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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 7, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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>> what an incredibly close race in the state of ohio, just call aid short time ago for mitt romney. >> it's true. welcome to america's election headquarters. we were supposed to nap this afternoon and tonight, but you couldn't. you had to be glue to the screen and it's still going on. >> gregg: thanks for being with us. rick santorum and mitt romney running neck and neck in the buckeye state. the closest race. >> jamie: sips the very first contest in iowa. now to the other stage, romney has won his home state of massachusetts. he was the governor there t. really wasn't a surprise. but a win is a win is a win. he also won vermont, a state that none of the candidates chose to visit. they had new rules and it went to romney.
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that had to do with the way the delegates were awarded he claims a victory in virginia, where only ron paul was the other one who met the requirements to be on the ballot. out west, he takes idaho. a large mormon population, predicted to turn out for the candidate and where in 2008, interestingly, ron paul took 23% of the vote. >> gregg: rick santorum has won the state of oklahoma, 40 delegates there. but they're split up proportionally, as well as tennessee, 55 delegate, split up. but he won there handily, 37% to 28%. north dakota, rick santorum, 40%, ron paul 28%. quite a super tuesday. now stretching into super wednesday. even ohio, only 1%. we are waiting for alaska.
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>> but the problem for rick santorum is he may have only lost by 1 percent, he loses big time on the delegates because he didn't qualify for several congressional districts, 18 delegates, he wasn't even eligible for in ohio. >> jamie: we we will break it down. newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. he had said all along, he had to really win there. he did, by a nice margin, as i mentioned, we will wait for alaska. lots of races to come. it is not over. you need that 1144. >> gregg: it looks very close, within 3 percentage poigns,. anything could happen there. you want to stay with us. we will be able to call the race at some point in time, we anticipate. >> jamie: there are decision teams looking hard. and it was disappointing for newt gingrich. his only win was in his home state of georgia, as we mentioned.
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that led to some choice words from gingrich to the presumed g.o.p. frontrunner, mitt romney. we go live to atlanta with with that. what did he say, jonathan? >> reporter: yeah. he had definitely harsh words towards the presumed frontrunner. it's hard to be on top. this was a good night for mitt romney, who is the projected winner the at least five states. speaking in boston, earlier, rom nerks rather than criticizing the other candidates, congratulated his opponents on their hard-fought victories and reserved attacks for the obama administration. listen. >> 24 million americans are still struggling for work. they are high-fiving each other this the west wing. but 8% unemployment is not the best america can do. ewe it's just the best this administration can do.
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>> when i am president, this american economy will not be lagging behind, it will be leading as the world as it has and as it should and as it will do in the future. >> that was mitt romney. newt gingrich celebrating a win in his home state here in georgia, with harsh criticism for the president on foreign policy, on energy policies. but he also had sharp criticism for the presumed g.o.p. frontrunner. >> i don't believe the romney technique of outspenning your opponent 4 or 5 to 1 with negative ads will work against barack obama because there is no possibility that any republican is going to outraise the incumbent president of the united states. therefore, you can't follow that strategy. what you have to have is somebody who knows what they
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believe, understands how to articulate so it cuts through all the media, offsets the bias of the elite media, who are desperate to re-elect the president, and has the guts to take the president head on, every single time he's wrong. >> rick santorum also join in the criticism of romney, suggesting he was soft on obamacare and ron paul criticized the entire g.o.p. lineup as status quo candidate, singling himself out as the one exception, who he believes is the one person who would advocate for civil liberties and limited government. back to you? where's newt gingrich setting his sights on next? >> newt gingrich, we are going to focus on the georgia campaign in the next half hour, specifically, newt gingrich. i will give you your answer in 30 minutes. >> jamie: that sounds great.
