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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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it. if you look it up, then you'll forget it, too and just be annoyed. that is it for us today. "the factor" continues 14/7 on see you premium members on the postgame show. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> tonight -- >> frankly it's not something i follow closely. i didn't even know acorn was getting a lot of federal money. sean: the president turns a blind eye to the acorn scandal. >> what did i do? immediately these folks were terminated. sean: acorn c.e.o. defends her organization. >> we need you. we're going to need your help and we're going to need to know specific acts here. sean: exclusive audiotapes from a conference call the white house does not want you to know about. >> hold on a second. i'm surprised. one last point i've got to
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make, bob. sean: obama tv takes over the air waves. >> we have every good reason to be alarmed and to speak our mind. sean: the g.o.p.'s top 2012 contenders hit the stage in washington. all of that plus dick morris, frank lutz and bob beck ell. a busy "hannity" starts right now. the scandal following acorn continues as the justice department said it will review it's involvement with the organization this light of the stunning tapes released last week. the organization's president struggled to explain away the scandal. take a look. >> any organization is not entirely perfect. i think congress, you know, will be looking at doing an anti-acorn amendment and just singling out one organization. but we continue to make sure that all of our employees, if they're too stupid to understand that they are not reaching professional standards, we terminate them and we actually make sure that, you know, what we do internally
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is serving our constituents. sean: not entirely perfect? talk about an understatement. by this point almost everybody has managed to throw in their two cents on this scandal but there's one person who apparently hasn't given it much thought, the president of the united states. let's check this out. >> frankly, it's not really something i followed closely. i didn't even know acorn was getting a whole lot of federal money. george, this is not the biggest issue facing the country and not something identified paid a lot of attention to. sean: excuse me, mr. president, the stimulus bill you signed made billions of dollars available to acorn. so much for fiscal responsibility. the president did say this, however -- >> you know, what i know is that when i saw on my individual -- that video was certainly inappropriate. sean: what a relief. that is quite a concession. joining me is the author of "the new york times" number one best-selling book "catastrophe" dick morris is with us. it's about importing underaged prostitutes and tends of millions already given and
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billions earmarked for acorn, do you believe those words are honest? >> it's incredible. but there's a new angle on it that i've learned this week, acorn apparently owed the i.r.s. $800,000 over the last summer. and $800,000 may ring a bell. that's the precise amount the obama campaign gave acorn for its get out the vote operation. sean: to help balance the sheet? >> obama doesn't believe in balancing the federal budget but does believe in balancing acorn's. sean: do you believe the president when he said this weekend he really didn't know, it's not the biggest problem, you know, it's -- >> it's obvious he didn't go on fox news, he went on everybody else because he knew he'd be asked about acorn. sean: george stephanopolous to his credit did. here the president gives this big speech to the nation. he's given multiple town halls on the issue of health care and goes on every show but fox
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because he didn't have the courage. the latest numbers on health care are 56, 43 against, the lowest numbers he's ever had. what's happening? >> i think that he's obviously overexposed but it's like bush giving the same speech about iraq. people just stop listening at some point. and we're learning more and more about this program. the financial details are coming out and they are horrific. if you do not have insurance, the object of this program, you will have to pay close to 20% of your income for premiums, co-payments, and deductibles before any subsidy kicks in. and if you don't do it, you'll be fined an equivalent amount by the government. and if you want to buy just cass troughic because you're young and healthy, that won't cut it, they won't allow it. and if you have insurance you're going to be taxed 1/3 above your insurance premiums. if the premiums are above $8,000 a year for an individual. right now 10% are.
