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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 23, 2009 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jejune. we'll continue 24/7 on bill o' great patriot hats, modelling them and the factor hats. check it out. see you premium members on a postgame show shortly. y. . >> julie: hello, i'm julie banderas. >> and i'll gregg jarrett. hurricane bill now losing strength but still creating very rough surf conditions along the eastern seaboard. many of the beaches banning swimmingers and dangerous rip tides. they expect a category one storm losing speed as it twirls over cooler waters. >> julie: in greece a very hot scene there, fast moving wildfire forcing thousands to flee their homes in athens. flames consuming an estimated
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30,000 acres and prompting the government to declare a state of emergency. >> gregg: the president finally beginning his first official vacation since taking office. arriving on the island of martha's vineyard. week long break amongst the heat debate over heath care reform and news that the white house underestimated deficit projections, not just a little bit but by trillions of dollars. major garrett is on the island now. major, what can you tell us about the getaway for the first family. >> reporter: there is a subtle art in covering presidential vacations, you have to sift through every minute detail. we'll show you air force one and first family getting off as they approach the helicopter. i can go faithfully report to you that first dog bow, how he
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would handle his helicopter ride. he handled in it style. so that detail you can lock it up. it's affirmed that bo loved his helicopter ride. they headed to blue heron farm. secret service loves that its perimeter they can secure. they looked at 40 different places before they agreed on that. it rents for about $35,000 to $50,000 a week and obamas are paying their share. two other leases one for the secret service and white house detail that is traveling with the president. we don't expect to see them very much but basketball, a pool and one hole of golf and bocci ball but it's on the farm as well. >> gregg: you've never lived until you have played bocci
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ball. >> reporter: it's a fine art. >> gregg: it's pretty funny. i think it's 28 acres that he's got rented. islanders may not see too much of the president but nevertheless they are going to be toasted whyy. >> we have pictures of the couple island. first, the obama-rita, a margarita with orange juice and mango juice. i haven't tried it but i'm told it's very tasty. we also have the back-on-taco which is made with cocoa snutd crusted shrimp. there you have it. >> gregg: that sounds great. that i may try you know i wouldn't get near an alcoholic
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beverage. >> gregg: not on television. there is going to be a little golf in this president's agenda, maybe with tiger. >> reporter: yes, there are persistent rumors about tiger woods coming to play with the president. bill burton and press secretary called it a bad rumor, not a wrong one but it's possibly true. a golf outweigh tiger woods but we asked and producer asked the president about this on friday as he was getting ready to leaf. let's take a listen what he said. do we have that is maybe not. president said i'm going play golf, kind of a look on his face you've got that tiger thing. i don't want to confirm or not confirm that but he is playing gulf, might be tuesday, might be thursday. if they come and play we will
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duty duty any report. >> gregg: sorry about that sound by the. i think they have already left for vacation and that is clearly the problem. maybe they had an oak-rita. >> julie: okay. >> gregg: have some fun while you are on the island. >> julie: we need to take that shot more often, behind the scenes that in the ear telling us to shut up. there they are again. we have to use that somehow. >> moving on. forecasters lifting the warning from the coastline as hurricane bill churning up seas. this is new video from virginia beach. authorities there closing off the area to swimmers fearing strong waves and rip currents could pull victims out to sea. so when will things return to
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normal? meteorologist domenica davis is live in the fox extreme weather center. hi. >> the storm is going further and further to the north we're going to see the conditions get better from south to north along the eastern coastline. by tomorrow the seas will get normal and be allowed to go in the water and enjoy some of that without having to worry about rip currents. we are looking at a category one bill and winds off to the northeast at 35 miles an hour. it's expected to pass nova scotia by this evening and then it's going to continue on the path. some colder waters are there. now, we have the winds that shall still coming down through parts of the northeast. it's not due to bill but the cold front that was keeping bill away from us. we're still dealing with flooding concerns and flash flood watches and warnings, of
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course, with rough sea warnings and high surf warnings. we do have more to talk about and some severe weather we can expect late this afternoon and this evening through parts of the northern plains and then down through the colorado rockies. i'll tell you more about that and what you can expect for your monday comes up in the next hour. >> julie: thank you very much. panic and fear on the streets of greece's capital. at least 10,000 people ordered to leave their homes because of this raging wildfire. thick columns of smoke filling the air. some people say it took so long for help to arrive they literally tried to beat the fire down themselves using buckets of water even tree branches. helicopters and small planes are trying to fight the fire from the air but so far it's spread over 25 square miles. freelance journalist joins us on the phone from athens.
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thank you very much for talking focuses. these people are watching their homes smolder as we are right on our television screens. they see burned out cars and they say help never arrived. why is that? >> i think that the catastrophe and fragile like this nobody can be satisfied without a firestorm of more than 35 kilometers. we have almost 15,000 people out of their houses. you have this fire extended in a vast area. you understand you have almost 12 airplanes and some more coming and you have all the fire brigade in the streets. they can't control the whole thing. the people are demanding more but the problem is the heavy winds, whenever they stayed down
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the winds come back and go again. for the time being we have one town that is critical because if this fronting in the other side of the mountain, it will create trouble and go down close to the city which is a suburb of athens we have very wealthy people and diplomats. but it's 24 hours and right now it's the center of fire brigade to see how it's going. >> julie: he i understand that a total of 83 fires have broken out. do we have any idea, do fire officials started in the first place. 83 fires. >> let's put it this way, it
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started in the northeast of athens in a garage. after you have 40 fires and now you have 83. so the people at the beginning it was because of the wind. today earlier the president of a local government association of attica said that this is an arsonist. if we want to be clear, these can't only happen by the wind but on the other side, this can happen like in california, in spain, in france. i think the truth is somewhat in the middle. the problem is whatever happens, this is the biggest ecological tragedy. >> julie: you mentioned california and we are very familiar with the fires in california but when we talk about evacuations in california, usually it's in the thousands, two or three thousand. but 10,000 people evacuated from
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one town is just incredible. it sort of explains to our viewers how dense this population is a if you've never been there. even city officials are calling out for any help. is anybody answering this their calls? >> we have help from other countries and especially planes. you have to understand the terrain is very difficult, deep forest so the fire brigade can only operate through the air. 10,000 people is a lot but the fires is very wide and the state wants to clear so we don't have any casualties or deaths. at this time we have no deaths but the problem is they wanted to control the firestorm which is very difficult. they are trying and doing their best. the people are doing as much as they can, but the people want more. >> julie: the conditions i understand are so hot they have literally created their own
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weather. i'm told about these fire tornados that people are seeing happening. what are the fire tornados like? >> the fire tornados is when you have a fire, because of the wind the heat goes from the down to up, it creates like a small tornado, i creates higher temperatures and behinders the work of the planes. so it allows the fire to move and people are afraid and not together area. therefore we have the evacuations because the fire brigade and police believe if people are allowed to go very close tourist the tornados we might have victims. moreover they want to make sure they let the planes operate which is very difficult. >> julie: thank you very much. a freelance journalist joining us from athens, greece. >> gregg: war in afghanistan from america's most senior military officer.
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here it is. >> i think it is serious, it is did he tear mediating and i've said that over the last couple of years, taliban have gotten more sophisticated tactics in my recent visits and certainly indicate that. >> gregg: joint chief of staff will not say whether more american troops are needed in afghanistan. white house is awaiting an assessment from the commander there, that is general stanley mcchrystal before making decisions. 68,000 american troops already committed to afghanistan by year's end. >> julie: now to health care, the heat debate in townhall meetings, now at the center of the debate, government run insurance plan, known as the public option, remember that word came up a lot. ack a bill without it. republicans call it a takeover and there are new calls to drop it altogether.
