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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 19, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank for inviting us into your house tonight. we will see you monday from washington. good night from new york. [captioning made possible by fox news channel]gton because we're definitely looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news] sean: and welcome to this special friday edition of hannity. later on tonight we'll be counting down the top 10 most controversial figures inside the obama administration right now. this is an important report every american needs to hear. first, the past few months have not been kind to the democrats. the poll numbers shall plummeting. apparently desperate times call for desperate measures. that is our headline tonight. fear tack tings -- tactics. members of the democratic party have been out in full force this week and sent a very clear message to the american people -- oppose president obama's
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policies alt your own risk. first former president jimmy carter said many of those opposing policies of the obama administration are racist president >> i think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity against president obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. sean: the former president wasn't done there. the very next day -- >> people that are guilty of that kind of personal attack against obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be african-american. sean: following president carter's lead was none other than the san francisco speaker, no spin. -- nancy pelosi. she warned that the passionate debate over health care and other issues could actually lead to violence right here in
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the u.s.. >> i have concerns about some of the language that is being used because i saw this myself in the late 1970's in san francisco, this kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it created a climate in which we -- violence took place. sean: so i guess if you disagree with president obama and the democrats you are either racist or guilty. inciting preliminary violence. joining me to weigh in, kimberly guilfoyle and kirsten powers. first it's an act of desperation. reckless, irresponsible and a lot of this is coming because of the falling poll numbers. your take? >> i find it to be inflammatory and i really am offended by it because it's belittling of the american people who are exercising therefore rights and freedom of speech. this isn't about racism or whether or not you like
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president obama. it's an outright rejection of the abuse of spending all of our taxpayers' money on things that are not -- sean: well, also it's an effort at intimidation. it's a slander designed to silence people and i don't think it's going to work. i see that kirsten powers grin. what is it? >> well, i mean i don't actually disagree with you an -- on a lot of what you said. i just do think that what they're saying think -- they believe. i don't think they're trying to silence people. sean: they believe it? so when harry reid called george bush a loser in front of school children, called the george bush a liar repeatedly and nancy pelosi herself questioned the mental stability of george bush culminating with this, my favorite, and she never spoke out about al gore screeching in front of --? those are the feelings that
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were betrayed by this president! he betrayed this country! [cheers and applause] he played on our fears! he took america, he took america on an ill-conceived foreign adventure dangerous to our troops, an adventure that was preordained and planned before 9/11 ever took place. sean: ooh, there we go. was he inciting violence against president bush? >> no. i was at that. i think it was called unpatriotic. when democrats do it they call it racist and republicans call -- are call it unpatriotic. sean: name one person who called it unpatriotic. >> i can't remember but i know when democrats do that kind of stuff they're called
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unpatriotic or their commitment to the country is questioned. sean: you're missing the point. harry reid said the president is a loser and liar and never apologized. nancy pelosi didn't say that al gore was insighting violence against bush when he said that. this double standard is glaring. >> yes. please, it's hypothetical. -- hypo critical. now all of a sudden they want to dust off the cobwebs of the miss manners book and say be nice, be courteous. what's not courteous is them saying the american people are violent and these tea parties are outing control. it's very disrespectful. how is it supposed to be the party of the people when they are criticizing those people for exercising their freedom of speech in sean: i like what pete sessions said, the speaker is now likening genuine opposition to assassination. if anyone is ratchementing up
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the rhetoric, this kind of thing and the phony crocodile tears, nancy pelosi was silent when al gore said when he said, when harry reid said when he said. she made incendiary remarks. >> they're hypocrites. they're politicians. sean: she's a hypocrite? look into the camera and say that. >> nancy pelosi is a hypocrite like every other politician in existence. this is a game we do where democrats criticize republicans and republicans critsimse democrats. it happens on both sides. sean: she is now saying that these are resulting in specific threats of violence and jimmy carter senior calling -- >> she's saying that they could. sean: jimmy carter is saying -- >> but where's -- >> but where's the violence in the tea parties in sean: yeah, old ladies and stay at home moms and veterans?
