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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 4, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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♪ the perfect fan. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> governor sarah palin makes a huge announcement. she is stepping down from office july 26. it is helping to field speculation that she will run for president in 2012. she made the announcement in her home in alaska. take a listen. >> i am glad you are all here. good. i appreciate you of being here. -- you all being here. i want to say hi to alaska. i like speaking directly to the people that i served as -- serve as governor. i think you all for coming here -- i thank you all for coming
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here today. this is a source of inspiration for my family and for me. i'm thankful that todd flew in last night to stand by my side, as always. it is the eve of our celebration of independence as a nation. it is a time to remember our nation's sacrifices so that we may live in freedom. from the shores of maine to texas and california, we live in peace because centuries ago, so many fought for something far greater than themselves. so many continue to fight for us today. i say,god bless our military on this eve of independence day. people who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing is more important to me then serving alaska. serving you is the greatest honor i could imagine. i want to grasp what can be in store for our state. we were purchased as a territory because a member of abraham lincoln's cabinet providentially saw is sought in
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this great land the vast riches and beauty and strategic placement on the globe and opportunity. he boldly looked to the future. he endured such ridicule and mocking for his vision for alaska. remember the adversaries? they scoffed. he chose the uncomfortable, unconventional, but right path to secure alaska so that alaska could help secure the united states. alaskas mission? to contribute to america. we are strategic in the world as the air crossroads of the world, as a gatekeeper of the continent. bold visionaries new this and -- knew this and they knew that alaska would be part of america's great destiny. our destiny can be reached by responsibly developing natural resources. this land is blessed with clean air and water and wildlife and minerals, and oil and gas. it is energy. god gave us energy.
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to serve the state, it is such a humble and responsibility. -- humbling responsibility. i know in my soul that alaska is of such import for america's security in such a volatile world today. i know that you know me by now. a promised four years ago that i would be showing my independence and there would be no more conventional politics as usual. we are doing so well, my administration. they speak for themselves. we worked tirelessly for alaskans. we aggressively and responsibly develop our resources because they were created to better our world, to help people, and we protect the environment and alaskans. here are some of the things we have done. we created an office to oversee safety element. -- state development.
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for the first time in decades, you're seeing drilling in some areas for oil and gas. we have a gas line project, a massive, bipartisan victory. the vote was 58-1. it is protecting alaskans as our clean, natural gas will flow to energize alaska and america. it is very different than what had happened before. this time it was a competitive, private sector project. this is the largest private sector energy project ever. this is energy independence. aces, another bipartisan effort is working as intended. industry is acknowledging its success. this is so alaskans will no longer be taken advantage of. it incentivizes new development and jobs that previously were not going to happen. we cleaned up previously
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accepted, unethical actions, and ushered in bipartisan ethics reform. we also slowed the rate of government growth. we worked with the legislature to save billions of dollars for our future and i made no obvious -- no lobbyist friends with my hundreds of millions of dollars in budget vetoes. living beyond our means today is a responsible for tomorrow. -- is irresponsible for tomorrow. we took government back into the hands of the people come over to be. -- into the hands of the people, where it should be. we provided unprecedented support for education initiatives. we finally filled long-vacant public safety positions. we built a cabinet for climate change and we took heat from outside special interests for our biologically sound wildlife management practices. we broke new ground. we made conservative choices to
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eliminate personal luxuries, things like the jets and the chefs and the entourage. the lieutenant governor and i said no to our pay raises. there is so much success in this first term. this success i am proud to take credit for hiring the right people. our goal is to achieve a gas line project. we did it these things in two years. -- we did these things in two years. it is because we had good people, good public servants surrounding the governor's office. they are alaskas success. we are doing well. i really wish that you would hear more from the media, more from the media of the state's good progress and how we tackle outside interests, special interests daily, we are tackling. those interests would stymie our state.
