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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 24, 2009 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ bret: next on "special report" a possible personnel change as the white house continues its campaign against its perceived opponents. will americans have to get used to double digit unemployment? we'll look at the strategy of lowering expectations. the president insists the key to reviving the economy is green technology, and will nato allies help the u.s. turn things around in afghanistan? all that, plus the fox all-stars, and the friday lightning round, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we have new developments tonight at the white house. senior white house
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correspondent major garrett is standing by live with details about a possible replacement as white house counsel. >> fox news has learned that white house counsel greg craig, central toarlly administration moves to close the guantanomo bay detention facility, will leave his post by year's end, possibly sooner. fox has also learned a top candidate to fill this potential vacancy is president obama's personal attorney, robert bauer, and top white house aides say no official decisions have been made about his replacement. democrats tell fox that bougher is well -- bough is well bowr bowr is well suited to the job. he is marry trod anita dunn, who has -- he is marry trod
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anita dunn. the network pool was excluding fox and the five television networks protested on fox's behalf and treasury intercepted and dunn ok'ed an interview. lanny davis, a counselor to former president bill clinton said the treasury episode may have crossed a line. >> i hope it was certainly an error. it was certainly beyond anything i could remember in the current days of the white house. it is a violation of the principal that the pool operates as a pool and it does include the five majors, and it could include six, seven and eight, but you don't exclude at a time like this. >> on msnbc friday, top white house advisor valerie jarrett tried to turn the recent attacks on fox into a larger debate about health reform. >> there is a lost chatter and swirl in the air, and our job is to just be honest and candid. of course we're interested in hearing suggestions. we are not going to allow the rhetoric and suggestions to
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get in the way of delivering healthcare reform for the american people. >> republicans say they detenth an effort to marginalize news or commentary the white house would rather avoid. >> what else have they told us to forget about -- oh, that's right. fox news doesn't exist. maybe next month, we will hear that the american people don't exist, and we're just here creating a make-believe america with make-believe problems, and make-believe solutions. >> white house criticism of fox news took flags the last two sundays when administration officials made the rounds of the sunday talk shows, but not the fox sunday news knox administration officials are currently booked on any sunday shows this weekend. back to mr. bauer, no decisions have been made and our informing you is about speculation of his arrival. he was chief counsel to mr. obama's campaign to the white house and in that capacity, he also donated $4,600 personally to that effort.
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bret. bret: major garrett live at the white house. thank you. when barack obama was sworn in as president in january, are the national unemployment rate stood at 7.2%, a 16-year high. it is now approaching 10%, and few people think it is headed the other way at any time soon. james rosen looked at how the administration is spinning those expectations in tonight's fox news on the job hunt report. >> movements in the unemployment rate either up or down are likely to be small. as a result, unemployment is likely to remain at its severely elevated level. >> few americans tivo christine know roamer's testimony before the joint economic committee in front of congress but her comments mark the latest installment in the obama administration's ongoing campaign to manage expectations about how long the unemployment rate will hover near the 10% mark. those expectations, whether americans perceive the economy to be headed in the right or wrong direction will play a crucial role in the 2010 election. at first, obama aides
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predicted stimulus spending would hold the jobless rate below 8%. >> at the time, our forecast seemed reasonable, and now, looking back, it was clearly too optimistic. >> they mismanaged it earlier in the year by overpromising and underdelivering. >> as a top advisor to president george w. bush, karl rove has some experience in the delicate art and rough science of managing expectations about the economy in unsteady times. now he sees the obama white house shifting gears. >> and i think the thought thinking is that let's go out there and beat the drum that things are going to be really bad for a long period of time to come, and when 10% turns out to be persistent, can say, look, we all knew that was going to happen. that's old news. >> the effectiveness of the stimulus package will figure heavily in the 2010 debate. the nation lost some 2.7 million jobs since the package was enacted, but the white house and liberal economists say things would be much worse without t >> one of the things that we have going for us now is the stimulus package. that's the thing that has brought us back from the
