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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 9, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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favre's face will not free off but they will probably win. so that's that. happy tebowing. goodbye. neil cavuto get set, almost go, eight hours until the first the nation, growing signs that despite the robust economic state the economy is, indeed, the issue, and no surprise there, what is, is what happens just a short time ago. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and the granite state may have the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, but the economy, still, new hampshire voters overwhelmingly number one concern, that would be a big worry for the president of the united states and maybe the reason why, well, the chief of staff is out. his white house chief william daley stepping down. he was brought on to help grow the economy and for that matter,
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marshall resources to help the we president. and our pollster is here on how big a worry this is for president. and the timing. what do you think? >>guest: it is huge. not only the number one issue but the number two issue for anyone else, whoever they may be who selects another issue and if president obama's future is tied to the economy he will have a tough time especially in the swing states where the unemployment rate is high. >>neil: normally when the chief executives change, the president more to the point, in this case the chief of staff, the cabinet changed they are saying they do this because he was tired of the job, but this guy has only been on the job a year, so, obviously there is a sense on both members' part of frustration, is there not? >>guest: it is and the timing is interesting. clearly the unemployment rate is directly linked to this termination and replacement because we only have nine reporting months left, in terms
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of the unemployment rate and there has to be a strong downward trend for obama to realize independents are linking him to the economy. >>neil: those are the same independent whose can vote in new hampshire today we, on paper they have someone in romney who has been leading the poll whose has the turn around experience but in the republican party, it is this turn around experience at bain capital has been dogging him. how much does that help? hurt? what? >>guest: it hurts obviously. and newt gingrich set out from the iowa caucus on tuesday to tell the truths and he clearly did the damage. mitt romney has fallen from 43 to 33 percent and lucky for romney he started so high he can recover because ron paul is the nearest competitor hovering around 20 percent. >>neil: but romney has been
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dropping. and huntsman has been surging. does that get to be the old expectations game, that romney, if he is under 40 percent, the opponents claim, obviously you bail. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, i'm am little bit easier on an evaluation like that. a 10-point win is a landslide and it looks to me that he is going to prevail by more than ten points and i know others have set the bar higher. clearly he was doing better a week out but it is new hampshire and we are a week before the new hampshire primary and we know that the race is close at the end. but, ultimately, if mitt romney were to win, even if he was in the high mid-30's and ron paul was at 17 or 18 percent, he would beat him 2-1. so, in terms of the perception game i am not sure we can be that critical. >>neil: we will watch closely.
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thank you very much. the president praising will him for the insight on the economy is why is william daley out? to someone in the know, ed henry, what do you relate think happen? >>guest: i don't think he ever quite clicked both with the president and the inner circle. a lot of people made the mistake a year ago this week when william daley was named because he was from chicago like the president they were buddies the way the president is tight, with, say, axelrod or rahm emanuel. the two are from different generations and different power centers, inside the white house whether it is valerie jarrett we see it play out in the book, about the clashes behind the scenes and maybe it has not been as smooth as some people have suggested publicly. but they have pushed back on that book today and the bottom line is, in the fall, he was sidelined and had said that he
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was going to step down after the election no matter what happened. he had some of his duties taken away, and that is very rare for a chief of staff to give up duties to someone else so the handwriting was on the wall. but, the expectation here inside the west when was that he would stay on law the election. instead, middle of last week he surprised the president by saying he wanted out sooner. listen to the president. >> this was not easy news to hear. and i didn't accept his decision right away, in fact, i asked him to take a couple of days to make sure that he was sure about this so jack lew is in, and the clinton touted he was in the clinton budget staff and he was good with the economy and the president touted the credentials and he did the same thing about
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daley who was a member when he named him a week this week. that did not quite work out. >>neil: and san with his plan to slash government spending of $5 trillion over five year now we hear it is equal of the size, the debt, of the u.s. economy. which plan is the best plan to cut the debt in and now, first of all, cutting $5 trillion over that period, leaves you with larger debt over that period than what we have. that is an indication of the herculean task. but looking at the candidate, how do you grade the plan? >>guest: before i tell you the grades of each i base them on two things: the policy itself and whether the candidates are believable when they promote what they trying to say.
