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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  May 16, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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and get a second one free. only from verizon. closed captioning services, inc and get a second one free. t nounv nouns >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: welcome. thank you very much. thank you. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. in one of the buildings damaged by the terrorist attacks of september 11, plans have been approved to build a mosque at the same site two blocks from ground zero. the leader of the group saying not so fast. she will be joining us tonight. also, a cross between john wayne and crocodile dunddee, a true cowboy who travels across country on horseback, the unique australian joe guy
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will be here sharing his american dream. she's the ring leader on the "real housewives of new york city." but tonight, jill zarin and her sister, lisa wexler are going to share secret of a knewish mother. one of the successful christian recording groups plus much, much more all on the show tonight. you picked a great night to be watching and a great crowd we have here in new york to be part of the audience. [ applause ] thursday night, a few blocks from the new york studio. president obama showed up at the tony st. regis hotel on fifth avenue to lift a load of dough and campaign crash from the villains he recently called the fat cats of wall street. of course then, he was all about standing up for the little guy. i can assure you, the only little guys that president obama's event in new york were the ones serving the swanky french food to the
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tables of the swells who shelled out $50,000 per couple to shake the hand that slapped their faces for making too much money days ago. true reform in washington isn't happening. it is not going to happen because you don't have a credibility to shake up the same people that you are shaking down to win your elections. like an abused spouse who keeps going back for more smacks to the face, just as disgusting that the people president calls the fat cats will line up in the finest to be photographed with mr. obama but hopefully not showing the facial bruises they received from him or his pal nancy pelosi who also graced the nice people of new york with her ever so pleasant presence. now, if you wonder whether the administration or the democrats in congress are really there for you, remember they would be there more for you if you ponied up $50,000 for a peep at the
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president and miss pelosi. i am not sure what is more hypocritical, claiming to fight the fat cats while taking their money or being a fat cat and purring softly and licking the very hand that strikes you. this insanity can be cured. it can. it's called an election. there is one coming up from november. you can send a message that can be heard even in the finest cocktail party in new york. [ applause ] well, that is my view. i welcome yours. you can e-mail me at click on the fox news feedback section and i'll look forward to being able to hear from you this week. all right, coming up in the next segment, we're going to talk about the government debt and how it relates to you and to me. but jay leno has something to say about personal debt. >> the senate this week voted to toughen the standards for home loans, under the new standards lenders would have
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to verify that the borrowers can repay the loan. really? is that considered a tough standard now? you have to pay back the loan? the mob, they break your legs. that's a tough standard. having to pay back the loan. >> mike: later in the show we'll talk about that very thing. should we have to pay back the money that we are borrowing at a country? well, more of that in a little bit. a lower community board has given okay to build a mosque near the world trade center that was destroyed on september 11. they plan to open the doors on september 11, 2011, ten years to the day after the terrorist attack. joining us now is the executive director of stop the islamization of america, pamela geller. pamela, welcome. good to have you here.
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[ applause ] you are not in favor of the mosque and culture center built this close to where the 9/11 attacks happened. why? >> ground zero is hallowed ground and i think it's an outrage, insult and it's humiliating to the families and a mcauliffall americans. we should be outraged to build a mosque which embodies the ideology that inspired those attacks on 9/11. >> mike: we asked the american society for muslim advancement to join us and they declined. but they sent a statement. i want to read it because i'm like your reaction to it. here is their position on it. they say for over a decade, cordova initiative and american society for muslim advancement worked tirelessly to build bridges with other faiths while condemning violence, extremism and prejudice of any sort. our mission is to be a beacon of hope, peace, understanding and harmony to those who join us in condemning hatred and
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violence of any kind. too often the credit arises why peace-loving muslims do not speak out. we can't think of a more wonderful expression of our religion than the cordoba house where they stand together with the fellow citizens to condemn extremism and terror and it's a project to honor those who were harmed on september 11 and attempt to give patriotism to the country and stand side-by-side for all men and women of peace. they're saying this is the way to stand with people of america and we're against what happened here. why does that give you real concern? obviously, there are some real heartache, not just with you but a lot of people across the country about the building. their statement says don't worry about this. this is a gesture of friendship and peace. >> i think a real remoral at the hallowed ground of 9/11 would be perhaps a museum dedicated to the victims of
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9/11. and perhaps a center that would work to expunge the violent text that inspire the acts of jihad. it's very symbolic, mike. if we look at the world trade center, the especiallity center, the financial epicenter, iconic of the world financial power in new york. if we look at the pentagon, that was the icon of military super power in the world. >> mike: wouldn't you have a problem if this was a church or synagogusynagogue? or specifically it's religion adhered to by the terrorists. let me be fair. pervation of the religion that may be islam. >> listen, the texts are in the quran and they're inspiring acts of jihad. two weeks ago in times square, another icon of the entertainment complex of the world. a symbol ig move to build a mosque at grounds zero.
