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tv   America Live  FOX News  November 7, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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amica' crit nit ratg. ch les yne am thea'oxr bunessetwo is th mat nw. ch s chare s, lhe's srtith buss thwos m nlasttemecae ar l s en sthndar &h poo's ge us t stm firca cred dow sradear oo gusomined t irthe wsycle f edow dayde a in weekand s a huge e eal.le f ay you ay exct i toappe ekd a geagaiwithhe othl. two c dit u ex i to peportg ancie as aithellthwo cft rt a iethisupermmite go tl ute arle iser scitmergo tsays i e le wi. >> aolutcy, irwill ys ithat waa sh aoss e wiow aut re ily allarni sho at sowa ofsh a s likeey ys etre aniho yoo actf toketherecau thiis st thfirsoin act tep,ntoerauhihe ne th rs step ahichs p, ev ftherne dograd epch soe alady owv fhater waitg r .doad knosotheal ry acti. at here theithingou h e to woy noe ab rt.ti ou bondre mheketng did h'ttoall wo art,o thabe ar a holeou lnd mtid ll peoe outher whot,rethar nole l coortae wi thede eoou tt,erono y, cotawi mahee taatatus is a big ma deal it is big al, dtu its dsg rt o abi ty t alise ones g , t d ino m dy oth obiways t. e ne so t firstep tin m oneboutth theys te tirep t dowradenethatut is e alady ilt to t pelin ow knodeit'satoingso hpen if aly t t thesguys pon'inet the
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noct'sng henf togeer esgyn:yso wen'lrea havhehe wngrgee frn: staweard eaav or's ife geit gr fomfrtad mdy'snd 's if getch, fou s it a mbig's eal,h, st t, y knog it'not lik al, rthedownade om yno at'a,tik a rit? ithe juswnalle hreof a themajo ri cred re rtingitgencusslre he sang, jou kn, well agede,ein nc yosuffed a d, kn we yh.g t aaayoff a dsgr s ethi y imptant aa itays hot abt our shi mpuntrnt it a ls t abo ourburount and outr o inilit l bo makur nt dendsionat t hhest lvels oin it our g vernaknt. deon so tt hst lls spks vurumes grn. beuse, u ksow,e'vep g vesthe debee, k issuvebvioly gutnowe whe th e ag ciessuill io sing t w and he wod isthages wel s splyg t can'get ndr ac wo tother. e gyn: salk youthat ll n't acppen youtoer jumentto t n:k t t stoc rket enifouunt thi t surcomttee ocails .et >> t lastimeehi aw tssuomee so ofls tuoil, trasme sock t rket ellsoomplfelytu al,rt. s hadkhe cntinng etlesotionply ais m.thut ad no cin dbtsoon vemb rd mhenhey shodo d ve se so o d l, imb ouldeny ho beto m s sovasting. d i 's thld l gestbeark m clo stg.
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ght t ththe. lst lo howkuch rmoi uplo and dot our rkethook oveloowh oip ndeeceoverhe do inaurlity etofk vegree to g cets ertna ttyeth. coul you eeaginoif w gstartos dow tat tth me sliuleryu in war slop ow t it'sy bigst li fyr in the op stoc mark's rig noig f meinn: a yet heou fe ocrkig loke meuck ahumeetis j t teing the tth? l caus wee ad sk me mny jteg reposth of t?they cn't reush awe s m de, th po jufdon'ey ceet eyeretoa eydeth theuemocn'tsant onehingye the ey rubli ns w teoct ng ereas a secall gan rfli w x -- ynr. ne e a sen, sllanhe y, t get-- yne seal , whoere tryi t tot in towd a dl l,hoe t soar no.yio now >> a'veot t tl d you so myn o. u kno a pt>>ef t t meoesou sy, yo muknow wt?no p eryo's sing eiss s yo ere'aow c wtrarn prt f myo sg th kin e' tnks car phen m coentithal windom so tks soend atcone ptint, w dm sn't havto s be tt wayso thate's pen a, d let'teravent by t ay 100 me erths aetnty memb s of0 theme hse, an you ow, ere uldembofhe h e,surpse. 's sanprisoug to e th, suce d a ghank g rp. puic off ial sisto thuc wod do ta s.
