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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 16, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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bear friend and everybody in new orleans and surrounding perishes, bear lovers everywhere, happy mardi gras. >> watch us celebrate in the big easy. on this stimulus eve celebrating not so easy. welcome, everybody. it is indeed fat tuesday and fat chance much will change by tomorrow. that is when we will be a full year into stimulus, a fuel -- full year and americans are still hurting for jobs. that has the president kicking off a week long push for green jobs. why, when it comes to green, donald trump is seeing red. the donald in a moment. pat says the jobs tour is looking more like the save the senate tour. >> what do you mean? the president's going out trying to save senate seats, mirrors
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to -- first to colorado to involve himself in the democratic primary because the senator is not in good shape, then trying to bail out harry reid. >> no offense to the president, he's not exactly been firing results -- >> but they don't know what to do. the bottom is dropping occupy. the bayh announcement yesterday, the democrat -- no one knows what's happening because the country is in revolt and you have races that you never thought to be in trouble in trouble and people are dropping out and leaving. i guess if we're going to celebrate the stimulus. >> look back at that and say things could be a heck of a lot worse, do you buy that? >> no. well it could have been a lot worse, in fairness. but the problem with the stimulus was -- i said this at the time. i couldn't believe he was turning it over to nancy pelosi and harry reid. i thought for sure and said this
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on fox, i thought he was going to go in there and -- we're not having a big bill, a targeted stimulus -- you had a congressman with the most interesting idea which no one paid attention torques suspending the payroll tax, which would have put money immediately in. they didn't do something small, win, gets 80 votes. >> that was then and this is now and they're pushing green jobs. is that going to change things? >> it's the real jobs. green jobs are a stigma about the future. not to say they won't be eventually but the jobs they have are gone. 10% unemployed. millions unemployed. and it looks like washington has not cared about it. the president is suffering. the recent polls say people believe he sacrificed dealing with jobs to pursue healthcare and global warming. >> which was a comment by by
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evan bayh. >> yes. >> he said if i could create one job by helping grow a business, that would be one more than congress created in the last six months. >> the stimulus itself has become slow motion chinese water torture, every day some story comes out -- i don't care how much the vice president or president talk about how many jobs they've created, the money that's gone. people think it's wasted and what they see are money going for weird sex studies and other things. every day -- >> but those participating in the sex studies -- >> stimulus. >> yeah. >> what you're saying, you don't keep digging, right? so if you were to advise this president as you did can jimmy carter, and the kind of advantages he could exploit, what could you advise the president to do? >> first thing, what no
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politician will do, stand up and say i made a mistake. i made a mistake. we shouldn't -- this is not how we should have done that. >> he's not going to do that. >> he's doubling down. the problem is the notion -- it's barbara tuckman's work, why politicians historically through the world have been so stupid? because in the end, the analyst is because they're always afraid to say i was wrong. yet the people would rejoice if he did that. he starts playing with the healthcare, then we're back -- >> the difference, i respectfully disagree. when you spend trillions and admit you're wrong, it's almost too late. >> that's part of the problem. the money is gone and the public won't spend the money. >> very good seeing you. good to see you. >> seems like he was a teenager when he advised jimmy carter. >> it was a long time ago. all right, the president pushing green jobs and even as
quote quote quote quote quote