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but by 2013 when this thing takes effect it will be more like a 1/4. and this is like the alternative minimum tax where more and more people fall into it until eventually it's a universal health insurance premium tax of 35% and that's what's going through. sean: with all the the infomercials that went on the one good change that took place was with stephanopolous over this is it a tax hike for people? he narrowed it down to specifics for those who don't insure they get a penalty, there's a tax hike but you're saying it goes deeper than that. >> way beyond that. my own health insurance, my wife told me because we just do it ourselves, is about $6,500 a year in premiums and in three or four years that will be over $8,000. that means instead of paying $8,000 in premium we'll have to pay $11,000 and $3,000 will go to subsidize obama-care. and such wealthy gold plated billionaires as america's firefighters and hospital workers will have to pay this
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tax. sean: pay the tax because it's over a certain amount pfl >> their employer. sean: let's go to the issue of being overexposed. . at this time in his presidency you worked with bill clinton, bush about 40, about 124 now. you're saying people are tuning this out as this particular point. are they tune it out or they don't believe it? >> they don't believe what he's saying and he's saying the same thing over and over. and people just aren't buying it. he does not explain to people why cutting medicare by $500 billion -- sean: he denies it, actually. >> -- does not hurt people. no, hed a milts it's a cut but says he's going to cut waste and inefficiency. sean: fraud and abuse. >> what he's in fact going to do and woe point this out in "catastrophe" he's going to cut reimbursement rates to hospitals and doctors. they interviewed in "investor
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daily" almost half said they'd retire if this passed. sean: there's an a.p. story out there, ladies and gentlemen, about everyone is worried in the back of their mind about swine flu. people have been talking about and they're concerned. they have a list of priorities when this vaccine finally comes out in october sometime, you know who is last on the list? people 65 and older. >> right. sean: i read that and am thinking isn't that a form of government deciding, rationing, if you will, the limited number of vaccines they'll ultimately come up with? >> and hour importantly -- and more importantly these decisions being made by a policy board and not by a doctor. if you as doctor know you're weak and susceptible and all of that and one attack of the flu is going to kill you, then you should be able to get the shot. sean: let me ask you about pelosi and jimmy carter. jimmy carter going on to say he thinks the overriding amount of animosity towards the president is because he's black or african-american. nancy pelosi warning about right wing violence. we heard a number of people say this besides them. you think this is a strategy?
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>> yes. sean: democrats are employing? >> yes. they're trying to create what we discussed last week, a bunker mentality in their party, much like nixon did during impeachment which is hunker down -- or clinton during impeachment, hunker in the bunker and don't stray outside. soich no pun intended. >> and the problem he's going to have, the more he cuts back on the subsidies to get the moderates, the more the american -- you'll have to pay for insurance will rise and he'll lose the liberals. sean: last question, national defense, not going to deploy this missile defense for the czech republic, eastern europe, poland, etc., he promised he would. he's cutting back on our nukes and defense, his own n.s.a. advisor says iran is closer to nukes than we imagined. >> it's more serious than any of that. this has very little to do with missiles. what this has to come is a military presence in eastern europe by the united states.
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and basically obama is telling russia they are a sphere of influence and we won't put troops there. by the way, i want to say that on my website,, i'll tell you how to contribute to 10-second ads we're now running. sean: on health care? >> where we say mr. baucus, don't cut my medicare by $500 billion, i need my medicare and we're going to run that in each of these states. so i really hope people can make it possible for us to do that. sean: dick, appreciate you being with us. thank you. coming up on a busy news night, could president obama legalize the 12 million illegals here in the u.s. in order to give them health care? summer saying he's considering just that. and when we come back we have the exclusive audio behind a controversial conference and this call that took place and some are alleging that the white house was involved in a major cover-up, sort of like a pay to play. we'll explain when we come back.
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sean: president obama says his health care plan won't cover illegals but some say he may legalize aliens in order to get them covered. listen to this. >> even though i do not believe we can extend coverage to those here illegally, i don't believe we can ignore the fact our immigration system is broken. if anything, this debate underscores the necessity of passing comprehensive immigration reform. sean: that sounds awfully close to a pitch for amnesty, mr. president. what do you think?
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sean: tonight in your "america" a seemingly innocent conference call is raising questions on how far the obama administration is willing to go to push its aand how the call was put together in august allegedly by michael skolnik who serves as political director music producer russell simmons and was encouraged for artists to answer president obama's call to public service and representatives from the white house and government funded national endowment for the arts was said to be only participants in the call, not
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organizers, but an investigation by big reveals a far different story. according to emails they recovered, yosi sergeant, the n.e.a.'s communication director actually sent out invitations for the call. sergeant had denied any such involvement to "the washington times" and as a result has since resigned from his post at the n.e.a. now audio of the call clearly shows this wasn't simply meeting to promote volunteerism but was in fact a meeting to promote the president's agenda, namely specifically health care reform.
