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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  December 27, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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already a best seller. it was a best seller before it went on the book shelves. >> we are blessed. >> thank you four being with us. hope you have a great night. >> good evening. welcome to "at large" i am kimberly guilfoyle in for geraldo. there was a second scare at the airport today that could have claimed the lives of almost 300 passengers and crew aboard a u.s. northwest airlines flight. police today surround another flight traveling the same route from amp ter dam to detroit. this latest incident involving another nigerian man from the plane as it' rives to detroit metropolitan airport. officials say the pilot requested emergency assistance after noticing a man had spent the last hour locked in the bathroom. after trying to get him out he grew verbally disruptive.
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the cause of his anger was not rooted in any radical hatred of the u.s. he didn't want to be disturbed because he wasn't feeling well. officials later confirmed the passenger was not a threat and didn't carry suspicious devices. it was a false alarm but it was a jolt needed to close the loopholes in airline security. a sweeping review of the systems put in place the industry roelted out new security measures meant to keep airline travel safe. it will be left up to the discretion of the tsa and they will vary from airport to airport. this is oo taste of what we can expect. passengers will be required to remain seated for the last hour of the flight. carry on luggage will be screened twice once electronically once by hand. stow personal items for final hour. you can expect even more delays. joining me now is security
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expert bill stanton. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> a lot of people are worried about this because it's a busy travel time we have new years coming up as well. we have been getting a lot of complaints people saying delays are 2, 3, 4 hours longer than people anticipated. some people welcome those delays because they feel that these increased security measures will enhance overall travel and airline security. what do you say? >> if you want to be truly safe get used to the delays. this knee jerk ee action -- reaction to not getting up the last hour that is lip service trying to keep the masses calm. this is not what's needed. there has to be a perfect storm of good meaning, the airlines business and passengers and the airlines, the terminals themselves, the terminal heads need to come together and agree upon what is the best safest route for us to go. >> today we are hearing you
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can't put a blaine kelton your lap the last hour. they don't want a paper back look, no novels. hope you don't have to go to to bathroom the last our of the flight you want to enjoy a beverage before you land. is that going to help? >> think about what we are addressing. we are addressing the symptoms not the cause. after 9-11 you were deputized to be vigilant. every day since many of us forgot and turned into the badges. many law enforcement or administrators they are doing their best. the administrators are saying let commerce take place the passengers are complaining let this happen. how many of these scares do we need before as you say security jump starts back into action? >> what about the fact that we are broadcasting what these new measures are going to be. i get it you need to alert passengers as to delays they should expect but it also alerts enemies as to what works and doesn't work. this man was able to get through
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screening on christmas even though he was on the no fly list and able to make it through with an explosive device. what do you make of that? >> we have people reachi -- breeching security at the white house. is it so hard to believe people could breech security at the airlines. we have all flown and seen how lackadaisical people get. when you are doing the same thing every day, day in and day out it becomes easy to wave people through. what needs to happen is these airlines these terminals need to be rated. we rate restaurants. you go to california before you walk in you see the rating of the res strunt. many of the airlines many terminals are tested. they are getting failing grades. are these terminals making the changes to get a passing grade? >> shouldn't security in the very essence be unpredictable in order to be successful. if we lay it out in terms of what we are going to do they have the upper hand and they
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will engage in counter measures. >> doesn't this remain remind y of the interrogation measures how we interrogate prisoners of war. that's what's happening here. there are many layers some we advertise some the bad guys do not know about. done correctly it would be hard to breech security. again what's happening is the quagmire of administrative fwur kratic red tape is not letting the good guys the security people do their job properly. pcing our way into life and death situations. we can't let that happen. >> people are twittering about this and saying look i have a 2-year-old. when you have a 2-year-old you can keep them on the lap. where do you put them in the overhead compartments the last hour of the flight. >> this goes back to not having sham pee in a 2 ounce tube. this is a knee jerk reaction
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trying to show they are being active. >> i think we have to go. thanks bill, stand by. i will have you later on in the program. >> now the storm brewing on cap follow hill tonight. white house and homeland security is under fire for assuring the american public that it is safe to fly. this after a known terror threat made it aboard a detroit bound plane with explosives sown in his under pants. >> it was because of that information. there was not enough information to bring him more forward to the select tee or the no fly data base list. obviously whether it is our detection capabilities whether it is our listening procedures the president wants to ensure, every step and precaution is taken to secure safety. >> tonight republicans led by the ranking member of the intelligent committee peter hoekstra has taken aim at the obama administration. he pulls no punches openly
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blaming the white house on shall lant on this latest scare. >> you were quoted as saying that the key is to connect the dots. maybe the obama administration will say is it fair to hold the obama administration. connecting the dots that we have seen over the last 11 months over the last 8 years. what do we have here? >> this is an international movement of radicalization. the obama administration said we are not going to use the word terrorism any more therman made disasters. i think down-play the threat of terrorism. >> with me is former democratic council and columnist. i want to begin with you the criticism of the obama administration, is it fair? are we becoming too pc? call it the war on terrorism. >> the bottom line we have to
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keep in mind they are going to attack us rartdless of w -- regardless of who is sitting in the oval office. i think the president wishes him simply being here means this wouldn't happen as much. it's going to. he's right hoekstra is right that the obama administration is making significant and critical errors in judgment when it comes to our national security. i think hedging on afghanistan for months, worrying and wondering not about how we want to win but what f we want to win in afghanistan. i think telegraphed to our allies and enemy that is terrorism might not be our top priority any more that's dangerous. >> also people have criticized saying we shouldn't be trying the terrorists here in new york. they are treating it more like a crime than an act of war terrorism in the united states. they don't like the policies they feel they are telegraphing the wrong message to enemies abroad. what do you say?
