the first couple days of the testimony john came out and said we are not planning on criminal referrals or president trump. adam schiff, who the most dangerous place to be between him and a camera and a microphone, so really, who is the audience to be judging the credibility and veracity to what end. i think the end here is political. they don't want donald trump to be president again, certainly don't want a rematch with joe biden, and it's not a fair fight at all or it changes immediately. the testimony of an aide who is
10:17 am
telling you a year and a half ar something allegedly happened what she was told by somebody third hand, second or third hand, versus somebody, the person -- she was very specific. she said engel's name, ornato's name. i think most reasonable people who are not suffering from trump derangement syndrome, i have to give weight to the people there whose job it is to stand between bullets and the president of the united states, god forbid. >> we will see if they are invited to testify. if they offer, they'll be taken up on the offer. kellyanne conway, thank you for your thoughts, appreciate it. >> thank you, john. >> sandra: thank you. already americans are facing record high gas prices, rising inflation and a plunging stock market and new data stoking new fears of a recession. plus, a brand-new poll just out moments ago revealing eight in ten democrats in the country
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believe the nation is on the wrong track as the economy plagues joe biden. our panel, will tackle that. >> john: and sites like facebook and tiktok turning kids into social media addicts? one state is set to make it easier to hold those companies accountable. veteran homeowners, home values across the country are going up and up, but they can't keep climbing forever. if you want to turn your increased home equity into cash, act now! newday's veterans are taking out up to $60,000 or more and lowering their monthly payments over $600 a month. in these times of rising prices, there's no better feeling than having cash in the bank.
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10:23 am
be a game changer when it comes to hold social media giants, sue companies like meta and tiktok for allegedly getting young children addicted to their sites. kelly o'grady is in los angeles, this as a parent seems like a long time coming. >> yeah, and i don't think you are alone in that john. similar legislation at the federal level but has stalled so states are going after them. it goes after the design of social media platforms. opponents argue the sites are structured in ways that cause children to be dependent on them, suggest content to keep youth engaged and more easily mon etizeable. disclosure purposes, fox corporation is lobbying for the
10:24 am
bill, and how it impacts mental health in teens. francis haugen revealing they knew the platform was harmful, caused 24% of respondents to feel not good and 9% to have thoughts of self-harm. unsurprisingly tech companies have been lobbying against the legislation, gaining a recent win as parents removed as potential plaintiffs and meta has a variety of tools to encourage teens to switch topics. tech net arguing this bill would punish a company for simply having a platform that kids can access. tech companies taking meaningful steps to address the issue by giving parents ways to monitor and control what the kids are accessing. liability based on social media addiction is a new concept and one that is extremely difficult to execute in practice. even so, john, bipartisan support is a rare occurrence, so the sentiment definitely has
10:25 am
momentum. john. >> any parent will tell you once a kid gets the device in their hands and goes on social media, it would take a team of horses to rip that thing away from them. kelly o'grady, thank you for that. good report, appreciate it. sandra. >> sandra: new g.d.p. numbers stoking more fear a recession is either here or on the way. the economy is shrinking 1.6% for the start of the year, worse than expected. joining us now, sean duffy, former wisconsin congressman and fox news contributor and harold ford, jr. co-host of "the five," our power panel as they say here today. i'll draw on the screen, i mentioned it a moment ago, this was just put out by the a.p., and brand-new poll, and asks respondents is the country on the wrong track. the number of democrats answering that question yes is growing, and now eight out of ten democrats, 78% say the country is on the wrong track as
10:26 am
president biden continues to struggle getting this economy going again. >> not to let john down, thanks for having me. one of the things that poll shows is that there is a course around what every day americans and middle class households are filling in the country, partisan ship is not clouding how people are having to pay for food, gas and other things. if i were in the white house, i think one thing they can be confident about, the economy is stronger than we think, earnings are not as robust but they are better. and two, demand is high. now, no politician wins by saying you are doing better than you think you are so you have to respond to the issues. energy is the biggest driver. i've tried to outline a few things in the journal, and the oil and gas, if you meet with m.b.s., i think the president should, you can't vilify our only grown companies as they try to help the effort and serious about our supply chain and how
10:27 am
we go forward, how we invest in cities, wisconsin and tennessee and other places, illinois, to ensure that 2, 4, 6 years from now we don't have the challenges we are producing things and the global supply chains we rely on. that's longer term. immediately, energy, energy, energy. >> sandra: bingo, and the new interview edward lawrence had with the president sort of energy envoy saying they have everything they need to produce more oil in the country to bring prices down. no -- they will make the case that no, they don't. they need certainty from this administration that they are not out to kill the fossil fuel industry because to tap into those leases and permits you need confidence that the game is not going to change on you once you are in there. because it takes serious time and money investment to do so. >> harold talking about america first, sounded like that. >> i always talk about america first. >> i think you are right. when you have the oil company investing billions of dollars, whether an oil rig or well or
10:28 am
pipelines, if the game is going to change to your point, sandra, in the next three years, five years, ten years, they can't make that investment, it does not pay off in 10, 20 years. if joe biden said we are going to completely invest in american energy, i'll give you certainty. have at it. and fertilizer companies in america, we can do that here, more mining in america, more refining capacity, more pipelines. if they did that, i think you would see american oil and gas dive in hard and meet the necessary demand. and one other point, american salaries are not keeping up with inflation. yeah, they are making more money but as prices rise they feel poorer, that does not make them confident about how the economy is doing. so, companies will not do well. >> sandra: it's negative wage growth. to your point, consumer expectations index in plain english, looks at the short-term outlook for consumers, looks at
10:29 am
income growth, looks at the jobs market, overall business conditions. it's now a nine-year low, much lower than expectation. so people are not feeling great. fox news poll after poll reveals it is the inflation, economy stupid, 41% say that is what it is about. final thought to you, harold, on this administration. is it hopeful, wishful thinking to think they'll look at this polling and change course? because it's written on the wall that people are not happy. you saw the registration data analyzed by the a.p. that showed a million voters, 43 states have swichted to the republican party. >> 670,000 republicans switched to democrat, but democrats understand inflation. border and crime. policy, smart policies around those issues things will work out better, not just for the party but the country. and just because we drill and do other things and frack, does not
