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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 8, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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martha: quite a day. between our friend in staten island and rockaway. get him some helps, folks. bill: amen to that, folks. when families are counting down days they're circling the calendar. welcome home. martha: see you tomorrow. "happening now" starts right now. jon: we begin with this fox news alert. brand new information about the deadly benghazi terror attack. as fox news learns the list of suspects includes militants aligned with a egyptian terror network, violent extremists trying to link up with al qaeda. as police in egypt bust a terror cell and seize enough weapons to carry out a mumbai-style attack. catherine herridge is collecting all the late-breaking information. she will be here live next hour. right now brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: president obama and house speaker john boehner
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pledging to work together this time around with the threat of the fiscal cliff just months away. is it just talk or are they actually going to find common ground before it is too late? we'll talk about that. plus the deadly disease that can be predicted by visible signs of aging. we'll talk about that with a doctor coming up. armed motor thieves racing through a busy mall. how about that? the jewelry store heist caught on tape. it's all "happening now.". jenna: hi, everybody. great to have you with us today. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. lots to get too today. we want to get started what is going on in the northeast. mother nature package powerful punch hitting an area still recovering from superstorm sandy d a strong nor'easter dumping freezing rain and snow on new york and new jersey. this winery mix coming at
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the worst possible time with hundreds of thousands of people still waiting for electricity to be restored after sandy. no power means no heat as temperatures plunge. steve centanni is live in new jersey. steve? >> reporter: hi, we're in manahawki new jersey. this is goes out the bay to long beach island. they're not letting cars out there including us because of a new emergency. not only was this beach area really hard hit by hurricane sandy with a lot of flooding and homes destroyed and a lot of people sent to shelters. now they have new flooding overnight because we had the nor'easter overnight with heavy, wet snow coming down. right on top of hurricane sandy. only nine days separating two storm emergencies. a double-whammy people out here extremely hard hit. we'll look at some pictures. not just new jersey. here we have three inches of snow on the ground. farther up in northern
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new jersey, new york, staten island, new york's central park and up into connecticut. as much as seven inches of snow on the ground. now the big problem for a lot of people here is not only this new flooding out here on long beach island, new jersey, but the power is out and it's cold. it was 32 degrees last night. it is reaching into the 40s now. a lot of people in shelters. some people trying to rough it out in their homes will be very, very cold without lech i interest. about 400,000 people in new jersey alone are still without power. some of those had power restored after days and days in the wake of hurricane sandy, only to have it go out again last night. so this is an extreme emergency for some of these people. the national guard, several of their vehicles, whole convoy just heading out across the causeway there out to long beach island now. but they're not allowing any of the public or any of the media right now. so again the northeast doubly hit, hit hard first by hurricane sandy and
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secondly by this nor'easter last night with a lot of heavy, wet snow and cold, cold weather and some high winds as well. jon, back to you. jon: and the frustration for those people is just really intense right now. >> reporter: absolutely. jon: steve centanni in manahawkin, new jersey. thank you. jenna: more on that story. meantime we turn to politics and new questions about what the president's administration will look like from the perspective of cabinet members and staffers. this is typically a time we see some staff make some moves. so what can we expect this time around? shannon bream live from washington with more on this. shannon, what is the likelihood we could actually see some major changes? >> it is interesting. the obama administration has had very little turnover at the cabinet level. only two key players leaving during the first administration but that is likely to change. there is some level of burnout of course. historically most cabinet officials do not stay for two full terms. treasury secretary tim geithner hasn't indicated he will phase out at some point
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though with all the issues regarding the fiscal cliff looming he is unlikely to do that right away. secretary of state hillary clinton will also transition out. u.n. ambassador susan rice was seen as likely replacement that could be in jeopardy given her public involvement in the very controversial benghazi situation. but also looking at that position, senator kerri. seen as potential contender for secretary of state slot, jenna. jenna: you mentioned burnout some of the personal reasons folks don't stay two terms. what are the key decisions that will impact the decisions? >> i mentioned fiscal cliff with that coming, issues about sequestration. defense secretary leon panetta has been very vocal about the fears of the impact on the pentagon. he has been very involved in the negotiations. we talked to a professor from to us son state university. she said when people are invested in the negotiations they don't like to walk away. that is probably true of secretary panetta. here is what she told us.
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>> defense secretary leon panetta, he has fought hard against sequestration because he didn't want to see the type of cuts that sequestration called for the defense department. and he is going to see that through. >> keep in mind he has got probably the toughest commute of any cabinet secretary right now going from coast to coast to do his job. folks says he seems very committed to staying there until they figure out exactly how these cuts will affect the pentagon. jenna. jenna: it is a long commute for sure. thank you. >> reporter: you got it. >> there was a mandate in yesterday's results it is a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation. >> in the coming weeks and months i am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties, to meet the challenges we can only solve together. jon: peace is breaking out all over in washington. will the president's second term usher in a new era of
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compromise and bipartisanship? let's talk about the possibilities with a.b. stoddard, associate editor and columnist for "the hill." they're talking a good game. they have both motivation to be compromising. will they? >> oh, that is a tricky question to answer. i think the president is going to enjoy a few weeks of feeling victorious in an impressive win in the electoral college. he is going to ask the republicans to bend to his way but everyone knows when they really get down to business after thanksgiving, the republicans are, are spoiling for a fight. many of them really don't believe that the president was given a mandate to raise taxes and they don't want to break with their party orthodoxy and do that. you hear house speaker john boehner talk about finding new revenue through tax rerecall to. i think they will get down something to put off the fiscal cliff and put off sequestration cuts. as for broad outlines of tax
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reform i don't think we'll know that for months to come. jon: i herd an interesting statement from senate majority leader harry reid yesterday. he said you can push us push us, and push us and we'll be accommodating but you have to compromise. as if to say republicans or the house members, house republicans are the ones who need to compromise in the upcoming legislative session? >> well, i'll tell you house republicans feel of two mind right now. they actually don't want to have a middle class tax hike on their shoulders if the president calls the bluff and let he is all of the tax cuts expire because republicans wouldn't raise taxes on the top brackets. they don't want that on their heads. they think that would be damaging to them politically. they're looking 2014 where they want to take back majority in the senate and consolidate their majority in the house. they don't want a fight devastating takes them two years to try to recover from it. they're looking to move past this as quickly as possible, without compromising their principles but with compromising that the fiscal cliff issue is off the table.
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president obama doesn't have the leverage he is boasting about however because he wants a debt ceiling increase all in the same package and republicans won't give him to him unless it is a package that appeals to them. jon: there was an interesting line in the piece you wrote and i want to share it with our viewers. you said the what's next question for both parties is painful too. americans voted for the status quo that team that has failed us already and brought us a credit downgrade, and has taken us down the fiscal cliff. who says there is mandate? pretty much the same bunch of characters we had in there the la two years. >> absolutely is save for a few extra democratic senators. we're at the fiscal cliff. the world is watching us. we lost our reputation as a country that solves problems together. i really believe that members are getting sick of government on the brink. we've been on the brink since april of 2011. there was, a near default, a partial shutdown of the faa. the failure of the super
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committee and now sequestration deathtrap cuts no one wants it go through it. congress has to do something. both parties share in that consensus. they're hoping that by christmas, by new year's eve they're going to do something. jon: what about the president though? he doesn't have to answer to voters again. some say he will be free to do whatever he wants, that, he may turn a more liberal page? >> you know, we, people debate this all the time, whether the president, i debate it with charles krauthamer often. he thinks he is an idealogue. i think he is a ego maniac. the president is looking for a move past another election to move past unpopular health care reform and i think he is probably willing to do something on a medicare overhaul that would do something to balance the books to get us further back from the fiscal crisis we're facing head on right now. maybe i'm wrong. that would obviously be the best scenario for both parties to get rid of the
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fiscal cliff. get us away from a fiscal crisis so both parties can move on to their own agenda, whether immigration, reform, energy reform or education reform, what have you. jon: put that to a vote to our viewers, ideologue or ego-maniac, what do you think? a.b. stoddard from "the hill". jenna: or none of the above. jon: that is possible too. jenna: the man who murdered six people and permanently injured congresswoman gabby giffords is learning his fate today. we'll have an update on the sentencing for arizona shooter jared lee loughner. that image certainly few of you forget. parts of the northeast digging out from up to eight inches of snow as millions there are still recovering from superstorm sandy. a live update from the ground, next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat?