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>> what she's saying it completely ridiculous. it's not -- it's absurd. but i think the other thing just to go to the points of it's all racism against, and i'm agreeing with you. let's take this moment and savor it. you know, sean: history some in the making. >> when people say the only reason people are opposing obama is because of race, they have a very short memory. remember how much everyone hated bill clinton? they hated his guts and it had nothing to do with -- he has -- was a white man. >> it's not about obama and how much you like or love him and whether he's a good speaker. why can't we be participatory in our government in the decisions that affect our pocketbook. that's what i'm talking about and i don't want to be told that i can't speak up or my neighbors or colleagues and say what they feel about these
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policies that may not work. i don't believe in turning over the wallet again for health care that's not going to work. sean: this is really important. many he did quadruple the debt. i think kimberly is onto something here. he promised he -- not unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. he's taken over banks, car companies, now he wants health care. this would transform american society and people are speaking out, little old ladies at town halls and the elderly. so now what used to be the highest forming patriotism has become a bunch of mobsters and tm mcveigh wannabes. there are very few people as honest as you have been tonight and your phone is going to ring off the hook. why can't more democrats speak out that way? >> i think a lot of democrats speak thatway. sean: why can't they speak out
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against nancy pelosi? >> because she's the leader of the party. sean: you just did. >> well, i try to say what i believe. i think most people whether liberal or conservative -- >> i have a problem with blasting the bingo brigade. i don't think they're insighting -- inciting violence. i think they're exercising their free speech the same way anti-war protesters were. sean: i had cindy sheehan on this program. i never accused her of that. >> plenty of conservatives did. sean: who? >> i don't remember at this point but i heard it every day. sean: folks, we have a very special edition this friday night. our special report on president obama. you have heard about reverend wright and bill ayers. we are going to count down for you the top 10 most controversial advisors that are in the white house right now. not van jones. there are others. you have to hear that.
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oose -- also seven former c.i.a. directors calling on president obama to reverse the decision to investigate the c.i.a. and the interrogators. mike huckabee will be here to discuss that important story. and acorn faced another defeat yesterday on capitol hill.
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sean: in august attorney general eric holder announced he would be reopening the criminal investigation into c.i.a. investigations and interrogators who questioned suspected terrorists in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. that decision prompted seven former c.i.a. directors to send a letter to 0 problem -- shall to president obama today asking him to reverse the decision.
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it goes on to say this. it says -- very poumple statement from seven former heaveds the c.i.a. joining me with reaction is the former governor of the great state of arkansas, mike huckabee. >> i think it's very significant whenu you have seven c.i.a. heads who join together in saying look, this is dangerous for america. this is not about politics. there are some things you can play games with, with spending and details of medicaid programs though it will he -- affect people's lives. this affect the safety and security of every citizen of the united states. sean: if i was a c.i.a. intelligence officer, why would i undertake a risky operation?
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i wouldn't do it anymore? >> you would not do it. i have friends that worked with me in the campaign, military intelligence people and they tell me the morale has never been lower in the c.i.a. these people are basically saying look, i'm dannielynn shall i'm not going to do anything because i don't want to be held criminally liable for doing the job i was ordered to do. sean: i know we're talking about the economy and acorn and we're going to list some of the extremists in obama's administration in a special investigation tonight but i think what happened yesterday with the president announcing we're no longer installing this missile defense system in poland and the czech republic is one of the single worst decisions for national and world security that any president can make. >> ands -- and it's not so much the missiles themselves. you're going to hear people say well, those are on sleight --
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obstacle olleet, they don't need them but here's what happened. we gave up something and got nothing. sean: from mir andizing enemy combatants on the battlefield to closing down gitmo -- >> sending suspect the terrorists like rock stars to bermuda? do you need some coppertone? we'll let you work on your tan. sean: it's a joke but i really fear that he doesn't get it on national defense. that this president is an peacer. i think this president is weak. i think this president subpoena creating a vulnerability for this country and if this country is attacked i am putting the blame squarely at the decisions he is making now in terms of weakening our defenses. >> we are in a vulnerable position in part because we're showing that we are willing to appease those who will not respect that. there is one thing that people respect and that is when they fear you and we're not feared right now.
