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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 9, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bret: thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow night for special coverage of the p p shep. is he back tomorrow. i will see you in the live desk. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> van jones, he is a self-avowed communist. be a member of the radical group storm. how about being a black nationalist in his past? bill: did glenn beck defeat the obama administration on personnel matter? mr. beck will be debriefed. >> do you agree with the bush doctrine? >> in what respect, charlie? bill: did charles gibson's resignation as abc's lead anchorman have anything to do with his interview of sarah palin? bernie goldberg on that. >> what do you think about the health care bill? >> i think the racist in the right wing upset because poor people are about to be helped.
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bill: he is back and still angry. reverend wright checks in on national health care. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you forever watching us tonight. putting american cia agents in direct danger. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you will remember the valerie plame situation where the former cia operative was publicly named in a weapons of mass destruction controversy. remember that? well, led by nbc news and the "new york times" the left wing media went news and ultimately scooter libby, a top advisor to vice president cheney was convicted of a crime. now we have a situation far worse and the left wing media is silent. a group calling itself john
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adams project affiliated with the aclu is secretly photographing cia agents and showing the pictures to suspected terrorists at guantanamo bay, among other people. it's hard to believe, i know, but it's going on. activist lawyers joshua dratel nina ginsburg edward mcmahon three members of the group putting cia members in danger. factor producer caught up with ms. ginsburg. >> ms. ginsburg hi, i'm with the fox news channel. you are putting cia lives in danger. >> you need to talk to the people at the john adams project. that's not at all true. >> cia agents put a lot of people in danger. they put the country in danger. they put american soldiers overseas in danger. >> you are showing pictures of cia agents to terrorists, al qaeda terrorists. that's just despicable. >> that's not true. >> what are you doing then? what is the john adams project. >> why are you following me around into a drugstore.
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>> ma'am, you have hired research to follow cia agents around all over the place and showed them to al qaeda terrorists, the same people who organized september 11th. >> what they did was try and find out who the names and the identities of the people who tortured illegally tortured people because the government won't turn over that information. and people in this country have a right to defend themselves. >> >> get out of my way. >> hold on a senchtsd get out of my way. >> there are federal laws prohibited sharing classified information like that. >> it's not classified. if there is a person walking in the street who has a picture taken of himself, that is not classified information. >> so valerie plame. >> and there are laws against people putting their microphones in people's faces. >> valerie plame's identity was disclosed by the vice president of this country. the people who took pictures found the information in public source information and tried to find out who the torturers were in this country. >> torturers or the people trying to keep us safe? >> sir, you are making me feel
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threatened. get out of my face. >> some people may wonder whose side you are on. >> get out of my face. bill: despicable. and the factor is asking attorney general holder to step up the investigation of the john adams project. it is underway. and we are asking president obama to publicly condemn that campaign. forget about the elite media investigating. this it's far too corrupt to do that we don't expect the obama administration to comment because they are pandering to the far left or have been anyway. if the president continues to allow attacks on the cia, it will come back to hurt him, the same way the saga of van jones has hurt him. over the labor day weekend jones was forced to resign as a white house employee overseeing so-called green jobs employment tied to improving the environment. jones is a radical guy who signed a petition questioning the whether the government knew about the 9/11 beforehand. how key wind up working for the obama white house?
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how can he do that? it's simply astounding. whether it's fair or not, president obama is now viewed by some as sympathetic to the radical left to. get rid of that perception, he should condemn the john adams project immediately. talking points will update you on this story on thursday. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, leading the charge against van jones was fox news commentator glenn beck. and here he is. making trouble as always. you are a troublemaker. >> a troublemaker? bill: you are. you make me look like mary poppins. you have now surpassed me in the trouble making department. >> i was astounded this weekend that you can show van jones' own words where he is saying white people poisoned. >> the environment. >> no, no. white people are poisons and directing them into communities of color. where he said give the wealth to the native americans.