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sean: but it doesn't end there, newly uncovered audio of skolnik reveals he was asked by the white house to organize the entire thing. let's listen to this. sean: joining me to talk about the mispowerment is the one who recorded that call and andrew brightbart is with us. a busy news time for you. thanks for being with us. patrick, let's go through this because there's real serious charges ultimately involved in this and i want to make sure we've got this right. this email is sent out, it's sent out to artists. who is it sent by? >> it was sent by yosi
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sergeant, the former communications director at the n.e.a. >> this was sent out and we've gone back to this, what, how many groups involved in the conference call, approximate? >> involved in the organization of the conference calls at the white house? sean: the organization, yes. >> the white house office of public engagement, the national endowment for the arts, the united we serve which is the initiative for volunteerism and michael skolnik. sean: on the artist side, how many groups were involved in this? >> there is approximate 75 or 80 or so artists of various -- sean: of those -- >> and in that conversation -- sean: go ahead, andrew. >> in that conference call i believe there were 21 representatives of different groups and 16 of those had received n.e.a. grants, upwards of $2 million. these were grantees from the n.e.a. and potential grantees who were in the call and it was stated at the very beginning of
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the call by buffy wicks by the office of public engagement where she stated we worked on the campaign together and we won and now we need to work towards furthering our president's agenda and his initiatives. sean: andrew, this is my point because if these groups -- what i had read is that the groups, the majority of them on the conference call, the artist groups together, 21 that you mentioned is that within 150 days prior, they had gotten grants and grant money, so in other words, they got grant money and then -- correct? i want to make sure that fact is right. >> absolutely. >> america for the arts was on the -- america for the arts was on the phone call and they are a grantee from the n.e.a., yes. sean: so then the question is, then they're being asked 150 days later or some short time later to help the white house advance its agenda. so then that raises questions about lobbying laws, about conflict of interest and whether or not they were being
9:18 pm
paid to in fact -- or paid back -- or asked to pay back for the grants that they received, is that a legitimate question? >> sean, there is a quid pro quo there, patrick in his four-part expose, there's a fifth part today where we give the whole context of the conference call and that the white house was involved. but days after this conference call occurred, the net result of that conference call that asks that the white house talked about started to represent themselves online and at rock the vote there's a full-scale help the president's health care initiative thing. there are multiple, multiple people on the phone call who delivered the goods for president obama in their desire to politicize the n.e.a. and sean: chronology, patrick, these groups received grants, these groups were asked to be on a conference call, these
9:19 pm
groups are asked -- and we have white house members that are on the call, they're asked to help advance obama's agenda, and then they advance the agenda, is that the proper chronology in your mind? >> yes, it is. it is either grantees or potential grantees on that phone call. that's what the national endowment of the arts does, they provide granlts. they're the largest funder of the arts in the united states. sean: i'm not trying to cut you short but this is my last question, what conflict of interest laws, what lobbying laws do you see that may have been violated here and what's your conclusion based on the result that they got what they wanted, the white house, being that these groups to help them? >> well, neither of us is a lawyer but many people have written about this and say the anti-lobbying act and the hatch act are potential laws that have been broken but the conflict of interest is obvious, if bush did this and tried to create art for the patriot act, gren itch --
9:20 pm
greenwich village would have around the clock protest this is evening. sean: patrick, last word? >> i couldn't agree him more, i think if you swapped out pro obama and put in pro-bush this would be a really big story on all of media lites front pages. sean: i think you called it kid proceed art which is your -- quid pro art. we'll fall this and it appears the laws were prone and we'll try to get to the bottom of this. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us. sean: reports that the president is butting into the new york governor's race and telling a fellow democrat, get out of the race. we'll get into that and also coming up, all the details on much, much more and micromanagement straight ahead. d
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sean: tonight in "hannity's
