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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 7, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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chris: when in doubt, always close with a piano playing cat. thanks for watching "special report." i'm chris wallace in there. that's the news for this august 6, 2009. i will see you tomorrow. look out. here comes that guy. bill: o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> they are going to give free health care. >> you're supposed to be do what we want not what you want. >> nancy pelosi, harry reid, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they're asking us to be on? bill: the obama white house says protests against the health care plan are orchestrated by the far-right. >> you need to get the government the hell out of our way. [cheers] bill: is that true? and how is the media covering it? bernie goldberg will analyze. >> i have never really been interested in politics. meeting john edwards was interesting. bill: the mistress of john edwards testifies in front of a grand jury today. she brought her baby. how much trouble is the former senator in?
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megyn kelly will tell us. >> president obama promised transparency, yet, he has chosen not to release his original birth certificate or a copy of it. bill: now lou dobbs wife being attacked on nbc because of the commentators reporting on cnn. we will tell you what going on. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the health care protests, is that true subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, there is a great debate going on over health care in this country. it's very intense and some democratic politicians have within harshly treated in town hall meetings. you may have seen the video but here is another look. >> you need to open it up to the free markets. you need to get the government the hell out of our way. [ applause ] >> they are going to give free
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health care to all illegal aliens. they are going to give us classes on euthanasia and i'm about 65 years old, i'm ready to start. >> just say no. just say no. just say no. just say no. >> what are you waiting, sophisticated language. i recognize a liar when i see one. >> you're supposed to do what we want. not what you want! >> read the bill! read the bill! >> nancy pelosi, harry reid, and the rest of the people in congress and the senate, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they are asking us to be on? bill: now, the white house believes many of the protesters are organized right wing zealots and there is some evidence to back that up. for example a web site called americans for prosperity actually instructs people on to howe to disrupt the health care meetings. how much reach that web web site has is quoble to astor pain -- ascertain. during the vietnam era protests against the war were almost organized by the far left.
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entire industry devoted to undermining that war. millions of dollars were spent doing it the press had little problem with the antiwar movement. in fact, it was glorified. just a few years ago the minutemen were shouted down at columbia university. bill: certainly that was organized. and then speakers like ann culture cowell temperature have been assaulted by left wing cooks. code left shows up all over the place and organized protests the list goes on forever. talking points justified bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. i don't like insulting rhetoric by town hall meetings by anyone. people should be able to state their case without personal attacks. i suggest all americans bring some nature of civility to the debate. however, organized protest is not unamerican and the left is now getting a big taste of its
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own medicine. again, it's impossible to know what emotions are spontaneous and what are contrived. if you want to know the truth about health care, the polling tells the tale. most americans now believe president obama's health care vision is not good for them all the spin in the world will not disprove that fact. top story tonight. how is the media covering the intense health care debated. joining us from north carolina, fox news analyst bernie goldberg. in virtually every report, cbs evening news, abc evening news, cnn, every hard news report in the first paragraph or two it's well, this could be organized, da'da da'da da, i don't remember hearing that about the other protests. do you? >> no, and the word hypocrisy in your talking points is the key word. civil rights demonstrations antiwar demonstrations. pro abortion rights demonstrations, environmental
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demonstrations. i don't remember the media obsessing about who got these people out to the demonstration site. who orchestrated the demonstration? who manufactured, to use another of their words the anger at the demonstrations? and nor should the media have looked behind that curtain. americans have every right to demonstrate. just as the people who go to these town hall meetings do. nobody is holding a gun to their head. they go because they want to. nobody saying if you don't go we are going to kidnap your kids. the media only feels an obligation to look behind the curtain at the forces that are orchestrating and manufacturing the demonstrations when it's a conservative demonstration. that's it is the hypocrisy. bill: the town hall meeting is open to everyone. everyone can show up. so you could have just as many people fervently wanting obama's health care plan. >> right. bill: but you don't. they are either not there or not talking.