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the climate scientists raise doubts. there's no significant global warming in the last 15 years. the reason why three big companies, conocophillips, bp and caterpillar are pulling out of a major climate partnership and donald trump is urging something else be pulled, al gore's nobel peace prize. >> first off on the companies pulling out of this, maybe they're catching on to something you warned about. what do you make of this? >> i don't blame them. he probably see the email sent a couple of months ago by one of the leader of global warming and almost saying it's a con. and they see things like that, they see the fact in washington, we're building a big development and nobody with move because we have 48 inches of snow and it's not melting because it's cold. in new york we have had the coldest winter on record and all over -- you have friend in
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europe who are freezing. it's so cold. >> but donald, i talked to a lot of the environmentalists and they're saying this is goble warming. >> the problem we have is that the world is also got to play the game. we're scrubbing coal and doing things to make products more expensive and noncompetitive. china, do you think they scrub coal? i doubt t japan, india, do you believe india is scrubbing the coal? so we're stuck with the burden. >> they talk a good game. i watched as one of the representatives from china caulked about global warming and he's laughing. a lot of entrepreneurs and business people from china are laughing at our studioty -- stupidity as a country. >> these companies, do you think this is the beginning of a
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floodgate? >> i think so. the memorandum they found was devastating by the leader of the movement of global warming. that was devastating because that basically said you people are a bunch of jerks to follow us and we're just kidding. i think that was the beginning. now a lot of people like me have been saying this for a long time. we've been out, we've been watching, and in 1928 a major magazine talked about global cooling. it's getting warmer and then in a number of years or decades, it will get cooler. but to think you can't use hairspray in your bathroom because it's going to destroy the ozone -- >> that would be fatal for me. >> me too. >> you said given the cold weather we've been experiencing, i don't know whether you were kidding or not but al gore, maybe the nobel committee should rethink the prize.
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>> i like al gore but he got the nobel prize on something i don't believe he should have got it for. i said that stong in cheek and it was picked up as though it were -- obviously you're not taking it back but certainly you have to look at what's happening through out the world. >> i want -- >> the biggest problem is it puts the country as a competitive disadvantage. i believe in clean energy and considering energy more than anybody but it's putting the country in terms of the words global warming at a huge competitive disadvantage. >> the world trade center, now the latest talk is you might be in on bidding, where does this stand? >> i've looked at it and are the for the port authority and i don't think so. i don't think so. i have property in downtown manhattan but they have very good people looking at it and we'll see how it comes out. >> when you say you're looking
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at it, to do what? >> they're out with a request, request for proposal, on the redevelopment of the world's trade center tower, which has been started. i think it's a smart move by the port authority and i think it will get built. >> when? this is like almost a decade after 911 and i go down there all the the time and it ain't moving. >> it's on the late side. this was not the wallman skating rink. this is taking a long time but they're doing the right thing and on the right track. >> for those outside new york, this is something that politicians have been arguing about back and forth. you took it over and built it in seemed like days. >> they spent seven years trying to build an ice skating rink and i did it in three months. >> if you made a serious bid for the world trade center, would you speed the process up? >> i'm a very good builder and what i do best it built and it
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would be built in record time and under budget. that's my history. >> on the economy, do you think we're coming back? zing you're going to remain even for a while and then lots of good decisions have to be made but i think we're going to start coming back. >> donald trump, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> guess who is not being read his rights today? as we captured the taliban number two guy, is the white house admitting interrogation works? "new york times" admits i was right, only it took ten months. better late than never. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance."
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>> neil: could interrogations under way lead to the capture of two top terror big wigs? the associate of osama bin laden has been named and he's talking to military interrogators. guess who he's not talking to?
