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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 29, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bret: the slow mo for effect. they told me screech was the catcher. i didn't know screech was the bird. i thought he was on the lineup. >> saved by the bell. >> once again saved by the bell. that's it for "special report" this time. the only place you will get the whole in 2009. change is good. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> how often do you talk to the president? >> i have talked to the president since i have been here once. >> you have talked to him once in 70 days? >> that's correct. bill: why is commander and chief obama not talking to his lead general in afghanistan? senator john mccain will address that question and the danger from iran. >> we tried to put amendments in that state that you are not a legal citizen you will not be entitled to any subsidies. we lost those amendments again.
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>> 22 democratic congress people are demanding government-sponsored health care for illegal aliens. even as support for obama care is collapsing. we will have details. >> you know what happens to fellow? want to guess? no, no. they lose their noses. >> director roman arrested in switzerland on child molestation beef 32 years after it happened. we will debate the case. >> next time lose the whole thing. feed it to my gold fish. bill: caution, you are about to enter not spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. iran and afghanistan, a test of leadership for president obama and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the was muffin daily tracking poll out today has president
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obama falling below 50% in job approval. the numbers now 49%. health care down to 41% approval. can you believe it? 56% oppose. obviously the president is having trouble. this week negotiations with begin with iran which continues to defy the world. after being chastised by president obama and other world leaders iran responded by testing missiles this weekend. once again, spitting in the eye of those nations who want nuclear controls. the tyrant ahmadinejad is clear on the issue saying this about a possible attack on his country by israel. >>s zionist regime is far to small and little to be able to engage in an act of agress against iran. it's not in their capacity. >> they could take out a nuclear facility. they could. >> they will not make this
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mistake. because the response they will get from us will be one which they will regret. bill: many believe the u.s.a., great britain, and france are not going to be able to stop the mullahs from getting nukes. few believe the west has a stomach for world war. certainly iran believes that once again iranians can cause trouble all over the place. so the arrogant mullahs are going to do what they want to do unless the world economically strangles them. it doesn't look like that's what's going to happen. thanks to our pals the russians and chinese refuse to clamp down on iran. president obama is really up against it in afghanistan, there is chaos as well. the president still has not decided whether to send 40,000 additional u.s. troops there to fill the request of his commanding general stanley mcchrystal. last night on 60 minutes mcchrystal delivered a stunning sound bite. >> how often do you talk to the president? >> i have talked to the president since i have been here once. >> you talked to him once in 70 days? >> that's correct.
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bill: wow, talking points is perplexed. the commander and chief doesn't talk to his general in the field? what's that all about? policy through the secretary gates. if it were pee i would be talking directly to my commander in the field on a weekly basis. both afghanistan and iran are obviously extremely complicated. worth noting iran is still holding three american hikers who wandered across the kurdish border. it's been going on for two months it's basically kidnapping. mullahs don't care. they don't seem to fear america. this is truly a test of leadership for president obama. just as president carter was up against the obama. if he does not, iran becomes a nuclear power on his watch. same thing in afghanistan. either we defeat the taliban or the country descends into chaos like vietnam did. history defines great leaders as those who defeat or diffuse
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great challenges. president obama certainly facing those. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, let's bring in senator john mccain for his take. senator joins us from washington. believed to have you, senator, because you could be president of the united states right now. you could be facing exactly what president obama is facing. let's take iran first. am i making any mistakes in my analysis, sir? >> no. not at all. this is very serious situation. and the solution, i think, not only lies with an attempt to impose sanctions on iran, as you, i think, appropriately and accurately pointed out, i have very serious doubts as to whether russia and china will cooperate with sanctions that have significant effect on iran and we can talk about why. but i think you left out something. and that is our advocacy for regime change in iran. and i don't mean through military action by helping
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supporting, assisting in a variety of ways, including internet access and other -- encouragement of elements within iran to overthrow the regime. bill: we have to assume that it's happening. we have to assume that the intelligence services of the united states doing everything they can. you are in a race against time now. i mean, if you don't get the sanctions strangle the gasoline flow, because that's all -- that could bring it to a halt. that brings iran down. if you don't get them, then israel is going to do something. israel is not going to sit there and do nothing. they are going to do something. we are talking months here. those revolutionary guard, they are pretty tough guys. going to be pretty tough to overflow that government with them standing between them and the mullahs, between the good people in iran and the mull also a. you have got to assume that president obama has to have a plan b, sanctions don't work. israel is coming. what does president obama do? what would you do? >> well, first of all, again, i would have, from the beginning, and you disagreed with me at the
