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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. her mother was hearded and she -- murdered and she was kidnapped by the suspected killer. how it all came to ahead in the bay area. this one is a survivor of what is a relatively common attack. the measures taken to save a see lion shot in the head. why not start a business, the venture a popular facebook apparent let's users take. back when basketball was two words and dribbling was not allowed, the rules were the law. why they are resurfacing now. good evening. >> seven days and 2300 miles later, tonight a missing virginia girl has turned up in san francisco. her mother has been killed and her mom's boyfriend is under arrest accused of kidnapping
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the 12-year-old girl. on how that girl and her alleged captor were finally spotted. >> reporter: well, the big break in the case came late in the afternoon when an alert person here in san francisco recognized that missing 12-year- old girl from news reports she had seen earlier on cable television. immediately, that witness called 911. when she told police that brittly smith and her alleged kidnapper were last seen december 3rd, well, this surveillance video from a virginia wal-mart store shows them buying camping equipment. well, police have been looking for them since they found the girl's mother dead in their home. the mother was the suspect's girlfriend. they turned up at the safe way store. the witness recognized them from news reports. >> i just know that the person who contacted police had
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observed a television show on cnn saying that these people were the ones from that show that aired today. >> be home for christmas. she will be here to tell her mother goodbye. she will be able to help her mother rest in peace tonight. >> obviously a very relieved family tonight. in the meantime, the girl is with child protective services. easily is booked here in the county jail on kidnapping charges and they are expecting detectives from virginia to be out here in the next few days to pick up their suspect. >> what an ordeal for that child. >> yes. >> thank you. a guilty verdict for the man accused of putting elizabeth smart through what she describes as nine months of hell. a utah jury deliberated just five hours before finding brian david mitchell guilty of
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kidnapping and other charges- rejecting his insanity defense. on the stand, she said he raped her virtually every day during her cap activity. she was 14 at the time. >> i hope that not only is this going an example that justice can be served in america but that it is possible to move on after something terrible has happened and that we can speak out and we will be heard. >> smart plans to return to france when she's on a mission for the church. the wife has already been sentenced to 15 years in prison. he could face live in prison. an alcohol fueled fight -- the officer was trying to detain the subject in san francisco where he was drinking this afternoon. a fight broke out, the officer shot the man in the leg.
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during the scuffle, the officer suffered cuts to his face. he and the suspect were both taken to the hospital. that officer will be placed on routine administrative leave during the investigation. a woman is dead after the stolen car that he was driving flies off interstate 80 in berkeley during a police cheese. this all began with a traffic stop in oakland at 53 ---- that chase ended hours later with a crash near university avenue. this is a look at that stolen car after it smashed into the tree. police say the driver was a 39- year-old man with addresses in oakland and richmond. he was wanting for a parole violation. tonight, the sea lion is in critical but stable condition after somebody shot him right in the face. right now, he's practically blind and was mall nourished and dehydrated when crews rescued him. unfortunately, this is not the
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first time vets have seen something like this. one eye lost and the other one swollen shut. the sea lion is loaded up with pain medicines. >> he has a number of them still left in the tissue, the buck shot, a couple of them are fairly close to his brain. >> reporter: vets decided not to remove the pellets because of the risk of internal bleeding. people noticed the animal on the beach. it's difficult to tell if that's where the shooting happened. >> when he was admitted, the wounds are fairly fresh so one would speculate it wasn't too far away. >> it is a federal offense to shoot a marine animal. >> last year we had 19. this year we've seen 9. those are the ones that presents to u the ones that actually come to
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us here. undoubtedly there are others that never make it that far. the wounds are fatal or they develop complications and suffer and die at sea. >> reporter: in october, a sacramento county fisherman convicted of shooting a sea lion was sent tensed to 30 days in jail and hit with a $50,000 fine. the animal survived. he had plastic surgery on his puzzle and now lives at six flags discovery kingdom. it is too soon to know whether this one will return to the open water. >> he could get an infection or the swelling could actually impact the central nervous system. >> reporter: the marine ma'am alcenter says they have been known to survive in the wild with these peel let in their heads. beginning december 23 sr., the city of concord is shutting
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down all but its essential services. there are unpaid furlough days. it will be open for christmas again on january 3rd. concord isn't the only city taking a long holiday break this year. san jose, fremont and walnut creek are also shutting down for a long period of time because of furlough days. critics say it is stealing money from taxpayers. 11 state buildings throughout california can be sold under a ruling today in san francisco. why opponents say it stinks. >> reporter: to block the execution of a sale, a california supreme court building and ten other buildings has failed. >> it's too late in that the properties will forever be owned by the new owners.