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take it from people and give it to them. he says all of these things. at midnight on sunday morning sthnt a guy. >> he resigns. >> they try to sneak it by everybody but not us. we are always watching. >> the point is, bill. the reason why we were looking into van jones, the reason why we were looking into all the people surrounding him is because when john mccain on the campaign trail said, you're a marxist, you have all these marxist ties how do you feel but b. jeremiah wright. he said look at the people i surround myself around with. bill: warren buffet, shirley temple. joe name meth. derek jeter. >> they are not there anymore. >> look, this guy, van jones, let's be honest about this, this was a guy who had like the lowest job you can have. >> not true. >> bill: this was a guy sitting in a lawn chair. >> not true. bill: on the mall in washington. >> not true. bill: yes. >> no. bill: trying to get guys to rake up leaves to make it cleaner. >> not true. this guy is full of -- riddled
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with lies and distortions. bill: he wasn't a big guy. >> yes, he was. he was part of the apollo project. the apollo project is massive money from tides. they're the people who designed the stimulus package. he is the guy who was directing the funds of the stimulus package. to promote clean jobs. more important, this guy was -- he is a very good speaker. bill: he was on the factor a few years ago. >> he is exceptional. this guy, by just being in the white house, think of this, what message does it send to the youth of america that a marxist anarchist self-avowed communist can work in the white house? well, that says communism -- bill: you know what it says to me? equal opportunity employment. >> ok. i didn't look at it that way but that is one way to look at it. bill: look, i didn't cover this van jones thing and you have been covering it you a tensably
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because is he a little guy. he doesn't really matter to me. >> may i come back -- may i come back on your program and spend a little more time with you and bring to you the evidence. bill: you don't convince me. i know who this guy is. >> not him. how it all ties together. what van jones says about the administration. and not just van jones. bill: we have three minutes to do it now. you don't have to come back. give me the big picture. why is van jones important. >> i need a little romancing. not just three minutes. bill: i am not even going to say it ok. give me the big picture then. >> the big picture is, barack obama continues to surround himself with not just -- we're not talking democrats here. we are talking about radicals. bill: do you think obama even knew the guy who worked in the white house? >> absolutely i do. bill: how did you come to that? >> his -- i'm trying to remember her title.
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bill: valerie jarrett? >> she is a big cheese. she loves him. michelle obama loved him. bill: loved who? >> van jones. bill: how do you know? >> i read it in the paper. bill: what paper? >> i believe. bill: you believe what you read in the paper? you are telling me michelle obama loves van jones? >> michelle obama, it was quoted yesterday that michelle obama. it is from -- it may have been the huffington post, i'm not sure. but it was a lefty blog that said michelle obama was instrumental in getting him. and jarrett absolutely was. bill: jarrett was. we don't know about michelle obama. >> they vacationed together. bill: so your hypothesis, big word but i feel can you handle it. >> i can't spell it. bill: he is -- the president is a closet marxist? how far are you taking this? >> >> i don't know yet, bill. bill: but you are on the trail. >> i think americans need to ask
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themselves the question. bill, you're president of the united states. would you have a man who was a self-avowed communist? bill: no, i wouldn't. >> who said i would rather lose the radical pose for the ends. bill: here is what did it for me. i don't care about the dopey far left politics. when he signed that petition about 9/11. that eliminates him from public service. bill: i don't understand that america, when did we stop caring about communism? >> because communism is not a threat to us anymore. >> are you kidding me? bill: unless, unless. >> we are talking about a guy the president of the united states who said i'm going to fund mentionly transform america. bill: that's what i'm trying to get at. >> what is he changing us to? bill: you believe that barack obama wants a communist society? >> if you look at the people he surrounded himself with, socialist, marxist, van jones a self-avowed communist. if you look at what the democratic party has -- bill: you are not sure yet. you are just going down the
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road. >> i'm asking the questions that i my americans need to ask. bill: absolutely. >> good democrats. they are not communists. bill: do you feel bad about getting van jones fired? are you going to hire him? >> no. i don't feel bad. people said to me this weekend congratulations. that's not congratulations. he is more dangerous outside of the administration because john podesta came out with a statement today saying yeah, i'm going to be working with him. bill: of course, podesta is the people for the american progress or some crazy left wing -- ok, beck, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it stop causing trouble. >> you do it tonight. >> you do it tonight. bill: next on the rundown, van achoo!
