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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 16, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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thanks on to our panel. >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, may 16th, 2010. bp hits a snag in efforts to stop the enormous oil leak in the gulf, as scientists discover plumes of crude beneath the surface. is the company everlooking newer technology that could stop this catastrophe? >> and sarah palin standing up for arizona. >> we're all arizonaens now and in clear unity, we say, mr. president, do your job. secure our border. >> why is she defending the state against backlash over its immigration law. >> and then the group of moms made this viral video to show how mad they are over the national debt. they say our kids will be the one saddled with the problems,
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we're going to hear from them coming up. >> and our slogan this morning comes from russ in florida. as the java starts to perk and the sun starts to rise, that's my cue, it's time for aly and the guys. >> nice! >> nice. >> it's "fox & friends." >> good morning, good sunday morning, you were talking about viral video and some real viral video is next to you. >> i have a horrible cold, i'm sorry. >> can we get some anti-bacteriaal wipes. >> wear a hazmat suit. what i'm sneezing and coughing up, nobody needs. >> this will get you out of working out because we have oscar smith, trainer for supermodels. i know dave and i want to try to look like supermodels. >> it wasn't my goal. >> he's going to joining us and see if we can beat the supermodel in a workout. >> i'm going to predict no. >> and clayton is going to tighten up that tushie sunday
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morning. >> after the kay yak episode is on the drink. >> which is online and so many people e-paled. >> and we have a fox news alert. bp holding out heap that its latest efforts that stop the oil gushing into the gulf will work. channelled up to the circuit when they attempted to maneuver a tube into the leaking pipe. the coo speaking on containment efforts. >> we continue to have a massive response underway, over 17,000 people are now working on this effort. we've employed now over 1 million feet of boom, somewhere around 38 aircraft working, 650 vessels, so it's a massive effort. >> well, meanwhile, the associated press reporting that bp allegedly knew of safety concerns with another rig in the gulf, that had been operating without proper engineering documents. this as homeland security
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secretary janet napolitano and bp chairman lamar mckay testify at a senate hearing on the hill tomorrow. coming up in about ten minutes we will hear about the technology that could stop the leak that bp may be ignoring, plus, later in the show we have a whistleblower on who says that bp falsified certain tests that may indicate they knew about safety problems ahead of the gulf rig explosion. a become threat on a cafe pacific flight from hong kong to vancouver forces canadian fighters to intercept the plane. loaded with 283 passengers landed without incident at vancouver international airport. police say nothing dangerous was found and canadian pacific says the threat was a hoax and made by phone. passengers say they were not told of any potential problems while in the air. that dense cloud of volcanic ash is creating more headaches, forcing airports in northern ireland to be closed down. britain's department of transportation is now warning parts of air space, including
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london heathrow could close because of the continue eruption of iceland volcano, of the iceland volcano. the volcano has already cost the transportation industry billions worldwide. while you were sleeping, astronauts on board shuttle atlantis got an early wakeup call before a busy day in space, listen. >> good morning, atlantis, a special good morning to you today, tony. >> oh, good morning to you, also. >> sometimes they play music, i prefer the music. >> alisyn wake up, you prefer that to shout out to tony. >> wake up. >> atlantis will dock in a few hours. before it does it will perform a back flip to get into position and nasa says there's no threat from a piece of space junk they've been watching and atlantis will be docked for a week in the final mission ever. president obama honoring law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty outside the
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capitol. >> the accepts of security doesn't make it on its own, what makes it possible, what makes freedom possible were the law enforcement officers we honored today. >> peace officers memorial day service capped off police week which paid tribute to law enforcement officers throughout the country. those are your headlines. >> we're going to have the story in a few minutes about cops, should they be paid for putting on their uniforms? an interesting debate about that. let's look at rick reichmuth. >> i'm confused on that one. >> don't be. >> waking up to temps more mild than yesterday and at least the southeast, dealing with a number of rain of a lot of rain unformer and see the storms across the mid atlantic, those are going to refire this afternoon and heaviest this morning and down in the deep south, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, dealing with a lot of rain and this entire area is going to get socked in with this rain the next three or four days and
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expect to see on and off flight delays certainly on part of the road and isolated flooding as well. the west looking good and this into the pec northwest, a few light rain showers the next couple of days, as far as the precipitation totals the next couple of days, you see the yellow and oranges pile up. three, maybe four inch rainfall totals over a couple of days and some of that across areas of tennessee and kentucky that deal with the flooding and a little more rain moving in unfortunately. little cooler off to the north and not bad. feeling like spring almost everywhere, phoenix. >> there it is, rick, it's 96 in phoenix and the immigration battle is on fire as well and sarah palin is running right into that fire. she took the stage on saturday with governor jan brewer supporting the arizona immigration law, pushing back against the president. pushing back against those who are boycotting the state of ar air, economically. here is what sarah palin had to say about the many
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immigration plan and arizona itself. >> it's time for americans to stand up and say we're all arizona now and in clear unity we say, mr. president, do our job, secure our border. i think for most american people the reaction to this would be why haven't the police already been doing that. >> yeah, an interesting question, why aren't the police already doing it, look, it's a federal law, what the federal government hasn't done and questions this week about attorney general eric holder and come out and criticized the arizona law having not read the bill. we all remember that and of course, governor jan brewer of arizona had something to say about that, take a listen. >> have you read the arizona law? >> i've not had a chance to-- glanced not read it. >> well, it's ten pages, a lot shorter than the health care bill which was 2000 pages lo
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long. >> that of course is an ad from arizona governor jan brewer and you brought it up, clayton, when we read about the bill, we talked about tt the first thing that struck me this is based in federal law, existing federal law, law we're not enforcing and after reading a near 16 pages. >> it goes to great length to say this has to be during the commission of another infraction. people can't just pull somebody over, stated explicitly in the law, for driving while hispanic. it has to be something else, a traffic violation where then they can check the i.d. when you read it it sounds much less menacing than what you hear in the press, that it's going to be rife with discrimination. eric holder didn't learn the lesson. somebody say did you read it, read the health care bill shall the arizona law and he admitted-- >> only takes about a half hour. >> i've got to take a quick bathroom break and can i
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answer that, af got to go to the cafe fast. >> and jan brewer attacking the president because you remember the white house correspondent's dinner what he was doing rather than talking about the federal law. he was making jokes about this. >> and we all know what happens in arizona when you don't have i.d. [laughter] adios, amigos. >> and jim brewer responding saturday to those comments, take a listen. >> it's fair to ask whether he intends to be the commander-in-chief or the comic in chief. since the president's joke was so inappropriate, i suppose, if i wanted to join in the comedian game i could suggest that he not give up his day job. unfortunately though he isn't doing very well at that one either. so-- >>. >> here is the thing, this is what makes going to the correspondent's dinner so fantastic for journalists and dangerous for politicians. they do say all sorts of politically incorrect jokes at this dinner.
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you'll remember president bush got in trouble with joking with weapons of mass destruction not being found in iraq. >> right. >> so president obama, obviously, made some jokes that lots of people criticized. that's what happens at this dinner. it was originally designed as off the record now everything is on the record. >> well, that's a theme going on in this country as is this anti-incumbent political wave that's rolling across the country. who got swept up in it. robert bennett out in utah. west virginia's alan mollhan 18 years, excuse me, he's out now. a guy who was in charge of a very important committee. will arlen specter get caught up in the same wave? will he be out? will blanch lincoln of arkansas? >> if you want your own incumbents reelected your own member of congress, 36% say yes, that's a huge decline
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down from about 43% in april who said they'd want their own, you know, in-district, incumbent reelected. it doesn't matter whether you have an r or a d next to your name because the sentiment across the board, one woman quoted on the phone survey, i want to send a message to washington loud and clear, aim not happy, really unhappy with both republicans and democrats if that means i have to vote everybody out and make a stand with my one vote i'll do it. >> that's the battle cry. >> the answer is the tea party because the tea party. >> not necessarily. >> well, i mean, just what the poll says. the poll says that the tea party are the people who are most dissatisfied of everyone and they want their own representative in. they don't want democrats or republicans in. they want people who represent smaller government, fewer taxes. less intervention, all that. though interestingly, they did find the majority of people still want democrats to control congress even after
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this fall's elebss. >> a narrow margin. but says that the g.o.p. is gaining momentum. >> gaining moment tum and other people say we're smart, we remember what happened the last eight years when republicans had complete control. we got into the mess. democrats continuing the mess. throw them both out is what they're saying and maybe independents can ride in on the wave. >> that's interesting, see what happens on tuesday, a very big election day. the oil spell in the gulf is getting worse by the meant and critics say there's recognizance technology that could actually stop the leak. we talk to one man next who says he has that technology available now. en form, bp is ignoring him. >> plus, is the language in some advertising complains crossing the line?
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>> welcome back here to "fox & friends." listen to the story. the crisis in the gulf getting bleaker by the day. as efforts continue to fail and it's now estimated the leak is ten times larger than originally thought and some critics say that bp is not doing enough to clean up the catastrophe and accusing the company ignoring technologies right now that would do the job. the president of ad tech industries says he has a solution that would work and gins us from phoenix. glenn, nice to see thank you morning. >> nice to see you, thank you. >> the accusation as you say, is that bp the oil industry is aware of new technologies that would be able to clean up this mess right now, but they're ignoring it.
7:17 am
is that the case? >> well, what's-- in actuality bp, like a lot of the oil companies have actually shielded themselves from the actual great majority of the cleanup process and refer it over to what is called. oil spill response organizations and those oil spill response organizations make the decisions about what kind of technologies are being used and how they're being used. obviously, this doesn't relate to the capping of the pipe, but in the cleanup process they really turn that over to third party, who are motivated based on their agendas to clean up the spill the way they see fit and no oversight by bp or other companies to the best of our knowledge and certainly wasn't been the indicates for many, many years as we attempted to pursue this market for a long time. >> you went out to the oil industry with the technology you developed and what's interesting about this smart sponge technology is that it would absorb all of this oil. we're going to show our audience in a second. i want to play a sound bite from doug sutles, the bp
7:18 am
spokesperson, we're doing everything we can do. >> we've mounted the largest response ever in the world here, we've already spent over 450 million dollars. we're throwing every resource required at this problem and i think, i'd just ask people to judge us on what we're doing. we're not talking about limits on liability, we are he' talking about doing what needs to be donements you heard that, glenn, we're doing everything that we can possibly do. is that a lie? >> i would say that they probably are doing everything at that they feel they can do and i believe that they're probably outsourcing majority of the cleanup work because they don't have the infrastructure to do that. and the majority of the those companies that are in fact doing that type of cleanup work have their own private agenda and that is not necessarily to bring in new technology. and that's why private industry has really not been motivate today try to bring about positive change, entrepreneurs, inventors and things of that nature trying to improve this process have been pulled back by the oil
7:19 am
spill response organizations. >> you've developed what's known is smart sponge, you say it does a full absorption and you have it with you in the studio and show us how it's works and now it's being used. >> first of all, holding up, smart spopg, this is a pop corner, but it be any application depending on the need and when we approached the oil industries in the 90's basically told us we had to speak to the oil spill recovery companies and we provide add demonstration on the technology to them which ill a give you today and it's a very simple test. i'm going to take clean water and used motor oil, similar to what you might see in the valdez cleanup or possibly a, an industrial spill or industrial spill, i'm not sure if the camera can catch this. >> yeah, we have it there. go ahead, glenn. >> if you want to stick that, about 30 seconds left for
7:20 am
timing purposes here. >> okay. and all i'm going to do is simply close it, shake it up so you can see the contaminated water and all i'm going to do is pass is through the smart sponge material and see the speed in which it will remove the contaminants from the water. a fairly quick process and removes the contaminants out on contact, turns it into a solid and under any amount of pressure, you cannot squeeze is back out. >> unbelievable. i can see the water going through there and it's collecting in the jar beneath you and all of the oil is captured by the smart sponge teching nolg. we hope bp is paying attention. coming up we'll talk to a whistleblower, talking about the problems with bp and the oil industry for years. and the president of av tech industries thank you for joining us.