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brink. it is now saving, we estimate, between 200,000 and 250,000 jobs a month. we still have 60% of the stimulus package that remains to be spent, so that's going to be providing us additional boosts for a long time to come. >> yet christina romer was less optimistic on that point. >> the fiscal stimulus will have its greatest impact on growth in the second and third quarters of 2009, and by mid 2010, fiscal stimulus will likely be contributing little to further growth. >> surprisingly, karl rove's private polling data show's no strong link between high unemployment rates and midterm election results. for example, despite having one of the highest unemployment rates in recent times, over 10%, the year 19823 saw republicans 0 lose half as many seats as the democrats did in 1994 when unemployment stood below 6%. bret: james, thank you. well, people who have jobs and some of wall street's firms
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will find a lot less in their paychecks soon. fox business network correspondent peter barnes is here. we reported thursday on the new compensation rules from the government. you have been drilling down a little bit more on this today. what did you find? >> well, we're going to talk first about ken feinberg, the pay czar and his decisions on the top 25 employees at the 7 companies that got the most government assistance, general motors, you know, chrysler, citigroup, bank of america, and yes, he did say he cut their cash salaries by 90%. their total compensation by 50%, but when we drill that into it, these things are prorated just for november and december. all the money that these people earned prior to november 1st, they get to keep, all right, so there is still a lot of millionnaires in these decisions. in fact, 29 of these employees could still earn over $5 million in 2009 at companies like citigroup, bank of
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america and gm-ac. bret: and the federal reserve announced new compensation rules that many analysts are far more reaching than what kevin feinberg has said. >> ken feinberg's decisions on these 7 companies come to 139 high-paid executives at these companies. he will still rule on another 500 executives of these companies. the fed rule will cover nearly 6,000 banks and a lot of their top employees. however, the fed did single out 28 large institutions for special scute ny. bret: how does this compare to what france and germany, european countries are doing? >> well, they are -- the french and the germans and other europeans have been leaning towards more strict benchmark compensation rules, for example, that 60% of total compensation, up to 60% should be long-term stock for bonuses. they're looking at possible pay caps on bonuses. the fed did not go that far in
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its bank rules here. it is basically -- it's not trying to cap anybody's salaries or anything, but it is trying to make sure that the salaries are structured so that the risks mack matches up to the reward long term, that any short-term bets don't put a lot of money into somebody's pockets and they can walk out the door and later on, those bets turn sour and come back to take a bank down, which sticks us with the bill, the taxpayers. bret: that's one we will follow. peter, thank you. well, home sales rose far more than expected in september. the 9.4% increase is due partially to the pros spicts that a tax credit for first time homeowners is due to expire soon. the markets were down today. the dow dropped 109. the s&p 500 lost 13 and a third. nasdaq fell almost 11. house speaker nancy pelosi says her chamber's version of healthcare reform will include government-provided health insurance coverage, saying the public option will save
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taxpayers $1.6 billion and give consumers a choice. >> at the end of the day, we will have a public option in our legislation to keep the insurance companies honest and to provide real competition. >> over in the senate, a compromise is said to be emerging on a public option that would give states a choice on whether to participate. the republican pointing the ethical finger at one embattled democrat has some skeletons in his own financial closet, and the effort to get more boots on the ground in afghanistan goes global.
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gates faced the unusual challenge of trying to round up more international support for afghanistan without being able to offer any additional u.s. troops. that's because president obama has yet to decide whether to send any. all gates could do was assure nato we're not reducing our troop strength. >> as has been said publicly in washington, and as i have said, we're not pulling out. i think that any reduction is very unlikely. >> the top afghanistan commander, general stanley mcchrystal, was at the nato ministers' meeting and asked the president for 40,000 additional troops. what may have made matters even more uncomfortable for secretary gates is that nato is expressing support for the current u.s. strategy of a counterinsurgency in afghanistan, while questions still loom whether the u.s. will stick with that strategy. the nato secretary general put it this way -- >> the international community has to invest in strengthening afghan capacity to fight their
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own fight, to make it impossible to terrorism to fluorish once again in afghanistan. >> experts say to carry out a classic counterinsurgency and ad fully protect the population, hundreds of thousands of troops would be required. meantime, the next step in afghanistan would come november 7 with a runoff election. will it be tainted by fraud once again? >> it is reasonable to hope that there will be less irregularities this time for several reasons. one, there are only two candidates. two, there is the experience factor. >> also, the 21,000 additional troops are now in place to help protect the polls. they weren't all there in august. as for the timing of the president's long-awaited decision on a decision on afghanistan, secretary gates says the process continues. >> probably over the next two to three weeks we will be considering specific options anteing them up for decision by the president.
