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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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involving secret service in colombia. heads are starting to roll. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert, shakeup has begun in washington over the secret service scandal out of columbia last week. fox news just learned one agent retired. two others have resigned. director mark sullivan is not one of the three. but there are questions about whether he will survive. correspondent doug mckelway has our update tonight. >> greg: the first call has come from capitol hill for secret service director sullivan to step down. investigators combed the street of cartagena to look for prostitutes that rendezvoused with the presidential security team. randy forbes of virginia said under director sullivan's leadership the security norged the first rule of planning. >> don't let the prost tooths in. if we can't get that fundamental principle right, how do we get the rest of the principles right for national security? >> speaker boehner withhe
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would judgment of the incident pending outcome of investigation. >> we need to get to the bottom of it. from the press reports i read. it sounds like behavior that was inappropriate. let's deal with what the facts are. >> asked today if difficult to cast the force for good under the burgeon scandals, carney said president obama has been crystal clear since a candidate of the standards that he insist on for those working for government. mitt romney weighed in on the sec set service scandal for the first time today. >> i'd clean house. the right thing to do is remove people who violated the public trust and put their you personal interest ahead of the interest of the nation. >> the most vivid picture of how it erupted comes from a taxi driver that told the "new york times" a prostitute
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demanded $800 from one of the americans. refused to pay and shut her out of the room. she and her friend began banging on the door that commenced the commotion which culminated in what may be the secret service most embarrassing moment. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >> bret: we will continue to follow the story and the investigation. it is still april, but the two men likely to be on the top of the ticket in november are already looking ahead to summer and the fall. president obama is appearing at a fundraiser in michigan. senior white house correspondent wendell goler reports the back end of a day trip that saw him show up in a familiar place. >> president obama warned college students the republican budget cuts would hit them hard. >> if the cuts are spread out evenly, and 10 million college students including some of you, would see financial aid
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cut by $1,000 each. >> they will been losing people since losing auto plants in the 1970s and '80s. mr. obama held a round table with unemployed workers who are in job retraining programs. republicans say the criticism is unfair because they haven't decided what the budget cuts will be. mr. obama says that is no accident. >> because they know folks wouldn't like it. if you have to cut a certain amount of money, and they have already said they are not going to cut defense spending, an they are going with the tax cuts, then you got to go to all the other stuff that is left over. >> back in washington, republicans attack the president's spending and the democrat controlled senate for refusing to pass a budget. the senate democrats don't have the courage to put it in black and white. >> the republicans say they shelved 30 bills from the
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house. harry reid suggests each bill reflects opposition to mr. obama and fear of the tea party. in one poll, republicans believe ohio is the most important state this year. >> the president checked out labor day and spent six months campaigning from one end of the country to the other. >> the last stop of the day was a fundraiser at the henry ford museum outside detroit, where mitt romney launched his first bid for the presidency in the 2008 campaign. the obama campaign says the president wasn't talking about his likely opponent's wealth in ohio. but some saw a line with reference to student aid. >> i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't. but somebody gave us a chance. >> romney's following in mr. obama's footstep thursday to ohio county where the president spoke today is a factory that shut down weeks after mr. obama campaigned there in 2008 promising to
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create jobs. >> romney went on the offense near the site where president will make news this year. on the romney first strike. >> in charlotte, north carolina, across from the democratic national convention site in september, romney laid in to obama for promises. >> he didn't turn it around and more lost the jobs and more homes are lost. gas prices doubled. >> billed a as a prebuttal romney rattled off long list of what he thinks democrats will not mention. >> he said if we let him borrow $780 billion he'd hold unemployment below 8%. it's not been below 8% since. what you are not going to hear is during his term medium income in america dropped by $3,000.
