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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 3, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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that tape and hear what he's saying now that that tape has embarrassingly been revealed. brian: take a look. an elbow instead. that guy will join us live. not just one sided, "fox & friends" let's you decide it. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> it's great to be on the program. i'm a "fox & friends" fan. i watch you every morning. steve: thank you very much, bob dole. gretchen: thank you very much. so glad you decided to share your time with us. brian is back from jury duty, which is great that you were only there for one day. brian: good for the people. gretchen: very good. thank you for serving. to the headlines. a failure to follow-through may have cost the lives of over two firefighters, over 100 buildings and wilderness as well. the station fire in the angeles
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national forest may have been avoided. the u.s. forest service had planned to burn off 1 shall, 700 acres of dried brush months ago but never finished, leaving most of it to kindle the huge fire. some of the work wasn't done because the money ran out. that's in california, remember. a shooting on campus. two groups of males got into a fight in san bruno when shots were fired, injuring one student. an emergency text message was sent to over 9,000 students warning them to stay indoors and canceling all evening classes. the gunman still at large. police say it appears to be an isolated incident. the wounded student is out of the hospital. one of the labor unions think wall street should pay back the bailout money in the financial sector. the afl-cio proposes a tax on all stock transactions. it wouldn't be much, maybe a tenth of a percent, but that would be enough to raise
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between $50 billion and $100 billion a year. terrible decisions, inexcusable, 40 years of guilt. those are the words ted kennedy used to describe the chappaquiddick affair for which he was criticized for for the rest of his life. kennedy swam away from his submerged car in july 1969, leaving mary jo co-perch knee to ground. he got a suspended sentence for leaving the scene. a robbery at an adult store caught on camera. a car crashes through the backdoor at the adult mart before dawn. you're going to see this is no accident. watch as someone jumps out of the car and steals something. the robbers exit the store, this time crashing through the front door. the suspects are still on the loose. those are your thursday morning headlines. steve: let's talk a little bit about what's going on in the news. when the going gets tough, the tough go on television. the president of the united states and his health care initiative is at a very -- has
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had a very bad august. next wednesday the president of the united states extraordinarily will call a joint session of congress. he was invited by madam pelosi and also harry reid to stop by. this after apparently it was the white house's idea, because he has not been effective in getting out the word on why we should pivot and change our health care system. gretchen: this is amazing. this will be yet another speech. the big question will be whether or not americans will tune in to hear what the obama administration is now saying will be more specific, finally, about this health care plan. but will the public option still be in this plan? amazingly so, even though the democrats, the far left democrats, say this is an absolute must. nancy pelosi just yesterday said this is an absolute must. the president will probably not talk about that in his speech. so how will that make you feel at the end of it? will you still know the details of the plan? brian: here's the prediction. it will be delivered flawlessly.
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i think it will be well written. and at the end of the day if it's just going to be rhetoric of, you can keep your plan, keep your doctor if you want to keep your doctor, it will be one of the worst days of his political career. however, if he comes out with a dramatic, ok, you debated long enough, now let me show you my plan, as bob dole told him to do when he endorsed our show 48 hours ago, that would be interested. if included in that plan is a public option, he's going to tick off half his party. if included is not a public option, he's going to tick off half his party. a cunningman saying it's a mistake for him not to have eye public option. a top lobbyist, a must, it's a given. nancy pelosi won't even look at something without it. then you have the arkansas senator lynchon with "a bad idea." how can you please all on just his side? steve: blanche lincoln is a democrat from arkansas.
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she says public option, too expensive, can't do it right now. the last time a president in a situation like this went before a joint session of congress, aside from george w. bush on september 20, 2001, was when william jefferson clinton went before -- went down there into the well of the house back in 1993. and what was he pitching? he was pitching hillarycare. one year later that was dead. so history not on the side of president who's go to the house to make speeches about health care. gretchen: it's a high-reward gamble with significant potential downsides. it's not the first time the president has spoken about health care reform. this is just one clip. >> you may be seeing a theme. we're doing some stuff on health care. >> high-quality health care. >> health care. >> the cost of health care. >> health care reform. >> the soaring costs of health care. >> the costs of health care. >> health care reform. >> the urge yent need for health reform.
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>> holt insurance reform. >> health insurance reform. >> i want to talk about health care. >> basic health care. >> keep their health care. >> health care system. >> health insurance reform. health insurance reform. health insurance reform. the need for health care reform. >> we've had a vigorous debate about health insurance reform. steve: we've had the debate. unfortunately for him he's dropped the ball. his advisors are saying this essentially a state of the union on health care speech which is going to happen next wednesday. it's going to be his chance to take ownership of this. wait a minute. this was his significant issue -- signature issue. and what did he do? he took his hands off the wheel and let harry and nancy drive. anyway, wednesday. it's all going to happen. you'll see it live here on fox news channel. gretchen: to e-mail us or twitter us and let us know whether or not you think this will be a good idea to give more specifics if that's what he does next week. in the meantime, one of the organizations that ran the obama
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campaign as he was running for president in a little bit of hot water right now because they seem to be linking what happened on september 11, 2001, with health care reform now, this year for september 11. so september 11 this year is coming up, a week from tomorrow. and they basically on their website were saying that if you don't agree with obama's health care reform, then you are "a right-winged domestic terrorist." steve: yeah. organizing for america, which was barack obama's website, had this on their webpage yesterday.
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steve: apparently that's us. it is extraordinary. on the day -- commemorating the day that nearly 3,000 americans died this particular website, which is barack obama's official website, would call people who simply have a different point of view -- and there's the screen shot of it. have a different point of view something crazy like that. brian: after that attack we had that call to action with the overseas contingency operation. so every administration handles it differently. did you see the video in the old open? it is the green czar of this administration speaking out. a long-time friend, van jones, who i think -- steve: friend of barack obama's. brian: introduced by glenn beck. van jones talking at berkeley, bringing up -- he's not yet green czar. keep that in mind.
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before he got the job with this administration, van jones had a little speech to give to a very friendly audience, predistrictly, at berkeley in california. listen. go ahead. gretchen: i was going to say what the question was before we hear how he answers is important. a woman in the audience says -- we hear the question? ok. let's hear it. >> how were the republicans able to push things through when they had less than 60 senators but somehow we can't? >> the answer to that is, they're -- [beep] [laughing] steve: there you go. he says the republicans are -- it's a word that starts with a. extraordinarily, this is a guy now working for the administration. and then one of the problems with these czars, there is no real oversight. there are no confirmation hearings. this guy was a friend of barack obama's for a long time and then wound up being appointed to this
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green job czar. since this video has gone viral and hit the fan, his office sent out an apology yesterday. it goes like this. "these comments i made before i joined the administration were clearly inappropriate and i apologize for the offensive words i chose during that speech." if you watch the whole thing -- brian: it goes on and on. steve: he calls republicans the word that starts with a. you really do get the feeling he feels that way. gretchen: yeah. if he had to go through any sort of confirmation hearing that would have been front and center. brian: they say he started his career in the living room of bill ayers. so it keeps going around in a circle. steve: oh, boy. gretchen: whether or not people will continue to ask questions about that, we report and you can decide. coming up today, the president promised that illegal immigrants won't get government-funded health care under his new plan. but our next guest says millions of illegals will, in fact,
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steve: welcome back on this thursday it does appear supreme court justice john paul stevens may retire. he is hiring fewer clerks, which is generally a sign that he's winding down his office. stevens was appointed by president gerald ford in 1975 and will be 90 years old next year. his retirement would give president obama a second high-court appointment. meanwhile, you may soon be able to see more than funny clips on youtube. the popular video sharing site is reportedly in talks with hollywood studios to feature movie rentals. the move would require users to pay for content, something
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similar to the fees on itunes. lions gate, warner brothers and sony are some of the studios considering making titles available. brian: health care for all. that is the theme. the president denies that and insists illegal immigrants will not benefit from any type of reform. listen. >> first of all, you mentioned illegal immigrants. this has been an example of just pure misinformation out there. none of the bills that have been voted on in congress and none of the proposals coming out of the white house propose giving coverage to illegal immigrants. none of them. brian: ok. sorry about that, mr. president. i cut you off. the bill may not propose giving coverage to illegals but do the bills prevent them from getting it? joining us is the national spokesperson for americans for immigration control. phil, will they be covered? will there be mandates that show that they have to carry insurance? >> well good morning.