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>> and late today, there is reaction from vice president joe biden to criticism leveled earlier this week by former vice president dick cheney. biden told reporters that it was absolutely wrong of cheney to accuse president obama of dithering on afghanistan, and in response to cheney's claim that his administration, the bush administration, had left a detailed policy assessment of afghanistan for the new administration, biden started to say "well, who cares what?" and stopped himself in mid sentence and told reporters, yeah, yeah, i can see the headlines now. "i'm getting better, guys, you know what i mean?" bret. bret: i do know what you mean. live at the pentagon, thanks. virginia senator jim webb is asking secretary gates for an independent assessment of the test data regarding body armor for troops a recent government accountability office reported that deviation testing in testing protocols used by the army could have affected the determination that the armor
4:17 am
was safe. the army says the tests satisfied its objective. the g.a.o. recommended the independent assessment. the weang ning dollar has led to a 25% surge in oil prices this month. december crude actually fell by 26 cents to close at 80.50 a barrel. gasoline prices went up 2 cents overnight to a national average of almost $2.64 a gallon. the president insists that one way to boost the financial rebound is the development of clean energy technology. white house correspondent mike emanuel reports on president obama's latest sales pitch for sweeping climate change legislation. >> this is the equation for compressible flow. >> i knew that! >> president obama tour add facility the m.i.t. working on next-generation battery, wind and solar technology, attempting to make the point that going green is the key to economic recovery and vital to fighting climate change. >> the system of energy that
4:18 am
powers our economy undermines our security and endangers our planet. >> the president saying that it is a crisis that the entire world is committed to fighting. >> countries on every corner of this earth now recognize that energy supplies are 2k3wr0eing scarcely and energy demand is growing, and energy use imperils the planet we will use to future generations. >> but a pew poll out this week shows the number of americans who see global warming as a he very serious problem has dropped from 44% in april 2008, to 35% today. some energy analysts say the sharp decline in public support is based on economic concerns. >> they are raw head of the politicians and ahead of the so-called experts on. this they recognize that global warming isn't turning out to be this crisis. it is something that shouldn't be treated in need of a blank check response, especially when the economy is struggling. >> the non-partisan
4:19 am
congressional budget office reported this month, cap and strayed legislation would slow the nation's economic growth slightly over the next few decades, and would create significant job losses in the fossil fuel industries as the nation shifts to renewable or green energy. still, the president took on critics in this way. >> there are going to be those who cynically claim -- make cynical claims that contradict the overwhelming scientific evidence when it comes to climate change. claims whose only purpose is to defeat or delay the change that we know is necessary. >> but climate change legislation has stalled in the senate, and there are no signs of it passing this year. experts say the president will likely go to the u.n.'s climate change conference in copenhagen empty-handed because the american public does not support this issue in the mid stf a recession. traveling with the president in cam cambridge, massachusetts, mike emanuel, fox news. bret: for now, iran puts the brakes on a plan that could
4:20 am
ease accelerating nuclear tensions.