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time. i would have said these people that are rising up against this oppression and brutality, they have our full support and the day that that young woman named neta bled to death before hundreds of people that was the beginning of the end of that regime. that would have removed many of the problems that we have. there are a lot more things we can do just besides the intelligence agencies. there is legs that we can help them out. bill: got it. give miah one thing john mccain would have have done during that turmoil. >> you are right. the world is behind you. we have respect and appreciation for human rights. i would have done everything i could to assist them outside of, obviously military action. but, and, again, your points though is what the situation we're. in there is no good options, bill. we can't take military option off the table. yet, you know the ramifications. i think you just described it very accurately in your talking
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points. so, i think we have to try the sanctions, buff, the talking that's going to take place on the first of october. i'm not optimistic, obviously as you mentioned the missile testing that's taking place in the last few days. but i also think we have to talk turkey to the russians and the chinese and try to make them understand if there is conflict in the middle east it's not in russia or china's interest in the long run. you have got to assume that hillary clinton has been cooking that. lock. you are navy guy. i call for a possible blockade of iran if everything classes. i think that would stop israel from doing everything. put some ships in there and would you support that? >> i think that that is an option that must be seriously considered and i think it would have a serious effect.
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i would remind you that hezbollah and southern lebanon has thousands of rockets that they can unleash on israel. bill: i know. >> it's hard to tell. if the iranians block the straits of hormuz. it cuts off the world's oil supply as well. we have got to think it through. it's an option that, frankly, again, i certainly wouldn't take it off the table. bell. bill: deteriorating situation according to general mcchrystal, you just heard the general say he doesn't talk to president obama. i thought that was a little strange. if they say that's the way we want what do you think? >> i think it's fightly born that every president i have talked of. of course you observe the chain of command. here is the person general responsibility general mcchris talg in this case. out of idol curiosity, i would
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talk to him. bill: now, you would put the 40,000 in, right? you would put the 40,000? >> if we don't, then we are facing disaster as general mcchrystal has add squat live described. we can't do half measures. time not on our side. admirable mullen the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified. we need to act very soon. i understand the president's dilemma and i sympathize with the fact it's the left base of his party and a lot of other factors politically and otherwise that he has to consider. but i would absolutely agree with that. and those who are opposing it are the same people that said the surge wouldn't work. bill: right. i guess that. i will hold the senators over. back timing down in the show so that you all know. here is my problem with afghanistan. you have a corrupt governor in there. car karzai is in effect
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detective. we haven't been able to train their armies and police force. maybe it's possible. you have been there. i have been there preemptive country. life expectancy is 40. most people don't have electric electricity. most people are illiterate. we are trying to nation build in there. it looks like thbs impossible. police saction is the about the best we can do. maybe you have another plan. >> i have the same plan that we used in iraq. only adapted to the different demographics, geography, et cetera. provide security for the people and then the social and economic process move forward. we had a government in iraq when we started the surge that had no control. its had terrible sectarian violence. i have gray will we can do it
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first you have to provide security for the people, exactly. shepard: all right. bill: i think most americans are willing to give that a try. if it doesn't work, what are you going to do? >> very weary. bill, they are very weary. you know they are. i think we only have two choices you do the right thing or you get out. >> you have got to give it a try. just like in iraq. you were right on iraq and most others were wrong. the senator was right on the subject. you have got to give it one more good try and see how it comes down. i also want to say and i know you have seen it before. the american military is performing magnificently not only again not only in iraq but this is ha r. harder. preemptive country with people who have no idea about decorum or anything like that and the american military is performing -- can't even use air power now in a lot of situations. but it just is stunning to me how good our military is i will give you the last word, senator.
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>> i agree with everything you said in space, i would also point out the afghans are good fighters, too. they love a good fight. bill: get them mobile blifsed it's been eight years. >> operate with them. thanks for having me on. bill: thanks for coming on. next on the rundown want illegal ail yebs to participate nativity in health care, why? >>no the president's falling (announcer) carefree introduces protection, times ten.
