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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 25, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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batters. he was later inducted not hall of fame but page refused to act his age 44 years ago today. and now you know the news of this friday, september 25th, 2009. have a great weekend. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> iran has been building covert uranium enrichment facility. the international facility knows this is not the first time iran has concealed information about its nuclear program. bill: all hell breaking loose a new nuclear weapons facility is discovered in iran proving the mullahs have been lying for years. what should be done? karl rove, marc lamont hill, laura ingraham and i will analyze. [chanting] >> we are acorn. mighty, mighty acorn. bill: the "the washington post" reporting a massive fraud, acorn
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diverting tax dollars for political purposes. geraldo has been investigating. >> chanting. >> thousands of muslims gather to pray in washington even as more muslim-generated terror plots are uncovered in the u.s.a. we will have the very latest. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. iran's lies exposed, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as the factor has been reporting all week iran's nuclear weapons program has now reached critical mass and worldwide conflict is very possible. today president obama, british prime minister brown and sarkozy revealed a secret weapons facility located inside iran. that violates every u.n. mandate
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and proves the mullahs have been lying for years. >> iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. endangering the global nonproliferation regime, denying its own people access to the opportunity they deserve, and threatening the stability and security of the rooj and the -- region and the world. it is time for iran to act immediately to restore the confidence of the international community by fulfilling its international obligations. >> the level of deception by the iranian government and the scale of what we believe is the breech of international commitments will shock and anger the whole international community and it will harden our resolve. confronted by the serial deception of many years, the international community has no choice today but to draw a line in the sand. bill: but where exactly is that
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line? next week negotiation also begin with iran but obviously this is a rogue nation that doesn't care what the world thinks. ahmadinejad threatened obama today saying quote, he will regret his statement, unquote. long past time for civilizations to confront the iranian terrorists. if russia and china don't step up now they will never do so. today they issued meally mouth statements. quite obvious israel has plans to attack iran and waiting to see if draconian sanctions will be placed on the mull also a. israel believes iran will have been a nuclear weapon within months. the situation is about as bad as it gets. every human being on the planet will be affected if iran is attacked. if the mullahs don't give up the nukes terrorists will have access to them. so it's a desperate situation. barack obama believes must impose sanctions perhaps backed up by naval bricked brigade at
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iran. it will galvanize muslims against the u.s.a. as he said last night, we should all be praying, this situation gets under control. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in fox news analyst karl rove from austin, texas for his perspective on the shocking developments today. they were shocking, were they not, mr. brown stronger than obama saying these guys have been lying for years and enough is enough and we are going to do something. we don't know what that is i was little taken aback by the tone. >> sarkozy and brown both had very huff tones much tougher than president obama. i thought that was a good sign. let's not kid ourselves we have a very difficult path ahead. october 1 a meeting between the iranians and the permanent members of the united nations security council plus germany. we have united states, britain, and france being very tough on the need for action sanctions. we have the russians being meally mouth saying we need an
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investigation, iea must get involved immediately. the chinese sitting out there saying let's negotiate and discuss we don't see any need for sanctions. the germans have their elections this fall and merkel is going to be restrained in what she says until those elections are over. bill: now, when you were in the white house dealing with the iranian government, are they just crazy over there? is it just a matter of they want to get as much weaponry as possible so they can kill jews and americans and everybody else or are we missing some of the subtles? >> well, like, ahmadinejad is a nut. that's a technical term. bill: let me stop you there. you believe that ahmadinejad is an unstable -- is mentally unstable? is that what you believe? is that what you are saying? >> he believes the things that he says about the holocaust and about israel. he believes passionately and fervently in the need to destroy the state of israel. he is as ugly as can be. now, that's not to say he represents iran.