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you've hit upon a very good point. in house bill 32 and in all the other proposals for health care, there's no verification process that's included by all of the 50 states to actually check who would be getting health care benefits and specifically insurance. you talk about 47 million to 50 million uninsured people. estimates indicate that up to 22 million are illegal immigrants. brian: of course, we don't get them to sign at the door, so we don't even know how accurate that number is. but the republican out of georgia says let's have an amendment to make people verify their citizenship before they're involved in any type of program. how did that go? >> that's exactly right. on july 30, congressman nathan deal from georgia did just that. he said we've got to have the states verify who is a citizen, who is a legal resident to get health care benefits. and the committee vote, the majority of democrats just voted that down. so the mask has fallen and the
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liberals actually want to have illegal immigrants get the health care. and, of course, who's this going to hurt? it's going to hurt seniors and baby boomers. the care will be rationed on their end so they can cover on the other end the illegal immigrants. that's the tool -- that's the force the democratic party wants to have as citizens and voters. brian: is the theme as you focus on the aspects of illegal immigration, is the theme if you start cracking down on illegals, you lose the hispanic vote and the democrats will not be caught doing that? >> you know, that's the biggest myth of all of this illegal immigration problem. polls consistently show black, white, liberal, conservative, anglo, hispanic, everybody wants illegal immigration stopped, period, end of discussion. i think hispanic americans agree with everybody else that we cannot give benefits to people here illegally. brian: and the fact is they are getting treatment because it's against the law not to give
6:18 am
someone treatment when they're in need. a lot of them work hard. they're here for their own reasons. maybe valid reasons to send money back, whatever it is. but they're not signing in at the door. so they go in. they get waited on before you do, if their wounds or illness is deemed to be of greater concern. so people with citizenship, with insurance, wait while illegals get treated. that's happening now and will happen under any revamp. >> i'm glad you're pointing that out. anyone spoor not going to be turned -- poor is not going to be turned away from a emergency room in this country. but what's upsetting about this obama care, the coddling of illegal immigrants and giving them benefits at the expense of taxpayers and, of course, at the expense of seniors and baby boomers. brian: it's amazing. i know two or three personal stories of people going to the emergency room, one broken finger, one twisted knee, and
6:19 am
then just leaving because they captain get waited on because -- can't get waited on because of the long line of people seemingly without citizenship who were there, had to be treated ahead of them, and they are the ones paying. >> that's right. brian: thank you. we'll talk about this. the president speaks wednesday. president obama's health care legislation losing support in the religious community? why our next guest says the president's plan is immoral. then, throwing elbows at a town hall. we talk live to a man who got one. right in the head. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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gretchen: 22 minutes after the hour. thanks for staying with us today. religious leaders are speaking
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out about president obama's health care plan. we spoke to bishop murphy of rockville center, new york. >> the american people do not want to use taxpayer money to fund abortion. that is a longstanding situation in our country, and i think it needs to be kept. steve: that involves abortion. today we are joined by pastor broaden, the senior pastor at the fairpark bible fellowship in texas. good morning, pastor. >> good morning. steve: we just heard the bishop yesterday on this program talking about how the federal government should not be in the business of paying for abortions. now, you take another look, another aspect of the president's plan. and that revolves around the end of life counseling. you want that out, completely. why? >> well what we're seeing in this whole debate is that there's an attempt on the part of this administration to deal with the fact that most people aren't talking about, that baby
6:24 am
boomers are entering the retirement rate -- ranks at about 10,000 per day. and they are stressing social security, medicaid, and medicare. and this administration is trying to figure out how to deal with that stress. so they're doing end of life counseling in order to depopulate that particular group of people. we do not have enough new taxpayers entering into the work force to carry the tax burden for social security, heady ok'd and medicare. so this group, john holdren and zeke emmanuel, are crafting policy that will ration health care in order to control the population at the retirement rank. this is sinister. it's evil. we should not support this health care package. gretchen: pastor, are you claiming that this administration wants old people to die? >> i'm claiming that john holdren and zeke emmanuel, who
6:25 am
are around the president right now, have very questionable backgrounds concerning sterilization, forced abortions, and policies that are designed to control population. why are they there? and i submit to you they are there because they are crafting policies for rationing health care in order to control the population that is the heaviest right now in our country, which is the retirement ranks. and that is about 10,000 baby boomers a day who are retiring and entering that rank. they're stressing out those three programs. financially. steve: yeah. that is really something to think that. so when you look at the president's suggestion about these end of life counselors -- they have said that all they're going to do is talk about living wills and options like that. but you see it as something where it's a numbers game. it costs a lot to keep them
6:26 am
alive so maybe talk them into what? >> into dying and getting out of the way to protect the economy. look, we have made some bad decisions in america. one of which is that we have had 30-plus years of aborting our children. and now our labor force has been reduced as a result of that. taxpayers are not coming in to the labor force to support these programs. why do we have illegal immigration? because we do not have enough people entering into the work force to provide the kind of labor that would maintain our economy. gretchen: right. >> so what do you do? if you do not have god in your scenario as to deal with people. you devaluate people based on an atheistic idea. then you say, well, the right thing to do here is to get rid of this age-group so that we can maintain our economy. this is evil. most people aren't talking about it, but i'm willing to say something about it. gretchen: you certainly are. one other question i want to throw out at you, pastor, is a
6:27 am
couple of weeks ago president obama held a teleconference phone call with religious leaders across the country. did you find -- number one, you were not on that call. right? >> i was not on that call. most conservative black pastors were not on that call. gretchen: that's interesting. my second question to you is, do you feel it's disingenuous for the president of the united states to reach out to the religious community to try and pass health care reform? >> i do. i do believe that. i believe that the president has proven that he has been somewhat unfriendly with the christian community in that he has passed legislation or executive orders that include abortion on demand. he's supporting embryonic stem cell research. he is doing things that are owe fencive to the conservative christian mindset. on the national day of prayer he didn't come out, didn't say anything, didn't engage the christian community on that day.
6:28 am
but on ramadan he came out, had plenty to say about ramadan. steve: he sure did. >> but had nothing to say about the christian prayer. this is something that is sinister. and look, the thing that we know most, for those who are idealo, they will do whatever necessary to get what they want in play. that includes being friends with people they ordinarily wouldn't be friends with. and i'm not so comfortable with what's going on with this administration as it relates to health care, as it relates to the issue of abortion. there's something evil that's happening here. i think americans need to stand up, wake up, recognize what's happening. and all hands on deck. if we're going to right this ship, all hands on deck. black, white, brown. we all need to come together and try to change this situation. steve: we thank you so much for joining us today, from dallas to share your perspective. we thank you very much. >> you bet. steve: all right. brian is in the greenroom.
6:29 am
brian? brian: yes. our relatively new greenroom. a crucial day for the teenage girl afraid to return home to her muslim parents. you know about this story. she feels she's going to be killed because she converted to christianity. she's afraid she's going to lose her life. how a judge's ruling will affect whether she's forced to return home or not. then, watch this. a car gets hit via train, dragged down the track. the incredible part, how a family escaped from that car seconds before it slammed into it. happy birthday to charlie sheen. he is 44 but looks a lot older. there was a time i wouldn't step out of the house without my makeup. now, it's no problem. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over.
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but i still want to put my best face forward. with crest whitestrips advanced seal, i get whiter teeth that lasts for 12 months. all from one little box, i say that's a pretty good deal. crest whitestrips advanced seal. the no slip white strips. gretchen: a couple of quick headlines for you. president obama is designating more money to help fight the swine flu. he's releasing an additional $2.7 billion for vaccine, supplies and awareness campaign. congress set aside over $7 billion to the department for the h1n1 outbreak. steve: the f.a.a. is focusing on rules for aircraft flying over the hudson river in the new york city area, dividing the airspace into three clear corridors. the highest level would be for the big planes, commercial flights. a mid-level for through traffic. and the lowest space for
6:34 am
helicopters. there are a lot of tour helicopters around new york city. all aircraft must use a radio frequency as well. that's new. new york congressman gerald nadler criticizes the recommendations, calling them fundamentally inadequate. he wants the f.a.a. to control virtually all air traffic over the hudson where a tragic crash between a small plane and tourist helicopter killed nine people this past month. brian: a teenage girl who ran away from home after converting from islam to christianity will go before a florida judge today. that judge will be set to decide whether she stays in florida or is forced back to her parents. she ran away from ohio, to florida, saying she feared being killed by her own father for changing her religion. bary has been placed in a foster family and is fighting in court to stay with that fosterou fami. gretchen: unlikthe lockerbie bor
6:35 am
has lost what is likely to be her last bid for freedom before she dies. atkins slept through brain cans -- is suffer from brain cancer and slept through much of her parole hearing. steve: check out this amazing cell phone video. are you looking? look at that. a north carolina family with two kids climbed out of a car, stuck on railroad tracks, just moments before a train hit it. the freight train actually gragged the car -- dragged the car down the tracks. firefighters say the driver could not get the car off the track after the crossing arms came down upon both sides. the two children and two adults who jumped out were not hurt. that is is a maizing. is amazing. and those are your headlines. and now a word from the superintendent and chief. gretchen: this is interesting. for the first time ever a president of the united states will be speaking to your
6:36 am
children at school next tuesday so if your kids are back in school next tuesday, the president will be delivering a "optional" message to them for an hour. also, they are encouraging that class work that day -- in fact, i believe that the department of education is sending out a primmer of sorts -- steve: it's out. gretchen: 's to what type of educational tools a teacher should use on this day as well. is this a let's all stay in school message or indoctrinating your kids to the politics of barack obama? brian: he does say we will challenge students who work hard to set goals for their education and take responsibility for their learning. so it sounds like it will keep the kids rivetted, especially the second graders. but it will go on, will he go on to talk about maybe nationalize the auto companies, the banks, or perhaps justifying too big to fail. steve: so keep in mind yesterday
6:37 am
it was announced not only that the president would have that joint session of congress but also that he's going to speak directly to our kids. and then the department of education, the department which conservatives, for the most part, have not liked in its existence, the department of education, the materials sent to the teachers, said that they suggested that teachers make posters of some of the notable quotes that barack obama has during this. and also, apparently one of the questions -- brian: is one going to say "don't get all wee-weed up?" steve: one will way, "what can i do to help the president?" gretchen: that's a good question. steve: what can i do to help the president? brian: how about the country? gretchen: apparently that question was altered after some people had a problem. write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president, about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals. that's a little more specific. here's a couple of the other ones that are part of this primmer being sent out to schools now.
