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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 17, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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enterprise first rolled on the tarmac 33 years ago today. and now you know the news of this thursday, september 17th, 2009. i'm shepard smith. mr. bill is next. pleasure. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> we are not going to take this lying down. and, yes, we are going to go after this videographer and fox. bill: acorn fights back. the organization is struggling to survive. even as investigations into alleged corruption mount. we will have the very latest. >> it truly is very, very sad and and just my heart goes out to annie's family. >> raymond clark a technician charged for murdering a student. why and how did it happen? geraldo with the inside story. >> you talk to me about systemic racism. it exists, yes.
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bill: and a shocker. bill cosby apparently agrees with jimmy carter that there is racism involved in criticizing president obama. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the acorn scandal rises to the white house. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's all over for acorn as liberal politicians are running away from that activist group as fast as they can. just yesterday speaker pelosi said she didn't understand what all the fuss was about. well, apparently she found out. >> any group that receives any funds from the federal government needs to have tough scrutiny applied to it. a few individuals at acorn did
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what i think is -- what would be the appropriate word, some have said despicable, but, in any event, totally unacceptable. and, in my view, inexcusable. bill: wow. now, over at the white house, spokesman robert gibbs has also addressed the acorn scandal. >> obviously the conduct that you see on those tapes is completely unacceptable. i think everyone would agree with that. the administration takes accountability extremely seriously. bill: as the white house should. but here is the interesting thing today. the acorn leadership remains unrepentant. >> we are not going to take this lying down. we believe that -- in fact, we know, that this was a form of entrapment. and, yes, we're going to go after this videographer and fox. >> fox, because they run with
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things without checking and using any journalistic standards. they got kind of caught up and got duped themselves. for fox and right wing to have to stoop to a made-up scenario is one thing. but, as you know, and as i have said over and over again, those people were reprehensible. >> i think they are basically saying, these people shouldn't be trusted. how could they be trusted? you know, they are all poor, black, and brown people. bill: you may remember that bertha lewis, the woman there, came on the factor last may. we had a respectful discussion. she declined our discussions this week because she knows it's all over. the fox news channel drove the story. simply put, she is angry. she shouldn't be angry at us. she should be angry at herself. when any group gets millions of taxpayers dollars it has obligation to hire honest folks and represent all the american people. acorn did neither. so it is toast.
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burnt, finished, kaput. will you miss them? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight the demise of acorn as well as van jones last week demonstrates the power of the conservative slash independent media which highlighted both stories and drove public outrage. now some liberal politicians are getting very worried. once again, nancy pelosi. >> i have concerns about some of the language that is being used because i saw -- i saw this myself in the late '70s in san francisco, this kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave -- it created a climate in which we -- violence took place. and so i wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm. bill: that's not likely to happen as there is blood in the water. joining us now from los angeles, conservative author and fox news contributor tammy bruce.
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and from dallas, mike gallagher, syndicated radio talk show host. very successful one as well. both of you guys are not fans of president obama. but, something has happened in the last last three weeks that is really extraordinary. because, the debate over health care, over who should serve in government, ie van jones, over political corruption, acorn. has been driven solely by fox news and by conservative talk radio. the mainstream media had no part in it, at all. so the power now is shifted to us and to talk radio. i'm worried though, gallagher that there may be overkill on the way. because, once you get a taste of power like that, you get high ratings, it's almost like a drug you have got to have more and more and more. you see what i'm talking about here? >> yeah. but it's more than ratings, bill. it's not a ratings driven thing. for us, it's ideology, it's a
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mission, it's a cause, it's a calling. you are right, the last few weeks have been extraordinary. i think back to the time when rush limbaugh exploded on the national scene and rush himself would kid about the fact that despite his prominence in the late 80's and mid 90's we still had eight years of bill clinton. he always shrugged off claims of his prominence and his influence. this time something has happened. you have over a million people on the lawn in the mall in washington, d.c. saturday. you have the van jones thick. have you acorn brought to its knees and as you put it toast. there is blood in the water. but we better be careful in our industry. and i think most of us responsible radio hosts will be. it has to be legitimate. it has to be merit. bill: that's what i'm worried about. you said a million in d.c. the fire department says 75,000. i wasn't there. i don't know. >> a lot of people. bill: here is the problem. if you get a taste of power, then you have to top yourself. now, this acorn story was a long time. the beck program and the factor, we have been investigating this for six months, eight months.
