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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 28, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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review their security protocol. steve centanni is traveling with the president in honolulu, hawaii. i guess we are about five minutes away from his remarks. what do we expect the president to say? >> the president is arriving at the marine base near his home on the other side of the island from where i am. he has been staying at a vacation rental home over the holidays. we expect him to say that airline safety, the safety of the traveling american public, is of the utmost importance and we have to do everything we possibly can to protect it. he went out to dinner in honolulu with friends and family last night. there you see him. he has ordered two reviews. one of these watch list, and the suspect did appear on that, but he was not on the no-fly list. another review will be of our detention capabilities. why was it he was allowed to get on the u.s.-bound international flights would these explosives
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on his body? it is critical as we learn from this incident and prevented from happening in the future in keep the pressure on those who attacked us. gregg: what is homeland security saying about this? >> janet napolitano has been in the cross hairs because what she said about it yesterday on some of the sunday talk shows. she said the security system worked smoothly in the sense, but today she clarified that it did not mean it worked smoothly to prevent him from getting on the airplane but it worked smoothly after the incident took place. and all the officials an emergency responders did exactly as they were supposed to perform. she explained a little bit more about it. >> obviously, we need to say, look, this individual was able to get on this plane with that material. that should not have happened. so what do we need to change to prevent that from occurring? >> the attempted terrorist
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attack that occurred on christmas day. we are taking steps to ensure the safety and security of the country. the investigation is ongoing. i spoke again this morning with attorney general eric holder and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano and my counter-terrorism homeland security adviser john brennan. i ask them to continue monitoring the situation, to keep the american people and members of congress informed. here's what we know. on christmas day, northwest airlines flight 253 was in route from amsterdam, netherlands to detroit. the airplane in the final approach to detroit metropolitan airport and a passenger allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device on his body, setting off a fire. thanks to the quick and heroic actions of passengers and crew, the suspect was immediately subdued, the fire was put out, and the airplane landed safely. the suspect is now in custody
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and has been charged with attempting to destroy an aircraft. a full investigation has been launched into this attended act of terrorism, and we will not rest until we find all who were involved and told them to account. this was a serious reminder of the dangers we face and the nature of those who threaten our homeland. this is but succeeded in bringing down -- had the suspect succeeded in bringing down the airplane, it could kill nearly 300 passengers and crew, innocent civilians preparing to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. we're doing everything in our power to keep you and your family is saving to carry -- safe and secure. i have ordered the following actions. to protect the american people insecure air travel. first, i directed that we take immediate steps to ensure the safety of the traveling public.
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to make sure all flights still in the air war secure and could land safely. we immediately enhanced screening in security procedures for all flights, domestic and international. we had federal air marshals on flights entering and leaving the u.s., and we are working closely in this country, federal, state, and local law enforcement, with our international partners. second, i ordered two important reviews because it is critical that we learn from this incident and take the necessary measures to prevent future acts of terrorism. the first review involves our watch list which the government has had in place for many years to ratify known and suspected terrorists so we can prevent their entry into the united states. apparently the suspect in the christmas incident was in the system but not on our watch list such as the so-called no-fly list. so i have ordered a thorough review, not only with how the
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information related to the suspect was handled bed and overall look of the system and how could be strengthened. we will get out screaming policies, technologies, and procedures work related to air travel. we will look to see how the suspect could bring explosives on aircraft and see what additional steps we can take to stop future attacks. third, i directed my national security team to keep up the pressure on those who would attack our country. we do not yet have all the answers about this latest attempt, but those who would slaughter innocent men, women, and children must know that the united states will do more than simply strengthen our defenses. we will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, dismantle, and the feed the violent extremists to threaten us, whether they are from afghanistan are pakistan, niemen, or somalia, or anywhere. anywhere they are plotting attacks against the u.s. homeland. finally, the american people
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should remain vigilant but also the confidence. those plotting against us seek not only to undermine our security but also wants the society we cherish as americans. this incident demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist. as a nation, we will do everything in our power to protect our country. as americans, we will never give in to fear or division. we will be guided by our hopes, our unity, and our deeply held values. that is what our brave men and women in uniform are standing up for as they spend the holidays in harm's way. we will continue to do everything we can to keep america safe in the new year and beyond. before i leave, let me briefly address the events that have taken place over the last few days in the islamic republic of