6:38 am
gretchen: here's the catch, guys. if he sticks just to this stay in school, don't drop out message, ok, then i don't really have a problem with it. if that is solely the message. if there is one ounce of political spin in this message, you might have to have a problem with it. this is not what you're supposed to do. then to say that it's optional, we all know that teachers and unions tend to subway to the left -- sway to the left so what school is not going to -- brian: run for the public option? that might be an issue. the texas school district says we're not going to show it. it's the first day of school. can they talk to the kids and introduce their teachers first before they meet the president again who's been on nine times a
6:39 am
day all summer, while they play kickball? steve: it wasn't so long ago a lot of schools showed the al gore movie "an inconvenient truth" and parents were upset, you know, why didn't you tell me that my kids were going to be subjected to that, because they didn't like al gore's political point of view and his environmental activism. so there are a number of oh that are suggesting, you know what? don't send your kid to school that day. in fact, parent and organizer petitioning for the students to stay at home will join us about 90 minutes from now. if you have school-aged kids what do you think? do you think it's ok to have your kids watch the president address them via the internet? or do you have a problem with it? e-mail us right now. gretchen: and do you want to be that one parent who holds your kid from the classroom and then have to explain to the child why they're not going to sit in the classroom? it presents a lot of different problems here for parents. moving on to another story, the next time you step in a london
6:40 am
cab it may be missing something important. amy kellogg joins to us tell bus this futuristic and environmentally friendy concept. >> when i asked that question of the cab drivers here in london, i got a lot of grumbling, "no way, love," kind of responses. this is not something that is likely to bump black cabs off the scene all together. but this is futuristic that is going to be rolled out at heathrow's terminal five within the next few months. it's a driverless, sort of pod, if you will. a taxi of sorts that goes on its own little rails. it's battery operated and follows sensors. and the point is not to actually replace taxis or cars but to solve what's called the last mile problem, getting people safe from the airport terminal to the parking lot or around campuses or city centers. a big point here being clean, green transportation. it's been tested in the welch city now for some time.
6:41 am
it was invented by a local inventor who used to be a nassau rocket scientist, literally. so clearly this is the work of a very renowned and very experienced scientist. but it will be interesting to see how people bond with it when it's rolled out at heathrow here because there's no driver, no one to talk to. you sort of just have to trust the machine, touch a button to get yourself going, and, bam, off you go to your parking lot. so the car of the future? maybe. not tomorrow but certainly we'll be seeing it buzzing around here sometime very soon so for those of you who are planning a trip to london, look out for it. gretchen: where can it go, amy? when you say soon, do you mean like if i'm going to london next summer? >> yeah, next summer. i think in the next few months they're going to have it at terminal five which is the new, modern, futuristic terminal. it will take you from the terminal to a long-term parking lot. that you probably wouldn't do
6:42 am
because you'd probably jump on a bus or get a taxi into central london. but if you've left your car in the parking lot or you have to somehow get to the parking lot, it will take you there. again, it's this last mile problem that it's going to be used for, generally speaking. which is just to prevent congestion around city centers, shopping malls, airports, that kind of thing. steve: i got bad news for the guy who invented that. walt disney came up with it about 50 years ago. that's the monorail. that's not a cab. that's a choo-choo on tracks. brian: they do have a driver on the monorail. steve: they do. >> no driver here. steve: thank you very much. brian: it ends the question of do you tip them or not. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. he went to a town hall to voice concerns about health care reform. but instead of being allowed to speak up, this guy was hit in the head with an elbow. he'll be live with us in two minutes. steve: remember the judge we told about yesterday, the one
6:43 am
who ordered a defendant's mouth taped shut with duct tape? >> now -- >> it's not violating your rights. she's allowed to -- >> it's violating because -- >> here's the deal. mr. smith, get the duct tape. steve: apparently mr. smith is the bailiff. the judge who made the call with us live on why the unusual punishment was the right thing to do. tonight's dinner specials: teamwork...
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6:47 am
demonstrator. steve: russ was on the receiving end of an elbow. he's joining us from tucson to tell us his story. so, russ, there you are. you're in attendance. who was that guy who elbowed you? >> well, i still don't know who he was. apparently he was a health care reform supporter. the guy came in with his sign. it was only about 10 minutes into the meeting. and the funny thing i thought, first thing the guy yells out is that there's no people of color here at this meeting. that was clearly not the case. there was people there -- there was people there. let's put it that way. steve: a diverse crowd. >> absolutely. absolutely. it was just regular folks there. it was definitely not an all-white crowd. brian: what would that have to do with it? in other words he was saying this whole thing was racially charged? >> well, i think -- well, exactly. i don't even know where that
6:48 am
comes from. when you throw a word like racist out, immediately the argument goes to, you know a barbaric level. we're no longer exchanging ideas. we're no longer intelligent thinking people. it drops us to our base level. i think when race is thrown out there, when that word is thrown out, racist, i think, is almost the new n-word. when that hits you, that's almost a hit harder than an elbow to the head. steve: you would know about the hit to the head. so the guy comes in with the sign. he is pro health care. tensions are running high there, to say the least, in the atmosphere of the room. so you went over to try to calm him down. and that's when he threw the elbow? >> well, what i asked him is -- well, sir, why don't you say your peace and then sit down here and listen to what these folks have to say. it was actually a really good meeting. they had a group of doctors, economists. there was a good question and
6:49 am
answer period. there were some folks there, the tea party folks, that were definitely on one side of it. but i think over half of them were just people that were just interested and wanted to come out and see what was going on and hear something other than what's on the news. brian: will you be watching wednesday night to see what the president has to say? >> absolutely, i will. steve: well, russ, you're no worse for wear. you look ok today. it's great that you would join us today from tucson to share your story. thank you, sir. >> well, thank you. i appreciate it. brian: freedom of speech only goes so far in one courtroom. a judge orders a defendant's mouth duct taped shut. why he says he's channeled his catholic school roots to do it. the judge live with us in two minutes. it's what doct most for headaches. fo
6:50 am
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6:53 am
gretchen: you have seen this video yet? a defendant disorderly in a courtroom. got a punishment he never expected. >> if i would have behaved in that fashion, i would have gotten a lot worse than duct tape. >> mr. smith, get the duct tape. brian: and he dot and mr. smith got it across his mouth. that judge, steven belden joins us now from canton municipal court where did you come up with that idea, judge. have you ever said to yourself just in case someone starts talking i'm going to have it? is this the first time you came up with that idea? >> i actually heard from another judge who had done it. i attended a class at the national judicial college in reno and one of the nevada judges had told me when he had a
6:54 am
disruptive individual in his courtroom he had done it. and we keep duct tape -- gretchen: you are going to hear from critics, judge, who say you violated this guy's rights or whatever the case may be. but give us a perspective of what it is like to be a judge every day and listen to a bunch of people mouthing off at you all day long. >> well, i wouldn't be truthful if i said it didn't get frustrating at times. i have had people call me every name in the book. i have had people question my paternity. i have had people expose themselves in my courtroom. gretchen: oh my god. get out the duct tape for that. >> ok. brian: different ways to handle it. i have been elected to do a particular job. i am entrusted to. brian: right. and you are doing that?
6:55 am
>> to ensure that the individual's rights are being protected. i have got an obligation also to see that the rights of the people are protected as well. brian: now, judge, bring us to this circumstance. it sounds like this guy who is up for one count of robbery, he denies committing the count in canton. he wouldn't stop talking. >> right. brian: he is sitting there. just describe what brought you to that point. >> well, you have to consider the context. this was a preliminary hearing. preliminary hearings, i have to make a simple decision whether to bind the case over to the grand jury. it's not a jury trial. it's not a trial. it's a mundane little hearing that we schedule 15 of them in an afternoon. so we have a crowded courtroom. it's pretty packed. and, yeah, emotions run high. this individual had just fired his public defender. he wanted to represent himself.
6:56 am
and that's usually not a good move. last time i had one do that they wound up giving a speech which gave the prosecutors all kinds of ammunition. brian: so you are almost helping him by taping him shut. >> ironic sense, yes. steve: judge steven belden. gretchen: whether or not you dual it again is an open case. judge steven belden, great to have you as our guest this morning. thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate it. brian: don't have to wait for knap to come back from vacation. we told but charlie rangel conveniently forgetting to pay his taxes. memory loss is contagious. two of his staff members forgot to pay up. they are sorry, too. gretchen: come on. you are making that up. the government owes him more than $300 million for taking cash for clunkers program.
6:57 am
weren't they supposed to be paid back in 10 days? oh, jeesh, give the government a break. we will talk to that dealer coming up. (announcer) he's sweet. even with one third less sugar than soda. kool-aid. delivering more smiles per gallon. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe freer, so i can love the air™. (announcer) zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed. there are engines... and then there's the twin-turbocharging, 365-horsepower-generating, ecoboost engine in the all-new ford taurus sho that has the thirst of a v6 with the thrust of a v8. we speak car. we speak innovation. introducing the all-new taurus sho from ford.
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gretchen: already september 3rd, 2009. hope you are having a fantastic day. president obama campaign causing 9/11. those who call the plan right wing domestic terrorists. are you one of those? and have they crossed the line? we report. you decide. brian: he used to tackle on the football field. when this high school football player put his skills to the test, he saved lives. why this brave 18-year-old is being called a his or her at this hour. steve? steve: one car dealer owed $3.2 million by the federal government because of the cash for clunkers program. that dealer was not seen a dime of his money. he wants to know if uncle sam can't manage a rebate program,
7:01 am
how can he handle health care? good question. he is coming up. our slogan comes from jerome in alabama, "fox & friends," where the news is not sugar coated but the friends are sweet. brian: nice. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> mr. smith, get the duct tape. steve: you understand the frustration. brian: with? with the judge? steve: sometimes just won't shut up you want to say hold on let me get the duct tape. how many of these congressman during town hall meetings have thought i want to be like that judge and get duct tape and shut him up because is he making me look bad. gretchen: no kidding. get to the headlines. we have a lot to tell you about on a thursday. wildfire in l.a. is costing california dearly it auto could have been avoided? the national forest service wanted to clear out 1700 acres dry brush.