10:30 am
mean you cannot stay on the path looking for cleaner green energy, but you cannot abandon what the country relies on now, and seems like that's what we -- >> sandra: i agree with that. >> if you want to pursue green energy, that's great. but joe biden at the expense of the american family says i want to have green energy now, we are not ready for that, and i think what's interesting is the lowest in ten years. we went through a two and a half year pandemic, and everyone was losing their jobs, no one was working. it speaks volume about how negative the american family and voter feel on this economy. >> great point, lowest since march 2013, interesting perspective. thank you very much to both of you. thanks for being here, harold. john. >> john: i'm so glad that invited them on. doubling now details with the migrant truck in texas, has now left 53 dead. traffickers cloned one of their
10:31 am
trucks to smuggle migrants across the border on monday. tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director and fox news contributor. tom, would appear to be a fairly new tactic. i know border patrol vehicle had been cloned last year but this appears to be a fairly new tactic from smugglers. this was a truck cloned from the wreckage of a mcallen trucking company in texas and passed through inspection as it came through the laredo north checkpoint from the border patrol there on i-35. is this an escalation in human smuggling? >> ok, so it's not a new tactic. i've seen this during my career, cloning u.p.s. truck or, they try to clone something that's going to be familiar to the area. south texas, a lot of trucks. laredo port of entry is one of the busiest, that checkpoint is one of the busiest on the southwest border. so the information is that that truck came through the checkpoint. what we don't know, were the
10:32 am
migrants loaded in the truck or load north, we don't know. my guess is they may have been in the truck. however, this goes back to what the administration has done to the border patrol. they are understaffed. that's why the 800,000 got-aways, once you patrol in broken arrow, tom, we should not contain what's coming across the order. we have lost control of the border. influx of millions of people, 70% are in processing facility and not doing the job, the checkpoint, a lot of their resources are sent to the border to handle the crisis down there. it's a perfect recipe for more of this to happen and i said for the past year you are going to see more tractor-trailer smuggling because the cartels are making more money than they have ever made because drug smuggling is an all-time high, migrant struggling, sex trafficking, a truck 80 to 100 people is huge compared to 5 or 6 in the back of a pick-up
10:33 am
truck. >> john: president biden did not say anything in person, but said exploiting vulnerable individuals for profit is shameful, as is political grandstanding around tragedy and my administration will do everything possible to stop human smugglers and traffickers from taking advantage to people seeking to enter the united states between ports of entry. first of all, this was not between ports of entry. this was off a major highway in a major city. but smugglers appear to be so emboldened by biden's immigration policies that they are willing to do this and just leave more than 50 people by the side of the road in triple digit temperatures basically baking in a truck and allow them to die. >> no one criticizing the incident -- it's terrible. i investigated a similar
10:34 am
incident with 19 dead migrants and i stood in the back of the trailer with 19 migrants and a 5-year-old boy suffocating, biden administration, set a record illegal immigration. set a record on americans dying from overdoses on drugs coming across the border, it's wide open. set a record two days ago, the most migrant deaths in any incident in the history of this nation and bottom line is this administration policies are driving people -- i talked with a reporter this morning saying drug smuggling, the tractor-trailer smuggling under george bush, and under trump where ten died, and happened under many administration's. but here is what they are ignoring. it did happen in the beginning of the trump administration, we secured the border, put policies in place that gave us a 40 year low illegal immigration, it was down 83 to 90%.
10:35 am
so i told reporters simple math. when 83% less people are coming across the border, that's 83% less people to put in the hands of criminal cartels to be sexually assaulted or die during this journey. it's like less highway deaths if there's 80% less cars on the highway. i say these policies open borders, they know they can be released, they know isis is going to arrest them, ice will be decapitated and biden talks about amnesty and daca, they are the most vulnerable people in the world, put themselves in the hands of criminal cartels who don't care about them. it's a commodity, they are money for them. so these policies are driving the most vulnerable people to make the most dangerous journey and deaths are happening. and over 700 migrant deaths since he became president, i've never seen that. and now add 52, 53 to that. this administration is to blame for this incident, open border
10:36 am
policies are driving people, they act as a magnet for people to come and put themselves in harm's way. >> it's a shame to see 53 people die and to die in that way. >> terrible. >> horrible. tom homan as always, thank you. >> no one deserves to die that way, thank you. >> john: no one deserves to die, particularly that way. tom, thank you. it's just so tragic, sandra, to think all of those people were just left at the side of the road and again, tom said don't know if they came across the border in the truck, or when it came through the checkpoint, we know they were in the truck when it was abandoned, don't know why it was abandoned either. no air-conditioner working on the trailer and they just, basically cooked in the back of that truck. >> sandra: dan crenshaw from texas will be joining us coming up, he believes it's a border crisis that can be fixed. he makes the case democrats just don't want to. we will ask him more about that coming up. meanwhile, president biden announcing plans to boost plans,
10:37 am
and russian forces made gains in the battle for eastern ukraine. nate foy is live in lviv, ukraine for us. nate, hello. >> good afternoon. russian forces push for lizzie chance, the final holdout in the luhansk region of donbas but start with disturbing new video released by president volodymyr zelenskyy's office today he says is proof that russia deliberately targeted civilians in a missile strike at a central ukrainian mall on monday. take a look at the video. president zelenskyy says this is the missile that struck a crowded mall. at least 18 were killed in the attack. russia's defense ministries claims it hit a weapons depot, and here is president zelenskyy responding to that. >> it's clear such orders were given, it's clear they received
10:38 am
that for this missile. they wanted to kill as many as possible. in a peaceful city, in an ordinary shopping mall this. is how it happened. >> it's disturbing to watch, so is this. another deadly missile strike today. this time off the southern front lines in the city of mykolaiv. at least three civilians were killed at an apartment complex, five more were injured, including a man lowered to the ground by first responders. this will include a permanent base in poland, and additional deployments. and they will need $5 million in military aid every month and pushing for more artillery power to match russia in the east.
