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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 18, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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greta: she's a good sportd. that's last call. we are closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. see you on monday. o'reilly is next. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on from washington. tonight: >> we are the only nation on earth that leaves millions of people without health insurance. bill: why won't barack obama talk to chris wallace on sunday? he is talking to all the other sunday morning device. mr. wallace will be here. >> there were people who admitted that they could not vote for a black man for president. so, it is there. bill: why is bill cosby pushing a race angle in the obama political coverage? we have a follow up report on that. >> this shouldn't have been the cover of time. this should have been the cover of time. bill: glenn beck on fire now the democratic national committee
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and "time" magazine are featuring him. beck on the factor tonight. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone from d.c. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from washington. thanks for watching us. covering president obama fair and balanced that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you know, the fox news motto is fair and balanced coverage of hard news. we do that. commentary, however, can never be balanced because it requires a strong point of view. it should, however, be fair. enter president obama is who is emerging as a divisive leader, much like bill clinton and george w. bush were. the problem with analyzing president obama is that many of you don't like him. and don't want to hear much good about him. in fact, some folks get angry if you say positive things about
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mr. obama. that can complicate matters. let's take the european missile deal for example. here is what barack obama told me last september. >> the russians are playing a game when they pretend that this missile shield is directed against all their -- bill: it's ridiculous. it's a defensive thing. >> it's a defensive thing. bill: you are going to keep it there then. >> given what has happened in georgia, i think we have to send a clear signal that poland and other countries in that region are not going to be subject to intimidation and aggression. bill: i want to get this on the record. you are elected president you keep the missile shield in poland. >> i believe it's appropriate. i want to make sure it works though. bill: now the president has changed his mind and move defensive missiles away from russia and closer to iran. >> i believe this new approach provides a better missile defense capability for our forces in europe for our european allies. and eventually for our homeland than the program i recommended almost three years ago.
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bill: that was when defense secretary gates was working for president bush. i could easily make the allergy argument that president obama folded to the russians as critics are saying. what about robert gates? he is an honest guy. i do ignore his expertise? president obama may be making mistakes with new missile strategy. it's certainly possible. i don't know for sure. >> i also don't know what the russians are going to give the u.s.a. in return. they are already meeting with american ceos like g.e.'s jeffrey immelt, an obama friend. you have got to figure some deal has been made. but the cold truth is i just don't know what's best for the country in this case. that admission separates us from those who always promote their ideological side. for example, the far left is putting out that i am now supporting a public option in health care. that's all over the net. but that's not true. here's the truth. >> the public option now is done. we discussed this. it's not going to happen. if the government can come up with a marketplace where a bunch of insurance companies come together to offer lower
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premiums, that's a good thing. so i support a marketplace for private insurance companies overseen by the feds. left wing zealots distorted my remarks like they usually do. now, there are few places americans can go these days for honest reporting and analysis. i believe fox news is one of those places. and our ratings prove it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. even though we tried to be fair to the president, he doesn't seem to like us much. on sunday he is doing all the chat shows except for fox news chris wallace joins us now. he doesn't like you too. >> no, he doesn't like you too. bill: big mistake. it's so blatant that you would think that the obama administration. why do they want to fight with fox news? why do they want that? >> >> i can understand the fight can w. some people on fox news obviously glenn beck has a point of view and i think from their point of view is constantly beating on him.
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i think they feel that way about sean hannity. have you just sat there and separated yourself from a lot of conservative critics and said, you know, i'm not sure about the missile defense. i'm not saying that's exactly my position. i think that "fox news sunday" is a truly fair and balanced show. bill: you are not an ideological show at all. >> it's like they refuse to take yes for an answer. there is kind of childishness or pettiness about it. bill: it's an immoo tutor that if you don't who he our line, we are just going to ice you. here is the deal. i want your opinion on this. you worked for abc news for how long? >> 11 years. >> ok. and your father cbs guy. you are rooted there in the network news. it's over. the power shift in the media is now with fox. fox news and talk radio. and the obama administration doesn't seem to understand that. they can go on these shows, cnn, but it doesn't matter anymore.
