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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 7, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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a police officer stopped to help a guy with a flat tire. steve: what? peter: he nearly gets flattened himself. steve: here it comes again. peter: we'll show it again. our slogan this hour comes from dee jacobson in st. paul, minnesota. you had me at good morning because at "fox & friends" you complete me. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- steve: hi, everybody. welcome aboard. it is friday. it's going to be a beautiful day in new york city. peter johnson jr. is in today for brian. peter: thank you for having me. gretchen: very nice to have you all week. peter: i appreciate it my honor. gretchen: huge news coming out of the other side of the world. the commander of the taliban
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confirming the top terror leader has been killed in pakistan. sources say a c.i.a. missile strike killed baitullah mehsud, the leader of the pakistani taliban. he's considered pakistan's public enemy number one. his sources are believed to be behind a number of terror attacks, including the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. a new prediction about when u.s. troops will leave afghanistan. the man said to become the senior advisor predicts the u.s. will be fighting in the country for two more years. at that point he says troops will either turn power over to an improved afghan force or, quote, lose and go home. meantime, a report on the war is due out in eye few weeks which may -- a few weeks which may lead to a request for additional u.s. forces. an accused killer in his own words. we warn you. this video is disturbing. the lone gunman who murdered
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three women in a pennsylvania gym recorded this video. in the video which was posted last year on youtube, he ranted about. >> my objective is to be able to emotionally connect with people. because when i'm 10 to 20 years older than she is, she has to feel good about this thing. gretchen: three women were killed, nine wounded when he opened fire on an aerobics class. we're also learning that he bought guns from the same online dealer who sold weapons -- uh-oh -- to the virginia tech shooter. new information on the two american journalists just released from north korea. lisa ling says her sister laura and euna lee did cross into north korean territory. she says they were only there for about 30 seconds before authorities arrested them. >> i know that laura has experienced a lot over the last four and a half months that she hasn't been able to dievulge or
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tell us. we just haven't had enough time with her. but i can tell that she has gone through a lot. gretchen: and coming up next hour, we will hear directly from lisa ling. she will join us live with new information on her sister's time in captivity. his movies helped define a generation but we're sad to report that legendary writer-director john hughes has died of a heart attack while on a trip to new york. >> buehler. buehler? buehler? >> hughes wrote the 1980's classic you saw there including the hugely popular "16 candles," "pretty in pink" and "home alone." john hughes. steve: i sat next to him at a world premiere of a movie once. my son peter and i. and peter was in second or third grade. and john hughes watched my son
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during the entire movie to see his reaction to see whether or not kids would think it was funny. peter: what a brilliant guy. that's one of the favorite movies in our house, that "ferris buehler." gretchen: great movie. let's talk about what's going on at these town halls. people are coming out enforce and they're angry. there's accusations flying from both sides of the fence. are people being bussed in? are there plants in the audience? that's what the democrats are saying. and now they're toughening up the senators and the members of congress who may hold these town halls when they go home for recess. they held a private meeting on capitol hill yesterday with david axelrod, who's one of obama's top people, to basically school them on how to cope with these protests. steve: and at the axelrod meeting, a deputy chief of staff for the white house, jim mussina, told meez democrat senators in the white house --
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he said, quote, if you get hit, we punch back twice as hard. it kind of sounds like that chicago politics we've been hearing all along. but what they're really upset about at the white house is the fact that the right and those who are opposed to the president's health care initiative have been so successful in, you know, going to these things and turning them into events where they wind up getting televised and then we start talking about how there is opposition to the president's health care plan. peter: and apparently no so coincidentally the afl/cio announced yesterday that they are going to mobilize labor activists to attend town hall meetings in 50 congressional districts this month to counter the opposition to the health care reform. so if you're attending these town hall meetings, anticipate buses full of labor activists, as they're called, who will be attending.
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coincidentally to discuss. gretchen: the interesting thing will be to see how many of these town hall meetings actually happen now, because some members of congress have now said, look, we're going to hold conference call town hall meetings over the telephone now. some, at least one, says that he fears for his life at these town hall meetings. but also, maybe they don't want to get themselves into exactly what we've been seeing at some of these events so will they actually continue to hold these events? that, to me is very important today that could insight people to get even more angry. steve: so people were angry last night in tampa. and the town hall turned violent. apparently one congresswoman was trying to talk and the crowd was yelling about tyranny, tell the truth, read the bill, 40 million illegal, stuff like that. also in st. louis, south st. louis county, there was another town hall. remember in missouri, what was it, 10 days ago? members of the staff turned
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ugly. last night in st. louis, six people at a town hall were arrested. it's interesting. an organization which is for the changes in health care called health care for america now sent out a four-page memo and effectively it kind of dovetails with what axlerod said or axlerod's assistant, the deputy chief of staff, said we'll hit them back twice as hard. this memo from this outfit says if right-wingers yell at officials, left wingers need to coordinate with congress people. we need to provide them cover. peter, you touched on it a moment ago with the organized unions that apparently have been enlisted to help out. because apparently a number of people reported that members of seiu, a service employees international union, were at both the town halls yesterday in tampa and also in st. louis. and there's an interesting confluence here. a former union official from
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seiu, a man by the name of patrick gaspard these days is the white house political director. so there you've got the guy with deep union ties who is now the political director at the white house. and also, we understand that a number of people are saying, yes, the union is out in force because they're trying to counter people who are against the health care initiative. gretchen: i guess we shouldn't be surprised. you got one side who believes one way and another side who believes another so they are going to come out in force. i'm not surprised necessarily by that reaction. what i would like to see is that these things do not turn violent. i think there's a really important message to be heard here and that's the american voice so let's just hope that these events can stay civil, both sides. yeah, come to the event. let's have an interesting debate. let everyone have free speech. peter: absolutely. gretchen: but let's not insight all of this violence. peter: there's agreement on the couch that there shouldn't be violence and all americans agree
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there shouldn't be violence on any issue in this country involving political discussion. but i think the point that steve mentioned in terms of the seiu, that's a union with about two million members. i think it represents about a million health care members in the united states. and you mentioned patrick gasparz. he's a friend of mine. he is a brilliant guy, a very decent guy and a good family guy. but i think it's important to understand that there is a confluence between the white house policy and the labor activism here that's going on at this point. so, you see, organizing for america which is the website and front organization, the political organization, for the president, which is an arm of the d.n.c., sending out e-mails containing a statement from the president asking people to attend these town hall meetings to commit to this and to commit to the movement as he speaks of
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it. steve: and you know what, peter? this union has been in action in concert with obama before. because during the campaign they were enlisted to go out and campaign for the president. peter: and this is very effective. the health care workers. they've got a long history in the united states. but i think people are understanding that there is a connection between this white house and organized labor. and we haven't seen that in a long time, really since f.d.r. and the new deal, though he was often fighting with certain labor leaders as well. steve: more coming on this. peter: it's interesting. gretchen: let's talk a little bit about an editorial written today in the "new york times." if you read it very carefully, the accusation within is that america has not yet been able to get over the whole issue of race. and quite frankly if you read between the lines he's saying, i think, that some americans are still racist and that that's why
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they don't like the obama health care plan. this line jumped at me. many people hoped last year's election would mark the end of the angry white voter era in america. indeed voters who can be swayed by appeals to racial and cultural fear are a declining share of the electorate. i'm not so sure that the health care reform has anything to do with race. i think it has to do with people's personal choice and their fear that that may be taken away. peter: you're right, gretchen. but unfortunately it's even more than between the lines. it's on the lines. mr. krugman in today's "new york times" says, "people are reacting less to what mr. obama is doing or even to what they've heard about what he's doing than to who he is, the driving force behind the town hall mobs is the same cultural and racial anxiety that's behind the berser movement." so if europosed to health care reform, you obviously have cultural and racial anxiety. if europosed to the health care
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reform that president obama is talking about and that the democratic congress is trying to put together, then obviously you have a racial problem with this president. that is incredible. and you talk about hate speech. that is hate spheech. steve: sure. peter: that is destructive. that pits people against each other in a way that you were talking about that we don't need in this country. steve: sure. gretchen: and i fear that. peter: that stirs it up. that is just really incredible. steve: and mr. krugman write that right now the right has been very effective in getting people passionate on this. and the left, supporters of mr. obama, have not because perhaps according to, in mr. krugman's words, he's essentially not living up to what he promised. anyway, neil cavuto kind of summed the whole thing up. is it about race or is it about something else? listen to this. >> i take issue not with the color of this president's skin but maybe the thickness of it
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and the thickness of all of those around him. especially those hell bent on health care their way or the highway. this isn't about red or blue but seeing things in black and white. because this isn't democrat or republican. this is us. after all, we pay the bills. pay us some respect. steve: couldn't say it better. peter: the past two or three weeks has been intense national debate on this issue that we're engaged in this kind of mccarthyism that if europosed to national health care reform by president obama, then you're a racist. gretchen: we will continue to debate this throughout the day for the next three hours. also coming up, the aarp supporting health care reform. and that has some of its members, retired folks, outraged. two of them so mad they're tearing up their membership cards after 11 years with the program. they join us live next. peter: and talk about a close call. an officer helping a driver change a flat tire -- nearly
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gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. another $2 billion has been approved for cash for clunkers, but some estimate the program will burn through that money by labor day. so just how much is cash for clunkers costing the average american? let's ask a former administrator of the u.s. general services. she joins me from d.c. today. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. gretchen: i know you have some concerns about the costs of this program that you believe are
6:18 am
even more for the government than the $4,500 per car that we've been hearing that they're shelling out. tell me more. >> gretchen, it's absolutely crazy if you think about it. last night congress approved another $2 billion for a program that they really don't know yet if it's working. secretary lahood is running around town saying that it's been a great success, but we haven't seen any hard data or any facts to support that. and the government is not known for running programs efficiently or cost effectively. and i can assure you that when you look at the costs, the kinds of administrative and managerial costs that go into any program, the cost to the taxpayer is a lot more than the $4,500 they're claiming. i suspect it's a lot near tore a little over $6,000 per car, you know, averaging about $250 million in administrative and managerial costs to administer a program for a very short period of time. gretchen: and i can point to the fact that i know that when the
6:19 am
dealers received the instructions on thousand operate cash for clunkers, the instructions were 136 pages long. you talk about saving energy in our economy or trees or anything like that, that in and of itself is ridiculous. and for anyone to even figure out the program. so your point about beaurocracy well taken. another issue you have is that you don't have to prove citizenship? you don't have to give a social security number? what does that mean? >> it means that there's a lot of potential for fraud. because what you don't have is any way of tracking who's actually getting the $4,500 trade-in subsidy. it could be illegal immigrants. it could be just folks coming over from mexico or canada who decide they want an extra $4,500 and then they take the american tataxpayers' money and go back o their own country it really is irresponsible. if you look at the 136-page report with the forms that have to be filled out, they have 78 people who are allocated only to
6:20 am
processing the forms for the dealers. gretchen: and they've hardly accepted hardly any of them. the percentage that have gone through so far are tiny. real quick, what will happen when cash for clunkers is over? >> my concern is that it won't ever be over. it hasn't really and isn't going to give the blip to the economy that it wants simply because when you get down to it, it's money that's being spent that is going to cannibalize future sales. gretchen: exactly. >> it's like i a sugar high. you get a little up and then you crash. gretchen: medical procedures under jeopardy under the new health care plan. why you may find it tough to get things like an m.r.i. even when your doctor thinks you actually need one. and are you constantly on the go? who isn't, right? and hoping to catch some winks on your next flight? well, your pilot may be running on less sleep than you are. we'll explain. and steven tyler rocking a little too hard.