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lawyers. michael is asking why the hypocrisy. he's the former head of the c.i.a. bin laden unit. >> it's clear that interrogation in special cases is fine. what do you make of what seems to be some inconsistencies? >> it's -- when you're in an ideological bind that is what happens. they're keeping him in pakistan under jurisdiction of the pakistanis so they can question him for aggressively than we questioned the christmas day bomber. there's hypocrisy involved and i'm sure the administration will get it from the left and right and deservely so. >> they can say it's not us, it's the pakistanis. >> this is the clinton approach. when i was picking up people starting in august 1995, mr. clinton wanted them taken to places so he didn't have to have his hands dirty. of course anybody will be treated better than the
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americans and pakistanis or egyptians. you have to give mr. bush credit for that. >> so we would quietly support this policy of having him interrogated by the pakistanis than risk the miranda rights. >> that's what it looks like. there's no reason if we picked him up with the pakistanis, they wouldn't have given him to us to take wherever we want. >> that's interesting, i'm sorry. you're saying that if we wanted to push the point, no, pakistan, we'll take this guy, we would have gotten our wishes? >> that's right because the longer the pakistanis have him in custody, the more likely the taliban will look to take him back. the pakistanis have done us a favor and it will probably not pay off for them. >> say the guy starts singing like a canary like the underwear bomber until lawyers cornered
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him. what do you suspect we'll get? >> well, we -- it's going to take some persuading. this is a very committed man who is not going to give up information quickly. we need to keep in mind the taliban and al qaeda are not new at this business. if bar has baradar is in our control, they'll change our locations, the way they communicate, their codes. they would do what we would do in this situation. >> so play this out now. is it fair to say that in foreign combat situations, say in afghanistan or iraq, and a bad guy is caught, say you're in pakistan, the bad guy will go to military interrogators rather than lawyers here having to soil the process? >> i think that's the case. although the army is -- and marines are lousy with lawyers
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also. it's very possible they have rules of their own. but certainly in a combat situation, the local commander's going to get the first crack a. in defenses the administration might argue this was in a combat direct situation, present day in the moment. very different. what do you say? i think the combat situation was over detroit on christmas day. abdulmutallab -- bar baradar was grabbed in crashry. the government is taking cash. one critic is here and run for office on the promise to get rid of that office. why?
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>> neil: democrats jumping on strips critics to reportedly >> neil: democrats jumping on stimulus critics who are jumping on the cash, when they could. one they're calling out today, gene schmidt of ohio. we have a fair and balanced to call and get a reaction. congresswoman, good to have you. >> good to have you, nice to hear your voice. >> neil: you know what they're say,hamhsay,hamhhasay m railed against the stimulus dough and you wanted a chunk of it at the time. what do you say? >> first, they're being hypocritical because i'm going to continue to reel against tremendous spending in washington. what was before me was a by a group from my districts, the second congress district of ohio, asking me to write a letter asking the department of labor to give them fair and -- fair consideration on a project they wanted in the stimulus, a job training program project in
4:22 pm
the stimulus. >> you requested 4 million outs of stimulus. ultimately that was rejected. but you still sought it. >> it was rejected. let me add when they made the request, i informed them as a large critic of the stimulus, that my letter might do them more harm than good because i'm going to continue to stand up for america and say no to the ridiculous spending. but they still asked me to write the letter so they could get fair consideration from the department. i hope they did get fair consideration and it wasn't me letter that caused them to have a rejection. >> can you understand how this raises hackles because you had railed against this. you were trying to speak on behalf of a constituent but when you addressed tea tea parties it looked like you wouldn't consider this. i have want you to see this. >> if i could return that
4:23 pm
money to the treasury i would. the genie is out of the bottle. any understand used money should go back to testry. it was a group of folks making the request. they asked for my support so department. >> congresswoman, i understand but democrats argue we're -- we're not going to run the bite. my point is that a lot of folks, democrats are argue the same thing on behalf of their constituents and behalf of those that implore them to get federal money their way. how are their spending habits different from yours? >> one reason they voted for the stimulus, which caused the money to be put on the table. >> neil: would you have voted for the stimulus, congresswoman, if the $4 4 million was guaranteed for your folks? >> no i would not be voting for it. i would still say no because it
4:24 pm
was the wrong way to go. we need to get on track to promote jobs -- >> no offense but that's what is so offensive. offensive to folks. you argue on behalf of constituent for $4 million in funding for an initiative, in this case pathway to employment project. bill that you found offensive. it's a mixed message, don't you think? >> no, neil, it's not. we should not have voted on the bill to begin with. that doesn't say that there shouldn't be opportunities for job training in this country. but we could have put that project in a different capacity instead of in an $800 billion boondoggle called the stimulus. the bill, itself, overspent the public's money, and overspent the public's trust. i'm going to continue to say to that unbridalled spending. >> if the money was not in
4:25 pm
stimulus but in some other form of spending, you would have been okay with it? >> glenn: it depends upon the package it was enshrouded with. if it was in a package i could support, then, yes. the package itself, $800 billion boondoggle i wasn't going to support. >> neil: okay. >> that doesn't mean there weren't elements that had good ideas. but it was just that the overall package spent too overall package spent too much money and didn't create enough jobs. my state lost 100,000 jobs since the stimulus was enacted and we need to get on the right track to create jobs in this country and not spend our treasury and put us in further debt for your grandchildren. >> neil: congresswoman, thank you very much. much. >> thank you. >> neil: well, my next guest has a different pledge, no-pork pledge. doesn't request a penny in earmarks and he sleeps on a cot to stay money. what does he make of it? republican congressman jason.