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jon: right now some crime stories we're keeping an eye
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on. sentencings expected any moment for jared loughner. he pleaded guilty you might recall in the arizona shootings that left six people dead and congresswoman gabrielle giffords critically injured. a guilty plea expected today in the wikileaks case. american soldier private bradley manning accused leaking government secrets offerings up a plea to some lesser charges in that case. the family of jessica ridgeway ordering a missing children's foundation to stop using the 10-year-old's likeness. jessica was kidnapped and killed in october as she walked to school. her family says they never authorized the organization to use her name and photo on fund-raising items they have been selling in colorado. jenna: weather certainly one of the biggest stories last few weeks. this fox news weather alert. the east coast going another round with mother nature. a powerful nor'easter slamming the area with heavy winds and rain and record snowfall quite frankly especially for this time of the year as really this
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whole area is trying to recover from superstorm sandy and that recovery is going to take months if not years. long island hit especially hard with both storms. many people waking up in the dark once again after getting power back on from sandy. many people still don't have power we should mention. we have the city manager of long beach, new york, a big commuter town to the city of manhattan and one particularly hit hard by superstorm sandy. jack, how much of an impact is this snowstorm on top of everything else here you're having to deal with? >> hi, jenna. yeah we took a huge punch from superstorm sandy last week. it knocked out our critical infrastructure, our water, our sewer and power. this week an unprecedented five, six inches of --. jenna: we'll see if we can get jack back. he was mentioning some of the infrastructure problems that the city is going through. i assume he is probably talking to us on his cell phone. sometimes that can be a problem. i was chatting with jack during the break, i said wow of all the fatigue.
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jack is back with us. jack we lost you mid-sentence there. you were saying saw unprecedented level of five to six inches of snow and infrastructure being affected. pick up from there. where is your community today as far as any state of recovery? >> sure. you know, in superstorm sandy we lost our water, our sewer and power and our gas. we had restored sewer, and almost restored clean drinking water. just waiting for approval from the county that we're testing through the roof in terms how clean we are and power being restored. with this snowstorm last night we lost our sewer plant went down again. and, some of the areas that had been restored power have begun to lose it. we're wondering between the superstorm and the snowstorm what is next week look like if the locusts and vermin are coming, we want to know. jenna: i'm sure you do. although i'm sure you would like your sewage system back
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the time you get to two weeks in this wholerd ordeal. are you getting help you need. >> we are. i have to say we have gotten unprecedented level of cooperation and support from all levels of government here from the county executive and governor, everybody here. we have hundreds of first-responders here on the ground from all over the country. we are so grateful for it, whether they be fema or national incident management organization. these are critical folks and state police and the national guard. these folks have been critical to pouring in phenomenal resources to help our residents get back up and running again. we're so appreciative of it. jenna: that is good news. they certainly can't get you a night of good sleep, right, jack? of all things that you're doing, you were just telling me during the commercial break 18 days straight of working, really around the clock. also for your police, firefighters, all the civil workers, that are certainly working nonstop. how big of an obstacle is fatigue right now? >> it is significant. our first-responders have
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been incredible. our police, our fire and our public works folks have been working around the clock and then last night, doubling their efforts to plow the roads in the midst of the recovery effort. so our folks are tired. they're a little worn. but they have been doing just such a phenomenal job. thankfully we're able to supplement them with assistance from other levels of government as well. jenna: jack, how can folks help? >> you know, the number one thing we need right now is some things from outside, from the outside world. folks are looking for, you know, they have lost a lot of what they have. so we're taking financial donations for the city of long beach relief effort at long if anyone has household items or, in bulk they like to donate we're able to take those as well at 516-431-1001. we're taking volunteers to assist in the relief effort
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at 516-301-0932. jenna: we'll make sure. writing that down as you're talking about it. we'll make sure that is on our website but, potentially a great resource for people that want to help. jack, best of luck and thanks for the time today. >> thank you. jon: well, this was no movie. the thieves armed with actions plowed through a mall on motorcycles before raiding a jewelry store. we're live at the breaking news desk with more of this incredible surveillance video and latest on the hunt for these suspects. plus new warnings about china's military arsenal and the nuclear threat it could soon pose. we'll take you live to the pentagon for that update.
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jon: right now, the hunt is on for six brazen thieves armed with actions and bats. they raced through a mall on motorcycles, raided a jewelry store in a heist that looks like a scene from a hollywood action thriller. rick folbaum live with that story. rick? >> reporter: all caught on tape. the mall open the 15 minutes earlier. all of sudden the guys ride in and wreak havoc. look at surveillance video. as jon said the men are armed with actions and bats. six of them on three different bikes. faces are covered up wearing helmets. they pull up in front of a jewelry store, once you see them go inside they start stuffing bags with watches and jewels. they knew to grab the good stuff, rolexes, cartier a. police say hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise stolen in the mall. one of the guys stands guard outside holding his axe up in the air ready to swing it in case anybody comes near him. after this is over, they
11:25 am
will get back on their bikes and then speed off. nobody was hurt. an elderly shopper was treated at the scene for shock. these guys eventually ditched their i can boos, leaving them on a golf course nearby. now the hunt is on for them. police are looking for them in london. if we get anymore information we'll pass it along. jon: crazy stuff. rick, thank you. jenna: new information on the threat posed by china with word that the nation is less than two years away from deploying nuclear armed submarines. this comes as we get the first glimpse of china's latest stealth fighter jet. nothing national security correspondent jennifer griffin is appropriately covering this part of the story, jen, from the pentagon. start first with the jet. why is it such a big deal to notice this development and what does it mean for the state of their military? >> reporter: jenna, it is a real issue if the u.s. continues to pivot toward asia. you remember when then defense secretary robert gates visited china, one of his last trips as defense
11:26 am
secretary, the chinese surprised him by testing a new stealth fighter jet known as the j-20. the test flight can be seen in a youtube video. now chinese military blogs released new pictures giving the world's first glimpse at china's latest stealth fighter jet, j-31 who's air intake and engine suspiciously similar to the f-35. others say it is similar to the lockheed martin f-22 raptor. officials suspect it was used using stolen intellectual property from u.s. defense contractors. the industry and pentagon suspected the chinese were stealing intellectual property through cyber intrusions, jenna. jenna: something we talk a lot about. when we talk about pivoting east potentially part of the strategy moving forward we can't forget about the russians of the tell us what you're watching with the russians? >> reporter: the notion of russian reset will be tests as well early in the obama
11:27 am
