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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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too bad. that is it for "studio b," and fox report tonight at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 in oxford. here comes neil cavuto. >>neil: look at this, could this be this? remember that? that really didn't help this guy. could this hurt this guy? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and now it is nasty with temperatures flaring as super storm sandy, still a storm, with people in new jersey lining up if hours to fill up their cars and many are looking for a gallon or two to keep generators going as they deal with the ongoing massive power outages. >> last night i was in a place i
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waited 45 minutes and i was 50' from it and they ran out. you not guaranteed if you wait in line. the gas stations that have gas there are longer waits and i tried to turnpike but i thought there would be less, but there are more. >>neil: in the midst of this reports of gouging with some charging more than $5 a blond and now that is common, police stationed outside the gas stations and the political fall intermediate from all of this in a moment and the financial fallout first and foremost. >>jonathan: a tough situation just to get gas so they can commute to and from work. we are here on the west side of manhattan where people have been lining up all day for hours just to get gas here. this is one of the few in new york city where you can get gas
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and as we go out to what is 10th avenue look down here, ten blocks or more right now and the line for gas. they have blocked off two lanes of the five lane avenue so they can line up the cars waiting to get any gas whatever. people generally have been pretty good humored and we have members of new york's finest right here and they have been keeping a good deal of order and the people have the patience of a saint. some of the motorists they have had to deal with, but, generally, people have been good. today we heard from the mayor talking about how they plan to make this situation a little bit better. here is the mayor. >> some of the gas stations are not open because they don't have electricity. the pumps need electricity to run. hopefully in the next couple of days that will be accommodated and when mass transit comes back you have fewer cars trying to buy gasoline.
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>>jonathan: that is good. a lot of the gas stations are shut down not because there is a shortage of gas but they don't have any power to power the pumps. that situation will improve as the mayor said over the next couple of days here in manhattan when they plan to get the power back on but we told in many other areas that is going to take at least another week so the gas shortages north of new york and west chester county and over in new jersey, they are going to be very bad for a very long time it seems. >>shepard: thank you. jonathan. my next guest was appearing on a monitor, and it might have struck him as deja vu because five days before the election forgive pat caddell if it looks like a great 70's period with the long lines affecting jimmy carter. could it come back do bite this president? >>pat: it is a question of how were time.
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there probably is nothing that starts shortening temperatures more than not having electricity and waiting for hours for gasoline and when you cannot get gas for the generators or cars, all this camaraderie, people are human beings and it frays. i believe it is a question of enough time. the president came to new jersey yesterday and said, everything will be fine. that is how people want to believe. now he campaigning. by sunday or monday i would get there are people going, it is not fine. it is not fine. he is out campaigning, i have that gas, why isn't he there? people do caught in want to stay in line. >>shepard: in the states that it is happening they are safe blue states.
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but how does everyone else feel? >>pat: when they hear the people because they see them on tv saying, why isn't here...the natural thing is, wait i thought he was going to solve this. being incumbent you get the good and the bad. i mentioned the other day on the other channel, the famous new yorker cartoon with godzilla and lindsay is running for re-election, marilyn say -- mayor lindsay and he says i am voting for mayor pococcino. >>neil: i told you not to repeat that no one gets it. >>pat: but i love it. >>neil: einstein should try to placate ought conferences and you should not. do you have a sense there is staying power? the power could be out for a long-term and in some of the
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manufacture pop laws states, not the media capital of the world, this gets a lost attention, what is the boomerang affect? >>pat: we will have an election day but next week by this time, we may or may not. >>neil: i said you are a genius and now you are saying we have an election day. >>pat: but we may not know. the power couldedly things we will go to paper ballots and we could be closed for a long-term and someone will win decisively and that would be romney or it will be close and it could be obama, but if it is close we will be here for days. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, my world record when you say days, my world record for being on the hair is 11 hours straight. >>pat: there is a good chance.