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>> i think these are silly theories the notion about afghanistan and where we are trying terrorists. if the terrorists are sitting in nigeria or elsewhere so we ought to try to blow up an airliner. at the same time. secretary nep polit napolitano the system is working right. it broke down. i don't see sense in making politics out of this in the same way you don't blame 9-11 on the bush administration or shoe bomber on the bush administration. this is a result of a system still broken. i think the obama administration would be better served not by what napolitano is served. it would be better saying the system is broken. the watch dog is hopefully organized it's not clear whether the officials in amsterdamsterdt
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communication system has gotten to be proved. the first issue is the watch system which needs to be fixed. >> let me just say -- >> let me finish first. go ahead. >> oh my gosh you are killing me. >> we must have a delay. >> go ahead and finish and i will get to what i want to ask you. >> the first system is the watch system is broken needs to be fixed. the second part is the international connections they are very porous and easy to penetrate. the fourth problem is technology at airports we need pod body imagining and go to the system that allowed the israeli airline system uses which is much, much more effective. we need to focus on how to fix this rather than scoring political points. >> i want to go back to
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secretary of homeland security janet nepal tano the point you raised earlier the point she was asked how could this guy make it back to security and on to a plane with explosives. listen to her response. >> we were asking her the same questions looking at what happened in amsterdam as he transferred flights to a flight that was u.s. bound. we have no suggestion he was improperly screened but we want to go and sigh. this is one individual of thousands that fly and thousands that fly every year. he was stopped before any damage could be done. >> that seems like a ridiculous statement to my. >> it was ridiculous to defend the system that is clearly broken. he said it himself it's broken. it's not just about airports. i know she doesn't want to involve politics in this but it is about politics. when we are reinvest gating the bush administration for interrogation techniques, that really ignores the problem.
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>> or trying to close gitmo. >> or trying to close a goody tension facility to bring terrorists into our backyard. i think where she is naive is to think terrorists aren't silting around watch whatting we are doing. they absolutely are. worse, so are our allies. we are asking to send more troops in afghanistan to help us out fight this global war on terror are sitting around wondering how exactly this is a priority of ours when we are focused on gitmo and trying terrorists as common criminals in new york city. >> the popularity contest across the world is what we should be concerned with, julianne. >> if you take that logic you would have to say 9-11, you would have to say shoe bomber and that were bush administration's fault. >> i am not plaming obama for the attacks. i am saying what he is doing isn't helping. >> you are. by saying that you are trying to do that.
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>> no, i am not. i said in the beginning it's not his fault. that's what happens regardless of who is sitting in the office. >> when you he is not helping you are implying that. >> he is not. he's making terrible mistakes. he's playing with our national security. >> you can't have it both ways. you can't say you are not blaming the obama administration and take cheap political shots like that. >> it's not cheap. he could take preventive measures he is not taking. >> we have to wrap it up. julian can you hear me? >> they inherited a system that was broken a watch system broken and inhair rated a system where we didn't have sufficient technology at the airports. >> jillian you got the last word. we have to wrap it up for next weekend. we investigate what happened to the missing utah mom susan powell. why days after the bizarre disappearance her husband rented a car and drove several hundred
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miles. stay with us.