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caroline is live in washington. where is it coming from exactly? >> it came from john mccain. he said that president obama will have to draw up a proposal if he wants to reach a deal with congress. he wants president obama to sit down with democrats and republicans in congress and make it clear what he really wants in the bill. >> julie: the president polling numbers are dropping plus we see a lot of angry people at these health care town halls. they seem to be much more subdued when the president is there and the people are warm and welcoming the president. how about changes in dynamics when congress gets out of august recess and back to d.c.? >> it might give the opponents some pressure but 50% of americans disapprove the way the president is handling health care. chris wallace asked two members on fox news sunday today. >> it is dropping because of so
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much misinformation, people are hearing talk about death panels and people don't like it. >> it's dropping so sharply because people are reading the legislation and seeing the details of it. they are seeing that the rhetoric that was used to sell the plan is contrary to the substance of the plan. >> reporter: both democrats and republicans are using the final weeks to push their plan before they have to get back and deal with each other. >> julie: some in congress are asking pr a straight up or down vote but opponents have some room to maneuver? >> republican orrin hatch says he thinks there is vote will be 60 and one bill and pass with the democratic votes and put the stuff that everyone likes in another bill and you get that partisan support. democratic conrad senator said
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he didn't think it will work. >> julie: all right. thank you very much. >> gregg: given the hardened republican position to the reform plan. democrats may just decide to go it alone. think about that. that is overhauling one-sixth of the nation's gdp without any bipartisan support or even clear-cut popular support. most americans don't agree with that strategy. take a look at this. a poll found by a whopping 15% margin americans oppose the plans under consideration. a majority would rather see nothing at all instead of what is being offered. what is the political risks of going alone. let's bring in lamar kirk, on the appropriations committee. there was another poll, 60% of americans don't want a bill supported strictly by democrats. that is pretty substantial
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majority. given those poll numbers, would it be unwise for democrats to go it alone should the president and congress sort of retool their ideas to better conform with what americans want? >> it would. i think it would be an electoral disaster. they would not only leave the gop behind but the american people. if they went this way they would quickly loses dozens of democrats at the next election. we're also concerned about the new veterans report from that has come out encouraging by fellow veterans to go through a work sheet that nurjsz them to consider pulling the plug. this is on page 21 which the administration put out on july 2nd. it shows the direction that the american people do not support. as congressman ryan said, the more they read the more they object to it. >> elliott engle joins us now and a member of the energy
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subcommittee. you are an advocate public run option. there may be an appetite for that, it appears there is, in your body on the house of representatives. on the senate side it's a different story. senator conrad a chief negotiator says there is not now and never has been support in the senate for a government run public option. in fact he called that chasing the rabbit, a wasted et effort. should the public option be dropped now to gain greater support for an overall reform bill? >> no, not at all. there are many of us who support the public option as a way of forcing the insurance companies to compete with the public option and thereby keeping the premium of the insurance companies for health care lower. that is the only reason i'm for the public option. >> gregg: don't you ever a stalemate because on the other side, house side you will passes it but in the end nothing will
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happen. >> let's see what the senate does. they haven't passed anything out of committee. they are still negotiating. i think we need to see what they do. we'll pass it with a public option as speaker pelosi has said and then we'll see what comes out of it. look, i hope we can have a bipartisan bill with republican support but at some point you have to reassess it and see if the republicans really want to work with you. if they don't and they want to play just politics, then you have to make a decision at that point. republicans were against medicare and medicaid back in the 1960s and democrats had to pass it with their votes. we may have a similar situation again. >> gregg: gentlemen, stay with us, we're going squeeze in a quick break. we're going to continue a debate. this is incredibly important. we'll be back in just a moment with more of your thoughts.
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>> gregg: health care debate in a public option is still a hot topic in washington and all across america. back with republican congressman mark kirk of illinois and elliot engle of new york. fair and balanced, it may true that 46% of americans do oppose a government run public option, but that is still means that a majority, 52% favor it. maybe republicans are out of step and out of touch and need to reconsider a government run option? >> i opposed to a government option. i don't think we should borrow a trillion dollars and we'll put
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forward a republican alternative. we should break up insurance monopoly and have lawsuit reforms that are not present in the house bill. centerpiece of our reform bill is the medical rights act that congress should make no law interfering with the decisions you've made with your doctor. that is a positive agenda unlike the bill we had before us which i think will have unanimous opposition in the house. >> gregg: if a health reform bill achieves absolutely everything that you would like, extended coverage acres forward built, limits on insurance company practices and so forth, everything that you want except a public option, would you vote against it? >> i would have to make that decision at the time. i'm not going to negotiate against myself right now. i think that.... >> gregg: don't you think your
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constituents would like to know the answer to that? >> no, i think they would like to know the congressman is supporting heath care reform and they understand we're trying to get the best bill possible. i'm not hard and fast against anything. but i do think a public option is a very important part. right now, the insurance companies like the system because they just in collusion with themselves and decide to reject people because of preexisting conditions and decide they won't cover people because they've had too much coverage.... >> gregg: if you are not answering my question, you would if push comes to shove and you got everything else you wanted you would in fact vote in favor of health care reform without a public option? >> i just might. again, i might not. some of my colleagues have took a hard and fast position that they would not vote anything with public option. but i've learned something in the 21 years, that you should
4:26 pm
never say never. if i felt we could keep the cost of insurance down, i might consider it. >> gregg: okay, fair enough. >> public option would be fair. >> gregg: that was very political of you to equivocate. >> you asked me a question. >> gregg: you said i might, i might not, come on. congressman kirk. >> 'if the preponderance party they were opposed to medicare and medicaid. they just say no. >> gregg: last question -- 15% of americans do not have health insurance and pretty much everybody that needs no change. do you worry that in crafting a government run public option it's going to jeopardize 85% of americans that like their plans, they want to keep them and the president says they can but very few experts believe him? >> 170 million americans depend on health insurance provided by
4:27 pm
their employer. by one study, almost hundred million people would lose coverage under this bill. even the congressional budget office says that 15 million americans will lose their health insurance if it passes. i'm worried about the taxes in this bill. in the toughest economic recovery we've seen, tax for the state of illinois would go up to 49.97%. that is four points higher than france. >> gregg: congressmen, thank you both. thank you for being an impartial moderator. >> julie: i thought it was fair and balanced. we're going to move on. >> one sign of the tough economy is in the self-storage business as more people stop paying their rental fees, treasure hunters are taking advantage of great deals at bargain basement auctions. casey, are auctions in these self-storages units new.