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with santorum, i think he is overcompensating for his less than to be desired record in the senate. $5 trillion over five years is more than any other g.o.p. candidate right now but if you looked at his record when he was in the senate he was a prolific earmarker and supported adding trillions to medicare, so, it is just not believable. he is good on tax policy by lowering tax rates to the reagan levels of 10 and 28 percent for victims but when it comes to spending, it is tough to believe. so i give him a c. >>neil: and ron paul? >>guest: ron paul is spectacular with the traffic record. he wants to cut $1 federal right off the bat and cut more going further. he wants to get rid of five ages, and get rid of corporate sucks difficulties, and get rid of a lot of foreign aid. it is very impressive what he has gotten. i think he means it. >>neil: newt gingrich? >>guest: he is in the santorum
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camp. he proposes a lot of great things, repealing a lot of programs such as, of course, obamacare, but dodd-frank and sarbanes oxley and he wants to get rid of a ton of things and he has a pro growth tax plan and eliminate capital gains and lower the tax rates and he wants to do a lot of things but the traffic record is very, very weak, and he supported part (&z) medicare and supported tax and raid with hillary clinton so i give him a c. >>neil: and mitt romney? >>guest: mitt romney for being the frontrunner he actually deserves to be in last place on this because it is a very uninspired idea. he barely wants to work with the tax code and he wants to lower spending to 20 percent of g.d.p. from the current 24 percent.
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tax revenue is 18 percent so he is trying to institutionalize a permanent deficit. he talks about doing a balanced budget amendment and talks about tax reform but it is not a strock part of the platform. >>neil: huntsman? >>guest: he gets an incomplete. very good on taxes. he has a lot of good ideas about lowering the tax rate and getting rid of capital gains but no spending program at all so he gets an incomplete and i think he doesn't want to talk about spending because his record in utah was very poor on spending, as well, he was great on taxes but bad on spending. >>neil: he had surpluses? >>guest: he did. well, he did for overall but he increased spending will and the tax revenue went up. >>neil: and leadership? >>guest: rick perry i think has one of the best, if not the best plans, a cut, balance and
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grow plan where he wants to institute a balanced budget amendment and cap spending at 18 percent and he wants to cut taxes all over the place that would just be a pro growth boon, lowering corporate tax rates and personal tax rates to 20 percent, very, very strong plan. >>neil: with club for growth there is a no gray area here and people like mitt romney have gone on the record to say they are for aggressively cutting spending but you do too much too fast, you could do a lot of damage. you agree? >>guest: that is politician speak for wanting to take it easy. i think the trouble we're in we need to take care of it quickly. if the g.o.p. candidate is elected, whoever it is, it will have a strong mandate by the voters to get something done quickly, and i think if they don't do that, the inertia will set in and the wheels fall off and we will be back to our ode spending ways.
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we have to do something and we have to do it now. very go to see you. thank you very much. crowd size does not matter so which candidates of the g.o.p. have the biggest crowds? what have you discovered? >>guest: you can make the argument that the largest crowds we have seen at the events especially in the last week or so have been for mitt romney. yesterday, in rochester, new hampshire, and the opera house in the second floor of the city hall building, the place was packed. with the stadium-sized events, no one has had that. in terms of another candidate, with large crowds, that is ron pull. particularly he comes to mind, the welcome to new hampshire event after the iowa caucus where there are 600 people jammed into an airplane hangar a
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substantially large crowd and he does draw a lot of folks, but folks that are supporters and curiosity seekers. a phenomenon we are seeing a lot, is political tourism. there were two bus loads of kids from massachusetts on a field trip to take a look at democracy in action, and went to the paul event and we saw it again yesterday with a bus load of kids from the university at the mitt romney event in rochester. so, it is really important you ask people there where you are from because a lot of the folks quite frankly are tourists even in the largest crowds. >>neil: we have seen some surge by former governor huntsman of utah, and his daughter was on talking about how they had 400 at an event last night and that may not seem like a big deal but usually in the going he was lucky to get quorum of four or five so there has been more buzz about him in
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the state. any direct proportion at to the interest here? >>guest: it maps up with the polling where huntsman has been growing with independent support. he has a tailoor made argument, federal government budget don't like it. so much arguing and contention on the hill and would like to see things getting done not alike, it sounded a lot like the things that then senator obama was saying in 2008. i did work across the aisle. that appeals to independents. >>neil: and new hampshire does not pan out with obama. he was upset by hillary clinton. >> will the bulls run tomorrow because this is a lot riding on this new hampshire race not just
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here but in europe and asia that is why we have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary with the biggest names in business and politics and it kicks off at 7:55 p.m. eastern. no one comes close to doing it. i always worry a lot of you may not get fbn so what do do you? demand it. >> more ahead. stay tuned. ♪ baby, baby, come along with me ♪ [ air horn blows ] ♪ i love you and i need you ♪ just to hug and squeeze you ♪ baby, why can't you see?
