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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 4, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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e ndideee, h tman in. nichto e you g nic to eou id hn .ret . ico >> wanou t ico alk outolits tet >>an tk t fiitt mand oxerdi cameown ashoritnd ti adi. yo have omemen coecti inor ts se? ti >> c in ahe sen i hyopedvee thecotin t ? faly. felt cery,nen herydheadlyor the fa a lty, hry. i ver lylt s didhe it.fa a i wahed hery i r sid int.tly,ike wa evdybody eseand ere wasnty,e evod e st nway d e wae invved as that id elp nemy wa ounv d i fee atveryery hay abtp ou it. ieeaid boyryttryhaab ita unt the y . releide h. oy itas reayntantheinjuice. woul getle h nitea tt ple s fastjuf ie. reuleret an get tpl s stt.i >>'m aet surisedouidn' >>end e of yos fo heured n' i tnk o. d yo netofrks ofo sendin them. havyou o okenoyoets sin her pants?m. av yus, iave en >>elle. >> tyer are pas?ovely y ivepeop . l te were theor aelhort peri of timop l arnwehe a irtalia rif animgues wh searn ln i ia it ian,hat'antheeswh onhing s e gornout o th tip. it n,>> it'senng got o eraornarythfter t. a i ese ars anda kno i eor ry
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ercomi hom a >> is ame ing,s t'sdano gre i. i thimi sheom mayb i wibeamg, as ar. re e's allyihihe goo yb i thik shs aoo a . s pelyon. oofeel t wa sthsh hriblwhat a happed.e . thou telwa e hblat ilian p secu rpp . was ou a horndou peron iithan pcur a srrib bagrouorouand erterrlethecor anda 's ibbaou gat d that she rrornds omi g he. >> fat couhee, i fe deeily h s >>alsoor tou ifamiefeehe sitis girl ho wso t rder.mi obvisly e ju aidisrl wey ercideit was no aman viy juid kno bude leas o teranble tredyor no th fam y.bule >>ereryhe wle th g thsam a aged for e famies wandh evegbody but amaa ded n r o iams dvedy she comi tmahome all n rigo. i i ori nallcamehe tomialk me u, w t wallyourig iri illressme you d a etinok w wath hurman iss u a in ca. anher ndide th wan hdn to et y. >> dd, d ica waan rer lyidthanto y imesse>> i to d m,iware hman, yoshou imbe rselly roud toof yrsel h n,you ve de anyoou amaz rgy udob, yel allyu dreatanob in azrmsg anthis is, lyat divial sn s e anis iswon' use e wo brviding sbu tms o rll n'e eo setngrng t o rurse up f greet ings
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whetr it hapns se op fre no jus grea gs ethingit api thk he o ne aousmazi ea job, ang g at he whawas ur azi b, a g. has iressn? wh wou youay. >> terfic gy, iss art,whouou. ener tic. had greerc gime. t, wertogeer for erc. boutadn re ho a twe.ty ergeinuors. jus enjed tut ho atw thi henu enjod itlso .us nj t >>re youhiurpesed joeithasso >>ou rpd sued ain as ry isky su asine, soone p, aomee is own, soone ky up, soneonesoe me isn, doso?e t arp,youoe rprid? >>'m ndo rpriard afur meing ri m.>> n 's jt a ry i eresringaf gu andeme cges ut jitha ies gu sndme c ve spefic ans d ts oth othe pple sen't ominvepec os d wi o he pe rea'tin scifi o p ans.wi d, y knoea iust sfi led ps. h ve yuch. psonno it likim l vy h mu andvet' o t pn reonik he v mund's o tre urge >> tere'sgea ilg tmagee' see you. we lked abt ttlgge a eeitt bi u. the ct ie iedb r trese lgett oup biilli s e i peoehat rse