second term. u.s. navy officials confirm a sierra class russian nuclear powered attack submarine was detected three00 miles off the east coast of the united states in late october. the u.s. navy detected it with under water sonar sensors. russia shaeast navy commander said on june 1st, russian nuclear powered subs would return to the patrolling the world's oceans as they did iner earlier times. he downplayed the it off the east coast saying it was not seen as provocative, jenna. jenna: they were taking a tour, getting close to the coast? what were they doing? >> seems like they're probing and testing response times and testing to see if that sonar really detects them. in this case it did. jenna: in this case it did. a story we'll keep an eye on. that's for sure. jennifer, thank you. jon: good thing. president obama and house speaker john boehner, they are both calling for bipartisanship. they say they want to end
11:28 am
the gridlock in washington. any real chance of that? a fair and balanced debate coming up. we have newly-released video of a stolen plane on a wild and destructive ride. who was piloting and how this thing ended, coming up. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jenna: some new information on what many believe is a looming fiscal cliff. a live look for you at
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capitol hill. sort of quiet right now but it is about to get busy. two days after the election both parties are moving quickly to avert what could be a budget nightmare. jim angle live from washington. jim, are they moving quickly to come together or move quickly to go back to their corners? what are you seeing? >> reporter: well the democrats insist on new revenues. in fact senator reid a argues the president won a mandate for higher taxes. listen. >> the president campaigned around the country, saying we know what the problems are with fiscal problem. we just need some revenue. that was the issue. >> reporter: now speaker boehner said republicans are fine with increased revenues but from tax reform and the economic growth that comes from it, not increases in tax rates. now boehner's talking about the same kinds of bipartisan reforms that democrats joined with president reagan to craft back in 1986,
11:33 am
eliminating many tax deductions as a way of increasing total revenues, and lowering tax rates at the same time. that was a bipartisan reform, just as the proposal from the president's own debt commission, the bowls simpson commission was. now that recommended exactly the same kinds of options. president obama walked away from them of course but now the clock is ticking and republicans are offering a proven, bipartisan way to give the president what he wants, increased revenues, jenna. jenna: so you have both leadership from the hoist and senate, some sound from there, jim. what about the president in general though? he seems to want to raise taxes on the wealthy. that was part of his platform for re-election. so whathappens there? >> well, he has been pushing that for years as you know. but republicans have not changed their view on that. they say increased tax rates on higher incomes will hit small businesses who pay at the individual rate, and are responsible for most of the
11:34 am
new jobs in the country. listen. >> doing what's best means fully considering the impact of the policies that will be set in motion. you know the independent accounting firm ernst & young ace going over part of the fiscal cliff and raising taxes on the top two rates would cost the economy more than 700,000 jobs. >> rorter: so republicans are hoping for new revenues but not from increased tax rates. remember, jenna, back in 2010, when the economy was growing at 2.3%, president obama extended all the bush tax cuts saying the economy was too weak to digest a tax increase. now it is growing at 2% but mr. obama is forging ahead anyway. jenna. jenna: it will be interesting to watch. jim, thank you. >> reporter: yes, ma'am. jon:. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we're ready to be led not as democrats or republicans but as americans. we want you to lead, not as a liberal or a conservative, but as president of the united states of america.
11:35 am
we want you to succeed. let's challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us. let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it is better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. everything doesn't have to be a fight. that is the way it has been the last couple years. so, everyone should comprehend, especially my senate friends, that legislation is the art of compromise, it is consensus building. jon: i hear peace breaking out all over. that was senate majority leader harry reid and before him, house speaker john boehner, calling for an end to the gridlock in washington. they're telling members of their parties to work together now that the election is behind us. but with the balance of power in washington essentially unchanged and
11:36 am
all the division of the past two years still fresh in everyone's mind is that reason possible? let's talk about it with angela mcglowan, fox news political analyst. chris kofinis, former chief of staff to senator joe manchin of west virginia. we had your former boss senator manchin, yesterday, chris. he said let's go to washington. let's be bipartisan and get together and move the country forward on issues that matter. what do you think the chances are? >> well, you know i want to be optimistic. i think there is an opportunity there. i think republicans were deliver ad pretty powerful message iners terms of defeat and in terms of demographic realities they now face. you now have the election. president will not run for re-election. that is no longer a factor. i think both sides have come to terms with reality there are big problems that need solutions and you're going to have to compromise. i think devil is in the details. it ails is. if republicans and certain
11:37 am
factions of republicans are willing to compromise, if the other faction is smaller, basically hold hard-line on revenues and want entitlement reform with no revenues that will not be negotiating point for democrats i can tell you. i think that is the challenge. jon: angela, the question is, do republicans need to do all the compromising? >> no, both sides need to do all the compromising. both sides need to come together. we have to stop the partisan politics. chris and i worked in washington, d.c. for years. as former lobby i and he as a strategist you have to come to the table with ideas and don't walk away until you come up with an agreement. i think president obama is ready. harry reid needs to present a budget. just can't be on the right. chris brings up something dealing with division in the republican party. boehner has a job to do. it is a party divided. you have the tea partiers who are ultraconservative. they don't want to give up their conservative values. and then you have the more moderates in the party and boehner needs to lead and
11:38 am
maybe cut some deals on the side with more conservative members. jon: we're looking at him in that press event yesterday where he suggested that the republicans would be open to perhaps more revenue, chris, if there is some kind of major overhaul of the tax code. would democrats go along with that? >> again, i think that is definitely a pblt but, i think people need to understand that elections have consequences. the president, you know, ran on raising taxes on those making more than 250. if you look at the exit polls, the american people supported that position. so it is going to be very difficult i think with a straight face for boehner or the republicans to go into negotiations with either senator reid or the president to say, we don't want to raise taxes on the top 3%. >> but chris -- >> i don't know how you do that if you think there which will be a deal done. >> if you look at 1986 with reagan and tip o'neill it worked. why do we have to raise taxes? why can't we lower the tax rate and reform the tax code? actually work together
11:39 am
instead of raising taxes on a certain group of people. as you heard boehner said, if you do we will lose more jobs. we need to create more jobs. >> here's the problem with that position. reality that was exactly mitt romney's position and he got spanked in the election. >> doesn't matter. >> he lost -- it does matter that's the reality of elections, there are consequences. >> he needs to lead. if something is proven even president simpson-bowles, if something is proven to work, don't look at electorate, look at polls. that is what politicians are doing. >> not looking at polls. what the voters have decided. >> voters want more jobs and raising taxes will not create more jobs. >> the voters decided on president obama's agenda. listen i think there has to be compromise, don't get me wrong. i think everyone has got to give but reality in terms of dealing with the big problems, particularly entitlement reform, tax reform, the republicans are going to have to give on revenue. they will have to give on tax increases.
