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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 17, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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opine. please, when writing to us here is the word of the day don't be a plooter. that's it for us today. continue 24/7 on bill o' i am bill o'reilly hope to see you next time. remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> it's better than tee at this onthat. >> will a fifth video put acorn finally out of business. where were you mainstream media? >> there is no way that i can vote for the senate package. sean: democrats lash out at their own health care bill. >> an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. sean: jimmy carter brings race politics front and center. all of that plus michelle
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malkin, from his bunker great one mark levine and apesly earhardt. a very informative hannity starts now. investigation into the community organizing group acorn continues to spread tonight. after days of reporting on this outrageous story, acorn has finally, albeit reluctantly, issued a statement. the ceo of the organization says, quote: sean: they have also claimed to name auditor to the current processes within the next 48 hours. there is even proof tonight that democrats are no longer able to ignore this scandal. white house press secretary robert gibbs, he had this to say earlier today. >> the conduct that you see on those tapes is completely
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unacceptable. i think everyone would agree with that. the administration takes accountability extremely seriously. sean: but this does not put an end to the story. acorn, the obama administration, and congress alike may all want to take a look at the brand new footage that comes to us exclusively right here on hannity tonight from san diego, the offices of acorn there. now, this new, never before seen undercover footage shows the great links that one acorn official is willing to go in order to help set up a prostitution ring, once again, involving underaged girls. the man on this tape even offers to help smuggle underage illegal immigrants into the u.s. for the purposes of prostitution. let's take a look. >> logistically, i mean, is it better if it's tijuana, is it better if it's somewhere inland? where is the best place? i'm not quite -- like all these answers he wants right away.
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>> it's better from tijuana. >> tijuana? why? >> because i have a lot of family in tijuana. >> they might be able to assist in crossing the border? >> yeah. >> there is like 12 of them, is that ok? >> 12? >> 12 girls. they are young. >> they are like 13 to 15 years old. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> i want to talk to you only right now for email. >> got it. sean: pretty sick and unbelievable. that's not all they captured. take a look at this official from acorn actually appears to solicit the woman, hanna, that he believes is a prostitute. >> i'm. >> for her services? >> for the entire weekend, i mean,. >> are you a potential client? >> no, no. i want to know what is it? sean: joining me now to discuss this is andrew breitbart from big and the woman
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who plays the prostitute that you just saw, that's hanna giles. we will deal with the last part first. because he is asking well how much do you charge for her? >> yeah. >> so is he basically propositioning you. >> yeah, it was extremely awkward. the whole time he was very weird about the way he dealt with me and stuff like that. and then and he kept looking at me and would, you know, not even pay attention to james. it was extremely uncomfortable. and then they there came a point so he was like so where are you located? i was like san diego. he said no, no. but where? and then he asked me how much do you charge? sean: for the entire weekend and raw potential client? no, i just want to know -- so he is -- he hedged a little bit there. your reaction? by the way, you are 20 years old as we have been pointing out this week to our audience. that's a tough position to put yourself in. that's a dangerous position to put yourself in. >> at that point i wasn't really scared at any of the other ones. i wasn't scared then. it was extremely uncomfortable. and i had to think of something,
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you know, i wasn't expecting that. >> this is the first time we have come to the border. and it seems to me as we go acorn office to acorn office. they seem to be experts at facilitating crime. and they -- their knowledge of that crime and helping bring the underclass, you know, to -- how to work the system as best as they can. sean: so, in other words, when you go to baltimore and d.c. and new york and san bernardino and san diego and this all happened, were there any cities you went to where you just didn't get any videotape, not worthy to air? >> we are airing it. it's pretty worthy. sean: you didn't go into one office and they said we are not going to help you do anything like that? >> no. sean: every place you went they thend you or were willing to help you either not report you for an underaged prostitution ring, evade taxes as we have -- >> -- right. it is interesting. there is no place has acorn
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tried a state kicked them out based upon the premise that they were doing something nefarious. sean: let's go through this whole thing. what we just showed our viewers. and we saw this in other cities, perhaps not as even blatant as. this you say 12 girls you are going to import. they are 13 to 15 years old. >> um-huh. sean: he wants to help you get them into the country? >> yeah. that was the scariest thick. when we walked into the san diego office. we are like hey, they have a really big push for immigration. let's see if we can get them on this, too. especially sings they were had them shipped into tee onthat, because he had contacts there that could help us. it was extremely unusual and we are like oh, you can -- he goes yeah, my people have experience bringing people across the border. sean: and like last night in san concern beano that we aired, bright barred, i call you
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breitbart, it's andrew. hanna was saying last night, no, no, i want these underaged girls. i want them to work for me. and the woman is explaining, basically how they can facilitate this. not reporting this to the police. and underage prostitution child abuse ring, you know, in each city. almost every city we had this come up. >> um-huh. we're still at that point where the media, i think the media would have reacted to this probably on monday but it still is having trouble with it because it can't find the angle that can get extricate its friends out of the mess. i think that if it wasn't come from people who were self-avowed conservatives, they probably would have jumped in. they don't want to give a victory to the conservative side here. sean: what is now -- this is pretty much at least for this stage the end of the tapes thattingare going to be coming a while? >> probably. >> i just think there is a lot -- what has been released this week, new york,.