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real lik lwhat'm p sliing abteoat al ikinaatnd aut sg abopecnd abou otsa oothe a cuntrs th areec ustous rip ong uhe . c thtr cou rythre isst a prip u ountth. ou oucouny, hd toselie ps a or cntry an wnt areoorou un ht betouse alliesthe othea c rythinan peoerere sring, bee wellre e or hecaus o erineolace sthrog,houtwe the wld re us oust ppince rout he. th w are ju stlingtur in ney. ey a takg ur mtheyre ljue tng we are y. abie a ak no m w lhavether weprobmsre bu ieour no bigst pblem wveerin tms oob whatu hap ning ithrig pem the t o unied ates satapnghinahndhe opeandni hersesna staki ourped rs jokiur nufaurin jst mafactingo fairtinlly j ever hingormas.ctg donrt havyeobs erng amore. we b eryt ng.on av u kns wat w are do b we sytvice.ur kn w wlder wedo s ce rvicpeop from heerthca. we bu tt's icop rothe likcae buringg ts inik moy. 's rnglly ry s whe youn e whmo's hpeneto t runity she stas. ani dscusoudhat wi wh hne t it rmanandta an dusdtwi and disssedt wh
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mi roey arick rry.ised wople nderand miat iro a sayi. buck y.eprent a leerarged ilarg yi bu oup pple. re allio and mlion ofge rgople i waseadi inp pe. t iond monf p icy,le wadin gret t and ere s a r psony,nd tt et s thd ee a rn t th ra. i ink eywantto heawhat i a sa abo ii k andeople are ntarti to teaatit. sabo i vendplre timpleo are.t th also lok fve ur le essire, yothls l fndo emen sincyou re lding n thsiyo pocy odo tien heyncu lngth hinkt po mit be omartogoti eyt an grabour suorte. nk >> thimi tbet'srt toue bt i an thabkrsutemayb it' a ltle >>yondhi ts t b iat. t nk tyth rlizeybt' le havend a stro. gro of t t suorte th rze ree vethhat i sang rond rof th aresuotteh harinit fr e otheat ia ople i thk thth's wrehey hmeinup.r he ye i thi lethey thth wike y en.rsemt. ye>> a youhieyavet ginne ke yet? enem we aou didtve disgiss that?toda wi e hean id>> i't ttiswhatheyhadare wi eglinfor? y is, t iat doyhink so. in r?nest he didn y say tha tonk thio.o b ausestednayha thi i cahiy miionso d bseillns hi pele tcatmins see at's haeninll tohisount, an pe i towee w y. 's
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an i dhal wiin tto pesle ontan the heri side w dealan w dhwichin tpe o e dear wide almexi i weal thin t opeai tion and havexi il ma ofhem t rit inp thibuilng i ond veerms afmenan hatriayinehi rilnt i anms theyanatlaugat t ran eyug t spidi o us >> y havspok to any th sdind t tus b sine ymen av ok o the y ce a oveorthomn tnd t bnen e ave mn mrhermain. compe andontr t thrmrrm sine expiencandn. whemp an you thk ittrthn nettrxputencrd he st ngeruthit orometngtre re portt. ster >> donwantto sayret strger n rt >>rongon.nt ay ey bh hatrreatr busess n credtial ng .>> dfere or e sa ? bhaat us s ver edal d dreferer . sa gornoromneid l ser of d re thin witgocomporiesne l o ming em tter taki cominniesit mp sandakin th bter d mg king therkiomes dwork inthath a g bat trng. ng th workrk fo compaties gke p tse. ry ordome emenus compfoies mpd ths phean e en mpan y v ymps th suessfly. so tyreal an v botusf. hve vy t goodal botinescred h v od besed- edenals. inerm of job ceati ens.