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america" we've heard democrats over the past several years lecture us about why we shouldn't interfere in other nation's affairs but for one democrat that principle doesn't apply to our relationship with the nation of israel. former national security advisor, his name is zbignew brzezinski who said the u.s. must prevent israel from bombing iran. in order to bomb iran, quote -- sean: i see, so the u.s. should threaten israel with a military confrontation if it doesn't do what we wish? and i wonder why brzezinski doesn't think we should use this diplomacy with maybe some of our enemies like iran and north korea? and barack obama sticking his nose into new york's gubernatorial race, according to several reports he asked david paterson not to seek re-election out of fears he simply cannot win. the white house denies such a message was sent to the
9:26 pm
governor but administration officials have confirmed high level conversations between the white house and patterson have in fact taken place and both "the new york times" and "new york daily news" are standing by their reporting saying this highly unusual request was devised by the white house's political affairs office and was ultimately given the green light by the president himself. and this story is not sitting well with some new yorkers, one simply told the daily news that president obama, quote, should have kept his mouth shut. apparently governor paterson agree with that sentiment as he has decided to ignore this alleged request and move forward with his re-election campaign. sean: and tonight's "meltdown" segment is brought to you by prominent meteorologist mojib latif. and he's the lead author of the reports produced by the u.n.'s iergovernmental panel on
9:27 pm
climate change which liberals cite reverendly to predict global warming and he predicts we're in for a long period of steady temperatures and maybe even some global cooling. at a u.n. conference last week he told over 1,500 scientists, quote -- sean: now that the expert has spoken, i wonder if the global warming alarmists will change their tune? >> are we there yet? sean: and some of the top republican prospects for the next presidential election were in washington this weekend for the 2009 value voters summit. and even though votes won't be cast for another couple years, some g.o.p. heavy hitters appear to be testing those political waters. let's take a look at some of the highlights from this past weekend. >> if we -- if i and the
9:28 pm
republicans in minnesota, the conservatives can govern minnesota and make a difference and make progress with conservative goals and values and principles in mind, as frank sinatra said, if you can do it there, you can do it anywhere and we can do it across this great land. >> there's no way under heaven it was ever right to do wrong and many of the people who defended tarp admitted when they were doing it, it wasn't the way we ought to go about fixing the economy but they were wringing their hands and said, we don't have a choice. yes, we do. it is never right to do wrong, never wrong to do right and it was wrong to take a bunch of money and bail out irresponsible, reckless people. >> when government is trying to take over health care, buy car companies, bail out banks and giving half the white house staff the title of czar, we have every good reason to be alarmed and to speak our mind. sean: sounds like the games are about to begin. and "hannity's america" continues in 90 seconds with a story about how turbo tax cheat tim geithner is lending a hand
9:29 pm
to some of his fellow tax cheats. you won't believe this.
9:30 pm
sean: finally, good news for tax cheats. the a.p. reports the i.r.s., a bureau of the treasury department run by tim geithner has extended an amnesty program for tax cheats. the program promises tax dodgers they won't come to jail if they come forward and disclose all the assets they've hidden overseas. the extension means those who didn't get around to making that disclosure, they're getting athe chance.
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hey, tax cheats, i think tim geithner is looking out for you. quality and reliability...
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are more than words here.
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sean: now this past weekend the president was busy paying visits to all the major news networks, all but fox, that is, chatting about the latest in health care with people on radio and f.d.r. and much more, it was a string of sunday morning appearances that sounded less like exclusive interviews and more like a broken record infomercial. let's take a watch. >> health care inflation went up 5.5% this past year when inflation was actually negative. 5.5% increase in their premiums. health care premiums went up 5.5%. last year your premiums went up 5.5%. making sure it's deficit neutral now and in the future. it's going to be deficit neutral. it won't add a dime to the deficit now or in the future.
9:34 pm
80% of what i'd like to see is actually already in all of the various bills. 80% consensus. 80%. 80%. every president who tried to bring about big changes, i think illicit the most passionate responses. maybe you hear what's people had to say about abraham lincoln or f.d.r. the things said about f.d.r. we saw during f.d.r. we can be civil to each other. we can have a civil argument. we can maintain civility. i have the utmost respect for the c.i.a. i have said consistently i want to look forward and not backward. i have absolute respect and have reliance upon a robust c.i.a. and i've said before i want to look forward and not backwards on this issue. all of us are americans who love this country. we're all patriots. we're all americans. everybody is a patriot. each of us are americans. the easiest way to get on television now is to be really rude. the easiest way to get 15 minutes of fame it so be rude to member.