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>> romney hopes to put north carolina in the red column and polls suggest a tossup. >> we look at how many people find job to pay the mortgage. >> north carolina lines follow. unemployment higher than the average. 450,000 out of work. up 13% since the president took office. david parker is under pressure to quit. >> the race has been tight for 15 months. romney just began the election
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campaign. there are is a wing of polls that says the race is a tossup. unless he injects campaign partisanship in controversies that are bipartisan outrage and embarrassment to the obama administration. >> bret: amazing to see the polls in graphic form. thank you. >> this is another fox news alert. fox news learned a new route for the proposed keystone xl pipeline has been submitted by transcanada, the pipeline's builder. it will be reviewed by nebraska officials. that is where the old route pictureed here ran in to trouble with the environmental regulators and president obam obama. the house approved the latest transportation bill. it's different from the senate version. president threatened to veto over keystone being included. later in the program, update on voter fraud and voter i.d. laws, which brings us to the infinity sponsored
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text to vote question tonight. how much voter fraud really takes place? text sr1 to 36288 if you think it's a significant amount. sr2 for moderate amount. sr3 for sporadic instances. sr4 if you believe it's insignificant amount. results later in the broadcast. up next, bracing for the worst in afghanistan. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> bret: the obama administration says syria is at a turning point. it says the latest shelling by syrian forces showed the insincerity of the assad regime and the u.s. will work with the allies on next steps. the united nations truth monitor seen here leaving the hotel earlier in the damascus in the video had to be sped
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away from a large crowd later when what sounded like gunfire rang out. israel's deputy foreign minister says last saturday's nuclear talks between the west and iran may have just been a stalling tactic by the iranians. also today, the swiss got extended the financial sanctions against iran by freezing the assets of eight companies and three individua individuals. american troops in afghanistan are bracing for retaliation for the latest public relations black eye for the u.s. military. it involves series of pictures purporting soldiers and bodies. chief washington correspondent james rose is here with the story. >> this is now the subject of a criminal investigation by the department of defense. at the center are 18 photographs, taken two years ago in span of a few month's time that were first published in part by the "l.a. times." this one, which fox news partially obscureed purportedly shows soldier with the army's 82nd airborne
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division and afghan police man posing with the body part of suicide bomber who blew himself up in southeastern afghanistan. the incident surfaced as defense secretary leon panetta and secretary of state hillary clinton attended a nato strategy session in brussels of the photos panetta said, "this is not who we are." he also explained why he asked the "los angeles times" not to publish the photos, a request the newspaper rebuffed. >> this is war. and i know that war is ugly. and it's violent. i know that young people sometimes caught up in the moment make some very foolish decisions. i am not excusing that. i'm not excusing that behavio behavior. but neither do i want it to bring further injury to our people. >> riots broke out when it was discovered that copies of the
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quran were burned at a country. and that unrest claimed six american lives after video surfaced in january showing u.s. marines urinating on afghan corpses. last month, army staff sergeant bales charged with killing 17 afghan civilians in a nighttime shooting rampage. nato's top official sought to tap down the ange they're the latest incident might create. >> these events took place apparently a couple of years ago. i consider them an isolated event. obviously, i hope there is no spillover. >> los angeles times obtained the 2-year-old photograph from member of the 82nd airborne unit. >> bret: more on this with the panel later. james, thank you. three of the main contenders to become president of egypt will not be on the ballot.
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egypt election commission rejected appeal for the qualifications. that's seen as good news in washington coming on the heel of the state department surprising decision to continue to provide aid to the military rulers. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. good evening. >> good evening. eyebrows were raised when hillary clinton agreed to waive human rights concerns and sign off on $1.3 million of foreign aide to the ruler. some member of congress haven't gotten over egypt attention of sam lahood, the son of the u.s. transportation secretary. in the case of egypt, it's a textbook example of a country that will continue to get u.s. aid no matter how belligerent and antagonistic they are against the united states. they hold the citizens hostage. we give them bail money to get our citizens out. >> since that aid was delivered, the ruling military has disqualified the muslim brotherhood top candidate for
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the presidency. in many cases, citing crimes committed by the brotherhood during former president hosni mubarak's rule. in turn, the islamic party staged protest in the street declaring the military is falling back on habits of the old regime, which for years held on to power with the u.s. aid. >> i think the united states is still looks at the military as a counter weight to the muslim brotherhood. i think the decision to waive the requirement was by the desire to sustain a relationship and possibly leverage over egyptian military. >> the white house pushed back on criticism that members of the national security council met with the muslim brotherhood in washington. pointing out that republican senators john mccain anagram graham did the same on a recent trip to egypt. some argue that the state department decision to give
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egypt foreign aid even as its interim rulers have non-governmental organization, may have empowered the interim rulers to oust the atlantic candidate from the upcoming election. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. the head of the u.s. missile defense program says last week's failed rocket launch shows north korea made little progress in the space flight program. senate hearing featured disagree over whether the u.s. should provide food aid to the communist country. still ahead, what is behind the gsa spending scandal? first, how real is the problem of voter fraud?