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there would force the heavy hand of federal government into our community with an all knowing attitude. i have taken the arrows with that unpopular move. it to veto that was the right thing to do because i know being right is better than being popular. it was not a popular stand to take. it takes -- some of those dollars would harm alaska and america. i resent -- resisted those dollars because of the obscene national debt we're forcing our children to take because of today's big government spending. it is immoral and it does not make economic sense. another accomplishment -- hourlong department protected -- our law department protected states' rights, two huge u.s. supreme court reversals came down against the liberal ninth circuit. you do not hear much about the
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good stuff, do you? some say things change for me -- things changed for me last year on the day that john mccain chose me to be his running mate. it was an honor to stand beside a true american hero. i say others changed. let me speak to that. political operatives descended on alaska last august digging for dirt. the ethics law that i championed became a weapon of choice. i have been accused of all sorts of frivolous ethics violations such as holding a fish in a photograph or wearing a jacket with a logo on it and answering questions from reporters. all of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. we have onwon. it has not been cheap. the state has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out $2 million of yours to respond to opposition research. that is money that is not going
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to find teachers or troopers or -- to fund teachers or troopers or safer roads. this political absurdity, the politics of personal destruction, todd and i looking at half a million dollars in legal bills to set the record straight. what about the people who offer us these silly accusations? it does not cost them a dime. they're not going to stop draining public resources, spending the people's money. they will not stop. it is insane. my staff and i spend our day dealing with this stuff instead of on our state. i know i promised no more politics as usual. if i have learned one thing, it is that life is about choices. one chooses how to react to circumstances. you can choose to engage in things that teardown or that buildup. i choose to work very hard on a path for for fullness and for --
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for fruitfulness and productivity. i choose not to tear down and waste precious time, but to build up the state and our great country and for our industrious and free people. it might be tempting and more comfortable to keep your head down and plod along and appease those who are demanding you sit down and shut up, but that is the go quitter's way up. -- the quitter's way out. the problem in this country is apathy. people are apathetic and they hunker down and go with the flow. we're fishermen. only dead fish to go with the flow. people should be choosing to spend time building up and to fight for state and country. i choose to fight for it. i will work hard for others who still believe in free enterprise and smaller government and strong national
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security for our country and support for our troops, and energy independence. for those who will protect freedom and equality in life, i will work hard for and campaign for those who are proud to be american and who are inspired by our ideals. i will support others who seek to serve in or out of office. i do not care what party they are in or no party at all. inside alaska or outside alaska. i will not do it from the governor's desk. i have never believed i need a title to do this to make a difference, to help people. i choose for my state and for my family more freedom to progress all the way around so that alaska make progress. -- alaska may progress. i will not seek reelection as governor. as i thought about this announcement that i would not
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run for reelection and what that means for alaska, i thought about how much fun some governors have as lame ducks, maybe strep -- may be travel under state, maybe take trade missions, so many politicians do that. i thought, that is what is wrong. many except that lame-duck -- many accept that lame-duck status. they hit the road and draw a paycheck. the kind of milk it. i will not put alaskans through that. i promise efficiency and effectiveness. i am not where to operate under -- i do not want to operate under the same old politics as usual. a promise that four years ago -- i promised that four years ago and i meant it. it is not what is best for last at this time. i'm determined to take the right path, even though it is unconventional and not so comfortable. with this announcement that i'm not seeking reelection, i've
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determined it is best to transfer the authority of governor to the lieutenant governor. i am willing to do this so this administration can have a positive agenda so that it can continue without interruption and with great administrative success. my choice is to take a stand and affect change, and not to hit our head against the wall and watched -- waste millions of your dollars in this new political environment. rather, we know we can affect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference for our priorities. we will, for alaskans and for americans. let me go back quickly to a comfortable analogy for me. that the sports. -- that is sports. basketball. i use it because you are naive if you do not see a full-court press on the national level picking away right now. a good point guard drives through a full-court press protecting the ball, keeping her head up with her eye on the basket.
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she knows when to pass the ball so the team can win. that is what i am doing, keeping our eye on the ball that represent our priorities. they include energy independence and smaller government and national security and freedom. i know when it is time to pass the ball for victory. i have given my reasons now very candidly, truthfully, and my last they will not be for -- my last day will not befor for another few weeks. the transition will be smoothed. -- smooth. we look forward to swearing in the new governor at the end of the month. i really do not want to disappoint anyone with this announcement. all i can ask is that you trust me with this decision and know that it is no more politics as usual. some alaskans, maybe they do not mind wasting public dollars and state time, but i do. i cannot stand here as a governor and allow the millions of dollars and all that time go to waste so that i can hold the title of governor.
