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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 22, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs news on the cw. the party could be over and soon. who is behind the effort to shut down raves. prepare for more gavin newsom, while his tenure is going to last longer than thought. well, they know what is going on behind closed doors and they do nothing about it. hotel owners under fire for allowing prostitution. building a movement one ridiculously small house at a time. why people are buying homes smaller than your bedroom. we begin with breaking news out of the peninsula. two people are dead and one is in critical condition after police say six people were shot near 8th lane and lyndon avenue in south san francisco. this happened after 7:00
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tonight. grace lee just talked to some neighbors in that area. >> reporter: you can see there is an active investigation going on. san bryan tv as well as -- lyndon avenue has been shut down just behind me. the shooting took place behind the bushes on 8th lane. here's what police say happened. six people were shot in total. that happened around 7:15 tonight. two have died, one remains in critical condition, three have nonlife-threatening wounds. they will not confirm if this is gang-related yet and not releasing the identity of any of the victims. most residents seem to have an idea of who is involved in this and they say they are frustrated that violence has erupted in their neighborhood once again. >> i was walking that way and then you hear like all these gunshots and i didn't know what
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they were. >> so what did you do? >> i left home. i didn't want to stay here. >> for my generation, it's hard for me to move out of here but it's not the same anymore. >> do you feel like it's unsafe? >> yes. >> reporter: police say think are looking for three -- they are looking for three suspects at this time. three men from their late teens to early 20s. they were last seen in an impal la. they are searching door to door and trying to find out what happened that left six people shot in a south san francisco neighborhood. >> wow! and with the confirmed dead. we know of one critical tonight. >> that's right. and we know there are a lot of people who are very upset about this shooting. >> thank you. well, the party could soon be over for ravers in california. the new effort in sacramento to
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shut down certain dance parties. >> reporter: it's that robbing dance music. raves have turned deadly this past summer. complications from overdoses have killed two young men. a 15-year-old girl has died. a new law could pull the plug on future raves in california. >> it is not acceptable if one young person dies at an event. >> reporter: she introduced the bill that will ban any event with prerecorded music lasting more than three and a half hours. this would be in public buildings as well as in private ones who do not have a license for entertainment. some say banning raves would be tragic. >> it's kind of a culture. i mean, the 60s ---- >> reporter: it was mostly illegal events held in abandoned warehouses. young people would navigate through a series of steps to
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find them. rave supporters say that can happen again. >> we don't want to drive it underground but we feel we need to better regulate these type of events that put our young people at risk. >> reporter: some agree raves can get out of control. at the coliseum a stampede and drug overdoses sent at least 100 people to the emergency room. they believe banning raves is an over kill. >> it's america. you don't just stop something just because one little part of it went wrong. you find a way to fix it. people have to be more responsible. it's on the people as well. >> there are means that need to be taken, i don't know if shutting down the entire rave scene is the way to go about it. >> reporter: police say the parties are havens for drug dealers. >> seems like every time we do a story he on story on one of
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these things, there's somebody with a about overdose or -- >> the cow palace finally said that's it. but will this be successful statewide. >> all right. thank you for that. power plays and political intrigue at san francisco city hall. mayor newsom has decided to delay his inaugust ration as governor. he says he won't leave the mayor's office until a new board of supervisors takes over but that is after he is supposed to be sworn in. it all has to do with changes on the board of supervisors. >> what we have here is aboard of supervisors right now that is very left leaning. the new one that is more moderate is going to come in a couple of days after gavin is supposed to take on the new job. i'm going to hold off into that new moderate board comes in
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unless you select someone who we think is moderate and will basically be a caretaker is what he's saying. >> he says he's still not completely sure there will be enough votes to a point a mayor that he approves of. meanwhile, jerry brown has revealed plans for his -- as governor. he will be sworn in at the auditorium. the reception will be at the california state railroad who seem. brown -- museum. brown will be confront a budget deficit of some $28 billion over the next 18 months. so he says his it will be elegant but modest. for his first one in 1975, he had dinner at a chinese restaurant in los angeles. the president is on his way to hawaii tonight for a holiday vacation. that after taking a victory lap at a news conference today