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>> her disappearance and before he lawyered up. today that interview is being scrutinized by investigators searching for clues on what happened to susan powell. all right. chris jones from kutv in salt lake city utah he landed that rare exclusive interview and has been following this case ever since. chris thank you for joining me tonight. everyone wants to know what is the latest on the search? >> police are playing their cards close to the vest. they have got some evidence back from the five search warrants they served in the case. at this point they are not ready to share any of the evidence with us. we know josh poil remains in washington. he left before christmas.
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he went to be with his family. he has a father who lives there that's where he and susan powell met and were married. they moved to salt lake city several years ago. as far as the friends and family who are working to help find susan powell, they have a facebook page that has been set up, they have some 10,000 members at this point. they plan a media blitz on january 1st through the 4th. they want to keep susan powell's face and name out there because they know at this point the media coverage of her case is beginning to dwindle a little bit and they realize how important it is to keep her out there so people will continue to look for her. >> some developments in the story with respect to the rental car he drove a couple hundred miles on that but had no gps device so they weren't able to track where in fact he went. is that correct? >> from what we understand, yeah, we understand he did indeed rent a car. we do not know if there was a
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gps system on there. police are not really talking about that element of the investigation. we do know however that the morning that she was reported missing we are told by police that they believe that he drove to an area in the west desert of utah caused simpson springs he told us in our interview as well told us that he went to an area in utah called the pony express trail. that night however extremely cold. we are talking sub freezing temperatures. we are talking about children that are 2 and 4 years old. >> really quick i have 15 seconds left. what did you make of this man? does he seem to be somebody capable of killing his wife? >> i have no idea. i do know the interview he was a little halting and he was a little bit hesitant to give answers but i don't know. >> there you have it. chris thanks for that the latest on the case. susan powell's two boys spent this christmas without their mother. next we check in with susan's
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dad about the update on the kids and find find out if susan was planning to leave josh powell.
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>> speculation continues to swirl around josh powell as he remains the only person of interest. susan's family continues to hope for her safe return. susan's father charles cox is with us from seattle washington along with family friend mike gifford. i am going to begin with you you, charles. my heart goes out to you as i know our viewers are also concerned. you celebrated your christmas with the two grandsons two little boys charl leap and braid den dsh -- gray den. how are they doing? >> we were able to see them christmas eve and christmas day.
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we had a good time with them. it was great to be able to be able to give them a hug and just hold them for a while. they enjoyed the presents. they were little boys. >> i have a 3-year-old at home so i know they get excited about the presents, but i know they must miss their mom, too. it's a difficult time for your family and i know you want your daughter home safe. where do you think your daughter is? >> i have no idea. that's why we are doing all of the interviews. we want to get her picture out there. somebody out there has hopefully seen something or noticed her somewhere and it will hopefully lead to a tip which will lead to her recovery. >> some people saying your daughter was unhappy in her marriage she had gone to marriage counseling there were problems between your daughter
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and josh. did she ever tell you she was afraid they were having these kinds of problems? >> i knew they had gone to counseling. i don't recall -- i have no knowledge of anything where she was afraid of him or anything. >> is it like your daughter to not contact any one or not call in sick to work it seems unusual and suspicious circumstances that coupled with the fans on an area in the home when police went over there? >> she would not be -- if she could contact us, i know she would have contacted us. i know she wouldn't have left her boys alone. it is miss tier yuysterious and me great concern. >> what are you feeling tonight knowing the fact that josh is the only person of interest in this case? >> i am glad that josh has
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retained counsel and an attorney and i am hoping josh and his attorney will come forward ab w any information he has and get on with finding my daughter. >> do you feel comfortable with your two grandsons being with josh? >> i don't know what to think about that. it's just great to see them over the holidays. ffrz great to have a chance to see them. >> okay. mike, what do you think? >> as far as just the tone of how things are going? >> yes. >> i think in any criminal investigation or any kind of investigation even a missing person's investigation the police start off like a large net. they keep an open mind and throw it out there to see what they can gather. they let the evidence and the facts guide their direction of their investigation or their search for someone. that's what the police have been
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doing at this time. >> mike, right now, the net is around josh powell, susan's husband. that's where the investigation, the facts and the evidence have directed them. >> well, i think it's not so much the facts and the evidence. i think what has directed them to josh at this point is now that gosh has legal counsel and has someone to help represent them it would be the hopes and desires of the police department that he would come in there with this council and give them as much information that he possibly could. >> answer the question. >> to clear up anything. >> yeah, answer questions. >> that's reasonable. gentlemen we have to leave it right there. chuck, i want to thank you so much for joining us. we wish the best for you in your search for your daughter and mike thank you to you as well. the infamous campgrounds, the questions surrounding the rental car and rumor mill. our panel weighs in on the questions surrounding the
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disappearance of susan powell and how it could effect the case. back by popular demand geraldo's interview with ashley dupree. >> i move to do new york and everyone is so self absorbed here.