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bill: no. but he is in a position of power. >> sure. bill: the muslims put him there. if is he stable, can he do some damage. when you and president bush were dealing with the iranians, was there anything they would respond to. >> sure. they would respond to pressure. they are actually -- let's keep it in context. they are a country that is vulnerable. they import virtually all their food stuff. they they import almost all their consumer goods and rested very young country. most popular television program in tehran originates from los angeles, california. they import 50% of their gasoline even though they are petroleum producing country. very few financial institutions that allow them to conduct their trade. when we found one that was clearically involved in the support of terrorism and in essence told every bank in the world do you business with that iranian financial institution you will not be doing business in the united states, all the banks in the world stopped doing business with the iranian financial institution and it crimped the economy of iran. so, yes, they are vulnerable.
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we do have pressure that we can bring to bear on them particularly now that there has been an election and the fishers inside the iranian nation are becoming visible and deep and deepening. bill: you guys had eight years though and you didn't really constrain iran. i'm not saying that as a criticism because i don't know if any human being could without attacking them. was that a frustration for president bush? >> it's a frustration that we couldn't get the international -- we were patiently working to get the international community to recognize the threat and to move. and, frankly, look, today's strong statements by sarkozy and brown would not have necessarily been, you know, we wouldn't have heard chirac answer in the same way sarkozy did today. there was progress over time. we were able to constrain make it more difficult for them to move down the path that they want to move down. this is a difficult problem that president bush faced and that president obama now faces and the question is, what can we do? we now have an opportunity in the aftermath of the elections to play upon the fish sures
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inside iran and to support the democratic forces. bill: you have to assume they are doing that. >> i'm not certain we did enough during the bush years to do it and i'm not -- bill: that's why have covert activity and central intelligence agency to do these kinds of things and we have to hope that they're. i want to take a look ahead now as we took a look back. next week they start to chat. now, i don't have any confidence that these talks are going to lead anywhere because the iranians are going to do what they always do. string t. along. they will say some stuff. they will continue to game the system. that's how i see it unless you put warships outside their territorial boundaries and blockade i don't see you this he are ever going to cooperate. >> first of all i was interested french said until december that would place any decision until after the german elections and could conceivably find ourselves in december with the united states, britain, france, and
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germany supporting sanctions and russia being ambivalent and china being against them. that might be enough. if the united states, germany, and france join together in sanctions. we already have sanctions on the place. we put them in place in the 1970s. bill: is israel going to wait around that long because israel is, you know, obviously the wild card here. >> we shouldn't be making our judgments on whether or not they will wait around. even more important is get germany aboard that may require german elections to be in the rear view mirror and not coming up. it might be rather than looking for the perfect where the world community joins together through the united nations on sanctions. we say we are willing to have the major economic powers join together. germany, united states, britain, and france and we will impose sanctions unified on it and recognize that it's not going to be perfect. the russians and chinese may still try to do business with iran, but a significant power like that would be better than
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nothing at all. blockade is a problem. you start putting -- we have got warships in the persian gulf. we start blockading iran and iran will treat that as an act of war and they will respond accordingly. >> they absolutely will. next on the rundown, marc lamont hill will weigh in on this. more damning evidence against acorn charges the organization used taxpayer for the poor liberal purposes. coming up. ñg gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico