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i thought i heard he was off to kansas, heading to dorothy materiality -- territory. >> jamie: click your heels. >> gregg: no place like home. let's bring in our political panel, the former chairman of the young republican national federation and fox news contributor, former head of the women's center. mitt romney was known as a turnaround artist. and he is a turnaround artist in the battleground swing states. he has come from way behind to win in florida, michigan and now in ohio. does that make him a more capable candidate in november? >> i think that make it makes him our nominee. i don't see how santorum can do anything. he is pretty much done. i mean, it just is not going to happen. newt gingrich can go to kansas or anywhere he wants. but he is even in a worse position than santorum. and here's the difference
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between mitt romney and others. he has done this before. last time, super tuesdayened it. and now he's speaking to barack obama instead of the others, he is ignoring them and he can at this point. >> gregg: you know a lot about the women's issues, so i want to ask thuparticularly. rick santorum does not do well among women. we saw it in ohio. we have seen it in michigan and elsewhere. our own polling data overall shows he polls poorly among women. why? >> i think have you to look at some of the statements he has made over the years. now, in ohio, he did do better with married women. but he lost working women to governor romney. and it goes back to when he says things like, single women breed criminals. that's just -- that's from a couple of years ago. that's one of the reasons he's unelectable. i agree with dee dee. we all know, it is not a surprise coming into tonight that governor romney's going to be the nominee.
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but at the end of the day, he's limping into the nomination, if he was on a football team, he would be on the injured reserve list. he has really taken hard hits, and i think particularly with women voters, it is going to be very hard for him to make that pivot that is so important. i don't think he actually can make that pivot right away. he has some work to do to deal with santorum, to deal with gingrich. he's going to be a spending a lot more money. he is spinning more than he is raising right now. after coming out in favor of the blunt amendment, saying that, you know, any employer can take away health insurance from women if they disagreed with it, it will be hard to pick up the women voters in the general. he has hurt himself badly. >> jamie: what is the power of the female vote? a woman in a household pretty much makes the decision for everybody in the household? particularly young women. what's their state of mind? >> the demographic here, we are
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the important ones in this group because it is going to be the independent women that decide who wins the white house this time around. 60-40% women and independent group. and mitt romney's going to do very well with them. he already is. thank goodness he won? what do they want? >> someone who really is going to give us jobs, who is going to be aware of women's issues, who is not going to make statements like what newt gingrich has said and rush limbaugh and rick santorum, that would be the deght nel for us. -- deathnel for us. tonight was vare very important for the republican party and for mitt romney to do well. >> gregg: you are a protracted, acrimonious contest among the republican candidates, the longer it goes on. is it destructive or constructive? makes the nominee stronger? >> conventional wisdom, partial in the case of governor romney,
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initially, the drawnout campaign was helping him, making him a stronger candidate, but he has had to move so far to the right, when he was doing so well with independents before this race started and as he has been running for the past six, seven years, he had a good base of independent support. and issue after issue, whether it's immigration, whether it's women's reproductive right, he has alienated independent voters and it is going to be hard to pick them back up. the longer santorum stays in and newt gingrich -- i don't think he's going anywhere. he will explode this whole situation before he steps out of it. >> gregg: sting -- stick around. >> jamie: rom scprom rick santorum did duke it out in ohio, but romney claimed the victory. peter, give us more insight, if you can. it was a long night. but mitt romney now claims
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victory in ohio. what does it mean? >> reporter: jamie, it's interesting if you look at fox news exit polls, almost two-thirds of ohio voters think that governor romney's experience in the private sector will better prepare him to be president than santorum's experience in washington. so the voters are looking to hire a nominee and they like to see private-sector experience on the resume. >> jamie: interesting. it really is reflective of the country night now that everybody is looking for the person who can change the economy and find jobs. but what are senator santorum's strengths? what did we learn tonight? >> reporter: ohio, it took a very long time to call it because it was so close.