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ask your healthcare provider how. to learn more, go to >> the obama ordering a review in the security t after a suspe is charged with attempting to detonate a hid inexplosive device on christmas day. a scare on the same flight today another passenger from nigeria raving concerns when he locked himself in a bathroom. turns out he was sick. he possessed no security threat. reports say five people have been killed during violent demonstrations in the streets of tehran. they have been battling iranian
10:31 pm
forces one of those killed was a nephew of an opposition leader. more than 300 protestors have been arrested so far. i am lauren sivan in new york. we head back to geraldo at large. >> i wonder about the mileage on the vehicle. >> could he have return the on the pony express trail where he said he camped monday with his 2 and 4-year-old sons. it was bitter cold in the middle of first waive of a storm. the windchills were still in the low teens. >> i am going to speculate if he went back out there again. i wonder why would someone do that? >> tim peterson said the next day when he saw powell his hands were badly wind burned the worst that he had ever seen and josh had a bottle of lotion with him that he applied to his hands frequently. that was wednesday night.
10:32 pm
this was thursday night. we get only glimpses of his hands but even in the poor light do they still look red? you decide. >> that was salt lake city reporter brett hunt singer. we continue our coverage with missing mom susan powell. beginning with police reports said days after susan went missing her husband josh rented a car and according to the investigators drove hundreds of miles. take a look at the map. this is what we know on the night susan went missing josh claims he left his home to go camping with his two young sons. after midnight he claims that he drove to simpson springs which is located on the pony express trail. this is almost 100 miles from his house. the local campground is only about 15-20 miles from his home. this accounts for 200 miles rounds trip the big question did josh powell return to the campground where he claims he
10:33 pm
went and if he did, why? joining me we have a private investigator in salt lake city and he has been digging around in this case doing a good job. we have mark geragos criminal defense attorney former sparring partner of mine. darl wecht forensic psychologist and former new york police detective once again. steve, i am going to begin with you. what's the latesti you have on this investigation? >> kimberly, police aren't saying very much. they are keeping things as chris said close to their vest on it. the family is doing a little bit on their own through the social networking sites. there's not much more from josh. it's been pretty much the same silence all of the way around. >> the silence is deafening. this guy is not cooperating with the police. he has an attorney now which he is entitled to do. his story doesn't add up his be
10:34 pm
haifr is highly suspicious. you add the miles he put on his vehicle. but it seems a little bit like scott peterson andrew peterson whatever had in the press. >> you see this again and again and again you think thinker going to get away with murder. with the work of the police department and detectives my opinion is they are piecing together the links that will put this guy in jail for a long time. >> mark what do you think? >> it wouldn't be the first time they focused on a husband wrongly and waste the resources on that. we have a case in utah where they were focused on a father focused on a parole ee, it was some crazy man who thought he was the messiah. would you go in if you were the husband or the far in this
10:35 pm
situation you have people doing idiotic story about your hands being wind burn. i think i would have great hesitation before i would sh -- throw myself at the mercy of the cops who said i am the only person of interest. >> they need to look at some of the things to either make sure to rule him in or out. he's a person of interest based on facts and evidence that they have. >> yes of course. but still, although it's not necessary we know we have the body contrary to what many people believe and you don't need the body for corpus dell lek tie the body of a crime so to speak. there's going to have to be evidence that this young women indeed is dead. that's a long way from saying that someone is guilty of a crime. in the kale leigh anthony case in florida it was several months before bones before found. in the case of laci peterson in
10:36 pm
california it was weeks before her body was found floating in san francisco bay. in other cases bodies have not been found. you referred to the drew peterson case keep in mind that fourth wife has not been charged no charges have been filed against him for they are murder, charges pending for the death of wife number three. the point is that there is probably going to have to be some evidence and esz dead. we of course hope that is not the case. do you have a no remnants of her body are ound there will be sometime against a husband charging him with homicide. >> their wect there was reports about a wet spot looked like an attempt to dry that area. this is when the police broke
10:37 pm
into the home because they were suspicious because no one had heard from the family. could you have gotten evidence from that to prove whether or not she was de pieced at the time. the car has to be searched with you tell must care. all coins with evidence you have to put there. fiber, clothing of hers. a main debt i -- see what kind of surface material is on the fires. that could tell them where the tienl may have been. they have done fingerprinting you get a good idea of some part of utah. that tied in with the missing period of time and number of drives driven. >> they begin the search for the
10:38 pm
friends clues. we have a piece of -- >> your wife laid down that night, wee feeling well? that's when you spent the night going camping. >> where did you go camping? >> she wasn't feeling well. she just went to bed. >> about 5ish is that what we heard? >> i don't know if it's true. i know better. >> what do you think of his answers and behavior? >> i am trained in looking for deceptive behavior, that is screaming that rment going to what the doctor was saying no body no case. it will depend on the interview. geting this guy in he doesn't want to speak. he doesn't want to talk and he's smart not to from his position. it will be good detective work hopefully find genetic foirn sick material.