4:26 pm
>> what do you make of the congresswoman's explanation? >> she's right. when you say this out of control spending has got to stop, the so-called stimulus was not a stimulus. we basically took the government credit card and put $3,000 for every man, woman and child on the credit card and we can't pay for it. and can't pay for it. >> wait, wait, i know we did that. in the aggregate we did that. people like you have been saying that and the good congresswoman did. but you can't have your cake and eat it too, which is a dumb expression. i figure if you have the cake, you might as well eat the damn thing. i digress. do you think it sends a mixed message to say i'm against stimulus but if i can get something for the folks back home, i'm all for it? >> the problem is the people of utah and the people of her district, they're going to have have to pay for it. i wish i could exempt the people of utah out from hey, i wouldn't spend the money
4:27 pm
of utah and not make them pay. but since we're all on the hook, get every dollar you can. >> but you're being reluctant to criticize a party colleague who they the very thing you find so offensive. >> well, fends depends how you do t there was not be a earmark. >> i know and it was shot down and she's a good person. everyone tries to be good people and answer to the needs of the constituents but everyone does everyoif everyone does that it adds up. do you think she is less offensive than democratic counterparts, who you railed against? >> well, i want to be careful and not make a sweeping partisan issue of this. yeah, she is being genuine saying look, i wouldn't have saying i wouldn't have voted for the stimulus. if she's going to be held accountable to the people of her district, people of the country will have to pay for t yes, the democrats aren't
4:28 pm
suggesting that the stimulus dollars go to just the democratic -- >> you just confirmed my point. there are a lot of -- democratic congressmen and women who come on this show and justify it the same way the congresswoman did, who was a republican. it seems, i love you darrellly, but you're being selective in your rage. >> no, what i'm saying is if i could get rid of the spending, i would. but the reality is now that the decision's been made and the people of utah are held accountable for paying the bill, there ought to be a return. and you want to make sure it's done base on merit, not a political persuasion or dr. . >> quickly. constituents seek you out and say could you get funding for me for this? and did you turn them down? yes or no. >> in general i did turn them >> you did that others in your party did not do that. that. >> well, what i do support is
4:29 pm
going through the grant process. remember we have $3.8 trillion budget and plus we have stimulus. do i support going through a system that is based on merit these projects can become funded some way? yes, of course. that's very different than how the earmark process works where they're often air dropped in without the light of day. >> neil: i don't know if it's all that different. but anyway, congressman, good seeing you again. >> thank you. >> neil: black boxes can pinpoint the exact cause the plane crashes. who knew cars had them, too? which is why about now, toyota is very nervous. then he is so fed up with big government, he's running for elected office to eliminate the position for which he's running. you're going to meet him and let's just say he's veryack interesting. as the great recession? or as the recession that made us great?