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>>neil: when it comes to president golds man sacks has an unbeatsable track record, last
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go around president obama was the golden child but if charles gasparino is right, and he rarely is wrong it is looking like mitt is in. >>guest: it is early. i caveat every day. i caveat when i brush my teeth. >>neil: but it means something? >>guest: the latest numbers the swing is huge. number one for romney in temperatures of contributions, close to $400,000, big numbers. will from the top down. around $400,000. they are big. and if you look at obama right now, barely $50,000. a fairly big switch. and there we go, the $367,000. what is interesting, that is more, what they have given romney now, more than they gave john mccain in 2008. this is a --. >>neil: they were never big fans of john mccain. >>guest: why are they giving
4:19 pm
so much to republicans now? >>neil: why? why? >>guest: not because they are a hotbed of tea party conservatives but they hate dodd-frank. it is squeezing banks like never before, and squeezing them out of the business, in their defense, and i don't defend them that much, i am not like a big goldman sachs but they despise me but it squeezed out of businesses that had nothing to do with the financial crisis. the profits and bonuses are down, and that is because of dodd-frank and it will be worse next year. >>neil: and daley is leaving? >>guest: in september i said he was in september on fox business network on their websites unhappy at the job, and does not like the fact that valley jarrett is an advisors to the president with so much power and angling for treasury secretary, and he called me up without denying and i asked him, and there was a lot of bluster,
4:20 pm
and there is some family trait here and i said, well, stop yelling and let me ask, do you want to be treasury secretary and he says "i don't lust" for the job. >>neil: so that was not in the things that would be planned. >>guest: my guess is obama will, the president will ramp up the antibusiness stuff going into the campaign and this guy is a moderate, obviously someone who has ties to the business community. he did outreach to small businesses. and he said, he agreed with them, and it looks like this is not in the card, it will be a class warfare campaign and he does not want to be part of that. >>imus: that is the thing about charlie gasparino, the most powerful people in the world hang up on him. thanks, buddy. not everyone on wall street is a romney guy, and one former morgan stanley boss here and
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more ahead. more ahead. >> getting chased out of a campaign stopped by a rowdy mob in new hampshire, and one journalist managed to get an interview with him, take a guess who? >> you are skipping florida and going to the other states and folks are saying, well, are you really competing for the nomination. >> if this keeps up we may have to reconsider. >> the special report bret baier, what the heck was going on there? >>guest: it was amazing, a
4:25 pm
breakfast meet and greet we went there to see congressman paul talking to folks and we get there and the place is packed with photographers and reporters and i would say probably, 100 or 120. i don't know the number. but every place congressman paul went, every table he went to, there was a huge scru,and pancakes are flying and it was amazing. so, we posted up by his s.u.v. and we waited by the door until he came to leave and the camera was bumped but take a listen to this little exchange. >> guys, guys. guys! (inaudible). >> guys. goes. >> there is chaotic. probably delivering a message in a calmer fashion but i do the
4:26 pm
best i can. but it is exciting. it is great that there is someone listening to what i am saying. there are problems with this country. >>bret: it is amazing to want, he is trying to interact with the folks and the press group was intense and his wife, carol, according to the campaign was pushed and it was interesting scene. >>neil: can we learn anything from that? is he getting this kind of rock star treatment, good and bad, in new hampshire, could that be indicative of growing poll support? >>guest: well, i think he has a loyal base of supporters and he does get a lot of attention. he is in the top three in every poll. top two in most polls. the attention from the media comes directly from that. he would like to have more time
4:27 pm
interacting with folks and talking to them rather than dealing with the groups of reporters and photographers. >>neil: people like you. >>bret: exactly. >>neil: you notice in the final days and final hours of new hampshire, and the early days which would be two weeks ago, candidate would dough -- go back-and-forth to events at diners or public square if the weather permitted but now they become these obsessive events. >>bret: it is tough. tough. tough to organize when you have this much attention on this small a place. as we saw in iowa some of the events are packed and the fire marshals have to turn people away. i went to a santorum event. that happened there. a newt gingrich event yesterday was packed. mitt romney event they are packed but they are organized.