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bret: in world headlines, two suicide bombings left at least 24 dead in pakistan a bomber on a bicycle blew himself up outside a major air force installation, and 17 died when a bomb exploded on a bus traveling to a wedding. the son of french president nicolaus sarcozy has been elected to the board of directors of the organization that runs the country's most important business district. 23-year-old john sarcozy had been picked to head what is called epad but cries of nepotism led him to withdraw his name from consideration. the interim government in honduras today made a new
4:24 am
offer to the representatives of ousted president manuel zelaya. this came hours after one of zelaya's negotiators said talks had broken down. zelaya was ousted in june and fled the country r he returned last month. a state department spokesman today said time is running out for both sides to strike an agreement. and iran says it is still mulling over a u.n.-backed plan that would ease concerns over its possible development of nuclear weapons. correspondent amy kellogg tells us what is in the proposal. >> another nuclear deadline comes and goes, but irand says it will give a response to the potential breakthrough deal next year and that it needs more time and is considering the proposals in a favorable light. the plan is to take iran's stockpile of enriched uranium, ship it to russia for higher enrichment and then to france for fuel rods that would be used for a clear civilian purpose, producing medical isotopes in a monitored
4:25 am
facility in tehran. >> thisst a real -- this is a real opportunity for iran to help address some of the real concerns of the international community about its nuclear program, and at the same time still provide for the humanitarian needs of the iranian people. >> the deal would take care of immediate concerns about iran diverting the enriched uranium it already has to military use, but iran would continue to enrich uranium. the deal says nothing about the five u.n. security council resolutions that call on iran to stop enrichment. an an iranian news channel described the deal as an opportunity for the international community to gain iran's trust. the u.s. and others see it the other way around. the deal gives the united states, france, russia and their partners a chance to engage with the islamic republic on a concrete project which could build confidence and lead to further measures. >> this new deal was designed by the administration as a
4:26 am
simple way to test iranian intentions, and it would be -- and if iran rejected it, then it would be quite clear that it is not somehow u.s. paranoia. it is iranian recals trance and insincerity about negotiations. awhile waiting for iran's final response, the ia-ea wondz stand idle. they will investigate a recent ly discovered enrichment facility in qom, and they will see if this could resolve the nuclear standoff with iran and hope to make the decision by the end of the year. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. bret: the czech republic has signed on to rework u.s. plans for a u.n. european missile defense system. vice president biden met with the leader of prague, telling them that the scaled-down plan
4:27 am
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bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine.
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french president nicolaus sarcozy is growing increasingly frustrated with the obama administration. a reuters analysis piece that mr. sarcozy is shifting his focus from the u.s. to other international allies. one foreign affairs expert says, quote "sarcozy has clearly been thrown off course in his relations with america." another adds "there is an annoyance about what the french see as naivety in the obama administration." one sticking point has been president obama's softer stance on iran, while president sarcozy prefers a more hawkish approach. mr. sarcozy said last month "i support america's outstretched hand, but what has the international community gained from these offers of dialogue? nothing but more enriched uranium and centrifuges." the administration is said to be laying the groundwork to insulate itself from criticism should democratic creigh deeds lose his race for virginia governor. "the washington post" says the white house is now blaming deeds for running a poor
4:32 am
campaign, and failing to heed the advice of president obama and current virginia governor tim kaine. one senior administration official tells the post "there was some reluctance to run all around the state with barack obama. you don't do that in virginia." another says "obama kain-e and others drew a road map to virginia and deeds chose another path." and another says "you don't have this finger pointing in winning campaigns. " the obama white house is trying trying to of a soidz any blame, but it won't work. >> the man leading the charge to oust charlie rangel apparently has some ethics issues of his own. roll call newspaper reports texas republican congressman john carter failed to disclose nearly $300,000 in profits from stock sales in 2006 and 2007. the democratic aide tells the politico newspaper, quote, "it looks like there's $300,000 worth of his crap that he left out of the witch
4:33 am