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>> mike: you are asking for what? >> the government should not intervene to tell where you say to build the houses of worship. they should be responsive to non-muslims that this is a humiliation and response to public outcry to build a 13-story mosque at ground zero, opening up on september 11. to anybody with any sense at all, this is a slap in the face. symbolism is important and this is appeasement of muslim dominance. islamic supresupremism. we couldn't show the muhammad in a hug give bear suit on comedy central. they bleeped out the word muhammad because of the
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muslim sensitivity. the danish cartoons, no media would broadcast the danish cartoons. to be sensive to muslim sensibilities. but what about our sensibilities and why can't we build churches in saudi arabia? why isn't it a two-way street? [ applause ] >> mike: it's a hot issue and it will remain that way. it appreciate you're being on. i'm grateful for the center for giving us their take on it. >> june 6 a protest at ground zero. please come and voice your outrage with what we consider to be a terrible idea in appeasement of islam. >> mike: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> mike: great to have you here. [ applause ]
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>> mike: there is good debt
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and bad debt. if you buy a house with a mortgage you can afford, that's good debt. if you max out your credit cards and buy stuff you can't pay for, that is bad debt. our government is in a lot of debt. can america continue to carry it? and how bad will it be if we don't do something about the debt? we're going to be talking now with fox business network's liz macdonald and stuart varney. we're the company today. america is in a serious debt situation. how much, stuart? >> greece is today where america is going to be tomorrow. we are drowning in debt. ten years ago the debt was half the size of our economy. today it's the same size as our economy. we'll pay a price for it. standard of living goes down, and the taxes are up, prices are up. if i may say so, governor,
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it's downright un-american. the bank will not look like it's supposed to look. >> mike: we'll put it on the screen. i want people to see first-hand as we're talking, you can see the debt on the screen. 2,000, it was 56% as you said. 68% at the time the president obama took office. now 992%. that is like saying you owe 92 cents out of every char you earn. >> you are in the danger zone. >> it doesn't include fannie or freddie or social security or medicare. >> mike: no, not those small things. >> the sun could block out jupiter or the sun if they were in there. the issue is we're issuing debt to pay off debt which is like drinking scotch to cure a hangover or wheys i can or whatever you drink. >> mike: he's not telling. here is the thing we need to understand. some people say america shouldn't have any debt. debt in itself is not that bad if it's manageable. people have debt for a home.
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what is a good rule of thumb for consumer and country? >> the issue is the interest on the debt. it's getting to blow hole on the balance sheet the size of egypt. if you are borrowing money for the interest cost, good capital is not going to the economy to grow the businesses. they're saying -- we only pull in $2.7 trillion in tax revenue and we borrow the rest. if it gets to 20%, trending up, the interest costs. when the credit rate goes down and borrowing cost goes up and more taxpayers to spend on the bond yield. >> who is going to lend us the money? >> right. china is already saying that. >> trillion debt, as far as the eye can see, every year. we have to borrow that money. don't you think the lenders will turn and and say -- >> chinese are lecturing us on the spending habit. >> not lending to us at the moment. >> before they seize fannie and freddie, paulson, the former treasury secretary
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wrote in his book and told congress the reason he did it russia, he says, advising china to dump fannie and freddie debt. in other words the bond yield started to fall apart and the government had the seize those two immediately. >> mike: we hear the president say the economy is on the rebound. are we doing better? >> the economy is expanding. that is true. there is some very limited new job creation, very limited. the deficit, the hangover of debt will slow us down. we're not recovering in a robust fashion like we should be from a se serious recession. far from it. it's slow recovery. >> the administration says we inherited a recession. every administration said it for two decades. joe biden has been in the government since the nixon era. when they start borrowing they put the thumb on the scale to do their borrowing. >> mike: before we go, remind the viewers of something.