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because you just need to be ready. >>neil: thank you very much. pat president i will be there suffering with you. >>neil: i love that. >>pat: just like iowa. >>neil: you are so smart it is scary. panic is setting in as the power outages keep the gas stations closed. this gas line look how far it stretched -- into california! not really but it is bad. go on the road and look at this all these people are looking if gas. you know more than a couple of vehicles have just a quarter tank or less, right if not good. not good. that often leads to hoarding. some relief could be on the way. now, pat, what do you see happening? >>pat: well, it is like we have cabin fever. folks want to get out and survey the damage. what do they need? gasoline, yes, some need it for generators and some need to
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drive around and maybe their employers are making them go do work, but, there are a lot people just have nothing else to do. i don't have three hours to it is to line if gasoline but everything is going to be just a-okay everyone expects things return to normal in a day or two but some lost their houses, is it realistic to expect the house to be the tomorrow? this is a waiting game. >>neil: your points are profound because for a last people who wait in the lines they want to know how long it will be. >>guest: well, it depends on how many thousands of people con-ed brought in from out of state to restore power. i am hopeful that they can restore it to the terminals, first, where gasoline is dispensed and that could happen through the weekend, and we could see some of the bigger terminals come online tomorrow, and the big temperature natural in lyndon, new jersey, is one of
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the ones we need to come back online and stations will start to have power, but, over the weekend there will be good developments. will it all be fixed by the weekend? no. some stations will not have enough gasoline. buy what you need and relax and everything will be returning to normal here in the next week. >>neil: we going do follow this very closely as we head down to the final stretch to election day. so much going on at the same time that is why we are here saturday with a special "cost of freedom," and we are back the very next day on sunday with a single "your world," starting at 4:00 p.m., and we will continue to follow the big money ahead of the big vote on tuesday with live election night coverage stashing at 6:55 p.m. on fox business and we have heard from pat, and it could break my world record for being on the air. we will have the form markets
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and all of that, concurrently, on one network, fox business network, and from the day we started, we told you we were serious about that and if that means staying on the air that long, and, you know, my crack crew requiring bakery products we can do this. we can do this. now, let's get ready for another health care rumble when the men in black, could, could, could, fall for a november surprise.
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>>neil: and it is all saints day a kickoff to november, better than the rocky october, with the the dow advancing 106 points with uplifting consume confidence numbers and not as bad aspected earnings news. this could be the preview to coming attractions because the main event is tomorrow's job report, the one that some thought would be delayed.
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for whatever it is worth the estimate is for 125,000 jobs to be added to the economy last month, and the unemployment to be around 7.8 or 7.9 percent. remember the supreme court ruling giving the go ahead to the health care law well, there is a controversial individual mandate provision and no less than the justice department itself said they have opened a new argument, a lawsuit filed by liberty university that challenges the mandate over separate issue whether the remain employees must comply with a mandate that violates "religious beliefs again good sill -- against facilitating abortion." the high court rules on the merit of the health care tax, not the moral stuff that liberty
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suit raised but if justice is willing to entertain other arguments like liberty, think about it, the supreme court, they could vacate the lower court ruling and rehear the entire case. it is a stretch and the supreme court has not scheduled a time to consider the request but it is not entirely unlikely. what does it mean when the justice department says we are open to haggle over this. what does that mean? >>guest: well, the thing is, they could impose it and it makes it look like they are ramming it down everyone's throat but if they say they are not opposed they understand our country is founded on religious freedom and every case has a right to be heard. >>neil: the timing? i don't want to be cynical or jaded but a few days before election day and a lot of people seething over the health care ruling and lo and behold the justice department move to
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ameliorate that saying they are willing to debate the grounds, jump ball supreme court? >>guest: you are reading my mind. it seems like a political move to say, wait, this administration is not against you and we want a fair ruling, we want everyone to be heard, so we are okay with it. >>neil: so now it is up to the supreme court. how likely would be supreme court just peel another attempt to deal with this? >>guest: the supreme court will not amendment to deal with it they said the lower court got it wrong and should have resulted, because the appellate court said this is premature, it hasn't been ajudd indicated, and we do not know whether individuals are going to be taxed until the supreme court rules. the supreme court said yes, it is constitutional, this is going to be implemented, and, the lower court should have ruled on the constitutionality themselves. they punted it back.
