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tv   All American New Year  FOX News  January 1, 2011 3:00am-4:30am EST

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>> buckle up everybody it's a new beginning. say hello to 2011 and a million people in the heart of new york city. nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. happy new year! woo! what a beautiful sight. look. hat's off.
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>> [ sounds of cheering ]
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"[ singing "new york, new york" ] it's up to you... new york, new york ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up
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in a city that never sleeps ♪ and find i'm top of the world. king of the hill ♪. >> new york, new york. >> i want to be a part of it ♪ in new york ♪ and if i can make it there ♪ i am going to
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make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ new york ♪. >> right! what a beautiful moment. >> beautiful night it's been, huh? and this weather is just remarkable. >> and fantastic. >> just think about what we add a week ago and two years ago it was six degrees below zero. >> i am so frigid. this is a stunning stunning night to be in manhattan. >> you should see confetti everywhere. i hope that sanitation workers clean it up. i think they will. there are people in the building next to us right there up and about. i don't know.
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10th floor there are people throwing the confetti. just booting it out of the window. just spooning it out. >> sometimes in piles. >> there are three couples up there. >> earlier we were part of the program here in times square. >> tell them what you did. >> yes. >> and it was our job to -- on a lot of the we have the honor of drawing resolutions out of the this one i pulled to become a better role model for my daughter. mairl from queens new york. you said i can't take that. i said wait until you see what i do with it. i'm going to put it back in the pile to. mairl in queens? happy new year. >> merrill that would not have
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happened if i hadn't guilted bill for stealing your wish on the walk back from risers. >> happy new year to you and your daughter. and now, i'm going to check in. >> anyone else getting married down there? >> actually yes. yes. absolutely. right behind us. >> it's love. >> let's introduce to you this wonderful couple. tell us your names. >> i'm manual. this is my... >> tell the world how you got engaged. >> he surprised me with a trip to new york on the plane asked me. i screamed and scared everybody on the plane. now we're here in times square. >> she's adorable. hello kitty. you've got to love it let's see the ring. >> i guess is it too soon to pick a date yet? >> our parents don't know. they're finding out right now. hi, mom. i love you love you guy autos start saving money mom and dad right sf.
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>> and you too. >> i know. happy new year from ainsley and i. >> and we love you guys, megyn and bill thanks for letting us be a part of them. >> thank you. love to you both. >> and we saw gutfeld. what is he doing? >> we love love greg gutfeld too,. >> two hours ago greg said i hate people. how are you doing now, pal? >> happy new year, greggor. >> this is the aekd greatest night of my life. first night was the night in prison but this is weird. there are just so -- weird smell that is -- does confetti smell? it smells bad. >> really does. >> yes. >> it's going to go home with you on of this confetti. >> not going away for a while. >> on you forever. you're going to smell like confetti until you die. it's wrong. do you have plans after this? >> just going to relax go back to long island and enjoy the
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new year. >> and not going to private parties? >> no. no. >> would you like to go to one? >> and no, sir. >> how long have you been here? >> a few day autos standing out here a few days? >> so was it worth it? >> absolutely. >> celebrating our engagement. >> celebrating engagement. >> yes. >> congratulations autos thank you. >> engaged on christmas. >> fantastic. how long you've been together? >> four years. >> that is a long time. >> wow. >> and worth the wait. yeah. i'll talk to you in four years. by the way they had this wedding here at the beginning of times square f they get divorced they should have to divorce in times square. only fair. am i right? >> 60th birthday was one minute ago. >> it's your birthday? >> yes. >> right. >> you don't look a day over
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61. >> thank you. >> congratulations autos thank you. >> my family is here. >> what is your name? >> gary marquis from iowa. >> long name. >> exactly. >> congratulationses and happy new year. >> all right. >> do you want me to talk about anything else? i can tell you my plans? i'm going home and going to drink alone. that is what i do on new year's eve. >> listen. very a helpful piece of advice for you, greg and audience. i saw this online today. what is the number one, number one drink in terms of causing a hangover. thing you should not drink if you don't want a hangover? >> vodka martini and two, long island iced tea. >> she's been doing her home work. >> you don't like vodka. l is no taste. >> it's got a high alcohol content. and a long islands too, do too.