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we matter. because the people that need to be per persuaded are watching us. the independents who make the calls. >> absolutely. and the fact that they would go and self-consciously do cbs and abc and nbc and cnn and univision, i mean, you know, i'm not in any way denigrating univision it is not on the regular roster on sunday talk shows frankly i think elevates us. when i covered ronald reagan for nbc in the 1980s, you know, some days do you a good piece, a positive piece about -- sometimes do you a tough piece. you come in the next day and they always treated you professionally, i think it came from the top down, from the old man, reagan who felt, you know, i'm going to get a good review today and bad review tomorrow and it's nothing personal. these guys everything is personal. i have got to tell you though. bill: everything. >> they are the biggest bunch of cry babies i have dealt with in my 30 years in washington. they constantly are on the phone or emailing me complaining, well, you had this guest or you did this thing.
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they are working the umps all the time. i think it works with the others. it doesn't work with me. bill: it's not working for them. it's not working for them. i mean, all the polls show that barack obama's health care proposal is going down the drain. his popularity is declining. it's not working for them. their strategy of if you don't tow our line we're not going to talk to you it's a disaster. it's a pr disaster. people are starting to get angry about it wrong? >> no. i think that's right. when you have david axelrod go on face the nation last sunday and denigrate the million or, i don't know, 100,000 -- thousands and tens of thousands of people who came here to the streets of washington to protest. bill: 70,000. >> and basically says, you know, they are not representative. they are representative of those 70,000. they are representative of a lot of people. and to dismiss that, this from the president who said he wanted to reach out to all americans. bill: axelrod did come on the factor after the president's speech. that was a smart move for him.
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he was treated respectfully. i gave him a little jazz. it was like a jerry lewis telethon out there. you have the acorn lady, lewis. >> yeah. can you imagine barack obama won't talk to us but bertha lewis, the head of acorn is going to give us an exclusive interview. bill: she talked to me last may. i had her on. we had a very good conversation by the way. >> she is a nice, smart lady. biffle bill she is going to play the victim card that acorn is the victim of racism and this and that how are you going to handle that. >> we have these videotapes. bill: she is did s. going to say she didn't do it. >> of a ever after the rathkes were thrown out she was put in charge to police that organization. where is the policing? it just is the succession of transgressions one after another. we're also going to have darryl isa the congressman from california big investigation. i have her chance -- just as you do, we will hear what congressman isa has to say and people can make up their minds. bill: bertha lewis is smart to
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go on. >> on fox news. clip clip we will pick the clips up from you and i will run them on monday, probably. >> i hope you will. bill: obama people don't get it, that if we are winning 5 to, which is what fox news dominance is now. beat them so badly cnn, msnbc. that when you do something, it's all over the place. so, get your message out. >> i think we need to say jerry maguire help us help you. bill: help fox news help you obama administration. oh, man. chris wallace, everybody. check him out on sunday morning. next on the rundown, how is the liberal press processing the growing power of fox news? we'll talk with "the washington post" reporter sally quinn. and later glenn beck "time" magazine cover boy. did beckkik
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bill: impact segment tonight has
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been enormous sea change in the media this summer as fox news has exploded in the ratings and conservative talk radio is doing great business as well. the van jones and acorn stories demonstrate that the old guard media which largely ignored those situations is no longer steering the national conversation. so how are the elite media handling this? with us now "the washington post" reporter sally quinn who has been at that paper for 40 years. so you have seen an enormous amount of changes in american journalism. first of all, my premise correct do you buy the premise that fox news and talk radio are now setting the conversation? >> why do you think i'm here? bill: i don't know. i mean, do you buy that. >> because have you got a lot of viewers. yes, i think that fox news is clearly done an amazing job of attracting people to your show and many other shows. bill: when you have policy being shaped, when you have the senate and the house representing voting to cutting off acorn. when that story is driven by fox news, almost entirely, "new york times" couldn'ten bothered with
11:14 pm