10:39 am
>> sandra: nate, thank you very much. john. >> john: sandra, mixed messaging coming from the biden administration over the plans to provide nationwide abortion access, and whether using federal land to do it is part of the plan. >> plus a new report says president biden is not too happen with some in his party who continue to question his 2024 run. is there a mutiny in the party. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance,
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10:44 am
turns out they were not extra terrestrial, the coast guard says they were expired flares used for military training that, could make sense, john. >> john: oh, darn, i was hoping e.t. was real. sandra, health secretary outlining the five point action plan in response to the supreme court reversal of roe versus wade. pledging to do everything possible to maintain abortion access. but his plans leaves out one key feature some of the far left have been demanding. it is a rather unique request or demand that the left has been making. >> absolutely. all started with the appeal by some progressives for action. >> it also means asking the president of the united states to make abortion as available as possible with the tools he has, including medication abortion, including using federal lands as
10:45 am
a place where abortions can occur. >> that pitch from the left led to questions being asked to health and human services secretary xavier basra. >> we will take a look at everything we can and everything we do will be in compliance with the law. >> but the vice president seemed to take the abortions on federal lands off the table. >> i mean, it's not right now what we are discussing but i will say that when i think about what is happening in terms of the states, we have to also recognize that we are 130 odd days away from an election, going to include senate races, right. >> and a conservative state like south dakota, home of mount rushmore, if the biden administration would consider abortion on federal lands, that would likely set up quite a fight. >> i can't imagine a world they think they can justify what they are even talking about. mount rushmore is a symbol of
10:46 am
freedom of this country. to put something like this even remotely close enough would be devastating and a stain on the country. >> for now, the white house is trying to hold off progressives pushing this proposal. karine jean-pierre suggests women and providers who are not federal employees could potentially be prosecuted. john. >> john: so the left is pushing this, people like a.o.c., eez wealth warren and others. >> trying to do everything possible for the pro choice supporters but don't think they have the leeway to do so. >> sandra: main focus for president biden and g7 leaders have been limiting putin's funding for his brutal war in ukraine. there is a new idea being tossed around by some worlds leaders, capping the price of russian
10:47 am
oil. what would that actually do to gas prices? former connecticut senator joe lieberman will join us, he is here on set, that's next. >> they have been wrong on everything, they are wrong on energy, but just anti-american energy. why people are paying $5 a gallon. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. now's the time to turn the equity in your home into cash. we called and got $76,395. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's value to get you 25% more cash than you get from other lenders. i called and got $62,240. rates are still low but starting to rise. so call now.
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>> sandra: president biden and western leaders scrambling to cut back russia's energy levels as the war in ukraine rages on. it would allow russia to sell oil but with a cap on the price of that oil. joe lieberman, former connecticut senator and chairman against nuclear iran. thank you for joining us on set, sir. do you believe this is some sort of solution? the entire idea was to choke off vladimir putin and his economy from being able to continue to fund this war in ukraine. but if we keep buying that oil, doesn't that just keep funding this war? >> yeah, it does. it's a logical insight you just had. the sanctions we have applied to russia have hurt but not enough and ultimately this is going to be decided on the battlefield. so, if we could -- this is
10:52 am
unprecedented idea. if you can apply a cap to russian oil, sure that would hurt them some. but it not going to -- it not going to hurt them enough that they won't be able to continue to fight this brutal war in ukraine. we would have helped the ukrainians more, get them anti-missile system sooner and go backing and look at some of the more aggressive steps that we could take to support them such as imposing a no fly zone so the russians cannot fly over ukraine and beginning to try to break that boycott that the russians have imposed on ukraine which is stopping all that grain from coming out of ukraine and causing a global food crisis. >> there is the food situation as well, but when it comes to the idea of a price cap, i guess the incentive would be ok, vladimir putin, we will exchange dollars in various world currencies for your oil, but we are only going to pay you so much.