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liz, great story of you, nothing to do with the economy. you met mother teresa one time and she attempted to give you a blessing. she was going to bless you. most people in the world would have been thrilled to have had a blessing from mother teresa. what did you do? >> i was thrown because mother teresa used to go up to her volunteers and coworkers -- i'm a last catholic. if i walk by a church i'll burst into flames. she would go like this and block out your face to see how you look in a habet. so i got distract and he would -- make pretend you'll put blessing on the head. show what i did. i high-fived her. >> way to go. high-fived mother teresa instead of taking the blessing. >> her nones are thinking who let this american lunatic in the door? >> mike: i'm not sure we could make a baptist out of you with that. >> i can't top that.
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>> thank you for humiliating me on national television. >> thank you. we'll be right back. [house] wow, i feel like a new house
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after my quick home energy check-up from bge. it's the closest i'll ever get to a day spa.
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they wrapped my pipes, installed cfl bulbs, recommended a little nip/tuck around the old windows and more. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at, and pamper your home with a quick home energy check-up. [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life. >> mike: my next guest came from australia a year ago with a dream, to travel across america on horseback. and then help ranchers with his unique skills to train horses others thought were untrainable. the wonder from down under, part horse whisperer and part gene autrey, fascinating person. meet the long rider, joe guy. [ applause ] >> mike: joe guy, you brought your stuff.
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>> yeah. >> mike: wow! you're not going to make me ride a horse today are you? >> no, not today. >> mike: great to have you here. i need to tell our audience, i met you in south arkansas. i was down there deer hunting with a good friend of mine. and he said i've met this guy, he is incredible. and he saw you walking a horse in the snow in this little bitty community called pickens, arkansas, and you were just walking a horse in like january. he stopped and found out your story. quite an amazing story. you came here from australia to kind of see america. >> yep. >> mike: what were you looking for? >> well, first of all, i came here being the land of opportunity. i always have grown up believing that if i got here i could inspire people. i came here to promote my book and record my album, which i did. i figured i'd hop on a horse and ride a few miles to get an idea how the country worked and how people feel -- >> mike: just ride a few thousand miles on a horse. >> i was going to ride across
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the country and my wife got upset because i was only here for a week and i said goodbye, i'll see you in 12 months. she was upset. >> mike: i wonder why, joe. >> she started crying and i said i'll do a loop and stay close by. i had a 1,500-mile loop. >> mike: how many miles? >> 1,500-mile loop. >> mike: little loop. >> i said we had done clinics and i hopped on a horse and rode another 1,500 miles. >> my friend had 100 horses and you went out in his pen and there was one they told me later, they didn't tell you, i thought was untrainable. you had a saddle on him in less than two hours. >> yep. >> mike: you were riding him. they had given up on him. haw what do you do? how do you do this? >> first of all, it's my horse. i know how a horse thinks and why it's doing what it's doing. i get inside the horse's mind. i capture the horse's mind and he gives me his body.
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it's reading the horse, psychology and psychology and body language to read a horse, dog and child. >> mike: you could do it with a kid? >> well -- >> mike: there are parents all over america who want to bring their kids to you right now. >> a couple of my kids would disagree with that. it works. it works. i tell people all the time you have to capture the mind. if you got the mind, the horse is yours. >> mike: what do you do that is so different? how do you get the horse to want to do what you want him to do? >> first, i rank him. it mess the horse with a problem horse. i don't try to break horses. i'm interested in a horse that have come back from trainers are that are unbreakable. that rear up and flip over, hurt on, kick eye out of a needle, strike at you, mouth open lunge at you. i teach them with just that one blow. stand still. every time they don't stand still. push them off me, just that second blow. in ten minutes that horse will learn to move the feet.