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young people, the under 30 set picked senator santorum, most. 37%. romney was the runner-up with 28% of the young folks. congressman paul with 25%. and senator santorum scored with independents in ohio, they can be helpful in a general election and they are generally help envelope open primaries like ohio, but despite 37% of them, compared to romney, santorum was second in the biggest prize, the buckeye state. >> jamie: in georgia? what do we attribute newt gingrich's win? do we have a breakdown of who showed up and went his way? >> reporter: georgia, gingrich's native state, have you heard it every day. he had more than half of george why's senior, evangelicals and tea party supporters and conservatives and very strong with married women and college grads. he rose to prominence there as a congressman, 36% say that
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doesn't matter. 25% say his roots don't matter much. 15% say it matters a very great deal. so gingrich, strong finish in georgia, but he could have been from anywhere. >> jamie: i don't know, he talked about it a lot, making sure they knew about the connection. thank you so much. the exit polls are really telling. you can learn a lot. scott rasmussen is joining us again. scott, georgia, we talked about that, we took a look at that. but i am really interested in the turnout and the breakdown of people who fell it was important enough to turn out. how do you feel about it? >> lyou know, you get to a situation like today and it shifts fromitate stostate. but there are two gliewps of people in this primary process. there are people who are saying mitt romney is going to be the nominee and there are people who are saying, we are going to vote for somebody other than mitt romney. they were looking for an excuse to do so. so in georgia, the turnout was
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in favor of somebody who they could claim was a home state person who was a nonmitt romney candidate. when you went to tennessee or oklahoma, there was another option, but you had that basic divide. a lot of it splits down income lines and rilicious lines. but it comes down to that basic divide. something else that is really interesting in it debate nterms of where tell take us on the general election. mitt romney did very well among upper-income respondens, not a big surprise there. guess what? president obama does pretty well among upper-income folks. he is weakest among the same working class of voters that mitt romney is weak among. so we could have a situation where neither general election candidate, if mitt romney is the nominee, neither general election candidate connects with the middle class. >> jamie: historically, pollingwise being the difference between polling for primaries
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and for the general election, what is the difference? what do you expect to see as we move forward toward november? >> right now, everybody in the republican party is looking at the polls as if they were driving the debate. they have lost sight of the fact that most americans are not obsessing about the republican presidential nomination, they are concerned about the economy and other issues. when the primary battle moving along and is behind the republicans, then youville a situation where the economy moves to front and center and a lot of the debates we have heard about in the last month, two months, three months, they won't be irrelevant, but they will be far less relevant. you were asking about women voters. one thing that will come to the fore, as we move into the general election, on economic questions, women are always more pessimistic in their assessment of the economy than men. they are going to be looking for someone who can address those
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concerns. >> jamie: what about education? we know the economy is front and center on the minds of most american voters. but other issues. do you expect any of them to pop up in the polls? >> something could always pop up. you have the gas prices spike energy issues. the health care debate will take place when the supreme court reaches a decision and that will be another issue that works its way into it. but what is happening right now is all of those issues are relevant, as they tie into the economy, the high gas prices lead to concerns about the economy. many americans view health care as a -- the health care law as a burden on the economy. when we ask people, are you concerned the government will do too much or too little? it's even split. but the people who want it to do more want it to cut spending and reduce deficits. so all of these issues may have weight on their own and
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meridentity their own, but in this election cycle, it is how they tie into the theme of the economy that will matter. right now, americans are concerned about their own financial well being. they rate their own financials the same as when president obama tooka office. if they feel better in november, president obama will be re-elected. >> jamie: interesting. thank you so much. you understand it well enough to make it that simple. >> gregg: all right. a disappointing night in some ways for newt gingrich and ron paul. has super tuesday narrowed the presidential field to a two-man race? coming up george w. bush's former deputy assistant gives us insight on what might lie ahead for mitt romney and rick santorum. >> we need your voice and your vote in this campaign. i am asking to you join in the fight for our freedom and insure that tomorrow will be better than today.
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let's go forward together and restore the promise of america, together. let's fight for the america we love. >> we need a fighter. we need a fighter and someone who learned what america was about by growing up in communities just like this. understanding how america and neighborhoods and families work and believing in them.