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what we've done is especially horrible that it happened on the 0th -- 70th invasion of the -- 70th anniversary of the invasion of poland by the russians. think how incredibly boneheaded that was on the part of this administration. sean: and when what did you think of jimmy carter's remarks and nancy pelosi's remarks? >> i think they were over the top. when nancy pelosi was talking, i thought, oh, let's see, we had someone have their finger bitten off -- oh, wait, that was a left winger. and the murder of james pullian. i don't hear nancy pellosey talking about that. sean: compare that with tiller. >> he was treated as a hero.
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obama made personal statements about it. we did not get the same treatment for the pro-life person. jimmy carter's statements, again, totally inappropriate. it's absurd and an insult to president obama to say that if you disagree with him it's about his race. sean: he said today he does not think race is the main factor driving the angry criticism. does that mean he is -- he thinks it is a factor? >> race is always a factor but not a big one on all sides. sean: approval for his health care is alt its lowest numbers ever. he's going to do five or six shows this weekend. i don't think it's going to help. the democrats have, rockefeller is fighting, baucus has no support. there's no republican on board. you got democrats saying either a government option is there or
5:19 am
some say -- what's going to happen? >> we do have a bi partisan bill now. it's bipartisan in that nobody likes it. both parties hate it. sean: all right. great to see you. >> good to see you, sean. sean: wumming -- coming up, a very special investigation. and what about all your taxpayer dollars acorn already received? ún ♪
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sean: now, yesterday the house
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of representatives followed the lead of the senate. they voted overwhelmingly to cut funding to the group acorn and arc -- ars congressman fred franks was there. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, as always. sean: i read your entire statement on acorn. you said their resume, as it reads, more like a rap sheet. you go through misconduct in seattle, wisconsin, ohio, missouri, and more. tell me the specifics. >> well, sean, acorn has been under investigation in about 15 states. they've registered hundreds of thousands of voters falts -- falsely. even in the 2008 election. they've lied to the department of labor and the i.r.s., they were a major force behind passing the community reinvestment fact -- act which catalyzed the entire meltdown
5:25 am
of our economy and now they of course have had other problems and the expose that's taken place. this is a criminal organization. it just shows you that big government nearly always cat allieses big corruption and the irony of this, the irony here is now president obama, his entire career was essentially launched by acorn. he ran a voter registration program for them and was one of their lawyers in key cases and now he's in the untenable position of signing a bill to defund the organization that launched his career and helped get him elected to president. that's an astonishing state of being for the united states of america. sean: do we know what his position will be? >> well, he's been eeriely silent, as you might imagine. i hope he'll say something on the talk shows he's said he's going to be on sunday. sean: all five of them. >> yeah. sean: in terms of the stimulus money there was according to a
5:26 am
number of varying accounts, about $8.5 billion earmarked on top of the tens of millions that acorn has already received -- >> that's right. they've received already $5 approximate -- $53 million from taxpayers directly and a great deal more indirectly through state grants, block grants, that type of thing and they were eligible and earmarked to receive 8.5 billion under the stimulus package. and this is -- this is the administration that wants to take over one sixth of our economy and nationalize our health care? it's almost surreal. i don't know what words you really attach to it. sean: we've had, for example, van jones, big ayers, reverend wright, pfleger. we're going to go through 10 people, survivor -- advisors
5:27 am
surrounding the president in the next segment. he represented acorn. to what extent do you think president obama perhaps maybe buys some of the tactics that they're involved in and some of the charges up outline in your statement? >> well, you know, acorn stands for association of community organizers for reform now. he ran as president for community organizers so he's very deeply connect -- connected and knows who they are. but what's really amazing -- think about this. he was the attorney for them at the time they were suing banks like chase bank group and forcing them to change their lending standards and it catalyzed the entire meltdown and it hurt john mccain, who warned us about the meltdown coming and barack obama was the
5:28 am
one favored in the election and he was part and parcel of causing the whole problem. it's just amazing. sean: we're going to follow the story to make sure not a single penny goes back to this organization the >> well, we fixed it well. nancy pell essy has stride -- pelosi has tried to stop it. we're going to get it signed. sean: when we come back, we have a special investigative report. we're going to shine the spotlight on the 10 most controversial members that barack obama gets advice from. achoo! (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life.