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sean: d.c., barmt. >> now there is five. this week the theresa one and san bernardino, the san diego one, we are talking about new crimes that have been brought to the fore. there is a lot for the country to digest here. i think that the abc, nbc, cbs, are eventually going to play catch up. sean: they are responding. and congress is responding to defund as we have been reporting. they are on schedule to get $8.5 trillion of stimulus money. you put yourself as a 20-year-old girl in this position, very, very dangerous position. you and james o'keefe are threatening to be sued and others. my question is what you have learned? what is the big lesson that you learned in all of this experience and you shared this video with us? that you can take on corruption. the country has been rallying behind us. the support, the prayers. it's been wonderful. and they are like, you know, you brought hope.
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i actually got an email today from a guy who served in an officer in the military. he was older. and he lost all hope. he saw what james and i did going in there. you know, going on the front libraries, risking our necks for our country, draining our savings. and he just said you gave me hope. i'm happy that america has got a future. sean: this is going to change your life. >> i hope it's changing a lot of people's lives. sean: what you guys did was incredibly courageous. incredibly brave. you exposed the media to be shallow, inept, ineffective, biased, all the things we discussed. and i think people have really learned a lot about a group. and you probably have saved the country billions of dollars. billions, which they were scheduled to get at acorn. >> look, i think they are going to be a zillion other james and hannas out there who have been inspired by this. sean: you inspired me. congratulations and thank you andrew you are a great american. >> i think journalists have a big future.
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young kids need to speak up. sean: fox news is in your future. come on over. thank you. appreciate it much more on the explosive new video out of san diego. we will be joined by michelle malkin. president obama's health care plan is running into fierce opposition not from republicans or democrats but from doctors. we have those details. the great one, mark levine, that's only 90 short seconds away. tonight forget, i will be coming to you live from cale from the valley that hope forgot. we will check in ainsley earhardt who is already on the ground. we will give you a sneak peek
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sean: the obama administration citing doctor shortages one reason health care is expensive. if obama care passes that problem will get worse. 6 a% oppose the bill and 45% would consider quitting practice entirely or entirely if it is passed. then we will know what a doctor then we will know what a doctor shortage looks like. it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day.
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sean: employees at five separate acorn offices aid and somehow participate in child prostitution. acorn is retaliating by retaliating against the once who exposed them and threpg lawsuits. the videos that speak for themselves. the only question that remains is will this keep acorn from receiving our tax dollars? here with reaction is the author of the best selling book culture of corruption, michelle malkin is back with us. if you look at the money and follow the money, tens and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to date, michelle. if you add the stimulus, you are looking at potentially 8.5 billion more. so there are -- there is an effort in congress to stop it. will it be successful? >> well, it already has, in some
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measure. i think that cutting off acorn from the census bureau participatenerships and in the senate cutting off transportation and hud's appropriations money and afill united states. that's important. i affiliates. i called up not just acorn the national umbrella group but all of the web of its affiliates and entities under it that are nonprofit, tax exempt and supposedly nonpartisan. awful these are a good first step. i think the next step, sean, obviously is to crack open the books and take a look at how the money they currently have been allocated in the past is being spent. that's going to be an incredible forensic undertaking. and hopefully it will be bipartisan. sean: you talk about these umbrella groups.