10:53 am
well, he's been shown to retaliate against that, and as far as choking off vladimir putin, no matter where you look, washington examiner with this headline, the west may have underestimated russia's ability to weather sanctions. russia is actually returned and thriving, their currency is way back up. i mean, it fell initially but a huge comeback and as far as the ability to sell oil in the world market, idea the price cap, to keep the oil on the global market to keep prices down but only pay him so much. vladimir putin never stopped selling that oil. we dug through the numbers here, this is russian oil sales. may 2022, $20 billion worth. up from 18 plus in april, and back to pre-war levels. so while he might have stopped selling it to the west or the west might have stopped buying that oil, it went to places like china and india, and now india is buying russia's oil and turning around to sell it to
10:54 am
europe. >> putin has no hesitation to end run those sanctions on him and he's gotten very good at it and there are buyers for his oil. so if we could have an international agreement to cap the prices of oil, sure that would hurt him but it's never been done before and i want to come back to it. this is only -- we are only going to help the ukrainian people and hurt putin and russia if we are more aggressive on the battlefield on behalf of those brave ukrainian freedom fighters. >> point taken. this is the "new york times" article i mentioned, boomerangs for now when you look at the data, china and india are buying the russian oil, shunned by the west in an effort to force an end to the ukraine invasion, moscow is earning more than it did before the war. why? it's selling the same amount of oil but higher global prices. your reaction to it, "wall street journal" editorial on the
10:55 am
price cap. the board says the first problem with the price cap, it would require putin's cooperation, fair point. the plan would also require the cooperation of china, india, and other countries that don't care if russia wins in ukraine and a chance putin could retaliate by reducing exports which could send global prices skyrocketing. >> those are all good points. idea of a price cap on oil sales by one country is unprecedented and he's got all those other markets he can sell to without the cap. there's a global demand for oil, obviously, coming out of the pandemic. and i repeat, look, i don't want to be demeaning to the world leaders who met at the g7, it's easier to talk about applying economic sanctions. >> just not the solution. >> on russia than giving more
10:56 am
aggressive support to the european people. but ultimately this war is going to be decided on the battlefield and who wins matters not just to the ukrainians but to us and all of europe. >> sandra: we are out of time. appreciate the discussion, thank you very much, sir. >> i do, too. >> john: texas governor greg abbott set to give an update on one of the worst human smuggling tragedies. and dan crenshaw will join us. cash. uo because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan
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>> sandra: all new at 2:00, as fuel prices still sky high, the biden administration is once again putting the blame on big oil. >> there is nothing the industry needs, literally nothing. >> john: industry officials say not true. they argue there is plenty the president and his team can do right now to give americans relief. >> sandra: welcome back as "america reports" rolls into hour two on this wednesday
11:01 am
afternoon. it has been quite a week already. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: john roberts in washington. much more ahead on the fight over fuel and the plan to put a plug in vladimir putin's oil supplies. one that critics say is a bust. even before it begins. >> sandra: we begin at the border this hour and the white house hitting back at the governor of texas and this is a fox news alert. >> biden administration set a lot of records. number one, historical illegal immigration. a record on americans dying from overdoses of drugs coming across the border, it's wide open. a record two days ago the most migrant deaths of any incident in the history of the nation. >> sandra: tom homan weighing in, one of the worst tragedies of smuggling in u.s. history. >> john: blames for
11:02 am
grandstanding, 53 migrants were found dead in the back of a tractor-trailer in searing heat. >> sandra: the governor is set to give an update on the horrific tragedy a short time from now. >> john: and texas congressman dan crenshaw with his response. griff jenkins is live in eagle pass, texas with the latest on the horrific act. griff. >> good afternoon, john and sandra. and it is sad news that death toll has risen to 53, 40 males, 13 females and teenagers among the victims. but here where i am, you can see texas d.p.s. getting ready and the drone as well, you can see the texas d.p.s. lining the banks of the rio grande. if anything, the migrant crossing have slowed because of the large law enforcement presence, but you do have the biden administration even though the president is overseas weighing in saying he's going to
11:03 am
crack down on the human smuggling. here is the statement the president put out, this is the most recent we have heard from him saying simply excluding vulnerable individuals for profit is shameful as is political grandstanding around tragedy. my administration will do everything possible to stop human smugglerses taking advantage between ports of entry. the number of people coming between the ports of entry is unprecedented and continuing to surge. that is why governor abbott has gotten into a bit of a war of words with the white house. here is what governor abbott said last night talking about jesse. >> we have a worst human smuggling problem than ever before. these people who lost their lives, they did so because president biden has empowered and emboldened the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen. >> john and sandra, so we expect governor abbott to be here
11:04 am
within the hour, about 57 minutes if he's on time. what we expect to hear from him is additional steps the state of texas may try to crack down on the unprecedented crisis. remember, 17 months ago when president biden took office and undid many trump policies critics say is causing the crisis, governor abbott set up operation lone star. and in addition to the border patrol, texas officials alone have apprehended more than 270,000 migrant, of whom almost 17,000 are criminal migrants. it's a situation right now we will see what the governor says, but a large presence here and we'll hopefully get an update, too, on where this current tragedy stands and who else may have been arrested. we know at least three individuals have been arrested and u.s. prosecutors say they charged at least two mexican
11:05 am
nationals, john. >> john: and griff, as horrific as the 53 deaths and people in the back of this transport truck are, it's not the only smuggling death near the border. >> well, and that is the unfortunate reality. i just got word about ten minutes ago in palm view, texas, near la joya where i was reporting three weeks ago, a vehicle rolled over and a human smuggling high speed car chase. there were four migrants in there. a male was ejected. he is deceased, he died on the scene in the last few hours. three others taken to the hospital and while that is a much smaller incident, it is an incident that is happening almost every are single day. i expect you will hear from the texas deputy officials. you are looking now at the migrant deaths this fiscal year, but that's just, john, in this del rio sector, 124 deaths.