4:28 pm
they have an advances team, press filing area, and very orchestrated. the other campaigns are not like that and it is a free-for-all which is what you saw at the breakfast meet and greet that was a press ... scrum. >>neil: at least they had pancakes, though. thank you, bret. and john mack has this john's back. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love ience. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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>>neil: that time of year with earning season kicking off with alcoa announcing numbers. sander, what can you tell us? >>reporter: their earnings set the tone for the earnings season. al qaeda swung to a fourth quarter loss the good news is that it met analysts' expectation while beating revenue estimates. so, the market is reacting to that today and we have been seeing the report as being better than expected. the stock shot higher by a couple percentage points but now it has turned lower after hours in trading so we will watch the reaction there in a better-than-expected sales report at a 3 cent loss for the period, still down 21 cents from the previous quarter, and the company is blaming market weakness, and high energy costs, and a drop in aluminum places
4:33 pm
announcing the closure of three of their costly smelters. revenue was $6 billion, an increase from a year ago, and, better-than-expected, and u.s. corporations ended 2011 with the lowest profit group in years, that put the european companies tied to european sales and s&p 500 beat estimated in the past 11 quarters, and this year, they are on track to report a 6 percent rise in profits for 2012 but take note, an lives have been steadily lowering expectations as they did for alcoa and setting the bar pretty low so, overall, growth is still in question. >>neil: forget new hampshire, tomorrow, could this be a problem for the republican nominee and president obama no matter what happens? a poll showing a report 40 percent of americans now consider themselves independent. they are sick of the two parties and looking for something or someone else.
4:34 pm
pat caddell on how this plays out. >>guest: this is big news, we have been seeing the rise of independents this year. you see this in an election year but this is a record. never have the two parties been in higher disrepute with voters, and we have a three corner stool that is driving the desire for new leadership in the seven for something the 69 percent who think the country is decline, 60 percent who believe the government if washington, political class, governs without their consent, and that is a formula, that stool is a formula that causes a third party. in 1992, perot, in the spring, before he got out and then got back in. he showed he was insane. that is my opinion. but what was not an opinion is he had the states electoral
4:35 pm
votes and 2012 is a lot bigger year than 20 years ago. >>neil: but that depends on independent getting on all 60. >>guest: depends on having a candidate who can get on the ballot. and, more importantly, a candidate able to draw from both sides otherwise they are a smaller. ron paul was drawing, we discussed last weekend on election night, he drew from liberals and democrats, on the war, he was drawing from the right and the other person, other person you have if there, the high of the rated independent right now? donald trump. why? because not only does he have votes for republican but he has appeal to blue color union democrats and he, if he got serious about this, he is doing some talk, that could get more, that could be substantial because any candidate --. >>neil: don't either of those take more from the republicans
4:36 pm
than --. >>guest: right, right now they do but the question is, what is the reach? both have been republicans recently but, trump just changed his registration formally to independent, and, look who wants his shows. if he gets out there he is pressing obama harder on both the economy and international affairs and he has real appeal to blue-collar democrats who are looking for jobs. that is the formula you have to have two wings to the airplane, if do you that we could have a major third party candidate. >>neil: very interesting. thank you for great, great work last week. until 3:00 not morning we were like two drunks in the bar. phenomenal. >>guest: if you missed it you really missed it. >>neil: huntsman is betting big on, new hampshire and a money man, john mack, former morgan sugar sugar stanley is ms
4:37 pm
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>>neil: he could be the surprise story tomorrow. huntsman on the hunt. the republican presidential candidate has seen the numbers improved ahead of the new hampshire primary and my guest is not that surprised. john mack the former c.e.o. of morgan san franciscoly -- morgan stanley. you could have glommed on to any winner, and you glommed on to the one guy who did not and does not. why? >>guest: i go to china often as you know. and i got do know the governor there. as ambassador. and i spent more time with him. and i would say three or four months later he and his wife were in town and wanted it sit down with me to get my support, so my wife and i sat down with them, and we enjoyed spending some time with them, and we had dinner, we liked what he had to