11:40 am
if they do not, i do not think there will be a deal. jon: right now government expenditures are gobbling up a huge percentage of our gdp something like 24%, chris. that's, at near historic highs. is that really the appropriate way to grow the economy. >> but there is flip side to that. the flipside to that, if you look at spending, look at revenue, excuse me to gdp it is about 15%. we had collapse in revenues since the great recession began. you have to have more revenues coming in, especially given the big problems that we face, both on entitlement side and spending side. no one says there doesn't have to be containment on spending but there has to be additional revenues coming in as part of it. >> the only proven way to reduce poverty and increase prosperity is through smaller government. so what you want to do is raise taxes so the government can have more money to waste. i believe that -- >> that is actually not true. that's not what i want to do. in fact -- >> your party. your party. >> if you look what
11:41 am
president clinton did, i say that is good model, the revenues were about 19% of gdp during the clinton era. in order to get revenues to where the historic levels about 19% of gdp you have to have revenue increases. listen i'm not saying this as democrat. it is fiscal reality we face. we have to have more revenue. >> we have to reduce big government. we have to cut spending. we can not raise taxes on americans. jon: we'll have to leave it there. that is your bipartisanship breaking out here on "happening now" on a thursday. >> we're close. we're close. jon: wee seal what happens. thank you both, angela and chris. jenna: we'll take close. i have a confession, jon? jon: what's that? jenna: i could spend hours in the drugstore looking at different creams and they tell you this will do this for your skin. do you do that? jon: no. jenna: you're a guy. jon: i could spend hours in the tool aisle at home depot. jenna: i bring this up because the other day i bought a face cream, it said
11:42 am
anti-aging on it, right? that is what you want. anti-aging. jon: that's what i need. jenna: personally we all think about, visible signs of aging. there is a new study out that really caught our attention that some visible signs of aging could actually point to some much larger health concerns. it is not just about you how you look but what is going on inside. so we have a doc coming up on this and she will tell us what we need to watch for. this plane taken on a wild ride. you see it in the background there just cruising along? the whole thing caught on tape. who was piloting. not jon scott. jon: not the barefoot bandit, was it? jenna: i hope not. he is in prison, isn't he? who was piloting and how it came to a stop and what is going on there next
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11:45 am
jon: this is wild. we have some newly-released video on a bizarre incident involving a stolen jetliner last july. take a look. this is the surveillance video out of utah. you can see the jet there as
11:46 am
it clips the side of the terminal at st. george airport. the guy in the cockpit was trying to make a getaway and took a joyride in the thing. he knocked down fences, light poles, ran over some cars. police say he stole the plane. he was a former skywest pilot wanted in the murder of his ex-girlfriend three days earlier. jenna: sound like a great guy. jon: yeah. not clear where he was trying to go. police say he ultimately killed himself before they could take him into custody. jenna: yikes! what a story. well the elusive fountain of youth, where is it, right? this segment is not going to tell you that but there's an interesting new study out that suggests that signs of aging, aging aren't just red flags you know you're getting older and wiser, but these signs of aging could be maybe indications that you're at risk for heart disease of all things. joining us now, dr. lee vinocur, adjunct professor
11:47 am
at lsu shreveport. doctor, heart disease, why? >> like vanity's dirty little secret. things you do that keep you looking good and healthy on the outside also make you healthy on the inside. what i call health from the outside in. this was a interesting study that corroborated that from denmark where they followed almost 11,000 people and found, if they had four typical signs of aging, irrespective of their cholesterol or their blood pressure, they had an increased risk for heart attack, or heart disease, something like 57% if they had all four signs so. jenna: some of the signs they tested of six signs of aging. they did the study more than 30 years. >> right. jenna: baldness in the crown of your head, receding hairline at the temples, gray hair, wrinkles, earlobe wrinkles and fatty deposits at eyelids. looking at ourselves which ones do i have? which ones are the ones that
11:48 am
were concerning? >> the worst is the fatty deposit under the eye lobe. it is a form of a xanthoma, it actually under your eyelid and you can see little yellow deposits. those are cholesterol deposits. so that is an indication your cholesterol is sky-high and being depositedded under your skin. that was probably the most severe. the earlobe crease, you know, there has been a couple studies back and forth, what does it mean? a lot of time people sleep on their face. as they get older their skin is not elastic but when they looked at these four signs, if you had all four of them you had almost twice the risk of having heart disease. so something to think of. jenna: so all four combined though? not just, oh, gray hair? >> right. right. jenna: also ear -- i feel all of america thinking i will sleep like this forever. so i have no earlobe creases. >> that is a good way to think. the truth is, if you take care of yourself, age shows
11:49 am
up on the inside and the outside. if you take care of yourself, the looks on the outside do say something about what ire arteries look like inside so. jenna: some people look great, right, doctor? >> right. jenna: don't have any wrinkles. they don't have any gray hair. then surprising when they find out they do have heart disease. how do we take those into consideration? >> well, i mean, first of all, it's a greater than your chronological age. if you're aging worse than your chronological age, then, it is an issue. and obviously it's lifestyle. lifestyle affects how you look. lifestyle affect what is going on inside of you. the truth is, if you do take care of yourself, and you have an active lifestyle and you eat healthy and all these things, they said, it wasn't gray hair alone and wasn't wrinkles in other parts of your face but, if you had a healthy lifestyle more than undoubtedly true, they would find that people
11:50 am
appeared not as old as other people that had on a healthy lifestyle. what you do and how you take care of yourself, how you look on the outside does affect the inside. jenna: it matters. not just vanity. jon is listening intently. jon: i don't look like i had a birthday yesterday, do i? i don't like a year older? jenna: you look at least 10 years younger now that you had the birthday. happy bee lated to jon. dr. vinocur, thank you very much. i wasn't going to mention your birthday on tv because i didn't know if you were sensitive about it. i don't know should we sing happy birthday. jon: thank you, doctor vinocur, good information. the state that brought us the two this election deadlock, is at it again. why nobody has won florida's 29 electoral votes and what that state is doing about it [ man ] ring ring... progresso
11:51 am
this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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jenna: welcome back, everyone. election deadlock, florida style. certainly not a thing of the past. a big question mark still hangs over the state's 29 electoral votes days after voters headed to the polls. and now there is growing frustration. >> moving forward i will do whatever it takes to insure that this does not happen again in lee county. jenna: some emotion there. phil keating live in miami now. phil? >> reporter: well the miami mayor called it inexcusable and south florida congressional representative says quote, this election was a disaster and the election, well, it is still is continuing in the state of florida. look at the latest vote tally coming in from the secretary of state's office up in tallahassee. shows governor mitt romney winning 49.25% of the vote and representative or president obama winning 49.89% of the vote. keeping the president in the lead right now by 53,250
11:55 am
votes. inside the ballot counting room in miami-dade county, this is what you're seeing this morning. the election continuing. still being counted are absentee ballots in the four counties around miami, jacksonville, fort lauderdale and west palm beach, very heavily populated counties by the way. despite station and national criticism and mockery of florida's election performance, officials say it is simply the numbers. >> this is simply a matter of sheer volume. we're dealing with a tremendous amount of paper. we will continue this process. it will be completed, but it will be done so with integrity and accuracy. every vote will be counted. >> reporter: tuesday night thousands of florida voters in several counties endured long, slow lines, wrapping around precincts and hours and hours of waiting. many voters reportedly gave up, walked away, didn't vote. others ended up not voting until well after midnight.
11:56 am
>> after this, i think you will have another 2000, get the job done, get it fixed right now. florida does not need this kind of embarassment. >> reporter: also, and enormous part of the blame according to official watchers, well, the very long historically long ballot in the state of florida. in miami-dade county alone it was 10 pages long, taking voters in the booth, 20, 30, 45 minutes just to vote. democrats cried all along this was intent by republicans for democratic voter suppression. republicans pointing out almost all the rest of the state had no problems whatsoever and governor and secretary of state will be meeting soon to make sure we have a more fluid election process perhaps next time. jenna: we'll see what happens with the 29 electoral votes. doesn't affect results but still very interesting story headed for the state of florida. so thank you. >> reporter: thanks, jenna, it is the man with the most creepy mug shot that most of us have ever seen.
11:57 am
he pleaded guilty to the tucson shooting rampage. now jared loughner about to hear from some of his victims it. the latest from arizona as the man who killed six people and critically injured congresswoman gabby giffords learns his sentence
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> reporter: hi, everybody, rick folbaum in the control room, a lot of new stories we're working on including a story about a killer quake where dozens are dead, including an entire family. more than 150 people are wounded. we'll take you there to the devastation. also, staten island still reeling from sandy, now having to dig out after that nor'easter. we'll talk live, rather, to a local official to see if people are getting the help that they need. agree and the countdown til election day is over, but that debt clock keeps on ticking. a major selloff on wall street yesterday, we're inching closer to the fiscal cliff. what's going to happen? we'll talk about that. all of that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now.