11:06 am
71 from exposure, heat exhaustion and we are heading, mind you, into the hottest part of the summer, the temperature hitting triple digits every single day. we have asked c.b.p. for the border wide nation migrant deaths and that's from tom homan are on the rise, they have yet to provide that data to us. john. >> john: can't imagine the triple digit temperatures how horrific for the poor folks in the back of the tractor-trailer. give jenkins, thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in dan crenshaw, thank you for joining us. absolutely horrific, as we now know there were two more deaths. that makes this new york post headline outdated because at the time there were 51 illegal migrant deaths. but this shows governor abbott of the state of texas believes all this is on biden's hands. he makes the case this is because biden refuses to enforce
11:07 am
the border or deport those who cross illegally. >> it's tragic. you cannot imagine what it's like to die like that, over 50 people slowly baking to death in a trailer truck and then for biden to accuse greg abbott of grandstanding is just nonsense. he's not grandstanding, he's just telling the truth. any reasonable person can see what's going on here. by allowing an open border, and the democrats, oh, there's no open border, we are catching people. there are hundreds of people walking across. that's an open border and they have been sentenced because they know they are not going to get deported back. that is effectively an open border and you create the cartels, the cartels basically own the border on the mexican side. they battle it out for the best territory, they get a fee from every person who comes across, and in other cases they get fade
11:08 am
lots of money to actually smuggle groups across like in this case. and that can end in deaths, it can end in families in mexico or honduras threatened if they don't pay enough. we don't know what happened here, was it just negligence, someone just forget the keys in the truck or do it on purpose because maybe the payments were not coming in. there's all sorts of possibilities here. in any case, you have empowered the cartels by nature of the open border. only way to fix this is start enforcing the law and deporting people back. that creates the disincentive we need to fix the border crisis. >> you clearly believe this is a problem that can be fixed, our borders can be closed, laws can be enforced. but democrats don't want to, explain. >> a few reasons and i think they do believe in some electoral advantage in the long run. that's a fantasy, to be perfectly honest, the hispanic vote is trending in the republican direction.
11:09 am
but nevertheless, i think they believe that, and they want that opportunity. also i think their minds work differently than most conservatives. conservatives tend to value sovereignty and borders and loyalty to your group or country, democrats don't see it that way. they see the world in terms of borderless societies and someone in need, it does not matter what the rules are or other people waiting in line, it doesn't matter. they should just let everyone in if they seem nice. and it creates a disorder and chaos, of course, that's how the minds works. >> well, i guess big questions as we continue to see images like the ones on the screen there. how bad does this get, how much worse does this get, considering we are not even a full two years into this presidency and a war of words with the governor of texas with abbott charging biden with lying about the efforts to stop the human smuggling happening at the border.
11:10 am
he makes the point president biden campaigned on the open borders, we are going to hear from governor abbott, holding a press conference a short time from now. what do you expect he says? >> look, i think he's going to make the same case we have all been making. the federal government needs to step up. i mean, for god sakes, just for the democrats' own livelihood in november elections, be a little more popular and secure the border. and you do that by simply enforcing the m.p.p. program, remain in mexico policy. if you do it to the maximum extent and use the leverage over the mexican government to cooperate with this, and trump did it and it worked, that's the primary thing, you also have to enforce the asylum cooperation agreements, say look, if you are going to claim asylum, claim it in a consulate or embassy in your home country. we don't want you to walk 500
11:11 am
miles to the border and get in bed with the drug cartels and people don't really have a good claim to asylum, they know they don't, they know they walk across. it's all about the incentives you just need to reverse. >> sandra: a lot of pressure on republicans if there is a big change in power come november to fix the problem and fix it fast. thank you, congressman. i make that point, john. more and more as we see the red wave coming, especially on the news last week that we reported a million changing their party to g.o.p., what are republicans going to do, first three months that they get power if they do, after the november elections? >> john: the big problem with immigration, so much is in the executive branch. congress obviously can make new laws, the president would have to follow but the administration is in the executive branch. the president could also veto it, and if you don't have the majority in congress, nothing is going to happen, like always.
11:12 am
>> sandra: all right. >> john: one of the biggest issues across the border, drugs. we have got an inside look at fentanyl wreaking havoc as it flows to american communities. plus, it seems that president biden is getting annoyed with members of his own party. as more democrats cast doubt on his re-election bid. marc thiessen is here. wday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your paymentsby over $600 a month. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> sandra: there is word president biden is irked by some fellow democrats and questions whether he will be at the top of the ticket come 2024. marc thiessen has why some of the left are not taking yes for an answer from the president. he'll join us in just a moment.