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bill: tipping now with lead story the discovery of nuclear facility inside iran mullahs have been violating international law and lying for years. obama supporter dr. marc lamont hill. president obama talked tough set military action on the table. is there any scenario whereby you, dr. hill, would support military action against iran? >> absolutely. if all other possibilities have
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been exhausted. i believe in diplomacy. president obama has promised carrot and stick diplomacy. that's what we need to see. bill: how much diplomacy. start next week with the chat. how much time with them. >> that's the key issue here. you don't want to give them too much time. bill: how much time. >> i say six months. bill: that's a lot. >> depends on what kind of progress they have seen. bill: it's an easy gig. they either let the u.n. inspectors in, all unfettered, almost like saddam hussein. you either let them in, ok, to look at all our facilities, to show exactly what we are doing, or you don't. you give them six months to do that? >> no, no. not six months to see the inspections. in fact i would agree with sar sar -- sarkozy and say three months. bill: three months. i don't know if israel will go for that. >> israel will go for that. bill: three months goes fast. all right. so, three months goes by, it's approaching christmas time. never launch military action that season but january. and then not doing it, still
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lying, still doing this and that so you dr. marc lamont hill say send in the jets. >> not after three months. i said six months. there should be penalties in between. bill: what kind of penalties. >> sanctions. bill: sanctions don't work entirely. >> you seem to think that ahmadinejad is completely nuts. just completely crazy. bill: i didn't say that rove said that. >> rove is wrong. what the reality is here, he is wrong in terms of his beliefs maybe to you or maybe even to me. the point here is that he is not going to set himself up to be completely destroyed. he is saw what happened to saddam hussein and he is not going to suffer the same fate. bill: you believe that when it comes crunch time ahmadinejad and the mullahs will back down. >> no. bill: they want attack on iran that galvanizes muslims against the jews and against the united states. so politically it's good for them to have an attack on the country. >> that's what i also adisagree with rove thinks they membership those fishes. that's why they come together. i don't understand why you want to have a naval brigade next
8:16 pm
week. bill: have you got to prepare one. look, if china and russia do not go along with the sanctions. >> they will. russia will. bill: you say they will. >> i don't think it's coincidence that obama pulled back on the nuclear shield thing last week. bill: maybe he has a deal there in the back door. >> of course he has a deal. bill: maybe. not of course. >> think they would renege on nuclear shields. bill: i hope he has a deal. >> of course he has a deal. bill: if china and russia don't cooperate they can keep iran moving even with all of the sanctions that the west imposes. i am telling you obama got to be looking at the touch here. the easiest way to strangle them is put a blockade up. >> that's an act of war. bill: you bomb them civilians get killed. >> now all of a sudden we are intervening between china and russia who may make a different decision. creates new set of issues. chow we get russia on board. i concede china isn't on board.
8:17 pm
bill: you think it doesn't matter. >> clearly obama made a complicated move. bill: he didn't say we have rugs shaps cooperation. >> is he supposed to say that? taps complicated move. what happened today was meally mouth statement. >> of course they are unof uncomfortable. bill: maybe it's a hot day. >> it wasn't as strong as fransz or -- france or britain neither was obama. bill: obama's brow was furled. he had the brow. if he would come on the factor i would toughen him up. >> that you would do. bill: two or three sessions here he would scare the hell out of ahmadinejad. i think obama got to start saber rattle a little bit. >> he is doing that he drew a line in the sand today. bill: starting to move warships in. naval exercises sends a message. >> it's called i declare war. that's not a message.
8:18 pm
that's not a jab. it's a hard message that starts war. that's not what you want to do. you impose tense sanctions that are economically rooted and it works. bill: i'm not opposed to that. >> you want to get ready for war. that's bush diplomacy. bill: toot sanctions, but, take a look at all all our hardway in the persian gulf. if the sanctions don't work, here is next thing. >> i think obama made that clear from the beginning he always would leave no option off the table. bill: i don't see a lot of fear in ahmadinejad and the mull also a right now. thank you. acorn most reporting they used tax pairing dollars for political purposes instead of helping the poor. geraldo has been investigating, moments away. some lunch.