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peter: good morning. some headlines. g.m. says it's in the process of building the first plug-in hybrid s.u.v. the company says it could get twice the mileage. excellent. the model will use a lithicum ion battery. it should be available to you by 2011. and from sixth place to the head of the class. west point now placing first in the new "forbes" list of top colleges. yeah. the u.s. military academy bumped princeton out of the top spot. rounding up the top three are the california institute of
6:25 am
technology. look at that. steve: the best part about west point if you're lucky enough to get asked to go, it's free. gretchen: wow. didn't know that. are you constantly on the go and hoping to catch some winks on your next flight? well, your pilot may be running on a little less z's than you are. all right. i'm not so sure i'm going to like what i'm going to hear about this story. take it away. >> good morning, guys. gretchen, we certainly don't want to frighten our viewers. but the fact is, four of the last six commercial aviation fatal crashes involved a commuter airline. that's why c.e.o.'s of those airlines were being grilled before a senate aviation subcommittee yesterday. so we decided to investigate. take a look. >> over 3407. >> continental flight 3407 killed 50 people near buffalo, new york, in february.
6:26 am
a commuter flight gone horribly wrong. rebecca shaw, the 24-year-old copilot, made just $16,000 a year. she commuted over 2,500 miles, taking two separate flights just to get from her home in seattle to her home base in newark, new jersey that morning to report to work. regional planes make up half of all the flights in the country. according to the f.a.a., four of the last six fatal commercial aviation crashes has involved a regional airline. fatigue, low wages and flight schedules all seem to play a part in the growing concern over commuter flights. at a senate hearing thursday, aviation subcommittee chairman raised the issue of pilots not getting enough rest. >> they're called crash pads where 20, 30 people will show up and use a crash pad to get a few hours sleep here and there. don't you think from the evidence we now see that there's something wrong here? >> first officer, an officer of the airline pilots association.
6:27 am
>> the focus needs to be on improving pay conditions and treatment of pilots as a whole so they can afford to get a hotel room if they need to. >> so what are crash pads? they're places where commuting pilots pay a few hundred dollars a month to have a place to sleep in los angeles, some pilots even sleep in r.v.'s in the parking lot of l.a.x. but do they help or hurt the fatigue issue? we asked the c.e.o. of the airline that operated flight 3407. >> have you ever stayed in a crash pad? >> yes, sir, i have. many years ago. >> how did you find it? >> i loved it. >> did you stay in one last night? >> no, i did not. >> now, guys, i spoke to the f.a.a. yesterday. they said that their rule-making committee is looking at changing the flight and rest time rules. those recommendations due september 1. also asked senator anytime you won't get on a commuter plane anytime soon?
6:28 am
he said, no, no i'm going fly. we just need to ensure better safety. steve: thank you very much. peter: unbelievable. steve: makes you want to get the first flight out in the morning when everybody's refreshed. straight ahead, we told you yesterday about a plan by congress to buy two luxury jets for congress. now get this. apparently they want to buy not two, not four, not six. they want to buy eight! don't worry. it will only cost us half a billion dollars. peter: then she's supposed to catch the grounder. instead a ball girl takes an embarrassing fall. but that's not her only foul. gretchen: let's see what happens. gretchen: and happy birthday to david duchovny. 49 today.
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real food at the right price! this is the primo stuff. one appetizer and two premium entrees. just twenty bucks-every day. genuine food. generous portions. genius price. 2 for $20! only at applebee's. >> a computer hacker shut down twitter this morning. [cheers and applause] yeah. but the good news is a computer hacker shut down twitter this morning. [cheers and applause] gretchen: i guess conan doesn't like the fact that twitter has
6:33 am
taken over the lives of several different celebrities and a lot of other just regular people. steve: yesterday we were talking about how it sounded as if the guys and gals in congress were going to buy themselves to ferry around to different congressional trips two very expensive airplanes. now, how hypocritical of them. remember when they grill the the c.e.o.'s of the big car companies who were in d.c. asking for bailout money because they flew in on jets? remember this? >> i'm going to ask the three executives here to raise their hand if they flew here commercial. let the record show no hands went up. second going to ask you to raise your hand if you're planning to sell your jet in place now and fly back commercial. let the record show no hands went up. steve: so yesterday we told you congress was going to buy themselves two planes. now it's much worse than we
6:34 am
thought. gretchen: it's eight planes! here's what i love. the description is it's designed to be, quote, office in the sky. you know what i think members of congress need right now, more than just airplanes, a library. they need to just sit down quietly and read all of those bills. they don't need all of these stinkin airplanes. what do you think? peter: if we're going to discuss aviation, maybe the $550 million should go to buy some real beds for some of those commuter airline pilots. steve: no kidding. peter: but we're talking about gulf streams now, about 737's. steve: right. peter: it's interesting always that the highest use of congressional airplanes is during the recess. like you couldn't get a plane during the july fourth break. where are they going? steve: it's interesting. because the pentagon simply asked for two. we want two planes. and the defense department asked for two more for a total of four planes. and then somewhere along the line the lawmakers put in four additional planes. and each one of these planes
6:35 am
are $60 million or $70 million a piece so they asked for four. they're going to wind up with eight. it's interesting. a spokesman for the pentagon said "the defense department didn't ask for planes and we don't need them." peter: we don't want them. steve: how crazy is that? fly exphecial like the rest of us -- commercial like the rest of us. gretchen: the nation's newest supreme court justice will be sworn in tomorrow. sonya sotomayor was confirmed by the senate by a 68-31 vote. >> justice, equality, and opportunity are the very ideal that have made judge sotomayor's own american journey possible. they're ideals she's fought for throughout her career. and the ideal the senate upseld today in breaking yet another barrier and moving us yet another step closer to a more perfect union. gretchen: the 55-year-old judge grew up in a new york city housing project. she's been a federal judge for 17 years. sotomayor will become the 111th
6:36 am
justice. the third woman and the first hispanic on the supreme court. fannie mae apparently didn't get enough taxpayer money so it's getting another $11 billion from the government. this after posting a $15 billion loss last quarter. earnings for fannie's sister company, freddie mac, will be out today. so far the government shelled out $96 billion to both. the federal deficit now reaching $1.3 trillion. the deficit growing by $880 billion in just the last year alone as tax revenues fell by $350 billion. the administration's health reform plan and environmental ambitions are expected to add to that growing deficit. it was sergeant matthew davidson's lucky day. he was helping a motorist change a tire on the houston area bridge. and, whoosh. another tire flies off a truck at 60 miles an hour and just misses him. davidson had just stepped out of the way one moment before.
6:37 am
the tire did end up beaming his pistol and tore the holster. the truck just ceept kept going. more incredible video. steven tyler taking a nasty spill right off the stage. he was flown to a hospital where he was in good spirits, making jokes about the whole thing. did he hurt his shoulder, head and neck but is expected to be ok. no word yet on when he'll be ready to rock again. aerosmith in the middle of a national tour. steve? steve: all right, gretchen. thank you very much. some aarp members are outraged and they're letting the organization know about it. they're angry with the group's apparent support for president obama's health care plan. some are even going so far as to tear up their membership cards. two of the members of aarp, charlie and sherill stewart, join us right now. charlie has been a member for 11 years and his wife cheryl is a registered nurse. we thank you both for joining us today from columbus. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: i understand you were watching the "fox & friends" show the other day, cheryl, and
6:38 am
what did you see? >> well, that's true, steve. i was watching your piece on aarp and how it is supporting the national health care plan proposed by president obama. and knowing that we were aarp members, i questioned my husband, you know, whether we should actually continue our membership with aarp in light of the fact that they are actually supporting something that we are not in favor of. so he actually called aarp that day and questioned their position. and they denied that they were supporting the national health care plan. so our next step was to contact fox and get some clarification. and on the heels of that e-mail, here we are today. steve: sure. we should point out it's been very clear that aarp, the american association of retired persons, is supportive of the
6:39 am
president's plans to reform health care. now, charlie, when you called them up, it sounds like they got into a little argument with you. >> well, i explained to them that i was watching "fox & friends" and they indicated that aarp was supporting the president's health care reform. and the representative that i talked to absolutely denied that. she got a little bit defensive. she said that they were not supporting the president but they were supporting changes in the health care. and i explained to them, i says, well, based on what you're telling me, then i will remain a member but i wanted to cross check this with "fox & friends." a couple of hours later i decided to call aarp headquarters again and i talked to another representative. and this representative basically told me the same thing. it was almost they were script
6:40 am
what to say to people like myself. steve: now, charlie, in the past have you felt -- according to one of the producers you spoke to, in the past you felt that aarp has had a liberal agenda. >> oh, absolutely. i really didn't realize how liberal they were. but the more and more that i started getting involved and thanks to people like your station, i've learned a lot more about aarp. and it's totally against my principle. steve: we're just trying to give both sides. so, cheryl, what have you decided to do about your membership with aarp? >> well, i'm not as dramatic as my husband who's hoping to tear it up and fly it away. but just as most of our investments and other memberships, we just really are looking at what our money is supporting. and we're questioning agendas. and i do not believe that i will continue my membership with
6:41 am
aarp. steve: and charlie, what is it about the president's health care plan that really eats at your craw? >> well, there's a number of things. number one, from my understanding, there's about 91% of all american people that are currently insured. 86% of those people are very happy with their current insurance plans. and i've heard numbers such as 50 million people are uninsured and somewhere between 10 million and 20 million are illegal aliens. and i'm very much against that. and i'm wondering how they're going to pay for this. my next thing is, are we going to have enough doctor and nurses and medical people to take care of this. steve: scaght exactly right. charlie and cheryl, you're asking all the right questions it does sound as if you're very informed about what's going on. we thank you very much for joining us today to talk about how disappointed you have been in aarp and whether or not you should continue your membership. thank you for joining us today
6:42 am
from columbus. >> thank you. steve: thank you. straight ahead, we told you yesterday about five medical procedures and treatments that you could lose under the president's new health care plan. today five more that could disappear including chemotherapy? then, a patriotic statue honoring soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. but one town refused to put it on display. what will happen to it? details straight ahead on "fox & friends" on this friday. - hi. - crowd: hi!