it i don't know how much the "the washington post" -- then you are into the precincts of power. you know about that very well. >> well, acorn story is a great story. i mean, and i can't imagine any news organization ignoring that story. bill: but they did. the "the washington post" actually had it on the front page on saturday. bill: on saturday. do you know how long i have been doing that saturday. >> huge piece on sunday. we weren't ignoring it "new york times" had it on page a 37. it's a great story and great news story. i think that fox news deserves credit for breaking that story. bill: ok, but when you break acorn and break van jones, you have glenn beck on the cover of "time" magazine. we're going to talk to glenn in a moment. it is now getting almost fright frightening to liberal media people that fox, which is obviously not a liberal network. i say it's center right traditional. commands so much power. >> well, i mean, i don't feel
11:15 pm
that anybody is terrified. i don't see the liberal elite media and i guess you would probably put me in that category, but i don't see anybody going around saying oh my god fox is taking over the world. bill: but you must have read some of the harsh assessments of fox over the years. >> yes, and i have heard them too. bill: personal attacks on me and other people. it's not sitting too well with the mainstream media. >> i think if you break a legitimate story, i think that no one can possibly complain about that i think the van jones story was a real story and acorn story was a real story. bill: the folks want to know why the "the washington post" didn't break it or why the "new york times" because they used to. and then there is the denigration of the protesters who go go out to the tea pears and this or that when you have people looking down their nose at these people calling them nazis and all of this crazy stuff, there seems to be in the country now almost a media war. it's almost war between fox news
11:16 pm
and talk radio on one side. the "new york times" and the liberal networks on the other side. >> well, i think you are reading the wrong newspaper first of all because the "new york times" has not been really on top of the tea party story. we had it all over the front page. bill: you guys cover the news better -- >> it was a huge story and important story and we did cover it i don't think that a lot of the protesters who came with their ugly signs did the republicans or the conservatives any good. bill: they didn't. we pointed that out. >> yes. so i think that's a problem. i mean, for us, the way we covered it was this is what happened. a lot of people showed up. more than most people would have imagined. and there were a bunch of crazies who had really awful signs. that's also part of this story. bill: did you hear the conversation with chris wallace? >> yes. >> do you think it's smart for president obama to snub fox news? do you think that's a good strategy to pick a fight with
11:17 pm
us? >> well, i'm not sure picking -- you know, i don't know. bill: he does every morning show except chris? i think that's a snub. >> i don't understand it, frankly. bill: do you think it's smart. >> i probably would have said, you know, if you are going to do all the other shows, you should do fox. bill: last? [ laughter ] >> you should do fox. you know, they must have reason. maybe there is somebody over here they don't like. bill: the reason is clear, they don't think they are being treated fairly on fox. sometimes they are not. i mean, there are some commentators that don't like obama. they are clearly labeled that. some commentators who love obama. but you say that it's not a smart move for the obama administration to snub and pick a fight with fox. i think it's insane. >> i don't know whether they are picking a fight. i think if i were advising them i would say do fox as well because you have such terrific ratings. they must have their reasons. but i don't think it's smart to pick a fight with the press in
11:18 pm
any case. i think that you should treat all of the press with respect. the press should treat people regardless of their political perspective with equal respect. bill: that never happens, of course, in either category. >> i know. but we can dream, can't we? bill: there is hope. that's right. we appreciate it directly ahead here in washington. the president obama race issue is still a huge story. we'll continue our reporting on that. and then glenn beck on fire. the democratic national committee even has an ad about him. coming up.
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bill: factor follow up segment tonight, as you may know jimmy carter and bill cosby feels there is racism embedded in
11:22 pm
policy criticism directed toward president obama. the president himself doesn't believe that racism is in play in the health care debate and neither does the vice president. >> it is not surprising to me that emotions are running very high on something that has been talked about for a generations. two generations. and not accomplished. but the president does not believe nor do i believe it's racially based. bill: now, we contacted all 42 members of the congressional black caucus. none were available to speak to this issue. here now civil rights attorney keith waters. they're scared. they don't want to talk about this because it really is an explosive thing when you have former president of the united states and one of the most successful black entertainers in history both coming out and saying, you know, a lot of people who object to barack obama's policies do so because they don't like his skin color. number one, that angers people on both sides. both black and whites.