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uld nu lorm o tobwardoverr cti romn's d exlorien o t. herdanerain imn w do ux en thinhas oe hen w ro sumenly in in s tesof j crtion r >>me thiy boin cld andte j francry i onn't nt te in>>hi o cthatositnnd ye it's ooani t tarly ini'm so at stityinge 'shing iust owly his, m tng omang h to t deateds, havo t ohis hounto deed ck. av hav t takeisnt ourount ck. . th worlavds tustketakiuriec nt ju lik . a thrl srktwouldki takec omjuikhater. th wld s iulak tang ecesut at. of uth w weave iota st it i wes v yof u iresswee wi hernstt w v ca. i s ve issmpreed wiier goveor rcaney. i ve anre fraly a swime in i'm inve toave ry. m e a cisira a s to 'm wat ioeoing m a i ludisi to gornor per. w>> h i doou menghat idi goorer cisi h? o wh areou l mkingat fo >> wl, ion't kw,ut si ilwh re l mang a disiofo w i't k >> i mar. ne dio has . as a-9-progm inermsf hitax9-ogm pgram haveoums reewed it?ix >> i pam dve ane weedt? disss i had engt i
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>> wt do dou tnkanebout it?is iad gt w do t>> itutt? renate at lst is a itprogm. i haen'te l ia stued itutog i'm haot an ecomisttualthtgh i ve 'm nice edutionut t tru cost it ath irogr. ce obamdurealon doe't t hruve a it prram. gr r pridendoesot hame aaloe h a prram. ndidpres hm.e a prenes h pagram heas t prm. id ha-9-an i hs p am resotedhe t azing we9-. he ias h llinme h sod was at a ang ecent he big in hinnendast he nt mentigned ene-9-9nhelori nt and tn he won-9rihe saw ll an beuseeop theon wnt s to hbeareop ecifs. w he comupoith h proam th's spefic. etheifyou he agrom withh ro thpec. i may heu gr it's 1-10- iayregomayb it's 10- 7-7,go donyb kno but has's a pgram a it 7,resoonted nod h t idasery ll in pam ait t ssoawd h poly in ockily wl tnd solhink eryo els e wki wveryd rprid. nk >>resi nt oyoma ils wry a ri in rvierefe>>ed tsi o i mselas an a innderiegfe toing el itoaner tis 22 ng ra. yo tho ihts o t 2 tat?ra don'yohos o thi it'annderg t
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at? a. n' hehit'haser at a cotitu cy ahe he ha asoturoup a oheeopl phaling for m. he a mocrupic o splrong p ng i thork he p bablyhe n croing sng thhe ve pblell let' nfacet,ng t ve ecomy ill ingt'ce h trrib b ioulco ieve g hib b ll hul anndeog. ve >> ihe resnsib f the hn de. ecomy t iis pint? >> aesthisib f poihe hecy t i p t? vice a prisidenoi bid sai hhe wa ispon ble. ce wilberenhreeearsery onid ai anwa he is one. absutel respilsibl righeersnow.ry ane shod hais bee turd bsel arspnd abl it' s gh pbablw.gettg rse. houhalookeet thurstoc ar a mt'ket, publ lttk at whate.s haokeninthoc it's mt,roba y l getngtat woe.ain it'shoulhaveeen rnedba arou byet no >> itermoof itulve ln kingedt the ou y raceno th timi irmfhe dieren lrimangeshet's ceth amiig de . di flenidamahas's aow de fl aaenat my s peop invved the press. aat m at d you ink opout 2 sonvd he jumng e linprs. a ming th dru k prit ry uso um >> iin in at's mg th misrike. u thin i's ns mbaassmt t ise. in reblic basmarty t noseeasofor becse n everody ese iicjust gng t moveheirtys ah dse ofsor loriec n s erwhaty a ist g t th dveng?ir heyofri sre
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at ath d t?ing eir te. avet ere s. i ink t ag rlot t ther eope e age wit mei kthatt t's erop agitat s miake. andhe fst pmary ely in juary robamiy. e. i nownd fyou pidry e ouinaven jryba i wendoed abodyhavet u de aen cisi ut d you dove ady sove a rt o titablabouwhen ousi du e goog to >> oti problblyouen somhereroun goere,toefor >> th prirory.yomreun e,or ain, ink eyhri ar. cing upor n, k ar cgndoemen i doupt thk we tal abt endoemen buthindotheyen do thare wel cing upalabor doenutiney endo emen e candg agn, mlionp andillis el the w y idoen f el.d g monnd tliink s w l be setim he prio wi to f.prim y tim t k >> wouilleo sim ioto o o simow im befo you>>l dot i o o s foouono knl vutorigh >>n we wil se what youtothoughts o n eil these atotesours?ou o i wated tm anhe ty eslook? verwell ressat a tan t okerllss a obab half tir rentwok r wa strt oral stet ab al t reted gros. ntk i' watr lorkingt thstay ty red ar ro this si' not a l pongth grof t arotes rs. is doethatotatte aoro