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iran. the united states joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violence and unjust suppression of innocent iranian citizens, which is apparently resulted in the tensions, injuries, and even death. for months the iranian people saw nothing more than to exercise their universal rights. each time they have done so, they have been met with the iron fist of brutality, even on solemn occasions and holy days. and each time that has happened, the world has watched with deep admiration for the courage of the iranian people who are part of iran's grade and in during civilization. what is taking place within iran is not about the united states or any other country. it is about the iranian people and their aspirations for justice and a better life for themselves. iran's leaders of the printer fiore internee and it will not succeed in making those aspirations go away. it is telling when governments fear the aspirations of their own people more than the power
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of any other nation. along with all three nations, united states stands with those to seek their inner resources. we call upon the iranian government to provide -- to abide by international obligations that it has to respect the rights of its own people. we call for the immediate release of all the have been unjustly detained within iran. we will continue to bear witness to this extraordinary event taking place there and are confident that history will be on the side of those who suggest this. thank you very much, everybody, and happy new year. gregg: so the president speaking live from hawaii where he has been vacationing over the holidays with his family. the headline is that we want to make sure americans are safe and secure. we're doing everything we possibly can to ensure that. and yet, almost in the same breath, the president sounded his belt and was being critical of why this nigerian man who had
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spent time in yemen, fox news has confirmed, did not make the no-fly list. joining me to talk about this is jordan lieberman, publisher of "politics" magazine. thank you. there'll be some who will make this into a political football that it will cost about. and perhaps already we're getting some of that from the ranking republican on the house homeland security committee. here is what he had to say. >> it is very hard, even for me, being the homeland security committee and the intelligence committee to get any information out of this administration. we're still trying to find what happened at fort hood. and the white house party crashers. since friday, the iron curtain has come down as far as providing information to members of congress. it is not directly through the white house, and they are reluctant to give up the information. gregg: are the president's
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critics going to use this in a political vein? >> anyone would. first, peter keane is known to be a man who likes to be on tv. he is the last man you want to tell a secret to if you are barack obama. in the case of this being political football, of course. everybody will be looking for someone else to blame. this is something everybody has going on -- has egg on the face. gregg: yesterday, janet napolitano said our air security system worked. today, she has been doing it quite a bit of an backpedaling in claiming the media was taken her remarks out of context. a little bit of a problem for the administration when you are the person in charge of homeland
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security has trouble communicating. >> i will be equally critical of janet napolitano. she is a political appointee. she was one of the earliest endorsers of barack obama before the nevada primary provided an important endorsement. she was rewarded with the post of homeland security chief. she does not really have the qualifications as compared to perhaps michael chertoff or tom ridge to have this position. gregg: when you have the father of the terror suspect, who is not from the backwoods of nigeria, most prominent perhaps a banking executives in all of the country who context not only nigerian authorities but he went so far as to contact the u.s. embassy in nigeria, saying his son has become radicalized islamic jihadist and is plotting something and somehow this man makes the terror watch list but not the no-fly list. there will be some serious
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things happening about this. >> of course. you need to watch behind the scenes and see how the u.s. government works with the dutch and cnidarian the government. -- and a nigerian government. we will see how they work together to solve the issue. yes, everyone is guilty and nobody is guilty. what is interesting is how we will work together to solve this so does not happen again. gregg: are you surprised to present a use the opportunity today in the midst of all of this, a terror attack but fortunately became a victim was terror attack, that he chose the river to the to talk about iran? >> well, you know, i am surprised he brought it up. but once he mentioned the events, all he said is we're going to bear witness. and the iranians need to abide by their commitments. this is pretty graphic stuff going on. veritable -- a very terrible things of the iranian government is doing to its people. this is not exactly a big speech
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on this issue. gregg: thank you for being with us. we're learning more about the suspects unusual background and some warning flags that he raised. pretty deep red flags. 23-year-old umar abdulmatallab, the son of a prominent nigerian banker and has a degree in engineering in business finance from the university college of london. last year his father went to the american embassy in nigeria, saying he was deeply concerned about his son's extremist views. and the united kingdom recently put his name on its watch list after denying him a student visa. catherine herridge is live in washington. al qaeda has claimed responsibility for this. can we rely on that as being authentic, and what more do we know about it? >> look, there's nothing to suggest right now that this statement that has been posted on a note to jihadist web site is for many of their group other
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than al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. you see what amounts to a frame grabber from the website and it is a smiling face of the 23- world nigerian suspect and then a lengthy statement in arabic. i have some of that statement translated. it is what is called a machine translation. it is run through a computer, so forgive me of some of the english as a little awkward. but you'll get the gist of what was being stated. first, they claim that the 23- year-old nigerian was one of their own. it reads that umar abdulmatallab has carried out a qualitative deal on an american plane, emerging from amsterdam to the american city of detroit and they are enjoying their celebrations of christmas on december 25, 2009, penetrated the security systems and technology. so it is saying he was one of their own.