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6:46 am
mehsud baitullah was the most wanted man in the country. we're in islamabad with the latest on this. this is what you would call a high target terror capture. right, scott? >> exactly. high terror target kill. definitely, gretchen. good morning. baitullah mehsud was head of the umbrella group for the taliban here in pakistan. within just the last hour we got confirmation from one of k.t.p.'s commander and aide to baitullah that he has, in fact, been killed. over the last 24 hours there's been back and forth. there was intelligence that he was killed but there still is not physical evidence. this is the first that we've heard from the taliban that baitullah mehsud has been killed. prior to that we got intelligence from on ground that there was a funeral for baitullah and also that the taliban was convening a meeting to decide who is his successor. i spoke with pakistani military source earlier today. he told me that this is definitely a good move, but the
6:47 am
fight against the taliban isn't over just because baitullah has been killed. gretchen? gretchen: all right, scott. big news today out of islamabad. thank you very much. peter: and yesterday we told about five procedures that could disappear under the president's health care proposal. today we have five more to discuss with you. gretchen: joining us now, fox news medical contributor dr. siegel. the first you want to talk about is targeted treatments, specifically like ceem the chem. >> i don't think people realize how well we're doing with cancer right now. we used to just poiseson cancer and then he would poison the body. now we have targeted antibiotics that go right after the cancer. but they don't work on everyone so how is insurance, one size fits all, going to cover this? herceptin has an 80% response rate for extensive breast cancer. it's a miracle drug. only works in about 20%, 30%.
6:48 am
same with some other targeted therapies. >> think these can become extinct. i'm very worried about that possibility. peter: there's certain cosmetic or reconstructive procedures covered by insurance when medically necessary. what's your concern about that under a prospective obama plan? >> it's the same problem. how are gruing to justify it? you say i can't breathe, i need a rhino plasty. that's a very important consideration. peter: a nose job. >> a nose job. who's going to decide if you can't breathe or not. another one, burns. 30% burns, you have to go in the burn unit. guess what. you need hospital riyadh mission for more and -- readmission. they're talking about cutting down on readmissions. peter: transplants. >> already in danger. what if you're a dringer, have a problem with scorocis, are they going to get approved. we may end up with a point where only steve jobs gets a
6:49 am
transplant and nobody else. gretchen: so many people get this done to fight obesity. that could go away? >> i'm very worried about that, too. it's up from 140,000 cases. let me explain about gastric bypass surgery. it actually -- i'm convinced now. i used to be against it. i now think it really works it cuts down on diabetes, on high blood pressure, on heart disease. if you're 300, 400 pounds, you need these procedures. peter: kidney disease. what if i have kidney disease and need dialysis? >> i was studying dialysis last night. 350,000 people are on dialysis every year. most of them are elderly. dialysis can help you get five or 10 years of quality life. peter: so the concern is if you're too old, maybe you get it maybe you don't. >> i don't want it taken away. peter: thanks. >> you bet. gretchen: you've been doing a lot of reading. >> you bet i have. gretchen: thank you for parsing that down for us. peter: this statute was designed
6:50 am
to honor our troops but the town it's for is refusing to display it. why they're say nothing thanks. gretchen: you saw the tearful homecoming. we talk to lisa ling about how it feels to have her sister back and what she knows about the captivity. .
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
peter: 53 minutes after the hour. a town in massachusetts saying no thanks to a town that refused a statute do you. at first they accepted the statue but now why the change of heart? age stow works dhap made the 6-foot tall granite statute. they join us to explain what happened and why they are furious about it good morning mr. and mrs. blaine. what happens? >> good morning.
6:54 am
>> after winning an essay contest that they wanted the statue. and then backed out. >> well, it was, i guess you could say, the majority that doesn't come out to speak on behalf of the public and the minority got to say their peace a little more than the majority. and it ended up putting pressure on the town. the historic committee got involved. once all these committees get involved, i think it was more than they bargained for so they backed out of it. peter: did you design the statue yourself? >> we did design the statue ourselves. it was a prototype that we made for a larger statue that we were proposing to one of the area towns that we were working for. and, instead of the prototype just sitting there, we came up with the idea after watching the movie taking chance that moved us so drastically that we should
6:55 am
donate our prototype to a deserving community or town since they no longer have the funds to erect monuments or statues in anyone's honor any longer. peter: it's a striking piece of granite art. where is it going to go? where do you want it to go? how can a town or a city in america get the opportunity? because i'm sure there are dozens of them, if not hundreds that would love to have this statue which costs about $30,000 if it was purchased. >> well, i will tell you, the outpouring of support, since veterans community has found out that we are donating it, we have gotten letters and calls from all over the united states asking for the monument itself. and the only request that we had is to write us a letter from the heart and give us a site proposal where we would put it. we want it to be visible. we want it to be somewhere where you would drive by and think
6:56 am
about those children that we have, boys and girls, that are there every day fighting in our behalf. peter: mr. and mr. and mrs. blaine, thank you for your service to the art community, to the business community, and to our american communities. if you want, if you are have from a city or town across america. go to our web site and find out how you can have this statue in your town. i thank you so much mr. and mrs. blaine. we wish you good luck. we are going to follow up and see where this statue winds up. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. peter: be well. if congress is pushing so hard for the president's health care package, then why not have them sign up for it, too? we have assembled our own "fox & friends" town hall this morning. they will tackle that one with steve doocy in the next hour. and then, police have scientific proof a mom was drunk and high when she drove the wrong way, leaving eight people dead.
6:57 am
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gretchen: a town hall on health care turns violent. [chanting] hear our voice. >> why one woman got slammed into the wall. did the white house have a hand in it. a look at these meetings from three people who have been there. peter: tearful homecoming. lisa ling speaking about her sister's time in captivity. she is going to join us live with new details. steve: forget the heels, ladies, women forced to wear flats to work because, get, this they are
7:01 am
sexist and a safety hazard. find out all about this and why some women are outraged at this new plan. our slogan this hour comes from terry in north carolina. 18 wheels and xm radio, "fox & friends" is the way i roll. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: welcome aboard, folks. it is friday, thank goodness. gretchen: yea! steve: peter is in for brian who is on vacation. peter: hi. steve: he will be back on monday. let's talk about a story that captivated the tri-state area. this is daniel schueler. yesterday he had a press conference. it was quite emotional. he was talking about the last kiss that he had with his wife diane who, about a week ago, set off on a trip home from a campground. and never made it home. in fact, that's her suv.
7:02 am
in the process, eight people were killed, including her. most of his family. and now people are saying how could this possibly have happened because apparently, according to the toxicology report u she was really drunk. gretchen: after this happened two sundays ago, police were saying hey, we don't believe drugs or alcohol are involved in this crash, even though apparently according to police reports they found this huge bottle of empty vodka near the crash site, the toxicology reports came back two days ago. she had a .19. it was like the equivalent of 10 drinks and also recently smoked marijuana. a lot of people were saying my goodness. eight lives. look at these children. three of those children are her nieces. it wiped out a family of their children. the first little girl in that picture is her own little daughter. below her the woman who was stoned and drunk. three innocent men, all of their lives lost.