4:28 pm
>> reporter: they are not, but it's something that a lot of people don't think about. for as long they've been available people have always fallen behind on their payments but obviously in a recession the number of people who have fallen behind on their payments have increased dramatically all around the country. that has created sort of a modern day treasure hunt because the rules vary from state to state. here in california if you get more than 30 days behind your bill and send you notices and you do not pull your items out of the unit, the company has the right to auction off your belongings. so we're seeing groups of people all around the country who are jumping from facility to facility and buying up these belongings in hopes they are going to find some valuable items in the boxes that they can resell later. >> julie: what are bidders looking for. >> reporter: they are looking for a number of things, jewelry,
4:29 pm
electronics, tools are very popular. it's very interesting. this one facility they visited they opened the door for 30 seconds, they searched around the unit trying to see if there was anything of value there and that is how the bidding goes. sometimes they go for $50 but sometimes several thousand. one man says he bought a unit for a couple of thousands. there was an old painting and he ended up taking it to an auction house, ready for this, it auctioned for $845,000. so there is some money to be made in this for sure. >> julie: we would like to know where there is money to be made. as unprecedented the effort is to protect people from the h1n1 virus and new warning. >> and prisoner release turns into an international firestorm
4:30 pm
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>> julie: this is a fox news alert. we've been telling you about its major issue, rip currents and rip tides from this hurricane that is now a category one
4:33 pm
storm. maine, massachusetts in danger at this point now we're understanding that several people have been swept out into the water. two people are still missing in maine. arcadia national park, petty officer james rodes is with the u.s. coastguard. thank you for talking to us. first of all tell me about the two people who are still missing. there were nine people i understand taken to the hospital. two people are missing and apparently a large crowd swept away a crowd -- i'm sorry a large wave swept away a crowd of people that were actually standing very close to the waterfront. what happened? >> we have a situation where there was about 20 people on a cliff known as thunder hole in arcadia national park. a rowing 3 wave hit it and nine people were taken to the
4:34 pm
hospital. we have now plucked three people with from the water and we're searches for two unaccounted people. it's not confirmed think went into the water or not but they were unaccounted for. we are still looking for them. we have a jayhawk helicopter and a lifeboat from stakes southwest harbor. >> julie: please continue. >> the main reef -- and they are conducting a search as well. >> julie: i want to show pictures of not maine but massachusetts as to what the seas look like because we've been talking about this powerful storm that has been churning up seas on the eastern seaboard. we actually have video from virginia beach and now maine, can you tell us about the current conditions in the water where you are. by any chances are their life
4:35 pm
guards or on-duty security at this point to prevent people from getting too close to the dangerous waters? >> as far as the national bar i'm not sure if there are lifeguards but we have been warning people all weekend to take caution because of the rip currents and stay informed. we are experiencing pretty rough weather. >> julie: this is video of virginia beach but essentially here in the new york area all the beaches were closed. there you have a arcadia national park but there is a waterfront there. are people being allowed to walk up to the water fro front are being told to stay away. as i just mentioned, this large wave had to be pretty massive to literally drag an entire crowd out into the water? >> right, as far as the national park there, i'm not sure, it probably be more up to the park
4:36 pm
service. we have been warning people to stay cautious. >> julie: what is the weather like there? >> i'm not on the scene so i'm not sure. the sea conditions are pretty rough out there. it's quite a challenge for our crew to conduct a search. >> julie: and you sent out a 47-foot boat. please keep us posted if you have any luck whatsoever. we hope to get good news out of this. petty officer of the u.s. coastguard joining us on the phone. >> gregg: the government gearing up for an unprecedented campaign to get americans vaccinated against the h1n1 virus. drugmakers are working around the clock to get doses out by early fall. new concerns now emerging about
4:37 pm
the vacciness efficacy. laura ingle, what is the plan here. >> it's to get drugmakers to find a vaccine that could possibly be a mutating virus and of course school is starting and people. the clinical treiltsz in the works by vaccine companies are working to come up with this. as the trials are going along scientists are trying to figure out how they can use the vaccine. whether it's going to be a shot using nasal spray or which dose will be. cdc reporting that the h1n1 virus strikes younger people so it is behaving differently. they still have a lot of testing to do. >> gregg: i speak for every kid, take the nasal spray instead of the shot. what is this going to cost? is it necessary?
4:38 pm
>> a lot of people are looking at the numbers and so far, we have a grand total of $4.8 million that is going out in public campaign to get everybody aware that this vaccine is coming that they do need to get it. question about the money, gregg, so they make all these vines. we're talking about vaccines. they are seos to be available by mid-october and what if they make all those doses and then it doesn't work? >> gregg: and because as you point out mutations can really cut down on its ability to really battle the virus. what about the vaccine if it mutates? >> that is something they are looking at very closely. it has changed a couple of times. good news are coming from the cdc just this week they are monitoring the h1n1 is virus in
4:39 pm
the southern hemisphere and it does not appear to be mutating. but its moving target that they have to deal with. >> gregg: all right. laura ingle, thanks very much and by the way, to our viewers in the next hour we'll be talking to a doctor who is it young, elderly the world health organization with a warning about that. as you are sending your kids back to the school and cdc is really worried the pandemic will pick up in the fall. >> julie: the international uproar over the release of megrahi is spreading. only person convicted of the pan am bombing that killed 270 people and then came this. the shocking images of the convicted bomber getting a hero's welcome in libya, not only a cheering crowd and escort of libyan leader muammar khadafy
4:40 pm
but publicly embraced by khadafy himself. he thanked the queen even and prime minister gordon brown for encouraging the spanish government to free the convicted terrorist. did they dupe the u.s. and the world? joining to us shed light and controversy at play here is robert jordan, former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia. thank you so much for talking to us. let's talk about the son of libyan leader muammar khadafy that we see embracing megrahi himself. i want to throw them up to the screen. why would khadafy that is going thank the queen of england and gordon brown to free the terrorist? do you believe the brits have anything to do with this? >> julie, this story gets worse by the hour. we're now seeing reports that
4:41 pm
gordon brown was in communication with khadafy within the last six weeks. sent him a letter, and posed for photographs at a summit meeting. think gordon brown fingerprints may be over this. it's an outrage and national disgrace. we're now seeing that the scottish justice minister is trying to backtrack and trying to justify what he did by simply saying, not all of the families were against this humanitarian release. not all families are against euthanasia but the standard is what is consistent with the rhyme of law and what is going to be a deterrent to terrorists. i think robert mueller sent a blistering letter to this justice minister. >> julie: what i don't under,
4:42 pm
did libya want to turn against the united states. did they want to turn against the world. and if england is involved, first of all, will there be any repercussions from libya and there should be there be? will there be any justice at the end of the day? >> i'm a little skeptical, but i tell you this. i think khadafy was never going to be our friend. there are ways to deal with tyrants and occasionally you have to hold your nose in the interest of greater good. for example having them stop their nuclear program which was a positive step. but you can't assume they are going to milk whatever they can from the public relations grist mill and that is exactly what khadafy did. i called him and kim jong-il and others the axis of evil and we
4:43 pm
can't forget that. he is going to grandstand every time he has a chance. >> julie: u.s.-libyan relations we not has dramatically improved to resolve all of this. what can we say about where the rest of the world goes from here? how do relations with libya, first of all, go from here between libya and scotland, how does the u.s. respond? >> the u.s. responds as it has without outrage. i think the director's letter is the best expression of that. i think we're going to have to deal with our supposed allies the brits and skots by letting people go like this on so they can gain commercial advantage in the oil fields of libya. we do have a national interest in the stability of libya and -- they have outraged, it's an
4:44 pm
outrage here. >> julie: there have been diplomatic efforts with this country. it's certainly shocking to see their leader participating and greeting a terrorist as a hero. ambassador thank you very much. we'll be right back. mu ivitam in a drk mix. with more calcium and vitamin d... to support bone and breast health... while helping you hydrate. one a day women's 2o. refreshingly healthy.