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i do not know my children will allow it in. -- it. some will question the timing of this. this decision has been in the works for a while. this decision comes after much consideration and prayer. finally, i pulled the most -- i polled the most important people in my life, my kids. the count was unanimous. in response to asking, do you want me to make a positive difference and fight for all of our children's futures amounts -- futures from outside of the governor's office, it was four yeses and a hell yeah. i think much of it for the kids had to do with recently seeing their baby brother locked and -- mocked and ridiculed by some mean-spirited adults recently. by the way, i hope those people could understand everything we could learn from children like that.
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i know he needs me, but i need him even more. time is precious. the world needs more of those children cannot cure. -- children, not fewer. my decision was fortified during this most recent trip to kosovo to visit our wounded soldiers overseas. those have truly sacrificed themselves in war for our freedom and security. we can all learn from our selfless troops. they are bold and they do not give up. they take a stand and they know that like the short, so they -- that life is short, so they choose not to waste time. they choose to be productive and serve something greater than themselves, and to build up their families and their states and our great country. these troops and their mission, that is where the were the -- the worthy causes are in this world. that is where are public resources should be, our public priorities. resources should be spent on that, not on the superficial, wasteful political blood sport.
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may we all learn from them. we just have to put first things first. first things first as governor, i love my job. i love alaska. it hurts to make this choice, but i'm doing what is best for alaska. i have explained why. i think of a magnet on a parent -- on my parents' refrigerator that says, don't explain. your friends believe it and your enemies won't believe it come anyway. -- your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it anyway. this real climate change began in august. we need hardworking, average americans fighting for what is right. i will support you because we need you and you can affect change. i can, to come on the upside. -- i can, too, on the outside.
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we need those who will respect our constitution where government is supposed to serve from the bottom up and not move toward a top down, big government takeover, rather the protectors of individual rights who also have enough common sense to acknowledge when conditions have drastically changed and they're willing to pass the ball when it is time so the team can win. that is what i'm doing. remember, alaska, americas -- america is looking north to the future. it will be good. god bless you. from me and from my family to all alaska, you have my heart, and we are going to be in really great hands, capable hands of our lieutenant governor. it is my promise to you that i will always be standing by, ready to assist. we have a positive agenda for last. -- for alaska. take the words of general macarthur. he said, "we are not retreating. we are advancing in another direction." with that, i will hand this over to our good lieutenant governor.
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again, i say thank you and god bless you, alaska. [applause] shannon: governor sarah palin stepping down. greta van susteren got to know the governor and her family very well over the paaaaaaaaaa4l
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[baby dinosaurs laugh] sid: [laughs] ha ha, no, stop, stop. shannon: stunning news today that governor sarah palin is stepping down. she will not finish her term. greta van susteren got to know the governor and her family very well over the past year and she joins us now on the phone. greta: i do not know if i know them very well. i interviewed her on a number of occasions.
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as you know, every time you're in the room with the governor, the cameras are rolling because you want as much take as possible. i have seen the governor in her home. i have seen her in the campaign trail and in her office. i have gotten a lot of opportunity to watch her work. shannon: do you ever get the sense that maybe she was getting burnt out from the attacks and maybe she would do something like this? is it a total surprise? greta: i was stunned by the news. i had no idea it was coming. early morning, we started getting the e-mails saying governor palin will be giving a statement today. we did not know what it was about. we did not know if it was about alaska or her recent trip to see the troops. no idea. we started scrambling, try to find out exactly what was going on. it is hard to tell. if you go to the front page of the "anchorage daily news," and i've read it every day, you will see that there is one on ethics
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complaint. she has had 18 ethics complaint filed against her or her friends -- not her friends, but the people she works with. in less than a year, she has had to contend with that. if i were in her shoes, i can understand why she would say, i am out of here. it is hard to tell because she has a thick skin. it is hard to tell whether she is giving up or gearing up. that i do not know. if you read the front page of the anchorage paper, you can see that there's a lot of attention on this woman nationally and locally. imagine coming in to work come 18 complaints a less than a year that you have won. you could get disheartened. i do not know. gearing up for giving up, i cannot tell you which. shannon: you mentioned the ethics charges. she has been cleared of those. she talked about that today and she talked about how expensive it has been to fight those cases. that has to be somewhat of a