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and any colored alcohol, like bourbon. >> take that guy to the party. he was entertained by the invitation. >> watch out for the police officer behind you all night. >> i think i scared him a little. >> that was my intention. i was only kidding, america. >> and we'll see you at 12:30 on "red eye". >> going to be a great show. >> thank you. >> and that officer has his number. do you see him stalking greg? he's like i know, i can't go too far. >> you can pour yourself another vodka martini before calling it a night tonight. >> we've got an amazing performance dave garrett is back. wait until you see how he turns a classic n its head. also... a beautiful finish head from katherine mcphee.
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back in just a few moments here. live in times square. 2011. get used to it and happy new year. >> i love this time of the year. because we get to start over again. seems like everything that is old is new again. and george washington as one of the most incredible men. he's called at the time the indecember pensible man. the reason why is because he had the way to defeat the most powerful military on the planet. a bunch of farmers got together and he made sure they were people of merit. our soldiers fighting overseas first of all thank you. thank you for the service and for service of the family. i want you to know that we
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will watch not only your back backs here but over your families as well. we've got their backs as well. as you know if the service this is the original purple heart given only three times we know of. not found until 19 30s by george washington because he said to beat the british you had to be a people of merit and of honor and integrity. this holiday, this new year's let's see if we can change our country with a revolution that starts in here. people of merit and honor.
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>> it's incumbent upon the business guy to talk about this whole thing have a prosperus new year and all invest manies turn out to be winners and i want to appreciate those who bring something of far greater value. the country and economy. to everyone in this country. and this economy. our troops sacrificing so much right now to make sure we can whip it up and watch the market go up if we're lucky. without them we won't be able
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to do anything we're doing but in this case do what i'm doing. because all very to worry about is reading a prompter and not all that well. and all we have to concern our selfs is whether to get to do a double dip or not. think bit. those are just about prices right? this time of the year what they do, we're all about is prices. have a happy new year. from all of us at fox business network, make it a great one. >> and nicely done, neil. >> well put. >> and by the way if you don't get fox business demand it. and there is rick down in the streets of manhattan. hey, rick. >> i'm standing here on the street. gary marshal said happy new year. penny's brother. >> you know penny. from "laughern & shirley" i'm
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from the bronx. figured i'd come back. i was near 1951. no cell phones amazing. yeah we're doing a movie coming out next year. >> great to see you. i work cheap. if you need me you let me know. >> you're a good guy. >> i want to introduce this couple from moscow, came from russia for this. was it worth it?. >> i -- it's fantastic. and it was my dream to come here for christmas. for new year's. and six hours we're waiting here. >> six hours in the pen worth it right? >> i want to introduce you to mitt. >> second time in new year's. >> 2002 last time i was here. >> from canada you don't get this. so this is just amazing and especially for a canadian to be down here. >> do they know you're
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canadian. >> i don't know. >> you might want to say that quietly. >> we're wonderful people. >> great to see you. >> we've got a lot of people hanging around, guys. >> you know normally as soon as the ball drops they're out of here. why are you still
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . >> awesome good, job, david. up next katherine mcphee one more time. ?@?ñ?