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calling the lame duck session of congress the most productive post election period in decades. the issue the president says he is determined to tackle. >> reporter: president obama faced reporters and put the spotlight on his administration's accomplishments this year. he did reach one of his biggest goals, passing the healthcare reform plan. in the final months of the year, the congress handed him at least three other big visit reese. a new missile treat he with russia. an 858 billion dollars tax cut plan. >> we are not doomed to endless gridlock. we have the capacity not only to make progress but to make progress together. >> reporter: the pass to that tax cut extension angered some of the president's supporters. they felt he had to give away too much in order to seal the
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deal. the president is going to have to get used to that kind of negotiating. starting in january, republicans will control the house and they will have more seats in the senate. gop leaders have promised they are going to attempt to repeal and replace the reform law. a president and his top advisers say they will fight that effort. that's not the only battle. >> i am determined and this administration is determined to get immigration reform done. it is the right thing to do. >> reporter: despite the debate, both parties have pledged a fresh start in the new year. it remains to be seen if their actions will match their words. a san jose police officer could lose his job over the videotaped arrest of a student last fall. city manager has recommended the police department fire the officer. last september he and another officer responded to a report that a man threatened his
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roommate with a knife. a third roommate videotaped this arrest which showed the officer hitting him with a baton. the other officer then tased him. >> we think the incident calls for serious action by the department. we're disappointed the department was only going to suspend the officer for a short period of time. >> well, the police department had previously recommended that he be suspended without pay. a spokesman says the city cannot comment on this case because it's considered a personnel matter. the attorney told us by phone that intervention i about -- by the city manager into a police disciplinary matter is very troubling. the city of oakland is calling on hotels to reduce prostitution in one neighborhood. city leaders say prostitutes who can't get a room will have
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a much harder time selling sex. >> reporter: they call this stretch "the track." it's known for prostitution and exploitation of children. >> we were coming in contact with girls between the ages of 11 and 17 years old. >> reporter: she was a member of the human trafficking task force. >> through interviews of these young girls who were being arrested, we discovered a world of exploitation, violence and modern day slavery. >> reporter: now, it involves shutting down places they use for sex. certain hotels in in city -- in this city have profited in this industry. >> reporter: the city attorney filed civil complaints seeking to shut down three hotels. the national at international
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boulevard and the stage at mcarthur boulevard. >> kids have to walk by these places going to and from school. and under california law, the owners of these hotels cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on under their roofs. >> reporter: but the manager and son of the owner of one of the hotels says it's unfair to tar get hotel owners. >> it's not -- there's like little girls over there that i seen. it's like we've been singled out. blame one place. it's not going to get better. oakland is oakland. >> reporter: there are violations dating back to 2004. claiming a manager offered an undercover officer a room in trade for sex. >> in you're a -- if you're a business in oakland and you are participating in this, we will
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act on it. >> reporter: the city a ---- city's lawsuit demand that it be find at $25,000 and be shut down for a year. time to check your weather. a lot of people wondering if it's going to be raining on christmas day. what is going on? >> yeah, of course, a lot of snow here and plenty of rain in the bay area. just a ton of rain and flooding in southern california. over half an inch in san francisco. the mountain top picks upward of 1 inch 1/2. over 7 1/2 inches in -- in the last 24 hours. we will talk about that christmas forecast coming up. >> we will check in with you in a few minutes. >> a lot of people don't need quite as much as they think they need. ridiculously small houses, the growing movement to down
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size. >> christmas comes to life. how much it cost to put this nativity seen -- screen together.