11:18 am
but first, the pricey bet democrats made in colorado's republican primaries did not pay off. voters rejecting more right leaning candidates and now a republican businessman and supporter of most abortion rights will face democratic incumbent senate michael bennett in november. live in denver on that. >> yeah, a democratic super pac spent $4 million in tv ads to get a far leaning conservative on the ballot, the thinking being incumbent senator democrat michael bennett could more easily beat that person in november. it did not work. instead, joe odai won handilly and will face off. odai says he would have certified the 2020 trump election win and pro life allows
11:19 am
for the procedure in the cape of rape or incest, also says he will be more like a republican joe manchin, a reference to the democrat senator who does not always follow the party line. last night odai took a swing at the dems who helped his opponent. >> not such a good night to be a democratic super pac. right? >> senator bennett tells fox news the group is not affiliated with his campaign. he acknowledge the his party is in for a rough go but feels his seat is safe. >> i think we are going to have an incredibly vigorous and contested election in colorado which is the way it should be, and very, very different choices on the ballot to be made. here is a quick look at the other g.o.p. races where democrats poured money into influence the outcome in the
11:20 am
race for governor, the more moderate heidi gonol won over greg lopez. same thing happened in the new colorado congressional district 8, again the democrats supported candidate lost. sandra, unaffiliated voters by far made the difference in this primary last night. it's been the tradition in this state, unaffiliateds put people over the line. thank you very much. >> john: more democrats casting doubt on the wake of their leadership, not sitting well with president biden. "new york times" reporting the president is not happy with some of his fellow democrat, not simply accepting that he'll be at the top of the ticket in 2024. time is running mr. biden has been eager for signs of loyalty and few and far between. the president and his top aides have been stung by the questions about his plans, irritated and what they see as a lack of
11:21 am
respect, and to tamp down suggestions he's a lame duck a year and a half into his administration. marc thiessen, former speech writer, washington columnist and fox news contributor. sentiments summed up in an interview yesterday with a congresswoman from the 7th congressional district in virginia, may be in for a tough fight on november 8th. >> would you support biden-harris ticket in 2024? >> i'm looking to squarely towards 2022 and the re-election ahead of me and i'll be focused on 2024 after we get through the 2022 election. >> dana further asked, would you have the president to campaign for you, she said i'm the candidate, my name is on the campaign. >> he's not getting a lot of
11:22 am
love out there. what did he expect? the most unpopular president in the history of presidential polling. from truman to trump had higher approval rating at this point in the presidency than joe biden does today. worst inflation in 40 years, the highest gas prices on record, the worst border crisis in american history. worst crime wave since the 1990s, the worst labor shortage in american history, out of baby formula and about to have blackouts, what did he expect? did he expect them to talk about all that? it's a miracle there are any democrats who think he ought to run. >> you usually don't use notes but a lot to remember. >> i have to keep a crib sheet of all the serial disasters. >> john: he did not win points with his base over what a lot of people thought was a tepid response at the supreme court. what one notoriously liberal
11:23 am
television host had to say about it. >> democratic party leadership shouldn't sugar coat it, pretend a magic wand to reverse the terrible decision, there isn't. but they do need to articulate a plan to fight back. and right now i got to say that is shockingly absent, just telling people to vote as the sole guidance when your party already controls both chambers of congress in the white house. >> john: both sides of the fence. >> abortion is not going to save them. in normal times, most people don't vote on abortion. these are not normal times. maybe if the streets were safe and the border was secure and prices were low and gas was plentiful and cheap and peace in the world, some people might vote on, more people might vote on abortion. but if you are a person choosing between gas and food, you are not going to be thinking about tay borings when you go into the voting booth. maybe the abortion ruling will
11:24 am
energize the base a little bit because there is a huge enthusiasm gap between the democrats and the republicans, it's not going to swing anybody in the center of the country. who disagrees with the democrats on abortion, abortion on demand, funded by the taxpayers, up until the moment of birth. that's where the party stands and the vast majority of americans disagree with that. >> john: look back at 2010, obama last 63 seats in one of the worst shelackings in history but won in 2012. if biden receives a similar in 2022, is he toast or could he live to run again? and then also the issue when he runs again, he's going to be 82 years old. >> when they say in the polls, if the election were held today most americans would answer, i would be surprised if the election would be held today. election is going to be held in 2024. so, obviously a lot can change. but boy, are we in a lot of
11:25 am
holes he has to dig out of. maybe if inflation is resolved and the economy is booming and the border is secure and all those things change, then he has a fighting shot. but in order to be competitive and have the turn around, he's got to change his policy. >> john: in order for all of that to change, would you want you need -- >> you need to do something. and bill clinton, i never thought i would say i miss bill clinton, but famously after he got a shelacking, he said big government is over. >> and al gore breaking $200 ash trays with the hammer. >> exactly. perhaps if biden realizes and begins on the promise he made to unite the country and maybe save the presidency, not what his
11:26 am
party wants. >> john: bill clinton was smart enough to know if he didn't work with the republicans you are not going to get anything. >> sandra: we are still waiting a major ruling or rulings from the supreme court. details what one could put president biden's climate agenda on ice. >> john: as prices at the pump go higher, president biden is pushing a new effort to go after vladimir putin. critics warn it could backfire. steve moore joins us on that coming up next.
11:27 am
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riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. >> john: the supreme court is far from done with rulings. two big decisions expected tomorrow, including one that could derail president biden's climate agenda. david spunt is keeping eye on this. >> david: this deals with the state of west virginia versus the e.p.a., environmental protection agency. we could learn more about this opinion as soon as tomorrow.