7:02 am
only 200 cleared. the rest has caused a fire that killed two firefighters, scorched hundreds of square miles so far. the forest service ran out of money and weather problems stalled some of the work. envine mentalists threw up road blocks that stalled the completion of that project. large piece of space junk closing in on the space station. part of european rocket is expected to pass within two miles of the space station. where discovery is currently docked. nasa officials say that should be a safe distance and they do not expect the linked space craft to change course. a spacewalk by two astronauts is still on board today private memorial for adam goldstein known as djam happens tonight in los angeles. this as news surfaces that the musician took at least 8 oxycontin painkillers before his death. the 36-year-old found dead in his new york city apartment last
7:03 am
week battled with substance abuse in the past. the invitation states it will be in the style of an open 12 step meeting to reference that struggle. also in california tonight, a burial for michael jackson. gladys knight is scheduled to sing at the ceremony close to the public and media the cost of the service is a secret, too. a judge approved catherine jackson's request for the estate to foot the bill. the price tag won't be made public. it's believed costs will include paying for local police and security. jackson being buried at the forest lawn cemetery in glendale. a mississippi high school football player is a hero this morning as caleb ules is able to tackle a 14-year-old girl as she brandishes a handgun on board a school bus. check out this video right here. we blurred the faces of the other girl involved. police pulls out a semiautomatic handgun from her bag and starts threatening other students. it's hard to see but caleb ules
7:04 am
tackles and disarms her. the suspect has been charged and is now in a juvenile facility. >> well, do you have too many chores and not enough time to do all of them? there is now a service out there who can find people who run your errands for you, run meyer rand allows those who are low on time to find people to run errands. the cost is usually under 10 bucks per errand. the service is facilitated on the web. most of you shouldn't contact them just yet. right now the service only available in boston. brian: you want to teach your kids good work habits so you give them chores around the house is it a good move if your kid licenses out, saves your allowance money and pays somebody to show your chores. does that show a good business or laziness that should not be duplicated or replicated? steve: all of the above. brian: you don't want to answer gretchen: it's interesting though. brian: i have them do all the farming at my house. you rotate the crops, not me
7:05 am
this year. steve: i agree. all right. president president obama has been accused of being on tv just too darn much. guess what? he is going on tv for at least an hour probably he is going to make almost historic appearance before a joint session of congress. remember a month or so ago the white house asked all the tv networks. we need an hour of prime time for a presidential press conference so the president did present his health care. that didn't work out so well. it was not widely viewed. in fact it was the least viewed of all of his press conferences, so now he is calling on both houses of congress, meet me in the house of representatives. i'm going to do this time a better job selling my plan. gretchen: he better get specific on it he has had a lot of air time to describe. this remember when abc did that prime time health care forum where it was basically an endorsement of the obama health care reform plan. he has done tons of interviews ton and even some town halls.
7:06 am
i think what people are saying is either they have made up their mind that they are for or against it or a lot of the independents out there potentially need to hear more specifics to see if they actually like the plan or if some of the scary things they have heard about are actually not true. brian: some of the more creative aspects that could be brought up that day ok we are not going to have a public option even though the president of the united states want one. i have a trigger. whether the private insurance decides to get in line and hit certain thresh holds. if they don't we will hit a trigger. [bell] brian: sorry about that obviously my computer agrees with me. later we will see a loud horn if we see something wrong. steve: mr. smith, guest the duct tape for the computer. brian: someone is messing with my computer. i'm not going to point fingers at clayton who clearly was sitting right here and he is the only one who killing k. figure the computer out. so clayton morris must have done this. steve: he had an apple. brian: messed with mine and
7:07 am
left. gretchen: get back to nancy pelosi. brian: i don't want to talk about that anymore. no, i'm only kidding. brian: i think he is going to have specific things to bring up. david axelrod saying this time we will have specifics and you will walk away with something. gretchen: it's a huge gamble. brian: ratings are dropping every time he hops on prime time. gretchen: we know he has oratory skills. i love this phrase from one of the political pundits out there. a high reward gamble with significant potential down sides. because if this time it does not convince the american public in the way that president obama wants to, then what will happen to the health care reform plan, number one? and what will happen to his presidency? by many people's accounts this has sort have been on what his presidency has been about so far. brian: he wanted to talk about health care and next thing you know he ends up in a beer summit. steve: that was a press conference unscripted. brian: no questions.
7:08 am
steve: this is going to be completely scripted. big question is will there be a public option. nancy pelosi has made it clear it will not leave the house of representatives without a public option. the senators do what you want to, but the house, that's not going to happen. here she is. >> we will have a public option of the bill. let me say it another way. we can't pass a bill without a public option unless someone comes up with a better idea, which we haven't heard yet. brian: alan boyd says we better give up on the public option. senator conrad says let's just give up that ghost on public option. these are democrats against democrats. republicans can't get even inside to argue. gretchen: that's a fascinating point, actually if you can't pass health care reform when you have a democratically controlled congress, then you know that something must be wrong with the plan. steve: they have got all the votes on his side. let's talk a little bit about what is going on. barack obama's campaign organization online after he
7:09 am
became president turned into something called organizing for america. well, they have been essentially supporting the president's political objectives. and it turns out yesterday there was something on their web site that has got so many people infuriated because essentially it politicizes 9/11. and it calls people who go to these town halls terrorists. gretchen: right wing domestic terrorists. here is what was on the web site before. september 11th is patriot day. designated three thousand of the 9/11 who died in the attacks. all 50 states are coordinated in this as we fight back against our own right-wing domestic terrorists who are subverting the american democratic process, whipsd to a frenzy by their fox propaganda network. brian: so people that are opposed to health care reform, those are the right wing domestic terrorists in this case? steve: do you remember when the tea parties first started, do
7:10 am
you remember when that directive from the department of home homeland security came out law enforcement agencies being be on the lookout for right wing terrorists, right wing domestic terrorism. then, of course, they had to walk that back. so now what the president's campaign organization is doing is calling people who have a genuine difference of opinion with his plan calming them right wing domestic terrorists. that is just so crazy. gretchen: do you want to hear something crazier? brian: possibly. gretchen: the new green czar, one of the many czars, here it is. he has a very not so choice word for republicans. he called them that word that i can't say on tv but i will give you a hint. it starts with the first letter in the alphabet. listen.
7:11 am
>> well, the answer to that is they're [bleep] holes. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> not only did the green job czar van jones call republicans that word that starts with the letter a, but he also said later in this particular presentation at berkeley before he got the job as green czar, said, and barack obama is not -- and there is that word again and he said and i can be that word. so he used it three times in a very short period of time. if you watch the whole thing in its entirety. he does not seem to like republicans. brian: do you think he brought that up in a job czar interview? steve: what interview? there is no confirmation in the senate. there is no oversight. this guy has had to apologize this viral video has hit the
7:12 am
fan. brian: they do make you write down injured at work and three references. gretchen: here is his apology. gretchen: will the story go away with just that simple apology? will everything just be ok now that he could actually say that and now he is a top member of the obama administration and everything will just go away and it will be fine? that will be the interesting story to me if, in fact, that's the case. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. postulate another question. charlie wrong gel thinks you should be punished before messing up your taxes even though they forgot to pay their own. john carter says not so fast. find out how he wants to protect you next. steve: good news for travelers and airline price hike alert again. the airline that's now charging you to board before other passengers. is that worth paying for? we're going to tell you about it straight ahead.
7:13 am
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brian: welcome back. glad are up. congressman charlie rangel not the only one who forgot to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of income. two of rangle's top aides filing amendments to financial statements dating back to 2002. including his chief of staff. steve: how crazy is that? so why are these people getting special treatment while the rest of us get penalized for late taxes or, even worse, sometimes thrown in jail? texas congressman, is he a republican, john carter is trying to fix all of that. and he joins us right now from austin. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. steve: sir, you have come up with house resolution 735 in the united states house of representatives, which is called the rangle rule act of 2009. what is the rangle rule act of
7:17 am
2009, congressman? >> it's very simple. mr. rangle failed to pay his taxes for quite some time. he came up, called up, paid his taxes. the irs for some reason didn't have penalties and interest against the chairman of ways and means. and i thought that that didn't seem exactly phariseing as how the rest of us would have to pay penalties and interest. write rangel rule on your taxes you shouldn't have to pay penalties and interest. it's just real simple. brian: when they come back from recess. he has proposed as chairman of the house weighs and means committee. more stricter penalties for those who forget their taxes and don't disclose their income. yet he didn't disclose half of his income roughly over the past 10 years. steve: millions. brian: which say is he worth a million. he forgot to disclose 1.5. congressman carter you put together the ran gel act before
7:18 am
all this new stuff came out. >> that's right. >> now do you think you have momentum wind at your back or is it just democrats being forced to defend democrats and it's not going to happen? >> i think, seriously we are at a point in time now where the issue has to be addressed. one of the things that i started out talking about is, it's time to resolve issues in congress. let's don't just sweep them into the ethics committee and let them disappear. we need to resolve this issue. this is serious and it's getting more serious every day. steve: yeah. speaker pelosi apparently has made it clear that she is going to let him keep his chairmanship, that's some of the news out today. while this ethics thing goes on, you know, if this guy does not get in trouble democrats protecting their own. >> i think that's the risk of -- i think it's a mistake. the american people right now are looking at with a real
7:19 am
decide congress and what is going on in washington. adds more fuel to their frustration when they see we are not addressing something that if other americans would have to address. brian: governor paterson a week ago brought up racism, that's in new york this governor paterson. that's one of the reasons his poll numbers are so low. charlie ran gel said said yesterday racism is the reason as i understand attack. >> i feel that is very sad the race card is being played in this situation. it has absolutely nothing to do with race. it has to do with responsibility. you have to be responsible for your actions. steve: is he congressman john carter a republican from texas. joining us live from austin, sir. thank you very much for joining us live. >> you are welcome. thank you. steve: what an idea. the rangel act. brian: now it's got additional steam.