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we're wrapping it up in times square, people are lingering and don't want to go. >> the show goes on. >> so grateful you're with us tonight and grateful to the fox news viewers and you've heard our ampkors say couldn't make this happen without you. >> on a personal note it's been a pleasure bill sharing these four years with you on the stage and a friendship to boot outside of the place. and i have to take a minute to say happy new year, honey to my love doug at home z my little son who is i hope asleep. happy new year and to my family, happy new year. >> a great year for you. >> i hope. god willing. >> my family in ohio everybody watching at home happy new year thank you for love and support. >> and thanks to fox news super star team that put this
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together. >> we cannot do anything without them. >> have you no idea how hard they work. >> we show up they're doing everything. >> and i did. >> you don't have to be an anchor to wear a boa. look at the new year's spirit maing making sure we go there shiny. >> she does make up and hair. >> lizzie come here. hi, liz. >> pull up here guy autos lizzie takes care of our floor. >> the world... world needs to know abby. >> say hi. hi grandpa. hi grandpa and grandma. >> here is our friend jen. say hello to syracuse. >> yeah! >> say hi to mom and dad. >> these are the folks behind the scenes helping us. >> and and they try to make us
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look good. >> thank you everybody. >> have a great 2011. >> happy new year. >> leaving you with katherine mcphee "somewhere over the rainbow" happy new year. ♪ [ music ] somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high there's a land that i heard of ♪ once in a lullaby
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somewhere over the rainbow ♪ skies are blue ♪ and the dreams that you dare to dream ♪ really do come true some day i'll wish upon a star ♪ and wake up where the star clouds are far behind me ♪ where away above the chimney tops ♪ that is where you'll find me ♪ somewhere over the
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rainbow ♪ blue birds fly birds fly over the rainbow ♪ then why, then oh why, can't i ♪? if happy little blue birds fly ♪ beyond the rainbow why, oh why, can't i? ♪
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>> happy new year >> happy new year all that junkment welcome to a special edition of the "red eye." 'joining us tonight, she's the va-va vroom of the news room. patty ann brown. so adorable care bears have patty ann lunch boxes. it's rob long, and fresh out of detox. bill schultz. sitting right next to me, mike
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baker, former cia operative. chuck norris wears t-shirts with his picture on them. and now to the most important part of the show, "red eye's" year in kittens. >> the year in kittens! ♪
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♪ >> you're so winning an emmy. so the greg-alogue. the absolute of idocy. >> greg-alogue. >> to the focus of this special episode of "red eye" is alcohol, or more precise, the "red eye" stories that it made us drink the most. the media's growing dissatisfaction with president obama. the media wasn't getting any love from an angry america.
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imploded, whined and fretted. here's a recent nbc planning meeting. >> no, no, no! >> greg: years of therapy. thankfully it caused keith ol'berman to do some serious soul searching. >> lalalalal lalalalalala. >> that's what he seize when he is doing the show. anyway, still all these media jokers just simply pointed fingers. mostly at america, and of course the tea party. is a said before, the tea party is the most organic movement i have seen. put it's a movement so ant
3:34 am
ethinkal. the gloating jon stewart rally, the shrilly wasfest, and the ridiculed coffee party arose because the tea party scared decree crap out of hacks. the tea party incured rath from the other usual suspects. maddow and every lefty still sleeping in a onesy. the media hate the tea party because it hated competition. the tea party was tougher than leather, harder to beat than good whiskey, watching the media try to defame it because it couldn't beat it, made me drink. if you're disagree with me you're a racist homo phone that -- homo phobe that is worst
3:35 am
worse than hitler. >> do you think the tea party will have the same impact now that the republicans are in power? >> that's a good question. i have no objection to pushing presidents, as a woman what has given birth. i have defended when pelosi says this organization was astro turf and not grassroots. it was an offhanded comment by a cnbc anchor that we need a modernday tea party. the idea caught fire. they were inspired and wanted to be heard. >> these people were previously sitting in their living rooms watching reruns of "mat lock" which are pretty good. >> the tea party has no leader. how you beat a political movement you find their leader and make fun of them. the tea party is a network of people on facebook and twitter, old people, and they decided to
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responsible tearously do -- spontaneously doing this, drives media crazy. >> greg: lay -- they have to make fun of an entire group and call them a bunk of racists. >> they were desperate to find some guy holding a sign that could be construed as racist in some fashion. but i agree exactly. your greg-alogue was spot on. >> mike, you were there with racist signs. >> let's not forget that for the new year's eve special. >> you would think at that age they wouldn't print signs and get to a rally, but they could. >> i know you hate the tea party. >> i just see it for what it is. it's organically funded by two brothers. a couple of things about this false jon stewart rally i was at. he had 215,000, glen beck had
3:37 am
87,000. he told people not to call the tea partiers racist, and he had hats there, and five -- >> five white people, and they worked for the daily show. >> all the text stuff there -- >> lots of people of color there, and secondly, it was literally funny. i enjoyed myself and other people did. before we pooh-pooh, there were a lot of "red eye" fans there,. >> my point is, the restore santa -- restore sanity rally never would happened because obama is in trouble. >> the tea party wouldn't have happened if we didn't have a huge deficit under obama. >> wait a minute. >> where is the anger at bush. >> did they spend more money funding the tea party? >> that's a good question.