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bill: in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, two scorching topics, the resignation of van jones we just discussed with glenn beck. and the resignation of abc news anchorman charles gibson. fox news analyst bernie goldberg joins us now from north carolina. let's get to jones first. you were actually studying the media coverage of jones and you found, what? >> well, until the resignation, when they had to report it, nobody covered the story. i mean, literally, the "new york times" had zero words about it. and that was also true of nbc
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and abc news. "the washington post" had a little bit. cbs evening news had a story friday night. but i have been thinking about this, bill, and i have come up with three possibilities for why they could ignore the story for as long as they did. one of them is they just didn't think it was news now, if you don't think that a presidential advisor president says green jobs is important. he was the green jobs guy who signs a petition calling for investigation into whether george bush was involved in 9/11. i mean, that's psychotic. and if the "new york times" doesn't think that's news, then they are not journalists over there. the second possibility, i think, is more realistic. and that is that they looked at the story and they said: this is a story drummed up by crazy right wingers, you know? no names necessary. and they hate that. what they really hate are conservatives. so, if conservatives care about
5:16 am
it, they don't care about it. the third possibility is simple. maybe they were just looking out for their guy. they figure barack obama is too historically to fail. so they didn't do the story. bill: i figure the combination of b and c. >> i was going to say. even if it's a combination -- bill: glenn beck drove the story on fox news. it's fox news not glenn and not o'reilly. i mean, we get it, but it's fox news that they despise. and when fox news breaks a story and then drives the story, the media either ignores the story or den greats fox news. that's the game. >> exactly. that's why the second reason i gave is it is certainly they are looking out for their guy. but the second reason is if this is a story driven by fox news, then the "new york times" doesn't want to get near it. bill: right. now, let's go, were you surprised when charlie gibson resigned? >> yes.
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i mean, i didn't know it was coming it's either the story that they are putting out which is that he resigned, ok? or it's possible that he was forced out because of ratings. i don't know. it could be either one. i will tell you, this bill. whichever it is, it really isn't that important. that's because the evening news on the networks really isn't that important. >> no. it isn't anymore and i agree with you. i said from the jump. >> let me say this real quick. while you were away last week, i said that if bill o'reilly resigned, it would create a much louder buzz in this country than if charlie gibson resigns. why is that? because the east coast news is an idea whose time has come and gone. the trajectory of network television news is south. the trajectory of fox news is north. bill: that's true. and prime time is also a consideration. now, from the beginning i said that charlie gibson, whom i like and respect and i believe you do
5:18 am
too. hurt himself glassen 00 nose, looking down the camera shot at sarah palin. and then the question the way he phrased it hurt him among moderates, conservatives, and women. roll the tape. >> do you agree with the bush doctrine? >> >> in what respect, charlie? >> what do you interpret it to be? >> his world view? >> no, the bush doctrine. december 2002, before the iraq war. >> i believe that what president bush has attempted to do is rid this world of islamic extremism. bill: i think mr. gibson lost viewers doing that and they never came back. >> the glasses on the nose was needlessly, you know, snippy or whatever word we want to use. bill, do you think that there are that many people who watch
5:19 am
abc world news or nbc nightly news or the cbs evening news who are big sarah palin fans? bill: yeah,. >> i don't think so. >> bill: i think in middle america, where most of the viewers are, for the nightly news, that women and moderates and conservatives did not like the whole tone of that whereas with katie couric, it was a different tone. that one was kind of, you know, you are not worthy and i think that hurt charlie. i think that was a major mistake. i will give you the last word. >> i don't know. i don't know if you can ever prove. bill: you can't prove it. just a theory. >> you know, your gut theory is that it had something to do with it. bill: no, his ratings came down after it. you could see them come down. >> bill, 2008 was an election year. of course the ratings were going to come down in 2009. bill: not for us. >> you want to know why? because people are voting with their remote controls when they
5:20 am
feel alienated from barack obama. they are going to fox. bill: directly ahead, president obama tries to save his health care deal tomorrow night. can he do it? juan and mary katharine. and then later, , , , , , , ,
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bill: impact segment tonight. president obama tries to save government map dated health care and maybe his entire administration. tomorrow at :00 p.m. eastern time congress -- the president will address congress and try to sell his version of government health care to you. factor will be on of a the president's speech and republican reply. meantime, do you think he can turn things around? joining from us washington juan williams and mary katharine ham.