7:20 am
the administration says cash for clunker as huge success. our next guest is a dealer who still hasn't gotten reimbursed about 3 million bucks. he wants to know if uncle sam can't manage a rebate program how can they manage our health system? steve: they are highly paid professionals hand selected to do the job but even u.s. open ball boys can't take a misstep. oopsy daisy. sorry. (woman) dear cat. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe freer, so i can love the air™. (announcer) zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter.
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brian: 23 minutes after the hour. news by the numbers. first, $2.3 billion. that's the penalty pfizer pharmaceuticals will pay to settle civil and criminal allegations that illegally marketed pain killer becks travment the drug has been --
7:24 am
bextra, the drug has been removed from the market. teachers got a couple of computers to exchange mess sandals. arguably the beginning of the internet. get that, mr. gore. $10 is how much southwest airlines will now charge to you board your flight early before other passengers. now i don't have to rent infants to get on early. to you, gretchen. gretchen: thanks, brian. auto dealers across the country still waiting for that cash for clunkers, including one dealer in south dakota dakota who has sold 1,000 cars in the rebate program. but has only been reimbursed for 272 of them, david billion, that's really his name is owed $3.2 million still. and he joins me live from his dealership this morning in south dakota. good morning to you, mr. billion. >> good morning. gretchen: too bad your name is actually billion, right? because the government still owes you millions. how much does the government owe you for the cash for clunkers program?
7:25 am
>> we're owed approximately $3 million still. gretchen: $3 million. when were you supposed to be paid that money? >> well, they talked originally in the program that it was going to be about a 10 day period for them to pay back and it's been about two weeks since we submitted our last deal. it was probably about a one month program. gretchen: so about six weeks we are looking at now that you have not been paid back. what has been the response? when you call and say hey, you know, we had this deal. i was supposed to be paid my millions back in 10 days. what has been the response from the government if you can actually get through? >> well, it's been difficult to get through. we have used their web site and sent many emails asking when the payments are going to be made. with very little response. we have had an auditor actually show up and she went through a lot of the paperwork and made sure that we were following the program rules to its nth degree. and i asked her and she said i'm just here to do the audit. i have no further details.
7:26 am
and the next day she came back and she said well, the good news is we hired 1,000 more employees to take care of payments. gretchen: that's where all the taxpayer money is going. >> stem haven't seen anything. gretchen: let me ask you, this mr. billion, what is this doing to your business? you have payroll and businesses, by the way, need cash flow to operate. what's happening to your business? >> well, the business has been terrific. the program was a huge success so i'm very thankful for the program. but, at the same time, cash flow for a lot of dealers, they had to shut the program down because they didn't have the wherewithal of, you know, financing the cash flow or lack thereof. so, we were fortunate we will still make payroll. i don't want employees nervous. it's just a matter of patience from some of the banking entities and what have you. they are reassured that the appropriation of the $3 billion is going to be coming through. it's just a matter of when. >> yeah. but unfortunately that's a huge word right now. left me ask you, this sir.
7:27 am
if the government can't run cash for clunkers, what should americans, from somebody like yourself sitting on the inside of, this what should americans think about the government running health care? >> well, it's a very simple program. when it comes down to the cash for clunker program, it was gas mileage issue and moving from one class of a vehicle to another. you either received 35 or $4,500 rebate. they ended up with 130-plus page document to explain what could have been explained probably in three or four pages. then when it came down to the initial launch of it, four days into the program they had to shut it down because the computer programming was not allowing that much input. so they shut down the program and suspended it because they couldn't handle the volume. so, it creates a lot of concern. if they are going to take over some of these health care, they are going to have to make sure that they have their systems in place prior to. and that they are going to have
7:28 am
to make sure that they are ready for the amount of volume that is there. and it's a very big concern. because $3 billion versus $3 trillion, there is a lot more money and complexity in a health care plan as opposed to just gas mileage conversion. gretchen: i hear you. david billion, thank you for being my guest this morning. i hope you get paid sometime very soon. >> thank you. gretchen: steve and brian, what's you got cooking in the green room. >> no hot plates forced to deal with the microwave. is your safety on the road and in the air being sidelined by health care reform? why some say the administration's priorities are not quite right. steve: a player died on his watch. does that mean it is his fault? a high school football coach charged with pushing his team too hard heads to the courtroom today. that story straight is ahead. brian brian do you if a stranger slapped your kid.
7:29 am
tell you what happened from this man. why he hit a toddler he didn't even know. steve: we'll be right back. ♪ - hello. - hi! i'm finally going to get a flat panel for my home theater. - ( cheering ) - ( laughs ) thank you. what should i get? uh, you. you should check out our new leds. the picture's better than life. okay, but i don't want to pay too much. don't worry about it. we'll match those other stores' prices. and we'll deliver and hook it up for free. okay. last question. if you guys are here, who's in the stores?
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the latest home theater technology and thousands of people eager to help. best buy. buyer be happy. and thousands of people eager to help. come on. good girl.] mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do.
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7:32 am
gretchen: jaycee dugard's aunt now sharing the story before the girl held captive for 18 years.
7:33 am
tina dugard says she spent five years with jaycee, jaycee's mom and two daughters. during the reunion, tina dugard says she watched and jaycee's mom stroked her hair and spoke about the years she had missed. the 42-year-old described jaycee and her girls as happy. steve: meanwhile, a former football coach charged in the death of one of his football players goes on trial today in kentucky. david jason stenson is facing charges of reckless homicide in the death of 15-year-old max gillpin. he collapsed while running in 94-degree weather heat last august and died later. about. brian: the united airlines arabs arabs -- air bus appears to be making landing. it's coming in with no hydraulics. that means they needed bruit force to move the controls. it was seen leaking last night. thankfully, no one was hurt.
7:34 am
so no power steering. gretchen: last few years the national guard has done recruitment advertising. now that may change. the pentagon wants a small guard now which means recruiters are being pickier. these are the wrong pictures right there. too many speeding tickets and you are probably out. ironically if the guard won't take you, the regular army might. it's under orders to swell its ranks. brian: satellite radio people didn't see it as the stock market rises, so do the pay packages for america's top executives. that's because the value of their stock options has risen with the market. american express c. eo saw the value of his options increase about 18%. he gets it all at once at the end of the month. richard fair bank is worth 60% more. that's just august. if the market tanks all of that disappears. steve: do they pay them in catch like that? brian: i'm not sure. it's a lot of money out of 50's. gretchen: a stranger slaps a
7:35 am
2-year-old in wal-mart because toddler was apparently being fussy. police say roger stevens became annoyed with the crying child and slapped her several times after warning the child's mother to keep her quiet. stevens is charged with felony cruelty to children. thankfully the child was not seriously injured. gretchen: why do we say is he a strangler? he is a stranger slaps that child in wal-mart. steve: let's take a look what's going on weatherwise coast to coast. we have widely scattered thunderstorms moving down the mississippi and missouri valley through the -- also through portions of the tennessee valley moving into the ohio valley. there is a big valley there. there is a fire in the barn. dry for the most part as you can see all the way from new england down through much of the east coast. it is currently dry across much of the great state of texas. current temperatures, 50's and 60's across much of the land. look at that, raleigh right now 59. it's going to warm up smartly
7:36 am
though. 70's along the gulf coast. 79 currently in los angeles. if you are up at 35 minutes after 4:00 a.m. in the city of angels. today's daytime highs is going to hit 80 in caribou main maine. perfect weather for tennis. 80 in raleigh. 90's down south. going to continue to be a hot one though, 104 in phoenix. all right. brian kilmeade, time for a look at sports, which once again, satisfiedly combines with the blotter. brian: absolutely steve, federal prosecutors asking appeals court to stay this decision that government agents illegally seeds records of baseball players. the move could keep the infamous list of all those players from being destroyed for at least a few months. several big names have been exposed. sammy sews savment positive for steroids. alex rodriguez, positive for steroids. david ortiz positive.
7:37 am
agents trampled on players' protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. kurt curt schilling miracle of the boston red sox team won it all now says he has some interest in running for the late senator ted kennedy's seat in massachusetts. shilling, a registered independent. long-time republican supporter. campaigned for john mccain. officially retired from baseball earlier this year and now lives in massachusetts with his wife and four kids. the 42-year-old campaigned for george bush and john mccain. so i amend myself. let's see if he makes the move. who says tennis isn't a dangerous sport? watch this. a 25-year-old ball boy. tries to get off the court quickly. there he goes. the victim, jonathan mora. he has been a ball boy at the u.s. open for 10 years. now is he finally famous, at least on youtube. he has gotten more than 10,000 hits. jonathan not hurt. he will be working again at the open and that will be today.