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>> gregg: influx of government cash is kicking auto sales that
4:47 pm
over drive. car buyers are flocking to car dealerships trying to take advantage of the cash for clunkers program. getting $4500 to trade their cars in and thanks to a tax credit for first time home buyers. home sales shot up 7.2% in the month of july. the largest monthly increase in the last ten years. >> those credits are set to expire at the end of the november and clunkers program ends tomorrow will sales slump. >> joining us now. rich desalvo and power of pain. rich, good to see you, what is it going to happen? >> no, it's not going to last in terms of real estate, first all. it's going to be till the end of november. but more important issue than that, that is this. inside of this, my stimulus program and how we want to tickle the economy you can't do
4:48 pm
it by putting things on sale. that is not the answer. what you are looking for is buyers, consumers, not necessarily just cherry pickers that are looking for things that are on sale. whether it's cars or real estate or even alliances. it doesn't play to the fact. economy needs to take its own course and i don't think an occasional stimulus is necessarily the answer. . >> gregg: it's a band-aid and eventually runs out. no government program i've ever run in to has run out -- what's the solution? >> the solution is leave it alone. not everything in this world has to run in a linear and aggressive time line where things have to go up and up on our own timetable. economy goes up and sometimes it goes down. look at the stock market, people necessarily will rush in because quote, the stock is on sale. let the economy take care of
4:49 pm
itself. >> gregg: all these incentive programs. can i draw an analogy to the stimulus program? does the stimulus by putting in artificial dollars, does that mask the true demand of any product or industry? >> absolutely masks. i'm going to give it to very simple example. if i walk into a local store and they aren't selling any shoes and they put the shoes on sale there a line. those are profits but i wouldn't call them good profits. i would call them questionable profits. it doesn't mean i'm going expand the store and hire more employees. it's not real. >> gregg: rich, great to see you. thanks very much. >> julie: president obama hitting new lows what it means to overhaul the health care system. scott rasmussen tells us what
4:50 pm
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how close are you to where you want to be?
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>> julie: president obama's approval rating hitting new lows. according to the rasmussen tracking poll, only 27 of voters approve how the president is doing his job. while 41% strongly disapprove. these numbers give president obama an approval index rating of minus 14 points. that is the lowest he has had yet. what do these dropping numbers say about the president, especially when it comes to a stepped up efforts to sell heath care reform. with us is scott rasmussen. index number is double digits, that is first for a while? >> yes, he was in negative double digits after the press
4:54 pm
conference cambridge cop thing. but health debate is a focal point ever since the bailouts begin. that is what is the driving the number so high. some democrats are getting discouraged. democrats overwhelmingly approve of the president's performance but only 49% of democrats strongly approve. that may be because of comments he made about the public option or other issues. but we're seeing the president having trouble on both ends of the divide with strong opposition going up and strong support going down. >> julie: cash for clunkers for those who did receive the $4500 rebate or up to $4500 they are happy as pie. anyway, clams, but anyway, for all those automakers or auto dealers, they are owed millions of dollars by the government. now, the government's plan was
4:55 pm
to pump money back into the economy by coming up with this cash for clunkers program. question is, do americans feel it helped? >> 35% say it helped, 23% say it hurt but that means the democrats say it helped, republicans say it hurt, they are split right down the middle. americans or not impressed the way the federal government managed the program. just 27% give the government good or excellent marks. part of it has been concerns dealers have where is our money. >> julie: let me ask you, without the public option, is enthusiasm for health care reform up or down among republicans and democrats? >> among republicans there is any change. republicans are opposed to the health care plan with or without the public option. among democrats it falls dramatically. 12% are strongly some supportive of health care reform. reason is simple. most supporters of the president's health care plan
4:56 pm
would really like to see a single payer plan. they view the public option as a step in that direction. if they don't have that, well, they're not too excited about it. >> julie: confidence in stimulus but remember the stimulus plan, $787 billion stimulus plan, has it helped? >> 33% say yes, and 30% say it's hurt. those numbers are better for the administration than a month ago when 25% say it helped. business partisan divide on this. democrats saying, of course, it happened and republicans saying, of course, it hurt. >> julie: what worries you more the government trying to fix our economy, are they doing too little? >> 54% they are worried the government is going to do too much. that is up ten points since the president was inaugurated. >> julie: we're going to have to see if it pays off. time shall tell.
4:57 pm
scott rasmussen and it's rasmussenreports twitter -- what is it again? >> >> they put it the teleprompter but there was something about a pie but i got on a lot on my mind. you try to focus when you plan a wedding six days away. go. >> gregg: hurricane bill losing strength but it's still creating very rough surf along the eastern seaboard. weather forecast coming up next. w
4:58 pm
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captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> julie: welcome back, everybody, 5:00 on the east and julie bandaras. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters and
5:00 pm
now the center of the health care debate sparked a fire symptom of controversy the government run insurance plan also known as the public option. >> julie: supporters and opponents of the plan face off on town hall meetings across this nation and there are new calls, today, to ditch the government run plan or potentially risk passing health care reform at all. caroline shivley is live in washington and today, john mccain said he doesn't think a bill that has government run health insurance can make it through congress? how much support is the public -- has the public option actually lost. >> reporter: definitely lost support in some corners, over the recess, a very tough time for this and senator john mccain tells "this week" president obama will have to drop it if he wants to reach a deal with congress on health care reform and john mccain wants the president to sit down with democrats and republicans in congress and make clear what he wants in the bill and the government run health insurance option does still have the supporters and nancy pelosi says he needs it to pass it in the
5:01 pm
house. >> julie: what about splitting the bill in two? is that an option, even possible? >> reporter: well, it might be. this is an idea that has been floating out there for a couple of days and here's the idea. shed the controversial stuff in one bill and pass with it only democratic votes and the stuff everyone likes in another bill and you get bipartisan support and today, democratic senator kent conrad one of the top negotiators on the senate side doesn't think it will fly, julie. >> julie: and also there is a lot of 0 controversial talk about death panels and health care reform. but what is the so-called death book on the veterans affairs web site? >> it's an end of life counseling booklet on the va web site for elderly veterans and a critic says it could lead t guilting elderly veterans into choosing options to end their lives earlier and here's part of the debate. take a listen: >> this is a slippery slope that kind of makes people when you look at the document, makes people feel like they are a burden and should do the decent thing and die. >> we clearly tell all of our veterans, please, use any type
5:02 pm
of a tool that is most suitable for you and your loved one. >> reporter: today arlen spector thinks consideration should be given to suspend the plan, pending hearings before the veterans affairs committee and the senate. julie. >> julie: thank you very much. you know, there is a really -- really controversial sentiment among veterans who feel they are already a burden on the country and the veterans of the country, the heros and the men and the women should feel as if in their final days, they have the best care. and, to hear the word death book, first of all, is so sad, to think that that would even be an issue, if indeed it is. >> gregg: a tough interrogation by chris wallace, as he always does and secretary duckworth will reconsider the notion of taking that down off of the web site. because of the kinds of suggestions it makes. to veterans. towards end of theirs lives. >> julie: it's interesting, when we watch the town hall meetings one in particular, in fact, one of our reporters here, david lee miller covered one of them that