4:30 pm
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>> neil: toyota says it will temporarily shut down two of the plants in kentucky and texas as it deals with mass i have recalls -- massive recalls. the plants are expected to be closed from a few days to a couple of weeks. meanwhile, the transportation department today demanding documents related to the recalls. it wants to know if the problems occurred in production or after the vehicles were already built. well, with lawsuits mounting over crashes claimed on sudden acceleration, other prompt toyota owners may look
4:34 pm
to black boxes for answers. the car coach says it's a pretty good place to start. the show might be less about cars. had no idea there were the black boxes. are they in all cars? >> yes. they're usually used by insurance company, that can record the last five, ten, 20 seconds prior to impact. so if you were speeding, it can say reality you were on the brakes. it can be to your advantage or disadvantage. >> neil: what is shown on the black boxes? everything or -- >> no, it doesn't show everything. it doesn't show where you've been or if you stopped at the grocery store. only braking, acceleration and has a bunch of other information but not tell you -- it doesn't track your gps system. >> neil: but nevertheless, for lawyers, this can be both a good and bad thing. >> absolutely. it depends if it's admissible in course. >> neil: black box is fairly reliable. >> yes, it is, similar to what in an airplane.
4:35 pm
what happens in the last few seconds is recorded. >> neil: similarly indestructible. >> pretty much. underneath front seat of your car and you wouldn't want to take it off. that's also part of on board diagnostics so it helps tell you how many starts you've had and information to your advantage to keeping your car running efficiently. but it also can tell you what is happening prior to an accident. so if someone says i was standing on the brakes and my car unintentionally accelerated it would have the information prior to impact. >> neil: i'm not saying this happens in a lot of cases but some, certainly, it's tempting when you have something to involve massive litigation against toyota. then out of the woodwork, all the claims. i was in my garage, the car ran over me and started accelerati accelerating, in the pool and it was winter it was silly, i don't know what the heck i was doing in the pool now. a black box could say actually, no, right? >> you can say, you know, my mother was driving the car and she said that, you know,
4:36 pm
she was on the brakes and she wasn't. this is all information -- >> neil: the black box would prove that? >> it would show the last moments prior to impact. in a court case, the insurance company would want the documentation to say, you know, we're not going to pay this claim. we are also going to dump your insurance because there is no way to say it's your fault or other person's fault. it can be to your advantage if you say i was on the brakes and he hit me and he says no, you were accelerating through the intersection. >> neil: all cars have it? >> all cars newer have it. 2000 and newer. pretty much. >> neil: who has the best or most reliable or most statistically significant blacks box? >> that is a tough question. that information isn't available to us. >> neil: that is in its own separate black box. >> pandora's box, you never can tell. what is interesting is you can access the information, ford, g.m., chrysler, all the manufacturers, but toyota will not let anybody have it. that is why they say we want
4:37 pm
copy of the information. attorneys want it, 22 class action lawsuits as of yesterday. who knows how many filed today? sudd suddenly more and more people are reporting to the ntsb saying i did have a problem. >> neil: lauren fix, car coach, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me again. >> neil: vote me in and i'll take me out. i want to show you a guy who is running for the office to the promise to save his million. he's run tong cool moose party ticket. meet him next. my muscles feel like they've been pounded...