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we trailed it down to new orleans. all the money. then it just, pop, because of these two videographers who went out and got all the undercover video. now there is a pressure on the right wing to kind of put obama away. you see what i'm talking about here? and as mike said, it's got to be legitimate. it can't be stuff that you just make up. >> bill, i have to tell you every morning i wake up -- we have all been in either television or radio for most of our adult lives. we have seen how these things move. we have to wake up in the morning, as i do, i can't speak for others. i think mike does as well, with a goal of what's best for america. i do my show. i don't start the show saying i'm going to get x or i'm going to go after so and so. it becomes what happens through the day. like today, barack obama announces he is scrapg the missile defense shield that would protect poland and the czech republic from the soviet union on the anniversary of the soviet union invading poland in 1939. i mean, every day this is an issue, bill, about governing. it's not about getting anybody.
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i didn't get the memo about going to get somebody. that the natural thing is if you care about the country, and this, i have to argue, too, it's not being driven by talk radio or even fox, it's being driven by the american people. bill: that's for sure, there are a lot of american people who don't like barack obama and are not going to like him no matter what he does and that presents another problem, mike. it presents another problem though. if people don't like the president of the united states, it's almost like bush in reverse. president bush did some good things, but you would never know it by the "new york times" or nbc news. everything bush did was bad. everything he did was bad. now we have got that shoe on the other foot. so how do you handle it? >> yeah, but the stakes are so much higher. we talk about nationalization of our health care. we are talking about deficits in the trillions of dollars. the american people aren't going to take. this you know, when nancy pelosi in the sound bite you played a moment ago complains about the rhetoric that my side is using. you know, just down the street from where i am sitting right now in dallas, cindy sheehan and
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her band of crazies are still outside george bush's house calling him a war criminal and saying despicable thing. i didn't hear her complaining about rhetoric then. we better be fair and make sure the issues are legitimate. as tammy said every day something be absurd comes from this white house that gives lots of fodder to fight back. bill: anything president obama could do or has done that you like? >> oh, sure. oh, look, if this man, if we captured osama bin laden and zawahiri and the one-eyed sheik, the three stooges in pakistan somewhere, if barack obama captured those guys or killed them, i would be looking at this man slightly differently. but ultimately it comes down to his inability to govern and the fact that he seems to have -- it seems to me, some that levy lens toward this country. >> i think he reads a teleprompter better than you do, bill. bill: no one does, you are out of your mind. next on the rundown, the president may be running into national security trouble. we will tell you all about that
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plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. bill: impact segment tonight as if president obama doesn't have enough trouble at home, foreign policy and national security problems are beginning to mount. today the president announced a shift in european defense shield as we mentioned away from russia, putting more emphasis on constraining iran that is a victory for putin. also, mr. obama must soon decide whether to send more troops to afghanistan, a campaign that is not going well. but nowhere is the controversy more intense than national security where the obama administration is investigating cia interrogators for actions taken after the 9/11 attack. joining us now from washington,
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former cia official michael schurr once the head of the bin laden unit and author of the book marching toward hell. doctor, i understand you have new information for us tonight. what is that? >> well, bill, i wanted to try to explain to the american people a little bit about the interrogation program and what we found in it or what resulted from it. for example, after the interrogations of can a lead sheik mohammed, we were able to stop an al qaeda plan that was already in process to enroll its fighters in midwestern u.s. universities in order to prepare for the next round of attacks in the united states. and in addition, after talking to khalid sheik mohammed and zubaydah. we were able to stop an attack inside the united kingdom led by another gentleman. i think those are important for america to know.