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>> n it esn' es .tter oeatte n t but n'is i't er lika otesi ha beeusedo eei t i er thikyear es ha pooeeed peoe proiblyan't thar co wn a oo prest. eo ey hroe toy't co aprorkt. hto mayb i somwaysrk peoewith rmonan ce dybn i toom pystest eo >> tre'sth on r cason to d protost p stour coun y is t'soin vy rontoro porly.unis iin v sorf chishpo th. ptest ibecae inneoray imay notchhth agre pwithsthem as cainroup t iy ot i agr it reth tim ts otes up and ehing we houlbei grti presti iseshow d poonglyureul untris d ng. pr ti havsw too tr d. makeav ourount -- tpeop, di youkeur cntryur chnt- agn or weopcan'ditou te ca of cry micaror sagialoren'ecury tca oredi id o anof o merar sl prramsur we aordi a p or cntryightan no o were a prounmsy th a pbei cryht eanon we ali a byunpeopth and otheei eacounies th coulin'tyop crelendhe fo unsthout . th are ctle ecomicar wh us. th wreecic w dot donythg, tn . w mecares soodotroue an th tsoci secity in o cou get oouran cono goiciecy n agaiou wroldn'. bouet or
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nomentoiningociasecu ty ai or w n'medire an bore. you ntn bengiaentcuningor . yo woul 'tdin be.talkgbou u tabe ireasnt angd alhe th gs youl th peoe ar blkalkgou ta ias aalabou hwhate n dtheosar atrolkcony anou at a s nongouny. ro we dononave an a sgtron cunntry weon anore. whae out aon cry ane. ha coness? t ngre has alws hadow aponovals? ratgsut rrehtas nlw theyad e rely ath ottoofap alat a t of r th n ey re r atingumbeto. wh's ya r thofghth on coness? rng coness servbe wh ython lowons? prov ratong. s rv lo whathey aow dog? th areight govlikeat lounchha ey a cldre whathey eo ingthre ihtke hochible ci'vereever een aatthiny like g it i i' beehowatcleng t veern a scineke an beenitnvold ince'mi'eetc t sccontebutoforanany, any enol yeces. i ve ner nt mytory,ny lfe se ye whati h npeni in cgres y howo u tu l thse atroun h ni nit sms ces li eve onow who tuomesthun s wasngtosaysivehoes i'moingo as betoyshe psione 'mnsertive i'm gongg to be pon curthe erve mogja go towhater i isurandevernee comein a this hja atcan iis d ther me ahi bt j hn 'baballe cat se to t outhofthe l bjam. j turbaitllca rouse o thou on wd,e lm. urou aderonip. w e priden the leer, s
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get e erybery to.thernd pr geenhe the, oso wt' et eybtoer ge rit. h evybodknow wwhat rht. u ha to t tem t d whatri rig .evod ow at how ro yo. ideify hao t d le er?atig owyodey >>ouevernowleow t? idenfy a eadeer jusow t en ahapps. the arde omus popleouldan pp le andtharsomeeoplan't pu cale hald poplelendmeplayin't cahe ha ext sa thi psle in rm,in i' see iex samehin rds a r o roomill i'ee alo iwith hats a rsonnd oanotr ro wil om notl lo th alo wht t t peonon whotro il e saot word lo wyou n't ow t pew to wefine sa aderip, t sordeopl u avet toitin ansome pe leer, so don andpl we ve dot he t ashintonme pe ghton nndw.we do h hin t >> nll ght. me i t reblic proams >>have t.ogram a som i t donet. icro hosmanyave e ve ra aomon lehoershnye alits you etalkg aut le sh>> y hava ityo lotf finlk a y av leads. thhardhingtboutf aderinip yodon'know un lad yo thrdthrongw ut th intthe er wa r. yo i n'eowunyoro thnt e allwa i ll t tim o th t im prence. me l ok faastithandothe n't en.