11:23 pm
number two, i think it's bull. >> i have to agree with you. we should not yell racism unless there is direct evidence of it. racism exists. we all know that. it's a big problem. we have come a long way. we have a black president of the united states today. i think most americans are very proud of it. bill: why are these guys doing it? why is carter and cosby doing it. >> maybe they are reacting to the right ring extremists. they carry hateful signs at protest rallies and i think. bill: why would you react to a fringe? cosby said the stat was about 10 to 12% of americans said and i think this is accurate, they wouldn't vote for barack obama because he a black man. ok. do you react to that fringe? why bore with those people? >> i'm bewildered. i think we need to ratchet down this discussion. because these fringe elements we don't want to get them excited. they may do something irresponsible. bill: we hear that too. nancy pelosi. but, hey, look.
11:24 pm
when you zero in on the kooks, the real crazy fringe and start to say they represent the mainstream, the mainstream gets angry. you see, all of the -- carter and cosby didn't do barack obama any good at all. would you agree with that? >> i think they -- i would not have gonna rout. bill: they didn't do him any good. >> i would have to agree with you. bill: the fact that carter and cosby are in his camp lead people to believe that, yeah, you see, see, we told you this was going to happen. enough to he is -- you can't say anything or you are a racist. that gets me mad and get everybody else mad. so what i'm trying to get at is why a smart guy like jimmy carter and a real smart guy like bill cosby would even go down the road. >> i can't explain why they are doing it. i don't think it's a wise policy. you know, more white people voted for president obama than many other presidential candidates in history.
11:25 pm
he has tremendous white support. and this serves him no purpose. you may disagree with him, but that has nothing to do with race. bill: ok. so the stats show that white americans put him in the white house, barack obama. >> that's correct. bill: so you still have now a country that is not only divided along ideological lines, liberal conservative, but now again is getting racial lines. i think that's dangerous. >> i think you, as a responsible reporter and sane voices need to come on the sunday talk shows and on your show and say loud and clear this is not about race. president obama,. bill: 42 members of the congressional black caucus were called by us over the last 48 hours, not one of them would come on sand say what you are saying. have you irresponsibility across the border here. you know, you don't have jesse jackson or al sharpton or any of these people sticking up saying this is wrong.
11:26 pm
you are saying it. but very few other people are saying it, counselor. >> i think there are some loud voices out there on the other side. perhaps they are reacting to those voices. but i think you need to find the same middle. and that needs to be the loudest voice in the room. bill: all right. barack obama on sunday can say, hey, knock it off. that's what he can say. and he should. >> i agree with you. absolutely. bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along from washington this evening. what were the dumbest said this week. we have a long list. glenn beck on the cover of "time" magazine and the subject of a dnc advertisement. >> the economic czar, border czar, homeland security terrorism czar. the regulatory czar, technology czar, the car czar. bill: beck is next. ou: t s nnge toaghw, roms" zi dou t
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bill: in the at your beck and call segment tonight, we have a
11:30 pm
man on fire. this week's time magazine cover attempts to explain fox news anchor glenn beck. it's a long article. not a hatchet job but not exactly a valentine either. joining us now from new york with the beck meister, author of the best selling book arguing with idiots. that's not about your appearances on the factor. >> no. would i be the idiot? bill: i think the audience would probably make that call, you know. >> sure. bill: just as many would be calling me an idiot. you know how it is. time magazine puts you and all your glory on the cover this week. why did they do that? >> probably because they couldn't get you. bill: no, they couldn't. i wouldn't go anywhere near them. >> i didn't either. i mean, it was a huge shock to me to get up, what was it, thursday morning and see the cover of "time" magazine with my fat face on there. it is amazing to me how the
11:31 pm
media still doesn't understand really. they think that fox is driving this or i'm driving this or you are driving this. this is a grass roots thing. we're just covering it. bill: it's the folks. bill: there is no doubt about that and you are right "time" magazine and the other new york based media doesn't understand or washington doesn't understand either. why you? you didn't cooperate with "time." they called you up and you said i don't want to be the focus of a feature but they did it anyway. why you? >> i don't know, bill. other than i think the van jones story turned into a story and, yet, still no one has gotten it right. it's not that he was, you know, he was a 9/11 truther or that he called the republicans a bad name. this guy was a communist revolutionary, never disassociated himself from that. and the media is still not