7:03 am
her husband came out and had this tierful press conference and basically said that he didn't believe any of the toxicology reports at awesome he said it must have been some other medical condition. >> did you know -- >> absolutely not. dunchts ever know her to get drunk. >> never saw her drunk since the day i met her. >> she was perfect wife, outstanding mother. hard worker. reliable person. trust worthy. i would marry her again tomorrow. she is awesome. she is the best. steve: the man right there who was asking daniel schueler those questions was the family attorney. he is saying it had to be something else, a stroke, diabetes, mysterious lump on the leg. medical examiner made it clear she was in perfect health when she died. do they ever make mistakes. peter: medical examiners do make mistakes from time to time. in fact, i had a case that went all the way up to the court of
7:04 am
appeals in new york state involving a medical examiner's mistake. it appears the numbers here are unmistakeable. gretchen talked about a .19 which is more than double the level being drunk in new york state. the consumption of marijuana an hour before. on top of that, there was a tremendous amount of undigested alcohol in the stomach that was found upon autopsy. and that's alcohol that had not me tabbized and effected the blood alcohol rate. the affected blood alcohol rate over time would have grown. it wasn't that it was shrinking, it was recent drinking and that correlates with the fact that the bottle had been found. gretchen: doesn't this just smack of a poor man who is in complete denial? i mean, he has gone through amazing loss. and then to find out that his own wife may have been responsible for all of these deaths. not to mention, mr. legal eagle, that he now could face legal
7:05 am
action key not if, in fact, he was aware that she was consuming alcohol as her husband? >> sure, i think that's what that press conference may have been about and the fact that mr. barbara, who is a, you know, a domestic affairs attorney out on long island. steve: featured on the howard stern show. >> featured on the howard stern show. there could be a claim, if you are talking about legal claims, that he negligently provided the vehicle somehow or allowed someone to drive the vehicle. i think your first point is also accurate in that the tragedy is so overwhelming, and if you have a loved one that does this, and maybe you are not aware of a drinking problem. and maybe you are not aware of a marijuana problem, i mean, that's a possibility. so, in some sense, you have to credit what he is saying. i mean, the tragedy is enormous. steve: he is stick up for his wife. he does not believe it happened. peter: turns out not true and
7:06 am
this press conference has gone on and then we have a different reaction, saying you are playing on our sympathy at this point and not telling us the truth. we don't know what the truth is at this point we kind of accept that he didn't know but i think it's unmistakeable as to what the autopsy findings show. steve: the two of them started the day together at this campground. he left, went home, the 90 minute trip to long island. she came along later. a lot of people are saying she came in contact with a number of people. if she was, you know, drinking those 11 shots of vodka, couldn't somebody have stopped her. >> i was at a funeral yesterday. i was emotional to begin with i looked in the post. there was a picture, yesterday, of these little girls who died. and it just -- it was overwhelming. how they're dealing with it. gretchen: they have lost all of their children. it's a horrible, horrible story. let's move on, if we can, to another situation with regard to something we have been telling you a lot about in the last few
7:07 am
weeks. that's aarp for retired persons. and whether or not this organization is supporting the obama health care initiative. are they? and are members as angry as some appear to be? well, let's listen to what happened at one of the listening sessions. >> we wanna tell you what we're working on. i think we can all agree that the system we have now is sustainable. the current system could use some improvements. >> no, we don't agree. >> excuse me, but i would really appreciate if everybody could keep their comments quiet until there is time for the public. i would appreciate some courtesy. really. i mean this might be fun for you but that's not what we are doing today. >> you know what? you are really not running the meeting, sir. i am going to continue. >> do you guys work for us or do we work for you? steve: so what happened there at that aarp meeting down in dallas, a listening session, was
7:08 am
apparently they didn't like the way things were going, the organizers said ok the meeting is over. the members of aarp stuck around to continue to talk about it. you know, there has been a lot said about whether or not, you know, the aarp is endorsing the president's plan. and according to -- i was just looking at an email that i received it said aarp's official stand is that they are not endorsing the president's plan. however, they are endorsing health care reform in this nation. and they have got another fact sheet that goes point by point. and essentially it's a myth buster showing how the president's plan would benefit people. so, you know, is it just some antics? it sounds as if they are supporting health care reform and, of course, the president is the one pushing them. peter: they endorsed it before they didn't endorse it. enough to they endorsed it. it they might have endorsed it sounds like a jack at this mason's comedian routine.
7:09 am
the membership is saying to them on a lot of occasions, what are we doing here? so it appears that they are backing off a little bit. steve: aarp is in the insurance business. peter: absolutely. steve: financial services giant. sell mutual funds and all sorts of stuff. so they have a financial dog in that race. gretchen: never a good idea though for somebody who is representing an organization to just leave a meeting, i don't think. steve: you never know what's going to happen. gretchen: that's true. i fear how these meetings are going to end up in the next couple of weeks. left's get to the headlines for a friday. secretary of state hillary clinton meeting privately this hour with nelson mandela in johannesburg, south africa. putting pressure to economic reforms. already spoken to the president about it it's believed he is not interested in harder line strong man. south africa is clinton's second stop on a south african trip.
7:10 am
adding $2 billion to the cash for clunker's program means the most polluting vehicles are off the road. do more damage to the treasury than good. taps the $4,500 benefit to consumers actually cost $6,000 for the government. foreign carmakers have benefitted more than domestic ones. disturbing words straight from a killer's mouth. george sodini posted this video a year before he went into the health care and opened fire killing three women. he rants about keeping his emotions in check as he struggles to find love it? >> is easy for me to hide from my emotions for one more day. take a long drive in a car. listen to some music. daydream. or just do some mundane tasks around the house that really doesn't need to be done, that's not too important. and there you go. one more day. and one more day turns into one more year. gretchen: we're also learning
7:11 am
that sodini bought guns from the same web site that sold guns to the virginia tech shooter. users couldn't treat -- tweet about the problem word about hacking spread quickly. it was shut down for hours preventing millions from accessing the popular message site it overwhelmed the servers and overwhelmed anyone else from getting through. not the first security issue. a hacker impersonated several public figures, including president obama. he may have originally thought he was being punked, but it was a real life scary moment for ashton kutcher and demi more this after their private plane forced to make an emergency landing in las vegas. everybody is ok. did he it via twitter. my plane just had to do an emergency landing. engine overheated. fire trucks everywhere. good times. happy to be alive. let's celebrate, party tonight at turtle bay bar in new york city. say spread at the door for half
7:12 am
off drinks on me. kutcher's new movie due out next week. gretchen: i wonder what kind of run they had on that bar after that tweet? steve: we could have been out there last night. we are bar crawlers. gretchen: we don't go onto bed we come in from the bars. steve: come in from the bars holding our high heels. speaking of high heels. a trade union in the united kingdom by the name of the trade union congress. they are saying. steve: well, those match your outfit. gretchen: that's intent. peter: two days in a row you are holding your shoes up. gretchen: how apropos. neither of you have bothered to try them on. today is stewart whitesman. this union wants to ban women from wearing high heels at work. all women stand up. especially the short women of the world like me we need these things. peter: loading docks? floor of wal-mart? where should these women be
7:13 am
wearing these kind of shoes that you have this morning. gretchen: at least women should have a choice if they would like to wear these shoes. they are saying that they're sexist. steve: they say they are a safety hazard. gretchen: please only if you use them like this. steve: i will tell you what, i have seen people wearing high heels where they are woblably and if you are running after somebody. peter: floorsheim. steve: need heels to look at their male colleagues straight in the eye. if i didn't wear high heels no one would be able to find me. peter: from what i hear from my wife and now from daughters. it hurts women's feet and their calves and it's. peter: peter, we can't speak about it because we're not high heel wearers. peter: does it give you deep vein thrombosis. i think so.
7:14 am
gretchen: maybe the woman on the couch should have the final word on this. let us make up our own minds. how about that? peter: there you go. peter: i hadn't thought about it. steve: people across the country are speaking out at town hall meetings about their concern for health care reform. we assembled our own three citizens to have a little town hall right here on "fox & friends" coming up very, very shortly. we'll be right back.
7:15 am
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so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. [chanting] read the bill. steve: they have been called a mob extremist or part of astro touch or fake. regular americans angry that the american they have elected to represent them in congress moving forward quickly with the massive overhaul of health care in this country. right now the white house asking you to snitch on people who spread disinformation on the
7:18 am
internet. fox news major garrett asked white house press secretary robert gibbs yesterday if they are trying to keep tabs on americans. >> we are not collecting names from those emails. >> why ask for them then? i mean, what's the goal here? i still don't understand what the particular goal is of seeking -- email the white house about this particular issue? >> well, it's to get misinformation. steve: ok. there you go. joining us now to talk about this where you effectively are squealing on your neighbors are americans who have attended these very town halls that has the white house up in arms. steven flanigan is a public relations and marketing executive and co-founder of the conservative society for action. are you one of those troublemakers? >> yes, sir. >> nancy giambi is a homemaker and robert mitchell is the owner of an engraving company and he joins us from philadelphia. lady and gentlemen thank you for
7:19 am
joining us. >> thanks for having me. steve: robert gibbs responding to the fact that the white house keeping tab on organizations like yours. if your organization sends something out on the internet, and the white house says that's wrong, it is not accurate, what are they going to do? >> well, i think what they are going to have to do is respond to the american people. because i have a feeling if they're looking for fishy information, they are going to start to receive a lot of reports of some congressman out there that are sending a lot of their own fishy information out there. steve: nancy, does this worry you that the white house wants to keep track of what you say? there is this crazy thing called freedom of speech in this country. >> absolutely. i'm just out there to try to make sure the country that i grew up in is the same for my son. and that he has the right for freedom of speech and the right to protest peacefully. and i feel gathering this fishy information is going to be taking people who are just voicing their opinions and
7:20 am
trying to sabotage them. steve: robert, down in philly, had george bush tried something like this when he was president of the united states. >> oh, god. steve: that would have been the biggest news story in the history of the "new york times." >> oh, isn't it the truth the double stashed is just awful. you know, and you talk about the "new york times" and the piece that paul krugman wrote today and now they are pulling the race card out. these people are desperate in order to try to smear people trying to exercise their first amendment views. this is just intimidation at its worst. steve: all right. you just touched on the paul krugman article. if you folks out in tv atlanta haven't heard about it we will tell you about it. it is really flaming those on the opposite of the health care debate. we will continue this virtual town hall live from new york in a couple of minutes do.
7:21 am
these americans think that congress should be forced to have the same health care plan that something pushed on all of us? that conversation continues in two minutes. right back. this is my verizon small business specialist, tom. now, i know the catering business but when i walked in here i wasn't sure what i needed. i'm not sure what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location.