12:01 pm
jon: tracking down the terrorists who murdered four americans in libya including the u.s. ambassador, new developments as we begin the second hour of "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee, and the trail of terror is leading to a group with ties to egypt. fox news is reporting the list of suspects responsible for the deadly terror attack in benghazi, that list now includes dozens of militants, some aligned with an egyptian extremist group known as the jamal network. catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> reporter: thank you, jenna, and good morning. a u.s. official tells fox the jamal network is committed to violence adding they are hard core extremists who are pushing for a relationship with al-qaeda. the jamal network takes its name from a terrorist who is now trying to establish himself as the next big thing in jihadi irk is les. u.s. officials believe he
12:02 pm
established training camps in the libya, and it was in these camps some of the fighters linked to the libya attack were trained. one of the suspects identified in the libya attack killed himself, setting off explosives as he barricaded his apartment. as many as a dozen militants were arrested and weapons confiscated that would include enough hardware for a mumbai-style cell. two or three dozen suspects are actively being investigated, the majority described as locals who come from libya and are followers offal sharia which wants to establish an islamic state with adherence to sharia law. the house oversight committee complained about the lack of cooperation from the state department on benghazi. >> we have been able to unearth thanks to whistleblowers who provided us some information, it kind of scares me, bill, i shudder do think what would
12:03 pm
happen if we didn't actually press the administration? >> reporter: we've heard consistently from a number of the congressional committees that they've had most of the information or key information come from goth employees who have stepped forward, we're going to put that accusation to the state department about a half hour from now, jenna. jenna: more as we get this story as it develops throughout the day, catherine. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. jon: and right now what folks on the east coast hit hard by sandy hardly need, a powerful storm dumping at least half a foot of snow, snarling traffic on highways and rail systems in the new york city area and knocking out power for thousands of people who just got their power back. >> it is november, and it's already, you know, got a snowstorm coming in. >> there is ice underneath everything because it did rain earlier, and it prose, and the snow is on top of it. >> jon: rick leventhal live from staten island where folks are still reeling from hurricane
12:04 pm
sandy. what's going on there now, rick? >> reporter: well, jon, they're still in the dark here on suer avenue on staten island. we're a mile and a half from the ocean, and the water was over my head. it was 12 feet high. the block behind me had just been cleared by sanitation trucks. there were huge pile of debris from people who emptied their homes of water-logged furniture and sheet rock ripped off the walls. they have picked up 130,000 tons of debris in new york city as of last night, so that job, obviously, continues. want to take you inside ivan and joanne's house. again, the water was up this high, 2-3 feet on their first floor. their basement was completely flooded. they've lived here for 35 years, never even saw water in the basement except for six months after they moved in, and now they've had to empty everything out, the floors have been torn up. ivan right here, you were telling me that after all this you actually felt lucky when you
12:05 pm
were rescued by canoe on out your home. >> it was a canoe with be boy -- with the boy scout leaders, and they got us to high ground. >> reporter: meanwhile, the water was rushing inside your house, and you were fearful for your life. >> the water was rushing in, and no matter what you do, you couldn't get out. >> reporter: yeah. his son joe, fortunately, you were here and able to come start pumping the water out. tell me about that. >> what we've done so far, we've been pumping for three days, still got some residual water outside, took out all the wars, the flooring, the kitchen, as you can see, everything is gone. nothing is really salvageable. we're trying to decontaminate the stuff with bleach and water mixes. >> reporter: you grew up in this house. >> this is my house. i still call this my house. >> reporter: can you believe how bad things got? >> no. this is a complete nightmare, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: can you put a price tag on it? >> no. all the mitt romneys we lost,
12:06 pm
pictures -- memories we lost, there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: best of luck to you, joe. it's not just these people, it's everyone in this neighborhood, all of these homes. all of the people who live in these homes tell a similar story. they all got flooded, they all had water in their basements, their first floors, none of them have power, none of them have sewage services, but they are getting their mail. so there's that. [laughter] jon: the postal service always comes through. so a mile and a half from the ocean, and transportation still a mess there, how's everybody getting around? >> reporter: well, train service is a problem. are you guys -- commuting is, they have to travel a mile just to get to a bus to get to wherever, i mean, going to the city is a problem, am i right? >> real hard right now. >> reporter: really difficult. we know there are thousands of flights that have been canceled, so anyone who's trying to fly out of here is facing a challenge, but the commuter trains aren't running, the
12:07 pm
subways below 34th street. we've seen the long lines people waiting on buses to get into the city, but just getting down the road here is very, very challenging because of the piles of debris, the stuff in the roads. there are major construction dumpsters out here blocking traffic. we couldn't get in here because there were front end loaders moving back and forth, picking up the piles of debris and trying to cart it out of here. so the mess is far from being cleaned up. jon: wow. rick leventhal live on staten island where the strug and the misery goes on. you know, one of the sadder stories coming out of there, and it's really going to be told in the weeks and months ahead is a lot of the retired folks there who got hit so hard, maybe their houses were paid off, so there's no longer a mortgage requiring that they have mortgage insurance, or, i'm sorry, homeowners insurance. so flood insurance aside, a lot of those people don't even have homeowners insurance because they're on fixed incomes or limited income, and they dropped it over the years. paid-off house. jenna: that family that rick was
12:08 pm
just talking to, 35 years, they've never seen anything like it, you could see how easy it would be to say, well, i don't need flood insurance. jon: you know, their first floors were built off the street and still flooded. jenna: there's no price tag for some of the memories lost and those photos and all of that. our hearts go out, certainly, to everyone affected by the storm. we've been talking a lot about this nor'easter that's also hit the same area and currently has knocked out power to more than 40,000 homes and businesses. power is a major issue here on the east coast. it's adding to the misery left by sandy. more than 700,000 people now have no electricity because of the two storms. some people who got back online are now off line because of this nor'easter. what's going to happen next? that's a big question. janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center. what do the next few days look like? >> reporter: cold. cold tomorrow night, but then we have sunshine and temperatures in the 50s and 60s, so we just have to get through the next couple of nights, and i
12:09 pm
know that's hard to say because a lot of people are on day nine, ten without power. look at these incredible storm totals. this is historic. we're seeing records broken here in terms of early snowfall totals. over 13 inches for parts of connecticut, a foot in new jersey. bronxville, new york, 9.5 inches, canbury -- danbury, close to 9 inches. and yesterday's commute was next to impossible. okay, where's the storm right now? it's still off the coast, we're still seeing some blustery conditions, even a little moisture across areas of long island up towards connecticut, massachusetts and in towards northern demand. it will start to die down as the storm eventually pulls a little bit more northward, but we're still dealing with those wind gusts and, of course, we're going to be dealing with delays or cancellations at the airport and that, of course, is going to cause a ripple effect. just want to show you those temperatures overnight tonight, low 20s in a lot of these areas that don't have power
12:10 pm
unfortunately, jenna. jenna: a lot of people talking about different models we look at for the election, for politics, janice, but the models you guys have been looking at have been 100% correct for the last couple weeks. unfortunately -- >> reporter: right. jenna: but you've been right on. >> reporter: we just want to get the message out there, that's all. we just want to keep folks safe, and it's just so hard to see pictures rick leventhal is giving us today. jenna: we're lucky to have your team. jon: and janice is too much of a trooper to mention it, she's one of those people who lost power, got it back, and lost it again last night. jenna: and two little kids at home. jon:j.d., we love ya. the scale of the damage of the earthquake just beginning to emerge. we're going to take a closer look. also the presidential election might have come down to the wire. predicting a winner, though, in a close race like that sometimes takes a crystal ball. luckily, we had larry sabato giving us a very clear picture of the vote. how'd he do it?