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>> neil: cut the spending before we cut you a check. the european union today saying greece has one month to start digging itself out of its own debt disaster. essentially the fault of the money it was given. no progress, no bail-out. before you say what is happening there can't possible hi happen here, take
4:41 pm
a look at what is happening here. okay? huge deficit and exploding debt. the government in cahoots with banks. special deals for the ruling party. dave ramsey says that sounds all too familiar. he joins me simulcasting from the hit radio show and catch him on fox business network where he is the big kahuna. you don't see much difference here? >> i do see one difference. that is, greece primarily operates on a socialism type of economy. and, you know, not as much as what used to be but we are certainly capitalists here. the other difference i see the s the political structures are different and i think a whole bunch of people in washington are going to be looking for new jobs soon. >> neil: yeah, but, you know, you talk about how our system is changing to become a bit more socialistic or more government involved. and that, that involved a lot more government spending. greeks can't find a way to pay for it, we clearly can't
4:42 pm
find a way to pay for it. where is it headed? >> to a disaster if we don't do something about it. whether you're a republicaner or a democrat, you have to back up objectively and look and say the deficit spending, this philosophy of government is the answer to every problem. and we're just going to pay for it with new created debt. the public reached the end of their patience with this. and the party i've said it before on here and i'll say it again. the party if i were a politician i wouldn't want to be part of is party of the incumbent. a bunch of folks are going to go home. tea party thing, that mentality, whether you agree with how the bunch of folks have gone at it or not doesn't matter. that mentality is very real across the land. the healthy sense of disgust with the fiscal irresponsibility is going to become the primary political monkey this year. >> neil: i think you're right about that, having attended the rally, we'll get into it later in the show. those folks hated anyone who is abusing the public trust
4:43 pm
and public money. i think you're right about that. it's festering. >> it's beyond tea party. coverage of the tea parties has been mixed and, you know, i'm friends with a lot of to those folks and some of them are whacky and some of them aren't. but, regardless of the coverage. all this aside, people that have never been to a tea party have that sentiment. it's very real. it's very alive. it's going to cause some congressman and senators and presidents to go home. >> neil: well, tough love. they're practicing it. you preach it. pound it every night on your show. tonight, it gets a little ugly. this is a preview of coming day's attraction here. >> and what part of an equation is it logical to you to go $200,000 in debt to become a chiropractor? chiropractors don't make that kind of money. >> it's what i have a passion for. >> so what? i've got a passion for a mercedes but i can't afford one.
4:44 pm
>> neil: all right, two things, dave. you can afford a mercedes. >> i realized that after i said it. >> neil: and you pushed away our vital chiropractic demo who just moved to cnbc. you're saying what, don't go to debt in the assumption you'll make money to do it or what? >> we're doing a college show tonight. that was a slip from that, of course. i was talking to a 23-year-old young lady going $200,000 in debt. i'm not against chiropractors. i've got several friends who are chiropractors. >> be careful the next one you go to. >> but the truth is most chiropractors don't make the money that docs make. the idea you can go into doc-level debt and get out just because it's my passion, sorry, sweetie, i'm not biting. not going for it. >> so chiropractors in general can go somewhere else. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> neil: the show gets fun.
4:45 pm
i've heard a lot about it. thank you, dave. now to someone so ticked off with government spending he's running for lieutenant governor in our nation's tiniest state. causing the biggest of waves. rhode island. get this, if he wins he plans to get rid of the office he won and save the state $1 million. robert heelly jr. is running on the cool move party ticket. political party he founded. he joins me right now, so robert, you're serious about this? >> i'm very serious about this. we've been talking about it politically since 1994. right now, political climate where it could work because of the fiscal crisis here and rhode island and in the nation. >> assume you're elected lieutenant governor and gor and they're on different ballots. >> correct. run separately in rhode island. >> will you have the power to dissolve your position?
4:46 pm
>> constitutionally it has to be dissolve bud i'm pledging not take a salary, over $100,000 in rhode island and i wouldn't hire a staff. eight people working in the office for lieutenant governor and the only government institution of that is wait for death of the governor. i can do it for free without a staff. >> neil: what do you tell eight people in the office if you are elected? >> they have to look to stimulus money to get some jobs. >> what reaction have you been getting? >> positive. in the past it's like it's only $1 million we put out in the office but this year, it's serious effort that say wow, is it a $1 million. in the past, million dollars a year was drop in the bucket. now we're in rhode island between $500 million and $11
4:47 pm
billion in debt. you are using this to make a bigger point about the waste in spending. >> yes. strong fiscal conservative and i think if we want to start downsizing government we have to take the initiative. people of rhode island have an opportunity to show they are willing to do whatever to downsize the government. i think it's finally catching up with them. >> not just in rhode island. best of luck. we'll watch it closely. robert heelly jr. >> thank you. >> neil: you see it here first and see it in "new york times" later, much later. today, the proof. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron.