5:03 pm
was for veterans and when you talk to veterans about the health care they received, compared to the health care many of us receive, via through, perhaps, private insurance companies, or news corp. if you will and what kind of examples do veterans set as to when the government were to actually take over our health care and what kind of health care they receive and how would that be comparable if at all to ours. >> gregg: among the issues they are trying to figure out. >> julie: and there are problems in the va medical system. >> gregg: there is excitement in martha's vineyard as the president and the first lady and two daughters landing in massachusetts this afternoon. and the week-long break is the very first official vacation for the president. since assuming office and major garrett traveling with the president and, major, what can you tell us about the first family's vacation. >> >> reporter: we have many details i can to the wait to until, the last hour so many things happened, actually, really, nothing has happened, but what we do have is pictures
5:04 pm
of one thing that has happened since this last hour, and that is the first family making their way, with the presidential motorcade as always, from the airport in martha's vineyard to their place out in what is known as blue heron farms, on a part of the island that is called oh, the -- what is it called -- forgive me, and the folks are lining the way and the president and the first family making their way out there and what is interesting about the place and we talked about it, 28-and-a-half acres and everything it has and it is owned by william jackson vandervender from mississippi and there is something about who he is. he's a timber magnate and oil magnate and supporter of republicans, 2007, 2008, he and his wife gave 25,000 today's various republican concerns among the recipients, john mccain. so, it is obvious the owe obamas are renting property here on martha's vineyard from someone who is -- gave money to his
5:05 pm
rival, in 2008 presidential campaign, nothing wrong with that. interesting. facts and figures wherever we can here on the island. >> gregg: i'm not going to say he has his own golf course but has a hole, doesn't he? >> reporter: one hole of golf. can be played on the blue heron farm and i don't know, the dimensions, i don't know if it has any water hazards orsand traps. we are efforting all, all of those crucial details. >> gregg: oh, man! all right, grab saltwater taffy, will you? we all want it. >> julie: my favorite, favorite place in new england. >> reporter: is that right. >> julie: martha's vineyard and nantucket. >> gregg: they won't let me on the island. >> julie: well, they shouldn't. hurricane bill. losing steam as it speeds toward canada, new video from nova scotia, check it out. the storm blocking out power and blocking roads an bill is expected to hit the maritime
5:06 pm
provinces with heavy rains and winds topping 50 miles an hour and and they have -- days ago they were 85 miles per hour and the storm continues to churn up dangerous suffer and riptides along the east coast and let's check in with domenica davis, meteorologist, who is tracking bill's progress in the fox weather center and you heard about maine, how the whole crowd of people that -- were swept away by the large wave, and massachusetts was in danger and apparently maine has the wicked seas, too into the storm as you said is sitting over parts of canada. but, we are still looking at our high surf and advisories until 6:00 monday. so then that means you have to stay out of the water and heed those warnings because rip currents will be the biggest threat as we head into our monday and then, you can get back into the water and things will be better. 5:00 advisory came in, 75 mile-per-hour, and that is the wind and a category one hurricane, as it brushes by newfoundland, and they'll see
5:07 pm
the worst of the storm and then it pushes well into the open waters of the atlantic once again and we are on the trailing edge of this, a big difference in the water scenario, come tomorrow and that this is good news and we have plenty of rain moving up and down this coast, and the east coast, and that is the -- a cold front is pushing through. now, in other parts of the country, there is no problem with that too much and a threat for some severe weather, low pressure system up through this northern plains, and that will bring a chance for severe weather by tonight. and then, down to the south, in the rockies we are also laookin at strong to severe thunderstorms and the most severe storms are through the colorado area and through dallas, a couple of thunderstorms popping up there, and a fairly quiet day, but, again along the east coast, has to stay out of the water there, at least until i would say probably monday afternoon and will be go ahead and as fast as you can get back in, julie.
5:08 pm
>> julie: thank you so much, domenica davis. >> gregg: is dissent brewing within the remarks of the taliban? there are new reports members of the group in pakistan named mehsud as their new commander, reportedly replacing by tula mehsud, killed in the missile strike with a dron earlier this month. and while the leader is reportedly as his predecessor, the terror group may not entirely support him. is the taliban falling apart at the seams? a homeland security and counterterrorism expert with the heritage foundation joins us live. good to see you. what do we know about the new guy? >> he is younger. he's in his late 20s, a real thug and a murderer. he has been up running around working with the pakistan taliban for several years and away know he has been behind some of the pretty vicious suicide bombing plots and attacks in pakistan, and is a
5:09 pm
pretty nasty character. >> gregg: is the taliban united behind him. >> that is a good question and i don't think anybody has a good answer to that. there were reports that he was engaged with a gun fight and he and another person were killed and there is a report he has been -- here's what we know, his replacement got whacked largely because the isi, the pakistani intelligence service, couldn't control him any more, the pakistan taliban and there is taliban they like and don't like and they whacked him, and this guy, i don't think was approved by the -- necessarily somebody that the intelligence services will be comfortable with, so he may not be with us long, either. >> gregg: is he related to baitullah mehsud. >> they har all related and what people have to understand. >> chris: there is not a taliban, there is talibans, the afghanistan taliban, and the pashtun tribes in afghanistan who are trying to fight their way back into afghanistan and this is the pakistani taliban and is a relatively new group
5:10 pm
and formed in 2007 -- >> gregg: but that get support from al qaeda, right. >> that's -- two things, the two things the pakistani taliban really focus on is, protecters of al qaeda and are trying to control their territories and they are pushing back against the pakistani government, both for cooperating with the united states, and really coming after them. up. >> gregg: are they harboring al qaeda including perhaps in the tribal regions bin laden? >> you bet. they are -- you know, i don't know why you call them the taliban any more, you should all call them al qaeda, because al qaeda is funneling money and resource to the taliban and they are providing the strategic guidance and working closely together and even the formations, coming together of the pakistan and taliban, that is... in part, to defend al qaeda, though it is all al qaeda as far as i'm concerned. >> gregg: well, if we nail with a drone and a cruise missile, by
5:11 pm
-- baitullah mehsud, how close might we be to the leadership of al qaeda. >> to be clear we are not using cruise mills, these are predator aircraft, unmanned aircraft and fire a mills off the top of it,'a hellfire missile. but, the point is, is this guy even came out and he said, you know, we have beheaded 12 informant who gave away information about these thing and they are terrified of these things and there is continued various and the obama administration has done a lot more strikes than the bush administration and they need keep doing i they will not win the war and get al qaeda but if they keep the guys on the run but the key hear is really the pakistani government. they are trying to control these guys and have to destroy them. they gave up this one guy, hopefully they'll give up this guy and eventually they have to realize the taliban are the
5:12 pm
greatest risk to the pakistan government, than they -- than they are and hope the u.s. will leave and al qaeda will go back into afghanistan and the -- the afghan taliban go back and everything will get back to the way it was. that ain't gonna happen. >> the civilian faction of the pakistani government, you know, certainly says they are sincerely going after the taliban. one wonders about the isi and the military branch of the government. >> well, you know, again, the military and the isi, are the ones that really have the control here and i think, to be honest, they are so in the mode of thinking, you know, there are good taliban we can control and can use for our purposes and there are, you know, bad taliban that are kind of out of control and we have to get rid of them and in the end, i don't think that is a distinction they'll be able to say over time. >> gregg: jim carrafao, thank you.