witch-hunt." carter's spokesman said the transactions had no e.d.: fect on his net worth other than it might have reduced it after paying capital gains taxes a. he will amend his 2006 and 2007 reports." john boehner adds "it does nothing to change the staggering array of charges facing chairman rangel or the speaker's responsibility to force him to step aside." we told you thursday about a huge anti-drug operation yielding more than 300 arrested all across the u.s. this week. the drug cartel being targeted is new, ultraviolent and something unseeing in other central organizations, devoutly religious. catherine herridge explains in a report with images you may find disturbing. decapitations and assassinations are rtsd calling cards of la famalia, a drug cartel whose reach extends to every state in the u.s., whose radical religious ideology drives the sale of drugs. >> it is the newest, and it is the most violent of the five
4:34 am
mexican drug cartels. >> with roots reaching back to the 1980's, la famalia first emerged as a cartel in 2006, and since then, it is believed to be the primary exporter of crystal meth to the u.s. this government surveillance video shows a meth transfer, from ra hidden compartment inside the car for for to a woman who takes the drugs and conceals them under a baby's blanket. while the group has no problem peddling drugs in the u.s., its followers are forbid ton use them themselves and they are urged to study the bible and prepare for the apocalypse. >> it is like a boot camp where they constantly study the bible over and over. >> carl pike, a top official with the drug enforcement administration says la familia is adopting a robinhood-style philosophy by claiming its members are 12r5e8ing from the rich and giving to the poor, but it also tortures and murders its rivals. and not unlike terrorist groups such as the taliban,
4:35 am
it uses drug money to support its larger goal, to establish its own state. al qaeda's long-term goal is similar to establish a another state. >> the top targets are pricking up the phones and calling the shots every day. it is the same as the war on terror. >> colombian cartels focus on production rather than the retail end of the business, la familia is a vertically organized production with the growth, production and distribution of drugs. taking down this cartel, according to law enforcement sources, requires intelligence, joint task forces and enhanced surveillance, the same tools used to disrupt terrorist plots within the u.s. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. bret: the centers for disease control and prevention says the h1n1 flu virus is widespread in 46 of our 50 states t has caused the deaths of at least 95 children since
4:36 am
april. the world health organization says nearly 5,000 people have died from h1n1 this year, up 264 from last week. are americans being conditioned to accept higher unemployment numbers? we will talk about that with the fox all-stars next.
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>> most analysts predict that the fiscal stimulus will have its greatest impact on growth in the second and third quarters of 2009, and by mid 2010, fiscal stimulus will likely be contributing little to further growth. we enter the fourth quarter of 2009 with the unemployment rate nearing 10%, and likely to remain severely elevated. bret: well, christina romer, the president's top economic advisor says that essentially the stimulus will have done what it's going to do this year, and that unemployment
4:40 am
does not look good. that, however, comes after many administration officials in recent weeks, actually, in the past five days, have painted a little bit different picture. take a listen. >> we hope and we believe we can, with your help, use the recovery act as sort of jump starting an engine that creates jobs, that are well-paying jobs that people will be able to live. >> we're fully on track with the recovery bill and the spending that is going forward, but we've only spent a little less than half of the money. we still have a ways to go with the recovery bill. bret: well, here are the numbers, the flat numbers. americans employed as of february, 133 million, roughly. americans employed as of september 2009, 130 million. jobs lost between that time, this is when the stimulus was passed until september, 2.7 million. those are labor statistics. what about all of this and the back and forth about the stimulus? let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for
4:41 am
"the weekly standard," juan williams for national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve. >> well, i think one of the interesting things that we have to look at is you start from their benchmark, their original benchmark, which was 8%. this was not going to go above 8%. we are now about 2points above 8% o.t. a certain extent the obama administration is right. there are indicators that the recession is over. we have said that now for a couple of quarters. the question is how long will jobs lag behind, number one, and number two, what will obama administration policies, which are largely, i think, growth-killing policies, what effect will they have often on that recovery? nobody knows. this is guesswork. i think you can see that the obama administration has differing opinions inside the administration. that is something that is not helpful if you're on the white house message team, but i think one thing that republicans really need to be careful of at this point is spending too much time talking about jobs.