9:35 pm
the easiest way to get 15 minutes on the news or your 15 minutes of name is to be rude. just say something rude and outrageous. sean: all right. joining us now from washington is the author of the brand-new book "what americans really want, really" pollster frank lutz. he's reading a script, he just memorized the script this time. he didn't need the teleprompter, he memorized it. >> that's incredible. i've seen him do this to politicians before but never seen anything like that, sean. it's almost robotic. and there's a reason why he cannot do -- he didn't do fox news sunday, chris wallace would not have let that happen. chris wallace would have knocked him off his talking points and forced him to answer real questions about the real details and he didn't want it. he uses the excuse of the fox broadcast network didn't let him on and yet fox news -- i give you guys credit. you believe in accountability. and you believe in respect. and sean, you treat your guests with respect and the whole
9:36 pm
network holds guests accountable for what they say, what they do, what an outrage you've just shown. sean: we have bob beckel on and he'll be disrespectful to me and i'll be respectful back. i'm kidding. bob is watching over here. but in all seriousness, i think not doing fox was a mistake but we know why by looking at that mann tahj. he lit -- that mom todge. he -- montage. he literally regurgitates the same phrases. when he speaks the numbers for health care go down. latest rasmussen poll, 56% of americans now oppose, 43% support. this is after the big push, this is after the sunday shows. it's not working. so i'm all in favor of him doing this. >> we still don't know the details. i've taken a look in "what americans really want, really." in the book i studied what americans really want from health care. the problem what barack obama is saying is not what the american people actually want, even though his words have clearly been poll tested in
9:37 pm
focus groups. you've got a chart your control room that if they can put up, there are specific things the public is asking for. it's a right not a privilege. and i say this to conservatives that the american people, almost 80% believe they have the right to health care. we're human beings, here not numbers. we're not about statistics. we slull believe you should get the treatment and the tests when you need it and how you need it, that it shouldn't be delayed. the doctor-patient relationship should not be interfered with by insurance companies or by washington, d.c. let's cut out the waste, fraud and abuse and punish those who have been doing it. these are things that obama didn't talk about and it's what the american people not only want to hear but it's what they expect. sean: is it the misguided belief that maybe this worked in the campaign that he read the teleprompter and it worked, do they think he just needs to show up and that people are going to believe him, that there will be no skepticism at all, you think that's it? >> that's part of it. he also expected the
9:38 pm
republicans to be disorganized and not to have the best language and i think it's really important for the g.o.p. and for those who oppose this if they want to actually defeat it two months from now when it comes up to a vote, they need to be as articulate as he is and they need to have an alternative which i know many of them do. it's not enough to say no, schaub. -- no, sean. the american people want changes to health care and expect the loyal opposition to have an alternative better than barack obama's plan. sean: they do. we've chronicled it and it gets little exposure but they've proposed a lot of things, torte reform, portability issues, tax -- >> but it's not torte reform. sean, when we ask people -- and it's in the book, what is a torte, they think it's a french pastry. sean: that would be a tart. >> it's lawsuit reform. >> no, that's somebody you dated in high school.
9:39 pm
it's lawsuit abuse reform. the american people think the legal community has run amuck, that they're forcing doctors to do defensive medicine, that we're all having to pay a price for. so this is real selfish and really porn. -- and is really important. sean: is barack obama a and through the prism of this analysis, through this point of the presidency, he did 46, bush about 40 and obama 124, overexposed? >> like penicillin, the first time you use it, it has 100% impact. each time you use it, it becomes less effective as the body develops immunity to it. obama was the most effective early in the administration when we weren't used to him. now the longer it goes, the more we notice he does use teleprompters, the more we notice it is just words and they're beautiful words but they're just words, and the more we've come to doubt the legislation that he's talking about is actually what he's promoting in his language. sean: i think you've taken the fact that you're a worried smith to an entirely new level
9:40 pm
but great analysis. >> thanks. sean: congratulations on the book. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back, the great, great, great american panel straight ahead. sfx:racking of a taillight. female valve: hahahaha...i am strong like the ox. i crush you like tiny clown car. because you are... ...clown, yes? female valve: come, you hit me again and i break you. male valve: oh, you messed with wrong pipe now, car. ha, ha trust me...i have to live with her. announcer:accidents are bad. but geico's good with guaranteed repairs through auto repair express.