5:13 pm
>> julie: government health officials working quickly to prevent the spread of the h1n1 virus, an unprecedented campaign, set to launch and will aim to vaccinate millions of americans. in just a few months. laura ingle has more from our new york studios, what kind of campaign are we talking about here. >> reporter: julie, we are talking about a multi-media campaign that will cost the federal government a lot of money. many people do agree it is this right thing to do and it is necessary. so, the federal government right now, putting together this 4.8 million dollar campaign, you get the -- to get the word out, people need to get not only the h1n1 virus, flu shot but also the regular flu shot as well. and, that is something that everybody agrees is very important and these messages are expected to be heard and seen in radio and tv ads as well as getting them on twitter. and video pod casts and youtube, and many doctors think this is a really good idea because there is a fear factor with the regular flu vaccines, and up
5:14 pm
rates are down, most doctors tell you with -- this is especially important, and a lot of doctors give it the thumbs up. >> julie: with flu season around the corner does the cdc expect to meet its goal. >> they know they are up against the supply and demand problem, for sure, and we have been talking about the trials going on the last several months and five different companies are working on getting the vaccine together, and officials pekt expect to have 50 million doses available by october but are lobby on likely to get only a third of that and traditional flu season doesn't actually start until december and the pandemic, what the h1n1 is, of course starts september/october and so there is concern. >> julie: laura ingle, thanks, we'll be talking live with a doctor about simple ways to protect yourself and your family, from h1n1, so --
5:15 pm
particularly children and the elderly, two of the most vulnerable groups and we'll talk to the doctor and ask the doctor how this swine flu is different from regular flu and why all of the concerns. stay tuned. >> this is a "fox news alert," acadia national park, nine people taken to the hospital, the crowd swept to the water as they visited acadia national park and we understand the coast guard has searched for two people, still unable to find them, at this hour. and we interviewed a petty officer who said they are currently in the waters and have a 47 foot boat searching for two missing people and it's not clear at this point, yet and we are trying to check or facts whether the two people who are unaccounted for were swept into the water, and the witness, families -- we are trying to talk to witnesses or families or who may have seen anything and the waves swept over an entire
5:16 pm
crowd watching the surf and sent five people in to the sea and two were recovered and we will stay on top of the story as hurricane bill obviously making the waters off the eastern seaboard treacherous, as many people along the eastern seaboard from maine down to virginia beach are being warned, stay away from the beaches and the water, they are deadly. >> greg: 10, 15 foot waves, have to stay away. it has been around for generation in your parents's book shelves and waiting rooms, "readers digest," why it could be in the final chapter and they are fighting for their children and against socialism, thousands taking to the streets in venezuela, protesting a new law that strengthens president hugo chavez's grip, this time, on schools. next. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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5:20 pm
>> ses sent you to washington to take care of business not to social tliez medical system. [cheers and applause]. >> new outrage this weekend over president obama's proposals to overhaul health care and the claim from a heated town hall meeting in albuquerque, new mexico and the question is, is president obama coming on too strong and risking permanent damage with his plan to take on health care? columnist for "the new york daily news," michael goodwin writes, the danger for obama is not just that most voters don't like his health plan, the real danger is that he is digging a trust deficit with ordinary americans of all political stripes. and he is here in our studios today, to tell us why he believes being president and waging a war on health care and why he believes it is a risky road to take.
5:21 pm
michael great to have you in the studio with us today. do you think he has caused permanent damage hear. >> certainly the way he is going, when you look at the polls, upwards of 70% of the people reject the claims that he makes, that health care will let you keep your own insurance, that his overhaul will and it won't cows anything and the government will save money, and on and on and all of these claims that he makes at every stop and up to 70%, and we believe something -- the opposite is going to hand that is the trust issue that goes beyond health care and goes to everything about his presidency you. >> talk about taking on health care reform as being a risky rod and he has taken quite the risk and is out there campaigning as if he has not been elected president. at the town hall meetings. >> right. >> julie: but the problem is, is at this point, okay, congress, takes the recess and is supposed to come back in september and come up with a vote. and is it too late? or, could they potentially split the bill in two, or, can they do away with it altogether because that is something john mccain
5:22 pm
came out today and said, you know what? this is not going to pass, government insurance should not mix. >> i believe at this point president baim will not back down, i think he's in too far and made too many promises to the liberal wing of the party and a lot of americans have concerns about health care even on a moral basis of the uninsured or their own futures and costs and the portability issues and the costs and all of these things, a lot of people are concerned about it and the problem is the president has basically wants to demolish the current system in order to replace it and that is what is scaring people and if he can come in and cut the loaf in half -- >> or modify it instead of cutting it down and rebuilding it altogether. >> right. >> julie: a lot of the controversy -- first it started with health care reform and then all of a sudden it sort of kind of veered off the road and now it became about insurance, and the word public option came into the mix and i think that is why americans are losing trust, they are confused. how can you trust somebody when they are -- the message seems to change every week. what about the public option.
5:23 pm
>> the president keeps changing the goal post and picks a new villain each week and a lot of it is driven by polling and the country is confused because the president him search is confused. each to this day he has not specified exactly what he wants and talked about goals but there are numbers of bills in congress, with probably hundreds of -- all of them are in play and the president will have to pin himself down, first, and i think he is fighting a losing battle as rasmussen said earlier, the poll numbers are getting worse and worse and virtually every day. he has to, i think, begin to stop fighting the country and start working with the country. >> julie: let's try and clear it up for the country, for all of those sitting in the living rooms now scratching their heads, what is the health care reform bill, explain to our viewers what the public option is, exactly. i know a lot of people at home, probably have no idea. >> basically it would be a sort of a program the government would run, and you could buy into it as an individual or as a group, you could buy into it and
5:24 pm
in fact they would replace private insurance companies. and, the president says, this is designed to keep private insurance companies honest and in that sentence is this implication, of course that all private insurance companies are dishonest and, meanwhile, 80% of the public says they are basically happy with their coverage, so, you are basically telling people that their coverage is no good when they don't believe that. and, secondly i think the president is suggesting government can do it better, and most people don't believe that, either. so, right there is the big problem and i think that is also where a huge kind of unfunded cost comes in, maybe open ended costs and that is really hurting the public option. >> julie: we have formed our own poll on twitter and asked people who do you trust more, your insurance company or the government and i bet you you can guess, 99%, in our personal twitter poll, not official, said the insurance companies, at least they can be held liable and can sue them or they can drop them and choose someone else and you cannot drop the government. >> and i think that is the kind of thing the president is
5:25 pm
fighting and why would you fight the public, that is a losing proposition or any politician. >> julie: and the president as he goes to the town health care meetings, unsolicited e-mails sent out to hundreds of americans as well, saying there were a lot of untruths that are being created by, they say, the media. and that is what the e-mails are saying, we are responsible for spreading lies, so, let's get the truth on the table here. president obama says that if you have a private insurance company, who currently covers you, that you will not lose your health insurance if the government takes the place of private insurance companies, true or false. >> of course it is false, because he can't guarantee that and the plan doesn't forbid the private companies. it will compete with them and there are estimates as many as 100 million americans will end up with the public option and that is going to make it more difficult for the private companies, so, technically, he is right, when -- we're not taking it away but the reality
5:26 pm
is you'll probably lose it through your employer and get it through this government. >> julie: another form and great argument is at least the insurance companies will compete against one -- each other, rather, and the competition will, programs, increase and perhaps get the -- things will be better for americans, because they'll be competing and nobody want to let go of business and obviously they'll perform better if they know somebody else can take e away the business, and take the government's business away from them. >> and i think that is what the president is up against the sense the public doesn't trust the government. and it tends to trust the private market and turns to the government when it has a problem but now most people don't feel it is' crisis for them and that is a very difficult argument to win against the public, to -- that doesn't believe you have a better idea michael goodwin, thank you very much. very interesting and now we all understand, or not really! >> gregg: it is interesting, the president is now trashing insurance companies and that is in the bill -- as you point out, 85% of americans like their
5:27 pm
health insurance and you hear the horror story and those are few and far between be, the vast majority like what they are getting. >> he has to make it seem like a crisis when most people don't think it is. >> julie: thank you, michael, very, very much, always great to have you on. >> gregg: an american icon for nine decades, folks have been reading "readers digest." learning about politics, inspirational americans and of course, there are the clean jokes, submitted by readers, not the ones that julie tells all the time! >> julie: no! >> gregg: the magazine is macing an uncertain future, david lee miller has details. >> reporter: when "readers digest" published the first edition in 1922, the movies were silent. tv was decade away and the internet was science fiction. now, the magazine faces a challenge in the future, because, the parent company, the "readers digest" association, is planning to file for bankruptcy protection. readers digest global editors said the magazine made famous for the home spun humor and
5:28 pm
inspiring stairs not in jeopardy. >> we certainly plan to be around and serving our readers for many years to come. >> reporter: two years ago a private investment firm bought the corporation, and other popular magazines, such as rachel ray for more than $2 billion. hurt by the recession, the investment firm, now wants to hand over control of the readers digest association to the bank it owes money. >> it is about the company's balance sheets, it is a simple thing, like we made our mortgage smaller, that is a good thing for our company and for the magazine. >> reporter: try insiders warn readers digest magazine has not kept pace with the time and in a twitter world the jokes can be journey and -- such as the cartoon, the doctor says, i have troubling news, mr. feingold, you are in my parking space. articles are up beat and focusing on home town heros. like this couple who saved a truck driver trapped in his
5:29 pm
burning cab. one troubling sign, the number of subscribers has dropped. >> it is critical but not life-threatening. >> reporter: the magazine available worldwide is evolving and once it condemns rehash of published material most of the content is now original. >> we have a message of up lifting optimism which i think is all american. >> reporter: a message that is also in the magazine's web site. which boasts 2 million visitors a month, and the brand is an american icon and not going away, any time soon. the "readers digest" version of this story, magazines staying in business, despite tough times. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. >> julie: protecting your nest egg, more people are giving it serious thought in the wake of the bernie madoff case and we'll have tips to keep your retirement savings safe next.