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>> tomorrow, we wake up and we start again. the next day, we will do the same. so tell go, day by day, step by step, door by door, heart to heart. there will be good days, there will be bad days. always long hour, never enough time to get everything done. but on november 6, we are going to stand united, not only having won an election, but having saved the future. >> we are in this thing, not because i so badly want to be the most powerful man in this country. it's because i want so badly to return the power to you in this country. >> gregg: ohio primary coming
2:23 am
down to the wire with fox news projecting mitt romney as the win of the battleground state, narrowly beating rick santorum, 1%. romney taking at least 5 of the 10 super tuesday states. santorum, taking 3, gingrich taking georgia, alaska still up for grabs. romney leading, barely there. joining us now, brad blakeman. the former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. good to see you. it struck me in the associated press -- of all groups -- referred to rick santorum's operation as follows, quote, a struggling rag-tag campaign, far outrays paced by romney in organization. it is not clear santorum even has paid staff on the ground in the upcoming states. does that really tell the story of what's happened to rick santorum? >> santorum has not been catching on like romney has. a lot of that has to do with messaging.
2:24 am
but certainly, there is no substut for organization and there is no substitute for fund-raising. i think in the coming battles ahead, you are going to need organization, you are going to need fundraidsing and a good message to capture the number of delegates you need to solidify this nomination. without it, you are not going to get there. >> gregg: newnewt alternatively refers to romney as the massachusetts moderate, sometimes massachusetts liberal. the branding is pretty clear. he is trying to suggest, a north eastern moderate, or liberal cannot win the republican nomination. but romney won pretty handily, florida. today, super tuesday, we came in second, actual flee two southern states, oklahoma and tennessee, beating newt gingrich. so did that belie gingrich's argument. >>? it certainly dis. he wasn't supposed to be competitive in iowa. i will call it a tie because
2:25 am
that's what it was. gingrich's speech tonight tells the tale. he was talking about being a survivor, not a winner. he was harping on gasoline price, not a scratching my head, if i am at home and i don't have a job, i would say, what good is $2.50 guess lean, if i don't have a job? there was a big disconnect, unlike santorum who talked like a candidate and had a vision special like romney did, taking on president obama and talk about this bread-and-butter issues, which are important in the election process and is a must for a win. >> jamie: speaking of bread and butter, you need a lot of it to have have the ground game n. researching for super tuesday, i was really impressed or amazed at how much barack obama was able to put in place in some of these states, when it was his turn to run. and i expect what he learned from the experience and the money he will rey raise this
2:26 am
time, he will do at least the same, maybe better. have the g.o.p. candidates tracked well enough, the ground game that's necessary and how much of a bump do romney and santorum get and maybe even gingrich after the wins they scored tonight? >> the survivability of gingrich is super pac money, not the campaign coffers and there is a question of whether super pacs are all they are cracked up to be. obama said he didn't like them. now he said he will get behind them because he can't help it. the same thing he said inuent 08 when he said, i'm going to photocopies my own campaign and said he won't because he's going to take public money. what did he do? he broke his promise. this is going to be organization and money, both personal money that you can raise for a campaign and super pac money t. will be an ugly race. but again, obama has a troard stand on. there is no george bush to blame
2:27 am
anymore. that's what he will have to defend. we have seen very well financed canned dairkts all the mon nethe world did not buy meg whitman an office. i think the same can be said for the presidency. >> gregg: i wouldn't rule out the president not blaming his predecessor -- >> of course. >> gregg: all right. great to see you, as always. >> jamie: great to see you. newt gingrich winning his home state of georgia, this super tuesday. and a large number of delegates come with that. we have a live report and our political panel weighs in on how gingrich's win impacts the race for the g.o.p. nomination and they have a lot more to say than that. we'll be right back. i wouldn't do that. pay the check? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researchg a role. today's special... the capital one venture card. you earn double miles on every purchase. impressive. chalk is a lost medium. if you're not earning double miles...
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>> welcome back to our continuing coverage. super tuesday, now wednesday, i'm jamie colby. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. let's look at ohio, mitt romney narrowing winning over rick santorum. look at that, about 1 percentage point. but he will pick up a lot more delegates because santorum didn't qualify for 18 of them. >> jamie: so interesting the way that works. at this time, alaska's the only race for super tuesday that has not yet -- ah -- okay. look at that. we -- we can project mitt romney for the alaska caucuses.