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7:24 am
steve we have assembled our own little town hall meeting right here. ordinary persons fed up with the government's plan to take over health care. now, in the "new york times," steven, nancy, and robert, today the columnist paul krugman writes who exactly is at these town hall meetings. he says the driving force behind the town hall malls, the same cultural and racial anxiety that's behind the birther movement, says essentially that barack obama was not born in this nation. so paul krugman, steven, is
7:25 am
saying it is racist or cultural. that's why you are there, you are either a racist or don't like what's going on with the culture. >> it's not necessarily the culture. it's the culture of washington. the culture of washington uses the word control. it's not a race thing it's a control issue. the central government, a strong central government is not essentially a good thing for this country. we are talking about owe posing a strong central government. steve: nancy? >> the people that are there are just moms and dads. we just care what the future holds for our children. it has nothing to do with race. i don't understand where that's coming from because all i have -- i go out there with my sign to protest health care. so where is the race coming in? steve: are you being organized by any larger unit that's getting paid? >> absolutely not. it's a bunch of parents that are out there. or single people. we're just a bunch of regular folk who found who believe the
7:26 am
same things we believe. steve: steven, your group you put together, conservative society for action. i have got some pictures here. i understand -- and if we could zoom in that would be great. i understand that you say that at some of the events that you have been at, you have encounter a a number of members of but also, a number of people from acorn. >> that's correct. yeah, we have had a couple of our events that they have shown up at. there were a couple of events that we held that we have showed up at. we feel we need to fight back. those people are professional organizers. we are a bunch of parents, a bunch of individuals who organized. steve: are you getting paid to do this? >> we are not getting paid. we are a loose organization. the only money we have been able to collect we pass the hat around, we do a 50/50 ralph at meetings. the entire budget for the last six months of operation was about $1,500. steve: robert, what about you? you are down in philly. what do you make of this paul
7:27 am
cugman thing saying the driving force behind town hall mobs sounds like a race or cultural anxiety. >> the american people want health care and not welfare. they don't want to be taxed in the form of a coerced insurance premium payment that is then going to be controlled by the government through insurance companies that are turning into branches of the irs. i mean, the government wants to be able to control the terms of these insurance policies, and they want to force people to pay for them. it's a disguised tax and it's a government control -- a government takeover of the healthcare system. now with paul krugman's statement, in an ironic way, it's encouraging, because to resort to such a desperate tactic, it means that the people realize they are losing this debate. steve: the debate goes on. not only on this program but at town halls that i'm sure are going to be a little noisy over the next couple of weeks. >> they will be noisy. steve: thank you for joining us steven and also nancy and robert. thanks for joining us today. >> appreciate it thank you.
7:28 am
>> thank you for letting us have a voice. steve: you bet. you got a voice just whether or not people will let you use it? >> there you go. steve: that's what fox is all about. >> yes, it is. steve: lines are getting longer as numbers increases. new jobs numbers coming out an hour from now. how is the administration going to handle the possibility of 10% unemployment? a live report straight ahead from the white house. the hippocratic oath is the law that keeps our doctors honest. but one of president obama's top health care advisors doesn't like it. how this could directly effect your treatment. then we all watched their emotional return from north korea and new information this morning that laura ling and euna lee actually stepped foot on north korea soil before they were captured. lisa ling joins us live with the latest. some lunch.
7:29 am
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on top of all other offers.. on a new, more fuel efficient chevy. your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from - more than ford, toyota, or honda. so save gas... and money... now during the chevy open house. go to for details. gretchen: welcome back, everyone. we hope you are having a great friday. the highly anticipated unemployment numbers due out exactly one hour from now. mike emanuel joins us from the white house. mike, so what is the expectation when those numbers come out because that every looming number 10 is what some people think we may actually get to today. >> well, you are right, gretchen, good morning. basically the expectations are that the economy probably lost about 320,000 jobs in the month of july.
7:33 am
and believe it or not, that's an improvement because there were 467,000 jobs lost in june. so, we expect at this point that unemployment will go from 9.5% to 9.6%. of course, the administration has predicted that at some point we will hit the 10% mark. if expectations are met today, we won't get there today but the question is, is that coming soon soon? steve: michael, how will the white house spin this later today to essentially explain, yeah, that's a really bad number but. >> well, steve, what they will say is first of all we have seen this coming. we predicted that we would get to 10% within recent months. last month when the g.d.p. number was announced, president obama said there are signs of improvement. we only lost 1% of g.d.p. in the second quarter but that he expected a tough jobs number this week that several hundred thousand jobs would be lost. and so he is going to say and his administration will say, you know, the stimulus package is starting to have an effect and we are starting to see science of life. we are concerned about the
7:34 am
american people struggling during this difficult time. peter: mike, the economy seems to be showing some signs of life. fewer job losses is still a tough sale to a lot of americans. right? >> no question, peter. that 9.6% or so unemployment rate doesn't exclude people who have given up hope and stopped looking all together or people who may be under employed and taken a part time job in their community to try to do something to put food on the table. those numbers are very serious numbers. they represent american families who are struggling during a brutal recession. and obviously it's a tough sale that hey we only lost 320,000 jobs this past month. gretchen: all right, mike, thanks for joining us live have a great weekend. >> you too. gretchen: headlines and a fox news alert. one of the world's most wanted terrorist dead today. baitullah mehsud killed. he was called the most wanted
7:35 am
man in pakistan. he was accused of master mining attacks. including the killing of benazir bhutto: the exmistress of john edwards testifying before a grand jury about her video productions. reel hunter arrived with a small child. not certain if it was her daughter francis. everyone assumes that it was. edwards has denied being the father of that child. the grand jury may want to know whether any of the $114,000 paid to hunter was for anything besides video production. supermarket giant safeway and a california meat packing plant are recalling 418,000 tons of beef because of salmonella fears. it was sent to colorado and utah. asking all stores to check ground beef sold between june 6th and july 14th.
7:36 am
dozensens of fires across utah. had to close down highways and even a runway at salt lake international airport. some fires contained but firefighters say others may burn for days. no serious injuries have been reported. a treasure trove of unreleased michael jackson songs are in his sister la toya's possession. just hours after michael death, the family went to his home and la toya went right for the computer hard drives. they have songs michael recorded with will i am of the black eyed peas, akon. lawyers for the estate are attempting to recover those hard drives. a close call when these pelicans began tossing a cell phone back and forth at an idaho zoo. one of them accidentally swallowed it. zoo keepers weren't sure which one it was. they thought they might have to execute the entire flock. it didn't sit well with the one who gulped it down.
7:37 am
>> luckily the bird regurgitated it so it wouldn't harm him. we need folks to be really cautious when they are in the zoo and remember they guests in the animal's homes and need to keep belongings as close to them as possible. gretchen: i thought the cell phone belonged to the pelican. no one has come to claim that phone yet. might have pelican breath on it. ok. we have an intern who is saying bye bye. this is always a sad day for us because these interns are such wonderful, hard workers for the summer with us. >> doocy works here. he is not an intern. peter: not doocy. elizabeth murphy who is so smart. peter: gretchen has already introduced you. she is an intern. great crop as is the tradition. she will be returning to campus very shortly. as is the tradition for all outgoing interns, you must perform on television. you either get the choice of the weather or the sports. you have chosen the sports, correct? >> yes, i have. peter: all right.
7:38 am
ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together. time for sports with elizabeth. and, action. >> could michael vick be headed to the land of the cheese heads? green bay packers general manager ted thompson didn't exactly endorse the idea of signing vic but didn't rule it out either. the disregarded qb has been conditionally for the league after serving prison sentence for his role in a dogfighting ring. nearly two thirds of the teams have said they would not sign him. stay tuned. steve: we will. >> biggest rival in baseball was back on display last night in new york. yankees hosting the red sox. mohammed ali was honored before the game. then, the yankees showed some of their own power. can a brother a cabrera goes deep. a few hours later george does the same to left center field. bruce willis is loving it and so does arod's girlfriend kate hudson. finally we go to the nation's
7:39 am
capital for a flefn look but don't touch. he hits a fair ball down the left field lane. washington's ball girl tried grabbing it. interfering with the play. she thought it was a foul ball. the hit was rules a ground rule double but the next time a ball is hit her way it really is a foul ball and she makes the play standing up. me win the game 12-8. steve: nicely done. round of applause. >> thank you. steve: you want to be a producer when you grow up? >> hopefully here. steve: did you a wonderful job. also it has the tradition, here is our list for coffee drinks, all right? >> i got it. steve: go right on over. i'm a little short because payday is not until this afternoon. >> i got it. steve: there you go. we love these kids. thanks, elizabeth. peter: very talented, elizabeth. lots of americans are saying they don't understand the health care bill, including bill o'reilly.
7:40 am
bill: i am wanting to understand how president obama is going to improve your life and my life in the health care, the vital health care realm. i have a master's degree from harvard university that cost me $30,000 to get. i do not understand what the man is saying. gretchen: our next guest graduated from yale law school special counsel to president clinton and oversight board under president george w. bush and even he doesn't understand the health care bill. lanny davis joins us now. i guess, lanny, i should start off by saying i guess we are all proud to admit yeah, we might be smart but we don't get it, right? >> well, it's not that impressive that a harvard man doesn't understand. i completely would expect that. but a yale man, that's a lot more surprising. >> even the yale man, yourself. does not understand it this is breaking news. what don't you get about it?
7:41 am
>> well, i did write a column that said that the credible complexity of any national health care bill has been made more so by the sausage factory of turning it over to congress to develop the bills first because we have multiple committees and multiple voices and no coherent message. i sort of talked back to my friends at the white house to say you have got to explain this in simple core message. even if you restate the basic principles that you thought you had in the beginning but which have long since been forgotten. peter: could you talk back to your friends at the white house and ask them this question. you are well cognizant of the role of the politics of personal destruction. you talked about that for a long, long time on these airwaves and other airwaves. what about the politics of personal destruction where average americans like we saw a few minutes ago are being accused of being racist and part of a mob? does that help the national
7:42 am
debate? does that help get health care done in this country? should that continue? >> first of all, i agree with you, any generalized comment about people, where there are certain people making it bad for others, we have to be very specific in what we are talking about, i think there have been incidents of some people at these town meetings acting in a very mob-like fashion in that they shout and don't let other people speak. but they are also very genuinely concerned and even angry people that have legitimate concerns. i think we have to avoid generalizations and that's really where i do agree with you you. gretchen: here is what you are corn fused about. you are concerned about the effects of public options on employers and tons of small business operators feel the same way. what's confusing to you. >> just to plug my column which i write weekly in the "washington times" where i confess my ignorance, i even said i don't know what i don't know. the public option is something that i strongly support if i ask
7:43 am
people do you support medicare, they would all say yes. if i ask people do you support buying into what congress can get at lower premiums because of the broad base of people, they would all say yes. that's really what the public option ought to be. but i don't understand what is meant in this bill by the public option. are we talking about a system that will act as a magnet so that everybody ends up signing up and we do end up with a completely government run system? that's where the questions haven't been answered. and people like me, i'm a liberal democrat i am concerned that that might happen because we really would have a socialized medical system which i oppose. gretchen: that's an amazing statement that you just said. so maybe we should all get together and say let's simplify this process. at this point we just cannot believe the interpretation, right? >> well, look, i can try to simplify a couple of things that i support and which i believe barack obama has said he supports. there ought to be a mandatory purchase of insurance, the same
7:44 am
way we are all required to buy car insurance when we are all required to have licenses. we ought to have an option. gretchen: i have got to wrap it up there. >> that's a good one to end with. gretchen: thanks very much, lanny. >> thanks. gretchen: rahm emanuel's brother and advisor to the obama administration, why does he think the hippocratic oath is, quote, unwelcome? (announcer) this is nine generations of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars...