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consideration. what about the attacks on her family? she mentioned that she had concerns about our youngest son was treated and the situation with her daughter and david letterman. how much did that factor in? she is obviously very protective of them. greta: i know her professionally. i do not know personally. i can tell you one thing. the attacks on her children -- there were different rules for the palins. people did not attack the clintons' children or the obamas' children. there were different rules for the palin family. what david letterman said was terrible. he did not realize what he said was terrible. he finally realized it and saw the light. a lot of people in the media did not realize that there were some attacks on her family that were out of line. a politician is fair game. she should be aggressively
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scrutinized and given the same treatment as a male politician. if there should not be gratuitous insults against her family. i can. the letterman one because it was most recent period she had the problem with her daughter crystal -- bristol. i do not know or personally. i'm a professional. i imagine that was difficult for the family. it is a personal problem for the family. a lot of people were frankly, nasty about it. bloggers saew iw it as open season. they did not use this as a time to go after her and her positions. they went after the family and they did make cracks about her children. shannon: having covered some in public people, it seems in my opinion that they are almost
1:26 am
obsessive about her. it has been months since the presidential election was over and yet she has not been out of the papers and off the various network. do you think that there is something different for her? greta: i do not know that. we had a little bit of that with secretary of state hillary clinton. we were obsessive about her as well. maybe it is because women are coming out oin politics. it is a little bit new. you have a woman from alaska, someone who descended upon us last august. no one knew anything about her a call. she has kicked up a lot of dust and people are very interested in her. every time anyone does a story about her, people are glued to the television set. i cannot explain why. people have been fascinated with her, more fascinated with her than with her policies. i bet more people know about her
1:27 am
personal life than bothered to read the newspaper to find out what her positions are on different issues in alaska. our job should be to expose policies, opinions, and practices. we know more about her clothes. shannon: thank you so much for sharing part of your holiday weekend with us. greta: happy to, shannon. shannon: up next, the best of greta's interviews with governor sarah palin.
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1:31 am
>> i don't know. i cannot answer that. i don't know. perhaps the criticism would be what it is that i represent. what i represent is out of the box when you consider most conventional candidates for higher office, national office. being an -- being in washington outsider not part of that elite group that some would want to choose from, perhaps, as being an outsider. there was a tremendous amount of curiosity there. some chose to satisfy their curiosity based on facts and someone's record and others chose to satisfy their curiosity based on those bloggers in their parents' basement just talking garbage. that is the choice, i guess
1:32 am
coming in where they want to go to write about someone or talk about someone. greta: how about women journalists? what is your thought about them, not the ones who spoke favorably, but the ones who spoke on favorably -- unfavorably? alan: would have been able -- would have loved to be able to sit down with them. it is a free-for-all. your life is an open book and you open yourself up to criticism. you had better be ready to take that criticism. otherwise, do not run for office if you cannot handle it. when you have a target on roorback, it is a free-for-all. the criticism that is coming your way, it had better be -- you had better be better -- you had better be ready for, or you have no right running for office. it is reality. greta: did it ever gets under your skin? >> not really. what would be under my skin are frustrating, when i had faxed to
1:33 am
counter false allegations and nobody would listen, you could not defend yourself if the media was not willing to correct the mistakes that had been written and printed. that was kind of frustrating. at the same time, i knew that john mccain and i were on the right road in the message that we had to vote for saying, here is where we believe the nation should go. here are the policies that we believe need to be adopted in order to win the war, get the economy on the right track, protect our constitutional rights, those things that we were campaigning on. i knew we were on the right road. i knew the shots coming our way, we had to be able to put up with that and take that in order to progress the message and a plan that we have for americans. greta: 2012. you know it is going to happen. we will have the 2012. >> we are going to have a 2012.