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>> neil: these are republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, as much opposed to spending under the democratic government as they were under republican president. so this is a fox news alert. they're not all republicans. in april i said this in sacramento and i was bookc back for it. that was then, this is now. "new york times" today clearly saying what i said. tea parties aren't about party. they're a phenomenon that goes beyond that. another fox news alert. the judge agrees with the times which agrees with me so wi are all on the same page. hair journalistic hat-trick. i talk to these people last year. >> you are right and you know and i know it. i was privileged to be speaker as many of the tea parties, as recently as
4:52 pm
yesterday in dallas, texas. they're concerned with a couple of things. they want to throw out incumbents, people voting for the patriot act, people who voted for tarp and stimulus and voted to mortgage our future and they have a passion for suddenly recognizing the federal government didn't come to existence to right every wrong. when the states gave away a little that each state had to form federal government they wrote down list of what the power was. we call that the constitution. since the civil war they haven't been following the constitution. that resonates the republicans, liberals, democrats, conservatives, lebtarians. >> neil: what got it going on steroids? >> what got it going on steroids was the enormo enormou borrowing from the end of the bush years. bush called himself defender of the free market instigating tarp and instigated the first stimulus payment. tarp and his first stimulus
4:53 pm
was $1 trillion in debt. >> neil: right, but the professional rage you hear, fox does it and criticize bush, leaving aside raking financial rescue over the coals at the time when bush was in office, this and the acknowledgment of the "new york times" today this is more than just republican party phenomena but sort of a cross populist phenomenon, it was done almost in con scending fashion the way they -- condescending fashion the way they treated it. bizarre elements. what did you make of it? >> the people who treat tea party groups as if they were weirdos or wingnuts have begun to recognize. look at virginia, look at new jersey, look at massachusetts. look at indiana. >> it's stills a dismissive. >> think i'll dismiss it at their peril.
4:54 pm
nancy pelosi is guaranteed her seat from san francisco. harry reid is not guaranteed his seat from nevada. there is a tea party move in the nevada to do everything it can to bring in a person, democrat in the primary more likely one who believes in the constitution. suddenly it's cool to believe in the constitution. did you think we'd be symbol of coolness? >> neil: you, but me, never. built for comfort. realizing that the film he was shooting on his dad's 8-millimeter camera would make history.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936 and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers. gecko: quite impressive, yeah. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> neil: one has never-before-seen footage of one president in his final hour of life nearly half a century ago.
4:58 pm
another snapshot of thousands in the last second of life a decade ago. all the more remarkable since both were revealed days apart, iconic image of john f. kennedy in 1963 released just this week. the horrific images of the collapsing towers in 2001. only becoming public last week. leaving aside the helicopter views of a collapsing world trade center were only deemed relevant now. or that 61-year-old ward warrant thought the film he took as a teenager to play hookie and see a president come to down was deemed worthy only now. but here they are, now. new angles on familiar tragedies. one before the tragedy hits, the other during it. so many years later. ward warn told the curator of the sixth floor museum in dallas he had nothing new to offer on the assassination, but he had took these very special before the assassination. he was right.
4:59 pm
just like new york city pilot, helicopter pilot craig seminator photography enthusiasts thought he had interesting still images of a moving tragedy decades later he was right too. got me thinking, what other old film and photographs are hidden in someone's basement dismissed by those who took them or forgotten by family members perhaps unaware of them until someone, somewhere opens a box or dusts off an attic shelf and stumbles upon them and then shows them? we see it all again. and remember the pain all over again. reminded that not only does history repeat itself, various angles on it repeat it even more. absolutely amazing! all right. one hour from now on fox business network, ronald reagan's son michael reagan on what the tea partiers are saying to republicans. are they the new party


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