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it is not too late to continue the case to show that this was an unconstitutional, watch this world, stealing of taxpayers' money. >> reporter: also included in the sale is the building behind it. and this civic center building is home to california's public utilities commission. eight other buildings are part of the sales that are expected to bring in 2.3 billion dollars. >> it's important. we all know given the current budget situation to be able to generate this revenue now to help support the sagging state budget. >> he says the court confirmed that the sale is legal and proper. but opponents are livid. >> i'm sorry. there are whiffs of things that don't smell good. >> she is a former san francisco attorney and supervisor. >> for example, the state said
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they didn't pay a finder's fee. we know the state didn't, but we know somebody did because we have a mayor in southern california who has already said he was going to get a finder's fee. >> reporter: a half million dollars finder fee would go to the mayor. many suggest that security may be an issue when owners take the buildings and the computers. >> including computers that guard the security of the california supreme court, the attorney general's office, with all of the law enforcement facility that are in those buildings. >> reporter: the state claims that buildings will be safe or safer than they are now. opponents claim the sale money will be gone in a snap and generations of california taxpayers will pay $6 billion over 50 years to rent back the office space. opponents say they will go to the state court of appeals first thing monday morning and if that fails, on to the state
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supreme court. even if they can't beat the december 15th deadline, they say they will continue the fight. they will continue the fight regarding the legal at of the sale. a little blast from the pass. two presidents walk in, one walks out. maybe not the one you would expect. >> here's what i will say, i've been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour, so i'm going to take off. >> thank you. go ahead. >> mr. president, is there anything else -- >> yeah, before that, briefing the two presidents had spent some time discussing president obama's tax compromise with republicans. the bill has been hard for some democrats to swayl oh so president obama brought in the biggest name that he could get his hands on at the time, and that wasn't clinton. >> given the fact that he presided over as good an economy as we've seen in our
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lifetimes, that it might be useful for him to share some of his thoughts. >> i think it is enormous relief for america to think that both parties might vote for something, anything, that they could both agree on. >> president clinton talked to reporters for more than a half hour complaining why he thinks the compromise is necessary. he argued corporations have the money to start hiring. the president also said he was glad to be back at the podium at a time when any criticism likely wouldn't hit him. there is a statement being made, although we're not quite sure what it is. the protest and fundraiser that to the naked eye appears to be a bunch of people smoking pot all day long. the message they say they are trying to send. and if sitting in a smoky room is too much two -- too fast, how about the cyber marijuana world. the real life implications.
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roughed up on the high seas, what passengers aboard a battered cruise have to say now that they are on dry land. the rain has now ended, now the change you should county of expect -- you should expect for the weekend.
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a day after a series of police sweeps, bay area pot clubs are fired up and fighting back. today workers at the medx -- responded to the crack down with hits from a bong. yesterday agents swooped in into several locations in san jose to serve search warrants. they shut down the businesses and seized marijuana documents and computers. >> we are very concerned here in records to staying open even because of the tactic that they
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are using in order to keep us fearful. we are just trying to provide safe access for this medicine to the people that need it. >> police accused them of illegally selling marijuana and money laundering, charges against them have not been filed. a popular facebook app is sure pass one in half million players a month. it's called pot farm and people are spending real money for a high they don't get in real life. what one addiction expert has to say about this game. >> well, this is my pot farm. now don't be fooled by the bright colors and the cartoony looking characters. make no mistake, this is an adult game. it took about five minutes to sign up for it and click a little button that says i promise to be over 21 years old. it was very easy to do. that's part of the problem.
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it's the latest online game creases you've never heard of called pot farm. and depending upon europe personal politics it's either a video game or a gateway to addiction. it's just like farmville except that players grow you know what. you plant seeds, wait for the crops to pop up. harvest and then sell them to buy more. you can buy real money to buy virtual goods: and what better place to find players than right here at a good old faxed smoke house patients are busy inhailing their medicine. in between puffs, they say pot farm is fun. but it's not for kids. >> i feel like a different kind of farmer. it is different. it's fun. i mean it's something new.