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bill: factor follow-up segment tonight "the washington post" reporting that acorn transferring several million dollars supposed to go to the poor political operatives pushing agendas and tax money to make money for themselves. shocking revelation comes on the heels being defunded by congress. fox news geraldo rivera has been following the story. it gets worse and worse. >> it really does to. describe acorn as embattled is to describe the alamo as many elm battled. bill: it's over. >> when geraldo is jumping on their case, you know things are bad for acorn. bill: are you referring to yourself are you referring to another geraldo? >> -- bill: conservative people and traditional people like me are also sympathetic to the poor. we want to help people. i give away millions of dollars
8:23 pm
to charity. you know that. all right? but we don't want political corruption and ideology involved. >> why don't we agree to postpone that debate a couple of minutes and let me talk about the specification of what's going on right now. because i think it is very, you know, -- opening in a sense. this is not the acorn embezzlement scandal where the brother of the founder robbed a million dollars and he didn't call the cops. he agreed to pay it back. bill: it happened a few years ago ravishy. >> 2006. he was forced to resign as a result. bertha lewis. this is not the voter registration scam in which mickey mouse and donald duck were being registered. it's not that scam. and it's not the hooker and the pimp scandal. this is an entirely new scandal what it involves, acorn cannot a tax exempt charity. it has component parts like project vote that are tax exempt. you give money so we can register poor people. that's tax exempt charity project vote. they took $8.6 million the
8:24 pm
charity did. but they gave over $5 million of the 8.6 to organizations controlled by ravishy, which which-rathke which were used for political purposes. bill: a shell game. >> you can't use charitable money for political lobbying. >> but, look, the corruption of acorn, nobody can deny it. it's corrupt. but when you then have an organization where there is millions of dollars coming in your money, my money, folks' money through taxation and through donations, where the people say yeah, i do want to help the poor people, i want to get them to vote citizens this and that and the other. then all of a sudden they take the money and they put it over into an seiu union gig or something like that. they should go to jail for this. >> they should go to jail. bill: go to jail. >> i have not heard that specific allegation. bill: i'm just giving example. >> hard core political lobbying which is impermissible with donated tax deductible. bill: let's advance the story. president obama is tied into
8:25 pm
acorn. the reason he is is because acorn supported him and he said nice things about acorn. >> he represented acorn. bill: that was way back. i'm willing to let the statute of limitations run out on that one. just last year he said good things about acorn. they endorsed him. he is tied to them so some degree. he today and he has got a lot of stuffen ohis plate. today should say my justice department is going to investigate these people right now and we're going -- the fbi is going to go. in just like the state of louisiana is doing. >> a couple of things about that i believe that if you investigate acorn with that kind of fervour, and you unleash the powers of the justice department, then, in fairness, you should look at other charities. bill: why? >> of which the same allegations. bill: the evidence here is overwhelming. >> for example, you don't know what the evidence is because there hasn't been a due process collection of the evidence. bill: we saw the evidence. >> you have seen evidence but you cannot adjudicate. i think, for instance, what congress did in defunding acorn
8:26 pm
is unconstitutional and will be overturned by the first court that reviews it you can't do it without a judicial or administrative finding after due process protections are given of guilt. they have not done that. they made a peremptory political strike. they de-funded acorn. i think acorn wins that battle. here is what i suggest. and dare i say the word czar. i think some kind of inspector general should look at all of these fringe charities that are really. bill: acorn first. >> what about, remember jerry falwell's silent majority, you know, that was a group that was tax exempt largely and they used the money for political purposes on the right. you could argue that the 700 club is another charity that has heavy political affiliations on the right. i believe that this shell game, to use your expression, exists on both the left and the right, and it is an insult to people who are compassionate and want to help.
8:27 pm
bill: when you have the amount of publicity and evidence and acorn is a big organization and you have them in the news and the president is tied into them, he has got to distance himself and he has got to make a statement about it. he should do it quickly. >> what you did not mention then, you know that i think this president is trying his best under very difficult circumstance. acorn did donate over $800,000. $832,000 to the obama presidential campaign. bill: another reason to do it. >> it's another reason. but i think, bill, here is where we disagree. bill: real quick. >> i don't think you can have either legislation or judicial action targeted to one group when there are others arguably. bill: a gentlemanly disagreement, everybody. at least there someone gentleman here. that's geraldo. >> whoa. >> i would never say that i was. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. thousands of muslims demonstrate in d.c. as more muslim generated terror plots exposed in the u.s.a. laura ingraham will weigh in on
8:28 pm
acorn and the nuclear iranian situation. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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bill: impact segment tonight, big demonstration in d.c. today. thousands of muslims gathered at capitol hill to pray to their god allah in a silent exposition meant to change the face of islam in america. this on the heels of another terror plot being exposed in dallas. 19-year-old jordanian man try toggle plotting to blow up a dallas sky scraper. naji beulah zazi was in court. he was plotting to bomb commuter trains in new york city. joining us now from los angeles public affairs council. i guess it must be painful for you and other law abiding good muslims to see muslim men not only in the united states but all over the world be involved in these alleged terror plots is that painful. >> it's executioniating painful. it's painful on a lot of levels. here is the thing, for most
8:32 pm
muslims in the united states, there is something like 4 to 6 million muslims that are law abiding and peaceful and share the concern over the safety and security of our country. they want the same things that other americans to do. to see these kinds of cases come to light is bone chilling. we are just like attorney general holder we're encouraging vigilance by all americans. if people see something, they should say something. and, you know, it's a time when we should remember how important our vigilance is. and at the same time, you know, as i always say, we have to remember that these people are innocent until proven guilty. they deserve their day in court like anybody else. >> sure, i remember when the priest scandal was underway and as a roman catholic every time i would read a headline i would just go like this, because i knew that people were holding the actions of a few against the entire religion. and it's very, very similar to what is happening in the muslim, american muslim community.