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he was flying to detroit from amsterdam, and he was able to evade security. the second part of the statement reads, the unity of belief and the islamic brotherhood are the rich young man with the nigerian origins, the fighting brother for the response directly to the unjust american aggression on the arabian peninsula. this statement is claiming that the attempted bombing of flight 253 was the response to these series of airstrikes and had taken place in the yemen with u.s.-backing. they were designed to take out leaders of al qaeda in yemen are al qaeda in the arabian peninsula as well as anwar al awlaki. he is an american citizen -- an american citizen who is essentially in exile in yemen and as been a spiritual leader to radical islamists for some time. gregg: thank you so much for the latest. coming by in a few moments, we're going to be speaking to a
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criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor about what charges this suspect may face and whether there might be others involved the could face american justice. we're also hearing a chilling new details from passengers on board northwest airlines flight 253. one couple says they saw the suspect, abdulmatallab, trying to board the airplane without a passport, and they say he was not alone. did he have held at the airport? one of the witnesses explains when he talks to us live in two and a half minutes.
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute as the investigation >> to freddie's failed airline attack continues, one major question is whether the suspect at all or was part of a larger plot.
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according to one witness, umar abdulmatallab was not alone at the airport in amsterdam when he was about to board the plane. a michigan man happens to be a lawyer and was a passenger on flight 253. he was with his wife, also a lawyer. he says he saw abdulmatallab with a well-dressed man. and according to him, the two were trying to get ticket agents to let him on board the airplane without a passport. well, the story now has dutch authorities investigating the possibility of an accomplice. he joins us on the telephone from michigan. thank you. so you're standing with your wife for sitting near the boarding gate and the suspect approaches. tell us what you saw and heard. >> yes. how're you doing today. gregg: fine, thanks. >> the suspect approached with a well-dressed indian man. he looked like he was wealthy. maybe around age 50. obviously he was not a suspect. to me, he looked like a poor
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black teenager, maybe around 16 or 17 years old. and there were not doing anything out of the ordinary except that they were together, which the kind of look like they odd couple to me. it caught my curiosity. so i watched them as they approach the ticket agent. as about 10 feet away sitting on the floor. is pretty quiet. i could hear the conversation pretty well. only the indian man's boat. what he said was this man needs to board the plane, and he does not have a passport. the ticket agent responded saying, well communities passport to board the plane. the indian and then said that he is from sudan and we do this all the time. the ticket agent in responding, well, you will need to go talk to my manager then. and they point to the two men down a hallway to which they then went down. and then we subsequently boarded the plane. i never saw the indian man
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again, and i never saw the black man again until you try to blow up our plane. gregg: the well-dressed indian man, was it your sense that he was an employee perhaps our security there? >> you know, i cannot say for sure, but that was not the impression that i got. he did not have any kind of bad on or any documents. he did not seem to be acting in any kind of official capacity. it was more like he was trying to bully or convince this ticket agent that she needed to let this man on. more like he was some kind of authority figure to the terrorist. gregg: so it is altogether possible he either convince the manager or, as you pointed out on your blog, maybe there was a bribe involved. >> yeah, that is pure speculation on my part. i do not really know. all i know is that they went to the security manager and later on the terrorist ended up on the
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plane. the indian men did not. gregg: fast forward, the plane lands safely although, obviously, given the attempted terror attack, a great deal of commotion. and then use see someone else being arrested other than abdulmatallab? >> would not use the word arrested. what i saw was bomb sniffing dogs brought in. one made in reaction to one of the carry-on bags of the different indian gentleman who i would say was around age 30. they immediately escorted him to an interrogation room where he was held for about an hour. at which point he came out with handcuffs and was taken away. subsequent comments made by the fbi alarmed me a little more. they immediately moved us to a different room and said the room you're in now is not safe. read between the lines. i am sure you're smart people in