10:39 pm
hopefully might be able to con frikt this guy because i believe he's builty. they say she still had her cell phone there, her kids, this woman didn't just get up and walk away and leave the family she loved so much and you couple that with the fact that there are a lot of mare tal problems. that's the best suspicious behavior that might have happened to her from the husband. >> this whole thing wreaks of suspicious activity and just by the fact that he is not saying very much is not necessarily the entire problem here. what he said before, he gave a couple of interviews before they got counsel and what he said before is going to be very telling on this. he seemed to be very vague in come of his descriptions about where he went i think he was carefully crafting.
10:40 pm
in some instances that he is saying quick to respond and knows the answer. other wiems it looks likes he is searching for something to say that might be the wri right thio say. you don't want to judge somebody too quickly on this. >> no. >> the police are doing what they can. i think they are gathering everything they can and they probably have certain crucial pieces of evidence that they may not know are crucial until everything else is evaluated then they find out what he has to say and what comes out. >> mark, they may be waiting for some results of forensic testing perhaps on the area of the carpet. josh told a neighbor that they took his car let cleaner, clothes, cell phones, those kiep of things then he ran out to wal-mart to buy the new stuff and he was telling his neighbor he was excited about that. it is making people go mmm, this is a little more interest.
10:41 pm
they are going to beous suspicious. and your previous guests. what matter what he says or wht he daut. you can't even get the statements into evidence some trying first. even flight crying. if the forensic test comes back and it turns out evidences trying to blow dry the carpet because it was wet with weather and there's no dna or flood there and they go through the car because there's nothing there forensic lee. >> it's only one spot on the carpet. >> have you ever had your house flood in>> i don't think carpet. >> he is very successful at what he does. >> i have stanton agreeing with
10:42 pm
you. >> i am agreeing with him in principle. i think ke deep down mr. gerago knows what's going on. he didn't know what say it was he went camping when it's freeze in the load. i under stand that. your ak diff it is 4 star hotel. i am talking about campaigning. >> i did -- i did talk him? >> you want me to pinch your tent if you know what i mean. >> can i make a point? >> it's falling apart. go ahead. >> i am not going anywhere near that. >> kimberly, i wanted to say -- i just wanted to say that one of
10:43 pm
the very serious problems you have from a forensic investigative standpoint when you are dealing with someone who resides in a home and the suspect is someone who retides in the so many, blood, saliva and spee men and sputum have no significant. it's not like places mr. x in a point. it has significant x marks the spot. yes occurred there. it will have significance in one sefkt concentrated air our. thank you very much. it has been a clesh sure. @@a% @8
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>> it is in that capacity she joins us on this dark and stormy night in new york. did you have a hard time getting out? >> it is beautiful and i love snow in new york. >> do you want to talk about your personal life or advice column? >> let's go into personal. >> how did a nice girl like you in new jersey end up working as an escort. >> when everything first happened when i decided to become an escort i thought one day i could stop and i never have to deal with itnd explain it t -- to any one. unfortunately i got caught and my secrets were exposed to the world. that forced me to step back and go into therapy and dissect why i did what i did. i went into therapy for a while. it was all these pieces that my
10:48 pm
therapist asked me, when did you stop being happy. when was there a change in you. i decided to take it upon myself and i went to my mother's house and i took out all of her pictures and laid them all on the floor and it was when my brother left home was kind of when -- >> your brother who is the heroin addict. >> he's a recovering addict and he's doing well. he has his own issues. it was when he left home i was a straight a student honor roll happy kid and then i just kind of stopped being happy. my dad left home when i was about 6. my brother took on that father figure role. i had a stepfather who is amazing and he's wonderful but he has never had any children. we didn't have that emotional connection. >> did you have a moral problem? was there anything about principles, morality that said
10:49 pm
wait i am not going to take money for sex? >> when i ran away from home, i ran away when i was 17. i was a young girl i didn't understand my emotions. i didn't understand what i was going through. for a young kid to be having all of these emotions you become very self destructive. i ran away from home. i drank a lot. i partied. i moved to new york. >> that's when you did girls gone wild. >> i moved to new york. everyone is so self absorbed mere. i feel like we live in a society where everything is about sex and materialistic things. i didn't see the difference between going on a date with someone than paying for dinner you hook up think don't call to becoming an escort. >> you think there's a similarity between going out and someone faying for your stuff. >> i do. i am not justify what i did at all but people agree with me. i was working as a cocktail way
10:50 pm
dress a bottle host working three jobs trying to survive. >> much like the women in tiger wood's lives. >> much like them. i was trying to survive in new york city a guy came in and gave me a card and i save it had for a rainy day. going on dates and being involved with these self absorbed people, i got -- >> let me take my break. you can finish that story. cocktail waitress much like the women in tiger's wife. boss: ah! thank goodness you're back.