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>> a group of moms made this viral video to show how mad they are at over the national debt, why they say the next generation of kids will be the ones saddled with problems.
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>> all right. i have some statistics it throw by you right now. listen to this. in the year 1850, the national debt was 275 dollars for every american. but look at our live debt clock. right now the national debt is more than $41,000 per person and going up steadily. this statistic spurred one mom to take action and create this video.
7:25 am
♪ [babies crying] >> pretty effective. amy oliver the creator of mothers against debt. good morning aemy. >> good morning, alisyn, thanks so much for having me on. >> my voice, i have a little cold. i've heard a scary statistic, by the time my five-year-old tautings graduate college they'll be making 25 cents on the dollar because of the national debt, the deficit, et cetera. is that accurate? >> well, i have to tell you i'm going to take your word for it, i haven't heard that one, but i will say it, they will be deeply, deeply in debt every child born today owes darned here $42,000 for the mere fact of being born and
7:26 am
alisyn, god forbid they should be taxpayers, but that's what we need them to be. if they're taxpayers they're going to owe about $117,000 per child. it's fiscal child abuse and that's why we started the project, mothers against debt, at the independence institute. >> you know, all this have is sort of theoretical and monopoly money unless you actually have to fork that money over. how does it end up manifesting? >> well, here is the problem. what's going to happen is what we've really done is this debt which you saw on the video. what it does is robs our children of opportunities to have a standard of living that's equal to ours or better because right now, what they're facing is at some point, we have to pay the piper, at some point we're going to have to address our debt. that means higher interest rates. that means more in taxes and our children will have less of their own money to spend. in the words of deruji from
7:27 am
the university, calls it the large esst transfer of wealth i history, from the younger generation to the older generation and the video is designed to show mothers, fathers, parents, what we're doing to our children. that cliche, it's for the children just turns out to be not true. this is what we're doing for our children, we're saddling them with a debt they cannot pay, but they will be forced into less opportunity, a lower standard of living, higher interest rates, and higher taxes. >> amy, it sounds so hopeless what. do you want to do about it? what can we do about it? >> first of all the same thing we do 0 your children when they're behaving badly. stop it, cut it out. that's number one. number two, really, what we need is since congress has proven to be completely irresponsible with the checkbook, we need a balanced budget amendment. pay-go doesn't work because
7:28 am
everything's declared an emergency. we need a balanced budget amendment and what we really need is what, like what we have here in colorado, is a national taxpayers bill of rights where government cannot grow faster than the private sector. >> yep. >> where government has to-- go ahead. >> i'm sorry, amy, we're running out of time, but let your viewers know they can check out your facebook site mothers against debt. you bring up a lot of great points for us this morning. thanks for the suggestions. >> thank you. >> all right, talk to you again. meanwhile, police officers have a lot of gear to put on every day for their uniform and now, they're suing to get that time paid for. well, should they get cash for just getting dressed for their job? then, want to get toned like a supermodel? yes. meet a trainer who's helped get models like gizelle and pjetra runway ready.
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>> all right. welcome back here to "fox & friends." warm up a little bit. hey, have you guys had to put on your clothes in the morning for work and your boss came to you and said, you know what, we want you to get paid now for putting on your clothes every day for work. aly takes 45 minutes. >> 45 minutes? three hours.
7:33 am
>> actually 15. oh, oh, you mean with hair and makeup. you're right, absolutely right. >> part of the uniform. >> absolutely true and i'm happy, we aren't paid by the hour, but it's part of the job as it is with police officers. i don't know if you've ever seen police officers get dressed, i have because i worked as a crime reporter for a long timement it takes them half an hour between putting on the bullet prove vest, the gun, they have to shine all of their medals and buttons and shoes, and i mean, it is a long, long procedure and now, 843 police officers in denver want to be paid for that time which they previously have not been. >> and the lawsuit is going forward and the city says this could cost us up to $200 million if we're going to pay policemen for the time to get ready and undressed at the end of the day. now, here is a quote from the police uniform is not clothing in any ordinary sense. it's a visible sign of authority and essential element of the officer's ability to command compliance
7:34 am
with his commands and directives and analogous to the judicial robe. that's the argument in favor of the officers get paid to get dressed. i think it's tough for getting dressed for other professions, who should and should not get paid, ultimately it's your uniform getting prepared. >> office workers don't need to be paid tore getting dress. >> with are do you draw the line. >> firefighters. they don't get paid by the hour. >> oil workers and deep sea divers. >> what's next. >> cafeteria workers they have to put on certain, like their calf teara smock and hair net and extra time before i clock in. back in the day when i was an hourly working and clock in at mcdonald's and go with the card and clock in. every minute counted right for the 15 minutes if you didn't clock in at a certain time, if you clocked in after that 15 minute increment you lost money in your paycheck and for hourly workers that's an important parts of your paycheck. >> well, i put it on the blog
7:35 am
and love to hear from you guys out there and as well as from police officers if you're watching. how long exactly does it take you to get dressed for work in the morning. we'd love to know. in the meantime, here are your headlines. a pakistani arrested in chile after triggering an explosive detector has been released, but must say in child until prosecutors develop a case against him. the suspect added to the terrorism watch list was charged with possessing explosives, and the judge declined to charge him of being associated with terrorists because of lack of efforts. now information what may have caused that plane crash in libya. sources say low visibility created by mist and sand and the pilot took the plane off autopilot as he approached the tripoli airplane and turned it back on. that's when it crashed to the ground. the sole survivor, the little boy, recovering, his parents and brother died in the crash. the white house is asking the clinton presidential library to speed up the release of
7:36 am
papers from supreme court nominee elena kagan. the library is currently holding more than 160,000 pages of kagen documents from kagen's tenure as a clinton advisor. they were supposed to be released this summer and the senators asked for them sooner. kagen has never been a judgen the papers could provide her views on various issues. kids, please don't try this at home. a 11-year-old boy wins the fire knife competition in hawaii. two things i don't let my kids touch. florida native has been doing this for years, preston webber says he learned how to handle the knives by watching youtube voers, includes twirling a sharp knife with fire on both ends at high speeds. similar to a knife dance smoeen war why ares performed. >> wow. >> let's go over to rick, he's outside, impressive. >> would be nice if we had those skills. let me tell you what, we've got a pretty nice day for the
7:37 am
country going on. take a look at the weather maps, the temps as you're waking up and the only cool air across the rockies and it's going to warm up this week and that's good news. satellite radar picture for us, the eastern part of the country where the problems are and it's going to be around the mid atlantic down through areas of the south where we've got the humidity and then the showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, some of the rain is going to be heavy. across the west we're not dealing with really any problems. a system moving into the pacific northwest and it will think cloud cover and showers and nothing that's going to cause too many problems. we show you where the severe threat is. back across parts of oklahoma and into texas, parts of arkansas and that's where we could be seeing maybe some thunderstorms, winds, probably a tornado or two, but, flash flooding concerns a little farther towards the north in and around parts of kentucky and tennessee. temps for the day shaping up like this, still warm across areas of the south and little cooler in across areas of nebraska, 50, lower 60's and then we'll be back in the 60's
7:38 am
around the great lakes. all right, so, i think we are talking about some exercise and-- >> there you, the most exciting part about what's about to happen is clayton morris is going to get exercise two days in a row. yesterday you know, we saw him that he was doing canoeing and 15 seconds of cardio, today he's moving up. maybe 20 seconds or so. >> about two minutes of working out, rick, thanks so much. >> we've been telling you about our "fox & friends" spring shapeup challenge and today we have additional help from a man who has trained the hottest women in the world, including supermodels gizelle and pjetra nemcova, hi, oscar. hi. >> we're ready. >> we're ready to be transformed into gizelle or more specifically these guys are going to take up. taking on your challenge. >> you've brought along a model. please kick these guy's butts. so i'm going to stand here and judge who does the best
7:39 am
supermodel workout. >> all right. we are going to start off. >> what do you do for models. most for a lot of the girls, there's a lot of cardio and course training and mix it up with lal bit of strength training. every day they train with me something different never the same routine so they don't get board and don't flatten out. >> you don't do strength training don't want to bulk up. >> nice and lean. >> i've got to worry about that, i really don't want to bulk up oscar. >> we're going to warm her up with a jump rope. a little bit of jump rope and ten reps. can you pretend to do the fake jump rope? >> we're going to watch the model. >> i'd like to see jumping, please. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, go down and do a modified pushup. >> we are going to do ten reps. >> on the knees. >> on the knees. >> okay, you can do that. >> i'm not going to do the
7:40 am
knees. >> let me go ten, 1, 2. >> clayton. modify. >> 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. >> now do the modified. >> 8, 9, 10. come up and roll on our back and. >> her form is more impressive at the moment, gentlemen. we're going to work on core strength. >> she has a pad, that's not cool. >> we're going to gef you something. >> here you go. >> no, no, you're going to hang on on do it reverse, you're going back and going to do a crunch and she's going to do. >> how does that feel. >> awful and a hip rose over our head and boom, down. >> this is for abs. >> our hip flexors, lower abs and tightens the gluts.
7:41 am
>> and clayton is actually studying the model. >> how long do you do this for. >> we used to do like ten to 15 reps and over three sets and sometimes five to six sets how bad i want to make them sweat. >> are you taking a minute break and not doing anything in the break. >> ten seconds between exercises and go back and do five push-ups. five push-ups. >> you're in this. >> okay. >> all right. and give them five. >> got to keep them doing. push-ups in between everything. >> do the exercise in between every rotation because i don't want the muscles to get tired and right to ten jumping jacks. >> we're going to do that. let's see the jumping jacks. >> i'm going to say see won the competition, her form was impressive. >> thank you so much. >> and (laughter)
7:42 am
>> dave, looking good. >> thanks. >> all right. coming up on the show, we have something that you're definitely going to want to stick around for, we have a whistleblower coming on to talk about what bp had not done in terms of safety. what they could have done and what they should have done. we'll be talking to hum when we come back. you've given up now? >> no. five pounds. ♪ hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... [ feme announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 calories per serving. multigrain cheerios. try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious
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chocolate taste in every bite.