2:32 am
you can see the percentages there. that coming in at this moment. let's bring in our political panel now, joining us, tony is here, the republican political analyst and campaign consultant and correspondent for talk news radio service our ladies are also still here. i top ask each of you, first for mitt romney and then for rick santorum, since they both faired extremely well tonight. who is the vice-presidential candidate that each of them should consider that will take them over the top. >> i used to think it was marco rubio, then the blunt/rubio amendment ended his chances and may have stopped his re-election in florida. you don't want that on your vice-presidential ticket. but i think chris christie's starting to look good. >> democrats supported mark rubio, you know that --
2:33 am
>> two! >> that's hardly -- there are women on this panel right now. even the republican women do not like marco rubio. >> i think marco rubio remans. in florida, he appeals to hispanics and he can articulate conservativism. christie's viable and former governor jeb bush. >> no, no, the convention would pick him to be president over mitt romney -- >> that's ridiculous. >> his mom -- his mom just endorsed mitt romney on "the five." i don't know he's running for president. >> you never know. >> barbara bush robo-cull calling. but tony, commit. what about santorum, if he were to edge out and become the nominee, who does he need by his side to bring in the people that are not in favor of some of his, let's say, social policies and
2:34 am
beliefs? >> you know, look, i don't know what the real rule of thumb is with vice-presidential candidates. bill clinton picked al gore, ronald reagan picked the opposite of him, george h.w. bush. i think rick santorum's issue is that he has eliminated himself as a potential vice-president to mitt romney, which is a much more likely scenario and something that could have happened, particularly because of santorum's ability to appeal to a more blue-collar voters. but i don't think that's happening. >> gregg: let's bring in the women analysts. you all saw it, newt gingrich's speech tonight, after he won in georgia. ed rollins, legendary campaign manager for republicans said it was, quote, way too long and utterly uninspiring. another member of the panel said the first 10 minutes was
2:35 am
self-absorbed. your reak. >> i agree with steve hayes. i think he was uncle rico issue the guy who keeps thinking about the thing hes did in the past and it's all about him and it's all -- >> gregg: napoleon dynamite. >> right. that's not good. you want to have the big vision. this was all about him and what he did and he was talking about elitist and establishment and he is the founding father of the elite and the establishment. >> gregg: newt gingrich has an unfavorable rating of 61% in the latest gallup poll. all the other polls are comparable his negatives are around 60%. is it possible for somebody with such high negatives to win? >> absolutely not. i think that somewhere inside, speaker gingrich knows he can't win. but something happen inside iowa, when he had the lead over iowa and he saw his path -- >> gregg: this is malice.
2:36 am
>> the super pacs came after him, he is not going to let go of trying to tear down governor romney. >> he's angry. >> every -- >> gregg: this is a vindictive, malicious campaign? >> he will take it to tampa and bapg on the doors at the convention hall. >> you know, romney's negatives are not much better than gingrich's. i have never seen a presidential candidate come out with a primary with 40% disapproval-- come on. >> it's only going to get worse as the contest progresses. bob dole -- >> why do you say that? >> these are nasty. these people are personal. santorum and gingrich don't like mitt romney at all. >> reporter. >> do you think hillary clinton likes barack obama? >> you know what? [overlapping dialogue] >> the whole press conference, shame on you, inferring that bill clinton was a racist. >> it was an issue-focused campaign t. got nasty a little
2:37 am
bit -- a little bit at the end -- [laughter] >> this has been nasty since january. >> in the words of barbara bush -- we just were talking about her endorsement of romney, she said, i have never seen a campaign as bad as this. i take her at her word. >> so do i. >> this is going to stick with him. then when have you president obama's campaign. when they can show romney switching positions on every single issue -- >> and obama hasn't had -- >> the obama positions have changed, but his hair stays the same [overlapping dialogue] >> a little history, bob dole started with 30% negatives and the party was very, very worried about bob doasm but people knew bob dole for his long and established career in washington. they don't know mitt romney. >> you can't compare -- that's not a good comparison [overlapping dialogue]
2:38 am
