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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 21, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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couey. sean: i feel like i am at home. -- making decisions on your john: food -- your junk food. that is all the time we have. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. greta: former vice president cheney strikes again. he just gave a stinging speech, hammering president obama about many things, including the war in afghanistan. he says that the president needs to stop dithering while americans are in danger. a full report is coming up. but first, there is breaking news in the white house war on fox news. in case you thought it was only chief of staff rahm emanuel, david axelrod, and anita dunn
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who conspired to take on fox news, think again. it turns out president obama knew all about it. listen to what he said tonight. >> this stir over fox news. let's use a sports metaphor, because we are about to do an interview all about women. do you think it is inappropriate for the white house to say what is and is not a news organization? >> i think, understandably, since we are in the news business, this is something you are very interested in. i think the american people are much more interested on what we are doing to create jobs and about the situation in afghanistan. what our advisers have simply said is that we are going to take media as it comes, and its media is operating basically as a talk radio format -- if media is operating as a talk radio format, that is one thing, but
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if it is operating as a news outlets, that is another thing, but i am not losing a lot of sleep over -- but if it is operating as a news outlets, that is another thing -- as a news outlet. greta: warning him not to have an enemies list? >> it was a suggestion. back when i was on the nixon white house staff, and i think i am seeing some of the same early steps that i saw then. classifying people as your enemy when they disagree with you, fox news, threatening to take away an exemption from insurance companies, the united states chamber of commerce, calling out senators who objected to the czars in the white house, and the president himself said he was going to keep a list of bondholders in the chrysler
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issue. it took in nixon white house down. i do not want to see the obama white house go that way. greta: what do you think about that? >> senator judd gregg was very clever. he was standing there next to me when i made this speech. when you're in the white house, you feel that people are after you, not being fair to you, you have to fight back, and john dean had the enemies list, and they had everybody including people from "the new york times" and it ruined the nixon administration. i see what president obama will do is push all of that street fighting it out of the white house -- i think what he should do is push all of that street fighting out of the white house. we respect him. he is doing some very courageous things in education, which i support. i would rather see him doing
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that rather than calling people out. greta: hey, put the brakes on the possibility of an enemies list, rather than doing it on the floor, because we seize on that. those are the things that we in the media grab onto. >> i speak on the senate floor. i thought that was the appropriate place for me to say it, and i believe i did it in it an appropriate way. i pointed out the areas of cooperation. for example, senator mitch mcconnell said he would work on social security solvencies. -- solvency. i am helping on education. others will help on other things, but right now, the idea of bipartisan work is like somebody attending a state fair with a shooting gallery. if they can just take out one target, they think they have won the prize. that is not the way it goes.
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greta: is this more partisan? is it more difficult? or is this just sort of a natural exchange between parties, between the congress and the senate and the white house? >> i cannot decide if they do not want to be bipartisan or they do not know how. 40 years ago, i remember, 1968, when lyndon johnson, the president got had to pass a civil rights bill. very difficult. he had a bigger democratic majority then then president obama has today. -- he had a bigger democratic majority then than president obama has today. greta: so why do we not have that now? what is different? there is the sense that the line is drawn in the sand.
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>> people think that they can just ram things through, and, technically, maybe they can, but they will not build the broad and lasting support that you need for change, like how do we deal with climate change, how do we deal with deregulation, how to be change the health-care system, how do we pass civil rights laws? people get afraid when they see one group ramming things through without checks or balances, and four four five weeks -- and for four or five weeks, it was a very tough issue in 1968. greta: with the white house, rahm emanuel, and david axelrod, the statements about fox news, what are your reactions? >> my reaction is it is the same kind of thing i heard in the 1960's and 1970's, when i heard about negativism.