4:42 am
you can do that now, but its if the unemployment numbers improve, you're stuck, and the obama administration is going to be able to say, look, our stimulus worked. bret: technically a recession is when there is two quarters back to back of negative growth, the g.d.p. is negative so we haven't yet technically seen a way out of this recession yet, but when you hear the low expectation game out of christina romer, is she trying to paint the picture that, you know what, we're going to have to deal with this for a long time, and it's ok, the economy is still going to recover, despite unemployment numbers? >> i think there's no question that that's the way i read t what struck me was the incon inconsistency and the message. the message had been that the administration was careful with the stimulus money, not to ol it out too quickly. remember, there were arguments that it should have been put in place quickly to spur employment right away and they said no, we don't want to risk that this money
4:43 am
would be subject to corruption and spent on things that are ruseless and we want to know what we are doing and put it in place and it will really ol out during 2010. so to now hear no, it has had its impact already came to me as a surprise. i didn't know where -- is she off message, or is she simply playing the expectations game? i will say this, i think for people on wall street, one of the reasons that wall street has been climb something that general expectations that, yes, unemployment is going to persist, but we're going to have the stimulus money. it is going to help with this issue in 2010. she undercut that message at this point. >> not only that message, but valerie jarrett just four days before that said we have only spent 40% and wait until you see what happens with the next 60%. >> well, look, the administration was trying to explain for months why it spent almost a trillion dollars and there is no effect, as numbers are showing obviously, an increase in unemployment relentlessly, so the line was, well, it's kicking in next year, it will all kick in next year, and now, we get the chief
4:44 am
economist at the white house telling us that it's already had its effect and next year it will plateau and won't have any effect on unemployment. you can only conclude that the stimulus is a bust. there's no other conclusion. if it didn't have its effect next year, and it's not going to have an effect next year, then it had no effect and we waste add trillion dollars. bret: they say it saved jobs, 600,000 to a million jobs and it could have been much worse. that's what the administration says. >> that is angels on the head of a pin. this idea of saved jobs has no way to show it in any way in any model. it is an invention. what you do is you look at real numbers. the real numbers show a radical increase in unemployment and we're told it is going to remain that way, so look, what you want to say is that there are police tear yus saved jobs, if there are any, they are almost entirely in the way the stimulus helped bail out states that had overspent and
4:45 am
were going out of business, especially large blue states, and kept bure cats in their jobs as the private sector was shedding its jobs, and that's why it's not going to help our overall numbers. >> but the argument that he made that it helped states, especially states over their medicare spending, to compensate for, that so people could stay employed and that helps with consumer confidence bret: what about this, juan -- let's say we're only at 40%. you have 60% that has yet to be spent and you have your chief economist saying it's not going to make a difference next year. well, why not take the 60% and give a tax credit to businesses or do something else with that money instead of spending it on where they were going to spend it on? >> well, see, i'm not cheer. now i'm con confused. i'm mixed up about this. one person is saying that it has had its impact, the money has been spent. i think that's what christina roamer is saying, and then you're hearing from axelrod
4:46 am
and jarrett that no, no. bret: she is saying the fiscal stimulus will have the greatest impact on growth in the second and third quarters of 2009, and by next year, it essentially won't affect anything. >> i don't get that. if you're rolling out projects and doing the infrastructure projects that will build the innovation economy, investment kind of research, how could it not have an effect? >> there is a huge disconnect here. >> they are not on message. now is as good of a time to reveal that i either didn't lost or didn't gain 30 pounds since june. you can't make that argument. it is amazing to me that the president still makes t he made it in his presentation the other day with small businesses. it is a phony number. people have ridiculed it forever. it is one of the things contributing to this lack of understanding of what the stimulus has actually done. >> one thing that we know it did do which is indisputable, it added a trillion dollars on our deficit which will have an
4:47 am
effect on unemployment in the future because it will increase our debt service. bret: the lightning round is next, including your on-line choice for the first topic. we'll be right
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4:50 am
>> they seem to be pulling back and blaming others for their failure to implement a strategy that they embraced last march. it's time for president obama to make good on his promise. the white house must stop dirgtserring while america's armed forces are in danger. >> what vice president cheney called dithering, president obama calls his solemn responsibility to the men and women in uniform and to the american public. i think we've all seen what