5:24 am
all right, you have had the whole day to think about this. county president pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat tomorrow and say to the nation this is what we really want and it's good tore you and win it tomorrow night? >> look, i think it's really tough. as the great poet philosopher miley cyrus says it's always going to be a uphill battle and sometimes you have to loose. no matter how good a speech and good a venue. both will be very good tomorrow, i'm sure. he is great speaker. you can't turn back time to a time in the public, you know, was a little bit more with him on this. frankly most of the arguments he has made and democrats have made over the summer have lost support among, specifically independents. bill: that's because nobody knows what they are talking about mary katharine. how many times have i said it on this program? every time he guess a press conference or every time he gets up there and he gets into the health care nuances, actually, what they really want, i don't know what he is talking about and nobody else does. so say tomorrow he is crystal
5:25 am
clear about two or three things about how health insurance premiums are going to come down, the cost to the american people. how health care is going to be more available to americans. say he is crystal clear. why couldn't he make a comeback? >> even if he is crystal clear about that the fact that the american people have seen the bailouts, they have seen the stimulus and they have judged it's not working. a lot of them do not have the confidence in the federal government to make these huge changes, they are inching toward more incream mental ones. he is taking incream mental strands as gibbs calls them pulling them together and calling them his observe. it's much less far reaching than what he was wanting. bill: how do you see it, juan. >> i disagree. i happen to think most americans, one, want health care reform and, two, overwhelmingly have faith in president obama when it comes to health care. more faith. bill: the polls show that's not true. all the polls show -- >> no. the polls show that about 56% of
5:26 am
americans have faith in obama when it comes to health care. more so than democrats in congress and far more than republicans in congress. what the president has to do tomorrow night, bill, is fill in the blanks. you're exactly right when you say people don't know what he is talking about when he gets into that mode about this is health care and that is -- forget about it he has got to get some people up there who say, you know what? i can't get health insurance to immunize my kids. i almost lost a limb to diabetes because i couldn't get diagnosis in time because i couldn't afford to see a doctor. he has to make that case and say what he believes. in if he does that he will start to make progress. bill: i want you to clear up something. a new gallup poll finds 39% of americans saying they would direct their member of congress to vote against obama care. 37% want their congress person to vote for it juan, juan the stats say americans are against
5:27 am
the obama care vision. >> no, what they say is. bill: no, yes. >> no. what they are responding to in that gallup poll, bill, they one have heard this is going to mean bigger government. it's going to mean higher taxes. >> it will. >> have to pay more for their health insurance. when you say that to me, you say that to anybody, you say no, who wants this? bill: juan is being obtuse here. >> obama is also running up against facts. the fact that congressional budget office is saying this will not bend the curve downward. it won't lower cost. bill: tomorrow night when americans listen to this and it's going to be on all the networks except fox broadcasting. fox news channel it will be here. then i will come on after and explain exactly what is happening so everybody knows the truth while none of the other networks will tell the truth. that's why you should watch it here. wait a minute, catherine. so, i'm saying that i believe obama a shot tomorrow.