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that was sort of the back-and- forth of politics, but after awhile, "the new york times" and "the washington post" were on the enemies list, and i do not think the obama administration wants to put a major network on the enemies list. greta: thank you, sir. joining us is a fox news political analyst and former campaign manager for michael dukakis and a professor, among a bunch of other things, and author. all right, what did you think president -- about what president obama said tonight? about fox news? >> sure, he knew about it, and he said the right thing, "i am not losing sleep about it." you and i both know that there are some shows on fox news, just like there are some shows on
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msnbc that are like talk radio and had very opinionated hosts, but we also do a lot of reporting. first of all, my democratic friends in marginal districts, my democratic friends in virginia and new jersey, which elections coming up, they need the votes of people who watch fox news, so this attack on fox news is great for sean's ratings and glenn beck's ratings and bill's ratings. they need people who watch you. the other thing i do not get is the mainstream media. they would go absolutely nuts id george bush had singled out msnbc and said, "nobody followed them, and they are not a news organization, and we are going to boycott them" -- they would
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go absolutely nuts if george bush had singled out msnbc. greta: i have represented people i did not agree with, and i am a little bit surprised. where is "the washington times"? where is it "the new york times? >> he would show me the dates clips and say, "why is this one doing this to me?" -- he would show me the day's clips. and they all play favorites. greta: they are saying that this is not a news organization,
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singling out the entire news organization, and they went out after everybody, and they send out the big spokespeople to the sunday morning talk shows. the president seems so thin skinned about this. you cannot criticize the president. >> the thing is, what troubled me the most, when a couple of people more on the sunday shows, and they basically said, "we do not want these other networks following fox," so if foxbridge is a story like van jones or acorn, we want the message to go out, and if you follow fox news, presumably, you are going to be on that list. -- so if fox does a story like van germans or acorn, we want the message to go out. -- if fox does a story like van jones or acorn. i think in the short run, the reporters are worried.
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they want to be on the inside. but this is not good for a free press. and, frankly, i do not see how it is good in the long run for them. a great, but in the long run, you need voters. -- fox news, great, but in the long run, you need voters. greta: if they are running from this because they think they will not be license, that is a problem. >> the government stays out of press coverage. the press is independent. it is critical. everybody who is an office always hates it, and they hate it most sometimes when you are doing your job well. greta: susan, good to see you. >> wonderful to see you, greta. keep at it. greta: a rough day for the president.
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two powerhouses against him. former vice president dick cheney accuses him of dithering while armed forces are in danger. ouch. and that is just beginning. the former vice president in his own words. and saying that he is targeting private citizens, rush limbaugh in minutes from now.
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greta: former vice president cheney hammers the president again. he just gave a speech, and he pulled no punches. he talked about the war in afghanistan and much more. >> they have decided it is easier to blame the bush administration than to support the troops. they leveled a charge that cannot go unanswered. the president's chief of staff said the bush administration did not have any tough questions about afghanistan, and he complained that the obama
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administration had to start from scratch to put together a strategy. in the fall of 2008, fully aware of the need to meet challenges being posed by the taliban, we drove into every aspect of afghanistan policy, -- we dove into every aspect of afghanistan policy, reviewing recommendations, in briefing president-elect obama -- and briefing president-elect obama's team, giving them the benefit of our work and the benefit of the doubt. there was a new strategy in march with a focus on counterinsurgency and an increase in the number of troops, and it bears a striking resemblance to the strategy we passed to them. greta: jeff birnbaum, an editor for "the washington times," , what we just played, former vice president cheney -- 4 "the
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washington times," what we just played -- for "the washington times." >> is really quite -- greta: blistering. -- it is really quite -- greta: blistering. >> he goes from missile defense. he attacks the president for abandoning eastern europe, by removing the missile defense from there. that is something vice-president biden is dealing with in poland just today, in fact, and he goes into afghanistan and repeats some of his criticisms of the obama administration on the enhanced interrogation techniques. greta: the words were strong. at one time, he says that president obama seems afraid, talking about what to do in
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afghanistan. that is something to level at the commander in chief when u.s. troops in harm's way, "afraid to make a decision" -- when you have troops in harm's way. >> he even talks about -- he uses the word "waffling." he says that the president is "waffling." he actually quotes the president and says his waffling is hurting the effort there. we heard the former vice presidents say the obama administration had come in effect, adopted -- we heard the former vice president say the obama administration had, in effect, adopting things from the bush administration. greta: the clock does run every
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day, and who knows what he is going to decide, but time is not on our side, but then you have the political ramifications, because many want us to pull out, and others want to add more, so i do not envy the president. he is getting hammered. >> again, the former vice president has stood up as the chief defender as the bush administration, at but he is going beyond. he is becoming the no. 1 antagonist of the obama for a policy -- as the chief defender of the bush administration, but he is going beyond. going against president obama. i am not even sure that the many would-be candidates of the republican party would go as strong, as concise, and as precise as the vice president was in this speech. greta: "must stop dithering"
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what troops are in harm's way. >> even saying that -- while troops are in harm's way. >> even saying that they are using useless platitudes, very tough language. greta: thank you. up next, senator lindsey graham, saying we are sitting ducks. he has a warning for the president, next.