3:38 am
>> i don't knee what it looks like. >> the whole obsession with the kobe brace silly. there's nothing to support with the tea party. they don't have a tea party foundation, a tea party office, no tea party central command. >> well to that end, they're good at the smoke and mirrors. you go -- >> you can't stand the fact this is spontaneous and true americans having a little fun. you can't stand there's not a -- >> spontaneous despite commercials on the hour. >> i have to move on. spirited debate. what other story made us drink? put my hand down. had to be the ground zero mosque. the most closely followed story
3:39 am
storyin' 2010. these developers became intolerant when they same thing happened to them, like when i proposed a gay bar next to the mosque. >> it's a gay bar. >> yes. >> next to the mosque. >> next to the world trade center. >> no alcohol there glen, so you can come. muslims don't drink alcohol. so, the bar will have 7 virgin drinks. >> really. >> this is to teach what exactly? >> tolerance and communication. the way that new york is going to accept the mosque, the mosque should accept the gay bar. you see that? the correlation. >> so smart, that young man. so he made a new term, islam-o-phobia, and a letter was
3:40 am
drafted to the community board for the developers. so we now go live. ♪ >> i took those same pills. >> lalollapalooza. >> this isn't about the right of religion. everybody knows you can pray wherever you want. at it about manners. >> you and glen were laughing about your gay bar proposal, but you got check because you were calling their bluff and saying, if this is really about tolerance, then tolerate a gay bar next to your mosque with your religion that wants to kill gays. >> i really didn't receive any checks. i want to make that clear. >> you got a lot of checks from
3:41 am
gay czechoslovakians. >> do you think this mosque will ever get built? >> no. >> or not built there the market doesn't need it. there are over 100 mosques in the area. the idea you need one more mosque downtown, it's silly. you need it in jeddah. you need it in riyadh. saudi arabia. we should pitch in for that. >> that would be nice. >> build a gay bar there, too. >> you know, they use intolerance about people that are critical of them. but they're using america, using the shield of intolerance. >> al qaeda and their like-minded minionss have been
3:42 am
using it against us. >> interesting point. >> i bet you think this all manufactured outrage and jon stewart is a god. >> get him a health did i just say that? >> the only winner here is pamela "i'm not crazy" zoehler. >> when laura ingram had the leaders of the mosque on, on oreilly. she said she sees nothing wrong with this. then when pamela garrett told us we need -- >> i was talking about it before pam geller. >> in 2009. >> once america heard about it, they got ticked. >> they weren't told to be mad. >> geller -- >> this is an insult on america.
3:43 am
we're sheep until somebody tells to us be angry. >> bill, the difference between -- okay, this is a mosque, and this enormous statement down that there that we conquered this area. >> the statement was made by geller. >> we have to move on. our guest reveals the top story of the year that made them drink. first, this ode to "red eye." >> "when you want it from the heart, we give it from the get. snow snow the show that makes you say, what. ♪ when there's nothing else gone, "red eye," "red eye," "red eye" ♪ ♪ it's only wasted time if there's somethinged to do. ♪ "red eye," "red eye," "red eye." ♪ flsh
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stories made us think, some wther >> some stories made us wink, some made us stink. some made us drink. let's go to our panelists. what made you drink the most? >> the tsa screening and don't touch my junk. the routine touching of breasts and genitals, the same time they're cut back on the free meals. if somebody is scoping me, i
3:47 am
want that free meal. >> definitely. how about tonight? >> was that appropriate? >> absolutely appropriate. rob, what made you drink. >> in autumn they closed they last light bulb factory in america. they want you to uses the curly cue things and those are made in china. >> environmentalist don't believe in human creativity anymore. they don't think we can think or way out of trouble. mike, what makes you drink. >> the shotting down of the lamp manufacturers. what makes me drink is actually afghanistan and the fact that we refuse to have this discussion, step back and say, let's get the hell out and trying to build some pseudo stable democratic society there is not going to work and is not tied to our
3:48 am
security. whether we leave in six month, two years, to think we're going leave something good behind makes me drink. >> what makes you drink. >> justin bieber and kim kardashian were at a meal, and he tweeted a picture of kim kardashian and called him his girlfriend. it is not kim's fault. she had nothing to do with it. it was bieber crushing the dreams of me and many a 12-year-old girl, so i say this to babier and his legion o bieber followers. i say to them: >> wow. >> that's like -- >> the message here is almost anything and everything makes bill drink.