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>> warn worn out from the working out. headlines. michael jackson's doctor comes to the rescue after a female passengers faints in 30,000 feet in the air. he inverted an iv and stabilized her until an emergency landing in new mexico. he was charged with involuntary manslaughter last february in connection with jackson's death. for the 32nd straight year, there will be no new triple crown winner as looking at
7:46 am
lucky holds off first dude to win the preakness stakes. watch. >> wild finish coming. look first, here it is, looking at lucky's got it. looking at lucky has won the preakness! >> kentucky derby winner, super saver a stant 8th. no triple crown. dave, aly. >> clayton, oscar is still here, trdrop and give me ten. >> i'm going to get some coffee, buddy. >> if elena kagen is confirmed as supreme court, the religious makeup on the supreme court. >> for the first time there will be no protestants despite it's the denomination with the most members in the u.s. and father jonathan morris is here. what does it mean, is it a big deal? >> it's surprising to think
7:47 am
that these are immigrants, the jews and catholics that came to this country and made very good for themselves and i think it's a testimony, not of how many protestants are in or catholics or jews, but a testimony to the tolerance of american democracy and the fact that people can come and no matter what your religion or ethnic makeup. remember, we had the first black justice, 1967. we had the first woman justice in 1981. we have a, a testimony to the whole world that in america, it doesn't matter your religion, it doesn't matter your ethnic background, you can make it to the top. that's a very good thing. >> speaking of immigrants. nancy pelosi, speaker of the house is speaking to you on immigration, here is what she had to say. >> cardinal, the ash much bishops come to me and say we want you to pass immigration reform and i said, but i want you to speak about it from the pulpit. i want you to stress your,
7:48 am
whatever the communication is, that people-- some who oppose immigration reform are sitening those pews and you have to tell us that this is a manifestation of our living the gospel. >> wow. father, is that your duty? >> now, it's amazing what she gets herself into because she says, the bishops come and tell me to pass immigration reform and i tell them to go preach it in their-- the bishops have told nancy pelosi a lot of things that she hasn't done, right? they've talked to her about her very pro-abortion stance. >> right. >> right, and now she's saying now you need to go preach this. the bishops have been talking about serious immigration reform for a long time. they've said that they don't think this, this law in arizona is a good, just law, but it doesn't mean that she can now use the bishops to say amnesty is what should be happening or anything like this. >> and isn't that church versus state? she's one of the people who
7:49 am
says there needs to be a white line between those and here she's crossing it. >> i think it's totally fine for priests and pastors to talk about human rights issues in the church from the pulpit, but not to do it in a way because nancy pelosi told me i'm going to be pushing the democratic agenda on this. no, we have to be speaking with firmness and clarity from the pulpit about important issues even like immigration, but we should be helping people make decisions for themselves, based on good principles. >> and the last thing she wants is, well, i assume is to lose the tax exemption that churches get across this country, but that's a whole other issue we don't have time to get into. >> it's amazing. >> father jonathan morris. >> good to see you. >> listen to this, is the language in some advertising campaigns just going too far? >> ♪ what do you say you put in the
7:50 am
punch ethel. >> frank's red-hot sauce, i put that (bleep) on everything. frank's red-hot, i put that (bleep) on everything. >> it's a great way to get people's attention, including father jonathan's, but is it crossing the line. >> i laughed. >> you did. >> we'll debate that coming up. hi. my name is toni. they say that as you get older your system gets more sluggish. i'm a skeptic. however, this stuff tastes pretty good. really good. yeah, i like the way i feel. it's not a gimmick. it really, truly works. i would highly recommend it to anyone else to take this challenge. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. you must be looking for motorcycle insurance. you're good. thanks. so is our bike insurance. all the coverage you need at a great price. hold on, cowboy. cool. i'm not done -- for less than a dollar a month,
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7:53 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." 53 minutes now past the hour. to bleep or not to bleep. a new wave of advertising is using, bigger, badder and boulder words in print campaigns. here is an example. ♪ . >> what do you say you put in the punch, ethel? >> frank's red-hot sauce. i put that (bleep) on
7:54 am
everything. frank's red-hot, i put that on (bleep) everything. >> is this effective advertising or crossing the line of good taste? let's hear from both sides of the debate. adam is an advertising guru and co-author of the dictionary of the future, he joins us as well as melissa hensen the director of communication for the parent' television council. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> adam is this a coorsening of the laboring language, have we crossed the line? >> i don't think so, a lot of people are offended by the language and now we've bleeped something, and the bleep to protect people are offensive. i think we're going too far in things like this. >> melissa, agree or disagree? >> totally disagree. it's bleeped because it's scripted into the advertisement not as if it's a live shot like somebody is deliberately letting it slip out and they're trying to be provocative. the area we hear about most of these days is kwens of
7:55 am
advertisements because unlike offensive programs answer though this is not a position i agree with, you can't just change the channel if something offends you because advertisements last 30 seconds by the time you grab the remote and change the channel it's over. >> and it's about hot sauce and granted a lot of people in the studio were chuckling what if you have a 10-year-old, 9-year-old, 8-year-old, sitting next to you and mommy what was behind that bleep. >> they have standards and practices department that approve every advertisement. if they approve it, great. i find it not particularly amusing, but children are exposed to a lot worse. look, we had two segments before one about the national debt, one about runway models, let's worry about unrealistic body image not nonsense leak this. >> should there be a rating system given there are ratings systems for other media. should the federal government come forward and say we neat a
7:56 am
rating system for the ads for the kids aren't inundated with this. >> i would hope that industry responsibility would come before government involvement and i think that's what's called for here, but it is important to note, you know, there is no president, for example, for the fc krchc findi- a court battle over the s-word on broadcast tv. if the advertisers are pushing this content into commercials who knows, but that the fcc might step in and look at ad content as well. >> all right, adam, and melissa, we have it leave it there this morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we didn't have to bleep any of that segment. a whistleblower claims bp knew something was wrong with one of their oil rigs for years. well, he says the energy company could have done to prevent the catastrophe in the gulf. coming up, we have that whistleblower live on our show and then he was dead for 15 minutes. dead for 15 minutes after a sniper shot him in iraq. but this army captain
7:57 am
miraculously came back to life and went back to iraq to finish his deployment. the soldier is here with unbelievable survival story next. you don't want to miss this. host: could switching to geico really save you
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning everyone. it's sunday, may 16th. bp hits a snag in its efforts to stop that enormous oil leak in the gulf. and scientists discover plumes of crude beneath the surface. but a report says that bp knew there was a problem with one of their rigs, well before this explosion. could this have been prevented? we're going to hear from a whistleblower coming up. >> and senator arlen specter needs a crucial win this weekend in pennsylvania. is he already crying victory? >> does he really have this one in the bag or far from it? >> and get this, he was dead for 15 minutes, after he was shot by a sniper while serving in iraq.
8:01 am
but the captain miraculously came back to life and amazingly went back to iraq to finish his tour. that soldier here with his incredible story, just saw him in the green room. >> we salute this man, impressive. >> you don't want to miss that. >> our slogan this our comes from sarah in florida, when the sunrises and the day begins i turn to "fox & friends" which always wins. >> that's a very sunny one. >> it's "fox & friends"! >> hey. >> whoa, more viral video coming your way. >> cover your coffee, aly is sick again. >> just blowing my nose. >> the oil spill. >> it's the oil spill and just the beauty of having toddlers at home, your house is a petry dish and anything that happens in school, well, it happens at home. >> it's replicated here. >> thank you for bearing with me this morning. >> in the meantime, here are your headlines, let me tell you what happens is happening,
8:02 am
it's a fight to the finish in pennsylvania as democrats, arlen specter and joe sestak look for last minute votes ahead of tuesday's senate primary, joining us from washington nicole collins on the latest. what's happening today with this race, nicole? >> hi, alisyn, the final stretch leading up to tuesday's democratic primary in pennsylvania remains tense and tight. 80-year-old incumbent arlen specter said, victory is in the air addressing them at a cargo terminal where he says jobs can be created if he's allowed to keep his job. >> there are potentially 125,000 jobs here, the jobs not finished. and i need another term in office to bring these 125,000 jobs to this region. >> specter reiterated his claim that primary challenger, second term congressman joe sestak is skipping too many
8:03 am
votes in the u.s. house of representatives and misleading voters about specter. sestak shot back calling the incumbent, quote, desperate and criticized his party switch from republican to democrat in 2009. >> i'm not a politician. i know that. arlen has it head and shoulders over me on that. and while i respect the man, it's just time. it is literally just time. the time has come and gone. 30 years down there, and a republican agenda. >> while sestak calls himself an underdog in this race. polling shows he's closed a double digit gam with specter and the average shows sestak leading specter by nearly three points and the winner of the democratic primary in pennsylvania will likely face normal representative pat tomby in the general election and toomey said it doesn't
8:04 am
matter to him who wins the primary, he thinks that specter and sestak will energize the race. >> thank you, nicole, we'll talk to you again. a bomb threat on a commuter threat from hong kong to vancouver forces canadian fighters to intercept the plane. loaded with 283 passengers landed without incident at vancouver international airport and police say they did not find anything dangerous on board and the airline says the threat was a hoax. violent clashes continue today in bangkok. there may be a chance that the peace can be restored to the city's streets and the anti-government red shirt protesters now say they're willing to negotiate with the government if the army and its crackdown and the u.agrees to mediate. iran and brazil president meets with iranian president ahmadnejad, trying to reach a compromise over the nuclear program. brazilian president desilvia
8:05 am
is trying to revive a u.n. backed proposal that would require for iran to ship the uranium abroad for further processing and the u.s. calls the efforts the last big shot before more sanctions are slapped on iran. defense secretary robert gates will give the commencement address in moore house in atlanta. the secretary was chosen because of his decades of service to the country and gates will receive the honorary doctorate of human letters. >> over to rick in the weather sn. >> 15 feet away. >> all right, got the storms moving across the central part of the country and the worst down across areas of louisiana, one tornado warning with that cutting just to the west of lake ponchartrain, but that's expired and storms headed towards pensacola this morning and speaking of that entire gulf region the forecast the next couple of days, right around where the oil spill is in the gulf and
8:06 am
the wind are going to continue at least the next two days out of the south and southeast, 10 or 15 miles per hour and that continues to bring the oil closer towards the shows unfortunately. a couple of clear days and we'll see the thunderstorms move in. and here is what we're talking about for precipitation, and accumulating significantly around parts of tennessee and kentucky where we've seen the flooding last week and a little more rain moving in towards the area annen fortunately, pennsylvania, d.c., also seeing some of this and as far as your temperatures go for today. looking like this. not that bad and starting to warm up like summer, guys for people down south. >> sure is. thank you, rick from over there in the weather center. >> ten feet away. >> a fox news alert. bp holding on to hope that the latest effort to stop oil gushing into the gulf will work, the company will try again today to channel the oil up to the face after hitting a snag when they attempted to maneuver a tube into the leaking pipe on saturday and the latest efforts come as a new report reveals that bp
8:07 am
allegedly knew of safety concerns with another rig in the gulf that had been operating without proper engineering documents. >> joining us now on the phone is mike mason and he worked on an oil rig in alaska for more than a 18 years and mike is now a whistleblower claiming that bp has falsified tests for years and mike, thanks for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. thank you. first, let's start with what you make of, what bp is now saying, claiming this morning that they're making progress that they didn't know about these problems in the past when all of the documents seemed to point to the fact that they did. what do you make of all of this? >> well, i believe that's the way they normally operate when things happen with them and it doesn't surprise me one iota. >> mike, you say you observed cheating on blowout preventer tests at least a hundred times including on many wells owned by bp. how werehey cheating? >> well, they have a chart, a paper chart they use for the pressure tests and they have
8:08 am
an eight pin type end on them, kind of like a seismic chart and they raised pressures up to 5,000 psi for the integrity test and they're supposed to hold them by state regulations for five minutes. when they hold them up for five, ten, 20 seconds and the pressure's up to 5,000 they take their finger and slide the chart to five minutes and release the pressures and move on to the next valve. >> as alisyn mentioned, you witnessed cheating at least 100 times. the question, who is at fault here? because we saw this hearing on capitol hill and you saw, as bp pointed the finger at everyone else, especially at transocean, who owns and operates this particular rig. was bp present and are they ultimately at fault here? >> objection, yes, they were present for a lot of them, yes, and that's a culture that we have had for quite a long time, so, the drilling, the
8:09 am
contractor and the leased company both have participated in this. >> interestingly, we had doug sutles on, who was the bp spokesperson and we asked him that question, where is the blame here, he said he didn't know, he wasn't sure about that. there were some concerns in the early days of this disaster that maybe the government didn't respond quickly enough, but you claim, in a letter that you'd written, that the coast guard had been misled by bp. is that, is that the case? >> i didn't, i don't think it was me that claimed that, but it wasn't surprise me if they were. >> mike, one of their reports out that bp did not have engineering documents on their rig, that basically would have served as a road map in the event of some sort of catastrophe. why wouldn't they keep those on the rig? didn't they want safety? >> oh, they talked their safety programs up here in alaska, a lot through
8:10 am
commercials or through the workers, but they don't follow their safety programs at all. they're fairly inept at it. it's a lot of miscommunications that seems to me when i was up there, anyway, a lot of the workers thought so, too. >> and as for the cheating on the blow out preventer test, why would bp and others want to cheat? why would they not want to do what's right to keep the gulf and other regions safe spills like this? time is money, like i said, it's a culture been around, it not only during the test, it's during other operations that happen on bp operations. >> mike, sorry, you're saying it's the culture, that there's a cheating culture. did they think there would never be a catastrophe? >> it would seem to me they did, they're pretty confident of themselves. >> what happened to you in your career once you started blowing the whistle and turning the attention to the oil industry and all of these problems?