7:45 am
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7:47 am
steve: the hippocratic oath is an oath taken by doctors swearing to think ethically practice medicine it says i will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to the ability and my judgment. peter: why is dr. ezekiel emanuel brother of rahm emanuel calling the oath an unwelcome
7:48 am
imperative. joining us is dr. mark segal. explain that to us. all the doctors are supposed to follow the hippocratic oath about doing no harm. but it seems to be a contradiction. the man who is advising the president on this policy may not think so. >> i'm very concerned about that because the hippocratic oath is really a way to keep doctors pure and to keep them ethical and it's a moral judgment. we are trying to health patients. there is nothing in the hippocratic oath about excess costs or on having an agenda. i'm actually concerned because ezekiel emanuel, though he was the head of bioethics for the nih. though is he trained as a medical oncologist is not a practicing physician. now, he wrote the medical directive which is really a document which is about living wills. telling people how to prepare for, you know, for death. how to look ahead. let me tell you something, in the real world, in the go to the emergency room, that document is really flying out the window because the decisions have to be made at the moment. someone like dr. emanuel is not going to realize that he thinks
7:49 am
in advance there is a value to that. but the real decisions are not made that way. i'm more interested in senator tom coal born who was on the program here yesterday, who is a practicing physician. who flies home from the senate to deliver babies, against the senate's recommendations. that's the kind of guy we need as a leader here. steve: real briefly, what is the one thing about ezekiel manual that you worry about. >> i think he has too much power. he has gone from bioeth this a here to theorytician a philosopher. he doesn't have his boots on the ground. steve: dr. mark segal we thank you for joining us live. i didn't know any of that stuff until he brought it to our attention. for four long months her sister was locked up in a north korean prison. now the family back together. lisa ling joins us live here next to tell us about her sister's time in captivity. peter: and on this day in 1966, the number one song "wild thing"
7:50 am
thing". ♪ wild thing ♪ you make my heart sing. . . tonight's dinner specials: teamwork... time together... real conversations... and memories. all for under $2 a serving. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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7:53 am
gregg: an emotional union wednesday for reporters laura ling and miss lee when they returned home and -- steve: journalist lisa ling joins us on the phone from los angeles. good morning, lisa. >> thank you for having me. steve: it's great your sister is out and we're all delighted bill clinton would be able to spring them. of course we don't know what was done behind-the-scenes but
7:54 am
there is a story out that apparently your sister and miss lee did cross into north korea before they were captured. what do you know about that? >> well, we haven't been putting any pressure on laura because she is weak and trying to adjust. she had been in relative isolation for about five months and went weeks, because she didn't speak korean -- without speaking to anyone. so we haven't really got an chance to talk details because we're giving her time to do so. but the little bits we have heard are jaw-dropping and fascinating and she is actually very eager to tell that story herself. she just needs a little time to reacclimate but she did say she and euna very briefly took a step into north korea and immediately went back and went back into china. and that is when they were
7:55 am
taken. and so she's again very eager to talk about this story, and i want to let her do it. >> and given the hor rick nature of what you and your family and -- have gone through here, do you see any circumstance at all in which the community of nations should allow north korea to have nuclear weapons? >> uh, you know, i honestly, our issue had -- was very separate from the geopolitical issue. and that's the question that's far above my pay grade. i mean, our focus for the last nearly fife months was exclusively and solely to try to bring laura and euna home and prevent them from having to go into a labor prison, and that's what we set out to do. >> the gregg: the amazing thing is you were able to communicate with your sister for about five months and you knew you were being listened to but she was
7:56 am
able to communicate to you that president clinton would be the key to this. >> laura and i became this channel for information. the four calls she was able to make during the nearly five months of her isolation were very deliberate. they were closely monitored, and she was communicating messages through herself to me. and on the last call she said if we can't get president clinton to help us, then we are going to have to go to a labor prison. and that's what she had been told time and time again by her captors, so upon hear that we immediately jumped into action, we called vice president gore and the state department and he immediately called president clinton and he graciously agreed to do it. steve: and we heard the story at the homecoming about how the door opened and there was bill clinton, there was bill clinton!
7:57 am
and the girls both got a case of regular food when they got on the plane but explain this. they were feeding your sister and euna lee rocks? >> well, my sister said the meals were very, very meager and the portions were small and because it's a country with economic challenges, there were rocks in her rice. i don't think it was intentional like they were trying to harm them. steve: just a bad food supply? >> yes. gregg: well, they will have fascinating story to tell and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. lisa ling. >> thank you, so much. steve: all right. go back to bed. it is two minutes before 5:00 a.m. out in los angeles right now. gregg: coming up on the show, the swine flu vaccine gets tested for the first time on humans today, but would you want to be the guinea anything? details on how that's all going to work out, coming up.
7:58 am
peter: and from shouting to a scuffle and even a woman shoved up against the wall. wait until you hear who might have been behind it and the interesting white house connection. steve: and president obama wants to know if you disagree with him and they want you to turn your neighbor in if he's spreading disinformation. but is it unconstitutional to track american beliefs? judge napolitano and geraldo both here at the top of the hour. we'll be right back. what's up, smart? being smart. yep. just booked my 10th night on, so i get a night free. you are smart. accumulate 10 nights and get a night free anywhere. welcome rewards. smart. so smart. tylenol doesn't interfere with certain high blood pressure medicines the way aleve metimes can.
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the mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access [captioning made possible by fox news channel] gregg: a very good friday morning to you. friday, august 7, 2009. shouting, pushing, one woman slammed up against the wall. a town hall meeting on health
8:02 am
care and now lawmakers fear to face their own constituents so they are phoning it in. steve: like an episode of charlie's angels. and a plan by congress to buy two luxury jets for congress. well, now get this. congress wants eight planes. you don't even want to know how much that is going to cost all of us. brian: eight is enough. enough. peter: she looks like a toddler but this little girl is 16 years old. doctors are baffled. they can't seem to figure out what is going on. the girl and her parents join king us live. and the slogan comes from tina in new mexico. i tune the channel before i sleep then hit the alarm so it will beep so when it's time for dreams to end i'll wake up with "fox & friends." pretty good. gregg: good morning.
8:03 am
"fox & friends." steve: a team of operators standing by to take your phone calls. thank you for joining us. we're going to have a couch call from that guy, the guy with the mustache, herald geraldo rivera. gregg: if you take advantage of the cash for clunkers, what does it actually cost you? the former administrator says each $4500 sub zi really adds up to $6,000, because the administrative costs which add $10 million-$15 million to the program. it's been a good thing for them but most of the benefit has gone to japanese and german car makers. the new supreme court justice will be sworn in tomorrow. sonia sotomayor was sworn in 68-31. >> justice, equality and opportunity are the very ideals
8:04 am
that have made justice sotomayor's own unique journey possible. they are ideals she's fought for throughout her career, and the idea of the senate is upheld today in breaking yet another barrier and moving us another step closer to a more perfect union. gregg: the 55-year-old judge grew up in a housing project and has been a federal judge for 15 years. fannie mae apparently didn't get enough taxpayer money so it's getting -- it's asking for billions more, earnings for the sister company freddie mac will be out today and so far $96 million have been shelled out to both fannie and freddy. >> and the swine flu vaccine now being tested on human, the drug maker says it's testing vaccine to determine its safety and how many doses are needed to protect people from the swine flu and asking the fda to
8:05 am
fast track licensing so it can be made available as soon as possible like before kids go back to school. and a british graduate student has earned a ph.d. in texting? caroline studyed the texting habits of 235 people for four years. what kind of grant did she get for that? she found most don't abbreviate and doesn't think the communication is being dumbed down by the language of texting. steve: lol. peter: lmao. gregg: ok. geraldo come over here. steve: we built this city on rock and roll. welcome back. hey we're talking about this story. >> awful. steve: this crash happened a couple weeks ago. this man right here, daniel
8:06 am
schuler had a teary press conference talking about the last kiss with his wife diane, she is the woman according to the authorities who was driving drunk, had about 10 ounces of the convince lent of 10 shots of vodka, apparently marijuana in her system and drove the wrong way down the highway and killed eight people. >> i was on the air and one of the most horrifying accidents we've had in the metropolitan area in my long career here and when you heard how she had driven the couple of miles the wrong way on the that honor i can which is a very difficult road to ride, and then this father seems to me this husband seems to me to be in gross denial. this woman, had she survived would be charged with mass murder right now i believe. there is no way you can -- i don't care what disease she had or what preexisting condition, you know, the alcohol content in her body was more than twice
8:07 am
the legal limit and she was stoned. and i want to know, there were two swreeks that left the campground, why didn't dad take any of those children with him in that vehicle? i think they were squabling. i think this deserve as grand jury investigation and a horrifying tragedy and the fact that the mother and her precious daughter died makes it worse. steve: the grieving husband giving the press conference. >> what the hell was that press conference -- steve: he's looking for any reason other than alcohol and pot for causing that. he says he and his attorney dominick -- >> i know dominick well. steve: and she had a stroke and some mystery lump. he's grasping at straws. >> when the evidence is so clear and simple it is what it is. there may be other factors, maybe she had eight glasses of
8:08 am
vodka and a preexisting condition made it seem like 10. she had undigested alcohol in her belly, plus, she was stoned. did she get stoned at the campsite before she left because the kids were giving her a hard time and she wanted to relax herself? i don't know but this is a criminal investigation. my sympathy goes to the victims but i can only have for this mother, anger and for the father deep suspicion. i'm sorry but that's the way i feel about it. i think it's a very simple case. gregg: simple but complicated because of the deaths. the other family loses all their gretchen: all the other family loses all their children and the first child is her own. >> and the parents of the children and nieces and nephew, those parents are seting the editorial tone for me because they are my clients in a sense in this situation which they
8:09 am
did nothing wrong. they trusted their relative. they had done this trip before. they had done the camping before and to put your children, that sacred trust you give only to people closest to you that you have absolute faith in and to have that faith absolutely perverted in this wreckless and selfish manner i think is beyond the pale. steve: now a movement sweeping the nation and we know how much this nation needs sweeping, these town halls. it turned violent in st. st. six people had to be arrested after the white house told democratic senators yesterday that the white house because they want to avoid these pictures in the future if you get hit we will punch back twice as hard and we also understand apparently at both of these events, i think it said at hot that a number of members -- >> be sure to tune that one in.