3:49 am
>> yeah. that's right. >> i will make bieber drink once he is of age. >> 16 years old. >> we're going to take a break. got a comment on the show? now more music. ♪ it's time for red eye. ♪ have one in your basement. ♪ red eye. ♪ greg and bill and sandy red eye, no lie ♪ ♪ a show that all the fans say. ♪ it's time for red eye
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>> dennis hopper, lina horne, george steinbrenner, my ferret, captain sparkle. "red eye" would rather highlight personalities that while not technically dead are simply dead to us. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> mike, anybody dead to you? >> absolutely. the situation that snookie, lady gaga, and vladimir putin. >> just everything. >> yeah, everything. >> all right. what about you? >> anything sustainable or artisinablr.
3:55 am
>> kate middleton, brett favre, and the euro. >> any cameraman who has been shooting patty an brown from the neck up tonight. you're all suspect. >> i have ed hardy t-shirts. now for the most riveting change. slimmed down to this gorgeous facade you see now.
3:56 am
>> i think it's a little deeper. >> thank you. >> the last person to talk about that. >> that was a compliment by the way. >> 40 pounds, my friends. >> incredibly impressed and jealous. >> you should be. >> maybe also bit bare for you. >> right after that he looks directly at rob and says, 40 pounds. >> i got it. >> message received. >> looking at your christmas card. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. >> "red eye's" new year's eve special returns in a moment. and now, andrew w. kay sings about us. ♪ what's going to happen to bill? ♪ what's going to happen to
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bill. ♪ what's going to happen to bell on red eye tonight? ♪
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i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick >> i want to give a shout out to andy levy who is holed up in bed with his giant cat, high on god knows what, catnip. ringing in the new year with cats all over him. that does it for "red eye's" 2010 hangover, stories that made
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us drink and stuff. you can watch us at 3:00 a.m., welcome to bill, rob, and the gorgeous mike baker. i'm greg gutfeld. toodles. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> sean: welcome great americans 20 special new year edition of hannity. 2010s with not a boring year. plenty of people made a major impact on america and the world. we want to highlight some who made the biggest impact. over the next hour we will be spotlighting in no particular order our top five great americans of the year. but first the people and events that shaped the news in 2010. >> it is disaster out out of
4:01 am
haiti. powerful and potentially devastating 7.0 earthquake hit in the last hour or so, 10 miles from the country's capital of port-au-prince. >> the independent voice of massachusetts has spoken! >> scott brown the republican will win the massachusetts special election. >> did the white house offer you a job to not get if the running? >> i answered that yes and i answered honestly of the >> sean: joe sestak continues to insist the obama administration offered him a job to bow out of the senate primary. >> the president: after a year of debate. after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise. it is the law of the land. >> rescue crews are conducting a desperate search in the waters off louisiana for the
4:02 am
workers still missing after a fiery explosion. >> the president: this has not only been the biggest oil spill in our history also the most technology cali complex. >> not just tar pauls, oil, sheen, heavy oil is here on louisiana's coast. -- >> governor brewer today signed az) controversial bill that gives our state the toughest illegal immigration laws in the country. >> my decision to sign it was by no means made lightly. >> nypd discovered a vehicle with the engine running that had smoke coming out, car bomb packed with fertilizer, firecrackers and propane tanks found inside in new york city's times square. accepted general stanley mcchrystal's resignation as commander of the international security assistance force in afghanistan. >> the president of the united states, our commander in chief had no other choice.