7:38 am
coming up on brian and the judge a little bit later. i believe george foreman is going to be joining us on that big show between 9:00 and noon. the judge will be back on monday. until that time you get to hear my brilliance for three hours without interruption. gretchen: speaking of the u.s. open i had an opportunity to be out there. wonderful program that they put hun how to play tennis. we got to see venice williams. in the middle of silence my kids haven't learned the protocol of tennis yet. go venice. brian: everyone turn around. gretchen: tennis is a quiet sport. you have to say go venice. steve: luckily politics is not quiet it certainly hasn't been quiet at all the town halls across the country. majority leader steny hoyer from maryland and also john kerry from the commonwealth of massachusetts have gotten some really good questions at some town halls. how did they answer them? you be the judge.
7:39 am
watch. >> president obama was elected president, he inherited the worst economy. [boos] >> let us ask the questions. >> but the current proposed bill, do you see that causing a tax increase or an increase to the deficit? >> neither. >> would it or would it not make sense to develop a plan that addresses the knees of those -- needs of those people and go to the private market and get insurance. not reengineer the entire system that the vast majority of people are happy with? >> let me, let me, wait. >> would you commit right now to this town hall and even to a national audience to making every member of congress subject to the provision of this bill for its entirety? [cheers] steve: it's sticky when the people who put you in office actually come face to face with their elected official. brian: you can't marginalize that and say they show up and
7:40 am
scream. those are deep thoughted very calmly delivered questions. steve: yesterday it was steny hoyer at one of the town halls he said "you've got to read the bill," he said to some constituents. to which they answered we have. which is unlike some members of congress. john conyers, of course, from michigan said nobody on capitol hill reads these bills. and then also john continue gel, the dingell who says it takes a couple of staff members and lawyers to understand the bills. gretchen: democracy. the fact that people are coming out in droves. out in connecticut in my neck of the woods last night, it was standing room only at one of these town halls. they had to move it to the high school. 1200 people and many people did not get a seat. they were not even allowed in because of a fire hazard. that is democracy, folks. that he was what this whole thing is about. brian: to steny hoyer's credit, that's how he opened it up with. he said this is the is the biggest crowd i have ever had.
7:41 am
this is a great moment for democracy. he is in trouble by his reaction. what he is of on the record of saying. he says about this health care plan, the fact of the matter is that on this bill we have said it. it will be paid for. it will be paid for. and if it's not paid for, i am not going to vote for it so how is he ever going to reconcile the congressional budget office says it's going to cost $1.3 trillion. steve: all those dissenters at those town halls, according to the president's own political web site, organizing for america, those protesters are right-wing domestic terrorists as we talked about at the top of the hour. brian: they looked dangerous. very dangerous. gretchen: those khaki outfits and button down blues, trouble. when you see that, you know you are looking for trouble. brian: waitresses at bennigans, they all wore the same khaki outfits. now the place is out of business by the way. gretchen: is it getting so much attention in congress that nothing else can get passed? there is tons of other things out there that we need our
7:42 am
elected officials to pay attention to. one is transportation and safety. one airplane that crashed in upstate new york last february and, remember, the pilot was sick. one of them was sick. one of them didn't have a heck of a lot of training there were a lot of people who lost loved ones on that specific flight who have been very active on capitol hill to try to get the f.a.a. renorgses and reauthorizations changed? will that be changed because health care has taken up all of the discussion. steve: there has been. there is a fellow by the name of scott howker whose 30-year-old daughter died on continental connecter flight 3407. he has been pushing through legislation on capitol hill. he has talked to everybody remotely concerned. and the sticking point apparently is the senate finance committee. because they have been so tied up with the health care debate. anyway, here he is and how is he pushing for his daughter. >> it's important that when an
7:43 am
airline is going to hire a pilot, that they have full access to their previous record. that's one of the thacious hopefully gets resolved. is there a concern that that the health care issues might slow down the process that we have? obviously there is concern. and that is one of the reasons that we are coming back to washington next week. >> the finance committee has had health care front and center. but we will do both this fall. we will do both health care and the f.a.a. reauthorization. we have to. because safety is more important than just about anything else. steve: let's hope it happens. all right. it is now 17 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday. gretchen: folks speaking up at the town halls have been called everything from nut jobs to right wing domestic terrorists as we just told you. michelle obama says it's part of the obama plan. she joins us live with those
7:44 am
thoughts. brian: a story we have been following closely from the beginning a teenage girl who says her family will kill her if she goes home. all because she converted to christianity. the court will rule today. will she have to return to her parents? steve: aflac trivia question of the day. aflac! for and the duck says... aflac!
7:45 am
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7:47 am
tend to get better grades. stouffer's easy express is ready from the microwave in under 20 minutes, so you can make something that's good in so many ways. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. steve: september the 11th is a day to remember the almost 3,000 people who died in that devastating attack on our country. or, if you are part of the obama campaign organization, september the 11th is a day to fight back against protesters standing in the way of the president's
7:48 am
health care reform. on the president's own campaign web site, organizing for america is the organization, they call on 9/11 as a day to combat, quote, right wing domestic terrorists that are subverting the american democratic process. whoa. michelle malkin, the thorpe of the "new york times" best seller now five weeks in a row culture of corruption joins us live right now from colorado. good morning to you, michelle. >> good morning, steve. steve: what were they thinking? >> they weren't thinking. this their knee jerk reaction to political opposition. we have seen it all summer. and the whole entire story, steve, is packed with hypocrisy and sanctimony up to the gills. of course, we are dealing with people who don't want to call terrorists overseas terrorists but they have no problem using that label for the political opponents at home. and then, of course, we have a white house that doesn't believe there is a war on terror
7:49 am
anymore. they call it the overseas contingency operation. so i guess we're domestic contingency operators here. steve: well that would. >> i always prefer the term counter insurgent. steve: yeah. well not only are they essentially politicizing september 11th, which is a day of memory for all those people who lost their lives for political purposes, but just to call people who simply have a difference of opinion a right wing domestic terrorist is very offensive. >> yeah. it is. and what i find richly ironic, of course, is that now people are trying to distance themselves from this single post at organizing for america. when, in fact, this very rhetoric has been used by the white house and every democratic majority leader since the beginning of the summer. this is par for the course. steve: and real quickly, at the same time they announced yesterday that the president was going to be giving a joint
7:50 am
speech to congress, they announced that he would also be appearing in all of america's classrooms talking to the kids. we're going to talk a little bit about it on the other side of this time out. what is the number one thing that worries you the most about having barack obama as the superintendent and chief? >> well, it's the context and the philosophy of the left, which has always been to use the government's schools to advance their social, liberal agenda. whether it's illegal immigration, antiwar protesting. environmental propaganda. so, of course, the kids are going to be used in this way by overzel also a teachers. i think don't pay attention to the actual text of president obama's speech. it's going to be fairly innuke could youous. innocuous. but do pay extra attention to the schools afterwards. steve: stand by in denver. we have more for you. we are going to talk about the fact that the president's green job czar had some very choice
7:51 am
words about the g.o.p. >> how are republicans able to push things through when they had less than 60 senators? steve: meanwhile, on this date in history in 1985, tina turner's what's love got to do with it was the number one song in america. ♪ what's love got to do, got to do with it. . . but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ . well, get on out of that department store. and into covergirl outlast.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
. . steve: the answer is eileen brennan. she was in "private benjamin." brian: the green and lecture at berkeley, a woman asked -- listen to the exchange.
7:55 am
brian: trying to get a little bit uppity. gretchen: there's one thing about republicans and democrats. they usually do not like each other. shouldn't we be a little more classy in the way we are describing the other party? >> we should, especially women hold positions like the czar position under the obama administration. and under an administration that has always wagging its figures at its political opponents about
7:56 am
how they should practice more political stability. i have not seen the lecture by robert gibbs yet. brian: where do we go from here? he has a rich past that includes a stint with bill errors. now we find out he will be the green czar. does he have problems? >> yes, he has a host of problems. unfortunately, those problems were not uncovered or scrutinized in a congressional hearing that is the problem with all of these czars. many of them have the same marxist radical extremist liens that he does. others are simply crony appointments. it is a systemic problem.
7:57 am
i talk about it in culture of corruption. the problem with a van jones is, if you really look at his history and read the documents about his bounding organization, he is nothing more than a two bit profanity laced political hustler who lucked out. he hoped up with the right old truck left wing philanthropist that boosted his career. he has branded himself as a green guru and czar. there's no way he even would have had a fourth level administration job if he had been submitted to public scrutiny. steve: he is working for us. you are working for us as well, michelle malkin. she has a web site, and her book
7:58 am
"culture of corruption." thank you very much for joining us today. brian: if we knew the book would go to number one, we would have been nicer to you. >> [laughter] gretchen: thank you very much. have a great weekend. a teenage girl says her family will kill her if she goes home because she became a christian. for the first time, we will hear from her father. brian: the obama administration is not quite sure what to call the war on terror. steve: at the top of the hour, a geraldo rivera. you are next on "fox & friends." ♪ i told you you could always count on me and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music)
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8:02 am
fantastic. new outrage over the release of the terrorist convicted of killing 270 people. new reports that scotland freed the lockerbie bomber port and oil deal. michael chertoff is here. steve: representative charlie rangel forgets to pay his taxes and now he wants to punish you for doing the same thing he did. does that include punishing members of his own staff? apparently they forgot to pay up as well >> brian: school credit for playing a sport. that is exactly what high school athletes in texas could be getting. is that right? we report, you decide. roger in illinois says -- "fox & friends" takes on real issues and keeps us all in the loop.