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sean: tonight on our "great american panel" he's a former deputy assistant secretary of state fox news contributor, "usa today" columnist, the one and only left winger bob beckel is here. she worked in the white house under president george w. bush for media affairs, mercedes schlapp is back with us and she's a successful businesswoman devoted wife, mother of three, stars in bravo's "the real housewives of new jersey." caroline manzo is here. did i say that right? >> it's ok. sean: beck ell is freaking out because of the montage, the
9:45 pm
anointed one does every show but fox and regurgitates the same answers and didn't have a teleprompter but memorized his lines. >> this is from the same guy that mentioned remped wright 2,433 times in one year and billionaires another 43,000. you know what happens, it's interesting, maybe the people that edit this should learn it when you do several shows at one time you tend to talk about what you want to get across and he got his points across. you no he what is driving you crazy he is on a lot of television and he's the best speaker we've had as a president ever and the guy is making great headway and what he's got is got you worried and i'm glad to see it. >> i call it obama burnout, it's way too much media exposure and he's really not saying anything new. every time he talks people are not supporting his policies. he can be a great speaker and great communicate indicator but his policies are to the left and the american people aren't buying it. sean: as evidenced by the poll numbers and we'll get to that in a second, there was one -- i
9:46 pm
have to be honest, there was an interestingened enlightening moment and this was an exchange he had when george stephanopolous, give him credit, asked a question about acorn and let's roll that tape. >> how about the funding for acorn? >> frankly, it's not something i followed closely and didn't know acorn was getting a whole lot of federal money. >> the senate and house voted to cut it off. >> yeah. what i know is what i saw on that video was certainly inappropriate and deserves to be -- >> you're not committing to cut off the federal funding? >> george, this is not the biggest issue facing the country and not something i'm paying a lot of attention to. sean: who is he kidding? who is he kidding? >> that basically scared the hell out of me when i saw that. sean: why did that scare the hell out of you? >> i can understand him not understanding or knowing what happened in the past. when you're the president of the united states and you don't know that they are eligible for $8 billion. sean: 8.5 billion with a b. >> and we're in the middle of the biggest financial crisis this country has ever known and you don't know that number? sean: and they've gotten tens
9:47 pm
of millions of dollars. >> let me say something from new jersey if i could, it's for the $8.5 billion and you thought acorns fell off trees up until you heard about this on fox news the last couple weeks. the fact of the matter is acorn, there's a couple bad apples in the acorn bunch but they've put more children who have been homeless -- sean: stop it. >> don't interrupt me. i want to say one thing, i've worked with acorn a long time and worked with them in campaigns before, they couldn't organize a two-car funeral but what they have done is put a lot of poor people in housing and deserve to be congratulated. sean: every office these two brave journalists -- >> two. sean: five. >> out of 50. sean: underaged importation, prostitution, tax evasion, one after another. we've given them tens of millions and she puts out they were up for $8.5 billion. >> i'd like to talk about the previous scandals they've been involved in, voter fraud, they've been -- >> have they been convicted of that? >> miami-dade county they just brought in -- >> have they indicted anybody from acorn?