5:28 am
you are saying he has no shot. and i don't think that's true. i do think that he could make some points that would reason united states with americans fear they will be wiped out if they get sick. >> i think he is going to craft a native for a victory which i think will not be a huge victory based on what he wanted at the beginning of the summer. is he basically coming out and giving the speech he should have given in the spring. why is he doing it in september? bill: because he got his butt kicked. >> exactly. making up the ground that he lost, i think, is impossible. bill: what would do you, mary katharine? go away? he has got to give it another shot. he has got one more shot. >> also such a high stakes speech. bill: absolutely. >> isn't that terrible for him? bill: here is high stakes it is. i'm going to tell you this right now, if obama bombs tomorrow night, not only. >> forget about it. bill: not only does health care die his administration dies. that's how big it is. >> the rest of his term is in
5:29 am
jeopardy. bill: you bet. >> this is high stakes poker for barack obama. he has put the entire stacks of chips on health care. if he doesn't come out tomorrow and regain the confidence of the american people, everything else is on the table. bill: it's going to be a catastrophe. again, we will be here. >> high bar. bill: tomorrow after obama's speech and the republican response which we hope is very short. we don't like it. now, over to bill. mary katharine, juan. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves on this evening. reverend wright and bill moyer weighs in on health care. wait until you hear these guys. the factor stops a rapist from leaving jail. bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ . and added a little fiber? sweet!
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get your free information kit and medicare guide. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans. call now. ♪ bill: the corporation and the obama administration. as we reported. deeply involved in politics. promoting the obama administration through its subsidiary nbc news. political action arm and recently sent this email through g.e.'s ceo. the g.e. clearer than ever. on climate change we were able to work with key authors of the wax man-markey climate energy bill we are continuing our efforts to make certain that a final bill ensure united states maintains its leading position in the renumber energy industry which is an industry sector --
5:33 am
the you have to give g.e. credit for telling the truth. g.e. stand to make money from president obama's policies. joining from us washington steven maloy author of the book green hell. mr. milloy is tracking the situation: pacs and political action committees, why do we care about what g.e. is doing? shouldn't they do this? isn't that promoting their self-interest. >> there is nothing wrong with corporations to lobby. they pay taxes, we expect that in this case we have a situation where g.e. is lobbying for the waxman lock keyed harr continue bill through. and in the end, american taxpayers are going to be paying more -- paying higher taxes, subsidizing g.e. products. american consumers are going to be paying higher electricity price. american consumers are going to be paying more for g.e. appliances. basically g.e., through waxman markey is going to be enacting a
5:34 am
federal law. bill: tell us what waxman marquis. waxman liberal guy from california. what would that do? what would that bill do, very quickly. >> waxman markey is the cap and trade bill it would put a price on carbon dioxide emissions between the years 2012 and 2050 com would make energy costs $9 trillion more. these cost also be paid my american taxpayers. bill: if you are a polluter and go over your allotted emissions that the government gives you, you have to pay a tax to the government or you can buy some dispen stationizations from other companies that rund. we got that and g.e. is making technology to monitor the emissions, to do all kinds of other things. also in the trading of the emissions deal in chicago. all right. so, when i say to people because i have done -- you know, this i have done this from the beginning that nbc news is coordinating its pro-obama
5:35 am
coverage with the blessing of its parent company g.e., jeffrey immelt, the ceo. that is all a coordinated effort. people say to me you are a paranoid crazy guys, o'reilly. what do you say? >> you are exactly right. i don't care what part of nbc you turn on. nbc network and cnbc business. msnbc news. it's the same message. both from the news and the media side. go green waxman marquis is good. kiwi have got to save the planet from global warming. it all works well. bill: you believe, like i do, that this has over time, been a coordinated effort between a major american corporation worldwide corporation. first a candidate because they promoted barack obama's candidacy, nbc news did. they supported him and now a president to make sure that the
5:36 am
american public see him in a favorable light in return for all the profits that g.e. corporation could make. >> absolutely. barack obama needs g.e. ceo jeff immelt. jeff immelt needs barack obama. they have mutual interests. they spell it out in that memo. i have never seen anything like that in american politics. bill: absolutely very blatant. total violation of all journalistist efforts. >> total sim buy 00 particular relationship. wrong for consumers. morally wrong. we need to expose it. bill: all right, mr. milloy thank you very much. when we come right back, is it legal public's speech to public school kids today and the factor stops a child rapist from getting out of prison. then, reverend wright still crazy after all these years. he weighs in on health care. wait until you hear it. right back witit
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5:39 am
bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight conservatives objected to president obama speaking to public school kids today. factor stops a vicious child rapist from leaving jail. you may remember our outrage over convicted child rapist david erls receiving just one year in jail for attacking a 4-year-old girl the case was
5:40 am
botched. we called authorities on it. now earls was suppose dollars to be released this month now l. not be. with us is lis wiehl author of the book "face of betrayal" and attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. why isn't earls getting out? >> the attorney general's office of the state of oklahoma has decided to charge him with other crimes that are somewhat related but not the same crimes with respect to the same two children. two. bill: two children because it's a brother and sister. four and five. he was only charged with raping the sister. the 4-year-old but the brother was also involved. so now edmundson, who he had to almost bang over the head to get his attention on this finally the folks did it. says ok, now we have investigated and we have more charges in the same case. that's not double jeopardy? >> no. i have looked into it there is an argument, and it will be raised by earls defense counsel.