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we are sending the wrong message to pakistan. we are sending the wrong message to iran. greta: all right, this week, you said you afeard that they were going soft? >> what i fear the most is that pakistan finally in gauging their taliban, the pakistan
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taliban is a cousin to the afghan taliban -- pakistan is finally in gauging -- engaging their taliban. at the very moment they are doing that, we are pulling back, so i think that is sending the wrong signal. to the government and to the taliban. greta: the election was tentatively scheduled for november 7. i do not know if that can be pulled off. secretary gates said we should not sit on our hands. is the president sitting on his hands? rahm emanuel, it seems like they want to await the outcome of the election. are they sitting on their hands? >> we have had his report, from general mcchrystal, since august. committing people to combat is a
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very hard decision for any commander in chief, but the fact is we have thousands of people in combat who need help, so the longer we wait, the bourse it will be, and this idea that we have to wait -- the worse it will be, and this idea that we have to wait until the elections, that is not good. governance is a huge problem, but without security, it does not matter, the election. you cannot trade the police and the army when the families are getting killed in -- you cannot train the police and the army when families are getting killed. greta: there is a two-part question. do you think the november 7 election will get off of the ground? it is hard to do that, particularly in these conditions. the second is, why is the
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present waiting so long? he got the report in august. are we at the point where he is still in that directive process, or is it in decision? >> well, it is becoming in decision -- or is it indecision? >> well, it is becoming indecision. i do not want to do to president obama what was done to president bush. i know the war is not popular. this was the place we were attacked from, so i am urging the president to give the commander what he wants. the troops in battle now are really at risk. greta: is that realistic? we are all focused on that. >> yes, it is realistic. will it help clear the air? probably. it may legitimize the outcome,
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because the first election was filled with fraud, but i was there on election day. the one thing you do not hear much about is how brave you had to be to go to the polls. i saw the fires, the noose around people's necks. i saw firsthand the intimidation that people had to go through to be able to vote. the fact that we had an election, where people went to the polls, risking their lives, is a good story. we are going to have another election. over here, we worry if it is convenient, but over there, they worry about getting killed. greta: up next, what if you were to take a 90% pay cut? find out in just a few minutes. find out in just a few minutes. @íg?
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: republican senator chuck grassley is suspicious. is the government using your tax dollars to push propaganda? propaganda that is pro president obama? earlier, the senator went on the record. kathleen sebelius. what is your concern? >> this is part of my oversight work, making sure that things go according to congressional intent. secondly, if you go on their
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website, you find something like click here if you want to send a letter in support of health-care reform. it sounds like something speaker pelosi was saying three or four years ago, when one was sending out information that she thought was utterly propaganda-istic. i guess there is taxpayer money being used, and i want to know what it is being used for. it is funny. this elector only lets you say you are in support of health- care reform. it does not let you say you are opposed to it. it asks for your address. it asks for your email address, and i want to know if your privacy is being violated, as well -- this letter only lets you say you are in support of health-care reform. greta: ok, and when you go to
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the hhs official web site, that is where you can click to sign the petition, which is only in favor of the health-care reform. >> only in favor, yes. greta: and you supply your email address. do you know what their intent is to use it? >> we do not know if privacy will be violated, that it will not be used for purposes that may be political or elsewise, and remember, taxpayers are paying for this, and i have questioned whether or not that is proper use of taxpayer money. greta: there is the 1939 act that says the government is not supposed to politick on the government's dime. >> i sent it out yesterday. i do not have an answer yet.