4:41 pm
say, so at a lot of levels, we like what he stood for. you go back to what he did in utah as governor and how he created jobs and what he did with taxes, his views are balanced. >>neil: we had a club for growth. they are not balanced. he is a spender and not the guy club for growth type guy would like. >>guest: i am giving you my view. and my view is, he is balanced. you saw him on debate on sunday, some of the questions were asked the way he handled it and one of the things that resonated with the ought -- audience was the comment about the viciousness of the politics and the debate. get to the issues. and stop picking on any nuance that could embarrass a candidate but talk about the ream issues in the united states, and what we need to work on. >>neil: what do you thing of newt gingrich going after mitt
4:42 pm
romney and the bain capital stewardship? >>guest: look, it is all about gotcha and he was trying to get him. what romney did, we talked about that in the past, he did a good job at bain so that is not an issue that needs to be flaunted like some of the issues that people are going after newt gingrich on are not issues how he would be as a president. so, to get back to huntsman, though, i like what he stands for. i like his experience in the international world. i like what he did when he was in singapore as an arch. -- as an ambassador. i like what he did in china and i like the answer to the criticism as a, what he did for
4:43 pm
the president. his answer was right. i like his family values. >>neil: the wrap is he could be too congenial with the chinese, opening apple stores and on and on and on, and he would be nice guy, but too nice. >>guest: what is the answer to that? have no ambassador to china. >>neil: donald trump gets if their face. >>guest: well he doesn't do business in china. and if he did he would modify it. what i see which is frustrating especially in china is what little expense our politicians have in dealing in international community. >>neil: so he has international part but this is all politics, and i am being simplistic but by not taking the
4:44 pm
pledge, he got conservatives in the party angry, his views on a lost issues are deemed to be much more to the left of his rivals, and as a result, the only shot he has is in new hampshire and that if he doesn't make it here he will not make it anywhere. what did you make? >>guest: well, from a personal perspective i like him being to the left of some of the candidates. >>neil: you don't think they can win? >>guest: i don't know that. >>neil: who is your second choice? >>guest: that would be romney. >>neil: would you support any of them over obama? >>guest: i think the toughest president for president would be moniesman, more balanced, broader experience and he led as governor of utah, he has international experience and served his country. i think he would be the toughest
4:45 pm
candidate for the president to run against. >>neil: what do you thing of the president seeing bell -- bill daley go today? >>guest: you kow, i have spoken to bill about three or four months ago when he was transitioning so when he made that original transition the job was bifurcated and everyone we knew it was a matter of time. i don't think anyone was surprised. it is unfortunate. because bill daley understands the business community. >>neil: it sounded as if he could not get the view dozen reach out to business, and get that out there. >>guest: i would say and i don't have firsthand experience, so it is here say, but what i have her, that has been an issue for a number of people in the white house including rahm emanuel. i think rahm emanuel, a public of people would say that. the president has his advisors and he knows and trusts and that
4:46 pm
is would he goes with. news news and -- >>neil: what about your former colleagues, they are giving more money to mitt romney and they don't location this president or the way they have been framed and they don't like the fact that it has been a target of the p.r. rap. >>guest: they have become the target. i don't think it is justified z we as bankers do everything right? the answer is no. do we take a role we are being accused of? we have all made mistakes but we have painted as nefarious group of businessmen out to take advantage of anyone we can. that is not the case but that is not what is portrayed. so whether it is goldman sachs or morgan stanley ... >>neil: do you think the economy is rounding the bend? the president is hopeful, and retail sale numbers and the other stuff is combining do make
4:47 pm