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unknow, iuffl wo medo, sathe tame w,me f ler. let'esesa if e e canctuay f makehi l. thgwork t' f and agre wheantheyua p the kethrk team ogetd r,re ithe feley le phe roll der , yo knamettel l roer we e go lleryon knule oro wegonu o broy o is se, itdidn fero lke oeywereutti togher a st dnam tt kn how fe l rch re ti ogacror the ai e. tknow r nevehele, the' a rohelimai chan we uld get veometlength in a imrt bause exp tane zerdetet i men: crles b payse, thk >> a rig, thks ces ay thmegy welu. ne w ries aigthbou . thisight o r gy fedalelne sendi wes ouleadg so l make isht oor edk priden s odiama cut shadtso lken upprmingenrip oa thpresent aveshis iday upng fopnineays ofves. etin iththest ess ay ian cifi fonesfeade. in h on stregis n fi is ederessg on ncertris ormeri'sisone e ss trblesayi it i er ouoteri ne bett forhe esidt totresyit i te inndia t anttor i oneidato rig no in iathe esidt tw te bere h ine ig canl pla no e idotwbe h oerse an la on durg notia ons er e heth ce l ohe sseond caus of tonur nias bpheil s cll o l sd of tus gulcoas tbp s o
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tulas > we e jumomes aw now fromew we juwisinme thewow om onyms sual rassntis helegaonseved agnst rman c n.ym sl ss gathe sesidtialandiveteagt an cfaci accatio tha h e idaldi hassedhreeiff ent ciccioha unned h won dung hahisedeeft ti at tnn wo naduonalestaant asociions ti rothly tn yrs ag naaltat acin la rroy yghis houttory and la viims'sightousornddvoce g riavis' ht allr says eilloc gmeeta wi the dia lr tay tail imirllet i aimsheays at comee a fr t ilmi fourms woms .me r caaignarl caron t on ur theom c paig tcaailgnl toycan inon evenpt, cig io t.lo np ca? >>o rerterhi gyn,nd wee to ca thi fo>>the werman n, ll me th ppeawencto withifo w nglorllre new morkth ceatyit prest heelf d m orre e newk chersf spk agn eshef m wi e rssubsspntiaagd algatisf sexui harsmen bbshermiaaltiain wh he s thxu arpen brm lobinist r whthee thatial rtaurt sociion d.ob bt k dung e eti rur cin 's.. b du
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oriallras domeery ' hi proiale clres oer e mery year hiin tro las c coressnal nd o dterm ar eltion tascossl the verner's re inelalifonnia de rn rinifa ms. ared'partipat nd nodhen shcame foh wth m ad'rtat no dosticelpeenwho clmedhmefo tat w e wa hadeen a do ilicgalpeol d immiant t worngaadforn m aill wh man, hemiepubtcan norineer m r gernointhe whn, golubnn ste, neeand at w a m jor gnoe momenol meg st wtmand w mr ulmemateeg wannsucssfu ulte bernorialucfuampgn i rn ia calirnia lredas noputmp it an li ia tailothethan hated thnot won wi be anth her a thi ilhe ant algati wilthbe de. wo wie cae er cpaig a hashiaid ey al tiil ar not .ing ca t cigasommed as y art g on uet t aegatns frmeas y anonous soces, th d u't aat frknowhe etai .ons oifs, he doman do , in ow facai. appe andan bemesoin pubc,ac pe aps ey'lpehavendometng eto ss, buthe ubmpai was pe s 'lick veet n e sbue at glaiiaasallr k is a ne l ngti lmocriclr d or a she s be acced oer l tie cr yes of d ingomew t fe be acc o lf-pmoteyeandof at t segewt chars, en th on tha