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there is all these groups that subcontract out to acorn. it's difficult to do the accounting. the reality is governor tim pawlenty and others and richard shelby was on this morning and he is working in washington. they say they want to find a way to get to the real bottom line dollar figure of how much they are getting and cut off all funds because this is only part of the corruption. it's bad enough every office they went to showed a connection, you know, to some of these scandals. but it goes a lot deeper, doesn't it? >> it's systemic. acorn plays a game of throwing rank and file operatives under the bus and claiming these were just the indefensible actions of a few, a handful. that's the phrase that bertha lewis and the acorn brass are using. that's their m.o. that's what they do. in fact, this is system systemic. it's deep seeded and gone on and festered for years and years and decades. the republican party does bear some of the blame because under
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the bush administration, tens of millions of more was shoveled to these left-wing mortgage counseling reacts and they knew what was going on. let me say something specific about the san diego office, sean. because it's not a surprise to me that the illegal alien smuggling scheme was hatched there. this is the same office that partnered with city bank to offer an entire program for illegal alien home loans that has to stop. sean: let me ask you a media question. i'm in talk radio. i'm on fox news. you have your web site. have you hot air. we watch the drudge report. there is talk radio in general. charles gibson was on with don and roma, the morning host at my radio affiliate in chicago wls. he didn't even know about this two days ago. didn't each know about it. what does that mean for the future of journalism? what does that say about the mainstream media? >> well, sean, you have said many times over the last year, during the campaign cycle that journalism is dead. journalism is alive and well on
12:18 am
the internet and in alternative media. they are doing the shoe leather reporting that the rest of the mainstream media won't do. and what these sting videos have exposed is not just one react, the acorn react, but also the media protection react as well. and i think that the "new york times" bears much blame for deliberately white washing the connections between the acorn criminal enterprise and team obama. on my web site, today, i have on entire email exchange between "new york times" reporter stephanie strom and project vote slash acorn whistle blower anita reporting how she knew what was going on. she knew that these whistleblower were quote, unquote gold mine that's what she said of anita who exposed the muscle for money program. she knew team obama was involved. they gave $800,000 to acorn front group. we need to ask questions, why,
12:19 am
where, when? sean: i think those are great questions. it's great work. it's amazing what a 20-year-old brave, young girl can do and 25-year-old filmmaker, they have done more than all those media outlets put together. and now they are being attacked and threatened with lawsuits. something we have experienced ourselves, michelle. but thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thanks. sean: coming up democratic senator max baucus presented his own health care bill. why is own party even against it? all the details coming up. mark levine from the bunker. we will get into jimmy carter's i'm okay with cutting back a little, but i still want to put my best face forward. with crest whitestrips advanced seal, i get whiter teeth that lasts for 12 months. all from one little box, i say that's a pretty good deal. crest whitestrips advanced seal.
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>> when would leave this place to leave as good a shape or better shape than we found it. each of us in this room, each of
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us in the country has ha moral obligation. this is our opportunity. this is our moment to helpful fill that moral obligation. sean: and that was senate finance committee chair max baucus earlier today making a plea on behalf of his health care reform plan. now we had hoped and, in fact, promised it would be a bill that would garner bipartisan support. instead, senator baucus found himself standing all alone this afternoon. there were no democrats. there were no republicans by his side. so, is his bill doa, dead on arrival? we are joining joined by former white house communications director nicole wall blast and sandra smith from the fox business network. no one came out with him. still 800 billion. you got rockefeller saying know, widen saying no. that's on the senate side. olympia snow saying get rid of the government option. you have weaner in the house. pelosi in the house and the cbc in the house saying no way without a government option. it's the democrats' problem. >> yeah.