2:25 am
there is no harm, nothing involved but the two noises. then i start to bait the horse and add the pressure with the tarps and bags and the different things. what people have to remember is if you see footage of what i do, i put pressure on the animal, mental pressure. they think it's too hard for the horse but that horse has hurt people and probably sent people to hospital or emergency room. i'm firm with what i do. i ask the horse once and then i demand it. the two noises the horse will know do not move the feet. with the pressure, the horse will think should i move, should i move? you can see the mind take over and whatever i do, don't move. >> mike: it's unbelievable. the book is called "living a dream." you go out and here is what people need to know. it's not like you stay in the ritz carlton. you sleep in barns with the horse and slept in the open. you are living the life of
2:26 am
the cowboy. >> as i rule i try to camp with the horse in case something goes wrong i'm with him. when i met freddie black, he offered a place to stay and i said i want to sleep in the stall next to my horse. that's what i do. >> mike: it was 20 degrees. >> it was cool. >> mike: cool? that's cold! you call it "living a dream." this is the book and we have information on how to learn more about joe guy and get the book. for me, this would be living a nightmare sleeping out in that weather. also, everyone in the studio audience will get a copy of the book "living a dream." and copy of the cd. one of the things you do is write songs and sing them. why don't you close us out with a song. joe guy, the long rider. one of his original songs. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ i called home again this morning ♪ ♪ while we talked for a
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little while ♪ ♪ i could feel the pain and still picture that pretty smile ♪ ♪ kids are screaming in the background ♪ ♪ someone's pulling someone's hair ♪ ♪ my heart skipped a beat ♪ when she said lonely instead ♪ ♪ i said sometimes i get lonely baby ♪ ♪ and scared, too ♪ and scared, too ♪ sometimesxxxppúúúú@@
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we now return to huckabee. thank you for watching. ♪ ♪ >> mike: putting musical instruments in the hands of students is a personal goal of mine. and the reason that i teamed up with want to play fund. this week, want to play presented musical instruments to three young ladies and a young man from a brooklyn public school. the trumpet, two saxes and a
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bass guitar means these students -- [ music ] -- will be able to keep playing. the money was raised from the auction of guitars and the painting of the twins right here on the show. 100% of the money that we raise on the show for want to play will purchase instruments like these and put them in the hands of kids like amber, jasmine, athecia and scott who couldn't there in person but is getting his guitar. for more information on want to play go to and click on the want to play link. [ applause ] well, it was a lot of fun watching those kids get the instruments. she is one of the stars of bravo hit tv show "real housewives of new york city" and not one to back down from a good argument. >> tonight, you totally insulted me. >> honest to god -- >> i can't ask questions?
2:33 am
>> you know what? it's the way you said it. you attacked me. >> i didn't attack me. >> i have always been there to support her. i can't belief you walked in here -- this is honestly, you should leave. >> mike: well, she learned how to stand up for herself from her mom who taught her to be clear about what she wants. now along with her mother and sister, they write about the lessons in their brand new book called "secrets of a jewish mother." please welcome jill zarin and her sister lisa wexler. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> jill, lisa, great to have you here. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> i'm so happy to be here. >> mike: thank you. how much do we see on the "real housewives of new york city" is real? >> how much do you think is real? >> mike: well, i think that part where you were about to cut her head off was real. >> that was real. some of it is real, some of it is not as real as others. >> mike: but something that is real is what you talk about in this funny book. >> thank you. >> mike: i mean i know it was not all written to be humorous but there is an extraordinary bit of humor -- >> jewish people are nothing
2:34 am
if not funny. because we laugh at ourselves. we have to half at ourselves. otherwise, how would we have survived? >> mike: that's true. one thing i find in the book, this is a book a lot about traditional family ties. and the importance of maintaining close family relationships. which you have done with your mother. j yes. >> mike: and with each other. >> yes. >> mike: you collaborated on this book. what caused you to say let's write a book about being jewish women? >> what happened, mom gave advice on the real housewife show that resonated with fans and from that advice column ensued in the daily news and then and it came to me in the shower, "secrets of a jewish mother." you know what it was, governor? the reputation of jewish mothers is a little bit shall we say maligned a little bit? a little bit? i thought it was time to set the record straight. >> mike: so you did it in this book. one thing you said, four basic rules of friendship.
2:35 am
be there, apologize when you're wrong, forgive, let it go. >> let it go. >> you have to let it go for other people. we always think about how we need to, how we are always thinking about the grudges and things that we keep against each other, but we need to look at how to forgive other people. >> mike: jill, do you let it go? >> sometimes it takes me a little while. i get there. >> to be honest, sometimes it's not so easy. especially if you have the cameras on you. i am a real person. i don't always want to do it on camera. a lot of things in my life are not on camera. i have three stepchildren and people don't know i'm a stepgrandma. it just came from a birthday party from my 2-year-old grandson. my friendships i thought was real and i wanted to talk to her off-camera. i didn't want to do this on the tv show. i didn't want to do it. shoot me, i didn't want to do it. so that was a mistake but you didn't see them and so that made me the bad gguy.
2:36 am
>> what makes jewish men the best men? >> we take credit they had a jewish mother. jewish men because of the jewish culture are taught to aren't women. all about aren't. >> mike: -- all about respect. even if they didn't like the woman anymore it was respect. >> it's key in a relationship and overtime it's essential. >> one thing, don't lend anything you cannot afford to give. >> that was mommy. we've all had experiences of lending money to friends, and losing friends, not because they want the money back but they were uncomfortable. >> it changes the playing field. not equal anymore. >> if you lend something you say i have given it away and if i never get it back i don't expect it back. >> yeah. yeah. >> we think overall you shouldn't get involved with friends and money. not a good idea. my personal experience, not a good idea. >> mike: the book is called "secrets of a jewish mother." i found it very funny. i'm not a jewish mother.