5:41 am
i don't think it's going to qualify as double jeopardy because what they are essentially alleging is that he committed multiple sexual offenses against these two children only the rape and sod dom my had been charged the first time around. they have now found other charges. i'm not going to get into the gory details but other things did he to these kids. bill: and they are gory. it's terrible. >> yes. that they are charging and that would not be double jeopardy under oklahoma law. bill: his daughter, stepdaughter or daughter, i can't remember chnchts his daughter, right. bill: his daughter, his own daughter came forward after the case and said, look, he did this to me. >> exactly. bill: but the statute of limitations in oklahoma ran out on that. >> you can put her on the stand to testify about a pattern of behavior. no they can't charge because of the statute of limitations but they will put this girl who was 8 at the time on the stand. bill: shoe is an adult now. >> that was the problem in the first case look, these kids are too young. the girl was only 5. bologna. bill: you know it was bull, they botched the case. they are a bunch of morons, they
5:42 am
didn't care. we had to go in there, geraldo rivera and o'reilly, two big mouths. >> right. bill: we had to go in there and force them to do the right thing and now they have. >> right. and now, as a miracle, these kids can now testify. they testified via video in front of the grand jury and said exactly what happened. bill: but you don't know the half of it, bill. because what i have just learned today, from sources connected to the case. is that when the -- talk about botching it the d.a. had a physician's assistant initially interview these two children. the d.a. who botched it not the attorney general's office. bill: what's his name? >> i don't have it ready. but he had a physician's assistant interview these two children. that physician's assistant has just lost her license for being addicted to drugs during the time she conducted these interviews. bill: we knew it was bogus. >> know my understanding is they have redone the interviewing. the attorney general's is reinterviewing the. hopefully we have two different
5:43 am
children. >> jim bob miller is the name. bill: he botched it. all right. jim bob now it's out of your hands. it's in somebody else's hands. i think this guy is going to get convicted and never get out again. >> he has cancer. they say he has a three year life expectancy. all they need to get is three years in prison. bill: wiehl, president obama talks to american kids today on education and some conservatives did not like that. a guy named john harwood, chief d.c. correspondent for nbc, of course. said. this roll it. >> somebody watching for a long time. this someone of the most ridiculous controversies i have ever seen. so far as i can tell, the biggest danger to kids in this whole thing is that a lot of the parents complaining aren't smart enough to raise them very effectively. bill: ok. so he is attacking parents. >> how he dare he call a whole group of people that he doesn't know. bill: here is the essential thing. i know some patience didn't want their children to hear president
5:44 am
obama because they don't like him. they don't like him. if you are in a public school, public school can override that and force the kids to listen. right? >> and they did in many schools. what they said was if you don't want to appear, you can have an unexcused absence. bill: as they did in some schools, one in fort lauderdale, if they compelled the kids had to go. >> even in fort lauderdale they could get the unexcused absence. that goes down as a bad thing against your record. look, i listened to the speech though today. bill: it was benign. >> it was completely benign. bill: that's not the point. the point is, kelly, if you send your kid to public school. what the public school decides overrides the parent. >> oh, you are absolutely right. i interviewed the superintendent of broward county schools today on my morning show and asked him about will the students be penalized if they don't show up? he said. no i said what will happen to them? he said they will have to do extra coursework. i said that's a penalty. then i asked him what about the parents that are concerned not so much about the speech, which is benign about what if their
5:45 am
kid has questions after the fact. look when i was young i got into trouble. what trouble did the president get in? how are the teachers going to handle that? what if the teachers want to be president to answer those questions for their own children? he said. no he was not only forcing the children to be there. but he was banning the parents from being there. after the secretary of education came out on the sunday talk shows and said this is all going to be voluntary. don't worry. it won't be mandatory. bill: it should be voluntary. any political exon nent. dive believe the president has a certain obligation to address students. ronald reagan did it. it should be voluntary. it's not indoctrination here. >> why did it have to be during school? bill: because they are school kids. >> that's where you find them. bill: if it's after school, they are not showing up. >> with the parents at night. bill: you might have been a nerd. i will go. i goal after school. most kids are out of there and not coming back. >> we love learning. bill: see what i'm talking about with wiehl here.