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bill: impact segment tonight, 22 democratic congress people have signed a letter to the leadership saying that illegal aliens should be included in health care reform. as you may know, president obama is opposed to that. >> there are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this, too, is false. the reforms.
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[boos] >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. >> not true. bill: that's that famous sound bite. joining us from dallas. immigration activist john juan hernandez, author of the book new american pioneers. why we are afraid of mexican immigrants. ok. why are we afraid of mexican immigrants. now, president obama, very clear, and i don't believe that he lied. he can't possibly include illegal aliens in his health care bill. he would be a one-term president it would be, you know, no read my lips no, new taxes by a thousand if that happened. so what do you think of president obama saying that? , well, when we had the congressman screaming out you are lying, you could also hear millions and millions of hispanics screaming out, what? wait a minute, mr. obama.
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you promised us immigration reform. and now you are telling us that the undocumented won't even be able to pay by the way, we're not asking for unsubsidized health care but won't be able to pay for the health care that he is proposing. the clock is ticking and we hispanics are also getting very, very upset that we're still waiting for immigration reform. not for him to back away. bill: i would love to see a poll on health care and what obama said among the hispanic community in america. the main beef is this. that obama care or government-funded health care is obviously going to cost the taxpayer a lot of money. everybody knows that. it's going to run into the trillions. americans viscerally say it is not fair when my family is struggling to pay health care insurance premiums, it is not fair for somebody who breaks the law, comes to america, and they participate, no matter what the extent of it is. and that's a very strong valid argument, juan. >> it is a very good argument
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except we must consider that we are talking about young people, 17 to 26 years old, that on the contrary not going to cost us. they are the ones that can help pay for the health care for our elderly and by the way. these young new hispanics can help pay those. bill: if you legalized everybody you have an if. but, again, that's not going to happen. >> we hope it is going to happen. bill: immigration reform, there is going to be some kind of thing in the next couple of years. it's not going to be amnesty thing. there will be a pathway. that's fine. let's get back to the health care bill. there is going to be language if you are not an american citizen you don't get to participate in any way. you think that's morally wrong? >> of course it's morally wrong. the two groups that support. >> business leaders who are just as a matter of fact two times two is four and the churches, why because the one hand we need
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to look at the numbers that they are paying not unsubsidized health care but paying into the system and getting much less and then number two is the immoral thick to do. we need to could the right thing. the moral argument is a powerful argue: you don't want people dying in the streets. are able to use emergency rooms this country. >> not allow them to pay unsubsidized health care. bill: be careful what you wish for. if there was a provision by which obama care included illegal aliens, it would never pass, ever. always a pleasure. pick up juan's book. directly ahead school in new jersey indoctrine united states children with pro obama agenda as you know. caused major fall out around the nation. bill clinton says vast right wing conspiracy is alive and well. we will find out what that's all about coming up.
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bill: factor follow up segment tonight. last week we showed you this tape of some school kids in new jersey. >> everybody, let's sing it together. bill: well, it has caused outrage across the country because it's indoctrination. nowhere have we found any songs to president bush or president reagan. some say this is like what the
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chinese did with chairman maui. we asked come on the factor, of course they declined. joining us now from vancouver, canada. the line they are putting out in nuke, juan, is that it was black history. black history celebration, which maybe that's true refers to united states -- our educational system in the public schools. stories come across my desk where school boards taking primarily a liberal view of the world and finding a way to bring it to the children inside the school building. it's wrong, juan. >> no doubt about it i'm anxious to hear more about what the examples are this example worries me in the sense that does look like some type of indoctrination. on the fails of it when you ask the people there what they say
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it was black history month, exercise in literacy. this tape didn't come out because there was some conservative undercover job done. it came out because they sent it to an author of a presidential obama -- children's book on president obama and we're try toggle -- trying to get her to come to the school to promote literacy. bill: promote literacy or promote president obama. the school in new jersey didn't feel they did anything wrong. look it's black history month, black president. get the song for the kids. what's wrong with it o'reilly what are you making a big deal out of this for? i understand that mind set. i have got that i don't think they are bad people but what they are doing and i'm a former teacher is absolutely wrong. you can't politicize the public school system in america. and it's absolutely happening. listen, i mean, mmm, george w. bush like, you just can't