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>> the golf tournament where jessica simpson sang the national anthem those two hook up after they sang. do you believe these rumors about tiger?
10:54 pm
>> after what happened to me and what i went through with my family, i believe a little bit of the media. they take look the fact a little bit of the fact and mold the story around it. >> what did they lie about you? they had your story pretty much right? >> i want to see the sources. show me the sources of half of the people that said stuff about me. >> what about the tattoos on your arm? >> i have love. >> hold this by your face there. >> i have this -- love this is when i ran away from home i was empty and that means love. this is courage and strength of desire. i don't know if you can see it. i have my brother's initial k when he was going through all of his stuff i got that. what destroys me strengthens me and i got a cross when my grandmother passed away. to be an escort when you are in relationships in new york when everyone is self absorb the it
10:55 pm
meant me reliving my dad leaving and my brother leaving where it was easier for me to love through a transaction. it was easier for me to turn the switch off. >> what about eliot spitzer? >> what about him? >> when was your reaction when you realized you had sex with the governor of new york and he was going to lose his job as a result. >> it was a decision he made. he made a phone call and i -- he's the man that is pulling down escort agencies and all along he's using one. >> in your ask ashley capacity, ellen woods, the wife of tiger woods would you advise she stay with her husband? >> how do you for give someone for having sex with that many people. i believe they should get divorced go through counseling and figure out how to for give each other and raise these
10:56 pm
children as a unit. i think tiger needs to go into therapy. i don't think he knows why he has done the things he's done. >> going back to the cocktail waitress. before you turned pro for the brief time you were professional as a cocktail waitress isn't that scene rampant with sexuality? >> it's the whole scene in new york city. even society thinks these young girls look at their role models everything is about sex and materialistic things. everything is not just fake food but fake hair, nose and teeth. these girls are, why don't i look like that? it's really unfortunate. >> aside from your journalism career, your column, you are also a lovely singer before and i want to you come back and be a regular columnist for us as well. >> thank you. >> can you give us a little christmas cheer? >> on the spot. okay. okay. >> okay. ♪ the weather outside is
10:57 pm
frightful ♪ ♪ the fire is so delightful ♪ but since you have no place to go let it snow let it snow let it snow ♪ >> ashley dupree. >> happy holidays. >> how do we buy your records? >> it ob will be on eye tunes soon. >> we will be looking for it. you should do a christmas album for next year. >> no one asked me to sing. that's all the time we have tonight with you. i am kimberly guilfoyle filling in for geraldo rivera wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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♪ i hope you never lose your sense of wonder ♪ i hope you never lose your sense of wonder ♪ i hope you never lose your sense of wonder ♪ i hope you never lose your sense of wonder ♪ i hope you never lose your sense of wonder ♪ you get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, ♪ you get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, ♪ you get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, ♪ you get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger, ♪ may you never take one single breath for granted, ♪ may you never take one single breath for granted, ♪ may you never take one single breath for granted, ♪ may you never take one single breath for granted, ♪ god forbid love ever leave you empty handed, ♪ god forbid love ever leave you empty handed, ♪od forbid love ever leave you empty handed, ♪od forbid love ever leave you empty handed, i hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, ♪ hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, ♪ hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, ♪ hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, ♪romise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, ♪romise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, ♪romise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, ♪romise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,


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