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greta: you expect a response? >> on something like this, it is pretty clear cut. we have other political leaders speak out, in the bush administration, about similar things going on, and i think it is pretty clear cut and that we would get an answer rather immediately. greta: today? >> i would think today. greta: how about tomorrow? >> if i get one tomorrow, that will be soon, but i think it will be a tough time for them justifying, he particularly when there were criticisms about the previous administration doing similar things -- it will be a tough time for them justifying, particularly when there were criticisms about the previous administration doing similar things. previous administrations, when the same objections were raised,
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it did come down. we had something recently that they found objectionable. they had the situation where they were putting out information, he manna -- humana was putting that information, and it's very stain -- and it's very sad administration said it was a misuse -- and it was the very same ministrations saying it was a misuse. telling their members about how health care might affect them. whether that was -- hhs quickly put a stop to that, and i would expect them to act just as quickly putting a stop to this. greta: are all of the senators staying up, reading the senate
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finance bill? >> we should be, but maybe it is a waste of time to read that one. the bills are going to be merged with a 1000-page bill that came out of the committee, so we might have the responsibility of reading a bill that is more than 2000 pages, and that bill will have to be read, because let me tell you. at my town meetings this summer, and i bet you heard it in other places, as well, people wanted to know if we read the bill, and there are some organizations asking members to sign a pledge that they will read a bill. it is just common sense that you have to read a bill before you vote on it. maybe some members do not, and i know some members have made excuses for not reading bills, but when you are reshuffling 16 of the economy, and your affecting life or death issues -- but when you are reshuffling one sixth of the economy, and
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you are affecting life or death issues -- critical question. on this particular bill, which you -- greta: quick question. on this particular bill, which you support singing people have read it -- would you support saying people have read it or have not? >> everyone is on notice. if they have not, they will be in trouble. greta: gretasenator, thank you. a pay cut for executives at bailed out companies. dennis joins us. who is going to get their salaries cut, or compensation cut? >> you saw this and the graphic
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earlier. what is going to happen is the pay czar, he has gone through the figures provided by those companies and has basically said, if you're at the top of the company, you are going to be getting a pay cut. 50% said overall compensation cut, so that really means the difference -- 50% overall compensation cut. greta: let's say we are talking about aig, and let's say, hypothetically, you got a golden parachute one year ago, but you were part of the problem, setting up systems that ultimately led to the ultimate demise or almost demise. are you going to keep your cash? >> i think golden parachutes from before will probably not be touched, but going forward, it will be greatly affected.
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as you will read into a the journal" tomorrow, some thought that the -- as you will read in "the journal" tomorrow, some thought he would go easy. we have saved aig, gmac, chrysler, all of them, but these will be dreadful places to work for if you want to make a buck. employees will not be paid more than 200 thousand dollars tops. greta: so is anyone going to walk home with more than $200,00? -- $200,000? >> the top will be about $10 million, and that sounds like a lot, but that is less than
10:39 pm
previously. one man left a firm with $140 million. greta: i do not like the government coming in and taking money, but it was not let these companies were forced to take money. they took it because they made a mess of it. walking away with $10 million, that is not exactly chump change, especially with the unemployment rate around the country, where people would like to even be in a position to pay taxes, but they do not even have an income. >> again, we own these companies as taxpayers, and if these companies become ghost towns, then the value of the things that we own are essentially diminished, so it is a really tough situation for anyone to be in politically and economically. greta: we are watching the numbers, and i am sure there
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will be a lot in "the wall street journal" tomorrow and in the future. thanks. up next, more acorn news. remember those undercover tapes prove -- undercover tapes? that report is next.