2:37 am
i want you to know. >> sure? >> mike: i promise. >> you don't -- do you think you have to be jewish to enjoy the book? >> mike: no. i think you enjoy it more when you're not a jewish mother because there is a lot of insight into people that you know and it's like now i get it. >> true. >> mike: that's what i said. now i get it. otherwise why would a 50-year-old baptist guy reading a book at a jewish mother. >> you know that this jewish mother is best friend with southern baptist girl for 30 years. >> mike: wonderful story and tribute to the friendship you have. >> family values are the best values and say you love your friends as often as you can. >> i didn't get to read your mother. >> she's in florida. >> i would love to meet her. >> okay. try to make it happen. maybe we'll come back. >> mike: that's your job. make it happen. >> promise. >> mike: "secrets of a jewish mother." they're not secrets anymore. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> mike: have you ever gone on a diet that hasn't worked or one that maybe helped you drop the pounds and you put it back on after a while. the next guest says the key to shedding weight is issue of mind over matter and author of a book called "change your brain and change your body." welcome dr. daniel amen. good to have you with us. also with us, is being tested
2:42 am
today that you learn more about is gale weissman. good to have you in the very interesting hat that we'll talk about here in a minute. dr. amen, tell me, you have a different approach to weight loss than anything i've heard before. the book is called change your brain, change your body. most of us think it's the other way around. what did you discover we need to know? >> your brain pushes you away from the table to tell you had enough or your brain will give you permission to have the second bowl of ice cream. if you want a better body, the first place to always start is having better brain. >> mike: you look this at brain scans to see what is going on in there. >> we have done more scans, more brain scans than anybody in the world. when we started to look at wait, it was like our patients with depression and a.d.d. it wasn't one thing. it was five different things. you have to know your type to get the right help.
2:43 am
being on the right diet can make people mean because it upsets the brain function. >> mike: gale was willing to go through the process with us today. tell us, gale, have you made various attempts to lose weight? >> yes, i have been on several diets in the past and always, the roller coaster where you lose 20 pounds and gain it back. really the maintenance keeping every day eating is with a you need to do. >> mike: you agree to put this on your head to let dr. amen look in your brain? tell us what we'll see and what are the five types of brains that you look for to find out what will really help gale? >> what we are doing is a studied q-eeg and looks at the electrical activity in her brain. i already peeked so i know her brain and there is a questionnaire on the website to help people understand what their type is. it's also in book. the first time is with a we call the compulsive overeater. and what you will see on the
2:44 am
scan is there is too much activity in the front part of the grai brain. like mouse on exercise wheel. can't get off. red is increased activity in the front part of the brain. they need a treatment to calm it down. type ii, is impulsive overeaters where there is not enough activity in the front part of the brain. so too very different patterns that go with overeaters. type three is what we call impulsive/compulsive overeaters and goes with children of alcoholics, people have a lot of alcohol in their family history. type four are the sad overeaters, people who medicate depression with food. type five would be anxious overeaters. in the book i talk about what are the treatment for each diet.
2:45 am
at kkins is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and good for type ii but nightmare if you are compulsive overeater. >> mike: that's why some diets work for some than other people because the brain triggers a different response. >> right. in the future we will be tailoring diets to people's individual brains. >> mike: what if v you found out -- have you found out about gale? >> clear. type ii, impulsive overeater. i talked her life and i'm sure she has a.d.d. and had it from the time she was a little girl. >> mike: did you know this? >> no. i had an inkling but not on the level -- >> you talked to your therapist. >> that's why he strapped you to the chair, your a.d.d., afraid you'll run around. >> it's common in type ii. short attention span, distracted, disorganized, great intention. really bright. but they can't follow through with anything, so we need to stimulate their brains and there are supplements that
2:46 am
will do that. sometimes medicine will help. higher protein/lower ca carbohydrate lower diet. if she gets plate of pasta, her impulse goes out of the control. >> mike: the activity on the screen and hooked up to the computer is that gale's brain going? >> gale's brain. >> mike: there is activity there. it just want you to know. i didn't want a flat line exposed on television. what you recommend now, specifically, how does gale get control of her appetite and get control of her health? >> trying to get blood to her brain. she needs clearly written out goal, does this food fit the goal to get healthy? supplements like green tree.