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thanks, lawrence. looking to downsize? that will be the change in the weather. the next few days we will see fog out there. as we look toward christmas, here comes another storm system. in the meantime, if you're stepping outside right now, we are stating to see some of that patchy fog developing but on the coastline seeing a couple of breaks in your skies. let's check out those temperatures if we can. numbers are running in the 40s and the 50s at this hour. 43 degrees in napa. 51 degrees in oakland and 53 degrees in fremont. well, if you do plan on traveling around the state, be
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very, very careful especially toward the center valley. expect to see some of that dense fog. expect high to -- 50s. a lot of people want to sneak up to the high condition. looks like it will be dry for at least another couple of days. then get ready we have a good storm headed in our direction. in the meantime we are going to take a break. it's kind of getting into the bay area. we're going to see mixture of some fog and sunshine around the bay area the next couple of days. as we take it through the day, not bad. temperatures should warm up a few degrees any way by tomorrow afternoon. highs are mainly in the 50s. if we get lucky, maybe into
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friday. as we look toward the next few days, we will see that fog being the major problem as far as our weather is concerned and that will be the late night and the early morning hours of the north and the east bay. on saturday, watch out for the storm system. a lot of people like to travel tone that -- travel on that day. also very strong gusty winds likely to see some power go out during that day as well. turning to showers as we look toward sunday. that's a look at the weather. back to you. >> thank you for that. rain or shine the show will go on for a live nativity scene on the peninsula. they call it bet ---- bethlehemad. they get about 12,000 visitors per night. in addition to the live octoberors there are -- actors there are rolls more than 100
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-- also more than 100 animals in this production. are there really reindeer at the north pole? wewe will have the answer in tonight's good question. lightning fast. lightning strong.
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oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. are reindeer really found at the north pole? that good questio now r the how is santa supposed to get around? reindeer. are they really at the north pole. that's tonight's good question. >> over the years they have taken on an almost mitt call quality, especially around the holidays. >> once a year they make the journey, pick up santa. but typically they don't live there. >> but they are close enough to get called in when needed. >> they live in the tundra,
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north much the northern -- north of the northern hemisphere. they are uniquely suited to one of the harshest climate on the planet. >> it helps them live in those cold snowy areas. they can actually smell grasses very deep in the snow. not only that, but reindeer have the ability to preheat the frosty air they breathe. >> they have a way of as they breathe out, they absorb water vapor from their outgoing brett and as they -- breath and as they breathe in, they warm that air. >> they can navigate great distances in really bad weather. >> you have to think of these things. if you've got all that work to do in one night. >> go to click on the icon to send me your good question. all right. are you looking to down size.
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one bay area man builds homes smaller than most people's bedrooms. little houses may appeal to those looking to pear down their stuff, but joe vasquez shows us they also draw other customers. >> i think a lot of people don't need quite as much as they used to think they needed. >> he is building a movement, albeit a tiny one. he lives in this very small house. it is 89 square feet. >> come on in. >> reporter: did dimensions 8 feet by 12 feet, unless you count the porch. >> it has a living room, acute little kitchen, but it's just inches from the bathroom. up the stairs is the bedroom right up against the ceiling. >> you got to get --
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>> no, i don't unless i've gottens of people over. >> he owns the tumble we'd tiny house company. he has a growing group with a small membership. he has built some of the homes but mostly he has sold several hundred blew prints are prints -- blue prints around the country. some are environmentalists but some are struggling. >> since the economy took a downturn, people are looking at their real needs and they are pearing down to whatever that is. >> if go further stout, you may find a more practical selection at a place called little house on the trailer. this is called a room of your own. it's 120 square feet. >> that's what a lot of our customers are getting. they are putting them in their backyards. people are faced with the need for a place with an elderly
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person. >> even retearies are buying in. the homes are all on wheels. that makes them portable. check your local zoning regulations. they start in the $10,000 range. if you buy one of jay's house is it can cost as much as 50,000. a small price to pay to be hart -- be part of a miniature movement. the 49ers, who will start in their biggest game in eight years. we have the answer next.
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face... former stanford star and first year u-s-f coach jennifer
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football is kind of winding down then we get into the hoops. >> you know what's great, the woman's basketball game. i had several people come up to see and say thanks for coming out. that, to in ---- that, to me is what it's all about. going for 800th win against a very familiar face. the -- they led 11-10 but after that, unfortunately it was all stanford. alley-oop. then it's peterson inside. 100 to-45. but it was close early on. according to several reports, singletary is switching back to troy smith for sunday's must win game
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against if -- against the rams. >> i would go with alex. >> why? >> why not. boise state was kept out of a bcs bowl, instead they wind up in a bowl against utah. they blow them out 26-3. patriots defensive lineman -- was named the afc special team player of the week. his team will not kick to -- on sunday. he's become like the most dangerous weapon right now. but once again, congratulations to the basketball team. being successful -- is another. >> you think you see her as
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prodigy. >> you heard it here. >> we will keep you updated on that. we will be back at 11:00.
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