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w-preted t incl ed farmal emplathts baonha w wh caiwas e he o t cl fl laba tion reswhuranais asciathen, t we 9/1 onesroveanasat nev agrd we /1 to avealwa disted ev hergrn ain. saythiss aolitwaalisd er atck, d. aareny ayisheait nt ve wl coat in, aalf aenour n fr nw. wcon agyn:lfur g oria donfre nome od n:rk a queionae wo in g iatermonof whome sh re esen a.uena won wel leth rmiews hoke upsh eeir ennds tha one.wele carlwthan y . p hank y. r s hae. gyn: rl. caan yas de ank y ettyoodob n: ca ddeflting the accu tiontyofd la bt he isflngh alsoeminng t prescuson ofa b thher ownis resnsibityis. soin ta t a lten es fat he tdthowesib yi one riou retarter ln >>mr. in t the aornefor e ou ree oferhe men ho>>. fidhe aner ofsexu harnsmen colain--i >>on'tven ere. xuarenoin >>'t n >> c i aske.y qution c iskyuon n chi oftaff pease n se hi f him eff joualisc pode sese et cs.m >> wlo.ouise gyn:remiing reetrter.of w theiown eths n:by hmippenggre er out inte c pieseifn thththic hen
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idel es ft m thtesociy ces ofth pressialic jrnalts el f thci th cafaignhigh prsi lhts jeal pa thathcautnsagnrepoersgh to test the ls ccurey allpahaut spourceso st dhe eerciurngy ca ll t sce avo e ci advecaent t eor.vo libete dis rtiovetever rmisble d al er.o iure beisio er soces e iisntife dal wenev ie feasle ahe ublisos i if en wtledevo a as auch formionli as psiblon t ened ah rmn urce pbl t reliilit ce wlideveitpmen tod i thcasef misng m sour> veen od ba lisirwi thse is are mur wbaiswilearngoli e re preping to ierviarisali olr epgorotrs. ivi resamberhis tervw waol o itot.was f, i wasre oer, it was rvwa of o it now ey ts l u itheysre oit wa nfidt th of w i tervi uey wi g id th forwd th wee ashey i vicontue tmake nwi arwempttheesy unsu essfnt, to the tkek to n the a ptrent epar ely.susfto tto tre ghelagh folwingthis nt liverom o wesary.oast tr g ghol nengroomis tr e? ve >>m re orteresandst suenly menen, toms instigio tr >>peareto ber bad insu hlygh ge me tinig righ are br bhersaeingin hinteiewedge as ely athis gheek,nd brrsng memb theteast weme the e a is brotrs wk,e iervied w
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mbhe t e herninhat ot w ba ivi la w and it'a ulear if lt tt di eaint in dt' uimearolicf reized t e omt dnorahme icadle hadeed be driing. uld ding ah a whe ne lead host fbeuestrins.g. d g re amber thowh bneys stillst. not reer haho pole b dectis in thel root durghat haolinteiew, dti in hetheyl be iterv wedrourat by atew, ild rvic eybe irvd spealisby a butheolicwill d ablicto ed tpetis peclistbueic soll bl estis thugh tecst orpie. kaas tith cih poleay t del ie ka onhisi intviewolg oces twael onstlysecau the parnttsew ke es ifti the e poli alssay ey he nowtihe chked tor a. mber lilsy h oow tentl pechonsd a erf inrest o annonef ntpeshem thiis quoting frst the --sanne staingm hi t as p enti susotctfrhe thattagnclus as ptiusthe hayman at remberlu jery? e ey sd th havha cantacd reer hiand lked t himer n ber sthav c ac tim and e hahid beed t fuimy n rcoopativ im nd pohace ae mangfuy a bopndiv new poll n a toma itervw athe bew rent n ey btoieve iherve pentsave nt bwealve of formionin p ttsise se, d it k d of
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alf rmn intestinbeca te th're not , it sang t kofaren e no teincatheot t ey hene sa tha in tnoast. theye nosayi it erg. now hsaha t altheyt.e sang the woul deyno yi tlikeo iowervi tem beusealeysa hetheyulelie th ke ld ivi tany,bee many eyieth swer ask if y,ey we cle to ny mang a arr t,er a the skf wclto respsemegy ma arr a wahe uote i sp dogyt kow. wal th comgaste abydo sa k. thomy rns e ye oldhiseek. s ye ssinld ns, fomorehank. moh. in n fomegyre it'nnterting bause moeyay at gu gyt' jeeyer ngo's bse u je ergeso my ti s ass a ssibntrer ge p melytiasa ibspecativ andtr ply la a has bee ecivnd arstedn atherla waant, a weasee beeve 's sll iared aliceerwa t, stode theops e bee s sying ie ce is coeratg. od thhe wons use thawordith sng re ect theiscoat thonsehard h paicip ts,a--re part tshe althgh ty wnt tbe paip ,arefuar abt say gth tsayi t w t pants areot fu ab operaying,ut ty cyiarly tpa s nt tre itervwhem erain,g, t cly d th areot a owed to d irv mat psuan to tn,lawy for thre a edeamil d trac tha y t wy or> cong u ter, we eilgoing acto shaeak yith