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can figure out why you are being moved. to me, this is one thing, there was a bomb. but you know, i do not have any verification of that specifically. gregg: kurt haskell is a lawyer and was there and observed abdulmatallab trying to get on the airplane without a passport. thank you for sharing your story. this incident is having wide sweeping impact on air travel across the country and abroad. the transportation security administration adding new heightened security measures, some of which are causing mass of headaches for the travelers. with the new guidelines mean and how you can make the best of them in two and a half minutes.
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gregg: airports tightening security after the failed terrorist attacks on christmas eve. that means the trip home from abroad for many americans could be a lot longer and may be more frustrating. while the tsa war is not to expect the same security protocols that each and every airport, here are some of the changes that international travelers say they haven't noticed. passengers can only take one small carry on instead of a carry on plus a second item like a purse or laptop back. also during the final hour of a flight, the flight attendant could ask the passengers to remove their blankets, stay in their seats, and keep their hands in sight. although two airline officials told the ap that some of these restrictions are already being
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relaxed at the captain's discretion. attendance may also ask for electronics like laptop to be turned off and stowed for portions of all the flight. joining me now is the founder of the coalition for airline passengers bill of rights. thank you very much. what do you think of some of these restrictions? >> well, i have received over two dozen e-mails over the last couple of days from our members to are saying they think they're too punitive. many people said they simply will not fly anymore if these restrictions are maintained. gregg: do you think there punitive? >> i do. i think that for a variety of reasons. obviously, the vulnerabilities in the tsa have been revealed, and something needs to be done to prevent explosives like this. but to penalize the passengers -- this is not just my opinion. this is the opinion of our group. we of 27,000 members, and they're saying to please take
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this on. we already do not like to fly. gregg: richard reid, the so- called shoe bomber, penalized all of us. we now have to endure the inconvenience of taking off our shoes and liquids and so forth after the plot that was hatched in great britain and so forth. so as inconvenient as these things are, aren't they really there for our safety, to protect us, and don't you feel better about it when you are on board? >> well, i do. and yes, they are there for our safety. however, if it so uncomfortable or unsafe in that if you are on a longer transition and flight or an international flight and you need to get up in the last hour to stretch your legs to prevent blood clots are have a glass of water because you need to take medicine or you are dehydrated, there are a variety of issues i can see coming up that are counter productive. the airlines are hurting, and
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people need to fly. so -- gregg: with all the technology, especially for business now and video conferencing and so forth. but i want to ask about the technology screening at airports. they're good at protecting natural but not powders are small amounts of liquid. i am wondering whether we have not given it the screeners all the necessary tools that would better protect us, and in particular, maybe we need to focus more on people with more of the full body imaging machines. what do you think? >> i think both of what you said or correct. i think we need the full body imaging. people must be screened. i believe they need the equipment to detect these explosives. but something else is missing and no one really knows about. that is the the flight attendants do not have any self- defense training. so now the passengers are the first line of defense when a terrorist act happened on a plane. the flight attendants are pushing right now in the faa
3:30 pm
modern as they should go to have that training, which the airlines have not wanted to pay for. but we really need to have everything in place to protect airline passengers such as adequate screening. let me tell you one more thing, i made it through 70 times with mase in my bag going to washington, d.c. gregg: less than 3 ounces? >> not know how many ounces it was, but mace is considered to be a weapon. so in a sense, even though i am is a person and i have it because of my personal safety, i actually did not know the first 20 or so times that was stuck in a crevice of a purse. and somehow none of their equipment detected that i had made in my bag. gregg: well, it is not a lethal weapon. so it may be acceptable. we are out of time. coalition for airline passenger bill of rights. thank you. >> thank you. gregg: the 23-year-old man
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accused of trying to blow up a u.s. airliner in a federal prison today after he was treated for burns over the weekend. we're going to the possible charges a potential trial date in this case. an expert legal panel will break it all out for us coming up. this is a honda pilot, and this is the chevy traverse. it has more cargo space an pilot, and trerse beats honda on highway gas mileage too. more fuel efficient and 30% more room.