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imagine it in a million years. i'm glad. bill: it would never happen. >> as a conservative i would be upset if they were teaching my children that you know what those kids probably don't know. i don't know a song about the order of the presidents, a song about the declaration of independence. black history month emancipation proclamation or the gettysburg address. bill: that might have worked or any frederick douglas or any of the people who actually participated in the -- ok, look, i just want everybody to know we're keeping a close eye on indoctrination of children. let's get on to what we just heard with the health care on illegals, aim wrong, juan saying that if illegal aliens receive any kind of government assistance in the health care it's done. 41% according to rasmussen support obama care. if you have got the illegal component in there like juan
5:26 am
hernandez wants it would go down to 21%, would it not. >> i think most people have this knee jerk reaction. i would ask you to think about it for a second. do we really want people, immigrants, legal or illegal in some cases we are talking about legal immigrants not being eligible here but illegal immigrants who are doing low end work in our schools, our hospitals, working with seniors, do we want those people walking around with the swine flu or something going unattended do we want our emergency rooms as pointed out in the previous interview chock full because wait for last minute. that seems to be destructive for us as american people. how do you answer that. >> people say we're already paying for. this here is what you are telling the american people who already have insurance and already happy with it you are telling them we are going to change the whole system, mess everything up. be in a different program probably going to lose your doctor, obama says that's not true. that's not the case. this is all too partially help people who are illegally in the
5:27 am
country in a hard economic time when people are having hard time making ends meet. >> >> i thought bill o'reilly asked us about coverage of immigrants legal and illegal. can you argue about the health care thing. i think when it comes down to saying. i think it's in ourself interest to make sure we don't have sick people on our streets. bill: mary katharine. >> you can make that argue: get that treatment in emergency rooms. already paying for it why are you telling people who are already -- why are you telling people who already have insurance who are happy with it that we are going to change the whole system to help people here illegally. brian: you are dodging juan's question. juan saying it's better for the country. >> care in emergency rooms. bill: ok. i'm not sure. i think juan understands. >> argument is they're all healthy they will bring the costs down. if they're healthy, why are we worrying about it anyway. bill: message that it sends
5:28 am
break the law come here illegal and give you taxpayer subsidized perk. >> exactly. bill: you just can't. mary katharine, juan, as the factor moves along this evening. law and order take as shot at president bush and vice president cheney. brit hume on why the president wants poll numbers continue to fall and what he can do about. not brit, the president. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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bill: pled guilty to the molesting a 13-year-old girl in los angeles. that was 32 years ago. before he could be stepsed he fled to europe where he has been at large ever since. if you don't know this guy, this might remind you. >> hello, where did you get the midget? everybody know this fellow kitty cat? do you know what happens to
5:31 am
fellows? no? want to guess? huh? no? ok, they lose their noses. next time you lose the whole thing. cut it off and feed it to my goldfish. bill: he directed that film and now over the weekend he was arrested in switzerland where he was attending a film festival. he was picked up. house a house in switzerland been going there for years. now he may be equities that indicted back to l.a. -- extradited back to l.a. pam bondi joins from us florida. you believe this is a worthy thing that they picked the guy up, they are going to possibly send him back to los angeles? why? >> absolutely, bill. i think it's great news. >> because we can't lose sight of what he did. even though it was 32 years ago, he raped and was convicted of raping a 13-year-old little girl. he then fled to france where he has dual citizenship and france and poland so it was very
5:32 am
difficult to extradite him. then he was travelling back and for the to switzerland discretely and even admittedly he wouldn't travel to countries likely to extradite. become very come play sent and basically in your face of the united states government saying i'm going to go to switzerland, collect this award and they were waiting at the airport for him. i think it's great news and he must be held accountable. bill: nicole as pam pointed out he did rape a 13-year-old, pled it down, ok, to child molestation, but he also gave the girl narcotics. which was also part of that. now, this girl is now in her 40's and she says she has moved on and doesn't have any animus towards polanski. the crime was pretty heinous. he has been living pretty large in europe all these years. shouldn't he pay the price, nicole? >> i would have to disagree as we are describing it as heinous crime because of the title of it keep in mind that the prosecutor
5:33 am
at the time thought that this case was only worth 40-some odd days in jail. so even the prosecutor. bill: bill wait, raping a 13-year-old who you give narcotics to. i don't care what a loopy prosecutor might think. look at what happened. what the guy did. look, here is my beef with polanski. he does the crime. he pleads it down. then he splits to live in luxury in europe. so, where is the price that this guy pays for what he did, nicole? >> price is a key word here. because this is a collosal waste of taxpayer money for the government to prove a point. the prosecutor thought this case was worth about 40 days in jail. then the judge decided that for whatever reason, perhaps political, perhaps otherwise, he wasn't going to accept the deal. bill: because that was insane, that's why. >> mane it was. bill: you don't give somebody 40 days unless you are in vermont for raping a 13-year-old and give her drugs to set it up.