11:32 pm
recording this and still not reporting and asking the president how did he get in? do you disavow his views when he started the radical group called storm? do you agree with his radical views on police officers? nobody is asking that question. and it's important. they are only covering little tidbits of stories. for instance, acorn and saying, well, this is just acorn. and look at these bad people in acorn. it's about the higher ups that they have to start going after. bill: we have. >> i know you have. bill: i think you know that the beck program and the factor kind of joined forces and went down to new orleans and traced millions of dollars to an abandoned funeral home. >> you know what, bill? again. bill: i love that don't you love that though? new orleans abandoned funeral home. millions of dollars. i mean, you think somebody would go maybe we should look into this. >> and, if you look at who the
11:33 pm
president has surrounded himself, it's seiu. they are all over the oval office. bill: that's the union that's also in the funeral home. >> if you look at the cover or the front of the funeral home, you see acorn seiu. these are the people that you want to have in the oval office? bill: i said this the other day to dick morris. and by the way i just want to mention and i know you reported this, but the louisiana attorney general has now issued subpoenas to wade rathke the former president of acorn. >> good. bill: turn over everything since 1998. >> i can't believe i'm saying this. but i believe you are maybe being too modest. i believe you were instrumental in getting the governor and the louisiana politicians involved in this. >> well, we urged them to do it in a very nice way as we always do. >> always. bill: this is what i said to morris the other day. i said, look, if you are barack
11:34 pm
obama, and you got an enormous union that loves you, seiu, and you have got a nationwide grass roots get out the vote acorn, and they are both going to give you everything they have. they are going to give you money, manpower, support, you take it. you take it, right? >> no. not if they violate your values. and that's the point. do they violate their values? do they violate the values of barack obama? does barack obama share the values of these organizations? who are they? and it's not that they -- he is just taking the money, bill. he has got himself surrounded by members of seiu. these two organizations are glove in hand. bill: no, listen. it's a legitimate question and you always say that on your program. you say we are raising legitimate questions. and we want them answered and, of course, the obama
11:35 pm
administration doesn't want any part of this. final question about "time" magazine. did you read the piece and did you think it was fair? >> yeah, i did. i actually did. i think you stated exactly right. it wasn't exactly a valentine. but i thought it was fair. which is really all you can ask from anybody in the media is you can say things. you are gonna say things i disagree with. but at least you tried to do a fair article and i think they did. bill: you don't think they tried to marginalize you at the end with the network references and things like that. >> oh sure. bill: because they always do that. >> they tried to make it look like i don't actually mean what i say. i'm just doing this for cash. that's fine. whatever. the viewers know the truth. bill: all right. now, we're going to have more with mr. beck in a moment because the dnc put together an advertisement on him and we will show it to you and get his reaction. then the dumbest thing said and done this week. the factor has the list. right back.
11:36 pm
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from washington. we at this point tonight with our pal glenn beck from new york. he has a new book coming out next tuesday. check it out. recently the democratic national committee spent some money on this ad. >> how many does that make now? we decided to count them up. there is the drug czar, then there is the intelligence czar. the economic czar, border czar, homeland security terrorism czar, the regulatory czar, technology czar, the car czar and now the cyber czar. bill: all right. here is beck again. so, you know, a whole political ad. >> i don't know if they know this. i'm not running for anything. i mean, i saw that. i was watching tv and i saw it on tv and i'm like what, am i
11:40 pm
running for office? what is that? bill: but, wait, they want to marginalize you, the democratic party does, because you are doing some damage to president obama. but that was a pretty good ad because bush did have a lot of czars, did he not? >> yeah. if anybody like to do their home work on me i wasn't really a fan of george w. bush either. i just want to make sure the man for change is -- his defense is well bush was doing it. change. bill: change we can believe in. i'm going to have more czars than he has. good, beck. i like that. >> the other side of this is did george bush or anybody else because we have had czars and i pointed this out on the show. we have had czars way back, i believe the first one we had was fdr. some of them had power. some of them didn't. did any of bush's czars, were they communist?