8:11 am
what happened to you? >> i was eventually fired from my job. >> for what? >> for whistle blowing. >> right, 'cause you wrote a letter, actually, as we understand it saying what, that got you fired? >> well, i wrote a letter criticizing industries for, overseas to get out of paying american tax dollars and they fired me for that and looking to get rid of me for a long time. >> if only people had listened to you, you're speaking out nowen which is a good thing. perhaps if someone listened to you, perhaps some of the disaster could have been avoided back then. >> back when you started speaking out as well. thank you for speaking with us, we appreciate you shedding light on this. >> thank you, i appreciate it, too. >> greece accepted a major bailout as the economy crumbled. with the ballooning deficit and spending, is america next?
8:12 am
a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> an unbelievable story for you this morning. an army captain was dead for 15 minutes after he was shot while serving in iraq, he miraculously came back to life and eventually went back to finish his deployment. that soldier is here live next to tell us about that ordeal. new danonino has twice the calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, with vitamin d. so it's power packed for healthy growth. yummy! new danonino from dannon. power packed to help kids grow. made a cup of delicious starbucks via ready brew. she shared it with "i heart chihuahuas" and "i heart labs." she even shared it with "i heart cats." premium starbuck via ready brew. now available whever you buy groceries. ♪
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to find an event near you. >> well, the economic crisis in greece has turned the global economy upside down. while there's plenty of blame to go around. many say that big government spending right here in the united states means our country is headed down the same path. but is that the case? here for an a fair and balanced debate. robert george, columnist in the new york post and democratic strategist, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this is a frightening topic for some people and i read paul krugman in the new york times, laid out the case why we're not greece. didn't convince me because he
8:16 am
says essentially we pay less interest, far less interest on our debt, but robert, how are we similar to greece. >> the main problem is structural deficits. particularly the percentage of gdp and the fact that right in the middle of a recession, we're still spending a whole lot and we're also adding on to the larger structural entitlement problem down the road. and that's the, that's the real core problem. >> and the entitlement is a major issue there in greece. we are approaching, predicted to reach 90% of our gdp as far as our deficit goes. greece is only 113% so they are the similar paul ballpark. how are we protected from a catastrophe like greece? >> here is the larger point. do we have some problems with our deficit and our debt? absolutely. and they need to be addressed long-term. i don't believe they need to be addressed in the middle of an economic crisis. however, on the other side.
8:17 am
we're nothing like greece. greece is an entirely different economy than ours. first of all, greece's economy is contracting. the u.s. economy has been growing since the summer. manufacturing is growing, our exports are up. our jobs we've seen the largest payroll, we've seen the largest payroll increase in four years, our economy is going in a completely different correction, it's going up. theirs is down. also, greece has the economy of the dallas fort worth area and lehman brothers. >> no-- >> and lehman brothers had a higher liability. a 15% higher liability than greece so that gives you the difference and scope between our problems. >> i think one of the differences we have to look at. is that large states in the-- in the united states, california, new york, new jersey, their economies partly because of very powerful public service employee unions much like they have in greece,
8:18 am
are going bankrupt. california is going in that direction and new york is going in that direction and if, as california and new york, if they start going bankrupt who is going to end up bailing out the straight, it's going to be the federal government which starts a domino effect. >> in fairness, those states are working very hard. i'm from new jersey and new jersey and many other states are working hard to address the issues that you're talking about. >> new jersey, california isn't, new york is not. >> right, in new jersey, the teachers are furious with the governor as well. >> the teachers aren't the only problem, the teachers are the tip of the iceberg, there are a number of people that are complicit. the bottom line, we're not greece. >> well. >> look, i will agree with that because the main problem and the main point is we have a more diversified economy. >> absolutely. >> that's a good point. >> guys, we-- >> because of the health care problem. >> got to wrap it up there, robert george and tara thank you both for being here. and libya council on human rights, isn't that country
8:19 am
known for violating human rights. why isn't ambassador susan rice protesting this. an unbelievable story. an army captain flatlined after being shot in iraq, dead for 15 minutes, but miraculously came back to life and went on to finish his tour. we'll talk live to the captain next. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south americ at t.owe price,
8:20 am
we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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8:22 am
>> an unbleernl believable story for you now, an army captain dead for 15 minutes after being shot by a sniper. doctors used 30 units of blood before stabilizing him enough to head to walter reed. not only did he not sustain brain damage, after five months of recovery, he continued to iraq to finish
8:23 am
his deployment. and joining us is captain joshua duemont. let's go back to that day april 21st, 2007. you were on patrol at sadr city in iraq. hit with a high powered bullet. your comrade was killed in the same instant. describe what you remember after the bullet hit you. the bullet exited staff sergeant harper's chest ricochetted into my upper right thigh and severed my femoral artery. and i lasted. held off fighting for my life 20, 30 minutes and did get to the initial fob and once i was there lasted another ten minutes, but we are taught in emergency situations, in catastrophic injuries your body will pull blood to the vital or begans to the chest cavity. >> away from the extremities.
8:24 am
about tulled up from the legs and the legs cramped up. >> you ceptionly felt yourself dying. >> i felt myself dying, a pro depression over 20 minutes, complex emotions and went from frustration to determination, like a, a fight against the grim reaper himself. >> right. >> and i could feel that blood just pooling in my legs and harder and harder to breath when the feeling hit my stomach a felt as if i was running wind sprints around a track. >> that's the physical. what about emotional what are you feeling and think about. >> good transition because at this point when this feeling crept to my stomach i knew it was getting out of control. and i immediately started repeating three names in high head and that was my mom, my sister melissa and sister kendra rapidly for the last 60 seconds of my life and the feeling hit my chest and i knew that was it consciously, said my last thought, took my last breath and died. >> and you effectively died for 15 minutes and equity we got this morning from a number of viewers wanted to know what sort of experience did you
8:25 am
have in that moment. people talk about seeing a light or something, did you have some sort of out of body experience in that moment. >> i actually had no out of body experience did not see white lights. either that means it doesn't exist or i seriously need to reevaluate the way i live my life. >> i don't think you need to reevaluate the way you're living your life. >> maybe the rest of us do. >> and you acknowledged you were dying, it faded to black for you, do you know what doctors were doing for those 15 minutes while you were technically dead? >> they were performing miracles and they never quit. if you look at my medical records, it is, it is an immense list. all medical efforts at that point are considered futile, but not when you're treating a soldier in combat. our military medical command has no equal. >> but you describe it as a miracle. was it science or what saved you? because most the time, doctors quit after five, maybe six minutes. >> right. >> brain damage has already occurred. why did they keep on working on you and keep believing?
8:26 am
>> you know, i don't know. i don't know. i actually had the opportunity when i redeployed to iraq, five months after this injury, one of the best days of my life was walking into that brigade surgeon's office. >> yeah. >> dr. gabe deblazy, give him a shout out. asked him straight to his face what, possessed you to keep working on me for 15 minutes. and his response was we never quit. >> as evidented by you going back to iraq. you didn't just go back to iraq because you felt it was your duty. there's a problem occurring in the united states with our wounded warriors, fantastic physical care, but you want today bring the message about the emotional care they're going through. >> yes, sir. i can tell you from firsthand experience that our wounded soldiers are well taken care of and have streamlined access to the best medical care. my concern is not that they're
8:27 am
still wounded, but emotional consequences. the past ten years, defense spending on health care increased, 19 billion in 2001, projected 57 billion this year. 9% of the total defense spending budget and most of that rise in cost is primarily attributed to a drastic increase in emotional and behavior health issues. to the tune of 160,000 behavioral health consults per week. the army recognize thaz we have this problem and they have developed an outstanding plan called the comprehensive soldier fitness model that is designed to enhance the resilience of our soldiers and intervene in their lives before they become emotionally distressed. unfortunately, despite the diligent efforts and i mean that with all sincerity from the secretary of defense on down, it remains unfunded today. >> tell us how this experience affected your life now? >> to be honest with you, this story has touched people in
8:28 am
ways i never thought possible. >> the biggest question, why am i still here? and the best example i can give you is we hosted a camp which is essentially a, a great organization established by bonnie carol, who is the wife a brigadier general who was killed in desert storm in a plane, a helicopter crash and she created this program to bring in grieving mothers and widows to help them deal with the grief process. she gave me the opportunity to address the group of about 100 grieving mothers, which is extremely emotional to begin with, but i had a mother come up to me at the end that have and she said, my son was extremely active type a personality, always out climbing mountains and lifting weights and when the efp hit him it severed his legs, he survived ten or 15 minutes before he passed away, but the question that's been haunting his mother for three years as i wonder if my son lost the will to live because he knew
8:29 am
he could never walk again and i was able to look that mother straight in the eye and ma'am, i used to say, the same thing, i would rather lose a limb than die in combat, but that was the first thing out of the mind, take my legs. and i could see the closure in her eyes and four months ago i realized maybe at least in a small part that's why i'm still here. >> things happen for a reason. >> they do. >> an amazing story. >> intense. >> you brought us an incredible message this morning and hopefully, hopefully congress is paying attention this morning to your message. >> and at this point, now, it appears that our hands are tied and hopefully they are, but last, i was watching you guys push-ups earlier by the way, and they were outstanding. >> mine. >> yours your were outstanding. >> your waist was sagging a little bit, but they were great. >> you may have accidentally been watching the supermodel
8:30 am
who came in. >> i'm not going to lie, i was watching her too, but-- >> thank you for your service and thank you for telling us an inspiring story and getting that message out, a true american hero. >> i appreciate it. >> a pleasure to be here. >> well, coming up on the show, libya gets elected to the u.n.'s council on human rights, isn't that country known for violating human rights, isn't our 0 enambassador susan rice protesting this. >> a horrifying time for a teenager forgotten by flight attendants and abandoned on an empty plane. to make it worse, she's blind. >> don't call them the gosselin's reality t vchv famil noon by design. why the fam won't fall apart. >> make him give you 20. >> i'll do two. >> let's see this, this ought to be interesting. all right. >> oh.