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and then when one of these demonstrators gets up there, maybe the person is a professional plant, far right zealot, who knows? we don't know. but the crowd is with them. what are you telling me that everybody who shows up is organized and that there is nobody on the other side showing up? it doesn't make any sense. >> no, it doesn't, but i want to look at this from a media point of view. and i'm really glad that you use the word hypocrisy because that's what runs through all of this. yesterday, somebody in the obama administration linda douglas who said i know and you know. bill: yes. >> said if you have any fishy information, misleading information about obama's health care plan send it to us at the white house. look, i'm not one of those pair noise that thinks that oh yeah they are going to get the names of the people and then sick the irs on them. i'm not saying that. can you imagine, bill, can you imagine if somebody in the george w. bush administration. bill: they would have gone wild.
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>> said if you disagree -- if somebody disagrees with the president, send us those emails. the "new york times" would run a month long page one series and the stories about the fascistic bush administration would be under headlines the -- bill: it's interesting you mention that because in the b block after you, we are going to discuss that very thing about judge napolitano who says there is a fascistic element to it all right, now, once again we know that the reportage in america isn't fair and balanced. that if it is a left wing cause, and organized by internet sites or whatever on et left, that's fine. there is no problem with that we are not even going to bother to cover it if it is a conservative movement or organized by the right, then there is something dastardly about it. and i don't think it's any -- that's as clear as it can get. >> i totally agree.
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i will give you another example. there have been a number of columns, just in the past couple of days saying that the entire republican party is a lunatic party because of the nut job birthers because they think obama was born on saturn or some place. one columnist eugene robinson says 28% of republicans believe obama was not born in the united states. let's set aside for a second that the poll was commissioned by the daily kos. let's just put that aside. bill: robinson didn't mention that. >> right. in fairness, bill, i think he did. but, let's just put that aside. what about a fewer years ago that several polls came out that 35%, more than 28%, 35% of democrats believe that george bush and the neocons were behind
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the attacks on 9/11. bill: the truthers. >> i don't remember liberal journalists writing stories about how the whole democratic party needs to explain this or that how the democratic party is a magnet for lunatics nor should they have written it. but when it's a right wing net job movement, then, again scrutiny. bill: maybe he did point out with the coast. but, you are absolutely right that -- and this is very clear. now, it's funny you bring up the birthers. lou dobbs has been covering that story a lot. we have told, you know, -- we have told mr. dobbs that we think he is wrong to cover it however, he does have freedom of speech and if he wants to cover it, it's up to him. he was attacked along with his wife and children, bernie, on nbc news airwaves. his wife and children brutally, personally attacked. lou dobbs.
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how long do you think jeffrey immelt, ceo of g.e. and jeff zucker, nbc boss, are going to allow this barbaric display under the nbc news banner? how long is that going to be? >> first, let me explain that what the people, some people at nbc said was that here is lou dobbs crew sagd against immigration. not true he is crew sagd against illegal immigration he is married to hispanic woman. can't you be against illegal immigration and be married to hispanic woman at the same time? this is just blame dumb. as your your question how long can it this dumbness go on, the media in the past 20, 30 years has really not reflected the values of the american people. we know that. but when you are so out-of-touch with the values of the american people that you do stuff like that, the public will turn on
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you. and it will effect you in ways that you -- you think it will only effect the people. bill: the nbc network is down the drain. it's destroyed but they still allow these attacks to happen. >> bill, it will be like a slow poison that infects every other segment of that company. bill: it already has. so i just don't know how much longer -- when you have -- we respect mr. dobbs. whether you agree with him or not, when your family, your wife and children are attacked on the nbc news airwaves? it doesn't get lower. bernie, thanks very much. we appreciate it next on the rundown, the white house wants you to tell them as bernie mentioned if folks are unfairly portraying the health care deal. is there a fascist element to it? later, grand jury hearing testimony from the mistress of
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bill: impact segment tonight, a post on the white house web site is asking for information about, quote, fishy criticisms as we discussed of president obama's health care initiative. now, that has some people upset. not me, but judge andrew napolitano is absolutely distraught, wandering the halls, muttering to himself. he joins us now along with political commentator lanny davis from washington who sees things differently. you were almost of the rails on. this i was off the rails on,