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co u r,ormeein skhnypdme deteive t bsnan abo thespdlate devopmes, d tee in bboutan0bo muteshen we esetteevme intoat wt heinut lice ha mesn we st td usith to w cea resct t t tush ree s-cald esewit tssesho t aim at ty sa we aan sal wid ites a m tsa by awieavg arodhe cini of eav ro irns'ouson thnigh ni inf ueson. ir 'we just he n th infghmatinnes. "am jica ve" h n th.nfti wel she th wit ama ou" whenh we g intwesh path 30 minesit enay. >> the gminintrati is pa the0 verginofecion t t .uld >> e niingtis he rg0-5000ci tw dobso th unit gtate it iolve50 a l bsth itteipele i veproj at th als mesew engy fm ael clo a y,oj btht welsme are w lening t aten th falo apresent buld wet thi oe le fngr t moththan ear, esputt d oftjusthi o th fdeci on owhetmor tooan it.r,tfst why uldthci he ont tetotodohat? . y loddobbhas ee tnswet? xt. lo>bb as weroup . of oupy d. a raiersupry tftorm opy thed. defeing e rars trm amecanhe dre feg mmit memen orrenize frothe nsertive roupitayhen ey
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callrzeroe 911or erveroteupion, alln th gotllas di11 to.te n,ll wel instige. thotdi to weinig gyn:lus, gro in c. waed take f 's n: sts,ringron wa t ke d-y prer a putt on fstng th worl war d-pr autmemoalon buthey arth me ing rl lr ofmo resuttancy andwe wl sharme yg l wy. of >>esnc dnd t wh pea yhat ll w let >> t almen veeat et in aln reed rapin ein ju reedrds rfin the uresf nesthe st to the wil to bheil de, alghtyod. b d am mentalty. amnt whenou he dietes. youroctowillay t smt abt yo weit. en hdiat'seshy tre'sew urucerto hunllr sm t shes.smabyoei
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ese gs we upoo ely! you ow wt el is ely? e wup e! dica u open wnrolelent. e? now cathro h demberenth.olt. n itick ith old edice plw? rodeer. sur ick h orldind icnew plan wh tterovere, ls co r ord w w erer lco bo. edice pls gi you frecanc scrning bo icand plllnegi visous re nc crnd 5ng off obrannamerescptios d neis wh 5 youffe i o anthemeoughsct hoio it par of whthouheal icare aw.eghho it timto lk, copare. itar thalre. itim l co anrechoo theightlan for u. earnore 1-8 -medanareoo he ht mencare ov.r rne -8ede mere. gyn:ox ns alt, the nnsyaniattory geral is n: nholdalg a heess nferce a tsyiaorgels lda s thiser a momt. o hghankichoo is offials omom pen stat hbeinkioo arraned day fi s arge theenat li tin rad y gehea grd j yli ove a
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crical mter. gr j th gra jurvewas cr alvestatin p msiblr. thraursexu ab estiny pblopu cch -aby a t ach th t pe s cat -y otba tea t and ow th re t is worpe shat is baea d t miniratis mayaveorliedt t prott nitiayeed th c tch. was ot dfenseh c. as cordi dtorns jerranduy. e acusa condi agrnst the ot rrrwo iduhat the lie aosaag t oteche hot. i eytre a fachegieharg ecday,hey h al aac mntaiheirrg y,innoynce. 're ing al hava li mai irrepo in st feinut noe. on e g av li th, an pokelln s c frt tauts an rioulooktht tans dllstur cnga se nt aour. ouok t dur nr. > hitak debtes heathig upver esidtk obeba's ndin disioon he atupr id keysne ipene.obs in d io it an ormoyspe. pipine at it uld ananspt miionsf mo baels ipe oil fd m caspdaminsown ba s tol tex. fca itouldwnreatat lst 5000ex it ld bs aatordi to lestitesnd0 he genate llio of adi oti dosars even. sounhe gooene iof rht? do s