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they can help you live a better life. call today for your free meter. plus, get a free diabetic cookbook when you join liberty. call the number on your screen. gregg: back to the attended a christmas state terror attacks over detroit. investigators say that umar abdulmatallab tried to detonate an explosive device on board northwest flight from amsterdam as it prepared to land in the motor city. the bomb unfortunately did not go off. abdulmatallab was instead a badly burned. he has since been released from the hospital. he is now in a federal prison in michigan. a court hearing on whether the government can obtain his own dna has actually been postponed from today to january 8. what sort of charges could he phase? why did dna? we have a criminal defense
3:34 pm
attorney and a formal prosecutor. he is reportedly very talkative and has confessed to intimate details of the whole thing. they're obviously a myriad of witnesses not to mention the physical evidence literally burned onto his body. why do they need the dna? >> it wanted tie all the loose ends together. it is the normal protocol to ask for dna in any crime or violence. but it could also be useful in putting together a conspiracy. where was he in the last year? having the dna could be useful. i think that is why they want to have it. the case against abdulmatallab is very strong. but the key here is to use this man and see how he got into this situation. gregg: he was hospitalized, so i am sure there's plenty of dna available. they just have to get court approval? >> the fbi this year started taking dna upon arrest.
3:35 pm
the european court of human rights said in december the great britain was violating basic human rights laws by doing that. but here in the u.s., you get fingerprinted upon the u.s. and there is an identification issue. from a logical perspective, in this case, then hearing is to get probable cause, to get his dna. iowa agree that what you want to do is you want to get this man for all it's worth it up right now, he is in prison. but if you can tie him to conspiracy, you might be looking at death. that dna is vital. gregg: planning and preparation took place overseas. america -- the seventh on an american owned carrier. so we're looking at american jurisdiction because it was over american airspace. >> absolutely. this place will be tried in an american court. to hear this case, you'll see this individual charged with attempted murder of an american
3:36 pm
citizen and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, much like you saw in the shoe bomber case. you'll see a similar set of charges here, but you also may see in dieted and unindicted co- conspirators. i do not believe this man acted alone. i think he was put up to this. he was given finances and training. that will be the key to find out who is behind this. gregg: the attempted conspiracy charges are not death penalty eligible, are they? >> that is the reason why they need his dna to see if they can place them in yemen or place them with conspirators in countries that have harsher laws. i mean, to get his dna, it not only puts him in a bad position in terms of possibly exposing him to greater punishment, but also, it scares co-conspirators. gregg: this sounds almost identical to the shoe bomber. he eventually confessed. he is doing a life term.
3:37 pm
if you were a betting man, would you bet that is the way this will turn out? >> yeah, i think you'll see this person and of doing life. but maybe there is an opportunity to use this information that he has. apparently he is talking a lot to perhaps get him a deal that does not involve life. he is only 23. but i want to know to is behind this. if we can get that information, it may be in his best interest to give it, to avoid a life sentence. he was trained and funded by a very sinister organization. al qaeda, apparently. we need to know that. that is the key. you do not give these many opportunities to get somebody like this and have them in federal custody. gregg: sometimes you have to do a deal with the devil. thank you bills. cops on the lookout for two men accused of killing a salvation army worker on christmas eve in front of his young children.