5:34 am
>> well, and the complainant doesn't even want to see him prosecuted anymore. bill: the woman i admire she doesn't want vengeance. i admire all of that polanski hasn't paid a price. pam, what price do you think he should pay? not extradited yet. what should he get? >> there is a very good chance that he is going to be extradited back, bill. that's why they waited until he was in switzerland. the swiss authorities are going to have to cooperate. whatever deal was struck with the prosecutors or he will be allowed to withdraw his plea if there was a firm deal in place. they will have to go back and look at those transcripts from the 70's. i admire this victim for moving on. even reached settlement with polanski. if she is get on and move on,
5:35 am
more power to her. she is 45. i would like the guy up as long as i could. he raped a 13-year-old. but, having said that i think they will be careful because if there was an original deal the ultimate deal is to bring him back here. bill: he could withdraw of the people, what would you give him nicole. >> i would displis the case right now. the victim in the case doesn't want -- bill: would you continue to bar him from the united states? >> he has paid pen nens. if there is no conviction you can north continue to bar him. bill: yeah, couldn't can you bar him on undesirable or something like that. you you can keep him out of here. you don't have to give him -- nothing, have a nice day. >> that's what the complainant wants. i would honor her wishes. there are out there. hundreds of man hours will be
5:36 am
wasted prosecuting someone that the victim doesn't want to see prosecuted when there is a real victim throughout who wants her case heard. bill: thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come back, brit hume on why president obama's poll numbers are falling and what can do about it president obama says vast right wing conspiracy. we will hear from mr. clinton moments away. most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever.
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bill: thanks for being with us. o'reilly segment. president obama falling quickly. obama faces incredible charges. joining us from new haven connecticut. brit hume. are you surprised now the president is below 50% 59. are you surprised that they are falling so fast and continue to fall? >>. no i'm really not surprised, bill, for this reason.
5:39 am
the president is try trying to enact a set of left of center policies in a right of center country. and the country will overlook that and forgive that if the results that the president is getting from whatever his policies are are seen as good. the issue the public most cares about is the economy. the policies the president has put in place perhaps they have not had time to take effect. they have not amill rated the situation. the unemployment rate continues to rise. this is what they said in poll after poll and continue to say top priority. he appears at the public to be working on another set of priorities. this kind of political difficulty is not surprising. bill: but in the economy, you don't see what -- too many people screaming and yelling about it because it's kind of in a neutral posture right now. nobody really knows, you know, bernanke and those guys say look, recession pretty much over. now we will start to rebuild. town hall meetings and
5:40 am
demonstrations, you don't see people going you ruined the economy, this and that. you see them screaming about health care primarily the health care anger and now people getting very worried about iran. let's take iran. it's almost an impossible situation, is it not? >> i think it's an extremely difficult situation. it's one he certainly did inherit. and i think, however, what can't be measured here is not easy to see is whether this posture of outrage toward iran has emboldened ahmadinejad and the rest of the iranian hierarchy. the president said that he wanted a positive engagement and so forth and to on. they may be laughing behind their hands at him. certainly the actions they have taken are extremely provocative. once the word got out and the administration had known about it all along, about this new facility we hadn't heard about before. then they fire off these missiles it, seems to me they are thumbing their nose at him.