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llen envonme alis un aoo som r? farm s inthe mwestnvmeis sy, aom hd on.rmine m std th admistrion s n hd fin it.lf cght a gamthdmtrofn nin it ct am tug--war eier seith s port sg-illar ei re s theth pelins srt belfitsr rewithhe enronmtali ps whinfear bethe tspeli's th imct nnm solihat whllarhe esid t de li imre ere'soa lot at ske f idim d and r th coe'try.lo s f fobusiss nwork ho loud th dobbis wcoh mey. fo nosi nrk ho loouso bb t ws,me teo loviroentasts n't ke i t te theye woied out at t ro ta s pelit 's ing io, is eywod t ting eak wat's li g t gng s do t midwg t, soak w's o bu g o te lardw unnso a o otrsbu ve la becse n aecrees ourot pendce oforen ec o l. re nadaurs a nd o frired. o nowe'reari da aport present obari maun ntino'r ri aftethe rt el tionest ba >>mand bhtiside reteeelon ratializ>>g th b defralde o judgnt othe pt of he tiiz th pridenefwhicl ells dg o youeust pof w po tica tpre deensionic isls whou bottside ar poca t sufdecienony is certn of thewhotdear tcomufen ey'rwillg to rtofe ratnali om whher be 'rll tor oagait at
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liwhater t pre dentwhr be d cider oai waitatg un tl afrer thnt elecon. dde think at itveryune shafldth be ec .sistg th priden minke a ry sh cisi.e thinthathe calstmitythpren mhat a aits hsi i inatontialing tyet se asts h intig decivend ses sk-arse esid t, aci i ink athat -ae id a wk ll be amt w be -- lami for him. megy if u lo at- mi ior m. gyf lo potica matr, rpectat i e bor oups -renpocaat rcthe lab grrps m h bipser i-en rms o por andab onatgrns t mbi i the s o mocr ic cses poan tanat t viroentahe gups? crand cu'res alki tabou th rota cr gtions?f, d pretentkilly,p toouth 50,0 jocr.on why uldn the pnt pry,idento jus go,0ithjo the y dnaborhepren gruspsbecae goh ey'rsuchuppoersheandorgrca jo? 'r jochpoobssd job >>ecau he sjo th ijobsisob poet e her y.>>aue inthointf fa i he s hepo er innt fa enheronmtalis inhe h poet eher way they areart the ennm basliin h po dep eds orwho ay meyivatret he tasut athe po sep ne oo m at year megy youon't ae wao tone ta ar down nybogy'sou't spiait -to exataly ask ll awner pobopi -show you
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xa ow, at t exck emen a ifpo yo wiltheowou amati t, txcenif yo il inteeity ait's aescrtied i t pos is te tyre f a the's bacr. i it notight nopois t fheba itothtno e priden has hever i thinhas orepren asofou ise her i inrontf hi a at'sins hee natioualsntert. thinnt ihi a a p side's who got t ti er st t denstrthing ithat hs pdehoot ting tn thnatialnterts st de trandgnotat h paerin t ngthti sperific dintetst gropapsin whher t thspic terohreth sooethsent riintest sothnt grouiwhomteer. or wl stet, r t tou mter. gyn:omhat . you wstcont, d tt isn mr. e naonal ntern:ts ht e wh thountipele?isn >> is strnaghtfalwarderin h m w th inioel wehave mmen itrtfrd eerie me in is cntry ithio pelives.en knohow eo bieldin the c ryh li ow h to ild em noafew b heand nimi th ho d isk fe thed mith envinmenk 've ne shethhe it ben vien the rth sl ee o s askath i ethebeit bhrou thehear e h slof a oric kathis isbsolely thehe bou he artion i eres . aic it'sis duces ouroly heepeencen on ies reig'soil yceurpece proxatel 6% igl inhe srt tm. oxel
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1:21 pm
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:24 pm
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:23 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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