4:03 am
>> the president: i went to wall street and i called for common sense reforms to protect consumers and our economy. today, those reforms will become the law of the land. >> i am very pleased that the senate has just voted to confirm elena kagan as our nation's 112th supreme court justice. >> i think a mosque would enhance the cultural diversive our city. >> this is like pouring salt in the wound of america. >> sean: former illinois to have for blagojevich found guilty. a crime that could send him to prison for up to five years. >> he have every charge except for one they could not prove i did anything wrong. >> the president: i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is
4:04 am
over. our chief of staff, rahm emanuel has informed me that he will be leaving his3#p post today to explore other opportunities. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> sean: moments ago rescue crews in chile pulled the 33rd and miner to freedom completing the rescue operation. >> tea party americans, you're winning. you don't wanna mess with the momma grizzlies. >> terrorists target the united states again. it began with what the president called a credible terror threat. >> the president: our intelligence and law enforcement professionals working with our friends and allies identified two suspicious packages bound for the united states. >> officially, the republicans
4:05 am
have finned control of the house of representatives. -- have gained control of the house of representatives. >> let me say it is clear hot winners really are. >> i'm not recommending for every future president they take a shellacking like i did last night. >> more and more air travelers are voicing anger over the intrusive screening procedures put in place by homeland security and tsa. >> active war north and south korea on the brink that rogue north nation slamming the south with deadly artillery strikes. >> wikileaks founder julian assange has delivered another black eye to the white house and the united states of america. more than 250,000 classified documents will soon be available for all the world to read. >> this is far beyond free speech. this is an attack at the operating capability of the united states government.
4:06 am
>> both houses of congress have passed a package of tax relief that will protect the middle class. that will grow our economy. and will create jobs for the american people. >> who is ultimately gonna pay for this tax cut? it is going to be our children and grandchildren. >> this is a bad deal. >> vast majority of the members of the republicans in the u.s. senate teal this is a step in the right direction. -- feel this is a step in the right direction. >> this is a long time in coming and i'm happy it is here. >> we are not a nation that says don't ask, don't tell. we are a nation that says, out of many we are one. >> sean: coming up, a true american hero. army staff sergeant risked his live to help serve two
4:07 am
comrades. his acts earned him the medal of honor. his heroic story, next.
4:08 am
4:09 am
>> sean: welcome back. we begin our list of great americans from 2010 with a man described by president obama is being as humble as heroic.
4:10 am
the staff sergeant was awarded the medal of honor for the acts he took in october of 2007 after he was ambushed by taliban fighters in afghanistan. here is his inspiring story. >> the day was like any other day in afghanistan. >> sean: the staff with platoon was stationed in afghanistan. embedded with their unit author sebastian junger. >> there was enormous amount of action. the project was to follow 30 men for an entire deployment. >> the day for the most part was quiet. they were picking up chatter about the enemy setting up.
4:11 am
as a soldier in afghanistan you expect that. >> the operation came five months into deployment. basically, the insurgents were bringing in arms, a lot of rat lines as they call it, ammo, fresh fighters from pakistan. operation rock avalanche was designed to disrupt that activity and engage the enemy on more equal terms. >> sean: the sergeant and his soldiers were not prepared for what happened next. >> the second platoon got hit badly, one casualty and two wounded. they overran the position they grabbed american weapons, gear, backpacks and made off with them. what the military wanted to do is retrieve that so it couldn't be used as a war trophy. >> the president: an ambush so close that the cracks from the gun and whiz of the bullets
4:12 am
were simultaneous. >> 15 taliban fighters along side the trail and across in an l-shaped. imagine the case . 15 automatic weapons, dark, people screaming, shouting, deafening loud. can't shoot because enemy fighters are 30 feet from the americans, right on top of them. no one can do anything. it was up to those men to fight their way out. >> sean: he quickly realized the shots were being fired from multiple s. >> when the ambush appeared -- from multiple directions. >> when the ambush happened, 10 to 20 people it all goes blurry. >> in the middle of that chaos gunta realized, he was running forward throwing hand grenades, trying to reach the lead guy, the point man to make sure he was okay were
4:13 am