8:03 am
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is george foreman and you are watching "fox & friends." gretchen: today we need to talk about this. next week president obama addresses a joint session of congress. this topic is health care again. it could easily be the most important speech of his administration. >> do not expect the nitty gritty minutia details that most people on capitol hill are wanting on this. the president will not say which specific bill coming out of committee that he wants. we expect to hear the most specifics we have ever gotten before. that is what the white house officials have told us. we do expect to hear ways the president wants to merge the four bills that came out of
8:04 am
committee. also, we expect to hear you may drop some of the more contentious issues, perhaps the end of life counseling. the big question, will the president say the public option still be in there, or is he willing to cut it loose? if the president says it is a must keep, he will keep support on the left, but lose a lot of conservatives. olympia snowe seems to be the last republican at the negotiating table on the senate side. speaker nancy pelosi says she cannot get a bill passed in the house without it. a lot is riding on the speech. it is an attempt to regain his footing on the issue after representatives faced angry constituents at town hall meetings. right now, president obama remains at camp david working on his speech. back to you.
8:05 am
gretchen: thank you very much. if your opinion of congress is less than favorable, you are in the majority. the congressional approval rating, 37%, the lowest in 24 years. john mccain on "the tonight show" last night said he was not surprised. >> has the senate changed? >> yes, and there's not as much as the bipartisanship as the american people want, which leads to the low approval rating. gretchen: the poll found it does not matter whether congressman are republicans or democrats. the tea party express is on the road, reaching the sixth stop in el paso, texas. many say they felt strongly about joining the express crowd. >> i am here because my husband fight for our freedom abroad. it is our responsibility to fight for freedom right here in
8:06 am
the united states. gretchen: the tour goes on for two weeks before the final stop in washington, d.c. libya denies that abdel basset ali al-megrahi has been moved to intensive care. he was the only person convicted in the lockerbie bombing. he has terminal prostate cancer. libya insist he has been moved into the vip wing of a hospital in tripoli. his release has sparked international outrage. former homeland security secretary michael chertoff joins us in 10 minutes. in a close call for a 16-year- old who plunged over 20 feet into a lion exhibit in massachusetts. he hurt his head, but his injuries are not life- threatening. >> when he fell, there was a safety net that he fell through. it helped to break his fall.
8:07 am
he ended up at the bottom of the pit. gretchen: thankfully, the lions were at a secure area at the time. forget miss america or even miss universe, we now have the first ever ms. krugcougar. navaro says she is proud to represent a new breed of women. the contest was the first-ever national cougar contest. steve: geraldo rivera joins us live. you have a great new book. it is very republican in spirit. we will talk about that in a second.
8:08 am
first, rifqa bary became a christian. now she is afraid to go home because she is afraid her parents will kill her. she is going back to court today. >> there's no way that the governor will let her go back to ohio and her parents. she is 17. i believe that her lawyer should move to get her emancipated poor fear of a real physical danger. there is religious freedom in this country. just because she has a father who is an alleged not case does not disparage the entire faith, but the threats he made are a clear and present danger to the child's physical safety, and not to mention her emotional well- being. i believe that the state can help her with an appointed attorney to become in the emancipated minor. gretchen: the parents work
8:09 am
muslim -- the parents are muslim. if any of their children convert to christianity, under the law, the sentence is death. that is basically what the argument is about. earlier today, the father spoke out. here's what he had to say. >> she is free to practice what ever she believes in. she can come back to my house. we have no problem. we love her. she be in a christian does not mean she is not my daughter. >> we love her. remiss for every single day. we need her back home. >> she said she lives in fear of her father, of your husband. >> no, i do not think so. >> you think she is making that up? >> yes. >> when my dad, a catholic, married my mother who is
8:10 am
orthodox jewish -- her family went in mourning that she was married a christian. with this guy, the difference is the ominous threat to her physical well-being. brian: when you have the counter argument seem -- days parents seem reasonable in that interview. could this be harder to sell than you think? >> not at 17. if she were 12, then you could make the argument that they are the parents and they deserve to have her back. she is almost an adult. steve: let's talk about this. charlie rangel. he had to restate its financial disclosure. it turns out he made millions of dollars that he never reported. nancy pelosi said she would not take away his chairmanship of the house ways and means committee. here is a man -- if we did what
8:11 am
he is accused of doing, there's a good chance we would be in jail. >> this is an argument for term limits. these guys get into congress, republicans and democrats, and they stay for ever. they really gain the system to benefit themselves. they lose sight of a constituent service. gretchen: that is why they have been so amazed at the town hall meetings. >> put the town halls aside and concentrate on why congress is so unpopular. in this health care debate, there are the arguments that the republicans run the pockets of the insurance companies. the democrats are in the pockets of the big pharmaceutical companies. the american bar association, also. there's a feeling among but constituents that it is true that our representatives do not truly represent what they do. they maneuver and gain the system. it becomes an industry in which
8:12 am
the whole bottom line -- it is unfortunate. i really do believe -- why should a congress man serve more than five terms? there's only one reason. you cannot get another job. why should a senator serve more than two terms or even a governor? that is the way it was intended. it is not just words. steve: stop making sense. what is the matter with you? >> if you want to make sense, "the great progression" my new book makes a lot of sense. george bush in 2004 got 44 percent of the latino vote. he understood that you have to talk nice about people.
8:13 am
you do not despair stem with slanderous stereotypes. barack obama got it in 2008. whether he maintains that the vote with the health-care debate, we will see. brian: it will be an exciting before you appear y. gretchen: are we fighting the war on terror or not? michael chertoff will join us next. steve: class credit for playing a game? is it a good idea? brian: they should get credit. >> i agree.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
for you. is there a war on terror or not? the administration has refused to use the term. >> the most important part of the war on terror -- brian: oops? former homeland security secretary michael chertoff has a new book out now. when you heard robert gibbs said that, did you say thank goodness he realizes we are in a war? >> it did not surprise me. i think we all know that war on terror is a shorthand way of explaining and referring to the fact that we are at war with a global network of violent islamic extremists. it is a mouthful. war on terror captures the idea, even though it may be a little
8:18 am
bit of shorthand. gretchen: this has administration got out of its way to make sure that it parses its words. it was now overseas contingency operation. was this a mistake or a political move? the president will have to increase troop levels in afghanistan and we will now have to justify the war on terror again. >> i hope it reflects the understanding that we are at work. there's conflict going on in somalia. we are at war in south asia. i do not know what you call it if it is not a war. if you are going to mobilize the american people for the kind of commitment which the president rightly thinks we need in afghanistan, you will have to explain it in very simple, clear terms. brian: talk about lockerbie. the release of this prisoner for humanitarian reasons. this is the bomb that killed
8:19 am
270 people. talk about what you would do with british-american relations if it looks as though it was oil for the release? >> every year that i was secretary, i attended a memorial service at christmas time for the lockerbie victims. i appreciate the pain that was felled by the families. i felt this was an outrageous release. if there was an effort to curry favor with the libyans for economic reasons, that would be a devastating blow to the kind of deterrence that we need to have steadied together to face terrorists. the british have been great allies and a great friends. obviously we're not going to sacrifice that relationship. it is important that this country stand on it quickly and firmly against the idea of ever releasing the terrorists on any grounds, whether it is misguided
8:20 am
compassion or some kind of economic under the table deal. gretchen: do you actually believe that this could have happened? would this not completely change the scope of the relationship between the united states and britain? >> it would betray a promise that was made at the time when the decision was to go ahead and have this case tried in scotland. we have had strong relations with the british. that is not going to change because of a politician in scotland they say judgment that we think is misguided. i do think it threatens all of us in terms of the message we want to sen to terrorists. brian: if you want to find out more, pick up this book by michael chertoff. thank you very much. gretchen: athletes getting credit for playing sports in place of classes like history or math? brian: is the democratic health
8:21 am
reform plan an intentional death sentence for the elderly? one pastor feels the administration is letting older americans die so we do not have to pay for them. his perspective is next. luke: moving my mind and my hands at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) there's no one exactly like you.
8:22 am
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and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol...
8:24 am
steve: and new law in texas could double the amount of academic credits that high school athletes get. should athletics' counted the same aspects bookwork? joining us now is texas state board members. ken voted for the law and geraldine opposed.
8:25 am
steve: in my home state of kansas student athletes do not get any credit for athletics. why are credits given out for students in texas? >> we found in texas we seem to discriminate against to the athletes. if you're in rotc, you get four credits for four years. if you are in athletics, we only allow two credits. steve: so you like the idea of athletes getting as many credits as possible, whether it is watching game films or working out. you think they should get credit for that. >> we just recently passed the toughest graduation program in america. they know that students who are freely allowed to choose their offense stay in school longer. one of the best programs we
8:26 am
have four kids is athletics. they pass their classes because they want to play sports. steve: the question is whether or not you should get a lot of your school credit for shooting uuiting up. >> 25 years ago, our state of texas passed what was called the most comprehensive reform movement in public education. it was called the no pass- no play law. it was, let's get our priorities right. that has been our goal, to study first, pass or classes, and then you can participate in the privilege of football and extracurricular activities. our goal has been to raise the standards for our young people and put academics first and put
8:27 am
sports and football second. steve: are you worried that by giving kids a lot of credits for athletics, you are essentially creating athletic factories out of the high schools? >> let me say this. now that the law has been passed, they have opened up a huge loophole where seven states elective credits could be taken all within football and athletics. that equals to about 28% of your entire high school four years in football or sports. that is totally on evuneven. steve: ken, i will give you the final word. >> that would never have been in texas. we will cap alt elected at four
8:28 am
years. there will be a cap that four years for any electeives. steve: it is a debate that is raging in texas and coast to coast. e-mail us what you think about this. thank you for joining us today from the lone star state. gretchen: in right here. could your parents be denied life-saving care to save the government money? brian: you just know what is going on here in court. could a judge that is getting annoyed with a man in a court room tape his mouth shut? >> no, it is not violating your rights. here's the deal. mr. smith, get the duct tape.