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bill: why hasn't that information been forth coming? because you have the attorney general holder saying ok, look, i'm going to set up a panel and look at the cia guys who waterboarded zubaydah and khalid sheik mohammed. we are going to do that and rattle their cage at the cia. we are going to give them a hard time. and no -- americans don't know what you just said, that a midwestern plot was foiled. a u.k. plot was foiled. why don't we know that? >> we don't know that, sir, because the president and mr. holder and the white house generally have been lying to the american people directly about the success of the interrogation program. you can disagree, if you would like, over whether there should have been one. but the president and the attorney general and the man they appointed to be counsel general at the cia or general counsel, rather, have suppressed the cia's response to the i.g. report regarding interrogation. bill: what does that mean suppress the response?
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there was a report put out in 2004 that detailed waterboarding in three instances, i understand. but a number of times on each man. what was suppressed in that report? was the whole report not put out? >> there was not -- when the cia does an internal investigation and inspector general's report, they call it, it's done by people in the inspector general's office who are often not experts on the area they're investigating. so, every office is given a chance to prepare a reclama who help the i.g. understand what the report was about. what was done after the report was prepared to be -- the inspector general's report, was a document that described all of the processes and all of the successes of the interrogation program. it showed, for example, bill, that harsh interrogation methods, waterboarding, were never the first option used.
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that they were always the last option. it also -- the report also documents that when khalid sheik mohammed was arrested. he taunted agency officers saying that you are too soft. you will never get any information from me. bill: why wasn't that report made public though? why didn't we get it? it's still not made public. >> it's still not made public. the president and attorney general holder have refused to publish it because it contradicts everything they have said. bill: so it remains classified information. what you are saying, what you just told us, i guess you could be arrested for giving out classified information. i hope you are not. we will come to your aid if you are. but it remains classified. the cia's rejoiner to, ok, you are right, we waterboarded three guys a number of times. but we didn't want to do it. it was a last resort and here is what we found out. all of that is still classified information and the public knows nothing about it. >> the public knows nothing about it and the public is much worse defended than it was two
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years ago, sir. because nothing has replaced those programs the president has stopped. and i know for a fact that the agency has appealed to the white house and to the department of justice to release the reclaima that was written by the agency. bill: now they are going to have to. >> well, i think it's very important. bill: they are going to have to now. >> america should know that the personal views have presided or have gained asen den is i over the physical protection of the united states. bill: national security debate we need all the information, so we are going to ask that this be declassified so everybody can see it doctor, thanks very much. we appreciate it directly ahead a yale grad student found brutally murdered. an arrest has now been made. geraldo with the inside story. bill cosby siding with jimmy carter in the obama racism debate. the culture warriors will weigh in upcoming. =
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shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. bill: personal story segment the murder of annie le was found dead behind the wall on the day she was to be married. earlier today raymond clark was arrested charged with murdering ley. he worked as an animal technician in the lab where her body was found. with us now is geraldo rivera who has been investigating the case. now the evidence against this clark is overwhelming. >> overwhelming. bill: i don't think anybody is innocent but is he of course entitled to deafns. what's the back story? >> first of all, what is interesting although the evidence is overwhelming is that they had the perpetrator before they even had the evidence that a crime had been committed. remember all the stories of the runaway bride,, the thee rising
8:23 pm
that she just got cold feet and split early on. but the cops knew, because he had the -- this is annieannie lh her fiance. because they had his timetable, they had his computer card swipe, they knew that raymond clark iii was the last person to see annie le alive. they had him tracked not only to that building, the lab where she was working, but also to the specific room where she was last registered swiping her card. in he was the last person to see her alive. what is also clear is that this lug, this high school lug, you can see how much bigger he is than people standing near him outweighed annie le by 100 pounds. at least a foot taller than she was. she fought like a tigris to save her life. she gave him everything she h that's why he had all the defensive wounds on his chest, a face, semi black eye, even scratch marks on his back, his hands, also. showed defensive injuries.