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now, the university has filed saying, wait, we want you to make them rule. the supreme court most likely will pick it upping throw it back to the 4th district and they will have to hear arguments on the constitutionality as it relates to religion. >>neil: i didn't understand a word you just said but you said it so brilliantly. bottom line, it is and could be a mess. i want you to take a look at this. a close look. what do you think you are looking at? beirut? zimbabwe? try hoboken. hoboken, new jersey. when third world meets flooded world feet from the big apple. that is bizarreworld. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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>>neil: a desperate please for help in he -- hoboken, new jersey, the place that was him to frank sinatra and across the river from manhattan. owe reporter is there. how is it looking? >>reporter: you made a good analogy, third world meets hoboken. look. talking about gas lines there are lines for everything. this is the c.v.s. cash only. no ice. no milk, no flash lits. no candles. not were of anything is working in hoboken. they think power, they thought initially seven to ten days, the mayor thinks shorter than that. obviously, if lights anywhere. police are out in the middle of the street trying to direct
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traffic. the national guard force, you could see that in a third world country and people are trying to get by. these guys were responsible for all the water rescues we saw the other day. the mayor tried to explain how this all came up so fast and how the water got into a place, who would guess this would be a hurricane in hoboken that would flood the town? you can see the back of that pickup and our cameraman, i know you know him, the man shooting the pictures for you, had water through his own house if long beach, everyone is a story. but these are meals for the guys and good thanks for the national guard for their work. with a lot more to come. >> what do they do for those who cannot return home? they are in limbo. >>reporter: the interesting thing, there are a lot of people
4:23 pm
who can not get out. seniors don't have any place to go they have volunteers taking medication and they cooperated with the c.v.s. pharmacy and people are taking water and medicine to them. in the higher build ensure you only get the water up to two nears so if you are old and you are on the 4th floor people are carrying water up to them. it is neat to see this all happen in a place that doesn't have any experience with hurricanes like this. >>neil: i know you are modest and not one to take compliments but teen seeing you at ocean's edge in oceans, in dire situations, remarkable, just remarkable, remarkable. thank you very much. >>guest: appreciate it. i will take that. >>neil: amazing guy. tempers flaring over traffic jams and long lines, people
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lining up for blocks in brooklyn to hitch a ride to work and if you get the ride we hear horror stories of commutes, the city is just across the river, four hours, one way, so what can officials do to keep the calm in the three temperature former republican governor of the fine state of new york, he was there for the little thing called 9/11 but, bottom line, governor, this is nothing approaching that but we are aware that it will cause serious implications for weeks, maybe months to come. >>guest: hopefully not months but it will take time. if you look what has happened we are only two days after the storm, if that and some of the subways running, some of the computer lines are running, power is restored to large areas and there are still a great many people hurting and we have to reach out to them but we can have some optimism here, for all the suffering we have been
4:25 pm
through, that the steps are being taken and we will come back. one thought, you showed the picture of the people waiting, to go do work, that just a tribute to new yorkers and to americans. rather than sitting home sulking they put up with the lines and the horrible commute to go to work and that is how it should be. it shows the resolve of the people and it makes you proud. >>neil: you could flip it around that they are scared they better not, thought go to work, right? we live in an environment where job security is such you will do anything to deal with that. what i was trying to say before, governor, the idea that the business. so a city that thrives on business it is a big economic question. >> no question. there are programs. small business programs, disaster assistance programs, and we will be declared a
4:26 pm
disaster area and that provides if federal funding not just to replace infrastructure or homes that are damaged where it is appropriate but to help businesses get back on their feed and it is a terrible economic hit but what is important is to make sure people are safe and out of harm's way. i saw your correspondent in he bicycle, what he is saying is very important, if you are okay, check on a neighbor if you can safely. see if they are okay. people helping people, do not figure it is just going to be the government that takes care of your neighbor. is what we do and what we do very well. >>neil: there has been a dust up in the republican party of chris christie having the republican over, and he argued you take help wherever you can find it and bloomberg passed onen a walk through because he said it would have created more commotion and fuss, and not chris christie, bad blood? >>guest: i don't think so. i think he is the go of the
4:27 pm
state and an enormous crisis and in the middle of the crisis you embrace everyone. >>neil: but you need fema, can a president withhold it? >>guest: no, a president would not withhold it. that doesn't happen. i worked very well with president clinton and his fema director and you do want the support from the federal government but the driving force of the local governments and the state government, and it is the state government that requests the disaster and declaration that asks fema to come in and i cannot conceive of fema not coming in. >> it is never a case of a president holding a grudge. >> not with a disaster. we are better than that. >>neil: quick thoughts on the race? >>guest: i am optimistic, people realize we need a new direction and you talked about the economic climate and how hard it is to get a quaterback or keep a job and that is the overwhelming issue, how will we turn this economy around.