11:41 pm
were they revolutionaries? were they socialists? were there any that thought your dog should have an attorney? any of them that shout we should have a second bill of rights? these guys do. bill: all right. now, we talked about this a few weeks ago and i got a lot of mail, a lot of hate mail. >> my viewers are all haters. bill: let's do the communist thing. see, look, my primary fear is islamic fundamentalism. i think they're the real danger in the world. >> i do, too. >> they continue to be -- iran is at the top of the list. >> yes. >> ok. communist guys, raoul, cals throw, hugo chavez, they don't bother me too much. little guys running around the united states like michael moore doesn't like capitalism, they -- they don't -- i don't pay allot of attention to them. but you still -- that kind. >> no, i never have, bill. i mean, you know, whenever communists and soviet union,
11:42 pm
clearly i think i was 7 cowering under underneath my bed going they are going to nuke us. i haven't for a very long time. however, there is a new group. these are new communists. these are people look into what's his name, the czar for -- the diversity czar for fcc want look into mark lloyd where he talks about the important revolution in venezuela that almost didn't happen because chavez didn't have control of the media. this is the guy now in control of our media. this is not good. these people do believe in marxist principles. bill: now, that's an interesting tablu. >> is that french? bill: barack obama comes up in a far left atmosphere in chicago. you don't get much far left than that we saw reverend wright and
11:43 pm
wrenched ayers. they called meow bama people about the william ayers thing. they said look, can you please stop with the william ayers thing. obama never really had a relationship with the man other than meeting with him in a living room once or twice. >> unbelievable. don't, bill. here is why. you say to them then let's talk about the other founder of the weather underground a man named jeff jones who is part of the apollo alliance that helped write the stimulus package, not my words, harry reid's words. and is currently here in new york as the chair of the apollo alliance and in bed with the new york government and our federal government. that is another guy. these guys have not. bill: there is a lot of these guys. >> but they are now. bill: bring them out all the time. >> they are now institutionalized in our government. they are now institutionalized. bill: now we have to cut to the chase, beck. what's the name of your book talking to idiots. >> arguing with idiots. bill: now we have to cut to the
11:44 pm
chase. you built a case that barack obama is basically filling the federal government with extremists, with left wing extremists. >> revolutionaries, key. bill: so do you think that he is a left wing extremist? >> bill, my mother used to say to me, show me your friends. i'll show you your future. i can't -- i can only ask the question. mr. president, please give me some other option. please come out and say "i reject van jones and his principles of communism, marxism are, and shared wealth. the man never will. come out and stand against jeff jones, rat out and say the people that wrote the stimulus package should not have anything to do with a guy who was in the weather underground and has never retracted his movements in
11:45 pm
that. bill: all right. so you want more definition on what barack obama believes. >> yeah. because i think. bill: that's what glenn beck wants. >> not me. i think the american people should be able to know what their president actually believes. bill: and i agree. glenn beck, everybody. thanks, glenn. coming right back with the dumbest things of the week. plenty to choose from. and we'll have them for you moments away. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength.
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gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people.
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11:48 pm
bill: weekly friday feature the dumbest things of the week. here now, fox news anchor juliet huddy and the host of red eye, in the middle of the night. >> yeah. >> greg gutfeld. greg is up first. he pointed to a british comedian
11:49 pm
named russell brand. roll the tape. >> be accused of bad taste this year because last year, of course, i offended george bush by saying barack obama should be president. [cheers] and barack obama is now the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] so, in a way, it seems like i can say whatever i want -- but i will acknowledge at this point and i suppose english people are a bit different from you because instead of truck we say lory. instead of elevator we say lift. instead of letting people die in the street we have free health care. bill: and boy does he need it. why is russell brand your nominee for dumbest thing of the week? >> is he actually right people don't die in the streets in england. they die in heir hospitals because they have seen these 60%
11:50 pm
jump in preventible deaths in one year. that's according to the nursing times. the telegraph ran an article that said there was 72,000 preventible deaths in these hospitals and only 5% are actually reported. so this guy has no right coming over here. i actually find him to be kind of funny. he needs a baath. he needs a hair cut. but, other than that, he just needs -- when it comes to politics, he needs to shut up. bill: so you are saying that the british healthcare system has a lot of problems and brand, obviously a comedian, who doesn't know anything about, it is exploiting the situation. and you say, huddy, what? >> leave that little stud muffin alone. bill: you like him, huh? >> i do like him. >> every woman loves him. >> he is comedian. i know my twitter is going to go crazy right now. unlike most people in this country i don't have -- when comedians make political commentary. i'm fine with it. bill: i think it was pretty dumb though hud i didn't might say. >> you are wrong.