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lfatidheookoo t ansomeok are iffsnd se n't rkanme o. yodon' krew. yofsknow shen ey t o yon' a k yo towsted n you ow wh the ar trid. a >> tt's a ted lit eu hhe le.arri at's ppea the tte.s it'tooit b. yo lanet an'sndiceaion,e . t t'o it too bad b ofyoneamsou thksomedyn ic n, goi to be itooad f tast.ofmshme oio e looki fntedstresint oama be grea preokdent when e waedfirssi ected y oa e ea nrent enwarso e baced go y o tere ando . i oughhe w goiac to be oe tend eate che l der i foghthis woie untr teinsthed he bece lroais negive tr fo e. st he'sec gati. evythi iege fo neg ive,ti it'sevhi theiault thers noingege,osive.'s tal d abeit chltge. erangenoasg wonsirful.the alncepabisch. wo erfugeand didnon supulrt ie eput wne wotfud e cteddn iup ihoug gre w you' goto eedsupptim nugre caushe'sur u'resiotnt fo fo ypprs. n 's n dne a us'sood bsind fo he fo be y ver. n d negive d hsd gett ghe mobeer nativeverege hay. tt's vy fghtengmo niv forerhis cotry. . in rms v fteorsleadship oucoy. n id s arn ter meone i thro to thadfireip eentily. n r on
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is i rooherethre anne y hve sken eti. to, yis ofre than y h sn tentl , nonees a you oth thiow tha persnt was noes l adersouphiha qursitieas who iuiean't ells. yo >> g eho meahin >> i't notoingll tdoo t. g >> man or winman. i notng man o t wman bu tre s anmebo thari w nma o w is nry bu t go. boha govnorhrise, is s go in is h out a lot ovriss in hutotof pshin a prodng. youhinke wi p inmp io a odthe .ce ou andnkwiumbe two ioille be e agood. nd >>e'sbewol aery beood arienod o>>s mi, he afriey ofdminoen year oand yrs. mihe hheie af lno of ard y p.oper . h i n't ink 's gng to a run he lfill a per i t k g tun l fmidaeoe fr da evybodther >> wh >>evoder bec se he'mart shrp. >> >>ece' hs go verlittrt job s .peri ce, 's>>een a h govgonorer tt foobr a yearrind a, enlf, fore aov r th he s a ufos. aar a at, rneyre >> a.s. athornee >> b uhat' grttey for aw a. a ne enfo emen b >>hat'at' prery big jobor it h to do
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foen ithaw>>t' re bienfoemenandob t t's so ho wot the untrthneed a foendittllaw ts forc went,t e tredespeallyttl thew bo ers.rc t, but cmparthato prpeidenly oba. heheam boiths. ut car rativyatpren littob he eperi ce, h wll. r iv d he i tt eri, an, vern w. e rist wowth , rn rublins wi stow rli wi souou byt, anthey th brgo jo exrien toheyt an b.ey ell, brg grjota ix enstonow h very l, we. ir thi i he uld greawifhe h rycidetoun.e i iersohilly e n't d ink 'sea ing de. ru iisoy t k thi he g will douery od job. hi e he cidetollun. o don'thinhe'sy in b. oe runde. n' in>> i'stheield mple ? >>un belve th fid is ie ldcomp te, les,? s a>>elthepubficais mp , fiel >> ceredthanayou. e yogoinub to run el c ed>> anu. yo winll s atoun ppen now the esti i w s wien somew dyhe ru agaitit priden i obam i fd th to wi me aruai vpry en in rest gam fth queoion. d whher early o v inst wil ue whr anly oindenden candilate the l eralndeideen i do t nde now i'hearghe lal rorsde at doow si'ebodar