4:28 pm
it hasn't happened in four years and governor romney gives us the possible to create the growth in jobs we all need. >>neil: five days out from the election and officials are scrambling to deal with the damage. ahead of voting, the blitzing, the battle not buckeye state is heating up as both campaigns start in. governor kasich is here next.
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>>neil: take a look at this, this is new jersey, it was a very wealthy shore town before hurricane sandy rolled in. this is what it looks like today. after hurricane sandy. it is almost unrecognizable. but it is not just this city, but it is the entire new jersey landscape, the whole shore that seems to have been completely uprooted, redesigned, and by mother nature's own whim, redone rick is on long beach, new jersey, with the latest. i imagine were the same there, too? rick: absolutely. the mayor says they have in water. no power. no gas. no sewer. no telephone service. he says they are dead in the water. he estimates the damage of long beach island alone could be $700
4:33 pm
million. the homes here are bear, the streets are bear, they have cleared several streets of sand and the police set up a roadblock do clear the sand off the roads. we had police come by and talk to us and tell us they concerned about the safety of people who are here because of all the hazards. downed power lines and possible gas leaks. they should it down for the barrier islands to prevent explosions and fires but the toll continues to climb and they have not begun to get a handle on it. we were in ocean city earlier and they actually have progress down there and the entire island was under 3' of water and most of it drained off and some power is back on for resolution kepts of ocean city allowed back if there to inspect their homes and clean out the garages and areas that were full of sand and water. they are airing things out. we talked to a resident who was upbeat about the whole tinge.
4:34 pm
>> rinsing everything off as quickly as possible. tearing out the drywall to make sure the problem is not worse with mold. i got a couple of my friends here today. a contractor i know. from the island. helping me to dig out. >> does this discourage you from living so close to the beach? >> no. temporary set back. i'll be back and better than ever. >>reporter: some residents are allowed back and others remain with mandatory evacuation orders including long beach island with a curfew at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >>neil: okay, thank you. get some sleep. after sandy, the scramble to get polling places up and running. power out ages and flooding forces the officials to make massive changes. now, the president of emergency association of election officials is on the phone. gone necessary, how many polls do you think are going to be without power? >>guest: quite a few.
4:35 pm
some places we are having generators brought in, the machines will run by battery so it is just getting the lights on, we will have as many polling places open as possible and the ones that are not we will direct the voters where to go. >>neil: what kind of system is if place when power is out and people go in to vote and you cannot extend the deadline, or maybe you can, but i am told it is dicey to do that, and you have operational ballots or paper ballots and you count them by hand. >>guest: absolutely. if the machine is down we have either emergency ballots but we have operational ballots which are paper ballots with an affirmation on the front of it, the voter signs and we know they only voted once and it will take us a couple of days to get them counted. >>neil: what about where it is most prevalent? new jersey is reliably safe.
4:36 pm
for presidential contests it wasn't since ronald reagan that the state tipped republican but would this make a difference in a potential swing in the state for theft unable to vote? >>guest: it will make a swing not if president as it will for so many other campaigns. this is the first time new jersey has moved a majority of its school board out of a special election they used to have in april to the general election. those are local elections that are won by a few votes each and every time. >>neil: you are right. >>guest: we are going to expect quite a bit of people scrambling since the local elections and you have plenty mayors and council rateses that could be close.