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who wants to just grow vegetables all the time. >> i don't think i would let my kids play that unless they were over 18. >> are you saying that this video game is basically growing a whole new generation of pot smokers. >> absolutely. >> a therapist says the game is making an illegal activity seem normal. >> so, it's harmless. it's a game. so it's just a short step from playing the game to actually even gauging in it. they come to see the substance, marijuana, and the activity of growing that substance. it's perfectly okay, they think. >> is it just adult entertainment or is it enticing new smokers? the game's create or hasn't gone public yet. and so we tried to contact facebook but they did not call
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us back. but we did talk to gaming experts that say if companies like facebook are making a good faith effort at trying to keep kids from playing games like this then legally they are okay. the best defense from getting on pot farm is mom and dad. >> i don't even know what to say. but thank you. >> well just leave it at that. >> thank you. >> not a big gamer, are we? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> roberta, are you into that stuff. i swim, i bike and a i run -- >> in the will real world. 58 degrees. overnight looking out toward the bay bridge, where the clouds are lowering. we have a combination of low and mid-and high level clouds out there so let's call it
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cloudy. the winds are nonexis tent. we're going to see some development of -- that's the latest wave. watch this, right there, it's now beginning to move in an easterly direction. that's going to allow high pressure to build in. we will still have some cloud over that ridge. when you combine that up with that middle level clouds, we will call it partly cloudy. temperatures wise, 50s and 60s northwest quadrant of the state. fresno, you can go, no road restrictions but always carry the chains. we're talking about 50s at the beaches. 56, 60, central bay. well into the 60s in our inland areas. but sunday will be the warmest of the weekend coming up with full on sunshine once the patchy fog dissipates. we're talking low 70s.
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then we have to reintroduce the chance of rain showers back into the forecast on tuesday through thursday. by the way, in case you haven't made all of your weekend plans, zoo lights. we really like it. we hope you do, too. we hope to see you there. [ laughter ] >> i like the zebras. >> i am a zebra. thanks. >> all right. after being tossed like a toy, dozens of cruise ship passengers are anywhere but on that boat. they are safely back on dry lands. the damaged cruise shop docked today. on tuesday a 45-foot wave shattered a window on the bridge. that knocked out radar and communications hundreds of miles from land off the southern tip of south america. >> it was really rough and the boat was rocking and people were falling over, it was hard to walk, so it was really
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bouncy. it was pretty exciting. i caught my money's worth. >> there is a lady i want to go vacationing with. there were 88 american passengers on board. no one was seriously hurt. it was a ride, enjoy it. each passenger paid $9,000 to be on that cruise. >> i think they are getting their money back. well it's not just any rule book, it is the first rule book. and it hit the auction block today. why now it will never be far from home. rules
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were created. three pointers, dribbling, free throws. it's been 11 nine years since the original rules for basketball were created. >> today those rules sold for millions of dollars in new york. anthony mason shows up the other artifacts up for auction. >> reporter: three remarkable artifacts were sold today. >> they are really all three of these items coming up today are
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icons. >> the first, the kennedy lincoln emancipation prockly makes. >> it was the document signed by lincoln that freed the slaves. >> and i also collect things that have to do with american history. >> reporter: it sold to an anonymous buyer today for more than 3.7 million. >> our next sale is custer's last flag. >> reporter: they all died at the battle of little big horn but this flag survived. it sold for # .2 million -- 2.2 million. but the last item would bring the highest price. >> to think without those two- pages, there would be no game of basketball. >> reporter: the two typed pages on which -- laid out the rules in his new game. >> where had the rules been kept all these years? >> my grandfather had them in
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this drawer until 1939. >> reporter: he was selling them to raise money for the family charity. >> on my left -- when it came down, they cut a record for sports memorabilia. more than 300 -- the buyer fans of kansas university where he was the first basketball coach. >> he read about the rules being auctioned off and he came up with this idea. >> her husband made it his mission to bring the rules to the school. >> he didn't have a whole lot of time to try to meet people and raise the money. believe it over not, he did it. >> he persuaded booth and his wife susan to bid. >> turns out to be a pretty good christmas present. >> yeah. >> ant my mason. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ ten thousand watts of xmas cheer ♪
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♪ ten thousand watts glow brightly clear ♪ ♪ the colored lights will shine sincere, ho, ho, ho ♪ ♪ ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ♪
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thing when you have to face labron an the miami heat.. who by the way were riding a 6 game the warriors came into tonight with a five-game losing streak. lebron and the heat making their only trip to the bay area. they gave the fans their money's worth. the warriors kept it close in the first half. take a look at this -- thank you. that was pretty. and he led by three and a half. then they ran way with it in the third. lebron says i'm throwing it down. that's exactly what he did. 25 for lebron. miami wins the game. sorry. somebody break up the knicks, would you. they won seven games in a row for the first time in 10 years. congratulations to nuggets head coach who became the 7th coach in nba history to win 700 games. he missed most of last season
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as he battled throat cancer. 17-year-old from sweden picked up the puck with the blade of the stick and flipped it into the net. great play. had to show it. he's behind the net, no other way to get it in. >> wow! >> see you at 11:00. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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