8:31 am
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8:34 am
>> welcome back everybody. let's get right to your headlines. u.s. commerce secretary. gary lock is in china today. lock is leading a delegation of two dozen american companies hoping to break through barriers to china's fast growing clean energy market. china, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases is dedicating tens of billions of dollars into wind and solar projects, a market that the u.s. companies are eager to tap. more than 300,000 small
8:35 am
nonprofits including little leagues and soup kitchenens could lose their tax except status. new under the irs rules and nonprofits with revenues under $25,000 must file the forms. so far, hundreds of thousands of them have not returned to the documents. many nonprofit executives say they were unaware of the change. the requirement does not apply to churches or church related organizations. los angeles county prosecutors meeting with the british actress who alleges she was sexually abused by director roman polanski. she claims he assaulted her in vote, the worst possible way when she was 16 years old and appeared in one of his movies. >> in addition to the fact that both myself and his previous victim underaged, i believe there are other similarities in the crimes that he committed. it is very important that the district attorney and the swiss authorities be armed with this information as they decide mr. polanski's fate. >> polanski's legal team has not yet commented on the
8:36 am
allegations. the director pleaded guilty to unlawful interaction with a 13-year-old girl in 1977, but fled before sentencing, he remains under house arrest in switzerland. a horrible experience for a blind woman after united airlines flight attendance forgot about her and locked her in an abandoned plane. she was from vancouver to jacksonville and stopped in chicago. supposed to be guided to the flight in florida, but a maintenance worker found her inside the plane ten minutes later and the family complained to united airlines who gave the woman a $250 travel voucher. a new white house video blog is providing a rare look behind the scenes at 1600 avenue. check out this entry, president obama is on camera urging a new york times reporter to ride in a hover craft. they were visiting the company that makes the hover craft and he didn't want to be convinced, but he didn't want
8:37 am
to, but he did convince new york times reporter cheryl gates solberg to hop in. okay, those are your headlines and out to rick the weather. >> man, i want a hover craft. i cannot wait for that to happen! we've got a nice day. a look at the weather map. we have problems with severe weather today, a little bit, but not anybody who is going to see any significant problems. here is your temps as you're waking up to the satellite radar picture shaping up like this. the eastern part of the country where we'll see problems, southeast, hot, humid day and when you have that you get the pop-up thunderstorms and we'll see some of that today across parts of tennessee and into kentucky and this morning, it's been very heavy in around areas of louisiana and now towards the panhandle of florida, the thunderstorms move in. out across the west where we've got very nice conditions, we'll see plenty of sunshine all up and down the coast as well as in and around the four corners. a little bit of rain towards the pacific northwest, but the system you see pulling in
8:38 am
there is going to be pretty light. no major problems with that. as you move forward here, i'll show you where the troubles spots are going to be, where you see that yellow outlined where we see the chance of hail, winds, maybe an isolated tornado, but i think it's going to be a pretty small one if we do see anything, nothing too significant. a little bit of light flooding in across areas of kentucky and tennessee for your day today as well as that front stretches out there. temp-wise for your day. we're going to be dealing with pretty nice conditions across most of the country. 74 and plenty of sunshine towards minneapolis, getting back up towards 70 in denver, which will be welcomed. 96 in phoenix and as we move on for your day tomorrow, our temps are going to be looking pretty nice as well. still a little warm across the south and we're going to be warming up towards parts of texas. you see the darker orange, those are some 90's moving in and a little bit of severe weather as well. all right, courtney, we'll send it, courtney friel you're inside with guys from nine by design. >> that's right, rick. happy sunday, it's definitely
8:39 am
the fullest house in new york city, the family are the stars of reality series nine by design on bravo. before you compare them to jon and kate gosselin, the family says they have an identity all their own. and we're joined by bob and courtney and four children, wolfgang, breaker, melody and hollander. when bravo approached you with the show how did you decide as a family to go for it. >> we thought about it long and hard and most of our friends and family said don't do it and said never to buy our first condemned building. so we pretty much go with our gut and we talked with the older kids about it and said let's go for it and it's been a positive, fun experience. >> gosh, it must have been a zoo with the kids and camera grew. was anything off limit? >> with seven kedds you kind of forget the camera crew was there, it's a big party and we had a good time and yeah, one of us--
8:40 am
i don't think my father or parents would have dug seeing me in a bubble bath, but you know, most the stuff they were pretty cool with and let us do what we want today do. >> we became really good friends with the crew and we looked at it as we always have people coming to visit and tons of friends and family, so we just opened our house up to them and we still have dear friends for life. >> any kind of control, they didn't make any drama or anything? >> we went into it saying we're going to be in total control. we want to do a creative, fun show, do something slightly different and we're proud and hope people watch and see that the design is fantastic and we share a little of our family life and juggle things like everybody else does. >> now, kids the episodes have already started airing, so, your classmates at school no you're on tv. are they treating you differently or bullying you. >> some of them have been watching it and recording it on tivo, dvr and a few of my teachers said they like the show. fun. >> do you guys like being on
8:41 am
tv? >> yeah, it's fun because kids like, i don't know, look at me and then someone said, is your dad really that funny? and i was like yes (laughter) >> thank you, breaker. >> and now, kate plus eight is coming out in june and you've gotten the comparisons to jon and kate gosselin. how do you feel about that and were you worried that the realty tv would ruin your family. >> and we watched that, and putting up shades and didn't seem to be having fun. our first episode we built a building in the middle of new york city and we have a lot of fun. we've had a successful business for 15 years before the show, we don't take ourselves so seriously and we just want to have fun with it. >> we just, my husband and i went into it saying this is another feather in our cap and another opportunity business opportunity. >> a business opportunity and you know, we definitely we had a wonderful experience. we don't compare ourselves to anything else. we did a different, unique, fun show and hope people like
8:42 am
it. >> plus your marriage a stronger than jon and kate's? >> yeah, we felt like, we don't know them so well, but didn't like like they were having a good time when i saw them and i don't think the show might have nothing to do with their marriage. i don't know them so well. we compare ourselves to "the partridge family." >> i had a chance to spend hours in your house, six stories in manhattan and we got a tour of it on thanks so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you, courtney. >> catch it every 10 p.m. eastern on bravo, and features and faces section on the home page at now to dave and clayton in the green room. >> thank you so much, courtney. >> coming up on the show, controversy at the united nations. why won't the u.n. ambassador, susan rice, call out libya at the united nations now that that he have been elected to the council on human relations? don't they have human rights violations? >> do you think?