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sean: now, two years ago we told you about an unknown reverend from the south side of chicago by the name of jeremiah wright. that was long before his now-famous rants were made public. it says commitment to the black community, to the black family, adherence to the black work ethic. it goes on, aquirppede skills pledge to the black community. strengthening the black institutions. pledging to all instuges that have embraced the black value system. reverend, if every time we said black if it was a church and those words were "white," wouldn't -- wouldn't we call that church racist?
5:33 am
that was march 2007. we also told you about the unrepentant terrorist bill ayers before he became a household name. >> i'm not talking to fox news but i'm happy to talk to -- >> can you clarify one thing for me? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. sean: over the past few months we have sounded at larm by the white house's green jobs czar, van jones. >> this moment is deeper than a solar panel many don't stop there. no, we're going to change the whole stfment we're going to change the whole thing. we're not going to put a new battery in a broken system. we want a new stment sean: tonight we bring you a special report about 10 people who president obama has appointed or nominated to work on your half -- behalf in your go. judge for yourself -- are the president's 10 representative
5:34 am
of your vision for america? now, number 10 on our list is carol browner, bill clinton's former e.p.a. administrator ond now assistant to president obama for energy and climate change. the "washington times" reports that as recently as december 2008 browner's name appeared as one of the directors of the group socialist international. the group's own web site pro claims they support a new world order to replace the current concentration of power in a few economic hands. that sounds like redistribution of wealth, doesn't it? number nine is the senior advisor to the undersecretary of defense, rosa brooks. during her previous career as a columnist for "the l.a. times" she wrote a column claiming that before 9/11 al qaeda was
5:35 am
little more than an obscure group of extremist thugs and that the bush administration's policies turned them into a global threat. i guess she's suggesting it's our fault. next, mark lloyd. the diversity officer of the federal communications commission. he has advocated taxing station owners to subsidize public broadcasters. if that sounds like something that would happen in venezuela, you may be right. lloyd said this about chaveets in a 2008 media conference. >> democratic revolution with property owners and those controlling now working here in
5:36 am
the u.s. government. sean: now number seven is the assistant deputy secretary at the department of education, kevin jennings. before joining the the administration he was the executive director of a groip called the gay, lesbian and straight education network or glisten. according to the group parents rights coalition he -- the group responsed a groum called teachout 2000 in which the department employees provided graphic accounts to children about how to perform various sexual acts. doesn't that seem to -- sound like something parents should be teaching their kids if they so desire? then, dawn johnsen, who once led a group that joined an amicus group filed with the extreme court in the 1989 case
5:37 am
webster versus republic ro ductive health. in a footnote they argued that curtailing a woman's right to choose is suggestive of involuntary servitude. needless to say, pro-life groups consider her a little out of the mainstream. then, david hamilton, nominated by the seventh circuit court of appeals. besides once getting -- being a board member of the indiana aclu he was once a fundraiser for the group acorn. wonder what he thinks of all the videotapes released in the past week. nuck four is state department legal advisor harold co-, who advocates a "trans national legal process," meaning judges should not follow american law when making decisions but also follow global norms. he once referred to george bush as our, quote, tort urer in
5:38 am
chief. does he think we should apply shar aye law here in the united states? whatever happened to the constitution? and number three, samantha power, a senior director of the national security council. she had been a senior advisor in the campaign until she referred to hillary clinton as a, quote, monster. but now she's back. and her husband comes in at number two on the list, recently confirmed regulatory czar cass sunstein, who has said honey should be banned and that all organs should be donated. and then number one, the director of the white house
5:39 am
office of science and technology, john holden. despite using the end of the world catastrophic rhetoric that's come to typify the environmentalist extremist movement he's written about population control and has come close to advancing some very interesting ideas cluth idea that sterilizeation capsules should be implanted in people when they reach puberty to prevent pregnancy. you've heard the entire list. don't go anywhere. up next a very, very special edition of our great, "great american panel." they're going to react to the president's top 10. (announcer) time brings new wisdom new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body,