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>> bret: this afternoon, the obama administration announced the first ever standards to control air pollution from gas wells, drilled using hydraulic fracturing or fracking. drillers will be given additional two years to obtain technology to reduce emissions. wells drilled in low pressure areas will be exempt. republicans are denouncing what they call a curious lack of action by the administration on the reappointment of a member of the nuclear regulatory commission. christine swinicki and three other commissioners complained publicly last year the action of the chairman could compromise nuclear safety. our next story deals with voter fraud. how much of a problem is it? and whether voter i.d. laws are solution or something more sinister. here is correspondent shannon bream. >> i don't want dead people voting in the state of carolina. >> nikki haley says it's common sense for people to show i.d. arriving at the polling place on election day. south carolina is among 16
6:22 pm
states that passed laws requiring photo i.d. 16 others require some form of i.d., though not necessarily a photo. several of the state laws have been blocked by the justice department and some are caught up in ongoing litigation. hillary shelton, senior vice president of advocacy for the naacp say supporters of voter i.d. laws have one goal in line. >> if only they suppress those altogether. that's un-american. that is undemocrattic. >> color of change, group founded by former white house aid van jones is challenging voter i.d. laws going after the american legislative exchange council. a group the backed i.d. laws in the past. they accuse alec of trying to stop black people from voting and urged the 85,000 members to exert pressure on a number of corporations including coca-cola who donated to alec in the past. it worked. coca-cola was one of several entities that promised to stop future giving. alec since announced it's
6:23 pm
disbanding the election task force. the national center for public policy research announced today it will assume that work. brand new fox news poll shows 2 to 1 margin americans do not believe those who support voter i.d. laws are trying to block legal votes by minorities. 70% reported they believe the laws are necessary to stop illegal voting. >> minority female governor of the state of south carolina. there is nothing i want more than to make sure everybody that wants to vote can. many say it's disenfranchising the groups that overwhelmingly voted for president obama in 2008. 73% of the lowest income voters. 95% of blacks and 67% of hispanics. >> the federal appeals court upheld most of arizona voter i.d. law on tuesday. two other states are in the midst of having their law enforced in this year's election, texas and wisconsin. bret? >> bret: thank you. we'll have more on voter fraud
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on a special edition of fox news reporting. stealing your vote. eric shawn will look at how the cheating affects high profile elections. see it saturday and sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern and sunday at 9:00 p.m. the bank of spain says that the amount of bad loans on the country's books has risen to 18-year high. investors are concerned that spain may need a bail-out. he believes government cannot fulfill the pledge to balance the government in 2013. a deeper than expected recession pushed target date to 20150 1/5 stot. ks were down. s&p 500 dropped 6. nasdaq fell 11. the grapevine is next. don't forget tonight's infinity sponsored text to vote question.
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>> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour, careers are ending as a result
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of the secret service prostitution scandal in colombia last week. fox news learned one agent has retired and two more have resigned. so far. let's get the latest from doug mckelway account the white house briefing room. >> 35 minutes ago, the director of the secret service issued a statement announcing the separation of three employees who were associated with this scandal of cartagena colombia. a supervisory employee is allowed to retire and another proposed for removal but has the right to legal counsel and 30 days notification. non-supervisory employee resigned. the inspector general continues and fox news learned that part of that investigation is allegation of potential drug use, by secret service agents in colombia. based on the testimony of a hotel worker who went in one of the rooms and says he saw a line of white powder on a table next to empty whiskey bottles. the investigation continues right now.