8:24 pm
as she fought and she clawed and she did everything she could to try to save her life. but obviously he prevailed. obviously he then stuffed her body and tried his best to sanitize the laboratory. but these days with csi you can't really clean up microscopic. bill: what was it about? what was the motive that. >> is the more intriguing part. the police and authorities in yale are putting out that he was a quote, unquote control freak and that this was an example of work place violence. it was, technily that. but i don't buy that this was not at its core sexual, romantic, at least from his point of view. i'm not suggesting that he and annie le had an affair. he was obsessed with her. so who was raymond clark? the high school athlete. he was a member of the asian awareness club. i mean, there aren't many high school jocks, white guys who go and they join the asian awareness club. in his senior year, when he was 18 years old, he had a rape
8:25 pm
charge lodged against him by his 16-year-old high school girlfriend. she never formally filed charges. she and her mom went to the politician and he said raymond clark forced her to have sex when she didn't want to have sex. she didn't want to press charges. she didn't want her life to get all that complicated but she did register that complaint when he was 18 years old. the next year he goes to work for the yale animal resource center. it's a huge facility that produces or nurtures the lab animals they use in the vast expansive experimentation that they do there the story come out that he and annie le fought over her treatment of the lab mice or lab rats. bill: bull. >> i think this is preposterous. bill: it. >> first case in human history where a young man kills a young woman who is about to get married to another young man because of her mistreatment of lab mice. so i don't buy it at all. i believe that he loved her. bill: let me stop you there. how was the young woman killed?
8:26 pm
>> asphyxiation. it could have been just with his hands. he clearly was strong enough to do that. but it also could have been with a chokehold or a pipe across her wind pipe. because her lantern nix layer nix was crushed in the way that massive physical force crushes it. bill: they knew each other before? >> they definitely knew each other. they had the electronic trail. they exchanged emails and text messages. bill: they knew each other. >> including a text message. bill: jealous or something. >> i believe he was obsessed with this young lady. she was so charismatic enper vets sent. cute, and accomplished and getting married to another man on the day they find her body. bill: geraldo rivera, everybody. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. anger growing over criticism that president obama is race-based now bill crosby says that's true. also coming up, megyn kelly on mandatory gay-friendly classes in california public schools, even kindergarten. we hope you stay tuned to those
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bill: culture warrior seeing many tonight. hottest topic in the country today is race and barack obama. jimmy carter believes much of the criticism directed towards president obama is bourn in racism. bill cosby seems to agree. >> i think jimmy carter is correct. that's my feeling. and we need to move on. i don't think you can get people who are entrenched in their own hatred to stop. bill: here now fox news am list margaret hoover and gretchen carlson. let me begin with you, gretchen. cosby has traditionally taken a more honorable approach. self-reliance guy. get off your duff. self-reliant victim. now he comes back to carter's statement that most, most criticism directed toward
8:31 pm
president obama has a racial ting and you say what? >> i'm very surprised that bill cosby took this point of view. i'm disappointed that he took this point of view. a recent poll says 65% of americans think opposition to obama's policies is based on honest disagreements. bill: 20% say it is racially motivated. that's a new fox news poll. >> i'm disappointed because race bait something a conversation stopper. this ends the conversation for a lot of people. i'm surprised by how many people. bill: makes people angry too. >> what's the comeback to that? it puts you in a position when somebody throws that accusation. bill: that's an excellent question. what's the comeback to bill cosby, a black man, a thoughtful black man, when you are a white guy and he says that. >> exactly. bill: what do you say no that's not true? what do you say. >> this is principled political disagreement. this is not racism. here is the thing. bill: now do you know that? cosby is going to say that's your opinion because you don't know. >> let's turn the eye and you trust. we have come so far in 50 years