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sean: here tonight on our "great american panel" to analyze the president's 10
5:44 am
picks, he is a member of the editorial board for "the wall street journal," stevon moore. republican strategist noel lepore is back. and andy mccarthy is back. welcome aboard. first of all let me get your general impressions. we'll start with you, andy, of the list. this is on top of the earlier history of obama with wright and ayers and bernadine and pfleger. van jones. you know, this is a pretty comprehensive list of preety extreme people. >> sean, these are the ayers and dorn and calvin johnsonny that no one knew the names of but the people that we became somewhat familiar with before the campaign. there isn't a lot to pick from.
5:45 am
sean: can we say that the president has a pattern of choosing radicals and associating with radicals? >> these people are who obama is. those of us who tried to raise this before the election and say look -- sean: oh, yeah, i was abused too. >> but we knew nothing about him except his associations. >> and that's the point. a lot of times people tried to warn everybody you do not know what you're getting. this is a jack in the box surprise and now we're just discovering what's coming out. >> we know barack obama was a community organizers. these are the kinds of people you meet when you're a community organizers. i've harped on this so many times. we're the people that actually create jobs and you got these nut cases telling businessmen how to run their businesses. they've never melt a payroll or -- sean: are all of you surprised
5:46 am
as i am that he knows their background, the information we gathered for this special tonight is available on google now. in their old books. >> you can google it and find out sean: that's the point. not like i had to do deep investigative reporting. >> von -- van jones was not alger hiss. he was out there being van jones for more than a decade. >> it shows we are one country divide by two cultures and this is the culture are of the obama administration. most of these people have come out of the left. sean: buzz -- does he not think that as america gezz -- gets to know these people, that the american people would react national league actively? >> these are not just democratic appointees. these are major, major socialists. i think it was carol browner who was an actual, she
5:47 am
participated in socialism, socialists international. sean: yeament >> one i -- thick i want to say about carol browner because the cap and trade bill is so important. they want a more equitable international order, which means share the wealth, and rich countries should shrink their economies to address climate change. that's -- chaz -- that's what it does. takes money from rich countries and gives it to poor countries. sean: some much -- of this is downright entertaining if it weren't so dangerous. cass sundaystein wanting to -- sunstein wanting to ban hunting and provide lawyers, human lawyers for animals. >> and i should point out that obama was a community organizers but also a law professor.
5:48 am
sean: and alindseykyite. >> but to turn to the law professor, while these people are way out of the main stream as far as the american people are concerned, they're absolutely main stream in the american academy, especially the law schools. sean: sunstein is particularly dangerous. it's not just hunting. this is the person who heads up the regular athletory -- regulatory system. how do you do your testing for new drugs? on animals. he's totally opposed to that. he thinks monkeys have the same rights as human beings. >> not to mention he's married to samantha powers, which is kind of strange that a lot of this panel is intertwined. >> those are outrageous but i think to look behind just for a second what this is really about, he doesn't really want the bears to be represented and the rocks and trees to be represented. what he wants is for radical
5:49 am
leftist lawyers to have a hook to go into federal court and ask the federal courts to impose the leftist agenda that they couldn't conceivably get elected. sean: did he just, do you think they think nobody would notice? >> a history of rad i canalism before the election. on this program i was hammered, i mean i was pounded on for daring to raise the questions about his associates. the media never did it. they were forced into covering wright because we hi -- hit it for a year. >> but look, it took them that long to get the covering on -- coverage on reverend wright out. van jones. it took them four days to get that thing out so they figure even if we discover it, the media is back us all the way anyway. they like us. sean: i'm going to take a
5:50 am
break. when we come back, i'm going to ask you who you think is the worst person he's appointed, the most dangerous person, the most entertaining and who should be fired and will it happen. geatmagi reen f a.. coatofigf poulida..