6:30 pm
it's in the early stages as we speak right now, bret? >> bret: doug, we will continue to follow it. thank you. now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. we have already reached the dog days of the campaignch much has been made of mitt romney's irish setter riding in a kennel strapped atop the car on a family road trip. now president obama is dealing with his own pooch problems. the daily caller noted president obama wrote in one of his best-selling tooks about being fed dog meat as a child in indonesia. david axelrod dinged romney months ago tweeting picture of president obama and bo riding in a car saying how loving owners transport their dogs. in response to president obama's dog kerfuffle, a romney strategist hit back retweeting axelrod in hindsight, a chilling photo. the twitter verse exploded
6:31 pm
last night with the story. with hashtags like obamadogrecipes that had beagals with cream cheese. defense secretary leon panetta wants to find ways to save taxpayer money since his trip home cost you $32,000 apiece. the press reports that panetta taken 27 round-trip flights to california on the military equivalent of a gulf stream jet since becoming secretary last july. he is required to travel on military aircraft with specific communications. former advisor tells fox panetta's predecessor robert gates travelled home three times a year. to his home in washington state. >> university of colorado in boulder has high hopes to avert thousands of coming the campus friday to participate in the annual pot smoking event dubbed 4-20. the school has been swamped with pot smokers in years past for this event. officials will close the
6:32 pm
school to outsiders. trespassers could face hefty jail time. it will also spread fish fertilizer across the quad to make it uninhabitable. it has been said the love of money is the root of all evil. today we heard that the amount of your money that is handled by the general services administration, the gsa, may be at the root of its spending scandal. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has day three of the capitol hill hearings. >> looking for from the gsa. >> protesters near the capitol dressed in clown suits mocked the general services administration spending controversy. but inside senators were not laughing. a clown suit and a mind reader were part of the extravagant spending at the gsa's $820,000 plus las vegas conference in 2010. the senators seem to brace for
6:33 pm
additional revelation. >> something rotten in denmark. overall, the tone was more subdued since those connected to the lavish las vegas event were not invited to testify. >> some suggest it's time to shut the gsa down. >> from republicans and democrats there will be abuse throughout the gsa over a number of decades. has gsa outlived the usefulness. >> they offered this theory why the agency faced trouble over the years? >> fraud and waste and abuse as money throws through -- flows through gsa. >> with all the please are bound to be some that do dumb
6:34 pm
or criminal things. >> it has a serious purpose. >> having a single accountable agent to aggregate expenses of the government and use the scale of the government to get the best possible price for the government. i think that that has value today as much as it did back when the hoover commission first proposed it. >> those are the new details in the investigation. inspector general said he just learned today the wife of a key official had her own parking space, a taxable benefit at a gsa facility in san francisco. sources say it was debra neely whose husband jeff is at the center of the investigation. >> there is a lot of chatter about the budget today. the democratic budget. did they get anything done? >> bret, the senate budget committee met for three hours to discuss modified version of the bowles-simpson plan. there were no amendment and no votes, the amendment republican senator jeff sessions said it's all talk, no action.
6:35 pm
texas senator cornyn called at it faux budget markup. >> bret: we'll follow this. thank you. judge in the trial of florida neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman removed herself. she cited a conflict that relates to her husband, an attorney who works with another lawyer who preferred sim victim to his current legal counsel. zimmerman is accused of second degree murder in shooting death of african-american teenager trayvon martin. television legend dick clark has died of a heart attack. clark's career spanned hosting duties on shows such as "american bandstand" and "new year's rocking eve," and producing a host of other programs. clark continued to perform even after suffering a stroke in 2004 that affected his ability to speak and walk. dick clark, an icon was 82 years old. back with the panel after this. ♪
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right now we have two competing visions of our future. and the choice could not be clearer. let me tell you, those folks on the other side, i'm sure they're patriots, i'm sure they're sincere. in terms of what they say. but their theory, i believe, is wrong. >> we will not hear that 400,000 north carolinians are out of work. you will not hear that 93% of the people who lost their jobs during the obama years have been women. those are things you will not hear. but as i'm the nominee for our party, i hope, i'm going to make sure the people of america hear those things loud and clear. >> bret: president obama and mitt romney on the stump today. going back and forth. the latest gallup poll in this race head-to-head has president obama trailing mitt romney by four points. this is a poll that just ended up just yesterday. 13 through the 17th. match the recent poll of
6:40 pm
increase for mitt romney. the real clear politics average the recent polls again, still shows president obama with a slight lead, but within the margin of error. what about this? it stacks up and the important issues that will be talked about in the next few months. the panel, bill kristol, editor of "weekly standard." kirsten powers, daily beast. and charles krauthammer. what does it seem like according to the latest poll that mitt romney made somewhat of a surge and perhaps conservatives in at least in the polls seem to fall in line in the nomination. >> the republicans will fall in line. so much for the arguement that the bitter fiery contest for three months in the running against rick santorum and newt gingrich was doing huge damage to mitt romney. never be able to unite the republican party. the lat gallup poll, romney has it 0% support of -- 90% support of the democrats and romney has 90% of the support