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this bill. the purpose of the first amendment which protects free speech is to encourage open, wide, and robust debate. when richard nixon tried to suppress free speech during the vietnam war era by sending military and civilian guard to take pictures of people at antiwar rallies, the supreme court told him he couldn't do it. and the congress enacted a statute that specifically forbade the government from collecting information about people who speak against it and saving and storing that information. that's just what barack obama is doing. bill: i don't know if president obama is doing that and i'm playing devil's advocate here. maybe he doesn't care about who is doing it. he cares about what they are doing so he can refute the spin propaganda, whatever. >> he is intimidating people from speaking out against him. bill: how do you know? >> because the supreme court has said. bill: well, i don't care about that. the president is intimidating people from doing what? >> if you are at a rally and somebody comes up to you, not you because you are not afraid of anybody and says i'm taking down your name and reporting
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tout white house. bill: who is going to do that? i don't think the white house asked for that. they just want to know. >> the white house said if there is anybody that says anything fishy about the president's program, tell us. bill: was it anybody or anything fishy. >> i don't know if it was anybody or anything. bill: there is a big difference. >> no. there is no difference. if people are worried about criticizing the government, that the government might take down their names it, will deter them from criticism that violates the first amendment. bill: perception that they may be under some kind of surveillance. what say you, davis? >> i say that judge napolitano is a great just -- jurist but is wrong on this one. he has identified a legitimate concern. the reason i say he is wrong is that the distinction is between correcting misinformation and the white house is asking for the opportunity to do that versus identifying individuals who suppress their speech. but i do agree with the judge that there is a probable misperception in using the word fishy and i think the wording could have been much better.
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bill: you are putting a happy spin on this. listen to me. the house isn't like your web site. few have one it's dopey or the judge's web site, ok? the white house weapon sites not like that. bill o' the white house web site is the ultimate. the pinnacle of power. there you have linda douglas who we talked about with bernie, linda douglas is basically issuing lanny a clarion call for information that goes against what the white house wants to do on health care. just because it's coming out of the wording judge napolitano would not have objected to. bill: why didn't they then, lanny. they threw it out there and everybody is thinking that they
5:18 am
are the thought police are running around. >> honestly i read it and i wouldn't have interpreted slightly as suppressing speech but wanting to get information to get back at misinformation. bill: is that because you didn't want to proceed the other because you are a democrat? >> i try to put myself if this were a george bush white house saying. bill: george bush white house as bernie said this would be front page. no doubt. >> people like you and me and judge napolitano try not to apply double standards so i would have said george bush does not intend to suppress my speech. he wants to know if i'm saying something. bill: we never know if that's what he would have said. i believe you are an honest man but who knows. bill: i have to be criticize. judge: you have a microphone bigger than the white house. the white house does not. bill: they can audit me.
5:19 am
clinton did that three years in a row. they can come after me. >> you said it right when you were speaking with lanny. the white house is the pinnacle of power in reality and in perception. the average joe thinking that the white house is going to record his name and his words. bill: i don't think so. i don't think the average joe sin tim dated by. this i hope not. bill: it sends the wrong message. i don't think there is one person watching me tonight, not one who is not going to give their opinion on health care because of that dopey web site. >> i think you are right. but it sends the wrong message and it's illegal message and the president took a an oath to uphold the law. >> my wrap up is to bring the three of together in agreement that this particular president barack obama is not a man who wants to suppress any speech and invites vigorous debate. if the wording were changed. bill: lanny, if i get audited, you are paying my costs because you just said that we will see. gentlemen, thanks very much. >> you are welcome. bill: judge sotomayor, now justice sotomayor how liberal will she be on the court. the boston police officer who made a terrible remark in the
5:20 am
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bill: follow up segment tonight the senate voted to confirm
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judge sotomayor to the supreme court today 668-31. congratulations to her. some americans are concerned about the new justice. here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. this coverage who is not concerned. bill: well, listen, the judge was qualified and she is now the justice and that's that. however, we don't know what she is going to do and i think you should be alittle the traditional values in america, the way we have lived for the past 250 years are under siege. there are forces in the secular progressive community who want to change. they want gay marriage, plural marriage, illegallization of narcotics, criminal penalties change. the way you punish prisoners changed. restorative justice. on and on. it just never ends. all of those things are possible with an activist supreme court. >> well, you said a lot just then. number one is there any evidence that judge sonia sotomayor is a secular progressive.