8:10 am
[laughter] >> talk about hot air. steve: yes. a number of members of the service employees civil international union had been there and we had been discovering this connection between fompler seiu executives and -- >> i don't want to go to conspiracy. steve: why? who is the white house political director? >> i don't know. but i would be shocked. let me just say this. i think packing the house is exactly what it is. steve: yeah. >> the question is upon whom do we lay the responsibility for the packing? gretchen: i knew this was coming. >> i submit that packing is one of the most tried and true traditional ways of expressing political opinion. steve: done for centuries. >> the left does it. the right does it. i would be shocked if what we were seeing on youtube were truly spon contains dremen vacations. they are clear demonstrations
8:11 am
and have dominated youtube and whatever the organizer's intent they have succeeded. that this is a ma and paquettal at home saying let's go to the congressmen and raise hell, i think it is -- gretchen: but let's say they pack the house but then when they stand up. let's say they are plants and they say something tough whole audience clapping and standing up so are they all plants as well? >> remember gretchen we heard from our 43rd president community organizer, i really was as a radical lawyer, my clients were in the business of making a fuss. steve: you still are. >> dominateed the "new york times" front page and the right tears a page from the left. i think that we have to recognize this is fair play, though. to suggest that this is something in a fair use that oh, my god!
8:12 am
the president can't -- uh -- steve: but let's get this -- peter: shouldn't it be a single standard for community organizing? direct action -- >> oh, peter, much more filled with anarchy than that. peter: but what about some of the things that you did? >> my clients were charged with trespassing and obstruction. peter: who has been charged here? >> but my point is the establishment constantly responds and overreacts to these kinds of in your face manifestations in -- peter: you're one of the fairest guys i know is that a mob rule and are you a racist? these people are being racist and having racist and cultural anxiety because they oppose -- >> that's not fair. in the nobel laureate defense if there is a racial divide in this country between the parties, there's no doubt about that. steve: so you agree --
8:13 am
peter: the people attending these town hall meetings are all racist and white people? >> no. there's a racial aspect to american politics. peter: so what is the racial aspect? >> i don't believe there is a racial aspect other than -- peter: how can you defend this guy? >> most whites are republicans and -- if he suggests it's a racial motivation. peter: he did. >> well i didn't read it that way but if that is what was said it was wrong and he's overreaching but -- steve: we should also point out a man by the name of -- >> peter's a lawyer by the way, too. as laid back as -- steve: over here knows what he's talking about. peter: i mean, you understand it. steve: ok, time's up! we have a hard break! peter: how are you afraid -- >> what was the motive --
8:14 am
gretchen: let's have the friends take over the show. peter: we're friends. >> getting married on saturday. steve: congratulations. gretchen: we'll be right back in two minutes. steve: should you snitch on your neighbors? t lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day. this is my verizon small business specialist, tom. now, i know the catering business but when i walked in here i wasn't sure what i needed. i'm not sure what i need. tom showed me how to use mifi to get my whole team working online, on location.
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8:17 am
>> welcome back, everyone as the president's push for nationalized health care meets rance as are they reverretting to fear and intimidatings tactics? >> if you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems efficienty send it to flag@white judge napolitano is here. judge, going. >> good morning, peter and gretchen. gretchen: all right when you saw this email as a constitutional lawyer what did
8:18 am
you think? >> well, a couple of things came to mind the purpose of the first amendment is to encourage not discourage robustwide open free wheeling debate about what the government does and any inhibition or tidges of the expression of free thought and free ideas is prohibited to the government. when richard nixon in his parai had no era engageed the fbi and cia and civilian-clad military to take pictures and record the voices of anti-war protesters, the supreme court said he couldn't do it. and congress enacted a statute that specifically prohibited the president of keeping a record of the people who criticize him. peter: is there a privacy because the -- >> it not only prohibits the president but a lot of people in government from the fear from interfering.
8:19 am
peter: i mean, what happens when people start to tape conversations between other people or videotape conversations and download it and start sending these files to the white house? >> well, the white house is in a bit of a conundrum because this privacy statute that prohibits the white house from collecting data and storing it on people who disagree with it and also a statute that requires the white house to retain all communications it receives. it can't try to rewrite history by pretending it didn't receive any of it. if the white house deleets anything it breaks a statute but if it collects data it violates another statutes. peter: we know for every right there's an amenity can someone sue the white house over this? >> probably not. i think the government is probably protected by some sort
8:20 am
of sovereign immunity but if someone were to be harmed by what the white house did with these records they might have a cause of action. gretchen: but will you know it? >> you won't know it. unless the government got it and used it against you in some sort of prosecution you'll never know it. and that's a silent -- gretchen: nothing like being flanked by two law guys. >> i almost came out here to arbitrate for geraldo. gretchen: i needed you. this little girl is 16 years old but the size of a baby and nobody knows why, the teen trapped in time joins us next with her parents. peter: and check out this video. cops he stopped to the help with a tire and almost gets flattened himself. where the other tire came from.
8:21 am
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steve: she is the size of an infant with the mental exass if i of a toddler but in january brook greenberg turned 16 years old. gretchen: well doctors are baffled by her condition. >> despite what appeared to be adequate nutrition and every reason to believe she was taking in adequate calories and fluid volume she just wasn't growing. in medicine you'd like to be able to label something but the thing about brook is shep doesn't fit anything else. it's frustrating but we don't always have the answers. gretchen: her mother and father are here with us life in the studio. and brook. good morning. it's an unbelievable story and as parents you're living this every single day. brook was born.
8:25 am
you thought beautiful baby and then you notice that had she wasn't growing, right? >> right. >> for the first four or five years she didn't grow or put any weight on, and right around 6 she leveled off. steve: sure. and she is 16 years old now? >> yes. steve: and she has not aged much. do you think she's essentially -- i know you had said there's something about her, is she the fountain of youth? and that's why you've got this special coming up. people want to know what's going on. >> you used the word much, she hasn't aged at all. since age 6 1/2 she's been the same. steve: not one bit. this is the same way she looked 10 years ago. >> right. the only thing that really develops on her is her hair and nails.
8:26 am
gretchen: she's 16 pounds and 1330 inches and has never been diagnosed with anything. have doctors found anything that's different with brook? >> yes. they've done some work on that. and they have found a gene that has a marker on it, and right now we're trying to develop and see what that is. steve: why is she in the rocker? >> she loves movement. movement keeps her happy. steve: something else she loves. she loves to shop. >> she loves to give hugs to people and likes to be independent. >> and there's no battery in there. she does that all by herself. steve: is that right? gretchen: is there anything that gives you a glimpse that she's actually 16 years old? >> with the other girls in the house she's her own person. she likes to be by herself sometimes.
8:27 am
she has temper tantrums. she likes certain shows on tv. she has a tv and she likes certain types of music. if you have somber music on she'll start to cry but if you have a rock song on she'll start laughing and giggling so she has her way of expressing. steve: howard, when you try to explain to people what's going on with brook, how do you do it? >> it really depends on what type of mood i'm in but it's very difficult when we go out and people ask how old she is we generally say 16 months instead of going into a long array of how old she is. steve: sure. >> but basically she just really doesn't age. she doesn't grow. and there are plenty of children in the world who don't grow and put on weight. she is the only one to our knowledge that we've been told by scientists and doctors that she doesn't age.
8:28 am
so it's very tough to go into detail with that. but i guess we have a saying in our house the proof is in the pudding. we have pictures for the last you know, say 10-12 years that she's identical. steve: amazing. gretchen: and we want to know more about it. and if other people do you can find out about brook's story, watch the documentary "child froze engine time" this sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern on tlc. steve: melanie and howard and brook we thank you-all for taking the time to be with us. gretchen: thank you, so much. coming up the new unemployment numbers are out speculation that it could reach 107. we will bring those numbers to you in 10 minutes. steve: and he was the leader of the taliban in pakistan and now he's dead how the cia apparently took him out. gretchen: and this statue built to hanour troops but one town says they don't want it.
8:29 am
how the town is refuseing the statue and you can vote where you want this thing to end up. steve: i got a place out by my swing set. 100 potato chips or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the new pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ same cost but a lot more fun. ♪ everything pops with the new pringles superstack can!