12:25 am
look, i think what we'll never know is how this would have played out if this is where the democrats started. you know. >> the one thing i thought today is this would have been a great opening position if the democrats had spent the last four months trying to rally support around this as their position to come to the table and invite republicans to sit down with them. say this is the best we can do. we think this represents the desires of most -- many americans. what do you have? instead, this is near the end of the process and he walked out alone. >> the whole point here is that the proposal -- we understand this is the proposal. this is not the actual plan. it's a mark up. it can be changed. it will be chacketd. -- changed. the whole point is, sean, he was coming out in hopes of garnering republican support. he comes out today no one is joining in with him. sean: not one person. >> not one person. sean: harry reid says he will use the nuclear option. if he goes down that road, what will the reaction be not only from republicans but from people in this country that are out there protesting at town halls,
12:26 am
the march on washington this week. what's the reaction. >> i think the nuclear option is the only thing less appealing than the public option. you saw the outcry we all saw over the summer. this is not a republican revolt. this is a revolt of the american people. i think if he turns to that tactic, i think the democrats will pay hefty price. sean: rasmussen has a poll, lowest level of support ever now, 55% opposed, 42%. that's after, you know we had had a two day initial bump after his speech the other day. >> sean, i have been out at some of these town hall meetings. i went to the president's town hall meeting in new hampshire and you listen to these folks, these are people who are losing their jobs, they are making less, even if they do have their jobs, their home values are still down, here we have another health care plan or a proposal on the table with 850 billion-dollar price tag. people look at this and it's hard to swallow. people aren't -- they are not liking what they are seeing. sean: we have -- we are going to get into this in our next segment. heard the commence of jimmy
12:27 am
carter. get back with this with mark levine in the next series here. people coming out and saying those who oppose the president are racist. this is after in august of attacking the american people. strategically, tactically, you were there. you were in the white house. >> right, right. sean: is this a solid strategy. >> this is the craziest thing they have done since they have been there. since the day of his inauguration 70% of the american people were behind him as president. they haven't you stopped supporting him for any reason other than they are alarmed by the direction of his policies, period. sean: and their incompetence. this has been run the worst way imaginable. still nobody really knows what the plan is because they haven't written it as you pointed out. beyond their incompetent at the bus stop, to lash out at the american people or have your surrogates lash out at the american people and now accuse them of racism, how stupid is that? >> well, it's fear of the unknown, really. that's what's going on here. he continues to lose support based on that. you know, if you were to bring it back to what we have seen so far from the administration.
12:28 am
i mean, look at some of these government programs. look at cash for clunkers, you talk about the price tag on some of these programs, cash for clunkers, at the end of the day we paid triple what the estimates were there the tax credit for home buyers double what the estimates were there. so how are we supposed to believe the price tag we are seeing now. >> unemployment would not go above 8% if we passed the stimulus. >> that's true. sean: the more obama talks the greater the decline in support for his plan. is he going to hit all the sunday shows this weekend as i understand, except for fox. the one where we would have actually have viewers. he is going to hit all the sunday programs is that a smart strategy? >> it's high stakes. they have now abandoned any effort to rally the maybe stream america behind their radical health care proposal. they are now in all-out feels like a desperate push to rally their liberal base around them. sean: these numbers are lower than what clinton had after he gave a speech at this point in time. is this bill dead on arrival? is this -- any chance. >> they are scareing folks off.
12:29 am
conservative democrats are scared that the liberal democrats are going to look at the lower estimate and they are going to spend, spend, spend, spend. right now dead dead on arrival. nobody joining him. baucus has he nobody joining him in this today. sean: i almost felt sorry for him. >> he looked so lonely. sean: very lonely out there. good point. thanks, guys. coming up, a memo from president obama's treasury department has been uncovered that reveals the true cost of cap and tax. they have known it all along, folks. but they didn't tell you the truth. also, jimmy carter says if you were post president obama there is a good chance you are a racist. check in with the great one from his bunker mark
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all day or all night, to keep heartburn from coming back. rely on tums dual action for fast, long-lasting relief of heartburn. brand power. helping you buy better. sean: they won't believe it won't cost a dime. president obama's untreasury department disagrees. thanks to a freedom of information act request. the institute obtained a shocking treasury department prediction. it says average american families could pay an extra 1,761 bucks a year in taxes. hey, democrats. good luck explaining that
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sean: now congressman joe wilson was formally rebuked on the house floor yesterday. that has thought put to end the outburst last week.