4:51 am
happens when somebody doesn't take that responsibility seriously. bret: former administration vice president dick cheney taking on the current administration saying the bush administration had a plan -- had a review on afghanistan and handed it over to the obama team and that's essentially what the obama team, he alleges, took -- signed on to in march when the president came out with a strategy. now vice president joe biden was overseas today. he called cheney's remarks, when he was flying back on air force ii, and there you see him earlier in the week, he called cheney's remarks and the whole plan as cheney recalled it "irrelevant" because biden said he traveled to afghanistan in january and redid the whole review. this is your choice for the first lightning round topic. back with the panel. charles. >> the history of this decision is less important than the fact that the president is agonizing in public, a president ought to think long and hard about a strategy about war. there is nothing wrong with
4:52 am
that, but agonizing in public, leaving allies hanging on, as we saw in the nato meeting today, where all the others are waiting to hear what the united united states is going to do, leaving the afghans hanging, leaving everybody in pakistan hanging on this, as the president thinks is a mistake. if you want to have a private consultation, do it, but it is obama's own strategy and he's responsible, and if he wants a reconsideration, it should be done in quiet and then have announcement. >> i think what we're seeing here is a political battle is vice president cheney saying they had this thing under control, and you hear the argument coming from the straight that, in fact, it was eight years of drift. they didn't put the necessary troops in there while they were in the wrong war, they call it, in iraq, versus the necessary war as president obama describes as going on right now in afghanistan, so you get people like rahm emanuel, the white house chief of staff, saying you know what? the consideration of political, strategic, >> all of those issues have changed and
4:53 am
issues have changed on the ground and that's why we have this ongoing thing, so dithering, waffling, and i think for gibbs to come back and blame change, that is really not worthy of the solemn, to use his words, the solemn nature of what is being considered. >> the history does matter. it is not one person is right and one is wrong. rahm emanuel last week said the bush administration never asked these questions. in fact they did. it was something that took two months from mid september to mid november culed the lewd review. a key participant said they studied it intensively and passed on the recommendations to the obama administration. what rahm emanuel said is flat wrong. bret: quick answers on iran and what happened with them to push back on sending enriched uranium to russia and france. >> none of this matters t would be nice if it did.
4:54 am
we know what iran wants, because we have been watching them for decades. this is off details. >> unless they hold on to their promise to allow the inspectors in, to allow the world to see what they are doing, they are saying this is for medical purposes but once it gets back to them, it could be further enriched for weaponry. >> and the added uncertainty is we have no idea how much hidden enriched uranium iran has. this is a shell giem as a way to extend negotiations and give them time. oop bret: in lightning, bring your own comment. charles. >> well, this airplane that overshot minneapolis by an hour and a half, the speculation is that the pilots were asleep. well, my question is, during that hour and a half, what were the flight attendant doing? i'm not an aviation expert. i'm just asking as an innocent and concerned citizen? bret: juan? >> former alaska governor sarah palin refused to endorse the republican candidate in the new york 23rd congressional district
4:55 am
election, dede scozzafava. what is happening is indreeging because now all of a sudden the republicans, scozzafava is down to bill owens, the democrat, and because palin's endorsement has gone to doug hoffman an independent in that race. we are seeing people not meeting some kind of lit litmus test for how conservative you have to be to please sarah palin. it is self-defeating. >> it is not a liberal tent. scozzafava is a liberal democrat. there was a bigger outrage associated with this race. our reporter from our magazine, john mccormick, went up to cover the race and asked the candidates questions at an open public meeting and the campaign called the police on john mccormick, something that i think even the associated press was unwarranted. bret: two lightning round topics on one new york race. that's pretty interesting. of course, your choice, you can vote wednesday on the
4:56 am
on-line show for next friday's first topic in the lightning round. panel, thank you. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for what was billed as a new look for one political party. .
4:57 am
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4:59 am
bret: finally tonight, everyone seems to be going high-tech, trying to have the best website to attract business. the question is, how new are the ideas? >> notice anything different? it is the new, for the party of new ideas, the new republican party. >> where did you come from? how did you do that? are you the matrix? >you are basically a more mobile version of microsoft's


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