8:43 am
speaking of calling out. sarah palin calling out the immigration law and the governor of arizona calling out the president of the united states. that story coming up right up. why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run... and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light
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8:46 am
>> welcome back here to "fox & friends." 46 minutes now past the hour. well, libya is it a country known for its abuse of human rights. get this, this week was voted onto the united nations human rights council. susan rice the ambassador to the united nations refuse to go speak out about this when asked about it. peggy hicks, the global advocacy human rights global watch. thank you for joining us. >> hi. >> how did libya, first of all, make it onto the human rights council? >> basically the elections are a pre-cooked process. the regional groups nominate states to go on and in this case, the africa group put forth four candidates for four seats and what's interesting shall the other region dids the same thing the western region that the u.s. is part
8:47 am
of it. >> and let me read one of them to you, from a u.n. reporter, some human rights groups complained about libya joining the council. do you share the concerns? >> she says she was happy with the human rights council and she didn't call out libya specifically. should she have called out libya's past transgressions? >> i think she should have called out the elections. we need the better seats on the council. progressive moderate states, bats wanna and trance nia should be challenging and if they did, libya wouldn't win. and in this, iran was going to run a seat and declared candidacy and forced to back out because of mounting global opposition to its campaign. >> why wasn't there a mounting global opposition, shouldn't the united states have been leading a charge saying look at all the transgressions against human rights, right? look at all the problems that libya perpetrated on its own citizens over the years. how could they get on a council for human rights. >> the problem was there were
8:48 am
four african states compete forge four seats. what you needed to have happen is other african states to compete and if they had, libya wouldn't have won and how do we get that to happen. the u.s. ran on a slate only two candidates for two seats. when it declared candidacy, it wasn't a good position to challenge other states to run in a competitive election. >> george w. bush administration was very dubious of the united nations, felt that some of the voter process was a bit of a show, dog and pony show, is this just evidence they were right? >> no, absolutely not. what we need to do is make it better, but you can't give up on it because this is a system that's helping people on the ground. and really, what's, you know, who are you going to serve by backing out? >> right. >> usually the u.s. spoils for a fight and wants to get in there and do what's right. needs to do more of that. the obama administration is doing the right thing by engaging the council, but need it put more time and resources into it and can make the system better and even under this circumstance with states
8:49 am
like libya getting elected this is a body that's doing work that's important on the ground. we have a rapid tour from the council who went to uruguay and reported prison overcrowding and the president changed the prison overcrowding. >> it's an interesting debate and will continue as we see the structure improve. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show high school teacher makes wave for calling for a mexican revolution and praising socialism, all caught on camera. griff jenkins caught up with him and now the teacher is lashing out at president obama. that interview is coming up. plus, they quit their job and got lost, how the three women made the move and changed their lives. how you can get lost and out of a rut. t
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> >> all right. so many of us that had this
8:53 am
sensation feeling lost, not sure what to do with our lives, well, three friends decided they would do something about that feeling. so they quit their jobs, they ditched their boyfriend and they left to travel the world for a year. so what did they learn from this adventure? jennifer baguette, holly corbitt and amanda pressler, authors of the new book "the lost girls". >> thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having us on. >> jennifer, what caused you to take the risk, leave behind your boyfriend, family and friends and decide to have this adventure. by the way you didn't always go to hot spots for that year. sometimes you went to, you know, downtrodden areas? >> right. i think for me, you know, i was living and working in new york city and you know, i loved my job and i loved my boyfriend, but i had that sense of you know, that my 20's were kind of passing me by and what was it all about. there had to be more out there and i really, i had dreamed to
8:54 am
go to kenya for mayan tire life and i just thought, you know, it's now or never to figure myself out. >> wow. this was a 60,000 mile journey, all around the globe. it took a year. polly, what was the most eye opening thing you experienced on the journey? >> it's hard to put it just to one thing, but i would say when we hit the inca trail in peru, volunteering in kenya and going to india and getting my meditation break through after a month of struggles. at that moment. >> that's intense and while you were doing yoga, the other girls were like sipping pina coladas at the beach. >> what struck you about your around the world trip? >> i think we went away for the year thinking that we would find that the world was so different than it is here in the united states and one
8:55 am
of the simplest lessons, but one of the largest ones for me, everybody inherently has the same sort of struggles and desires for their family and for their friends and loved ones, they all put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do. while i saw the differences between people. i saw how we were the same. >> you also say you believe one of the reasons to travel is to eat. >> yeah. >> what's the craziest-- >> i think we all believe that. >> what's the crazyiest thing you consumed. >> i'm not an adventurous eater, but we tried an el packa, between a llama and a sheep, but cute and cuddly, but delicious. >> what about people who can't leave behind their jobs for the year. now with your perspectives, how do people stop feeling lost, but stay home? >> absolutely, i think that's a big lesson is that we chose to take a trip and travel to find what we were looking for, but it's in the simple things and i think the most important thing if you're in a situation
8:56 am
and you feel stuck if you're not happy. try to make a change and that could be something simple whether it's joining an organization, or spending more time with your family, or taking a vacation. you know, it's really, you know volunteering, it's really just constantly reevaluating and making changes. >> we don't have much time left. but holly, what is one place to see before you die. >> new zealand. i didn't know the world was that great. >> and the book is "the lost girls" thanks so much for coming in and talking about it. >> thank you for having us. >> great to see you guys. coming up, recent terror attempts on american soil including the failed times square attack, led to calls for eric holder's resignation, we have a political panel tackling that and bp hits a snag in the efforts to stop the enormous oil leak in the gulf. as scientists discover plumes of crude beneath the surface. is the company overlooking
8:57 am
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visit johnd captioning by,ageve closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: good morning, it is sunday, may 16th. disaster beneath the surface as scientists discover plumes of oil in the gulf. and bp still trying to stop the devastating leak. a live report on this rush to fix the catastrophe, plus, is bp overlooking technology that exists, right now, that could stop the spread. >> dave: and sarah palin defending arizona and its immigration law. >> arizona now, in clear unity, we say, mr. president, do your job, secure or borders. [cheers and applause]. >> dave: what else sarah palin had to say, about the president, coming up. >> clayton: and recent terror attempts on manner soil including the failed times square attack say eric holder should resign, does his track record help keep us safe or
9:01 am
should he step aside, our slogan comes from jason, i turned 35 years old but age is just a number, nothing like watching "fox & friends" as i wake from my morning slumber. >> alisyn: happy birthday, jason! >> announcer: it's "fox & friends"! >> alisyn: thanks for joining us, we're still talking about this, unbelievable bp leak in the gulf of mexico. and everything they've attempted trying to thread another tube into that tube. and, to siphon all of the oil up, everything hit a snag and engineers continue to hit snags and they attempt to maneuver the tube into the pipe and, david lee miller is in venice, louisiana with the latest on the efforts. david lee, it seems hopeless. >> reporter: well, it certainly is very frustrating. but, there could be some positive signs, there is' development today, that comes
9:02 am
from a group of scientists, who spent the last two weeks on a research ship, in the gulf, and, i talked to one of the scientists, alisyn, dr. asper from the university of southern miss taissipp mississippi, one of seven scientists and he said there are large plumes of oil within a 25 mile radius of where the rig went down, that is bad news and also, bad news, near the large plumes there appears to be a significant depletion of oxygen, depletion of as much as 30%, also, bad news. the good news is, the depletion of oxygen near these plumes may indicate that microbes are now in fact eating away the oil. and, if that is true, he says, a significant amount of the oil that is under the surface, could be eaten away, in the mention several weeks. he under scored oil is not a man made product, it is a product of nature, and, nature can help fix the problem. things will get serious, though,
9:03 am
if the oil reaches the beaches or marshes or the ocean floor, and then, it will be out of reach of many of these microbes and, nature's fix could take considerably longer. very quickly, now, no word from bp on this tube, insertion process. they had a set back some 48 hours ago, trying to insert a tube into the pipeline and siphon the oil to the surface. and presumably they are still at it, bp, as of now, has not released any updates. that is the latest from venice, louisiana, back to you. >> clayton: thank you so much, david lee and they are sticking with the 1,000 per gallon day release, even though experts have come out and said it could be upwards of 25 times that amount of oil being leaked there. but the question about technology this morning, are they ignoring what is already available for them. >> dave: it is frustrating to see when they are doing and what might be more frustrating is what they are not doing. apparently there are technologies available to people like bp, they are not ling to these people. they are not taking the suggestions they really ought to
9:04 am
from private industry. let's bring in rick reichmuth with interesting in sight into this. why aren't they listening to some companies who are lining up to say we have the suggestions. >> rick: i think part of the problem -- and i talk with a number of people in the coast guard about this exact issue, in the past an oil spill has been a tanker leak that is defined amount of oil and goes into a spot and they can clean it up and they have cracked out contractors who are paid by that cleanup job, in order to get cleanup any specific oil spill and they don't necessarily have an incentive for the cleanup process to go quickly. they make a lot more money, the contractors do, if it does not go quickly and that has been the history of this, and now, you have an oil spill like this with an endless supply of oil pumping into the ocean and they are way behind on the technology and never had incentives to do that and now have to try and get on board with the new tax knowledge and are playing a catch-up game.
9:05 am
>> clayton: let's get specific about this technologies, earlierearlier we spoke to a man who has developed a smart sponge and it absorbs the oil dramatically. look and listen to what he said about this, he is pouring motor oil mixed with water through the smart sponge and the bottom part of the test tube, clean water is coming out. >> alisyn: and you want to separate the oil and maybe you can use it and it is a filtration system that lets the water look clean, as you can see, underneath it and it captures the oil. >> dave: and it does not let the oil back out, which is this key there, right. >> rick: that is the key. other technologies -- adsorb, it leeches it in but like a paper towel, it leeches
9:06 am
out, but this is a polymer and holds it and doesn't allow the oil to come back out and they remove thecontainer filled with oil they use as biofuel. >> clayton: and some of the technology is 40 years old, because they have not wanted to work with the outside contractors and wanted to work with folks like glenn. >> alisyn: unconscionable. >> dave: and apparently are cheating on the tests on the blowout preventer. >> alisyn: frightening, and appalli appalling. a bomb threat on a commuter flight from hong kong to vancouver forces fighter jets to intercept the plane, loaded with 283 passengers, landed without incident at vancouver international airport and police didn't find anything dangerous on board and the airline said the threat was a hoax. the dense plume of volcanic ash
9:07 am
is forcing airports to shut down, heathrow could close at different times over the next few days and the volcano already cost the transportation industry billions of dollars worldwide. a pakistani man arrested at the u.s. embassy in chile after triggering an explosive detector, he has been released but must stay in chile until prosecutors develop a case against him. the 28-year-old suspect who had been added to the terrorism watch list, was charged with possession explosives, but a judge declined to charge him with associating with terrorists because of lack of evidence. two men and 7 sled dogs are doing well after their helicopter crashed in whiteout conditions near kodiak, alaska. this is video of that. of the rescue. the crew was on a training flat when the chopper went down in the extreme weather conditions and luckily, it was equipped with a gps device to send a distress signal and were rescued within 15 minutes of the crash. those are your headlines.
9:08 am
>> clayton: speaking of alaska... governor sarah palin, now her... >> dave: the most famous alaskan. >> clayton: that is safe to say, speaking at another -- excuse me, in arizona, not alaska. >> alisyn: another "a" state. >> clayton: she was alongside governor jan brewer and talking about and talking about the debate over immigration and she says she supports the new immigration law. take a listen: >> it times for americans across this great country to stand and say, we're all arizonans now and in clear unity we say, mr. president, do your job, secure our border. i think for most american people the reaction to this would be, why haven't the police already been doing that? >> alisyn: in fact there is a web site, put out by governor brewer that shows sarah palin and the governor next to each other and in fact invites people to sign a petition to block the
9:09 am
boycotts cropping up around the country of arizona. >> dave: and it allows to you e-mail organizations and politicians who are economically boycotting the state of arizona and if you want to get on the web site it is and they are taking on the economic bans as related to the immigration bill and jan brewer, the governor of arizona taking aim at eric holder, the attorney general, who has been criticizing the immigration law, though as he admitted he hadn't yet read the bill and he was an ad released by jan brewer's office... >> have you read the arizona law? >> i have not had a chance -- glanced at it... >> it is ten pages, a lot shorter than the health care bill, which was 2,000 pages dong loit -- long... >> alisyn: that is a "gotcha" moment, the chief law
9:10 am
enforcement... said he hadn't read it. >> clayton: 20 minute, i'll be right back, i have to grab lunch, somebody slip me that bill and come back -- oh, yes, i have read it! >> alisyn: he could have read it that and is a definite, "gotcha" moment and jan brewer, the governor is taking him to task about that, putting him on the web site, also. >> dave: and she's getting after the president, not happy with his tone at the white house correspondents dinner when referring to the immigration law, where's he he said, if you remember. >> president barack obama: we know what happens in arizona when you don't have i.d. [laughter]. >> president barack obama: adios, amigos. >> clayton: not happy with how he talked about the immigration law. spending too much time being a comedian rather than dealing with the federal issue of immigration reform.
9:11 am
take a listen: >> it is fair to ask whether he intends to be a commander-in-chief or the comic in chief. since the president's joke was so inappropriate i suppose if i wanted to join in the comedian game, i could suggest that he not give up his day job. unfortunately, though, he is not doing well at that one, either, so... >> alisyn: i have to stand up for the correspondents dinner for a second. he wasn't saying that at a press conference, that was the correspondent's dinner and you are supposed to peel down the veneer and, you are not supposed to take it seriously and, bush made a joke, when he was president, about weapons of mass destruction. >> clayton: and let me be fair... and she says, mr. president, do your job, secure our border and as president bush found out, congress is really the body that has to deal with this.