5:24 am
bill: there isn't. >> you said she is qualified. that's not true. she is well-qualified which is the highest level of approval from the american bar association or any of those organizations. bill: i said you are qualified and you are quibbling with me. >> more than qualified. she is the most imminently qualified jurist in half a century since feel election frankfuture. bill: you don't have to campaign for her she is in. the values weigh i grew up and w. and you grew up with are under siege in the next few years. >> i understand your concern. but i think to voice that concern in the context of sonia sotomayor's ascension to the high court is unfair. there is nothing in her judicial record. if there were, we certainly would have heard about it to indicate that she is a judicial activist. bill: the ruling was activist ruling. >> i disagree. her ruling basically reaffirmed
5:25 am
the status quo. bill: are you going to sit there and tell me that she is not going to be an activist liberal judge? are you going to say that? >> i think that you, of all people, with your deep concern for right to life and your concerned about the proliferation of abortion should look to her with hope. bill: i am. i have hope. i have hope but i am concerned, too. >> my point is that this was a bogus. the campaign against sonia sotomayor. bill: answer my question. are you going to be surprised if she is. >> let me answer. >> left wing activist judge. >> i would be spre surprised. one man activist judge. bill: i know another freedom fighter. >> another man's well qualified jurist. there is nothing in her record. look what they seized on. bill: i don't want to do that all i wanted to know. >> college speech eight years ago. bill: you don't think she is going to be a legal activist
5:26 am
judge. it's on the record. i don't know. i hope not. she was norm nated by george h.w. bush to the district court and i submit to you that were this the george w. bush administration and if he had nominated her the way his father had, you would not have -- you would have had the democrats crying that she was going to be an activist and she is going to infringe on abortion rights. it has boiled down to politics. the court. bill: i got 90 seconds. bill: i got to get to lou dobbs. >> bush v. gore was the most activist judicial decision in the history of our republican. bill: i disagree. >> except for maybe dred scott. bill: you have a beef with me for sticking up for lou dobbs? >> lou dobbs has done more to slander latin people in this country than any other single human being. he has made the image of a young latino man climbing the border wall into this profoundly negative icon that has totally
5:27 am
perverted the discussion over immigration reform. bill: listen, i have never -- i have never endorsed mr. dobbs' views, ever. >> and his -- the thing about the birther -- bill: please. come on. >> what is this? bill: you know my stance on that. >> i do. that's why i'm surprised to hear you and bernie. bill: his wife and children were attacked. >> whoever does that that is beyond the pale. bill: that's all. >> i feel the same way about -- even don's. bill: he has a right to his opinion without his wife and children being dragged into it. geraldo rivera, everybody. we have got to go. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. two who he high profile situation. a boston cop who lodged an insult says his civil rights were violated. he is suing. hear testimony from the mistress of john edwards who brings her baby along for testimony. megyn kelly on that. and we hope you stay tuned for those reports. he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old!
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bill: professor gates cambridge police never seems to seems to end. remember this man justin barrett emade some thoughts about the case calling professor gates a quote banana eating jungle monkey. he has been suspended.