it look good. >>guest: the numbers show it is getting better. no doubt. the question is, how much better? it depends what happens in europe, and politically and the election this year. but things are better and corporate balance sheets have never had this liquidity and leverage is down dramatically. as you said you are seeing some growth in the job market and people are feeling better. good for the president. good for the american people but we still have a long way to get. john moniesman, -- jon huntsman if he doesn't do well tomorrow, he has nowhere to go some say and he could entertain a third-party run >>guest: i not had that conversation and i would be surprised if he would do that. >>neil: would you support him if he did? >>guest: i would. >>neil: knowing it could hurt the republicans. >>guest: i brief in voting for the right person, the person i trust and the person i want to
4:48 pm
see and i would consider it. if you go back and look traditionally i have been a republican voter in the last election i supported hillary clinton. i thought she would be the best candidate. she did not gethat and i voted for a democrat. but, after four years with this democrat we need someone else. >>neil: very interesting, john mack, former morgan san franciscoly c.e.o. just fresh from that. how do you like that? >>guest: i like that, a lot. >>neil: a real answer to you have. energy your retirement. the occupy protesters did they just met with the wrong guy? you see this? >>guest: some may go down but it ain't going to be jobs, it ain't going to be jobs, sweetheart. whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline.
4:49 pm
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>>neil: occupiers blending into the cro. and then speaking out. (inaudible) mitt kills jobs! mitt kills jobs! >>neil: and my guest got face-to-face with some of the protesters. what, tell me about the whole thing. the whole thing. >>guest: so romney had an event with chris christie and the occupy new hampshire protesters came in, in disguise, and they had their romney buttons and banners and as the event started happening they started protest willing and they were saying "mitt kills jobs," and they were escorted out and
4:53 pm
they protested outside. >>neil: but chris christie, of course, this is a celebrated already youtube event but for those who have not seen this, i want you to respond to this. >> we need to get this done. christie kills jobs! >> really? really? you know, some may go down tonight but it ain't going to be jobs sweetheart! >>neil: how did that go down? >>reporter: a lot of people in the crowd and the media they are tired of the protesters, their tactics, so, christie put them in their place and they have been going to the mitt romney rallies and been doing this, and being disruptive so christie finally put them in their place. >>neil: do they target all the
4:54 pm
premiere candidates or is mitt romney their focus? >>guest: they have been focusing on romney. the reason for focusing on romney is he is a millionaire and they talk about the houses he has, the boats, and this is simply a budge of protesters who are upset because someone is wealthy. it doesn't make sense. >>neil: thank you, michelle, i am glad you survived that. if the chinese are not already laughing at us i think they really are today. ♪
4:55 pm
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priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.95. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship and return. >> neil: all we have doesn't beat all we owe. think about that. for the first time our total debt of the country is equal to all we turn out as a country and soon we'll owe more than we own. it's like we're all upside down on our country. our debt as big as our entire
4:58 pm
economy. 15 trillion bucks in stuff we make and 15 trillion bucks in stuff we owe. wow, reading that headline in "u.s.a. today" made me fear for the u.s.a. today and tomorrow. we're a mess, my friend, hitting that 100% mark confirms it. no matter what we produce, how is that for production, for a legacy, for an example. it took a long time to get here and both parties got us here but it's time to wake up to how dangerous it is here and now we either cut our choking debt or we might as well choke ourselves now because we simply can't go on this way. paying bills we cannot pay with money we can only print in a world that only laughs. how can we be a beacon if we remain a deadbeat. there's a reason our country keeps getting downgraded.
4:59 pm
we have failed the ultimate test. one of respect. not only about how we manage our money or don't but how we manage reality. reality that defines can you get by slowing the growth and spending but spec'd more than we make. average taxpayers can't do it long without regretting. they say pay into a government that's an art form and are forever marked for it. think about that. these are european politicians on a good day. what are they going to do if new hampshire doesn't go what they deem to think should be our way? if we're at all unsure. in europe they fight each other in the parliament. will it come to that in the united states? that unsureness over there, live reaction tomorrow night on fbn, the only network that


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