9:12 am
and, you have half republicans running for reelect and half that weren't and he couldn't get the support an courageously tried to take on the issue. and congress is not going to want to deal with this, the same way perhaps the president could, through an executive order and congress is also on the hook here. and there is not much attention paid to that. >> dave: the debate is far from over and the immigration law goes into effect late july and coming up, there are calls for attorney general holder's resignation in the wake of the failed times square bombing and other homegrown terror attempts. is he doing enough to keep us safe in our political panel to weigh in. >> alisyn: and police officers have a lot of gear to put on every day for their uniform and now, some are suing, to get that time for getting dressed paid for. but, should they be? we'll have the debate. >> clayton: and he teaches high school kids and has a lot of people seeing red after statements like this: >> what do i believe in? yes, i'm a socialist and i believe in socialism and that is
9:13 am
what we support. >> clayton: we whee is now lashing out at president obama, coming up.
9:14 am
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>> couple of days from now the primary this weekend, both joe sestak and arlen specter are lobbying for votes in pennsylvania. the latest poll has specter trailing, but despite these numbers the senator sounds like he is already claiming victory. >> i sense victory is in the air! >> dave: is the election in the bag? and what are the implications of the race? especially for president obama, if he loses? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is rick newman, with "u.s. news & world report" and doug schoen, a fox news contributor, and senior fellow at project 21, also, a fox news contributor. and, thank you all for being here. and it is interesting, i asked
9:17 am
the three of you before we came on camera, if you thought specter aways going to win and nobody said yes. and he seems confident. if he lose, the 80-year-old, what does it mean to the president? he has been there and campaigned for arlen specter, and he has had his organizing group go out and get out the vote and went to massachusetts for martha coakley and that didn't go well and went to jersey for governor corzine, not so good, 0 for 3. >> in the meantime, it is a can't lose situation for the obama administration, two democrats, one established democrat who has been in the senate for a long time and a newcom newcomer, who seems to be a little more, i guess the term is progressive, a little more liberal. >> dave: sure. >> and seems like either way, you know, both of these guys are in with the white house, pretty closely. >> dave: no lose for the president. >> i see no win. arlen specter and joe sestak are both trailing to the likely republican nominee and it is an
9:18 am
internicene fight, never good for the general election and if specter loses it is a rebuke to the obama administration, clear and unam bbiguousunambiguously. >> and people are tired of the incumbents and you have to think about the fact obama is trying to drum up black voters to support spector and i don't know if that will carry through, but it shows the des administration of the... >> dave: yes, not a good chance there. >> i love seeing the fight. it's not business as usual and i'm interested, if sestak wins, what does specter do, becoming a guy trying to run as an independent, like bob bennett and charlie crist? it is easy... >> dave: the establishment guys are being kicked out. >> and rick is right. we talked about, is a third party imminent, and not really, the two parties are against it but the voters are looking for a centrist alternative, for sure.
9:19 am
>> dave: is arlen specter the guy, the anti-incumbent movement, is it worse for the republicans or democrats. >> it is both. come on and with specter. he changed parties. we don't know what his principles are and the voters want to see consistency and accountability and what the person stands for and that is clear with expect. >> in november, it will be clear it is bad to be a democratic incumbent, whole the white house and the congress and that is where incumbency will hurt. >> dave: all eyes on pennsylvania for tuesday and you'll all stick around, coming up on the show, should attorney eric holder, attorney general, resign? critics say he's not doing enough to keep americans safe from terror threats like the one in times square. our panel weighs in, next. and then, jersey shore's pint sized star snooky, a fashion icon? find out which stars are following her lead with the famous hair poof, coming up. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car,
9:20 am
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9:23 am
>> in light of the times square bombing attempt cricketics of holder say he is not doing enough. >> after september 11th, he has not realized our enemy is radical islam and is so politically correct or out of touch he doesn't deserve to be attorney general. >> dave: should he resign? we're back with our political panel, and, lead us off, is this enough? for him to resign. >> eric holder has turned the department of justice into the department of joke. i mean, if you think about it... he demanded the investigation of the black panthers, in philadelphia, accused of voter intimidation, they drop the case and look at the immigration bill in arizona, for example, didn't read it. he was out there front and
9:24 am
center criticizing it and, the poor cia men and women, investigation was over regarding how they were doing interrogation practices and he reopened that. >> dave: and didn't mention the terror trials in new york city, apparently... >> you have to give him credit for doing one thing right this week which is to acknowledge that under circumstances involving domestic terror you do not have to give suspects miranda warnings, he needs to move further and needs to move into the understanding that these are enemy combatants and need to be treated as such so they can be arrested and interrogated, as if they are enemy combatants, that is precisely what they are and i'm not sure i'm ready to say he needs to resign but he is not a superstar. >> dave: he does deserve credit on the miranda warnings, there. but this has been a brutal week and the arizona immigration thing may have been as bad as anything he has done as attorney general for him not to read 16 pages, is inexcusable. should he be out.
9:25 am
>> let's hope he was so busy investigating the guidany in ne york, that was his priority and, can you imagine, if everybody resigned, every time they were called to resign, we wouldn't know the names of who was in charge. at the end of the day, the question is, are there any attacks? that is really the question and we have had stumbles all along since 9/11... and, it is like, this attack almost happened and this guy got -- azizi got into the... almost did this thing, and it looks like this guy is spilling information and we don't know yet, but we seem to be getting lots of intelligence from him. >> dave: quickly i want to talk about a potential attack on america's wallet, doug, a man you know well, president clinton proposes we should add the value
9:26 am
added tax and he says they awed to look at a progressive value added tax, it is important, the american people understand most of our competitors have tax systems like this. doug, competitors like greece. portugal, spain, italy, all whom are in disastrous economic dg conditions, should we add that at a time -- >> look at what the rest of what the president said. he talked about reducing corporate and personal income taxes and cutting spending and balancing the budget and it is absolutely the case with a bipartisan budget commission, reporting back in december, after the elections, that one of the things that has to be considered in the overall context of reform of our budget process, is the value tax -- value added tax and the president didn't say we have to do it but we have to consider it. it is on the table and has to be part of the the mix. >> the value added tax is appealing, in general is a way to get more revenue to fund the government we have and that will
9:27 am
get bigger in the future. >> it is a regressive tax and will harm low income families and there is no good for it -- and how come he's out playing golf and keeps getting the headlines... >> he's not running for office and he can state, no politician running for office will say we need more taxes. >> we need revenue and need to cut spend, those are facts, until we face that we have more serious problems. >> dave: the president promised no middle class tax increases. what is coming up, guys. >> clayton: coming up on the show, should you be paid for the time it takes for you to get dressed for your job? police officers suing for exactly that. >> alisyn: then a teacher has a lot of people outraged after he was caught on camera calling for revolution. and now, he's lashing out at arizona's immigration bill. >> democratic party has not acted on the promises of immigration reform and if they have reform, the nonsense in
9:28 am
arizona would not be an issue. >> alisyn: we caught up with the teacher and find out what he said about the president, coming up. we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and just let it be itself. flowing freely into clean lakes, clear streams and along more fresh water coast line than any other state in the country. come realize water's true potential. dive in-to the waters opure micgan. your trip begins at we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day challenge. my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion.
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9:31 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends," we love when you're involved in the show and find us on twitter and facebook. >> alisyn: i'm checking the blog right now. >> clayton: and sinned your e-mails and you sent in a lot about our discussion over the cops controversy, in getting dressed. there is a lawsuit filed, on
9:32 am
behalf of police officers who say they think they need to get paid to be -- for the amount of time it takes to get dressed. >> alisyn: it takes a long time to get dressed longer than any other regular job and the gun and the vest and everything has to be shiny and shoes have to be shined and i have watched them actually getting dressed. >> clayton: when is that. >> alisyn: female cop. and i have watched it and it takes a really long time. but, apparently, some of our viewers disagree. harold says, getting paid to get dressed is what you already get paid for, next thing you'll want to get paid to eat breakfast. >> alisyn: yes, i do, actually, harold. >> dave: i like where you're going with this. and wayne from florida says when i went on the police department in the 1960s, we were held over if we needed to assist with a crime and there was no such thing as overtime. >> clayton: all right. and chad from cincinnati, also doesn't think they should be paid for it.
9:33 am
military personnel are often required to wear uniforms that require more attention than anything a police officer would have to wear and don't have the luxury of leaving the field and getting paid less. >> alisyn: and by the way, the city of denver doesn't like it, either, because they are $80 million in the hole, have a deficit and they say paying cops overtime to get dressed to cost the city $200 million. >> dave: 15 minutes here and there, boy it would add up with the entire police force. >> clayton: and manhattan, think, how long it takes ali to get dressed, manhattan would be in a bigger hole. >> alisyn: it takes a long time to look natural, okay? that is basically my feeling about that. and, a federal judge agrees with the police. >> clayton: let us know what you think, fire in your e-mails and continue to rant and rave about that. plus we have headlines now. >> alisyn: here we go. down to the wire. in the heated pennsylvania state primaries, democrats arlen spector and joe sestak are locked in a tight race and both
9:34 am
are making last minute pitches to supporters. sestak spoke moments ago. >> i think it is a race that actually, where everybody knows washington's broken. and, everybody knows that it will -- send back to washington, d.c. a career politician that would switch his party as he said, to keep his job. and, we're not going to fix the mess we got into, by sending him back. >> alisyn: okay. let's hear from other side, specter had this to say yesterday at a union rally in philadelphia. >> there are potentially 125,000 jobs here, the job is not finished and i need another term to bring the 125,000 jobs to the region. >> alisyn: real clear politics poll average has sestak slightly higher than specter, primary day is this tuesday. and there is new video from bangkok, thailand the death dtol climbs to 30 people, protesters
9:35 am
and troops have been involved in clashes, and there is hope to restore order, the protesters will meet with government officials if the military stops the crackdown and u.n. agrees to mediate the talks and the white house is asking the clinton presidential library to speed up the release of papers from elena kagan. and the library is currently holding more than 160,000 pages of her documents. promise her tenure as a clinton advisor. the papers were supposed to be released this summer and senators had asked for them now, and she has never been a judge and papers could provide clues on her views on various issues. dozens of california parole violators show up to claim a very attractive offer, $200 and amnesty, but, it was all a ruse, and state officials set the sting up to try and capture more than 14,000 ex-convicts who broke off contact with their parole officers, or violated terms of their parole, 81 parolees who showed up were taken into custody.
9:36 am
works every time. more women are digging jersey shore star snooky's hairdo called the poof, it is one of the most requested cuts -- come on, i don't believe this. one of the most requested cuts in hair salons in new york city. the towering beehive look seems to be showing up on the heads of hollywood starlets. check out tina fey's poof at the premier of her movie, date night. it is a poof, though... >> clayton: kind of and i am seeing more and more of that. >> alisyn: and kate beckinsale took hers higher, it is out of camera range. >> clayton: will not even fit on our screens. >> alisyn: i should rock the poof! >> clayton: i don't know if you can pull that off, more and more people are walking around with the poof, looks like a bird's nest, wouldn't you agree. >> rick: i have seen the poof, and will you get the snooky poof. >> alisyn: no. no. i don't think so.