>> shooting was coming from the direction that josh should have been in. shooting at me from that direction. >> there wasn't a lot of thinking that i needed to do. this is my job, my profession. >> sean: under a rarpblg of bullets he pushed through the gun fire. >> the president: he and his comrades, regrouped and er atack. >> they threw grenades using explosion of cover to run forward, shooting at the muzzle flashes still erupting from the trees. then they did it again and again. >> sean: after making his way through enemy fire, the sergeant was faced with a scene soldiers have nightmares about. >> kept on, i saw three guys, there was two guys carrying one guy. the one had his arms and the other had his legs. i only knew one of 'em. it wasn't the one that i
4:14 am
wanted to know. it was brennan, he was the one being carried away. >> josh had been hit but he was alive the enemy was dragging him off alive. >> had the enemy succeeded in dragging josh off alive and taking him, it would have been catastrophic for the family of course. they wouldn't have known what happened. the military would have an up josh was alive and mounted an effort to get him back. he prevented that by running into that fire and killed the two guys who were carrying his friend. >> the sergeant did not survive his injuries due to the acts of gunta he did not die in the hands of the enemy. he did not seek attention for his heroics and says his friends would have done the same for him. >> word had gotten out he was up for the medal of honor. he was ambivalent about it. he said it is a medal for bravery. he said i'm not any pwraeufr
4:15 am
than anyone else. what i did anyone in the -- platoon would have done. josh was my friend. and i lost my friend in this. >> in is an incredible time. but it is kind of a bittersweet time. >> sean: despite his hero women and sacrifice he still does not believe he -- heroism and sacrifice he still does not believe he should be honored. >> the president: your courage prevented capture of a soldier and brought soldier back to his family. you may not believe you deserve this but your fellow soldiers recommended you for it. >> for these guys who are so close, there are things worse than dying. worse than dying is watching your best friend die and get dragged off by the enemy, even worse. that's worse than dying. in some way -- >> in some ways, i understand what he says it was not bravery. he was trying to prevent the
4:16 am
worst possiblening from happening. >> josh -- [ inaudible ] >> sean: before we continue we would like to pause and remember some of the prominent men and women who passed away this year, including several who were frequent guests right here on this program. because of sean hannity i'm going to say i am not a politician, i don't play one on tv, i don't have any intention of being a politician.
4:17 am
>> i'm grateful, simply grateful to the almighty god. >> no the 50th anniversary of my 40th birthday. seriously, i'm glad to be here fellows. glad to be anywhere. >> i just happen to think in this case president bush has been totally correct on what he did in iraq and he stuck to it, despite all of the opposition.
4:18 am
>> i'm not going to play golf with him. >> you wouldn't play with rush? >> i'm not playing a round with him. >> ambassador thank you, appreciate your time. all the best sir, not all the best, but some best. good to see you. >> sean: we reveal the third great american on our list as our countdown continues, straight ahead.
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>> sean: at a time when the gop found itself searching for effective leadership, new jersey governor christie rose to the challenge. offering an alternative to the tax and spend vision of the current administration and ruffling feathers along the way. >> the people in the state of new jersey did not elect me governor for my charm and good looks. they elected me governor because i believe they wanted someone who was going to go down and clean this mess up. >> sean: new jersey governor christie was elected during a time of unprecedented economic turmoil. he promised real change. unlike the president he has also delivered it. while obama ram through an unpopular health care bill and pork laden stimulus through congress. governor christie focused on the real economic problems. he declared a state of fiscal emergency and slashed billions in spending. >> i was not sent to approve
4:23 am
tax increases. i was sent here to veto them. >> sean: his work did not stop there. he stood up to the public sector unions and offered them a warning. >> looking at all those bleeding people on the ground, the taxpayers of the state of new jersey. i said, you punch them, i punch you. >> sean: he battled the teachers' union to lower costs and raise accountability. >> if you would like to conduct a respectful conversation i'm happy to do. if you don't please sit down and i'll answer the next question. >> sean: maybe his style made him a youtube sensation but his results made him a prototype of effective republican leader and earned him respect of prominent political minds across the country. >> christie is the name i hear most often when asked who would you like to see nominated? >> sean: christie is not biting. >> there is no chance, zero chance that i'm running for president of the
4:24 am