8:32 pm
and i fully respect where bill cosby is coming from and frankly jimmy carter too in this specific sense and it is that the country was a heck of a lot more racist 50 years ago when they were forming their identity. bill: what percentage of americans do you feel harbor an animus towards blacks, hoover? put a number on it? >> you know what? i'm naive and innocent and i would say very, very few. i would say less than 10%. let's go to the fox news opinion dynamics poll. 20% believe that. bill: that there is. >> discontent is racially motivated. gretchen: we elected barack obama, a black man. bill: that's right. >> half of america disagrees with health care reform. his policies. so half of america is racist? bill: people who don't like him, barack obama, really don't like him and what carter and crosby are extrap poo laght from that it's a racial deal. i don't believe it i would say 15% of people, you know, for
8:33 pm
whatever reason -- but it goes both ways. a lot of black americans who don't like white americans, so it goes both ways. >> i think it's less than that we do need to move on. frankly i think they are a little out of touch with the rest of america. bill: nobody is moving anywhere because barack obama is president for three more years. i have got to go to selena the tennis star. >> you mean serena? >> that's the latin american pop star. >> serena williams, excellent tennis player and loses it on the court. i'm not going to show it to you again. you saw it if you haven't, she cursed out a referee. now, it was embarrassing for her to watch it. it was very, very vial. you know, i lose my temper sometimes, i say nasty things sometimes. i think everybody probably does. here is miss williams' explanation. roll the tape. >> well, at that point i really just had lost control. as a competitor, and as someone who is really passional about her work, you know, i just got a
8:34 pm
little bit overexcited, i think, but most of all was able to learn from the situation. bill: so she is -- she is saying, look, when you are out there and you are competing, you know, your emotions are running high. is that valid? >> it's understandable, but you still can't cuss off for them -- for you breaking the rules and calling a foot foul. if you broke the rules, you broke the rules. i think most people understand that look, her losing her temper not a new thing. john mcenroe -- bill: is it acceptable? >> no, it's not acceptable. >> i think our entire society has moved to this entitlement me, me, me. we allow things like this to pass by. bill: she a human being. >> actually, and my children will were watching her at the tennis match earlier on and i told them what a wonderful role model she was for them and then she did that how do i explain that to my children? bill: that's a good question. two good questions from carlson today. >> sometimes i have it, bill. bill: you know children throw tantrums and so do adults.
8:35 pm
>> children don't say i'm going to shove this ball down your throat. bill: yeah, they do. in my neighborhood they said that every day. >> i don't know if mcenroe ever threatened anybody's life on the court. bill: not sailing. >> totally different scenario. >> free -- it's unacceptable. bill: we are all human. we all make mistakes. and when we get passionate about something emotional, mistakes are more prone. i'm willing -- i'm more willing to cut miss williams some slack here, are you? >> yes, she gave a great apology. >> not at first. >> not at first. she did say look, i learned from my mistakes. >> told her to do it. >> the kids learn. gretchen's kids can take and learn that lesson. she screwed up and then she fixed it that's good. redemption and forgiveness. bill: gretchen's handler. >> no in society people can't just say i am sorry. i am responsible. bill: they should. >> it always follows with a but. it's never just an implicit i'm
8:36 pm
sorry. bill: culture warriors, everybody. when we come back, gay friendly classes in california public schools even in kin kindergarten, megyn kelly on that. while is jennifer aniston doing this on the ellen show? ♪ i have got a crush on you, sweety pie ♪ all the days and nighttimes, hear me sigh? bill: that exposition moments away. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, the gay public school controversy in the oakland california area, elementary schools are teaching gay friendly courses and will not allow students to opt out. it's causing major angst with some parents. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. even in kindergarten, right?