>> gregg: can i remind you and i worked on that dole campaign. final comment -- the presidential elections when have you an incumbent is about the incumbent. the economy is weak and that will bear heavily. >> gregg: if it meaningfully improves. >> and the candidates will put their focus on the president and his policies and talk about that more than each other. >> stick around. we are not at 7% yet. as we mentioned, a disappointing night for newt gingrich. his only super tuesday win, the native state of georgia. we go to atlanta. jonathan, what's the prognosis for gingrich's campaign? >> reporter: well, he has his sights set on, to answer your earlier question, kansas, mississippi and alabama. but really, georgia was the do-or-die, make-or-break moment, the state he had to win and he did that this evening. but there was some concern prior
2:39 am
to super tuesday that the former speaker, now on his third marriage, had too much personal baggage, even to win in this state. they were afraid that some people were afraid it would not resonate with the social conservatives, which play a marine role in the georgia electorate. but as peter doocy pointed out, mr. gingrich scored very high among evangelical voighters. prior to the primary, i had spoken to ralph reed, a g.o.p. insider and self-described evangelical and he said that evangelicals are more forgiving than people give them credit. after all, it's the center of christianity. they don't clop to be perfect, but they like stories of redemption and the former house speaker has been contrite and ahead his case that he is a changed man. what georgians do know about
2:40 am
mr. gingrich who was a college professor in suburban atlanta for sometime, is his intellect. he is known as one of the great intellectuals in georgia politics. so this is what -- this is how the former speaker is trying to position himself. he is challenging the president to debates, if he becomes the g.o.p. nominee. listen to this. >> we run a very frugal campaign we couldn't afford one. but i have already promised if the president will agree to seven 3-hour debates in the lincoln/douglas tradition, he can use a teleprompter if he wants to. >> reporter: and according to exit polls, more than a third of georgia voters said that newt
2:41 am
gingrich's ties to the peach state played an important role in their decision to vote for him. now he needs to make his case to phobes in other parts of the country. back to you. >> gregg: interestingly, technically, his home state is virginia, since that's where his home is and he didn't get on the ballot there. as always, thank you very much. >> reporter: indeed. >> jamie: just moments ago, our fox news channel decision team predicted mitt romney is the winner of the alaska caucuses. coming up, new insight on tonight's wins and losses. the issues that turned tout matter most and much more, straight ahead. sometimes life can be, well,
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>> a little update, 419 delegates at stake. let's take a look. right now, mitt romney has 407,
2:45 am
rick santorum with 169. newt gingrich, 102, ron paul, 41. of course, you need 1,144 delegates to get the republican nomination. we are not there yet. gregg? >> gregg: all right. joining us, dee dee benke, from the republican young federation. and jimu greenis here, fox news contributor. i am not going to read all of that again. you are just the panel. >> uncle thanks. >> gregg: lord! all right. you -- you guys had a vigorous debate on who should be the v.p. pick, obviously, depends on the nom niche but somebody who can help the ticket. you didn't get to weigh in on
2:46 am
that. >> no. my pick would be mitch daniel, my governor from indiana. he is pro business and he has done a great job in the state. i like the double business guy team. a lot of people are like, he doesn't have the charisma, but we need substance. so the m&m ticket. >> gregg: not bad. >> how about a girl, a woman, a lady. there are plenty? >> there are. i think that the republican establishment is going to sit down with this nominee and say, we have to have either a female or a person of color. things are so dire for them with women voters and from an immigration standpoint, where we saw the fox news latino poll a couple of days ago, showing president obama is beating each of these candidates, 6-1 with the latinos. they have a serious problem when it comes to women, people of color. i think they will have to go there -- >> gregg: sarah palin would was
2:47 am
asked tonight whether she would consider being a vice-presidential pick. and he said, i am cleaning this up -- they wouldn't have the [bleep] courage? nicely done. >> gregg: to do that. gentlemen? [laughter] >> i think, listen, sarah palin -- would be the end of the republican party, not only would they lose the presidency, they valid no chance of taking the senate and ludes 20 seats in the house. america knows who she is now. she is an unelectable person. >> gregg: maybe julianne moore. >> in the hollywood movie. >> sarah palin, i think we can agree has a major role to play. i don't think it's on any ballot or being a candidate again. her influence is via fox news and her national platform is large enough. but let's not over emphasize the vice-presidential nomination until we pick a president. i want to address something.