united states. >> sean: 2012 is still far off. the next year may give governor christie a chance to reconsider. many are saying a president christie could deliver change you could really believe in. joining us now the one and only youtube sensation, the great governor of the state of new jersey, governor christie how are you? >> i'm doing great. >> sean: what do you make of the make all these youtubes of you taking on people at town halls and elsewhere? people find this extraordinarily refreshing. are you surprised? >> i think you have to be surprised. just telling the truth. i think that it is such a sad commentary in some ways of our political system now. all i'm doing is telling the truth and treating people the way they treat me. people treat me courteously at town halls i'm courteous back. they want to get into it, i'm happy to get into it. >> sean: you are a tough new jersey kid so you are
4:25 am
fighting back. you have made balancing the budget, reining in spending, education reform, taking on unions, liberal meetia, liberal legislature, you are taking on everybody and -- and succeeding, how? >> first and foremost i remind our people, we are right. we are right on these issues. government is out of control. federal government is overreaching. state government overspent, overborrowed and over tacked. so, we are right on -- overtaxed. so we are right on these issues. i'm telling people what they already know. they know my state was in terrible shape and they knew that wasn't going to get fixed easily. it is treating them like adults. stop being a politician who panders to people. tell them the truth. even if they don't like the truth if they believe it is the truth, they to -- they are going to follow you. >> sean: you even declared a state of emergency. i think we'll have the next
4:26 am
few years california, new york, illinois and i think new jersey was probably on this list, as a state headed for bankruptcy, needing a federal bailout. do you see that happening to these other states? >> if they don't turn around, yeah. i think we are making real progress and we'll continue. i agree. if we don't tackle pensions benefits like i'm going to tackle come january the way we've capped arbitration work for public sector, police, fire and others. if you don't do them, we going to go broke. >> sean: pretty frightening scenario. i'm watching you closely. i watched bob mcdonnell of virginia he rolled back spending levels to 2006. watching guys like bobby jindal, nikki haley recently on the program who is going to implement the same types of reforms.
4:27 am
it seems the federal government might be able to learn a thing or two from what is going on from the chief executives, like yourself. when you look at what washington is doing, how is that impacting what you are trying to do to balance your budget? >> worst thing is all of these federal mandates. last year i said i wouldn't have taken the medicaid money because of all the strings attached. we have to continue to spend and spend if you took the money one time. we are dealing with that problem now in emergency. -- in new jersey, it is awful. what we need from the republican house the most is mandate relief from the federal government let guys like me and jindal, women like nikki haley, martinez in new mexico let us manage our states. get your hands out of the states affairs if they do that will be the best thing washington can do for us. >> sean: i new were at the meeting where haley confronted barack obama and said i want to opt-out if you are not going to eliminate obamacare.
4:28 am
new jersey is not one of the states suing. >> i want new jersey to get a free ride for once. judges don't look and say we got 26 states, you win. there's 20 states doing it if it is unconstitutional for virginia it will be unconstitutional for new jersey. those early lawsuits were entered into before i got into office. there are other people carrying the water for once let the new jersey taxpayers get their water carried. >> sean: you did kill this tunnel deal. they want you to return what is 2 1 million dollars. -- 271 million2 dollars. are you going to win that battle? >> i think so. >> sean: you didn't think you could afford the tunnel? >> we couldn't. the tunnel was set at 8.7 million dollars. emergency was -- new york was paying nothing for a tunnel that comes to new york. that aside for a second. cost overruns already at two to five billion and climbing. i saw the big dig in boston go
4:29 am
from 2.8 to 22 billion. i had to sign a contract that said i was going to be on the hook for all the cost overruns. not signing any more blank cheques on the credit of the people of the state of new jersey. there is no project worth it. it want a great project any way. >> sean: a lot of people like your straightforward style. confrontational nature and standing up for your principles. i've heard a zillion people say they want you to run for president. they wanna see this style of governing in our nation's capital in 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i've asked you this question before, you said you have no intention of running. if people really want you to get in this race, would you consider what the people want? >> no. >> sean: that's not a good enough answer. >> i get it. here's why. i ha


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