8:33 pm
let me give you because you have an organization that is responsible. let me give you a suggestion, with all due respect. i like the prayers. i think prayers are very important for everybody. all believers. and i think the people turn out in d.c. today were doing a good thing for themselves and i hope they were praying for good things. but i would have also liked to see a statement made by this group that we are praying for the end of terrorism and for peace. i would like a specific statement made by the american muslim community that we are praying that muslim fundamentalists stop their murderous activities all over the world. if you can get behind that message, all right, i think americans who now look a scans. >> we are behind that message. >> i didn't see it today. i didn't see it. >> let me say first, i wasn't
8:34 pm
there today. bill: it wasn't there. >> i talked to my colleagues, now, hold on a second it's adena, first of all. let's backtrack for a second. these folks are a local group of muslims in new jersey. they were inspired by president obama's speech in cairo about the message of goodwill and of mutual understanding and they thought to themselves how can we send a message to our fellow americans that we are here, we love our country and we all value the same thing and want quality. bill: you are not proactive enough in condemning worldwide jihad. you are just not. >> bill, we do it every day. bill: but you don't do it in a way that anybody hears you. >> if you gave me an opportunity and cnn and msnbc and all of your competitors gave me an opportunity to come on your shows every single day and make that statement i would. bill: ok. you would. >> we're happy. bill: you would but -- >> -- you are wrong. bill: you had an opportunity and
8:35 pm
there wasn't one sign or one person saying that. not one. >> these people were there to do pray for peace and pray for mutual understanding. to my understanding they did that muslims around the country every day are working to prevent violence and extremism. the thing that we can't send a mixed message when we are looking at these terror cases. these people who gathered in d.c. are trying to do a good thing. we shouldn't be smearing them in the process. we should be encouraging more positive activities. bill: step up your pr activities. we appreciate it. >> help me do it, mr. o'reilly. bill: laura ingraham has a busy segment. more serious charges against acorn and lies about nuclear weapons. miss laura is next. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the week in review in the ingra ham angle seeing: radio star and fox news
8:39 pm
analyst laura ingraham joins us. do you want to say something about the muslim prayer deal we just talked about. >> yeah, look, i agree any time people get together and pray, it's a positive thing. however, let us not forget that hassan abdelah was the most aggressive lawyer, the description of him was during the time a 1993 world trade center bomber. bill: who is that now? >> hassan abdelah is the person who is billed as the organizer of the muslim day of prayer in washington. bill: so the organizer of this prayer, he is a dubious background? >> yeah. well, exactly. and, you know, your guest seems like a nice person. if i'm a catholic and there is a national day of prayer, catholic prayer, i'm not wanting the person who organize it be someone who was representing some person who was citing the bible as he was plotting to blow up americans. if that had happened, people would be screaming for
8:40 pm
repudiation and condemnation. bill: my point was the muslim american community simply does not, does not take an aggressive anti-terror posture. i don't care what edina says. they don't. >> they clearly don't. in fact, at this event today, again, which was overwhelmingly, you know, seemed very peaceful. people seemed to have a good time. i just saw a number of people leaving, you know, leaving capitol hill. look, the fact of the matter is, we had women sitting separately from the men who are participating in the prayer. i mean, that in itself is a big loss. bill: that's the culture. >> i know it's the culture. the question is is that a culture we are going to support? that type of attitude? bill: let's go on to iran. obviously a very dangerous situation developing. how do you see of it? >> well, marc lamont hill earlier talked about well, russia clearly -- they are clearly going to give us the support we need on the saxes. someone who has actually spent
8:41 pm