5:41 am
bill: no doubt they're. >> not clear whether they during that because they were going to do that anyway or because the guy thinks he is going to talk us into something we don't want to do. bill: have you read that? >> sometimes, yeah. bill: they are excellent. we have a link at bill o' and we have a partnership with says straight out ahmadinejad, piewft continue think obama is a weak leader. this is what they think. i think that maybe the president's tough guy posture is starting to erode in the united states. if that's true, if independent americans feel that he ♪ strong enough against our enemies, and the health care mess continues to be a fiasco, then i don't see how he can raise his poll numbers at all, do you? >> he needs two things, bill. the first thing he needs is some
5:42 am
better results. i'm not sure is he going to get any better results any time soon in either iran or afghanistan which are now the most conspicuous foreign policy issues. then he needs i heard what you said earlier about the economy i kind of disagree with you. always and at every time in political terms the most important thing about the economy is the unemployment rate. the unemployment rate continues to rise. as long as that is the case people will view it negatively and performance negatively. he could do if he he decides he wants to what bill clinton did. bill clinton did it after the election in which his party lost control of the congress adjust political posture. bill clinton emerged as centrist president after that. bill: welfare reform to get him back in the center. i don't think barack obama is going to do that. >> >> i don't either, bill. i agree with that one thing you could say about bill thint was he was part of the center of the
5:43 am
democratic party. one of the founders and leaders of the democratic leadership council. a sort of center-left group. he had always expressed an interest in certain conservative ideas. it wasn't hard for him intellectually to make that adjustment. very difficult for barack obama even after a bad result in the midterm elections next year to make that kind of adjustment. i think it would be hard for him to do it something he might in political terms to be useful of. bill: he did in the campaign somewhat. >> he came across by virtue of his temperament, i think as someone people thought was a centrist even though his policy he wasn't. no he was shrewd in the way he framed himself on the campaign trail. all right. >> i don't disagree. bill: let's get back to the weak versus strong image of president obama. that's what i think we are going here now with afghanistan and iran and health care. health care is now bitterly partisan and with 41% of americans supporting it, 56
5:44 am
against it i think that's done. i could be wrong but, boy, that's a terrible number. last night i'm watching 60 minutes. did you watch it last night? >> i missed it. bill: mcchrystal gets on there. i played the sound bite earlier. >> i read the interview. >> he is asked, mcchrystal is asked how often do you talk to president obama and he says once, once in 70 days that i have been here. once. i just -- my neck whipped back in my chair. i went, what? now, today gates and the pentagon said look, that's the way we want it we want a chain of command. we don't want him calling mcchrystal. i just went whoa. do you have that reaction? >> i went on to say this about it. i don't think it's always necessary for the commander in chief to talk to the field commanders, but i do think in the situation that the president is in now, where he has this terrible dilemma on afghanistan, he and his party have been climbing out on this limb on afghanistan as being the necessary war for years now, it's not going to be that easy
5:45 am
to retrench on that if they decide -- the commander in the field has now made this recommendation as to how to carry out of what obama indicated he wanted done. if he hasn't -- it might help him to talk to have the guy. is he going to have to make a decision as to whether to grant this man's request for troops or not. sometime it would be good for him to talk to mcchrystal to see if he agrees with his -- just now receiving the actual request. the president should give him leeway on that. bill: the perception is he is not in control. >> look, president obama and a lot of those people around him regard his personality, the un -- as being kind of the unbush. as the man who will be perhaps an advocate approach around the world. being nicer, more easily liked. they think that's a great asset. the thing he has to worry about
5:46 am
whether the putins and ahmadinejad. soft touch. bill: reality check with bill
5:47 am
5:48 am
bill: back of the book segment tonight. reality check one of my favorite segments we get through a lot of ree trquickly things that . conspiracy following you. is this t. still there with president obama. >> you bet. sure it is. it is not as strong as it was because america has changed but it's as sir lent as it was. they are saying things about him. like when they accused me of murder and all that stuff they did, but it's not really good
5:49 am
for the republicans in the country what's going on right now. they may be hurting president obama, they can take his numbers down. they can run his opposition up. but fundamentally, he and his team have a positive agenda for america. their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail. that's not a prescription for good america. bill: murder reference, of course, was to the vince foster suicide case. check 2. file this under vast left-wing conspiracy. law and order is produced by a liberal guy named dick wolf. and he often incorporates his philosophy into the story lines. >> this memo he wrote for the department of justice laid out the legal architecture permitting the abuse of prisoners, abuse that led directly to this death in iraq. you could argue this memo is an element in a conspiracy to commit assault and deprave indifference murder. >> jack, you want to prosecute a member of the bush administration for assaulting suspected terrorists? >> the word is torturing.