11:51 pm
bill: i'm always wrong. you know that huddy has selected a visual for her dumbest thing of the week. roll the tape. >> all right. here we go. >> what the freak, you can't shoot it towards the garage. >> i don't care. [scream] bill: that was pretty darn dumb. >> that was dumb. bill: what was the dumbest thing that you have ever done in that vein. >> i cringe every time i think of this story. i was working at a television network doing a morning show co-host talking about abreak breaking news story about a young american who was beheaded in the mideast. we were talking about a major newspaper that did a major gaffe about it i said well, heads are going to roll on that one. and the whole studio. bill: heads are going to roll
11:52 pm
talking about a beheading. >> oops. bill: what was the dumbest thing have you ever done? >> i'm going to stick to the things that are legal. i would say i did a tv spot for a new york station with my fly down. bill: oh, but that wasn't your fault. >> totally meant to do that give me a break. bill: i went scuba diving by myself in shark infested waters. that was the dumbest thing i ever did. the shark actually came over and said you are stupid. now, my dumbest thing of the week is the danish tourist agency running this spot. go. >> hi, my name is kan. and i'm from denmark and this here is my baby boy. his name is alvis. yeah. i'm doing this video because i'm trying to find alvis's father. we met one and a half year ago when you were on vacation here in denmark. i don't remember where you are from or i don't even remember your name.
11:53 pm
bill: ok. so let's get this straight. this is a phony. that's an actress. they want you to come to denmark and they say hey, we have citizens here who have one nightstands, get pregnant, don't know the name of the father and they are drunk to boot. so, hey. come on over. come on over to denmark. i have got to run. we are up against the clock. i know you both think that's incredibly stupid and that is the dumbest thing that i have seen in quite some time. juliet, greg, thanks so much. >> thank you. bill: pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring howard dean saying i am not a good human being. could k. that possibly be true? right back with p and p. .
11:54 pm

11:55 pm
11:56 pm
bill: time now for new england patriots. on the jay leno program there was a skit about acorn. >> when i ran for office in neff i found -- nevada i found
11:57 pm
myself 50,000 votes behind in the polls. but acorn helped me get the extra votes i needed. thank you, acorn. >> i'm a professional. in my line of work it doesn't come easy. sometimes it takes like 45 minutes. so like my customers i want to get the most bang for -- for my buck. acorn showed me how to save the most at tax time. thank you, i owe you one. call mement >> as an entrepreneur i bring in a lot of money, mostly cash. i thought i owed $200,000 in taxes. acorn said i owed nothing. thank you, acorn the oh, i got to take this call. it's amy winehouse. >> acorn. we'll help you get away with stuff. bill: anything that brings a chuckle these days is patriotic. on the pinhead front our pal howard dean may not be our pal. >> one of the reasonsons i
11:58 pm
don't go on bill o'reilly's show is i saw him take apart a 23-year-old that lost his father in the world trade center and tell him he was unpatriotic because he doesn't support the war. those kinds of people i don't hang around because they're not good for the country and they're not good human beings. bill: well, it's a complete lie, a gross distortion. guy dean is referring to blade. united states for 9/11. had nothing to do with any war. i did take him apart. now, governor dean may want to stop distorting stuffer because it's making him look really, really bad. check this out. >> this republican party, this shrinking republican party is just determined to undermine president obama and unfortunately you have to undermine the country in order to undermine the president. that's too bad. >> op -- you said opposing the
11:59 pm
president's health care initiatives were undermining the country. >> i did not say that. >> i have the quote right here. >> it says you have to undermine the country in order to undermine the president. just a quick clarification in bill: because the truth remains elusive to governor dean, he is a pinhead. no mail tonight because of all the action and news we brought you. but i would like to thank all of you again for making my book "bold fresh piece of humanity," my best seller ever. thank you very much. and our web site, fox yoil. -- o'reilly. and email us from any place in the world. name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. and here is the word of the day -- do not be slapdash. when writing to the factor. that's it for us


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