11:32 am
the final two opinions are coming out tomorrow and we don't know exactly how the justices are going to rule yet, but it may sound like a mouthful but this is significant because it affects all different agencies across the country and how much power they can have. so it's one of those decisions that affects one agency but can affect other agencies. it's a very important case a. coalition of g.o.p.-led states are suing the biden administration over the authority to regulate power emissions from power plants. they say the e.p.a. is overreaching, if the justices rule in the e.p.a. favor, things will remain somewhat status quo, the e.p.a. retains power for now. if they decide in favor of west virginia, the e.p.a. power could diminish, a massive flow to the climate change agenda. and also regulating public
11:33 am
health, including vaccine and mask mandates. a decision favorable to the state of west virginia welcome by those who believe appointed bureaucrats should not be setting policy for millions of americans across the country instead of congress where people are put there by a vote. people here are ready to defend the e.p.a., but the administration, john, they believe the clean air act gives the e.p.a. broad authority, again may sound like a confusing case but something that will have a trickle-down effect likely if things go in favor of the state of west virginia. >> we should know soon. david, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: president biden meanwhile and other g7 world leaders are floating a new idea to bring down oil prices and put pressure on vladimir putin. price caps for russian sales of oil but analysts are warning it could backfire in the form of
11:34 am
retaliation by vladimir putin. steve moore is a former trump adviser and a freedom works economist. i was really looking forward to digging into this with you, i pulled some numbers, data and new polling, new new new, just last hour, the latest poll asking the question of respondents are we on the wrong track in this country. total, 85% say wrong track, 92% republicans and highlighted in red, democrats. eight in ten democrats in the country respond that they believe this nation is on the wrong track. a lot of that, steve, you know, is because of president biden's economic policies that are failing. >> that's absolutely right. i lived through the jimmy carter era, and he did not even have numbers that bad and we had high inflation. inflation is not just a killer of the economy, it kills the lives of politicians, people feel it every day. every time they good to the gas
11:35 am
pump, the grocery store, and we say we have 8.5% inflation and they say no, the rate is higher than that. >> sandra: feels like it. >> abysmal numbers and now we have this ruling or this decision by the world leaders to try to put a cap on oil. it's not going to work, sandra. as the wall street journal said it's a gimmick, and if you try to put a cap on the price then you'll have shortages. and that's actually what we had in the 1970s when we had people, i remember when i was a kid growing up in chicago we would have to load up in the station wagon at 6:00 in the morning and get in line at the gas station to get gas, so all you are going to do is create shortages and create gas lines again which were even worse -- what we have to do very clearly is drill, drill, drill. we have so much oil in this country. >> sandra: the white house does not see that. this is the energy envoy what i'm calling him, a lengthy title
11:36 am
but he is someone who represents the administration on energy policy, gave an interview to edward lawrence and said this, i'll get your reaction. >> there is nothing the industry needs to increase production in the united states of additional oil. they have all the permits they need, they have all the equipment. they don't need anything else from the federal government. >> sandra: have at it. >> delusional. a president who has basically said he wants to close down the oil and gas industry so obviously who is going to invest in an industry that the president wants to destroy? i mean, you know this, the first act of this president was killing the keystone xl pipeline, he's taken hundreds of thousands of acres of prime oil land off of development. the refineries, we can't build a refinery in this country, we are not building the l.n.g. terminals. we have a study that indicates
11:37 am
if trump were president today, with his energy policies, i talked to him many times about energy, he said we want to be the energy dominant country in the world. we would be producing more per day. does anybody believe this president wants to see more oil and gas development in this country? >> sandra: so going back to the, the answer is no, easy solution, it's something that could happen today. sends the message to the oil and gas industry rather than demonizing. >> they may not believe him. you can't have red light/green light/red light/green light. billions of investments. >> sandra: 10 to 20 years to come to fruition. we have been doing some digging, the p utin price hike thing is still out there by the administration, hear it in almost every interview, that's why prices are high, they say. how can that be if there is more oil coming from russia to other
11:38 am
countries around the world today than there was preinvasion? the number is almost the same, it has gone up above there. here it is, may 2022. russian oil sales, $20 billion worth up 1.7 billion from april 2022. and back to levels that it has not seen since preinvasion of ukraine. so it's not -- the message is we are not going to buy your oil from the west, but he's still selling the oil to china, india, and selling it to europe. >> price controls on the oil, they'll sell it to a country like india or china that cannot get enough of it. good point, the biggest beneficiary has been china and russia. they are the ones who have benefitted from this. we are financing the war against ukraine with this petroll
11:39 am
dollars. from $60 a barrel to $100 a barrel under biden. >> sandra: the sanctions have backfired. >> and the ruble is one of the strongest currencies. nothing the president is doing have, woulded. >> sandra: and points out that moscow is now earning more with the oil sales than before the war. i should point out, $20 billion worth. >> "new york times" said this? >> sandra: "new york times," and selling the same amount pre-war, selling at a higher price. >> of course. that's why you are paying more money at the gas pump. >> sandra: steve, thank you for joining us. a spirited discussion there. but it's a tough environment. consumers, we see the consumer sentiment is dropping to multi-year lows, people want a solution. >> john: squeezed in so many ways and only so many things you
11:40 am
can squeeze out of your wallet before you have to make some tough choices. >> sandra: yep, indeed. >> john: news that you may have missed. talks starting up again over a potential nuclear deal with iran. wait until you hear what the biden administration was willing to change while it's all happening. >> sandra: inside look at one of america's biggest killers and why experts say there is no end in sight.
11:41 am
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> sandra: one of the biggest killers in america today, fentanyl. officials in texas telling fox news it's so bad that nearly every single drug they analyze, that they take off the streets now is laced with it. alexis mcadams got an up close look. she is live in houston for us on that. hi, alexis. >> hi, sandra. we went inside of that d.p.s. lab here in houston, texas. when i say the fentanyl, they are taking off interstates across texas. they believe it's trafficked in, first in china and then mexico and ending up in the hands of americans dying at an alarming rate.