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3:41 pm
cash. then police say he was shot and killed right in front of his children. his wife was inside. she called 911. unfortunately it was too late. all this on christmas eve in north little rock, arkansas. with me is a spokesperson for the north little rock police department. thank you for being with us. before we talk about the suspects, because they're just awful, and as human beings, talk to us about a wonderful man, major philip wise, was and how important he was your community. >> i actually had the pleasure of meeting mr. wise twice. i think what can be said more or best about him is his life of service. he served 16 years with the salvation army. the last three in the bering cross community where he was killed. he loved music and really help the kids out that needed the help in that neighborhood. it is a tremendous loss, not
3:42 pm
only for the wise family and the salvation army family bed our whole community. gregg: our heart breaks for the family. there are his children. the watch their father gunned down. they are four, six, and eight years old. were they uninjured? >> yes, they were not injured. gregg: how was the family doing? his wife is also part of the salvation army. >> i have been in contact with another major the works of the salvation army, and he is really the one that has been talking to the family a lot. he is told me that their fate is what is getting them through this very difficult time. gregg: what can you tell us but the two suspects or obviously are been dangers? do you have any leads? >> we have been getting phone calls. we have been trying to keep this out of -- not in the media as much as possible. there were not as many witnesses as there might have been at this time in the afternoon because of the rainstorm that was taking
3:43 pm
place. we're urging the community to contact the police department for a -- with any information at all. gregg: there rainstorm probably made it very difficult to collect incriminating evidence from the scene? >> were still able to obtain some evidence. obviously it makes it a little more difficult, but our investigators are very thorough in what they do. as i said, we really need the community to help and a step forward, especially with this investigation. gregg: were these guys trying to steal salvation army contributions or money? is this a robbery case? >> we believe it is an attempted robbery. i do not know if we really have any reason to believe that they were trying to still kennels are things of that nature. at this point, we believe it is probably going to be something random.
3:44 pm
gregg: a memorial fund will be created for the family. a fund has been open for the kids to go to music camp. that was kind of his love, music and youth camp for kids. >> right. he was a tuba player and played several other instruments as well. this is been tough. it was christmas eve. it was tough for all the officers involved in the family is torn apart by this, obviously. the three children who lost their father on christmas eve, specially of their fathers. last month and a half with the bell ringing campaign and try to bring a bright christmas to the other children in our community and now they're left without their father. gregg: salvation army model is "doing the most good." i am sure you would agree that that is how philip wise spent his life. thank you so much. keep us posted with any progress in and telling the men who did this horrible deed. thank you. well, it has been a battle that has been raging for months on capitol hill. while the senate finally passed its bill, the fight over health
3:45 pm
care is not finished by a long shot. coming up, a look of the coming merger of the house and senate bills. plus, an american missionary reportedly detained in north korea. what we're learning about how he may have gotten there.
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gregg: another winter storm on the way, expected to bring a foot of snow to the upper midwest and at least 1 foot and a half to parts of new england. and another storm system moving into the southwest could make for a rainy new year's eve. all this as people around the country are still digging out from the mass of christmas blizzard that downed more than 20 inches of snow in some places. janice dean is following it all. what is the latest? >> we do have the storm system, what was the holiday storm, moving across the great lakes. snow over portions of michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, upstate new york. pittsburgh and cleveland. parts of the lake effect snowbelt could easily over 1
3:48 pm
foot of snow. you can see that rainy, i see legs moving into the state of maine -- icy mix moving into the state of maine. this system is moving into the southwest. it could make for a very interesting new year's eve, especially here in new york city. let's look at our futurecast. this goes out further in time, until thursday around 9:00 a.m. look to this storm system developing. there's all this gulf moisture coming into the southeast. new york city is right there. this could come around 11:00 or 12:00, and it is rain, sleet, freezing rain, and or snow, a wintry mix. this is one to watch, especially if you're going to be outdoors across the eastern seaboard during new year's eve. gregg: megyn kelly and bill
3:49 pm
hemmer will be hosting the big party on new year's eve. >> i think they should do it from the green screen and pretend they are outside. gregg: that is cheating. >> i cheat all the time. gregg: but you are a lot. thank you. -- but you are allowed. thank you. now to the battle over health care reform. five days after the senate passed its version of health care reform, democrats are preparing for a pretty rocky road ahead perhaps as it tried to merge their plan with the bill passed in the house. even though each pastor the democratic majority, the two bills are different. and combining them could pose significant problems for the democrats. what can we expect to see in the days and weeks ahead? with this is rich edson from the fox business @ network. what are the major points of contention with these two bills? >> they are much different in their cost, coverage, and passes. liberal democrats up criticize some key points in the senate version.