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gretchen: we start right now with a fox news alert because the line gets longer still, the labor department just reporting unemployment or maybe it's a
8:33 am
little shorter stay. unemployment dropped .10240,000 people lost their jobs in july. steve: so let's bring in chris wallace who joins us now. as we listen to this number, that is they had been suggesting we were tickling up closer to 10%. it's actually going the other way. so that's going to be good news for the white house, but still there are millions and millions of americans this morning who are waking up with no place to work. >> there are two sides to this story. on the one hand in terms of the feelings of those people and we're talking about millions and millions of our fellow americans who are out of work, and many of them have been out of work for more than a year about to run out of their unemployment insurance, this is a human tragedy, a human trial that they are going through of unimaginable proportions. i mean, we all try to put
8:34 am
ourselves in that position and think what it would be like, but on the other hand we are political analysts, this is relatively good news for the white house. obviously they are not happy that anybody's unemployed but the 240,000 number is less than expected. the 9.4% the fact that unemployment that had been going up by a half a point a month is down .1 point is very good news for them doesn't mean we're still not going to end up at 10% unemployment which is a politically toxic number but it's an indication we may be finding the bottom of the recession and regardless of what party you are of, that's good news. gretchen: no doubt the ink is probably just drying on the press release going out that's going to say the stimulus is working. >> no question. whether it's that or the trillions of dollars that the federal reserve has poured into
8:35 am
the the economy or the natural business cycle but fit had gone up we would have blamed the president that the stimulus plan wasn't working so fair is fair, i think you have to give them some credit. peter: and summer employment greaseing the roles as well. whatever it is, we're happy to see more people employed. >> absolutely, and again, this isn't to say that we're not going to end up over 107 but to the degree that they are able to put this up. and the other interesting aspect is there's a relationship between the economy and health care reform that a lot of people felt well, gee we gave you the $878 billion for the intimidate will you explain plan and it doesn't seep to be working why do we want to give you more for health care reform? to the degree we may be seeing improvement that may give the administration a better argument. steve: and let's talk a little bit about it. chris, there were a couple of town halls last night. one was violent, another one
8:36 am
had six people arrested and now we understand that the white house, i think the deputy chief of staff said apparently to some democratic senators yesterday, if you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard. in other words, if you go out there and you have a town hall and there are a bunch of people who are opposing you, we're going to hit back twice as hard, what does that sound like to you? >> well, i don't know if he means that literally or figuratively when he says punch back, obviously if it's figurative it means if people are criticizing us we're going to defend ourselves in a policy sense, that's one thing, obviously we don't want to see fist fights at town hall meetings. that's my feelings on these things in general i don't see how the community organizer barak obama can disagree with
8:37 am
that that was the way anti-war protests but the idea of shouting congress down or any kind of violence, that's unacceptable. i mean, free speech works both ways for the protesters and the members of the congress. gretchen: exactly. let's move on to something that happened overseas because it appears the none one leader of the taliban, this guy, has been killed by a cia strike. how important do you see this as the war on terror? >> well, it's great news. i don't mean in any way that the taliban and pakistan is going to disappear. there are 10,000-20,000 fighters and still have other infrastructure from the taliban and still are a threat to pakistan's stability as well as sending troops into afghanistan but this was a bad guy. he was supposedly the mastermind behind the assassination of benazir but toe of pakistan so for us to be able to get him, that's a real plus. and it is interesting, and
8:38 am
we're going to have national security advisor jim jones on fox news sunday but it is interesting the degree to which the obama administration has continued the bush administration policy maybe even increased in these drone attacks on the law less area of the pakistan and afghanistan border and they have hit a number of al qaeda and taliban leaders, this is one to get me hsud, great news. steve: chris wallace, thank you. >> thank you, guys. steve: have a nice weekend. gretchen: secretary of state hillary clinton pressed the foreign minister of africa zim bobaway to do something. the strong man has signed off on political and economic reforms but has not followed through. later mrs. clinton met privately with nelson mandela and was expected to ask him to
8:39 am
use his influence on the matter. this is clinton's second stop on a seven-nation african trip. we're learning more about what happened to those two american journalists, laura ling's sister, lisa joined us earlier and said the pair did briefly cross into north korea before turning around. >> we haven't had a chance to really talk details because we're giving her time, but the little bits we have heard are jaw-dropping and fascinating and she actually is very eager to tell that story herself, she just needs a little time to reacclimate. gretchen: ling also hinted that former president bill clenton was their key to freedom and says she then contacted former vice president al gore who set the process into motion. a massachusetts town says no thanks to the patriotic statue.
8:40 am
the builders say they want to put the statue in another town and say why they think it would be a symbol of pride for any community. >> we want it to be visible and somewhere where you would drive by and think about those children we have boys and girls that are there every day fighting on our what . gretchen: people from all over the united states have sent essays asking that their town be where the statue ends up. it was the lucky day. he's helping a motorist change a tire on a houston area bridge when gotcha. >> hit? >> oh. gretchen: woosh, another tire flies off another truck at 60 miles an hour and misses him on the right side. davidson had just stepped out of the way one moment before. there it goes. ended up dinging his pistol and tore up his holster.
8:41 am
the truck kept going and luckily that officer is alive today. tennis star roger federer had a special update on his social networking site you're looking at the public photos of his wife and two baby twin girls. federer wrote americaa milea and charlene are all doing really well. the baby girls are doing new things every day and are a lot of fun, thanks for the support and warm wishes. federer won another wimbledon championship. remember that tournament against andy roddick? that was a good one. he welcomed twin girls with his wife mirka late last month. steve: winning wimbledon. nothing compares, though to having twins. we just told you the unemployment numbers dropped from last month so what do those numbers actually mean to you at home and the millions out of work? charles from the fox business network here next to break them all down. peter: and world champion
8:42 am
soccer player brandi chastain had it taken away. but first -- gretchen: she's going to be here peter: excellent. let's check in with our weekend guys. our dear friends. hey, what's going on? >> coming up when we get on the show as president obama continues to push for health care reform there are tons of unanswered questions about how this would look, we'll talk to a canadian doctor who says he sees people wait longer than in the united states to get health care and a business man who says sick people pay him to transport them to the united states instead of vice versea. >> also actress celinea gomez and the whole gang from "wizards of waively place" are going to join us and we hear one of them does a very mean cher impersonation. >> mmm. intriguing. and i'm going head-to-head with
8:43 am
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peter: that is fox news alert, good news on the economy, we just learned unemployment numbers dropped slightly from .5% in june to .4% in the month of july. gretchen: it was hot off the possess. off the press. charles is here to help us make
8:47 am
sense of it all. many thought it would be 9.%. but it 9.6%. but it goes down. so this is good for the obama administration? >> yes. they'll say it was all stimulus and we're going to live happily ever after but there's 6 million americans who have lost their jobs. it's a $250,000 people. you still have 76,000 construction workers, 119,000 service jobs, these are real human beings and on the business channel we gloss over the human aspect of it sometimes in my opinion, but 9.4% still is pretty shocking still in the 24-year, 25-year high level. >> when people hear it on the news they hear 9.4% and 247,000. that's 247,000 went to the
8:48 am
unemployment office for the first time and said i just lost my job. add it all up, there are over 6 million people who have got no place to work today. >> you're absolutely right. and i don't see where they are going to have a place to work. i haven't been able to go through these numbers to see where we have improvement. certainly some of the losses, factories, we thought 100,000 people would lose their jobs as opposed to 52,000. an on main street that's still going to hurt. steve: where is the creation? we need someone to create jobs. gretchen: the obama administration would argue the stimulus has created jobs. the annual -- one of the things that chris wallace is alluding to was that health care reform was maybe getting the kibosh because the stimulus didn't appear to be working now will they be able to spin it the other way?
8:49 am
>> it depends, because obviously we're talking about a number in relation to expectations. on the surface 240,000 is still a lot of jobs to lose and millions of americans out of work are still out of work. so you can say these numbers were better than expected. people on main street i don't know if they will buy that as being good news because the bottom line is if you told someone our unemployment rate was higher in germany and there was, you know, approaching 10% and a $250,000 people lost their jobs no one would think that was good news but you're right the obama administration will say this was stimulus. steve: not so much pain today. gretchen: until you get to the gym. so she made this sports bra history brandi chastain joins us next. peter: first let's check in with bill hemmer with what's up at the top of the hour. >> we've got a huge morning
8:50 am
coming up here. what did the white house tell democratic senators on how to handle these town hall meetings? and where is the aarp on health care reform? we'll talk to that group live and see an image of one funky bird and we found the artist of the creators of the cow song here live. see you in 10 minutes. . ♪ ooh, yeah wiggle your day with jell-o sugar-free gelatin. ♪ ooh, yeah it's 10 tasty calories... loved by lips and hips alike. ♪ shake it, shake it, ooh, yeah ♪ jell-o. because every diet needs a little wiggle room.
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gretchen: you remember her? it has been 10 years since that famous moment, and brandy chastain is now in a soccer mom, literally. time goes by so quickly. 10 years since that wonderful moment when the usa brought home that huge win, and obviously,
8:54 am
you reacted. >> it was just a crazy moment. you were not thinking. you just were feeling what was going on. it was a moment that will live in infamy. i could not be more grateful. gretchen: you are now playing professionally, and you are a mom. >> a number of those players have become mothers themselves. we are not only professional athletes but we have done things in our own communities. i started a non-profit in the bay area. i and teamed up with centrum multivitamins to talk about the necessity for everyone to take care of their health and fitness, as well as their nutrition.
8:55 am
making people aware to stay healthy. gretchen: and especially now as a mother and the obesity problem we have with children. i am also a gold-driven person, and i always said, if i did not have children, and would be a big mistake. >> unfortunately, my parents were not able to meet my husband, but i made a pledge to my son knowing that his mother is strong and confident and healthy. hopefully, i can influence him in a positive way. with soccer, families get a sense of who they are, pride, and who is in charge. the program that i am working on with centrum, norrish america,
8:56 am
we are asking people to set goals for themselves. set a goal for exercise, nutrition needs, and for every submission, $1 will go to the program. gretchen: i like that plan. people want to know what happened to the sports bra. >> i learned it here to the city. unfortunately, the museum went bankrupt, and was being held in a storage locker. ultimately, they said i may have to pay for it, but finally, i was able to get it back, and now it is behind glass. it was underneath all of my arrest -- all of the rest of them, in case i needed it.
8:57 am
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