9:48 pm
are they're doing the investigation. >> i'm asking. i'm being nice. >> let's go further, what are the ties obama has to acorn? >> he was a lawyer. >> in 1985 he was a lawyer. in 1996 he said as part of his key supporters while he was running for illinois state senate, acorn was on the top of his list. >> he was acorn's lawyer. let me ask you a question, $8.5 billion where will they get that? sean: from the stimulus. >> i wasn't asking you, with i know you're the host but be quiet for a secretary. >> let me ask you a question. >> no, let me ask you a question. it's not desperate housewives of new jersey. i look at you and -- listen, i lived in new jersey for six months, great, great, wonderful place. look, it's -- i want to know what the $8.5 billion is for. >> that's -- >> i wasn't asking you. >> i don't know what it's for either. i'm just a housewife that sits at home and watches television. i am the person that watches that tv and says what the hell is going on? >> you said you were going to be nervous before coming on
9:49 pm
here and now you're bludgeoning me. i knew you'd do this. sean: he didn't know they were in line to get $8.5 billion. this is not the biggest problem in the world, george. >> it's an abuse of taxpayer money and we need congressional hearings and we need folks to take action on this and this is what the republicans are calling for and idea senate and house decided not to fund it anymore. and the fact that, you know, ms. lewis decides to come on and says she doesn't want to go to a congressional jeff sight meeting. there needs to be accountability and transparency from this organization if they're receiving money. >> you filibuster. when you guys -- did you call for investigative hearings of halliburton that got $60 billion? >> now you're going off the top of -- are did you investigate halliburton? no. it's wonderful for you guyso to -- >> it all goes back to the bush white house. >> i'm sorry. >> that's not the point. we're talking about acorn. we're here talking about what we saw this past week the chain of events that happened in the
9:50 pm
past week. sean: didn't you find those tapes despicable? >> i thought they were terrible but you'll find that in any organization of thousands of people. sean: you won't find organizations where people go in offices and you support the idea of importing young, underaged girls for prostitution. >> you're just saying that and left the impression with your audience acorn supports imtore station. sean: the people that works for them obviously -- >> have you had anyone that worked for you that was a fruitcake? yes. you answered my question. that's all you've got to say. >> not like this. sean: we'll take a break and have more with our great, great american panel straight ahead. . .
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sean: we continue with our great
9:55 pm
american panel. this will draw bob nuts, the majority of americans now believe, 57%, that government involvement is too much. 38% that we should do more. 5% undecided. this on top of the president announcing that he may be open to bailing out the liberal left- wing newspapers because they cannot make it on their own. >> when are companies going to start taking responsibility for their own actions? my husband runs a business. times are tough. we had a sacrifice. sean: you might call the white house and get something. do you think that this is a brush back because the stimulus did not work? unemployment has gone higher than progress -- promised?
9:56 pm
is this a push back to taking over car companies and banks? >> and etc., etc. it is the fundamental philosophy of president obama, government solves all economic and social woes. that will not play out in the american capitalist system. we need a free market to work. when it comes to government intervention, it is big spending. guess what? what comes with big spending is more bureaucracy. sean: that is extremely well said. what is your hand in the air for? >> i wanted to go the bathroom. [laughter] sean: i have a question for you. when you look at those numbers and see that obama wants to take over newspapers and health care and everything, on top of everything else, do you think that these numbers are scary? >> could you repeat that?
9:57 pm
do not. you will say it again tomorrow in the next day. first of all, the american people have not wanted the government involved in their lives. it was an extraordinary time when the government had to be involved to save this economy. if i could correct you, you say that he wants to bailout baffling newspapers? this was what he said -- i do not know anything about that, i am happy to look at it. he is even happy to look at you for about two seconds. he cannot wait to put you on the christmas list. sean: do you think that i will be invited to the white house christmas party? >> your chances are about as good as mine. do not feel badly. sean: this is government expansion of methamphetamines. >> i could understand why you might look at it that way.
9:58 pm
the fact of the matter is that government needed to be involved in one of the most decisive and dangerous economic times of our existence. i will drive you crazy, this is the best economic president since franklin roosevelt. he save you and you end this country from going under. sean: i am going to bring up rev. jeremiah wright. jimmy carter, that is when interest rates were 21%. you work for the guy. >> this is a class of kennedyism, you work for the guy and it was the worst crisis, so draw the conclusion. sean: look at the numbers. interest rates, double digit unemployment. double digit inflation. >> highest was in 1982, when ronald reagan was the president. sean: he gave us the longest
9:59 pm
period of peacetime economic growth. >> 1987, the stock market crash. sean: we were out of the carter years. >> look at the policies coming down the pipeline in the obama world. to the point where he talks about the single parent -- single payer system. he does. absolutely. cap and trade, where the government is going to highly regulate the energy industry, causing more jobs to be sent to china and india. you are talking about liberal policies. sean: do you think that the health care system is in good shape? >> it is flawed. there is no denying that. who has insurance? you are weakening the strong, that is what you are doing. >> the people that have insurance are paying for the people that do not have insurance right n


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