5:30 pm
>> gregg: violent clashes in venezuela, thousands battling police in the country's capitol, what protesters are saying and the government's response, coming up, in three. limb: dude that was sick! i've been hangin' up there for, what, like, forty years? and then - wham - here i am smacking the pretty off that windshield of yours. oh, what you're looking for an apology? well, toss another coin in the wishing well, pal. it's not happenin'. limb: hey, what's up, donnie? how you been? anncr: accidents are bad. anncr:but geico's good ding! with onsite windshield replacement.
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5:33 pm
that killed at least 100 people, and wounded more than a thousand. this as prime minister nouriel al-maliki and his government face widespread criticism following the violence this year and david pipe are in baghdad with the update, david? >> reporter: gregg, iraqis security forces are planning to capture the people behind the deadly attacks in baghdad last week, the military spokesperson said they captured who they describe that's mastermind behind the attacks which killed 100 people wednesday and says, the insurgent cell is now arrested. earlier, the man described the chief organizer of the attacks, was shown... in a calm way for someone to achieve bloody attacks, the man described as a former police officer said the he orchestrated bombings with the leader from the former ruling baath party who is now living in syria and also claimed the attackers paid $10,000 to
5:34 pm
get past the check points to the finance ministry and that blast killed nearly 30 people and brought down an overpass. shortly after the tv confession it was announced every officer that ran the check points between baghdad and diyala province in the north where the plot was put together have been arrested and the iraqi authorities say further confessions from the rest of the cell they say organized the attacks will be shown in the coming days. and the iraqi government has been under intense pressure to find the bombers, asking repeatedly, if forces were in control of the security situation. at the moment, it is difficult to substantiate the claims made by the government over those detentions, and arrests. back to you, gregg. >> gregg: david pipe are in baghdad, thanks very much, julie. >> julie: thousands take to the streets of venezuela. these are pictures from the capital city of caracas and police using tear gas, water
5:35 pm
canons and rubber bullets to clear the crowd. and protesters raised their voices against a new education law, requiring schools to base lesson plans on principles put forward by hugo chavez and the move seeks to indoctrinate young people in the government's socialist ideals and reporting dozens of minor injuries. >> gregg: investment fraud, you know, it is happening a lot in the last two years, names like bernie madoff and allen stanford becoming household names and not in a good way and this decade may eventually go down as the age of the scam artist and the whopper that made madoff pulled in really nothing new, so-called ponzi schemes, they have been around for a very long time and how can you detect the devastating fraud before it is too late. >> joining me this is or the of a new book, "how to smell a rat" how do i know my retirement
5:36 pm
money is not invested with the next madoff, ceo of fisher investments, ken fisher. good to see you. >> thank you. >> gregg: let me run through a couple of your tips, telltale signs and one of them is, you know, money managers who take up custody of the assets. explain that. >> most money management actually is separate from the custodial safety of your as sets and you put youroney at charles schwab and someone else is actually managing it, it isn't part of schwab and when you have custody and the decisionmaker, the decisionmaker takes the money out of the back door and either ponzi scheme rat has done and what you don't want to do is give them phycal possession of your money when you give someone physical possession of your money, they have the ability to embezzle every asset. >> gregg: this we hear time and again is actually, i'm just plucking page 52 of your book.
5:37 pm
i was reading, double your money, guaranteed, if it is a return that is too good to be true, it probably is, right. >> yes. the fact is that investors don't like volatility and con artists know that and they know not to promise you the very highest returns ever, but he returns that are smooth and easy, and the fact of the mattered is, that everybody that has ever been a very successful investor, in the very long term, have also had bad years and what you want to do is say, show me the bad years, i wanted to see years where you have done badly, because every honest investment manager has had those and the con artists rely on a smooth, steady, high return and they promise mitts and thit and thaty do, even though they don't do that and they take the money out of the back door. >> gregg: and the jargon drives
5:38 pm
me crazy and i remember getting calls from brokers and so forth and i didn't understand the words they said and flashy jargon and tactics, right? >> yes, that is -- the fact is, that whatever you have someone else do with your money you need to have them be able to explain to you, in very simple language, what they do, so that you can understand it. if you can't understand it, don't do it. the fact is, understanding what they do doesn't mean that it is easy to do. so the great investors of all time have all had easily understandable processes and they were good at doing them, but, con artists, remember, they need mum go jumbo and they are not doing at all and have to confuse you with the smoke screen and that is what they do gun and this is also -- happens frequently, you know, somebody, money manager, broker, whatever, comes to you and says, i can provide you with exclusive
5:39 pm
benefits you will only get with me and is that usually another red flag. >> well, it depends what kind of benefits they are, if they are actually benefits about the investments themselves, that might be a good thing, because it might be true, might be real and might be valuable and it is when it is more like, you are going to be able to invest where these movie stars invest. when you come into my conference room, see the pictures of me with these leading politicians, or sport stars. forms of exclusivity that don't in any regard help your investment and what they are wanting to do, because they have no credibility on their own, what they want to do is mach a statement to you, that because the other people are supposedly with them, which maybe they are as with the case with madoff and man they aren't, maybe they are making it up, because of that, you can trust em, they need to trust statement, so they can actually steal from you.
5:40 pm
these people are really big and really good at building up their background and building the notions of exclusivity and seksz connections and may be very connected to your church, to where you went to college, they build these connections, so they can embezzle from you. >> gregg: i'll finish reading it. there are other tips and i want to learn about them and the name of the book "how to smell a rat, the five signs of financial fraud." ken fisher, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> tough times for the industry that declutters, america's need tor storage is down and that is opening the door for bargain basement treasure hunters taking advantage of foreclosure auctions and areas seeing a jump of more than 20% over the last two years and case steegel is more, live from los angeles. >> reporter: foreclosures an bankruptcy at an all-time high in the terrible economy and it is no surprise, people are
5:41 pm
falling behind on their self-storage rents and in fact a number of kept around the country say they have seen a huge increase in the number of people who can no longer afford to store their belongings. so, essentially what happens, they go up for walks and laws vary in each stated and in california when a payment is 30 days late the storage facility is able to auction off the contents of the unit once they are given notice and the auction are drawing huge crowds in hopes of finding up hidden treasure. >> they have 30 seconds to look in the door and can look and close the door and started the bidding. so, you can tell people get excited, when they see something in the back they hope no one will see. >> and armed with the flashlights and bidders looking for electronics, tools and jewelry and -- in plain ooiting sight and stuff that can be resold on-line swap meets and folks pay as little as a few bucks for the whole unit or up
5:42 pm
to several thousand dollars, like playing the lottery, and sometimes you lose, but, sometimes you strike it big. >> he paid a couple thousand dollars for this and we saw a picture that was beat up and he almost threw it way and he said i'll show my friend and showed his friend and he said, way, take it to an auction and may be it might be worth something and it auctioned off for $840,000. >> reporter: $840,000. can you believe that and winning bidders have one strict rule to follow and have to empty out the tire storage unit within 24 hours and aren't allowed to pick and choose all of the valuable items out of the lot. julie. >> julie: wow fascinating. casey steegel, thank you. >> gregg: a muslim teenager runs away from home fearing her family would kill her after converting to christianity. how wil the courts balance her safety with the rights of her parents?