11:46 am
every day scientists at this texas department of public safety crime lab have their hands on one of the deadliest drugs in america. >> this is actually a kilo of fentanyl. >> d.p.s. forensic scientist jennifer hatch tells me nearly every street drug is laced with the synthetic opioid. >> we are more surprised when they come back legitimate than when they don't. >> last year, fentanyl was the number one cause of deaths 18 to 48 years old. >> it also comes in a pressed brick form, how lethal is this? >> if you consider a lethal dose two milligrams, it could produce up to 500 lethal doses. >> could kill hundreds of thousands of people. >> could potentially. >> before the drug ends up at the lab, law enforcement has to find it. >> i'll open it up for you. keep an eye on the bundles. >> police say the cartels hide
11:47 am
it in everything, from tires to water pumps. >> every state is a border state. >> chris is focused on shopping it from being shipped into the united states from china to mexico. >> drug trafficking organizations are using the chemicals to manufacture and mass produce fake pills. >> you cannot tell the difference between these, these are real oxycodone and these are fake. they have to use high-tech instruments like these in houston to find out 50679 an those are illegitimate xanax tablets and they look excellent. >> investigators say the cartel makes big money off the synthetic opioid, but americans pay the ultimate price. >> it's killing hundreds of americans daily. >> it's so bad right now, do you think it's going to get worse? >> it's not slowing down. >> this overdose epidemic, sandra, is impacting big cities and small cities across the
11:48 am
country, and so many people you talk to know somebody or friends of somebody who know somebody that is either overdosed and died or overdosed and is revived by narcan. it's getting so much worse that the d.p.s. says they are asking and urging the federal government to do something more, go after those exporters in china and the mexican cartels. so many people are dying across the country. >> all too sad a reality in country. thank you very much. >> john: sandra, no deal. that is the word out of qatar after indirect talks between the united states and iran ended over a potential nuclear agreement. according to reports, iran was concerned the u.s. would not deliver on enough sanctions relief in return for restrictions on the nuclear program. after the biden administration amended a ban that would allow some former members of iran's revolutionary guard corps entry into the united states.
11:49 am
so this was a notice, published by d.h.s. and the state department that people who gave "insignificant or limited material support to a foreign terrorist organization would be allowed to obtain a visa to enter the united states under certain conditions." this did not mention specifically the iranian revolutionary guard corps but theoretically it could allow former members of the corps into the u.s. >> i think it's -- and other indications that the biden administration was going to loosen sanctions or lift them on the revolutionary guard corps. president trump put them on the u.s. list of terrorist organizations, biden said in late may he made a final decision not to take them off the terrorist list, it's a major demand of iran but we might take them off if iran would meet
11:50 am
unspecified very high conditions, not what biden said in may and the new report came out that former i.r.g.c. members could travel to the united states as long as they did not seem to pose a threat to the u.s. i don't know, what does that mean, john. promise not to get involved in the terrorist stuff, they can go to disney world, it's very strange. >> john: look at the specific language in the notice. new policy says people can come in even if they were involved in foreign terrorist organizations, provided the individual satisfies the relevant agency authority that the individual poses no danger to the safety and security of the united states. how can they be sure? these are people who were working for a foreign terrorist organization. >> it's ridiculous and we have seen other offers like that that we would take the i.r.g.c. off the terrorist list if they promised not to attack americans, or if iran promised less aggressive tragedy or
11:51 am
policies towards the united states. it's lunacy. like asking a tiger to change its stripes. this shows the desperation to get a nuclear deal with iran no matter what. >> john: in 2019 as you mentioned, trump administration proclaimed the i.r.g.c. to be off foreign terrorist organization, this was part of the maximum pressure campaign against iran to try to get it to change its ways, and come to the table and make a deal that not only included nuclear but included its missile program, activities in the middle east, support for foreign terrorist organizations around the world. it sounds like the biden administration is trying to do this in little tiny pieces that may not get the united states anywhere or the world close to where it needs to be in order to get iran to actually behave as a responsible player on the global stage. >> look, let's start.
11:52 am
the nuclear deal was terrible, it did not include missiles, had very weak verification, iran was cheating on it, we know that from documents israelis stole from the iranians, but small steps to make a deal we know from a recent axios report, the iranians were impossible to deal with up. brought up issues that were already resolved, new demands we had not heard of, so in the end they are saving the biden administration from themselves, iran wants a deal even worse than what the biden administration would offer. >> john: a certain, north korea kim jong-un, one report said they pulled out because the united states would not give them guarantees that iran would benefit economically enough from a new deal. it's not about iran benefitting economically, it's about iran
11:53 am
behaving and not creating a nuclear weapon. >> and they are being asked to be compensated. trump put on over 1,000 sanctions, and i'm worried the biden administration is thinking of doing that. >> john: "give a mouse a cookie," a famous children's book, i think is applicable here. >> sandra: thank you, john. next up, as biden's big infrastructure plan kicked in, many experts are now warning some construction projects will pay the price. we'll be back. gain. the inflation buzz word. as if inflation magically goes away and then suddenly returns. but inflation never really goes away. each year - by some measure - the dollar declines in value. well - here's something else that doesn't go away... gold and silver. rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals.
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>> sandra: president biden's one billion infrastructure plan will soon kick in. labor around material shortages with sky high inflation could spell trouble for construction projects. lydia hu has more. >> thanks to 40-year high
11:59 am
inflation and labor shortages, the $1 trillion infrastructure law will pay for fewer bridges, tunnels and roads than it would have seven months ago. the sky rocketing cost of labor an hourly wages come in pretty high. more than $32 an hour here. that is up more than 6% from last year and higher than the average hourly earnings of more than $27 across the private sector. highing is happening, but in where near what is needed. contract hired 45,000 people last month. that's less than the nearly half a million jobs still left open and the prices of materials are soaring, too. a trade group says construction prices are up 21% from a year ago. >> the final cost of a project
12:00 pm
is causing projects to slip. driving up backlogs and driving down construction spends. so it is on a macrobasis. >> so all of this means, sandra, that taxpayers are getting less bank for our buck. projects will cost more. >> sandra: thanks. we'll be watching it. great to be with you all. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks. we're going straight to texas where for abbott is speaking about the tragic loss of life. 53 people packed in a sweltering truck lost their lives. let's listen to the governor. >> one is record number of people coming across the border illegally. another is a greater sense of lawlessness that comes from not enforcing the law. when -- whether it be


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