4:37 pm
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>>neil: both campaigns are headed to ohio for the final push for votes. governor romney kicking off the last leg of the campaign in the state with a massive rally tomorrow. the president making stops there on saturday sending mixed messages of who is leading there. republican governor john kasich says he has in doubt mitt romney is leading and joins me right now. how are you doing? >>guest: go. doing well. >>neil: in a way we chatted about which before you had a nice record as governor, you have done a lot to improve things and you said the bottom line you want to help your
4:41 pm
fellow ohioans see bets times but it has helped the president. a lot your supporters and believers say, things are going so well a lot people could be saying, thank you, mr. president. >>guest: well, i don't really think so, i think first of all in he it is all about jobs. while we have done we have a ways to go. i don't look at polls. i have been told people give the lion chair of the credit to the officials in the state of ohio but going forward the question is who will help us to move a lot further ahead than we are right now. they are the number one job creators in the midwest and number four in the country coming from 48th and that is good but we still have too many people out of work and we have a very long way to go so, ohioans saying, who will give me a
4:42 pm
better economic future if mile, my spouse, and for my kids. >>neil: what i don't understand governor are the polls. in your state. one has the president up by five points. another has mitt romney up by two points. they all other the -- over the map the i know who you want to win and who you think will win but how do you explain polls that not consistent. >>guest: it is because god credited pollsters to make astrologers did look accurate. it is all about the turn out. who will vote if democrats say the republican polls reflect town out model that is too low. what the republicans say is, the democrat polls reflect the town out that is too high. they do this based on history rather than a crystal ball into the future and that is why you see the variances.
4:43 pm
i don't bay a lot of attention to polls. i don't. at the end of the day it is a guessing game. think about you and i are in a race and we are in the him -- olympic trials. you have to win as fast as you can because when you look behind you that is when you lose ground and you lose. >>neil: but you worry if you see someone if front of you, right? >>guest: you run as fast as you can through that tape. here is the thing: we we don't what the position of the runners are. what we know is that if you going to win you have to run as fast as you can. you are a clever guy, that was a good point but the fact of the matter is, we don't know who is really ahead. we know it is extremely close. the internals i have been told about suggest romney is slightly ahead but there are four more days to go.
4:44 pm
they will be in ohio a lot. >>neil: you think romney can afford to lose your state? >>guest: i wouldn't suggest that. i don't think you want to lose ohio. if you lose ohio it puts into play a lot of other states that romney folks hope they win, like a state like virginia, i don't think you want to be in a position of where you can say we can afford to lose he he but we will pick it up somewhere else. >>neil: what did you think of governor christie with the president in new jersey yesterday saying he was doing, help is help and he will take it. there have been a lot of people in the republican party saying it did not look good and the timing of it so close to the election next week almost represented a slap to mitt romney. what do you say? >>guest: i say when you go of a state and your state has been absolutely decimated and devastated and somebody comes in
4:45 pm
to help you, i likely to give them a big hug and thank them. i told somebody earlier today about this, if you have a loved one that is in a operating room and you don't know how it will go and weapon the doctor walks out and says, the patient is fine, patient is going to make it, you tend to hug the doctor and claim them to be the greatest doctor that ever lived. it is natural to human nature. looking at the survey, the news over there in surveying the damage, it is breathtaking, isn't it? i said last night and i say it begin today, i am saying my prayers for those folks, we all have to. to lock through this through a political lens of christie wanting to thank the president for helping him out and by the way, with chris christie you get what you see. he has always been enenthusiastic and direct that is how he is. that is why people like him. >>neil: they are saying did he go too far? it is one thing to thank the
4:46 pm
budget but to heap on the praise and the whole thing, said, all right, all right, you overdid it. you say he did not? >>guest: he is doing what he emotionally feels about his state. i'm not going to criticize chris christie. slow this a heck of a fix. we wish him and the people of new jersey all the best. that is not what politics -- the question you ask, are you helping the president because ohio is doing better? what should we do, worse for political gain? come on. >>neil: you are right. politics should stop at some point where we care about the people we are representing. at the end of the day life is short and you will be remembered for what you did to lift your people not all the political stuff that is out there so take a breath on all of this, everybody does, right, left, democrat, republican, take care of the country. >>neil: i'll chalk it up as a question i shouldn't have asked. governor, your state isn't
4:47 pm
without feeling the pinch of the storm. i saw lake erie and severe damage, can you update me on how your state looks with power outages and the like. how many will get to the polls in. >> we will okay on that. i was in cleveland last night and flew up there and spent time with both the city, the mayor, mayor jackson and his people representing us in the county and looking at the surrounding areas we have emergency management operations in ohio and we worked with them and there are still a lot of people without power and we are concerned about temperatures falling but we are on it. we check it on a minute by minute basis and we will get through this up there. >>neil: your thought on the possibility in the race next week that we have one guy
4:48 pm
winning the popular vote, one guy winning the electoral vote. what do you think of that? >>guest: that is the way the system is constructed. i think it is nut going -- not going to happen. it comes down do me i see the enthusiasm for change. four years ago i saw the enthusiasm for president obama. i don't see it. i don't see it now, i don't feel it across the country, maybe things will change in the next four or five days but at this point enthusiasm carries the day. enthusiasm for change that represents a romney win. >>neil: you put me down in such a classy way. >>guest: you are so good at this. >>neil: you put me down like no one else can i admire it and i fear it. governor kasich, thank you very
4:49 pm
much. be well. >>guest: thanks neil. >>neil: in the wake of this storm, so many americans are seeking comfort. my next guest has a message of hope. been there. done that. got through that. wreck noise this fellow? [ female announcer ] the power to become a better investor has gone mobile. with features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade.