2:48 am
i whole heartedly disagree that mitt romney is limping into anything. quite the contrary. i didn't start off as a romney supporter. it has taken me until this point to believe he had what it took to beat president obama, who will be formidable. >> jamie: what turned you around? >> because of the point that gregg made. he is resilient, he can fight this fight. when his back is on the line, on the bottom of the night nike and he needs a home run, he hits it. >> is he the one hitting the ball or paying for it? >> gregg: money is the most important thing in politics right now. >> why are we feigning outrage -- >> mitt romney has had to fight the democrats, the democrats have targeted mitt romney, the unions, the tea party and
2:49 am
everyone else. he is still standing strong and winning. he is resilient and strong -- >> gregg: just attend his 100th fund-raiser, setting an all-time record? >> yes, he did. we need those resources -- >> gregg: so it is the mother's milk of pol particulars. >> right! >> i just don't think the fact that he has outspent the candidates 4-1 or 6-1 has anything to do with his -- >> that's a big accomplishment. >> super pac stepped in and that's why president obama has toh to do so many fund-raisersism oh, my goodness [overlapping dialogue] >> before barack obama -- >> talk amongst yourself during the commercial break. we have to leave it at that. panel, thanks very much. >> jamie: when we come back, the candidates get the final word on the race for the white house. stay where you are.
2:50 am
we'll be right back.
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2:53 am
>> gregg: well, a very big night for mitt romney, the former massachusetts governor, winning a nail biter in the state of ohio, the biggest cob test of the night in so many ways. rick santorum right behind thim, though, finishing a cloze close second and mitt romney also snagging victories in virginia, vermont, idaho and alaska and his home state of massachusetts. rick santorum winning tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota. both candidates celebrating their victories earlier this evening. take a listen inch tonight, we are doing some could you wanting. we're could you wanting the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we are counting down the days until november and that looks even better.
2:54 am
we are going to take your vote, a huge vote tonight in massachusetts, and take that victory all the way to the white house. [cheers and applause] >> we went up against enormous odds, not just here in the state of ohio where who knows how much we were outspent, but in every state. there wasn't a single state in the list that i just gave you where i spent more money than the people i was able to defeat to win that state. and every case, we overcame the odds. >> jamie: it was a disappointing night for newt gingrich and ron paul. gingrich's only win, his home state of georgia. ron paul failed to win a single state. but both candidates vow they are going to keep on fighting. >> your help, we survived the two most difficult months of a career which goes back to august of 1958. and june and july were really hard and it was presicily because the national elite,
2:55 am
especially in the republican party, had decided that a gingrich presidency was so frightening that they had to kill it early. but you -- you wouldn't let them do it. >> the american people are way ahead of washington. washington is sound asleep. we are on the right track. so make sure they hear our message all the way to d.c.! >> jamie: those are the candidates. now we will hear from our panel, real quick before we go, is there voter fatigue at this point? or do you think tonight generated more excitement? >> i think there is more excitement. but mitt romney won't have the same fortune of being able to outspend bam. he will lose when his made-up facts are answered in november. >> jamie: tony? how do voters feel? >> 100,000 more votes tonight in ohio than four years ago. the republicans need to keep the intensity and there are not enough voters who believe in the hope and change of four years
2:56 am
ago for him to win. >> gregg: mitt romney has won all the key swing states so far. he has won the popular vote. he has won the delegates so far. he's won just about every measure that you can think of, clearly the guy is the frontrunner for the nomination i. mitt romney is going to be the nom nominee. he just is going to be the nominee. we are not going from n.o.w. no to now. but he did a great job. the excitement is there and barack obama won't be able to beat mitt romney. >> he has won all of those things, but he his lost the hearts and mines of independent voters and women and young people and it will be hard to recapture that. >> jamie: panel, thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> jamie: thank you to all of you for being with us. it was an exciting day and night. >> gregg: it's been a fun super tuesday, super wednesday. we hope have you a super wyke. bye-bye. >> jamie: bye-bye. [ male announcer ] you never know when,
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