6:41 pm
of republicans. independents allegedly whom was damaged, romney is ahead by six points in the gallup poll. ahead in the independents in rasmussen as well. he is doing very well. the more, i think is partly due to romney's having campaigned with paul ryan in wisconsin. he spent five days with ryan. then romney's message is i have a good business background, i'm a good person. a little mistake my opponents made, a big choice i facing this country. easy go off the cliff. with the debt and deficit. obamacare or not. be strong or not. he has made it a bigger campaign. he has done better. president obama by contrast talk about the war on women and the buffett rule. president obama is playing small ball. romney is playing bigger ball right now. romney is benefiting. >> bret: that being said,
6:42 pm
the president seems to embrace the two different choices that lie ahead. there is a stark choice coming in the general election and it seems like democrats want to have the battle in the coming weeks. >> definitely. >> one thing in terms of the primary, one way that did hurt him, in favorability rating, they dropped in the "washington post," the abc news. obama has a 56% favorability to romney 35%. you see it across the board in a lot of different polls. so i think he had something to make up there. the democrats are salivating to go up against the paul ryan plan. there was a poll today that was just released by democrats greenberg that in their polling and found even among republicans a lot of skepticism of the plan of
6:43 pm
unmarried women who are the target. 19% approved of it. they see a lot of fertile ground there to go after. >> bret: is there a vulnerability in the fact the deficit is increasing and the democrats don't have a budget. the whole budget back and forth on capitol hill. the families can have a budget, why can't senate democrats? >> honestly, the deficit is important issue for the country. but when you look at polling, it's something that you see more among the conservative base as a top issue. we don't see it being a top issue among the independent voters or the democratic voters. for independent voters it's jobs much more than the deficit. >> bret: charles? >> it is jobs. in the 2010 election, debt was an important issue. it helped sweep the house. and there never was in my mind a real doubt that romney would unite republicans. it's obama unites republicans.
6:44 pm
whoever comes out of it. but i think the tough negative campaigning for three months hurt romney. if you look at the numbers, kirsten indicated favorables are low. the favorables are higher than they were. he is under water by 16 or 18 points, and that is a bad place to start. but republicans are depressed over the effect of the last six months. six months ago it looked like it was an easy elections for republicans. the economy slightly ticked up. obama has been campaigning nonstop since labor day and gave up governing completely. this is all about the election. everything he does and everything he proposes, every bill and buffett rule and pipeline is all about the re-election. republicans are demoralized if you blow a seven-run lead in ballgame, you think you are going to lose. be you're still tied.
6:45 pm
this will go either way. >> bret: today, bill, the president is talking about education. we have seen some of the messages from the democratic party. we saw the back and forth about hillary rosen's comments. but some of them are mentioned wealth. and status. and being born in to wealth. this is what the president said today talking about education. >> somebody gave me an education. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't. but somebody gave us a chance. it's like these folks up here are looking for a chance. >> bret: what about that? is this more of what you think will be on the trail? >> yeah, they will run negative campaign against romney and business background and elements of his personality and his record, i suppose. he is president of the united
6:46 pm
states. the bigtory he's the incumbent and running at 44%. he is below 50%. romney has availed himself more than 50% of the voters right now. typically i don't think much will happen in five months to convince voters, i didn't think obama is doing a good job. now he. is maybe it will happen and i doubt it. that's what obama should worry about. he can try to disqualify romney but i think romney will look more presidential than obama. if i was running the campaign, tell romney, let all the surrogates criticize him. thhe has not been successful president. you have to make yourself qualified and visible and plause to believe people as the next president of the united states. be presidential, romney. be presidential than obama. >> bret: last word. obama campaign insists he wasn't talking about mitt romney in that statement and
6:47 pm
the silver spoon in his mouth. but there is a battle for connection to the middle class. >> well, sure. they are, you know, it's been transparent about the fact they are going to paint him as being out of touch. you know, david axelrod made a joke when romney watches "mad men" he thinks he is watching the evening news. that says everything about what their strategy is. >> bret: next up, the latest public relations black eye for u.s. troops in afghanistan. and the pushback about it. [ male announcer ] what if that hemorrhoid pain is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. ♪ [ gong ]
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i strongly condemn what we see in the photos as has general allen. that behavior that was
6:51 pm
depicted in the photos absolutely violates both our regulations, and more importantly our core values. this is not who we are. we had urge the "los angeles times" not to run those phot photos. and the reason for that is those kind of photos are used by the enemy. to incite violence. >> those are criminal investigation now by the department of defense. 18 photographs taking over the span of roughly 90 days. two years ago. first published as the defense secretary mentioned by the los angeles times. we blurred some of this. soldiers posing with body parts. there is a series of them and there is pushback about the reaction to them. >> i'm furious. not of the troops that did something dumb. but i'm furious as a moral cowardess of military leaders who never stick up for troops but protect the careers.