9:37 am
>> rick: anyone, nobody. >> no. no. no. >> rick: all right. we have a taker here. she's going to be snooky soon. all right, look at the weather picture. we have a little bit of rain in across areas of the southeast. that is the trouble spot today, anywhere, to the east of the mississippi and the south of the mid-atlantic, we'll see showers and thunderstorms today. out across the west we have a lot of sunshine up and down the coast, looking good. towards the pacific northwest, a little bit of a rain moving in but it will be light and no major problems, with that at all. and as you move forward, here, though, we are talking about some -- a little bit of severe weather today, across the red river valley of texas and towards oklahoma, seeing a little bit of hail and winds and i don't think we are talking about a major tornado outbreak. a little bit of severe weather possible. also, flooding a concern, in across areas of tennessee and towards parts of kentucky, for today, mostly because we will be seeing rain, moving to the area, and kind of stall out for a while and we will not be talking about anything nearly as significant as we saw a couple of weeks ago. no worries like that, but a
9:38 am
little bit of localized flooding possible in that area and anywhere to the south of that front you see stretched in across the mid-atlantic, where it will be pretty warm and, certainly, very humid as well and moving forward, looking at your temperatures, for the day, very nice in across areas of the great lakes and temps, spring like into the 60s, if you want summer temperatures you have to head in toward the southern tiers where we have the '80s across areas of georgia and south carolina, and down across parts of florida, as well. and by tomorrow, we'll see temps climb in towards texas. and see 90s, creeping in around midland and odessa area and the severe threat moving towards the area as well. all right, alisyn, looks like you have good food and no poof going on yet? >> alisyn: not yet, i'll be locking it on the after the show show and i'm with ellie kreiger, "new york times" best-selling author and of course, host of the food network's healthy appetite. welcome. >> great to be here. >> alisyn: you brought anything your daughter, isabella and her friend, ma lena and what we'll
9:39 am
do is make one food that is simple for parents to give their kids a healthy sandwich or snack, parent, as you know, are confused about how to do it quickly and get their kids to eat healthy. >> and we want to create lots of healthful options and getting the kids involved in the kitchen is a way to get them to enjoy and eat a variety of foods. so, we are doing a little take on the peanut butter sandwich. and we'll add fresh fruit and this is my peanut butter and food wrap which is in my book called "so easy" and it is so easy and is great and is family friendly. we'll take money, put on a little peanut butter. >> alisyn: grab your safe butter knives. >> and leave a little space on the edge and put as much as you want and when children are in control, as much control as you can give them the more they take ownership of it and you are teaching them life skills and getting them to eat healthful foods an surrounding them with that is the way to go. >> alisyn: and this is great. you are sneaking protein in rather than just having snacks.
9:40 am
>> right. absolutely. then, we can put fresh fruit on and you know what? i like to put bananas, and you can use your fingers if you want. >> alisyn: i wouldn't think of mango and peanut butter but i will try it institute if you eat the rain go, every day, you get the full spectrum of anti-oxidants. >> alisyn: isabella, do you eat the rainbow? >> yes. >> alisyn: what is your favorite food? >> pickles. >> alisyn: pickles! wow i wasn't expecting that! what is your favorite sandwich to eat. >> and switch? um ... >> alisyn: any food. >> um ... pickles. >> fresh fruit to put on there, guys. take fresh fruit on there. >> alisyn: they are working on something there. >> and i like to put dried fruit in, too and i have a choice, apricots and dates and the girls ate up all the dates before, and, there are hardly any left, they are rich in minerals and really, getting the color in there and getting the variety.
9:41 am
>> alisyn: you have to put bananas in the peanut butter sandwich, elvis would approve... >> and mango... that is bella's favorite, she eats an entire mango. >> alisyn: and cinnamon, also has healthful prompts. >> amazing. yes. >> alisyn: cinnamon on yours... >> i'm waiting for that until last. >> they are doing decorations and the kids really love to be in the kitchen and we perceive it as, oh, kids in the kitchen equals baking brown is but getting them involve with different kinds of foods, all of the meals of the week, and, it doesn't have to be a big production. it can be easy and quick like this. >> alisyn: than other beautiful thing is that it is portable, if you are on the go. >> absolutely, wrap it up, and you can make it the night before, and actually but it in some foil and have it as breakfast on the go. >> alisyn: i see a new future breakfast for me, thanks for teaching us this, it was super easy, and girls, are you done yet?
9:42 am
isabella and -- ready to take a bite. >> take your time. >> alisyn: well, we'll go back into the guys and see what they have cookin' up. >> clayton: we have no food. thanks for keeping all the food out there. we have none in here. bring it in, coming up he teaches high school kids and has a lot of people fuming because of statements like this. >> what do i believe in, yes, i'm a socialist and i believe in socialism and it is happening all over the continent and that is what we support. >> chris: griff jenkins caught up with him and he joins us with the interview, and that is next. ® at relieving your worst symptoms and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. at iowa lakes community college, students are learning how to keep wind turbines working. and to keep them safe, the only battery they trust in their high-voltage meters is a duracell rechargeable. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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sfx: can shaking op
9:45 am
when you own a business, nothing beats the sound of saving time and money. and it's never been simpler to save - with regions lifegreen checking and savings for business. you'll enjoy free online and mobile banking. and with regions quick deposit, you can deposit checks right from your desk. drop by and get started with a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhythm of saving. regions it's time to expect more. >> clayton: we have a great musical group coming up and we warm you and fir-- up. a los angeles high school teacher calling for revolution. >> this is about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism. we know, that this is all
9:46 am
happening in the context of where we now stand, it is stolen, occupied, mexico and the lessons we bring is we want to bring a revolutionary context to this. why is it that these people, these frail, racist, white people, want to keep us out of the country? >> alisyn: what is the teacher all about? our own griff jenkins went face-to-face with him, to learn more and joins us live. griff, tell us about the teacher. >> hey, good morning, guys. ron has been a teacher in l.a., south central l.a., at the high school for five years. and, that tape was made three years ago, in the speech on the campus at ucla, and has gone, viral, a lot of people talking about how racist it was, and calling for revolution an railing at imperialism and racist white people and we decided to catch up with him and see, hey, do you still believe these things and he certainly is a socialist. take a listen: >> what do i believe in, yes, i'm a socialist and i believe in
9:47 am
socialism and believe, it is happening all over the continent and that what is we support and i'll never back down from there. i am not violating any law by doing that and people might have a problem with socialism, that is -- we can agree to disagree and i have a problem with capitalism. >> you know, this guy, when we decided to find him, he didn't run, he is a proud latino guy, stands by his beliefs and believes in socialism and what shocked us when we caught up with him, is he was not upset with arizona, where i am, their immigration law, he's upset with democrats and the president. >> the real problem in this country is the fact that the democratic party has not acted on the promises of immigration reform and the worst thing, we are putting pressure on the obama administration, and, to basically keep their promises, they promised us immigration reform and we are demanding it immediately and if they have the reform, the nonsense in arizona would not be an issue. >> clayton: go ahead, well, the question, i have for you, he says he doesn't teach this in
9:48 am
class. so he's not -- that is a problem? it seems that that would spill over into class, wouldn't it? >> that is exactly the point, clayton. you know, in that speech, three years ago, he also said earlier, you know, a former students of mine... so clearly he's socializing outside of class with the student and you wonder, where is the line drawn? and we asked the l.a. unified school district about that and i asked to speak with the superintendent and they declined and instead released a statement to us and they said, the los angeles unified school district does not discriminate against any of its employees for political activities conducted on their personal time, and the views he pressed during the event were his own, and do not represent the opinions and views of the district. but, again, many people, mail i've gotten covering the study, how do you distinguish what you teach in the class and when you socialize with the student outside of the class, guys. >> alisyn: griff jenkins, interesting to see what you have caught up with, thanks for
9:49 am
bringing that to our attention. >> clayton: coming up, you heard a tease of -- a few minutes ago, a musical quartet of veterans, 4 4troops, singing off a new song off their new cd. >> e p ♪ ♪ the statue of liberty ♪ protect us all ♪ and the eagle will fly ♪ and the oceans will swell... you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ] talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction isn't easy. actually, doc, there is something i want to talk to you about. [ male announcer ] but it's definitely a conversation worth having. twenty million men have had their viagra talk. when you're ready for yours, visit for helpful conversation starters and to learn how viagra can help. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain as it mayause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing,
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upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. and ask your doctor if viagra is right for you.
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9:52 am
>> dave: welcome back to "fox & friends," a quartet of former combat veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan. and, they have just released their self-titled debut cd, which helps benefit veterans' charities and they are 4 troops and we are honored to have them here. thanks for your service, we'll get out of the way so you can perform and you are here to sing courtesy of the red, white and blue. give it a go.
9:53 am
♪ ♪ american girls ♪ american guys ♪ will always stand up and salute ♪ ♪ will always recognize ♪ to keep old glory flying ♪ to fight until the end ♪ so you can sleep in peace at night ♪ ♪ in the country we defend ♪ my daddy served in the army ♪ an american guy ♪ and he flew the flag ♪ in our yard until the day that he died ♪ ♪ he was my mother, my brother, my sister and me ♪ ♪ to grow up and be happy in the land of the free ♪ ♪ now this nation i love ♪ has fallen under attack ♪ a mighty sucker punch ♪ from somewhere in the back
9:54 am
♪ to see clearly doep now we remember why we right ♪ ♪ that he freedom never dies ♪ hey uncle sam ♪ keep us strong ♪ we'll never fall ♪ the statue of liberty ♪ protect us all ♪ and the eagle will fly ♪ and the oceans will swell ♪ when you my freedom song ringing the bell ♪ ♪ and it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you noep oh, brought to you courtesy ♪ ♪ of the red, white and blue ♪ come on, put 'em together, here we go ♪ ♪...... >> we're going to slow it down, here we go. >> here we go. >> ♪ ♪ oh, justice will be served ♪ and the battle will rage
9:55 am
♪ this big dawg will fight ♪ when you rattle his cage ♪ you'll be sorry that you messed with ♪ ♪ the u.s. of a ♪ 'cause we will never back down ♪ ♪ the american way ♪ hey, uncle sam ♪ keeps us strong ♪ we will never fall ♪ the statue of liberty ♪ protect us all ♪ and the eagle willful fly ♪ ♪ and the oceans will swell ♪ when you hear the freedom song ♪ ♪ ringing the bell ♪ and when it seems like the whole wide world ♪ ♪ is raining down on you ♪ oh, brought to you courtesy ♪ of the red, white and blue ♪ oh... ♪ of my red, white and blue...
9:56 am
[applause]. >> dave: thank you for your service, more with 4 troops when we come back on "fox & friends."
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> not just phillies fans, a tampa rays fan was shirtless and then, it was taser time -- >> alisyn: that doesn't go good. >> clayton: tropicana field -- oh! and between the marlins and mariners, the fan dodged security until they got in front of him and, the center fielder took him down. he escaped from an episode of comes. >> alisyn: looks like it but that is not real streaking. come on, if you really streak... >> clayton: do what you used to don't college... cost of freedom business block starts now, log onto and the 4 troops will sting what song?


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