5:31 am
now he is suing saying his civil rights have been violated. joining us from boston peter more ran know the attorney for officer barrett. i'm not getting this lawsuit. i'm just not getting it why don't you explain it to me. >> the reason we have brought this civil rights lawsuit in the federal court here is the issue at hand here is not the offense. whether it's a minor offense or the most severe offense that this officer could have committed. the problem has become, bill, that the mayor of the city of boston has in a rush to judgment come out and said that officer barrett is a cancer that needs to be cut out and he is as good as gone. g-o-n-e. he actually spelled it that poses a problem for us. under the state's laws, the civil service position he is. in mr. barrett is entitled to a fair hearing by the appointing authority, which is the mayor in this city he is the one who
5:32 am
makes the ultimate judgment as to what the discipline is. bill: you say the mayor has poisoned the well before the hearing it's a technical lawsuit based upon. >> due process. bill: all right. now, let's do a little due process right here on the factor. on worldwide television. this is the email that your guy sent out. there is no doubt in this email any adult who can read knows it's a racist email. judge monkey. not once, three times. so he reads the email, all right? just as i read it, just as you read it? >> actually, he never read it. bill: i don't believe that. >> i actually never read it, bill. bill: i can't believe he didn't read this email because everybody in the world has read it and maybe somebody read it to him. >> actually. bill: totally irresponsible and did read it. it takes me 10 seconds and i don't know officer barrett. but it takes me 10 seconds to
5:33 am
say he can't serve. officer barrett can't serve because he made these inexcusable, inciewivel racial comments. there is a process that needs to be folded any priewlings of an offense. our country is founded upon a system of justice. bill: i got the process. >> and he comes out -- bill: all right. you have talked to barrett, i mean obviously he is your client. >> obviously. bill: ok. is he contrite about this stuff? is he sorry he did this? >> he is incredibly sorry. bill: you don't have to go any further. so barrett is sorryee did it. how do you right something like this though with these kinds of inflammatory descriptions? how do you do that unless, in your heart, you hate black
5:34 am
people? i don't know how you do it. >> people, there are things in people's heart that i don't know. and i don't know in any of my clients that i represent, not justin barrett but i represent a variety of people of different races. bill: did he explain to you? he explained that his response was triggered by an article written that he thought was blatantly one side. bill: why we use those terms? why we use those terrible, terrible terms? , see, you can be upset. a lot of people are upset about it, counselor, you know that but why, why? >> i know that you know that and why is a question that i have tried to answer and this is a young man who sat in front of me. bill: he has a gun. he has got authority. he uses. this it's just troubling, counselor, i will give you the last word it? >> is troubling but, again, bill, i'm not saying that the police department and the city
5:35 am
itself doesn't have a right to discipline, up to and including termination. we're north saying that. bill: all right, you just want due process. >> we are saying fairness. and i look at it, i'm not -- i'm not sitting here and saying there isn't an era error. there isn't a wrong. bill: we appreciate you coming on. thanks very much. megyn kelly tracking the mistress of john edwards, testifying today in front of a grand jury with her baby. and a big police shootout in tennessee. was it suicide by cops? we will play you some harrowing
5:36 am
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5:38 am
bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file tonight beginning with rielle hunter the mistress of john edwards. she appeared before a grand jury showing up with her baby girl, a child believed to be sired by mr. edwards. the case involves mr. edwards' campaign money allegedly flowing to ms. hunter. now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. bizarre to take the baby into grand jury testimony. >> yes. that was the first thing that jumped out to me do i have to get a babysitter? you take your child grand jury proceeding? only one and a half years old. the only thought i had was perhaps the child is with her because the child is relevant to the proceedings. it could be the grand jurors wanted to see the child.