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♪h. 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs at sean: we continue now with our "great american panel." as i look down this list of the president's 10, you know, radicals within his administration, who do you, and i'll ask all of i, who do you think is the worst person he appointed? who do you think is the most dangerous? >> well, i think of the list we've looked at jennings is the worst. sean: the school guy? >> right. although, you know, obama's friend in education that we
5:55 am
learned about in the campaign go-round is bill ayers so i suppose next to bill ayers who by the way has a very weighty position in the academic world in terms of picking and choosing curricula. compared to ayers i guess jennings is very mainstream but i find him to be the worst. sean: phomeden? forced sterilizations? >> that one is really offensive to if he -- me. this is a 19th century malthusian. what do we hear all the time from the right about a -- from them? that it's a woman's right to choose. but he's about forced sterilizations and -- >> he's in violation of human rights. sean: who do you think is the most dangerous? >> i think it's kevin jennings. not only that he's a gay
5:56 am
activist, he was the former director fove glsn and they held a conference in which techniques tore homosexuality, how to -- sean: we covered they earlier. yeah. >> that's insane. it used to be that sex education was putting condoms on ban ans. -- bananas. and how about this chief diversity officer of the f.c.c. what do we need a diversity officer for? we're trying to save money. we could save by getting ride -- rid of these ridiculous things. >> and how much money are they getting paid? how much are we spenked -- spending on these frivolous job
5:57 am
appointments? >> i think haired koh if you want to look at the most dangerous. sean: to remind you, he's the guy who brought up the idea of embracing law from outside the united states. doesn't that circumvent the constitution? >> yes. he's the leading trans national progressive in the united states and also, again, highly, highly respected in the academy. sean: and shari'a law? >> yes, which is -- >> the dean a -- of yale law school and the believer in the doctrine that there isn't anything exceptional about the united states that we're one of 192 countries that ought to be -- >> don't forget rosa brooks. she said thanks to u.s. policies al qaeda has become a vast global treat to the station station -- administration? sean: right. we don't have time for the most entertain. it's got to be cass giving
5:58 am
attorneys to animals. i think we're probably all agreed. here's the question. van jones is gone. you know, at least on the surface wright is out of the picture. who knows what goes on behind the scenes? same with bill ayers. should all these people on this list of 10 be fired? >> sean, the problem is in the oval office. it's not the 10. if you get rid of these 10, i'm saying fine, get rid of them but there will be another 10. and don't think you can't have made the show about other 20 or 30. >> sean, they need to be fired. they do not represent one other section of the american people. these are only representing the far, far, far left extremists. >> this is the point. elections have consequences, don't they? we're discovering the consequences of this. these are the far, far left but barack obama is very comfortable with these people. he's not embarrassed by any of that stuff.
5:59 am
>> in the campaign though he sold himself as a moderate. now it's like he's lifted off that mask and there he is. >> the bottom line is until the next election we're stuck with extremist in the white house. sean: you don't think the american people if one by one people are aware of who they are and their background and books and statements that the american people wouldn't say he's got to go, he's got to go? >> you better believe it. >> it happened with van jones. and dawn johnsen, she never even got confirmed because of the revelation. unelectable, unconfirmed. no vetting process. >> when i was reading this, remember when bill clinton won the white house, he said i'm going to have a cabinet that looks like america. god forbid that america looks like this. shikes like radicals? like reverend wright and bill ayers? >> right. >> there is a vetting process though and it's the guy in the


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