8:40 pm
>> yes. >> what is the course? >> basically antihall of fame anti-bullying course mandated by state law. the course itself wasn't mandated just to provide policies that prevent against harassment and discrimination is mandated under state law. bill: that's a good thing, right. >> very good thing not for gays and lesbians, minorities, religions. bill: overweight children, children with bad complexes anybody different is going to get picked on. >> however here when the school implemented the policy the class only speaks to discriminating against gays and lesbians doesn't speak to blacks and latinos. bill: one class a messster. >> that's true. >> parents aren't allowed to opt their children out of it some who have a religious objection to gay and lesbian -- i don't want to say lifestyles. that's considered offensive. bill: gay and lesbian composition if you are a religious person you don't want someone telling your child that it's ok to be gay.
8:41 pm
it's a simple as that. >> right. the school has come back and said that's not what we are saying. bill: but it really is what they are saying. i saw the curriculum. >> look, it depends on the class. bill: it really is what they are saying. >> as they get older more controversial. grade k kindergarten this is the vocabulary they learn. name calling, exclude, hurtful, teasing, different, similar, comfortable. it's really noncontroversial by the time they get here is the problem. bill: tango. >> by the time they get in grade three or four they get v. to read this book talk about gay penguins as if that is translatablable. it all comes down legally to this, is it a health education class or isn't it? if it's health ed they have to be given the right to opt out. if it's not health ed they don't have to. bill: do you kelly think its indoctrination. >> no, no. bill: it's not indoctrineating them to accept homosexuality.
8:42 pm
>> having said that it's my blanket position. i don't know who is teaching the courses. i don't know the school district. i don't know if the people have agenda. what they're going to say behind closed doors. bill: if you send your child to the public school, the public school overrides public rights. >> anti-harassment, anti-bullying when it comes to gays and lesbians black and latinos should be discouraged. bill: put a blanket. we have a terrible story in san francisco. father, two sons, gunned down, all right? the killer in an illegal alien there are the victims right there, the bolognas, the killer had been in trouble before in san francisco. there he is right there ramos. because it's a sanctuary city wouldn't turn ramos over to ice to be deported. they kept him in the city, kept him on the street. so he kills thee three. now the bologna family sues. what's happening? >> they are losing.
8:43 pm
>> the headline read as they they are winning. that's not right. they are losing. as i predicted they would. my heart goes out to this family and i have nothing but empathy bologna. having said all of that she is not going to win. the problem is you can't sue a city for policies unless those policies were specifically foreseeable in resulting to the exact -- into this exact link it happened here. bill: specific injury? >> made threats. bill: you are the judge, kelly. i'm representing the bolognas, i come in and i say listen, judge, what we have here is a city that broke the law. >> um-huh. bill: the city of san francisco broke the law. >> i agree. bill: we can prove that. >> right. bill: and we have a city that was negligent in protecting the bolognas because they put a violent man back out on the street. so we have broke the law, san francisco put a violent man on the street negligent. and you are telling me i can't win a lawsuit? >> yeah. because it all goes back to the city's policy.
8:44 pm
it's sanctuary city policy. and course have held not just in california but in many jurisdictions that you cannot sue the city for its policies. the city has absolutely -- bill: even in the policy is illegal? it's crazy. >> there is a dispute under the law whether it is illegal. bill: it is illegal. >> you afternoon i agree on that. we are not going to argue on that. there is a dispute. the problem is we don't want in states across this country people upset with city or state policies to be able to sue the city and the state. bill: this is a very specific case. where is the case now? >> here is what happened. they sued in federal court alleging constitutional claims and state claims. bill: right. >> the federal court just dumped the constitutional claims so it no longer has jurisdiction over the state claims. it's kicking those back down to state court. trust me, when the state court takes a look at this, it's going to bounce the remaining claims. bill: case in california state court now. still underway but they lost the federal beef. >> the law is clearly on the city's side. bill: all right. megyn kelly, everybody. thanks, megyn as always. in a moment, reality check tonight starring michael moore
8:45 pm
and sarah palin. not together, if they were together, wouldn't that be great. right back with check. usla
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uhea usla bco ks i t aor n hoco
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bill: reality check truth and reject deception. check 1. congressman joe wilson's wife got a bit of a shock after president obama's speech last week. >> i watched the speech. joe called me after the speech on wednesday night and i said joe, who is the nut that hollered out "you lie or you liar" and he goes it was me. i said no, really, who did it? i didn't believe that joe would say that.