12:11 pm
larry joins us live. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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12:14 pm
jon: you know, in the politics hindsight is 20/20, but larry sabato's chris call ball gave us a very clear picture of where the election was headed before ballots were cast. let's review the election. his crystal ball was right in predicting president obama would win iowa, nevada, ohio and wisconsin. larry also predicted governor romney would win arizona, indiana, missouri and north carolina. he did get virginia wrong. florida's still too close to call, though it is leaning in the president's favor. larry said it could go to president obama if he had a good day, and he did. larry split virginia, colorado and new hampshire, president obama ended up getting all three. so, larry sabato, the the man with the crystal ball, is the director for the center for politics at the university of virginia. how you feeling a couple of days
12:15 pm
later about your predictions, larry? pretty good year, wasn't it? >> it was, it was a good year. you know, it's not like we're curing cancer or anything. we need to put it in perspective, but this is what we do, so we're delighted to have done a decent job of it. we're particularly pleased with our senate and house ratings which were, i think, the most accurate in the business. jon: yeah. out of, what, 33 senate races, you got 31 of them right? >> we got 31 right, and we got, we came very close in the house. we projected a democratic gain of three seats, it looks like it's going to be a democratic gain of seven seats. and given the number of house seats, that's, that's the ballpark. jon: what is it about your methodology that lets you guys be this precise? >> well, i've got a terrific team. you know, it's just like you all. you and jenna are out front, but you've got a cast of thousands, right? supporting you and preparing. i've got some of the best analysts in the business here at
12:16 pm
uva center for politics. we use not just polls, but election modeling, regression analysis and other techniques including old-fashioned checking with good sources who have access to the private polls. jon: if we take a look at the map on what your projection was and then compare it with the map as things actually stand after the election, here are your predictions. then if we wipe to the map that shows how things actually turned out, people get a pretty good idea of how accurate, how accurate you were. what about the hurricane, the superstorm sandy? did it affect votes? did it cause you any last minute consternation or wrinkles in your projections? >> well, we certainly wanted to see it. we were cautious on account of that and also that final jobs report on the friday before the tuesday election. you know, if that had been a very bad report, if unemployment had gone above 8% again, i wouldn't have been surprised to see virginia and florida go to romney. these were toss-ups anyway.
12:17 pm
so little things can make a difference, and hurricane sandy was more than a little thing. it did elevate president obam make him look more presidential, and then the blessing, the bipartisan blessing from his new best friend, governor chris christie of new jersey, i think it did have some impact with at least some voters. jon: what about that unemployment thing though? i mean, the economy is the voters' biggest concern, 7.9% unemployment. the president defied history really by being reelected with an unemployment rate that high. can you explain it? >> i'd explain it this way, jon. think back to the only president defeated after just one term for his party in the white house from the 20th century on. jimmy carter. why did jimmy carter lose? because in the middle of that election year the economy contracted 7.9%. interest rates through the roof, inflation rates through the
12:18 pm
roof. by comparison, this was a fairly stable economy, it was growing a little bit, about 2%. not very good, but nothing like jimmy carter. jon: hmm. all right, interesting. a look back there in the crystal ball as well. larry sabato, it's been a pleasure having your projections on. you were pretty much on the money. thank for being with us today. >> thank you, jon. we've had a great year and great time being with you. jenna: during our show yesterday we got word of a devastating earthquake, and now we know more. this earthquake killing dozens of people, and new images of the destruction. an update just ahead. plus, time is running out to stop the economy from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. a top economist on what happens if no deal is reached on some of these looming, massive tax hikes, some of these looming spending cuts. what's really at stake? next. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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jon: massive destruction in guatemala to tell you about after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake there. dozen os of people dead -- dozens of people dead and the scale of the devastation just beginning to emerge. rick folbaum has the latest. >> reporter: this is tough. it was a big one, as you said, 7.4, and it took dozens of lives, jon, a death toll that officials there say will go higher. this is what it looked like in zahn marcos -- san marcos, galt guatemala, and you might notice some buildings are standing and others are piles of rubble. that's because the newer buildings were built to withstand this kind of shock, the older ones just crumbled. more than 150 homes going down. the quake was felt in neighboring mexico and el salvador, there was even a tsunami alert off the coast of
12:23 pm
el salvador. as for the victims, in one case an swire family was -- an entire family was killed. a couple and their six young children crushed from rocks and earth from a hill that slid into their home. aftershocks continue to rattle nerves there. the cleanup and the mourning is now underway. jon: yeah. that's a country that's not prepared to deal with that kind of thing. they just don't have the infrastructure. rick folbaum, thanks. jenna: the clock is ticking to stop the economy from going over that fiscal cliff we've been talking so much about. that cliff of massive tax hikes and across-the-board spending cuts. it's just one of the many economic challenges facing this country right now. this comes at a time that we're watching the markets as well. the dow dropping more than 300 points yesterday, it was the biggest drop of the year for the markets. there's a look realtime today. you see not quite as bad. the markets trading lower, still below 13,000 which is a critical
12:24 pm
level that a lot of investors watch. it's not busting through that level, but it's not getting too much worse, so we'll keep an eye on those markets and bring in the president and chief economist of chandan. did the kids behave themselves today? >> they did. jenna: good to know. we have so much going on in this country, we really need to place our priorities right, and we're throwing a lot at our viewers, so explain to us what's really at stake here, how big of a deal is this fiscal cliff? >> i think it is a very big deal. i think part of what we've seen in the market yesterday and today is that with the election just behind us, we've been able to turn our attention to, you know, these very immediate challenges. and the fiscal cliff in the united states, if it remains unresolvedsolved and we see higr taxes and lower spending in an uncontrolled or very abrupt way
12:25 pm
come january, that's not going to encourage growth, and we would expect to see that the economy could lapse back into recession. what's important there, i think, to realize is it's also happening in a very difficult context. as investors turn their attention to what's going on outside of the election and electoral politics, we can see that for all practical purposes europe is in a a recession, and for the rest of the world to be performing weakly at a time when we come up against, you know, this very serious issue, the timing's not right. jenna: bad timing, that's for sure. but if we solve the fiscal cliff, let's say there's a great bipartisan effort and they figure it out, you know, let's be hopeful, are all our problems solved? do we go into next year thinking, oh, the economy's going to be okay? >> when we asked investors about, you know, what are the sources of uncertainty, what's keeping you from investing, either new plant equipment, software, importantly investing in new hiring, the fiscal cliff is certainly top of the agenda
12:26 pm
right now. is it the only issue, is it the only concern that is really constraining businesses from making those investments that could help to propel the economy forward? it's not. there are other sources of uncertainty whether they be related to the exact implementation of dodd-frank, related to the exact implementation of the health care act that, i think, are constraining businesses, certainly what's going on abroad. over the past couple of days we've seen things are very touch and go in greece, and that has implications for the eurozone and, by extension, the united states. those are still going to be issues for us. the other thing, jenna, that we need to be concerned about is it's unlikely we'll see the fiscal cliff resolve inside a permanent way. significantly more likely, we'll see it kicked down the road a little bit, and this is going to be an issue we're going to have to deal with again potentially in 12 months, the idea that that will give president and the congress a chance to deal with it in a more significant way than they can in the next couple weeks. jenna: we'll see if they can do
12:27 pm
it. so center stage, but not the only member of the cast, if you will, when we look at what's facing this economy. sam, always great to have you, thanks so much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: you know, way back in 2010 we saw a surge of powerful women in an increasingly powerful tea party. this year a flood of women candidates won seats, but most of them came to power despite or even because of the tea party. so how does the gop recapture its momentum with women voters? a fair and balanced panel ahead. plus, one of the hardest-hit sections of new york city still recovering from superstorm sandy. how staten islanders are doing after a nor'easter hits them with a tragic double whammy. >> difficult, it's hard. >> i'm sick of it. [laughter] >> it's, and it's early. it's not even winter time yet. >> devastating, no other word besides it. for lack of a better word, it sucks. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
12:28 pm
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i love having so many choices in pharmacies. talk about convenient. i can even have my prescriptions sent right to my mailbox. [ male announcer ] remember: the time to switch ends december 7th -- and you don't have to be an aarp member to enroll. unitedhealthcare is committed to delivering a health care experience you'll truly value. call today. i am so ready to call. jenna: well we spent a great deal of time over the last few weeks talking about an important bloc of voters, women. and again in preliminary results we see how women voters made a huge difference in this presidential election. women helped put president obama over the top, favoring him by 11% over governor romney. that is roughly the same division we saw four years ago when the president ran against john mccain. what lesson can we take about 2012 from women voters?