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magic man. he's a magic man. what? i just want to be squeezed. [ male announcer ] remove three times more grime per swipe and get this unbeatable clean guaranteed or your money back with the mr. clean magic eraser. greta: there is much more "on the record" ahead, but first, we go to our new york newsroom with ainsley earhardt. >> the body of a little girl has been found in a landfill. authorities say a birthmark on the body matches that of the missing 7-year-old somer thompson in florida, who disappeared when walking home from or elementary school near jacksonville. and in canada, -- walking home from her elementary school near jacksonville. and in canada, hostages have
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been freed. one gunshot was fired during the standoff. thankfully, no one was injured. the suspect was said to have a longstanding grudge against the board. i am ainsley earhardt. we now return to "on the record with greta van susteren." thanks for watching the fox news network. greta: we report, you decide, and by now, we have all seen a bunch of those tapes. and filmmaker and his associates got tax evasion advice from an acorn office -- a filmmaker and his associate got tax evasion advice. they came into the philadelphia office looking for its legal advice. acorn says they threw the pair out, and acorn filed a police
10:45 pm
report. today, the two people who made the tapes spoke at the national press club, and they showed a heavily edited tape showing that they lied. >> they never said that she was a prostitute. >> they mentioned prostitution twice. what she is doing, you do not want the police to come here to your event. you know what i am saying? thank you. that is all that we ask. we do not want to get in trouble. >> we do not want to, like, have you guys freaking out, like, oh, my gosh, this chick is dead, and we just gave her alone.
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-- a loan. greta: this is interesting. on july 24, they go into this office and have a discussion. acorn then calls the police and actually filed a police report on them, and then today, they released a heavily edited tape. can you fill in the blanks? why were the police called? do you have any idea? >> yes, allegedly, according to acorn today, they felt uncomfortable that the office manager try to get the filmmaker, at that point the unbeknownst filmmaker, james o'keefe, she was uncomfortable with the questions and asked them to go, and that is when the police were called. greta: the tape that they were
10:47 pm
least was heavily edited, so a lot of questions. if it was a situation of belligerence, we do not know, because it is not in the tate. -- tape. >> a lot of the tapes were originally very interesting, and i reported on a lot of them. greta: at acorn. >> at acorn, yes, but when you go to this office and see this tape, i do not think he has got the goods to say that acorn lied. greta: i am more inclined based on the history, and i guess it is easy when you see a whole series of events where it looks pretty bad on the part of acorn, but this police report filed that day puts a whole new spin on it for that particular office on that particular day. why did they not release the
10:48 pm
tape unedited? why was it so heavily edited? >> none of them took questions today. they declined. that is interesting. but their answer is twofold. one, they are concerned but in legal ramifications of showing some of this. remember, the filmmakers have been sued in maryland courts because it is not legal to taper someone in maryland without their consent. greta: acorn would have been better to be quiet about that one. >> you, as doing something very dumb, so we will see you. -- you caught us doing something very dumb, so we will sue you. the other reason he gives is that the tape back to vdot, but
10:49 pm
this has in talking over. -- the other reason he gives is that the take a battery -- tape battery died. was this doctor? greta: acorn looks really rotten, and then this one comes out with the police report, and the only release that they do not want to get sued again -- and they only release that they do not want to get sued again. anyway, never dull. at some point, we will hear the entire tape. up next, it is a simple question. would you give your dog's mouth to mouth if it were in medical trouble? -- would you give your dog mouth to mouth? ugcl)
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greta: well, you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. forest delaney michelle obama it is the hooah group -- first lady michelle obama is the hoola hooper of record. she is good, huh? but, alas, she was not a success when she tried to jump rope, but she did make it through an obstacle course. do you love your pet enough to give it mouth to snout
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resuscitation? in an interesting twist, the poll finds a margin of 65% to 50% that women would give resuscitation as opposed to men. democrats and republicans on the house oversight committee are in a battle with each other, and they are acting like children. i'd hate to insult the children. they are refusing to investigate the countrywide vip mortgage program, republicans posted a video taunting their democratic colleagues, tongue in cheek, applying -- implying they are running away from their jobs. the video was set to the tune of "hit the road, jack."
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>> ♪ hit the road, jack greta: so what did the democrats do in return? they locked them out of the road. what will happen tomorrow? there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, last call, with rush limbaugh saying he is a target, and the first amendment is also a target, but he does not stop there. ever worn your clothes in the shower?
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10:59 pm
private citizens -- it is not only him. >> the white house, the present, and his aides targeting private citizens. -- the president and his aides targeting private citizens. according to the politico, the white house is targeting its critics, and it is working. look at the political landscape. obama's numbers are down. democrats are falling apart on health-care in the house. conservatism is on the ascendancy. they admit that my show is on fire, but i have been marginalized. i am a fringe character. fox news, a french network. we have been isolated from the mainstream -- fox news, a fringe network. fringe network.


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