5:50 am
and, yes, it's about time somebody did. bill: dick wolf. that ensociety concludes with the federal court blocking the new york city action. check 3. how about more left wing conspiracy? >> number, if you could kick one politician out of office, who would it be? >> um, the guy who is now the governor of alaska because i miss sarah palin. bill: continuing now with governor palin, we go to check four. the sarah palin action figure is now available 35. 5. there it is. get the doll but the outfits are extra. i'm not sure who going to buy this deal. we have sent the brochure over to barney frank. "saturday night live" began its 35th season over the weekend and there was this. >> beth, what did you do this week? >> i freakin' drank beer and jean shorts i freakin' love you. who is your first guest?
5:51 am
are you freaking kidding me like now. my freakin' best friend done. >> that get off my freakin' back. i know it's donna. i was trying to make a atmosphere. >> bust into a freakin' aspirin store and get a bay berry candle. [ laughter ] >> you know what? you freakin' just threw an ashtray of butts through my head. you stood up for yourself and i [bleep] you for that. >> you are in my heart, babe, you are in my heart. bill: she said the f word on tv and that got charles rocket fired back in 1981. it was a big deal back then. now few seem to care although the fcc may weigh. in rocket by the way apparently never recovered from his snl firing he committed suicide at age 56. some believe president obama has a unique ability to turn on a personal cruise control.
5:52 am
last week the president posed for 130 pictures at the museum of modern art. his expression said it all. ♪ ♪ bill: blogger named eric spigleman put that montage together. pretty amazing. far left tv critic david zoar zoarwick pretty anger. writing quote in the baltimore son:
5:53 am
bill: now, is he entitled to his opinion pus but his opinion is almost always from bizarreo planet. so his reference is germane. i am exhausted, exhausted by these idealogues masquerading as tv critics. this guy should get a political column because that's what he wants to do is push a left wing ideology. "the baltimore sun" has been publishing this kind of deceit for years which is one of the reasons why the paper is in big financial trouble. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. sonia sotomayor and joy behar in the spotlight. p and p right back with it. (announcer) carefree introduces protection, times ten.
5:54 am
new carefree ultra protection liners, with wings! absorb ten times more, like a pad but feel thin and comfy, like a liner. new carefree® ultra protection™ bill: time now for "pinheads & patriots." new supreme court justice sonia sotomayor was at yankee stadium over the weekend and the justice was fairly impressive
5:55 am
throwing out the first pitch. there it goes. better arm than dennis miller, everybody. miller, as you remember, had trouble at wrigley field in chicago but not judge sotomayor. looks like she was having fun and we believe she's a patriot. one of our favorite cushions, joy behar. >> he called me a pinhead, he called me a kool-aid drinker, like being on nixon's enemy list. it's a badge of honor to be called a pinhead by bill o'reilly. bill: should we give joy another badge? why not? she's a pinhead. tonight the mail, a number of "factor" happenings. a rare public appearance alert on thursday, october 22, i'll be in houston, texas, speaking the a the crime stoppers' annual gala. this is a great cause and will be a terrific evening and if you want to attend go to we have a new mat for you, the
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no spin zone mat. look at that vivid, vibrant. if you buy one now we'll send you "face of betrayal" absolutely free. you get the mat and book at one price and check it out at we recommend for foreign news. it was a smart move merging. bill: i am awake, joel. we're far ahead in covering this story and we've not made it a political situation. bill: finally found a place not
5:57 am
to do business with the mullahs but there's always the middlemen and what we're watching. bill: excellent point. bill: i'm thinking about making them. you know the little hat he's got, we're going to put no spin across the front of it. i'm thinking very seriously about doing that. bill: i don't know if i can fit it there but that's an
5:58 am
excellent suggestion. bill: you need an intervention. should i send jesse waters to help you? bill: funny story now, it wasn't very humorous back then. 24 hours on the greyhound. ooh. and how about the website, www boy foxnews/oreilly and email us with pithy p-i-t-h-y. name a town, name a town if you
5:59 am
wish to opine and the word of the day is don't be turgid. don't be turgid in writing "the factor." we're there 24 hours a day. sigh you on the factor postgame show. see you next time. remember the spin stops here because we're definit >> good morning. it's tuesday, september 29. we start with a fox news alert. the feds eyeing three suspected accomplices in it a plot to attack the country as the alleged ring leader heads to court. steve: another video showing elementary school kids praising the president. >> can we make america better? yes, yes, we can. yes, we can. the day has come. steve: where have i heard that stuff? anyway, we're going to


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