8:29 am
brian: you'll hear what he had to say in his own defense. (announcer) illness doesn't care where you live...
8:30 am
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8:33 am
now it pastor down in texas has a problem with the health-care plan. gretchen: this is an amazing interview. the pastor is a conservative african-american pastors who has big problems with the health care reform plan. he has a new problem with it that i have not heard before. here is his assessment of what could happen to the elderly people in our society. gretchen: are you claiming that this administration on old people to die? >> i am claiming that people around the president right now have very questionable backgrounds concerning sterilization, forced abortions, and policies designed to control population. why are they there? i submit to you that they're there because they're crafted policies for rationing health care in order to control the
8:34 am
population that is the heaviest right now in our country, which is the retirement ranks. steve: that is why he wants taken out of the president's health-care goals the end of life counseling. he feels that it is population control because older people, about 70% of the money spent in health care are spent on ththat end of the people in life. gretchen: is a very interesting assessment and a very interesting interview. it is thursday and there's a lot of stuff going on. steve: this is a fox news alert. new unemployment claims last week. 570,000 to the week before was 560,000. continuing claims, 6.23 million. more people are out of work this
8:35 am
week than last week. bgretchen: this is a fox news alert. fire officials say the huge california wildfires may burn for several more weeks. what can you tell us? yesterday at this time of the morning, we bring good news about the fire control. what is happening today? >> more good news. fire officials think they're starting to win the battle. the big fire is only 28% contained. most of the out-of-control parts are inside canyons and in more rugged areas. the mandatory evacuations have been lifted. people are returning to their homes. as they do, they see landscapes that are vastly different. they're able to get home and in most cases, the homes are safe. this is one of the largest wildfires in california history. it is also one of the most erratic and hard to predict.
8:36 am
at some times, it was putting in five different directions. they do think it is under control thanks to the weather and the controlled burns. at this time they're starting to look into the cause. investigators spent a lot of time at the base of an oak tree in a ravine. they believe that is where it started. they're looking at the possibility that this was human cost. it could have been arson or it could have been accidental. this has presented a lot of challenges for the cash strapped state, but the president says no matter what the cost is, the money is there to continue to fight these fires. gretchen: let's get a look at the weather from around the nation. steve: let's focus in on southern california. it is nice and dry right now. you see a little bit of rain on this map associated with a tropical storm.
8:37 am
some spotted stuff in texas as well. the current temperatures, 50s and 60s across the central plains. among the gulf coast, temperatures in the '70s. it is already 90 degrees in phoenix. today's daytime highs on the first thursday of september, 77 degrees in new york. the same for our friends in cleveland, ohio. 90s across portions of texas. brian: susan atkins, a follower of charles manson and a convicted killer herself lost her last bid for freedom before she dies. she has brain cancer. she slept through much of her parole hearing. she was convicted in 1971 of stabbing actress sharon tate 16 times, killing her and her
8:38 am
unborn son. gretchen: the agency responsible for watching stammers like bernie madoff completely blew it. a report just out says the red flags were numerous and the fed still managed to message up. it says the securities and exchange commission is incompetent and full of an experienced investigators. steve: terrible decisions. 40 years of guilt. those are some of the colts ted kennedy used to describe the chappaquiddick affair for which he was criticized the rest of his life. the comments are in a posthumous memoir to be published on september 14. kennedy swam away from the submerged car in 1969 leaving mary jo kopechne to drown did he got a suspended sentence before leaving the scene. brian: auto dealers across the
8:39 am
country are fuming over cash for clunkers. david billion it worries about the national health care for two reasons. first, the government still owes him $3 million for the cash for clunkers program. second, he says the cash for clunkers program was small compared to help clear, but terribly confusing -- compared to health care, but terribly confusing. >> it could have been explained in three pages or four pages. when it came down to the initial launch, they had to shut it down four days into the program because the computer program was not allowing that much input. brian: the $3 billion program into a $3 trillion program, he says you have to worry that washington cannot handle this. gretchen: an unruly defendant in ohio got a punishment nobody
8:40 am
expected. the judge got out the duct tape. >> i've would not be truthful if i said it did not get frustrating at times. people call me every name in the book. i have had people? paternity. i have had people expose themselves. gretchen: he says he took the action because he wanted to give the defended a chance to participate in the trial. steve: a imagine taking out your wedding gown, paying for it, and then hearing that he will not be able to pick it up. panic yesterday when madeleines bridal shop was closed yesterday for not paying taxes. dozens of women rushed to get their dreses. state workers were there to make
8:41 am
sure that everybody with a receipt got the dress that they paid for. brian: do you follow me on twitter? steve: i do. brian: you do something that i have never seen you do agree to talk about your day. steve: i was waiting for an oil change. they were watching "live desk." brian: get inside his life on twitter. i cannot believe you're doing this. gretchen: lawmakers are having a hard time convincing americans that health-care reform will work. peter johnson, jr. has three things that he thinks the president should be doing. brian: president obama will make a speech to students across america. is it a form of industrialization? what some parents are doing ♪
8:42 am
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gretchen: support for the president's health-care reform is dwindling. he is taking over the reins and addressing congress next week. this is not the first time the president has spoken about health care. he has said a lot. >> you may see a theme. we are doing some stuff on health care. >> quality health care. >> health-care reform. >> the soaring cost of health care. >> the urgent need for health and form. >> health insurance reform. >> i want to talk about healthcare forces appe a second. >> health insurance reform. >> the need for health-care reform. >> we have had a vigorous debate about health insurance reform.
8:46 am
gretchen: what does the president need to say differently this time? peter johnson, jr. it is here with prescription for truth. he will do this big address before congress and america. what does he need to do? >> this is the 12th incarnation of this plan. this is a historic session before congress. we have not had a joint session other than for the state of the union since after 9/11. we are coming near the anniversary of 9/11. i think the president, if he is going to be successful in winning health reform for all americans -- and i think all americans want health care reform, the issue is what kind. he needs to embrace the descent. he needs to hear the voices of america. he needs to say, i have heard what you have said with regard to comparative effectiveness.
8:47 am
i have heard what you have said about some of these mandates. i have heard what you said about not wanting to be part of a death discussion. i have heard what you have said about the public option. and i am responding as to president. gretchen: that would be validating the protesters who came out to these town hall meetings. do you think she would do that? >> i believe he is not to franklin roosevelt. there are some people on the hard left to say be fdr, be bold, and pay no attention to the critics. if he understands that he wants a second term, and for the president not to cure the dissident voices of america, that will be something going forward at his own peril. gretchen: two, seek agreement from all americans. >> respectfully, i think it is
8:48 am
important and not so tough. what we have heard from the president over the last few months is about duty. it is not your obligation. is about mandate. if you do not do this, then you are morally inferior. i think you'll see a reporn apph -- he aspires to be a great minister. he will say, i want to appeal to your better sense, to your better nature that this is about what we aspire to as a people. i can see him in voting the parent will of the -- i can see him invoking the parable of the good samaritan in the new testament. in some sense, it is about charity. in some sense, it is about helping those who need help the most and do not have it.
8:49 am
if he can bring americans together in a way that says in the president of all the people, i am not the president of gretchen: 3, be honest about benefits and burdens. >> he has got to be honest about what this plan really means. he has to be honest when he says we're going to cut medicare benefits. i hope to do it by erasing hundreds of billions of dollars in fraud and abuse. i am not really sure if it is there. if it does not work out the way i wanted, you will have higher taxes. all americans will have higher taxes. this is a lot to do in a short speech. he is a great communicator. all americans want health care reform. they just do not want his particular plan. gretchen: after the speech, come back and see if he hits any of those. president obama plans to make a big back-to-school speech to americans kids.
8:50 am
some parents are not happy about it. we will talk to two parents and about what they're doing to keep their kids away from it. first, megyn. megyn: the white house tried to fix the education message. our guest at 9:30 a.m. says the white house failed and is prepared to tell you what is in those documents. you will meet miss cougar usa. all that plus pigs in space. . school supplies?
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steve: president obama set to
8:54 am
deliver a speech to students across theç country on wednesdy over theç internet and television, but some parents are concerned his message will be less about education and more about teaching the ideals of the liberal presidential administrcû99$(lc@&c+ brian: with me nowç is a radio talk-show host and a parent who is worried about that. also with me is a mother who planned to keep her two kids home that day. çwhat alarmed you about this? the material that was distributed by the department of education. the first thing i noticed was the focus of theseç materials t is onç being submissive to the government. respect for your president, elected leaders, that is fantastic, but your leaders need to realize that the publicç -- the power in a republic lies
8:55 am
the second thing that concerns me is normally when you have the assemblies like this, it is something that the school board vetsç. there is aç certain protocol tt it has to follow before it goes down to the principle and then student body. all of that was a job over by the administration. thereç are a lot of parents who haveç spoken to me, spoken to e principle, and they are somewhat worried about that. steve: one of the mothers, next more, you are going to keep your kids at the school that day. what is it about this particular address that2has you buggedç to to do this? >> i agree with what dana said. one of my main concerns was that
8:56 am
it was notç brought up to the board of education. çi have to sign permission slis for my kids to sign -- watch certain movies in school. çso like she said, itç was not vetted. this is a government of the people, not what canç you do fr your government,ç but how your government can represent you. i do not feel like any of these materials are reflecting that. brian: they also have some more books to accompany this and they çthank you, ladies. steve: we will be right back. (announcer) studies show that kids who have regular family dinners
8:57 am
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