12:34 am
former president jimmy carter stepped into the fray last night with this analysis. >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. sean: now many of the democrats appear to be be taking his lead on "the today show" this morning. michael i do sen went even further. take a look at this exchange with pollster frank luntz. >> this isn't about barack obama. it's about fear of the future, fear of control, loss of freedom. >> frank luntz? >> fear of a black planet and black man. sean: americans were r. scared of a black planet? >>no unbelievable. here to discuss nationally indicated talk who he owe -- show host we call him the great one, milestone in publishing this week. sold over 1 million copies. great one how am i?
12:35 am
>> brother, doing great, as far as i can tell. sean: by the way for those who don't know how am i? thank me. on his radio program. >> yes. sean: mark, you started, this you launched this on your own nationally syndicated radio show. you did my show. you did "fox & friends," cavuto, and rush limbaugh show. that's it. you didn't do any mainstream media you hit this milestone. over 1 million books sold. why do you think that is? what happened? >> well, i think that the book does more than talk about the statist and all the problems we face. it also talks about conservatism. when i started the book a little over two years ago. people were saying conservatism was dead. we need to reject reagan, reject our principles, you know, modernize the philosophy. and i decided that's really way off. and so i delved into the subject of conservatism, liberty,
12:36 am
tyranny, and the first few chapters of the book are conservative philosophy. and then it follows with liberalism or what i call statism and then i go through the various issues of the day. i'm very blessed that so many people have taken to the book. sean: one of the things, mark, you also go to the great philosophers that inspired our founders, that inspired our framers, and you outline that. i want to go into this issue because there are some still out there saying well, this is -- all their houses, the republicans stink, the democrats stink. guy back to reagan's speech in 1975. reagan said he wants a revitalized republican party. ened i agree the republican party got off track. but they seem to be fighting back against the stimulus and cap and tax and health care and seem to be reverting to their more conservative principles and their proposals. do you see the party being revitalized and rebuilt? >> i do. i do because there is nowhere else for the party to do.
12:37 am
we have tried moderates and tried mushy policy positions. we have tried compromising with the statists. you know, we conservatives, and when i say conservatives, those of us who believe in our founding principles, believe in liberty, limited government, believe in the strength of the free enterprise system, we have to have a party. i mean, if we are just going to talk, we are not going to get anywhere. we have to have a party, traditionally it's the republican party. so our first battle is to ensure that the republican party represents those reagan conservative madisonnian principles, that's what we have to do is take on the party, take on the democratic party which is the most radical party this nation has seen in my lifetime. this is not the all-time democrat party. this is the 1960's radical retreads who have taken over this party. sean: let me ask you this, more specifically, this slander of jimmy carter and others, you know, throwing out the term racist as they do. you know, i think this is a form of intimidation.
12:38 am
i don't think it's going to work because fundamentally the american people know that charge is false. what was your reaction to what he said and what we just from michael eric dyson? >> my reaction is that jimmy carter is a blow hard who has taken some very irresponsible positions. i think his positions with respect to jews in israel are contemptible. is he no no position to be lecturing anybody. here is the truth. i'm also president of landmark legal foundation, a conservative legal foundation. we have been litigating for 25 years against the aclu, and white liberals and the naacp to liberate poor minority children from our inner city schools so they can get a good education and become active, involved citizens. and who stands in our way? the democrat party, the constituent special interest groups, the nea. and today barack obama. while he sends his kids to private schools.