12:32 pm
how do republicans do a better job to win the female vote? we have a great panel. christina schaeffer. wendy biondi was undecided voter. leaning towards governor romney last time we talked. we got to know her when she attended the second presidential debate. nice to have you with us. colleen come bell was a speechwriter for president george w. bush. she is the author of my sisters same. great to have you all. we haven't talked in a couple weeks. you were undecided when we last talked. how did you end up voting? >> i voted for romney. jenna: what was the main reason behind that decision? >> i think it came down to three things, really. one as i said before, it had to do with his blueprint for the economy. i really don't think obama has any sort of plan for the economy. he had his four years to sort of give us an idea what he is going to do and in my opinion he has failed. two, i am really faith-based
12:33 pm
person. i'll catholic and, 90% of americans are, you know, rooted in some sort of religion. and i don't think that obama displays any form of faith at all. i think that's important to me. and finally, the whole pro-choice, pro-life thing. i'm a pro-life person. and you know, that is personally something that i found to be important when it came down to voting. >> when you talk to your friends, at the playground with other moms for example, what do you hear about republicans? what do you think is the perception? if i was to ask you, listen, that's what you took away, you ended up voting for romney, what do you think is an obstacle for the republican party overall? >> overall, hard to say what one thing is. i think republicans are really given a bad rap, at least conservatives. i don't necessarily consider myself republican. but i'm more conservative. i think we're just considered very straight-laced, very
12:34 pm
narrow-minded, noncharitable individuals. i don't think that is the case at all. it is just that we want to also be given, you know, this feeling of democracy. i think that republicans just don't get the same democracy as democrats do. jenna: so interesting to hear from wendy, is a breen n. undecided voter. was in the debates. it is great to get some perspective really on the ground level how the republican party is viewed overall. what do you think when you hear what wendy had to say about some of the challenges the republican party faced and how would that affect you as you look to try to get out voters for conservative causes? >> well, wendy is absolutely correct. no way of sugarcoating what happened tuesday night. one of the challenges for conservatives and by extension republicans they shy away from playing gender politics. that doesn't mean you can't talk to women. i think the real challenge moving forward to explain to more women that conservative values, that limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, is actually a good thing.
12:35 pm
that this will give you more freedom, more choice, more opportunity, and most importantly more security which i think a lot of people don't understand. jenna: sabrina, you mentioned you will be more aggresive. the war on women, you heard about that. wendy happens to be married. when you look at married women, married women voted for mitt romney. single women did not though, sabrina. if you're not going to engage in gender politics how do you fight the battle of alleged war on women if that comes back around? >> i think talking to women about economics. talking to them who pays for health care. talking to them about energy policy is not playing gender politics. talking to women like we talk to men but recognizing women are consumers. it is recognizing that women have unique health care needs. it is saying to women you would be better off with more choices and more freedom. liberty is not a war on women. i think that is where republicans. they were afraid to really come out and make a bold statement on that. >> i agree. i have to say, jenna, i'm sorry, i can not stand that term, war on women.
12:36 pm
because you're conservative or republican i don't think that you have a war on women. just because i choose to have my beliefs and i am in control of my body, that doesn't mean that i am, you know, waging this war on women simply because i don't believe in pro-choice. i simply just don't believe that, you know, i have, i am the one who decides what to do with my body. therefore i should be responsible, barring rape, or any type of violent act, i am the one who is in control of my body. not the government. and i don't think that is a republican or a democratic thing. i think that is woman's thing. jenna: that brings the conversation to a really interesting point, colleen. because you worked in the bush administration. is this really about republicans talking specifically to women? or is it a broader conversation that republicans have to have with their constituents whoever that is, men or women? >> well, i think these are fundamental issues that impact voters of either
12:37 pm
gender. it is important to note, as you did, that married women went pretty heavily for mitt romney. also religious women went much more heavily for mitt romney. there is no ignoring the fact obama won unmarried women by landslide margins. that is a demographic problem the republican party has moving forward. married people are quickly becoming a minority in this country. republicans need to cultivate women leaders and women candidates from much earlier stage. i'm not talking about tokenism here. we need to think about this not just when the other side shows up with a women candidate and we sort of scramble for a photo on. cultivating from state legislature level. jenna: colleen in 2010, for example, there was this, this wave of really conservative women that, you know, a lot of folks caught the national media attention. nikki haley, for example, is name comes up. susana martinez at republican national convention as well. how does getting women in a higher role if you will in the republican party speak specifically to those single
12:38 pm
women voters you say demographically will be a problem for the republican party, potentially moving forward? >> well, that might be more of a cultural issue but if mitt romney is only winning married women by, what, seven percentage points and obama's winning unmarried women by 40%age points you can see there is a huge enthusiasm gap. if we can change the dynamics there of the married women's vote, i think that alone would make a huge difference. it is important to have women at the table when we're talking about messaging. not just bringing them in at the last minute for a photo-op. talking how do women look at these issues? there is conservative case to be made as wendy indicated for all sorts of issues the stands republican party takes primarily on the issue of religious liberty. we're not making that case in a language especially appealing to women. that is not pandering from a women's perspective and you
12:39 pm
need women to make that case. jenna: final thought, wendy, you're not a republican. you think of yourself more conservative. what advice would you give the republican party during the next election cycle to get some women out there that decided to vote for the president? >> well i think that, to, i have to agree. not to pull women in at the last minute for a photo-op. i love that statement because it's true. i feel we're thought of in the last hour and you brought forward to give your opinion and suddenly everyone's scrambling when you're not getting the results that you want. i think if you really consider us a part of the whole, instead of waiting until the last hour, maybe you will hear our voice as little loud jeer will be interesting to watch. this conversation will continue to have about the republican party is something that is a big news item over the last several days post the elections one conversation we look forward to continuing to have. sabrina, wendy, colleen, great to have you all. thank you so much. >> thank you. jon: a fox news alert and live pictures out of
12:40 pm
baltimore. he is one of the most controversial members of the obama cabinet. he is also the nation's top law enforcement officer. and now the reuters news agency is reporting that eric holder just told a law school audience he does not know whether he will stay for president obama's second term. of course this is typically the time when there is turnover among the cabinet. in between, in between terms of the president, often cabinet members will give their notice. eric holder has just put in a fairly large, fairly significant indication that he might not be back of course. the man at the center of the "fast and furious" gun-walking scandal. also involved in the decision to try khalid shaikh mohammed and others in new york city. a decision that was ultimately rescinded. he said he might not stay for a second obama term. right now new claims for jobless benefits are falling.