quite a bit of time in russia last six months four different times. the russians are only going to dual,do u bill, what is good for russia. they are not going to do something because they want to help obama and inflate his image on the national stage. they are going to do it for their homeland. so, for this to happen, as it went down yesterday, where russia and china refuse to stand with america and the french, to stand up against what's happening in iran, with these nuclear ambitions was very telling. they wouldn't even stand with us. they wouldn't even allow us to use. bill: they were in pittsburgh they could have done it and they didn't -- the chinese didn't do it either. but hill is entitled to his opinion. >> of course he is. he is just wrong. bill: we will know in three or four weeks. i suspect that russia will come along with some kind of sanction deal and china will not. that's how i think it will come down. but, be that as it may. >> we don't know that yet. so far i'm very skeptical.
8:42 pm
bill: be that as it may, do you believe that president obama, if all else fails, has the stones to either to launch military action against iran or let israel do it? >> i don't think, i don't think, from what i heard today his speech at the end of the day at the g-20 when he was asked a question about iran, why didn't you tell us about this underground facility earlier, and why do you think sanctions are going to work, what he said to the reporter was hey, this isn't a football game. i'm not interested in victory and he went on to talk about the process and you want results. what do you mean you are not interested in victory? you are interested in victory over those who seek to use terror as a means of influence around the world. so when i heard him say that, no i was not heartened. bill: let's go on to acorn, you heard geraldo, there is a legal precedent you can't pick out one group and congressional
8:43 pm
scrutiny. i don't buy it i think whether you have a scandal of this magnitude with a group this large with taxpayer money in the 50 million range, i think you have to take action. you have to take action fast. so i disagree with geraldo on it. >> i think when he tried to bring up like jerry falwell and the moral majority and the 700 club? he kind of lost me. bill: shell game has been used on the right as well that's true but let's deal what we have in front of us. >> that wasn't convincing. but, look, the thing we know now is that acorn, with acorn anything is possible. right? anything. given what was on this -- >> corruption deyour. whatever corruption they can think of it will probably surface. >> when an entity like acorn gets as much money as it gets from us, the taxpayers, we should treat acorn frankly like we treat banks today. they should be highly regulated. they should be firmly audited. bill: don't you want the fbi to
8:44 pm
go in there? i do. >> of course we should. all i'm saying is is the scrutiny should be on par with financial institutions that get u.s. money as well. and it's absurd now that bertha lewis is going to continue to say well, we are victims, we are going to sue this person and that person. bill: that doesn't matter because they are through. acorn is through. what does matter is that president obama continues to ignore the situation and he shouldn't. i will give you the last word. >> it's not important. no, no. he said he didn't know that acorn got all that much money. it's not all that important an issue to the american people. that shows you the disconnect between the oval office and the people of this country. they do care how their money is spent. bill: they care big time. lawyer remarks we would like to you vote in our bill o'reilly cot come poll. do you agree with glenn beck that john mccain would be a worse president than barack obama? now, the reason we phrase it this way is that beck believes that barack obama is not a good president. ok? so he says mccain would be even worse.
8:45 pm
we're north buying into that beck thing but it's an interesting poll question. so either you agree with beck or you disagree with beck. that's what we would like you to do on bill o' dumbest moments in a week. see if you can three examples of patently stupid behavior. see if you can guess. a lot of dumb behavior this week after this message. sfx:racking of a taillight. female valve: hahahaha...i am strong like the ox. i crush you like tiny clown car. because you are... ...clown, yes? female valve: come, you hit me again and i break you. male valve: oh, you messed with wrong pipe now, car. ha, ha trust me...i have to live with her.