12:39 am
so who is on the right side of race in this country? sean: let me ask you this question. we have been showing acorn videos. we have a special program we will be announcing tomorrow on friday on this network that i think is important for everybody to see. you see these acorn videos. you see this battle over health care. you see these intim efforts. you see town hallers are called these names, little old ladies and mothers and veterans. what do you make of the tactics and the strategy that this white house is now using to attack innocent people? >> acorn is abusing poor people. it's abusing minorities. it's sucking them into this very corrupt entity that is being used to do one thing and one thing only, to advance the cause of democrats. that's why you -- even though you had 7 senator vote in the senate to defund acorn's hud funding, that's only after breitbart and those two very courageous young people exposed this organization. but acorn members have been indicted, their money has been
12:40 am
stolen, it's been a shady group from the very beginning. and that organization needs to be absolutely shut down so it cannot be -- continue to be the poison in our political system. sean: mark, your book liberty and tyranny a conservative manifesto, 1 million sold, not a million in print. a million sold. it is the modern day version of conscience of a conservative. thanks for being with us from the bunker. that's a pretty handsome looking bunker by the way. >> we do the best we can god bliss. thanks for your support, sean. sean: appreciate it let not your heart be troubled. when we come back a great great great american panel straight ahead. ♪ let freedom ring ♪ sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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sean: and tonight on our great american panel he worked at "the washington post" serving as editorial writer op-ed columnist and white house correspondent fox news contributor juan williams is here. she was the national press secretary for governor mike huckaby's presidential campaign alex stewart is with us. he is the former mayor of the great city of providence, rhode island currently hosting his own radio show. he is the chief political analyst for abc 6 news vincent buddy cianci is with us. >> i have probably collected some of your taxes, sean. sean: fair enough. >> that's right. sean: jimmy carter, what else can we say, you know, except -- it's not just jimmy carter. we have got a whole series now of people making this accusation that if you oppose the president, this is racist. what do you think? >> i think that a lot of people voted for obama because he was -- they had a lot of confidence in him. and if there are all these racists that are out there, then how did he get elected
12:46 am
president? sean: great point. >> the point is obama faced a lot of challenges. he has bitten off he probably can't chew. at least to his credit he has attempted to address the issues. sean: i think there is a real danger here and even if it's jimmy carter or maxine waters who made some incendiary remarks i felt and others, they are going to make these comments, they are going to alienate the independent voters that supported him. juan, do you agree. >> i agree. but, you know what? i think this has already happened with the skip gates incident and others. people started to think what's going on here? this is not what i voted for. i disagree with you, sean, i don't think this is what the controversy is about. nobody is going to say because he is black you shouldn't credit size him. are you kidding? his policies are controversial. people are going to say black or white. what people are concerned about is when you start to do things like was he born in this country? we don't believe he was born in this country. people start to say stuff like you lie. no other president gets treated that way.
12:47 am
sean: hang on a second. harry reid called george bush a liar. kennedy called him a liar. >> big difference, big difference. if the president of the united states is speaking to a joint session? that kind of behavior -- we have never seen it. sean: wait a minute. in fairness to joe wilson, he apologized. the obama white house graciously accepted it. let's move on. george bush was called a liar more than any other president in the history. >> also, nancy pelosi calling members of the cia liars. what's happening here with president carter and members of congress and the houses specially, wanting a repeated apology for this and using this as a means to distract from the issues. this is a pathetic distraction from the fact that people don't agree with president obama's policies. it's not about the color of his skin. it's about the content of his policy. sean: content of his policy. do you agree. >> no, i don't agree. i think there is a lot of people who disagree with his policy and that's totally legitimate. >> apologize and say i'm sorry more times than brenda lee.
12:48 am
the fact is joe wilson, look, he had emotional outburst. what's emotion, body state peculiar rised. he said what he said you are a liar, you lie. sean: he was right and obama was wrong. >> oh, no. sean: yes, sir on the facts. >> i will bring this the law that was being discussed and it says no illegal immigrant is eligible. the only argument, sean. sean: that's not in the bill. >> the only argue. is enforcement. mechanism. what is going to be the enforcement mechanism. >> uncompensated care. if the healthcare system. >> sean says he was right on the facts. he was wrong on the facts. >> wrong. >> this is where we are all right. we are all right on this one. it's that the president of the united states goes before the congress. now, he is also the chief of government but he is also chief of state. in england, the queen is the chief of state.