1:34 am
i do not know who will be a part of it. faith is a very big part of my life. putting my life in my creator's hands, this is what i do. if there is an open door for me somewhere, i do not let me missed the open door. show me where the open door is. crack it a little bit and maybe i will plow through it and maybe prematurely, but do not let me miss an open door. if there is an open door in '12 or four years later, and if it will be good for my family, for my state, from a nation, i will plow through that door. i cannot predict what is going to happen. i cannot predict what will happen a day from now much less four years from now. greta: would be exciting? >> it would be very exciting to have the opportunity to serve in a greater capacity. in the meantime, the state of alaska has so much to offer this
1:35 am
nation in terms of national security and economic prosperity because we are the wealthiest state in the nation in terms of our national resources -- natural resources. we have within this larger state in the union every resource that our country needs in order to be more self determined and more self-sufficient instead of relying on foreign sources of energy. alaska has it. we just need to be able to prove that up here, we can do things right, at the click, as possible. we can develop more. we can contribute more to the u.s. there is much that needs to be and can be contributed from the state of alaska. shannon: coming up, more on sarah palin's bombshell news today. later, breaking news in the michael jackson case.
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>> north korea reportedly just
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fired a fourth missile according to south korean news agency. the first three missiles were fired early saturday morning local time. military officials say they appear to be a type of scud missile. they fired four other missiles friday. there is speculation that they might be planning to launch a missile towards hawaii. strong reaction to the reaction that sarah palin is resigning. senator murkowski said "i am disappointed that she is resigning before her term is concluded." shannon: we have been telling you about sarah palin's plans to leave the governor's mansion. joining us now is the first woman to run on a major party ticket for the warehouse. our guest now, geraldine
1:41 am
ferraro. thank you for joining us. i want to ask you, do you think as a female candidate in such a high-profile office that she was treated differently? >> i think some treated her differently. i think if they treated her, there were critical of her on issues, how she responded to questions on policy. that is how they would treat any man, that is fine. they went into how she dressed or what your kids were doing or not doing. i thought that was critical like how they treated hillary clinton during the course of the campaign. i do think -- instead of -- it is not what it was like when i ran in 1984, but it is not that -- not much better. hopefully, it will be better for the next person. shannon: she seems like a pretty
1:42 am
tough cookie. we do not know what exactly will happen. do you predict she will be back on the stage in 2012? >> the thing about it is i think she made a bad move. not running for reelection was one thing. people understand that. if people want to run for president, they very frequently do not run for a new term. they say, i will spend my time doing what i need to do, running around and raising money and seeing people throughout the country. they can be on a listening to work. to not finish the term she was just elected to, i think it is a very bad decision. she is claiming she did it because the legislature was not allowing her to do anything. [unintelligible] states are complaining about the
1:43 am
economic condition being what it is. oil revenues have been down considerably in the last year. evidently, the state was having real problems. bad business to walk away from a problem. how do you do it? god knows what comes next. you cannot just walk away from the job. i think that was a bad move. people do not like to be criticized. she got to david letterman to apologize. he was out of line. she won on that. there will be terribly critical in a national campaign. i know that from experience. it will be bad. if you cannot deal with it, you
1:44 am
should not run for public office. that is part of what that is. is it right? no. will it happen? absolutely. if she cannot take it in alaska, she cannot take it on a national level. she has put herself into a position where for the next year and a half she could very well have gone as the governor of alaska wherever she wanted to go. she is in a different place now. she will not be invited to various places where negotiations are going on. there will talk to are as governor but there will not talk to her as sarah palin, who may or may not run for president. there is a difference in how you are treated when you are in office and out of office. i think she made a very bad move. shannon: geraldine ferraro, the woman who laid the groundwork for what we saw sarah palin be able to do last year.
1:45 am
thank you for your time tonight. >> good night, now. shannon: breaking news in the investigation into the death of michael jackson. ( thump ) yes. ( thump ) yes. ( thumps ) yes, yes... and yes. so you really do have america's largest push to talk coverage area. yes. ok, we're going to need a lot more darts... ...and a new map. switch to verizon wireless owner of the nation's largest push to talk network coverage area and the most reliable voice network in america. activate push to talk and get this great deal. how many washes did it take cheer brightclean to get this from dingy to bright? one might be surprised.
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shannon: fans and media continue to flock to the gates of michael jackson's never land and home. dan springer got a look inside the ranch. he joins us ninth -- join us live. >> shannon, a funny thing happened. thousands of fans came to his home today. the party broke out. the mood changed from somber to sell the tour. thousands of people coming down here today, dancing to his songs.