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this is the first time we have been out, because we have been under water. this is the first time we have been able to walk through the streets. it is just, it's -- this is my home. this is my home. and i see things like this and i walk by people's houses and they're filled with mud and diesel and everything else imaginable. this is our home. >> neil: how many times do
4:53 pm
you see that after a calamity, right? every calamity. it doesn't matter stator event or the hurricane. how do you recover? what do you do? who knows more about that personally than j.r. martinez? he covered burns over 30% of his body. you remember he appeared here. humvee, hit a roadside bomb. april of 2003 in iraq. he is 19 years old. he went through gazillion operations. he fought back and became a national hero. became a dancing star. soap opera star and now a best seller with full of heart. my story of survival, strength and spirit. where he reveals among other things embarrassing incident at the white house in the men's room but i digress. it won't go there. how are you? >> doing great. great to be here. you know, you and i have a history of eight years. you have seen me in a lot of ways grow. >> neil: absolutely. >> from the kid i was, and just trying to figure it out
4:54 pm
and know what to do with my life. like the footage we saw of the lady in hoboken and everybody in new jersey and new york. they are going through a tough time. having to start over. have to rebuild again. that is a scary thing for anybody to go through any change. >> neil: what do you tell them? it's one thing to lose all of your possessions. that is horrible. you almost lost your life. >> absolutely. >> neil: you questioned in the first account there, you first looked at your image in a mirror. you were a good looking guy. you are now, i don't mean to say that. but you joke about it, hey, i'm a good looking guy. you couldn't believe what you were saying. one thing to survive but to survive in the state you were in. you questioned whether it was worth it. what do you tell people? >> it's hard. the first question is why? why us? why does this happen to me? my neighborhood, my community? sometimes words aren't enough. the biggest thing to tell people, you can see me and i
4:55 pm
have been through a lot, the major thing change is scary. change is scary. especially unexpected change. the biggest thing to share with people, try to be patient and be as positive as you can. it's very difficult. it's easier. some people say it's easy for you to say. you're sitting in a chair and you're okay. i've been through something in my life. stay positive as much as you can. >> neil: i got to feel that there is something guiding you. look at your mom with you who you also speak glowingly about. it met her one time. remarkable woman. she stood by your side throughout. she is trying to elicit a reaction from him. he would squeeze his eyes to react. i don't want to give it away. perhaps, if you have a dry eye after reading that, you're not human. but anyway, it's hard to see beyond the here and now. what do you tell them? >> i just tell them, honestly, the biggest thing i learned
4:56 pm
you have to stay positive and be patient and continue to believe. my support system starting with my mother, i had one and it helped me get through. there is a support system of all this area, the east coast, and hopefully the people in the right positions to be able write checks, get the resources of the individuals. understand and know you will be able to rebuild. sometimes as scary as it is, it's okay to start from scratch again. you can do it. you won't do it alone. >> neil: are you religious? something guided you soap opera star and dancing star. >> you know what drives me? of course, my faith is big in my life and my family's life. i have motivation and hunger. i love challenges. challenges to me, they drive me every day. i want to prove to myself, i want to prove to everybody that sees me do it can. #-1/2 years ago i was in -- 9-1/2 years ago i was in a hospital room learning to walk again. simple things we take for
4:57 pm
granted now i learn to write a book and run a marathon. >> neil: i'll be driving. >> catch a ride. >> neil: remarkable story. "story of survival, strength and spirit." we all need it. that will do it. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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