12:49 am
and we saw those prime minister questions where they go right at the prime minister and they yell at him and all of that. >> i enjoy that. >> so do i. >> remember, in america, obama -- i want you to understand this, no pun intended. obama is our queen. he is the chief of state. sean: oh gee. ill understand what you mean. >> you can't do that to him. >> issues before. he should put an end to this. silent implies consent. he has allowed this to go on. he is allowing this to go on. sean: i think this is a strategy. i think there is too many in -- >> let me tell you something. the white house doesn't want this. they feel it's damaging. they don't want people talking about race. >> i think it's a strategy by some democrats as a way to silence critics. >> i don't believe that. i don't believe that i'm going to tell you something, i'm on the record. i have written long pieces in the "wall street journal" saying this guy has got to be criticized, it's con descending to do anything but treat him like you would any other politician. but your suggestion that joe wilson was having menopause that he had a heat flash and jumped
12:50 am
up. sean: menopause? >> he had this emotional outburst he couldn't control that. >> he said that. >> wait a second, you mean no other american in all of history has ever done this to a president but suddenly joe wilson has an emotional outburst? sean: all the sanctity money after president bush was called every name in the book. get over it. he said he is sorry. >> political anarchy. >> time to move on. sean: we will come back with our great, great american but i still want to put my best face forward. with crest whitestrips advanced seal, i get whiter teeth that lasts for 12 months. all from one little box, i say that's a pretty good deal. crest whitestrips advanced seal. the no slip white strips.
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. should acorn lose all federal funds? >> yes, if they are guilty of
12:55 am
this, you cannot have federal money going into a corrupt organization, but exactly how serious do you think this is? the way that you play it, you would think that this correction is going to take away our great country, and most of what acorn does is help poor people. sean: $8 billion. >> forget that. >> the thing is, when you receive that amount of federal dollars or any amount, you should be held accountable. the spotlight is put on them. when it comes to voter fraud or using taxpayer money to support campaigns, which they did with the obama campaign, they ate -- -- they are -- >> that is a charge. >> they were started as an organization to empower people, and i am sure it was started fo,
12:56 am
ownership, finding jobs, raising the minimum wage. i am sure the bowls are noble, but, unfortunately, as many organizations grow, there are a lot of bad, toxic people that get involved in it -- i insure the goals are noble. -- i am short -- dsure. -- sure. >> yes. >> $8.50 billion. >> it is not happening. >> 83. that is the census bureau. i am selliaying something to yo. why do you not go after blackwater? the defense industry that rips off our country? why do you not go after wall street?
12:57 am
sean: going after the corrupt radicals in the obama administration. >> acorn is an organization that maybe should stay in existence, but not the way that they are now. >> they should not receive any more federal funds and have nothing to do with the senses. >> what about bernie madoff and the wall street people? sean: how about we go after the government that bankrupted social security and medicare and obama that gave us a promise of 8.7% unemployment? >> why do we not go after george bush gave us prescription drug benefits without paying for it? sean: great, thank you guys. a great panel. tomorrow night, we will be doing this program live in california. folks, there is incredible suffering in this region because of government that has put the interests of a two-inch delta
12:58 am
smelt minnow before others, in ainsley earhardt is in california with a preview of where we will be tomorrow night for a very big preview -- and ainsley earhardt is in california. >> you are the audience covering this. this is the san joaquin area, called the breadbasket of america, because most of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts are grown here in this area, but the controversy here is 30,000 farmers or more workers -- and workers that have lost their jobs because of that two-inch minnow that you're talking about, sean. the officials were out here, and they found that they were getting stuck in a crucial part of the irrigation system, and that the irrigation system takes water to two thirds of the area, and they took it to congress,
12:59 am
and because it is a dangerous -- endangered species, they were protected, and the farmers were left without any water for their land, and they ar saying that the government is using fish over families, and there are no jobs for the farmers -- is choosing fish over families. soon, you will be getting your it thinks from china or other areas -- you will be getting your items from china or other areas. it was incredible. hours before the food bank opened, was literally wrapped around the block, around the building, and women were out with babies, and the men were shedding tears. they were embarrassed. they said they did not want handouts, that they just wanted to work. if this was a viable farm just one year ago. dry land, and i know you are going to be out here, and the folks are glad that you are folks are glad that you are going


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