8:49 pm
he is very passionate. bill: passion is a good thing unless left unchecked. check 2. congress woman maxine waters is passionate but in completely different direction. bill: of course you do, congresswoman but what about the 9/11 truthers and the nuts trying to put cia interrogators at risks. do you want journalists all over them? do you?
8:50 pm
check 3. radio talk show host mark williams, one of the leaders of the tea party movement got grilled on cnn. >> what you are saying makes sense to me here, what i'm hearing what you say, but then i read on your blog, you say -- you call the president an indo-northeast muslim turned welfare thug and racist in chief. >> yeah. >> is that the kind of. >> that's the way he is behaving. i mean, if he cares to be -- if he cares to be the president of the whole country. >> do you believe is he a welfare thug? >> he is certainly acting like it. >> you think is he a racist in chief? racist in chief? is that what you call him. >> totally embraces the whole country what else can i include? bill: carville, somebody tickling him? congressman peter stark got grilled at california town hall meeting. >> you got social security broke. you got medicare broke. abysmal care for veterans.
8:51 pm
rats running around in -- or walter reid hospital. you muck up everything you get your hands on. >> mr. coxman, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, i wouldn't dignify you if i peed on your leg. it wouldn't be worth wasting the urine. a little harsh. michael moore a new millionaire has a new movie out condemning millionaires. >> it's interesting in the film, you say capitalism is evil. i think greed is evil but i think capitalism is ok as long as you -- i mean, moderation in all things. i mean, capitalism. >> well, capitalism is actually legalized greed. there is nothing wrong with people earning money, doing well, starting a business, selling shoes, that's not what i'm talking about here. we're at a point now, jay, in
8:52 pm
this country where the richest 1%, the very top 1% have more financial wealth than the bottom 95% combined. that's insane. bill: check looked forward to the day mr. moore begins distributing his money to the folks. i'm sure that day will come soon soon. check 6, here is how powerful glenn beck is the democratic national committee has made a commercial about him. >> how many does that make now? we decided to count them up there is the drug czar, then there is the intelligence czar, the economic czar, border czar, homeland security terrorism czar, the regulatory czar, technology czar, the car czar, and now the cyber czar. bill: mr. beck will respond here tomorrow on the factor. and finally check 7, this coming saturday an opera about sarah palin will be open in boston.
8:53 pm
it's being put on by the gorilla opera company. we don't believe it's going to be complement tri to the governor. if you think about it just having the opera is a compliment as she remains one of the nation's most compelling political people. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring jennifer aniston and angelina jolie. quite a pair. right back with p. and p.
8:54 pm
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♪ the world may pardon my muren mush ♪ but i got a crush ♪ my baby on you. [cheers and applause] >> i'm absolutely mortified that you actually did that to me. seriously. i did just bobby brown again. the good news is the music is sort of in that vein. >> i would put you through to the next round. bill: that's a reference to "american idol" where ellen will be working in the evenings come january. and finally tonight the mail, thousands of letters last night. eddie
8:58 pm
bill: you are misguided sir. i apologize to no one. my job is to challenge all positions. that's what i do. this is not a kool-aid program. bill: colmes believes that not me, madam. you completely misstated my position.
8:59 pm
bill: most likely true in a general sense, sir. but, remember, we and the beck show have developed the acorn story. we go where the evidence takes us. we do not speculate. bill well, is he 17. minor cuts and bruises. the bus driver has been let go by the school district. bill: don't forget if you buy a copy of bold fresh on bill o' you get a bold fresh tote bag. there it is. how about our web site.'reilly. email us with pithy comments


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