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announcer:accidents are bad. but geico's good with guaranteed repairs through auto repair express.
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bill: back of the book segment tonight, dumbest things of the week. now to help us with this segment juliet huddy and host of red eye greg gutfeld. you selected hugo chavez. >> yes. bill: roll the tape. >> where do you come from?
8:49 pm
>> i bill: that was pretty dumb. >> he name drops sean penn and blames america for iraq, afghanistan, and racism. i realize that's not hugo chavez. that's actually sean penn. bill: in hugo mask. >> he is preparing for a role. bill: here is what huddy disturbs me a world leader taking advice from sean penn. i don't know if that's really the way you want to go. >> sean penn isn't on a moral barometer for anybody. the guy gave his acceptance speech at the oscars and forgot
8:50 pm
to mention his wife. when he is con fronted about it later on we talked about it we weren't going to have the time to do that it's like my wife takes up half a second. hugo chavez is entertaining. >> is he a dunder head. bill: we have something very it's a little lighter ♪ ♪ ♪ bill: a million hits. a million people watched that. and it was not steve doocy. a lot of people said looks like doocy as a child. that's pretty gum dumb, right? i thought that was a baby. >> a lot of people -- i don't get it. i was kind of waiting for the kid to do this. bill: kid had rhythm.
8:51 pm
look there he goes. i like the kid. >> i thought you were going to see him do the little egyptian thing on the side. bill: it's just a baby. >> any baby would do that my dog would do that, too. bill: people sought this out to the tune of 1 million. >> he is only a year old and he has better moves than tom delay. bill: that's true. >> and me, sadly. bill: here is my dumbest thing of the week. roll it. >>
8:52 pm
bill: he is insane. this is a guy that belongs in an asylum. this is one flu over the coo coo's nest. this guy runs the country. >> half the world is run by nut bags. we need to know that. bill: who is more insane? him or chavez? >> oh, come on. this guy is. he needs to have a show caroline's in a few weeks. he is funny. bill: we are going to have factor gear, that hat. no spin. we are going to put no spin on kadafi's hat. i guarantee you, we will sell. >> i will buy 10 of them right now. bill: right. don't you want kadafi's hat? >> i want the bed spread. bill: no spin in english and arabic underneath it that's coming from the factor gear deal. juliet. greg. thank you. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring jessica biel
8:53 pm
and randy quaid. p and p coming up.
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8:56 pm
bill: jessica doesn't like me very much. called me a dirty name once. the other jessica beal seems a bit more level headed. she is climbing mount in africa to help raise awareness for the need for clean water around the world. instead of spouting jibberrish she is doing good things for the fame she is a patriot. actor randy quaid and his wife skipped out on $10,000 california hotel bill. they were arrested in texas. released on $20,000 bond each. so it's a big beef. it's a shame this stuff has to happen. if they did it, the quaids are pinheads. finally tonight the mail, coming this coming sunday bold fresh of humanity number 8 on the one
8:57 pm
year on the top ten list. we thank everybody who is supporting the book. i really appreciate it. if you buy bold fresh on bill o' you get the tote bag free. both make good gifts and this is a great deal. if the mullahs continue the madness it will be confrontational capitulation. one or the other. israel -- they will not confirm the presence of nuclear weapons. if israel was the target of a
8:58 pm
nuclear attack, madam, it would be no israel. it's a small country.
8:59 pm
bill: get a job you look forward to going to every day, brian. and, only associate with people you trust socially. that's my advice. to all college students. how about our web site?'reilly. that is the talking points memo. if you came in late, it's on iran and the very chilling discovery today of their nuclear weapons facility and how obama and the other world leaders are handling it. then please email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world o' name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. please, when writing to us here is the word of the day don't be a rapscallion. that's it for us today. factor continues 24/7 on bill o' please check it out over the weekend. you will see the factor post game show from last night. it's a good o


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