5:39 am
perhaps the prosecutor wanted to see the child. the child may, indeed, be relevant because this is all about whether edwards' political action commit or his campaign used funds to pay her off. bill: now, the defense is that they didn't, that a rich guy who liked edwards paid her off. >> this guy named fred barron who was edwards' finance chair and also edwards' friend. he said i sent her money. look i admit i sent her money. it wasn't campaign money. it was question whether money came from sources other than fred barron like the political action committee. bill: the grand jury is secret by the way. we don't know what's going on in there we don't even know if that's what they're investigating. they could be investigating something else for all we know. but, if edwards is indicted on using campaign money to send payments to ms. hunter, what -- it's a federal charge, right? it's a federal beef, what does he face? >> i didn't look up the potential sentence for this particular crime but i think the last time we talked about this i
5:40 am
recall it was at least five years. the problem he has got is that there is another guy on this case named andrew young who initial day came forward and said i'm the father of that baby. bill: now he says he is not. >> he he is coming out with a tell-all group. he was called before the grand jury. what did he say to the grand jurors? bill: not good for john edwards. >> huh-uh. bill: in tennessee, a guy is running around with a rifle. cops respond fired 59 shots, killing the man. roll the tape. [gunfire] [screams] put the gun down! [gunfire] bill: naacp wants to know what happened. >> what happened was the guy was rooming around the neighborhood with a gun. they tried to get him under control. they tried to taser him unsuccessfully. apparently they did taser him but it didn't get him under
5:41 am
control and they don't know why. then he was out on his front porch waving this rifle around. they did not shoot until he took out the rifle and pointed it at them. and they opened fire. bill: rifle loaded after the fact. >> apparently it was. at least that's the report i read. in any event, now there is all this fire on the cops because they say he recovery -- they overreacted. the police are being investigated interriblely. right now the department is standing behind them because, when you shoot in that kind of a situation, you shoot for center mass. that's what cops are normally told to do. you don't necessarily. bill: sure, if you have a loaded rifle pointed at you you don't shoot them in the foot. >> this guy is in a neighborhood community with a gun. bill: absolutely. now, there is a theory about suicide by cop, that people who want to commit suicide go out, put themselves in this situation and hoping to die. is is there any evidence. >> that's the theory. that's what those in the community believe. those who knew him and those who work for the police force. this guy didn't want to pull the trigger on himself, even though he was pointing his gun at
5:42 am
himself earlier in the evening and so instead he pointed at the cops everyone knows if you point a gun at a cop what's going to happen in response. bill: do we know what happened to this guy. >> no. what i read was he was distressed at not having seen his children. so, that could be he was suicidal. bill: points a rifle at the police. they respond with 59 shots. he is dead. and now -- they have to investigate. we are not second-guessing anybody. you have to do that. >> this is not a -- this guy had a weapon on him there was no question in their minds. bill: right. ok, now, as you may know, the factor broke the story of david earls who raped a 5-year-old girl. got one year by a incompetent oklahoma judge. now, we pushed and pushed and pushed because we can't have this in america. this man has a long history of crime. we know what happened to the 5-year-old girl.
5:43 am
her brother also molested, 6 years old. now a grand jury in oklahoma is convened to do, what, according -- >> to take a look at what other crimes. bill: erls may have committed. >> he is about to get out of prison. bill: in september? >> to the attorney general of the state's credit he said let's investigate -- you know. bill: we have to push the attorney general. >> to your criticism i will give you a hard time you deserve a hard time. on this one you deserve credit. bill: geraldo went down there, too. we pushed him and pushed him and pushed him. this guy is 67 years old. maybe it's not the first time he molested a little girl or little boy. bill: his own daughter came forward. >> his own daughter, stepdaughter third person now an adult. will. bill: all came forward to say this guy is child rapist. >> the problem with those three is the criminal statute of limitations has almost run, almost certainly has run 12 years. bill: is that what it is in oklahoma 12 years it? >> happened when they were little girls, all 40's or late 20's now. the statute has run on those women. that doesn't mean they stop
5:44 am
digging. they are talking to them and other contacts they have. i think they're reininvestigating the case of the 6-year-old brother. the 6-year-old brother took the stand at a preliminary hearing and tried to testify and broke down and he recanted and had the same problems that the a-year-old girl had. even worse. they didn't go forward with the 6-year-old boil's case. now they are taking another look into that question about whether double jeopardy would prevent it. bill: the boy -- he was never charged with the boy thing. he can't be charged with double jeopardy. >> just a preliminary hearing. it wasn't a trial. bill: what oklahoma is doing now is looking for anyway because when you put this up as a grand jury it gets in all the papers and somebody else might come forward and said this guy did this to me. >> right, i'm sure this guy has been around children prior to these two. bill: that's what his on ren -- >> bring charges before he gets out of jail. bill: we were ittough on the oklahoma people. the attorney general, the d.a.