1:49 am
i made them all jealous by getting a tour inside neverland. in downtown los angeles of the staple center, we learned more about tuesday's memorial service, specifically how the public can get a ticket. they're holding an on-line lottery to register people. the have to go to in the first hour and a half, 500 million people log on, crashing the system. they had to add a second server. about 17,000 tickets will be handed out for what should be a very memorable memorial tuesday. i am going to send it back to you. i cannot hear myself let alone you. this is what has happened.
1:50 am
this has turned into a celebration of michael jackson's life and everybody dancing to michael jackson's tunes here as the memorial bros. shannon: dance premiere, it looks like it turned from morning to a celebration of this life. thanks. -- dan springer, it looks like it turned from mourning to a celebration of his life. thanks. could this turn into graceland? let's take a look. >> welcome to neverland. >> once upon a time, the words inscribed on the gate. that was some of the whimsical theme of his estate, and node to tout the. it is named for peter pans and see world. peter pan inspired michael because of his refusal to grow up. the sprawling property once featured amusement park rides, a zoo, and two railway lines. the cost up to $10 million to maintain.
1:51 am
and now virtually empty ranch has its dark side. it is where jackson was twice accused of child molestation, including allegations that he served wine to underage children. an animal rights activists complained the exotic animals on site or neglected. all of this as his personal life spiraled out of control. >> michael. >> michael. shannon: now, speculation is rampant about what will happen to the property. the arrival of construction crews and tour buses are fueling rumors that jackson's family plans to make it a memorial to the king of pop, similar to graceland. ♪ thriller -- >> ♪ thriller ♪ shannon: he was quite an influence on modern pop. will his death resurrect his celebrity as a -- as it did for all this? both have similar circumstances
1:52 am
only their final years. at the time of their deaths, it had been quite some time since their last hit album. both were considered reclusive but still group -- but still drew frenzied reaction from crowds. the controversial debt could be turned into a vast empire. elvis's restore -- elvis' estate was turned into an empire. he placed first last year, raking in more than $52 million. last week, more than one dozen of jackson's albums shot to the top of the charts as news of his death spread. insiders say his legacy could draw huge crowds to neverland, perhaps sympatric -- surpassing the number of tourists to graceland each year. it might all be a fairy tale, but only time will tell.
1:53 am
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shannon: the powerful sedative diprivan was found in the michael jackson's home. it is very unusual to find that drug anywhere outside an operating room. that is because it is used to induce unconsciousness before surgery. dr. michael baden joins us now on the phone. would you be surprised to find this was true? this kind of drug would be in
1:57 am
someone's residence? >> absolutely. it is only used in the hospital when there are doctors there who can monitor the patient, make sure the patient does not stop breathing, make sure the patient does not lose blood pressure and go into shock. it is a powerful drug. it causes sleep in less than a minute and it is over in three minutes. it is very rapid-acting. it can only be given intravenously. if a person wants to stay asleep, somebody has to be there continuously infusing the drug. it is not a drug that can be given at home. it causes death by preventing the person from briefing and having the person's heart stop. shannon: we have heard from mainers who says that she worked with michael jackson. she says he was asking for this drug and telling her, i will pay whatever it takes, i will give some whatever they want to the
1:58 am
doctor will give me this drug. those of the claims of this nurse. she told him it was way too dangerous. do you think he would be able to find someone that would be willing to do that at his home? >> it would be extremely unusual for him to be able to find a health professional who can obtain that drug to give at home and who would be willing to give the drug at home, since it is so dangerous. i am sure that is partly what is being investigated. if the police found the drug at the home, somebody has a lot of questions to answer. it should never be at a home. shannon: with this show up in toxicology reports or be indicated in the body in some other way via an autopsy report? >> yes. the coroner's office in los angeles is doing toxicology and diprivan would be one of the drugs that there will be looking for. they can find it in toxicology
1:59 am
if it was in his blood at the time he died. they should be able to find it and they should be able to find any other drug that was in his body at the time that he died. shannon: we know there were two different autopsies, one done privately by the family. test results might be in more quickly. how much would that speed up the process, having an independent autopsy? >> the independent autopsy has found out a lot of information they have already buys the family. the doctor who did the second autopsy would be able to tell the family if michael jackson had any kind of heart disease, and a bad heart, if he had brain disease. the family with no if there is a natural reason for his death. if there is not a natural reason for is that, the toxicology is going to be the most important thing. thing.


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