5:46 am
carrie prejean who is petraeus pretty much overexposed suing for what now? california beauty contestant who traditional marriage. >> claims her rights violated because he got deflond throned. she is suing for it least and i agree she has no case. the list of things that she allegedly did wrong is as long as santa's scroll. bill: santa's scroll. >> that's a long list. bill: i got to go. >> wait. bill she has a breast augmentation deal in there she might get some credit for that bill next week we might pick that up. presidentreverend wright on hea. why is howard dean running away from a fox news producer. right back.
5:47 am
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bill: reality check where the truth sets us all free or something. check one. while many right wing commentators are hammering obama care. some left wings are urging fight back. >> poor obama, he came to town preaching the religion of nice. but every time he bows politely, the heart of the republicans kick him. no one has ever conquered washington politics by constantly saying pretty please to the guys trying to cut your throat. this health care thing is make or break for your leadership. but, for us, it's life and death. no more mr. nice guy, mr. president. we need a fighter. bill: another example of fair and balanced on pbs. check two, and then there is reverend wright who briefly weighed in on health care. >> so what do you think of the
5:51 am
health care bill? >> bill: you know somehow i just get the feeling that reverend does not have love in his heart. i guess i could be wrong. howard dean a picture on nbc these days said. this this republican party is -- this shrinking republican party is just determined to underpresident obama and unfortunately, you have to undermine the country to in order to undermine the president. i think that's too bad. bill: well when fox news producer jenkins saw the governor say that real estate ran after him and got this statement. >> you said last night on a republican that republicans opposing the president's initiative health care initiatives were undermining the country. could you clarify that for me? >> i didn't say that. i did not say that. >> i have your quote right here, sir. it says, you have to undermine the country in order to run the. >> mr. chairman, just a quick
5:52 am
clarification? >> good, how are you? any clarification, sir? [boos] >> can we talk afterwards? bill: don't you love that "i didn't say that" and he just said it. remember the movie howard the duck? you just saw the remake. check four, if you think it's easy being a news cameraman, think again. when bonnie sweeten was sent to prison for stealing her father reacted this way. >> get out of here. hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. easy, easy, easy. >> what are you doing? >> we need help. >> he came out of here and charged us.
5:53 am
go that way, go that way. come on. bill: camera people do earn their money. check 5, check out new supreme court justice sonia sotomayor and getting down ♪ ♪ celebration ♪ have a good time ♪ >> this could be in the "the washington post" tomorrow. >> it will be, i know. ♪ what's your pleasure ♪ everyone around the world ♪ come on. bill: was that slow motion or were they actually dancing that way? footage shot by fox news guy eric conner. and finally, check 6, we like this web site media because they seem to like us. they posted an article on why bill o' premium manipulate -- membership is a
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5:56 am
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capricious. no good. that's it for us today. factor continues 24/7 on bill o' check it out. see you premium members on the post game factor show. alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 9. the trigger option. you could hear that phrase during the president's speech tonight on health care what does it mean, exactly, and will you like it? stick around. steve: meanwhile, a hotel under fire for hosting the president of iran. should they let him stay at that hotel? brian: meanwhile a fascinating look inside bernie madoff's palm beach mansion. we'll see how this new video looks in just oneou


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