5:45 am
and the judge, of course, no excuse. >> impeachment proceedings underway for the judge. bill: but now they are doing the right thing. we will keep everybody posted. up next reality check tonight starring one the most incredible videos you will ever see on television. wait, wait, wait. cut. as well as a reality show bride acting in a very bizarre way. >> it's not your freakin' wedding, it's mine. can you tell me now if you are trying to sabotage my wedding? oh, man. (announcer) your doctor knows tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can. that's one reason why doctors recommend tylenol more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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bill: relation check where we span the globe for truth-telling. check one, say goodbye to the war on terror, jihadist and global war. the head of the white house homeland security office john brennan apparently gave a speech
5:49 am
saying the obama administration is fighting al qaeda, just al qaeda. it's a war against al qaeda. got it? apparently a description change will bring u.s.a. closer to defeating al qaeda. i'm not sure how. but that's the -- at the white house. check two, we hope you check out parade magazine in coming sunday. most widely read magazine in the world features a piece by me your humble correspondent entitled what president obama can teach america's kids. no ideology in this one. just solid lessons for american children. we will discuss the article on monday. please check it out. check 3, the far left hate site the daily kos is now hating those who oppose obama care. >> warning, the following video contains material that is unsuitable for some children. town halls gone wild is travelling coast to coast tea party action we can find. >> we have seen these town halls going wide. >> you have got to see this tea party [bleep] going crazy. can you see it all uncensored on town halls gone wild special dvd
5:50 am
edition. all yours for selling your soul to the health insurance industry. if you order today we'll throw in a free bonus the all new tea [bleep] gone wild dvd. birth or madness. bill: daily kos are swell, aren't they? check four, hot on the heels of the cos john conyers somehow felt the need to mock sarah palin. >> as a supporter of sarah palin for taking over the republican party, i am one of her great advocates. [ laughter ] i mean, what an attractive, young neo conservative reactionary, wow. and never been one like her. bill: county man talk any slower? here is a prediction from check. the more these far left loons attack mrs. palin the more successful she will become. check a, there is a reality program called bridezillas which has angered the great monster
5:51 am
godzilla very much. bad behavior by ladies about to be married. >> it's not your freakin' wedding. it's mine. no. i told her black shoes. you can just tell me right now if you are trying to sabotage my wedding. if that's the case, you don't need to come. [bleep] take it back to the freakin' store. you hear me? yeah, i hear you. >> if i can do everything all over again, i would not be none of this work. the bride i shouldn't be breaking out over strain. bill: can't wait for the honeymoon. godzilla was not that petulant. he said very little when destroying tokyo. with all that fire coming out of his mouth, it wasn't possible for him to talk at all. perhaps the bridezillas should follow suit. there he goes. check six, get ready for a very wild ride. last monday a german guy named decided to imitate evel knievel.
5:52 am
♪ there was lollipop ♪ with a peggy sue ♪ good golly miss molly ♪ was it even there too. splish splash, i forgot about the baath i went and put my dancing shoes on. bill: way to go bruno. some people say the video is a fake. we don't care. what we do know is that bruno is a current internet sensation. bobby deringer. that is reality check. up next the sensational pinheads and patriots segment tonight starring brad pitt and a goat. right back with it. - hi, i'm halle berry, and as a new mom, i can tell you that childhood is a magical time. but for children with diabetes, life is not quite so carefree. the barbara davis center for childhood diabetes is fighting hard to find a cure. know the signs: irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure.