2:47 am
people go on the website to learn about that. or medicines to treat her a.d.d. could be life saving for her. if you carry more weight than you should, we learn that your weight goes up and the physical size of your brain goes down and nothing in your life is as good as it can be if your brain is not as healthy as it can be. >> mike: wow. the good news is they're not going to do electrical shock. oh, look there is -- kidding. "change your brain and change your body." more to it than we can get to today but go to dra amen's website to learn more or get copy of the book. it doesn't require intensive therapy. it's a lot through supplements and through the change of habits and the change of foods. dr. amen, thank you very much. great to have you here. thank you. i hope we'll find out how this all is going to work for you. we'll be right back. stay with us. when you have a drug or alcohol problem,
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your whole world stops making sense. you can get help for yourself, or a loved one and make sense of life again. for information, treatment referral... and most importantly... help, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services.
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>> mike: they have sold millions of albums, received two grammy nominations and recorded an incredible 24 consecutive number one hits in a row. by the way, that is a record no band in any genre has ever matched. they are back with a brand new album and book of their favorite recipes called cooking with grace, welcome back denise jones, shelly green, and lee caponilo, a point of grace. great to have you back. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> mike: you know, i think people who are around me know that you are about my favorite christian band ever. >> you're our favorite politician. >> thank you. >> sure. [ applause ] >> ever. >> mike: i love the new cd. it's called "no changing us."
2:52 am
you guys aren't really changing after all the years of singing together you just get better. >> right. we're not aging or changing. >> mike: but you are moving with really kind of new musical ideas, aren't you? >> yeah. our last album was called "how you live." that song got a little air play on country music format and that never happened to us before and that was exciting for us. so on this album, we made more of a concentrated effort to, you know, we hired a new producer, nathan chapman, who just won album of the year for taylor swift album and has had great suck snes the country mus muse world -- succes in the country music world. he has a new twist on our sound and more country than it used to be but still have positive encouraging christian lyrics on it. country and christian are closely related anyway. >> mike: there is so much hope in the songs. people will love this. "no changing" is the new album. but something else, cooking with grace. recipe book. the favorite recipe to tell
2:53 am
me about? >> there are so many. one of my favorites is my mom's oklahoma barbecue brisk brisket, and it's easy but i'm meat and potatoes girl. >> a lot of our audience is meat and potatoes and they will love this. and get it at poi for me, something i'll love you for you are going to be down there for me this a week-and-a-half for my daughter's wedding. >> yea! >> mike: and she and brian sanders are getting married. there is their picture. and we all went to the same college. not brian, we're working on him. but all the rest of us -- you didn't. >> honorary. >> honorary member. >> anyway, thank you. i'm looking forward to seeing you there. i want to listen to the new song from the album called "he holds everything." a beautiful song. people will love it and they'll want to buy it but right now, they'll want to listen it to. >> all right. ♪ ♪
2:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ waiting for that other shoe to drop ♪ ♪ swear this world is going to come to a stop ♪ ♪ drowning on dry land and you can't come up ♪ ♪ to me, so weak and you look at that mountain ♪ ♪ say there's no way over, no way around it ♪ ♪ you feel like you're so far from home ♪ ♪ even god's not there ♪ but every single and every rock ♪ ♪ he can see ♪ yeah, you're in his breeze ♪
2:55 am
♪ hold it back with one sure ♪ ♪[ inaudible lyrics ] ♪ i believe he holds everything ♪ ♪ when it's late at night and you are staring at the dak of bills ♪ ♪ and it don't add up and you don't know how it will ♪ ♪ singing with a half-hearted prayer ♪ ♪ but you still don't know ♪ when the anchor man breaks in on the tv ♪ ♪ and says these times, they won't be easy ♪ ♪ and fear sets in ♪ and you want to give in ♪ just let it go ♪ let it go ♪ because every single sparrow flying ♪ ♪ and everyone that's crying ♪ ♪ he can see ♪ yeah, you're in the
2:56 am
breeze ♪ ♪ he can hold that back with one little chore ♪ ♪ and one common worry, and doubt before♪ oh, i believe ♪ yeah, i believe ♪ that he holds everything ♪ yeah, he holds everything [ applause ] >> mike: point of grace. i hope you will get the new cd. and the recipe book. remember, next week we'll come to you from las vegas. we'll have fun and you will, too. robin leech, performance by the jersey boys and much more. see you from vegas next week see you from vegas next week on huckabee.
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