3:50 pm
they want to keep the government-run option. they want a strong employer mandate requiring businesses to offer insurance to their workers. in the want to pay for much of this with a surtax on wealthier americans. the senate bill features a tax on expensive insurance plans instead in union workers typically of those plans. gregg: every member of the house is up for reelection. so they may be getting an earful from constituents. on the other hand, it is a tough road for the senators to get the exact 60. so which version wins out? >> well, history and senators say the senate version typically wins out. house liberal and senate moderate democrats will both need to offer concessions to democrats pulled their bill to the house with only a few votes to spare. in the senate they needed every vote they had. democrats said tough negotiations and little support to spare. but congress has been working on it for months. it will be close. gregg: the drama continues.
3:51 pm
thank you. a deadly suicide bombing runs pakistan's largest city. at least 20 people dead and dozens wounded. brand new video tape of that attack, next. .
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
gregg: north korea may have detained a missionary on christmas day. they were asking to shut down the political prisoner camps. there was the frozen river, and there has been no word from him since he emailed his parents december 23. his father says his son is not afraid to die, he wants the world to know about the situation in north korea. we are told that they have been
3:54 pm
in dili contact with the state department. people were reportedly killed in another round of bloody clashes between iranian security forces and anti-government demonstrators. we are told police have arrested hundreds of people following sunday's protests, including key opposition leaders. this is amateur videotape taken on sunday. we cannot independently confirm that. president obama today condemning their government. >> we call upon the iranian government to abide by the national obligations. it has to respect the rights of its own people. we call for the immediate release of all who have been unjustly detained within the country. we will continue to bear witness to the extraordinary events that are taking place there, and i am confident that history will be on this side of those who seek justice. gregg: we are told that the
3:55 pm
nephew of the opposition leader was among those killed. he was a presidential candidate in iran's disputed election this june, which sparked massive protests against the regime this summer. a bombing in pakistan killing many people, others in condition. some of the images from the scene are quite disturbing. a bomber set off a bomb in pakistan's largest city, karachi. it was marking a holy day. tim gaughan is live with this. >> we will show you exactly what happened in the seconds right after that explosion. that tape was given out by local police. as you said, that blast killed about 30 people and wounded about 60. karachi has seen several explosions, including one on saturday. there was also an explosion on
3:56 pm
sunday, including the one during the protest. there was another pipe that exploded, and there may not be anything sinister there. again, 30 people were wounded, 60 injured. it is the holy month over there, so you can expect a lot of protests. you can check out more on gregg: 30 people dead. tim gaughan, thank you very much. if you were thinking about van gogh chopping off his ear, think again.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
gregg: the mystery of van gogh's missing ear may have been solved. the story is that he cut off his own ear after hearing that his brother was getting married, a bizarre act of self utilization.
3:59 pm
according to a scholar, the mentally ill artist relied on his brother a emotionally and financially, he and the news of the engagement just sent him over the edge. -- and financially, and the news of the engagement just sent him over the edge. and then, there is this before we call in the day here on "studio b." no secret that a lot of folks would like to forget about the year 2009. after all, it was not a particularly good year, but in times square in new york, are around the corner from us, -- in new york, around the corner from us, shredders were set up, including sledgehammers for people to use on the big items that could not make it into the average paper shredder. all right, i am gregg jarrett in all right, i am gregg jarrett in for shep


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