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bill: time now for "pinheads & patriots." fox news correspondent william lajeunesse had a confrontation with a goat. >> the key is that you buy goat meat that is meant -- excuse me, goat that is meant for meat, not dairy goats that get slaughtered, and that's kind of bad. this guy is eating my audio cable. stop it, stop it. but nevertheless, as you can see, they're pretty friendly. i mean it. and actually, very good eating as well. >> if he eats your audio cable, you eat him. you tell him who's boss. >> so i've got a cable. can you see this? here's the audio cable right there. the goat was eating the cable. so longness goes, "i mean it."
5:55 am
like the goat cares what longness said. i love it. "mean it." and the goat says i'm going to eat the cable, no matter what you say. so for eating the cable, the goat might be a patriot. on the pinhead front, as you may know, actors brad pitt and angelina jolie are not married, despite having six children living with them. when asked about it, they said, "maybe we'll get married when it's legal for everyone." pinhead? you make the call. just a reminder that the american patriot hats are going fast. you should have one. these are beautiful hats. double discounts on everything if you're a bill o'reilly member, so it's like we're giving the hat to you. you'll also get discounts on "bold fresh." if you buy a certain amount of stuff you get this nifty bag. now, the letters. lisa matthews from virginia. i am just one of thousands of americans who are angry and want our country back. it is incredible how people
5:56 am
like nancy pelosi just write us off. we listen for years to liberal opinions and now they can listen to us. you know, i like your passion, lisa. a signed copy of "bold fresh" on the way. "both monica and combs miss the point. notice how the crowds reacted. that tells the tale." "bill, thanks for reporting on the fraud of g.e.." scott from new jersey. "bill, did you know g.e. paid no federal income tax in the second quarter, even though it was profitable? disgusting." >> happens all the time. the president can collect billions by instituting a corporate flat tax. martin from medina, ohio. "how much will g.e. profit if the health care bill passes?" ? it's impossible to say, but they'll be after government
5:57 am
contracts, no question. "bill, you were way out in front on the g.e. corruption story. please keep looking out for us." i will, bill, thank you. "i've been buying fuel-efficient cars since 1968, now my tax dollars are being rewarded for people who bought gas guzzlers. cash for clunkers is another stupid government program." "you criticized tha maccallum's dancing. there is nothing to criticize about martha." that's what she tells me, ken. rose from auburn, california. paula abdul will do fine after "american idol." she has her own line of jewelry and will be smiling all the way to the bank. do you think i should have my own line of jewelry? no. gloria from washington. "idol" without paula is like a government tournament without tiger woods." may be overstating it, but -- kelly from alabama. "high 8-year-old son thinks
5:58 am
you're the coolest guy on tv. he named one of the guys on his football video game william o'reilly." good sign for the future. "as i read bold fresh on my way back from germany, everybody wanted to know what i was reading." thank you all for making "bold fresh" the biggest seller yet. how about our website? mail us with pithy comments from all over the world, o' name and town if you wish to opine. when writing to us, here is the word of the day. do not be a blooter. the reason i like this word is because very few dictionaries have it, but you've got to hunt. it is a real word, i am bringing it back. we can't have blood testers running around. it's -- blooters running
5:59 am
around. it's as simple as that. i am bill o'reilly. hope to see you again next time. remember, the spin stops rig gretchen: tgif, everyone. we made it to friday, august 7, 2009. we hope you have a fabulous day. today, he was the leader of the taliban in pakistan but not anymore. baitullah mehsud dead. the commander just responded what he said in two minutes. >> hear our voice! steve: "hear our voice," they said. it started with shouting, a scuffle. one woman even ended up slammed up against the wall. a town hall meeting on health care turned violent, apparently. wait until you hear who was behind it and the interesting connection to the white house. peter? peter: good morning, steve. talk about a close


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