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will rs n ag nst esidt oba. >> s wodhin s own p rty?ll >>agt id fortob >> waboun t hiwn py? st t or wouhi t self he wa wgoino t evebody ho anlf ta wa thein vedy he.hoanta e waishewors now thaver h d wn we waeaveasrsowhaure ryou e staing th e, ws yeve ow, d ie ave aid u ittagh ir y wi tak, overihe ove fieds of raqnd wt wiak here o wieeof de,as anxamp what wr. h th w d oth aranmpt w sth atherth tastphe. a er i'm leral andsay m agnst e w, i llste. say 'm lalndy m agist wif pi sideayush ayed in ofce a p kdetfighngheh ed rs, ey wuld ve inof a kriotingh the reet now , wthd oamaot no e owetutow aybe stted. o a younoivee aittbe stteasd. who ou youhink wuldehallege th a prettdent >> ion't kasw. o ounk w dhear numousll thamere nt i do t wa i to'tenti k tm b arums ime dohearwa nuorousti nas tm b alle ing i aar uberausa depeent may agalest hg in ra pet ayga h in h i arima. ve tere ing. h u i wodlove it. >>ma t anksvesir. reg.
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tha youwovet. tks r. >>ndtrai thaou ead, a desions >> pectai very sd,n. a vern chrdeon hriscte toer annoce w sthere rnhr will ris forto no w er eesidt. sohichayilre t ror latt sis oinidng? soch wh t's t iideat torysi in? th's wh tcomi iery th up. mi us a ment r coege p. stud t am ada kx,convted mt co ine ud anam k annvd in ialiancourofan ciou iyia muerin heur brish ouroomte. muat'sinominhebr uh and om pice t om. pri n'sin nurs u mad sta pe wrirkers are ee pollrsling tirmataalars, w ert tirre oveimllng is t cipplg onar ste. t itourveis c plate? on it giti ste oe. is turt e? t ti o anda sfindut.t da nd. the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro
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gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul [ale nounr ] forastious brarn emy skner, eh da[was e eledun ] rti s by tarroug prepatioem sk r,for entso co. edas ed tugep io w l sor whertsaloncothe y, emy we rig on ving wsoerone emweign ng ut y seewithhe hp of h raynd jmes nancadsor, yeeth h hay jshesad pnned nc ad er,ry entuaty. ich ant e co inuee p toedave e me s to eive h t coue toe metoe . en theipe d ag of87. n hee ag of. lifeell anne fe l neseehat raymd jas adsor n door y. eet ymja adr do y malennouer ] anbey jue? we up ♪♪
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leou ] beju wup ♪♪ that goomorng, vegg sty. atoorn ggty hm [ ma annncer fohalfhe corie--hm manner fo pllfs ve cie nieriti. cld' haa v8 plve nti cd'hav8 st: uld itchg toeico real savyou % orore carnsurce?: d chtocoalavu ore arur? st: peoe ussmarhone too du this? n 1:end,hat the we end.: eousarne toduhi 1:d,t hewed. p grgic:eah wg! magr2: ac:ow mh to c!ck..he bubb! ma1: d't md if doo. ma a m c.. bb ma dman m is ifgentooman th a brosche viteovero th pay? man onln if hs s renty ton arockose teerth pan nl h♪refx: toitarnd tckmpetam ♪ : ge♪o. 1: minuars co td saet yo15% moron c inranc ge 1nucosa yo% or c innc
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:28 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:33 am
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1:35 am
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1:36 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:49 am
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1:50 am
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1:55 am
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1:56 am
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
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