6:52 pm
the action of our generals is leap out and say my, go our troops are so awful. they're so wicked. this isn't us. this isn't us. the real scandal is that the establishment media leaps on another chance to trash our troops. the worst of the scandal is that our leaders in and out of uniform rush to condemn our troops. no explanation. no context. >> bret: okay. what about this? and the expected pushback perhaps in afghanistan after a series of incidents? charles? >> look, let's start by stipulating that nobody should treat the body of a dead person with disrespect. however, this is a strange case, because the victims themselves, suicide attackers are people who did not treat their own bodies with respect. they deliberately destroy themselves in to body parts. here we have soldier soldiers ir abusing what is left of the suicide attackers. i find it slightly different
6:53 pm
from had they been abusing the body of those who died in combat or who died accidentally. it doesn't excuse them. there was a disconnect here. suicide attackers are the most criminal of all the war criminals. abusing all the laws of war and generally speaking attacking helpless and unaware civilians. >> kirsten, the "los angeles times" said it obtained the photographs, 2-year-old photographs from member of the 82nd airborne and identified corpses as being suicide bombers and insurgents who "had accidentally blown themselves up." what about the "los angeles times'" choice to run the photos? >> they did the right thing. the person that gave them the photos said he felt like it represented breakdown in leadership and discipline and he hopes that by pictures being published it would bring attention to that and would actually help stage troops in the future, because he felt there was such a lack of discipline. unless you bring light to this
6:54 pm
kind of stuff, nothing will be done about it. the people who put troops in the danger are those men who took the pictures. you know, you can't blame the "los angeles times" for what they did. we're all supposed to pretend it didn't happen? >> bret: do you think the connection made to something like abu ghraib when a lot of those photos came out and immediately there was an investigation that led to all kind of things including the defense secretary auvring his resignation. >> i can't predict what will happen with this. i don't think these are quite on the scale, in the same situation as abu ghraib, but this is aer is use issue. i disagree with the contention that people come out and say the troops are so awful and wicked. no one is saying that. the troops are incredible. these people do not represent the troops. >> bret: bill? >> i think the "los angeles times" was irresponsible for publishing the photos against the explicit request not of the terrible bush administration but of the obama administration. which last i looked was not a bunch of warmongers but in
6:55 pm
this people in this case, the secretary of defense panetta was concerned about the troops there now. the leadership of that brigad brigade, the brigade -- in fact there were issues with the battalion responsible for these troops apparently at the time. reported at the time. battalion and brigade is not the current leadership. the exposure does nothing. not contemporaneous matter that something bad is happening there and we'll expose it. pure voyiarism by the media. it's unfortunate that the photos were taken. the brigade had 35 killed. seasonals should haven't done that. but publishing the photos now is wrong. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a different part of a breaking story.
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>> bret: we asked in our text how much do you think takes place. >> 12 percent said moderate. 3 percent said sporadic
6:59 pm
instances and 5 percent said insignificant amount. thank you for awful your votes tonight. finally tonight the secret service story has gotten a lot of attention. now apparently there is another take of this situation. >> 11 special agents allegedly brought prostitutes back to the bay. thursday morning hotel managers realized one woman hadn't picked up her i.d. by checkout time and found her in a room fighting with an agent after he failed to pay her. >> red eagle, this is victory one. you told me this was a group on deal. [ laughter ] that's right. that's right. currently not backing green backs. now i have got a code uh-oh. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. captions by closed captioning services >> good evening from new york. i'm shepard smith. dick clark, the man who od