5:43 pm
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ell laodicean. celebrate the moment.
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laodicean? whoa, i'll take it from here, smart guy. spell budot com. buy dot com, can you use it in a sentence? my neighbor bought a flat screen tv at the store, but i told him he could have paid less on buy dot com. can you give me it's origin? buy dot com was created to deliver millions of products with free shipping offers. oh, buy dot com. b-u-y- dot-c-o-m, buy dot com. we have a winner! yes! >> gregg: new developments in a case i've run away teenager in florida, 17-year-old rafik ka barry will remain in foster care in florida while custody issues are settled, she fled her home in ohio after converting to christianity and fears her muslim family will murder her in an islamic dictated so-called honor killing, her parents deny
5:46 pm
the claims and how will they balance the safety of the teenager with the rights of the parents, let's get our legal panel on this, joining me is defense attorney, and fox news legal analyst bob mass i and she is 17 years old and there is an emancipation statute in florida which takes effect at 16 and i read the statute and it -- a guardian ad litem, already appointed can file for the emancipation and isn't that one of the likely roots here for the florida judge to choose? let the teenager become an adult? >> right. but she came from ohio. she ran away. and -- >> gregg: so what. >> well, well, so what? were did she go? she went to a church that didn't turn her into authorities. she went -- she was hiding out, the church aided and abet in her hiding out, and didn't turn her in and they were look for her and had no clue where she was and who notiknows what happened
5:47 pm
her and why didn't the church that she went to, and solicited her on facebook turn her into the authorities. >> gregg: i would disagree with the terminology, solicited. as i understand it, she contacted them, and they said, look, if you fear for your life we'll house you, if you come down here. now, bob, let me go to you, the issue of jurisdiction, to motor company it seems absurd and the moment she crosses borders into florida they have possession of r and can decide what is in her best interest, can't they and so far that is what the judge has done. >> i don't agree with you at all. i think that what bothers me about the case, several things, number one, her main contact was in ohio where the witnesses are and where the jurisdiction should be and when you have custody disputes, i'm not saying the -- just by way of comparison, you have to be in another state for a period of time, gregg before the state takes jurisdictional rights over you, number one, i believe -- i'm not questioning tow judge, i'm sure there are a lot of things we don't know.
5:48 pm
but, it seems to me that the best venue is ohio and number 2, it also seems to me that if the parents agree to allow that child to go back and be in an alternative setting, during the period of time, then there is no harm and the third thing is, why is it that this child left? was it because he was lured by the pastor's web site, or because of the allegations that she is making. >> gregg: you know, i traveled down to texas, spent a lot of time covering the sarah said honor killings in that case, 5,000 per year according to the united nations. this is real and here's what rifqa bary says in a tv interview. if i had stained ohio, i wouldn't -- stayed in ohio, i wouldn't be alive, and in 150 generations in my family no one has known jesus, i am the first, imagine that, my parents love allah more than they love me,
5:49 pm
they have to do it, it is in the koran, i don't want to die and she said on friday, i still fear for my life. doesn't a judge have to seriously consider that before sending her back to ohio? >> of course he does and that is what he is doing and he has placed her in foster care and there will be an investigation. no way are they going t sd her back home to her parents, to get killed by them. but, you know, she is now in florida. ep her there, in foster care, and unfortunately, i don't think that is the best place for her. but, keep her there until there is a full investigation. but, no way should she be in a church hiding out. >> look, that -- >> gregg: she's in foster care and guys, i am heading the hard wrap here. bob and tamara, thanks for being with us. >> take care. >> and you should weigh in on this story, how should the court handle the case, click on "you decide" there on the f news
5:50 pm
web site, and we have coverage of the controversy, and we want you to vote in the fox news poll. on-line. also, if you wanted governor charlie crist to know what you think should be done you can contact him, too, the governor's e-mail is charlie.crist at >> gregg: he's former attorney general, a very fine lawyer and has taken a personal interest in the girl's situation. introducing the all new chevy equinox. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway. better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4 and even the ford escape hybrid.
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>> julie: first rounds over hourn vaccine trials appear to be going well and no reports of serious side effects on the tests, and it is the young and the old who are the most vulnerable to these types of viruses and what can be done to protect them from the h1n1 outbreak, dr. dennis goodman joins you, with advice for handling the outbreak, a
5:54 pm
professor at nyu and member of new york medical associates, thank you very much for talking to us. first of all, how is swine flu different from the regular flu, in other words, what sort of symptoms should we be looking for and what the grave concerns. >> first you should know it is similar in terms of symptoms, it's the symptoms you get with regular flu, headache, fever, muscle aches, and the problem is that it is very widespread and it is very contagious and so, the tremendous advisory is because in a short time it spread to 70 countries and 182,000 identified cases and probably more than that and it reminds us, in times where we have had epidemics, happened like that and this is actually a virus that comes from pigs and we knew about the virus and between february of '05 and '09 there were only 12 cases reported by the cdc and since
5:55 pm
then there have been a huge number of cases reported and something has happened, that this particular virus has become virulent. >> julie: millions of people want the vaccine and who should get the vaccine and is tamiflu what you recommend. >> for that flu, people know, the vaccine now as you know is actually in clinical studies and is going to be available, probably in october. but, by the end of the year there will be 200 million doses available, and, you obviously want to be -- give it to high risk people first and pregnant women and you are pregnant or have a child less than 6 months you should get it and people that are in contact with people that can -- that are susceptible to the virus should get it and it is very important that -- let me say that children between six months and 18 years should get it. and, 19o 25 should get it and
5:56 pm
between 25 and 64, and it turns out the virus is not as risky in elderly patients. it is actually interesting, more cases are with patients that are younger, they are at greater risk. >> julie: interesting, dr. dennis good man thank you very much for that. >> gregg: hurricane bill is spreading to the east coast churning out dangerous rip currents and shoving down a lot of beaches, bill's new target, coming up next. of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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5:58 pm
>> julie: time for the top of the news, top military officers say the situation in afghanistan is serious an dear ratings and admiral mike mullen is refusing to say more american troops will be needed and the hurricane bill making its way toward canada, the storm bringing rough waves and rain, and -- to parts of the east coast in the u.s. and bill is planned to make landfall tomorrow in canada and there are reports of power outages and cancelled flights and president barack obama kicking off the first week long vacation at
5:59 pm
martha's vineyard and the first family arriving the massachusetts island and the president is planning to relax and not make any news this week. >> gregg: you seem to run through the headlines quickly, are you anxious to go somewhere and do something. >> julie: i want to get out of here, i have -- >> gregg: something is happening in six days... >> julie: i am getting married in six days! you're losing me! that was us at megan's wedding and they'll be attending my wedding next saturday. >> gregg: lucky guy. >> julie: aren't you jealous. >> gregg: look at the next one here. >> julie: and this is when we -- went down to city hall and you cannot make appointments and we go down to city hall and down there hours and that will be our wedding license gfrmg you could have gotten married right then and there. >> gregg: it will make it official and running a marathon i thought i would show a lighter side of andy and myself. >> gregg: we have a special


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