12:41 pm
the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits last week dropping to 355,000. but the labor department warns the figures were disthe to the by superstorm sandy. so how are businesses deal with this sluggish economy? let's find out in our weekly series of spot light of small business. he is ceo of one of the new york city's area largest providers of food service, catering and vending products. i read a title like that and everybody assumes that mom and dad gave you a corporation or something like that. >> no, no chance. jon: you didn't start like that at all. tell us how you started. >> i started with a ice cream truck. i was working for somebody to make extra money. i worked two jobs making money. i grew my business. eventually after couple years i had almost 50 trucks. i started another company and grew and grew and grew. thank god through hard work and a lot of, trial and error i grew a nice sized company. jon: we're looking at some of the photos now of some of
12:42 pm
your catering halls. you throw weddings, birthday parties and so forth at those things. >> yeah. jon: you're still in the ice cream business i might add. >> i would never give that up. that is my favorite business. we're a good humor distributor in nassau county. that is what brought me here. jon: i'm all about ice cream myself. just ask jenna. how many employees do you have? >> i have 550 full-time employees throughout my companies. jon: i know you just bought a couple of new properties, catering halls and that kind of thing. >> yes. jon: that means you need people. >> we need people unfortunately with superstorm sandy we're at a standstill now. one of my properties was damaged. the other one people are skeptical about going forward with parties. they don't know if they ever money. they don't know if they get people there because there is no gas. it is really a bad time. jon: what about health care? you know now who won the election. so looking into your crystal ball, what are you going to do over the next four years? >> now that we have some direction because we're hoping that, i don't know,
12:43 pm
what we're going to do we have to hold back now. we have to be careful. we can't, anything that i have marginal, i do concession business, i will have to cut back on that. anything that is risky i will not have the to take that risk. i can't keep additional help and backup help. i have to be very careful. just do the best we can and watch every penny. jon: doesn't sound like you will run out and do a lot of new hiring? >> we'll try. unless there is some great burst of business i can't take a chance. jon: all right. >> i want to. there are so many different opportunities available to me but i have to be careful now. jon: we all scream for ice cream. i hope it goes well for you. good to hear your success story butch. >> thank you, jon. thank you very much. jenna: former congresswoman gabby giffords is in court today to face the man who shot her. the sentencing hearing for tucson shooter jared loughner underway right now. we have a live update from the courthouse ahead. also a nor'easter packing heavy wind and rain and lots of snow. just the latest weather worry for some of sandy's
12:44 pm
victims. we have latest from areas hit the hardest next
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
jon: well it's a double-whammy for the northeast. first superstorm sandy pummels large parts of the coast in the new york city and new jersey area. it plunges millions of people into darkness for days. now a powerful winter storm takes almost the same track, dumping plenty of snow and setting back the recovery efforts. joining us on the phone, a new york state assembly woman. that is the statehouse of representatives essentially in new york. she represents a hard-hit district on staten island. so how is your district doing today? >> well, you know, we're coming along, jon. i have to say last night's storm certainly wasn't helpful. we had about a half foot of snow but the department of sanitation has been absolutely wonderful. they got out there right away and cleaned up all the
12:48 pm
snow and everything is back to normal to what we had before yesterday's storms. we still have the recovery efforts still going and we're out there full force. jon: it is my understanding 60,000 people who had power restored, they lost it again? >> well, not here. right now on staten island we have about 12,000 customers without service. 10,000 of those are in the flood zone area. so i mean, con edison is out there. we just had a meeting with them. they are out there trying to get the restoration as soon as possible. a lot of flood-prone areas the homeowners need to get lech shish shuns -- electricians to certify the power is safe and they have to go door-to-door. that is what is taking so long in the flood zone areas. jon: i know it's been a huge job and there is more to do but are you satisfied with the response of the various agencies, both state and federal? >> well if you asked me a week ago i would say no. but today i can say that the city and federal government
12:49 pm
have really stepped up. we also have the state department of insurance out here assisting people who have a claim number ready for their insurance company. they're assisting those people with the claims. and fema is out here. they have informed me about 150 to 200 people are eligible for transitional shelter but only 22 have taken aadvantage. people need shelter please come to the fema station. fema has given out 29 million, they approved $29 million worth of aid. so i feel like they have stepped up at this point and we're doing the best we can. jon: new york state assembly woman nicole malutakis it is such a mess. those people need so much help. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you, jon. jon: you bet. jenna: the sentencing for tucson shooter jared loughner is underway right now. former congresswoman gabby giffords shot and wounded in the rampage is in court today. we have a live report just ahead
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
jenna: a former congresswoman gab bril giffords is in an air sochb courtroom today for the sentencing of jird loughner. three months after he plead the guilty to murdering six people and wounding 12 others in rampage in giffords congress on your corner event. dan springer is there now. dan? >> reporter: it is an emotional hearing. we can't show you what is going on because no cameras are being allowed in. we have a producer inside and tilling about the victim statements. they are very emotional. we do know jared loughner's parents are there and gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly are inside as well as a lot of other victims and family members. we have lots of statements of people saying that one woman saying that her life
12:54 pm
will never be the same. that loughner took the love of her life, her husband. one woman said i forgive you. another person said, you know, there is no punishment good enough for you. gabby giffords at one point left the courtroom. she went outside. she was escorted out. her husband mark stayed behind. but then she return ad short time later. we are expecting that mark will address the court or address jared loughner. he has had no real emotion as people are talking about the impacts what happened back in january of 2011. we know he will be receiving life in prison without parole sentence today. that was a plea bargain arranged after he was found to be competent to stand trial. there was a court appointed psychologist who testified and the judge agreed that he is a competent to stand trial. once that happened he agreed to a plea bargain because that spared his life. that psychologist was the
12:55 pm
first person to take the stand today. the judge asked her, is he still competent to stand trial and plead guilty to these charges? he said he was. right now we're going through all the victim statements and eventually he will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. jenna? jenna: dan springer live for us in tucson today. dan, thank you. jon: well there could be big change in store for the president's cabinet. we just told you about attorney general eric holder's remarks in baltimore telling a law school audience he doesn't know if he will stay in his job. says he needs to talk to his family and the president. the other big names who might be leaving the obama administration. coming up. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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jenna: well, you may want to stay inside if you spot something like this, a brown bear looking for something to eat. folks didn't even bother to call the police, they just let him or her just kind of hang out. look, just visiting.
12:59 pm
jon: he's doing a balance beam routine. [laughter] jenna: cute little guy, right? i mean, as long as you're not too close. jon: i guess he was raiding some trash cans, trying to fatten up, getting ready for hibernation. jenna: never know what you can find. we were thinking about getting jon a brown bear for his birthday. but the crew really came through yesterday. so focused on the election and everything else, we didn't have time to get a cake, but the crew brought in at the very end some of jon's favorite things, snicker bars and an apple strudel from the break room. jon: we're going to put this on our web site. my co-anchor found the perfect t-shirt for me. you're going to have to go to the web site, maybe you can blow it up on your browser, but that is going to be -- jenna: i think they'll get the joke. jon: i will never


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