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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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most densely populated area he was a source of strengthn patient is wearing thin. live in america's most densely pop you lated area. >> he was a source of strength in an oakland community that desperately need add leader. the promise made by the chief of police after mr. marcus was shot and killed in his own store. >> unexpected. >> in berkeley the search for a wounded deer and whoever decided to shoot it with a bow and arrow. good evening i'm dana king. >> and i'm ken bastida. new damage estimated from superstorm sandy could make it the second most expensive storm in u.s. history after hurricane katrina. the estimates are between $30 and $50 billion. that includes economic losses, property damage and lost business. 90 people are known to have died in the storm.
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that number could go up. 4.5million people in 12 states are still without power tonight. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin has more now. >> reporter: some of the subway lines are rolling again. many people are finding recovery slow. they're out of gas, out of food, and out of patience. tensions flair on the road to new york city. traffic jams and gas lines stretched for miles in a commute of chaos. >> get in front of me. >> reporter: some stations ran out of fuel or power for pumps. triple a says only a third of the stations are open in new jersey and long island. some bridges opened up but police are enforcing a three person car pool to ease
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congestion. and more lines swell for buses, food and water. >> they're slowly trying to recover. >> reporter: millions of people in 11 states are spending their fourth night in the dark, including seven families in this lower manhattan apartment complex. this couple stranded on the 20th floor is nearly out of food. >> coming up is really a hardship for us. >> that's why we've stayed up here. >> reporter: their lifeline is volunteers who scales the stairs to bring food from two blocks away. travis air force base is sending a plane with heavy equipment. it left with more than a million pounds of truck and tools. today the death toll rose to 38 in new york city with the discovery of a 2 and 4-year-old who were swept from their
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mother monday. 52,000 homeowners from 16 states have filed insurance claims. 10,000 of them from new jersey. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> for many alock the new jersey coast a mandatory evacuation order was in effect when the hurricane hit, but many people refused to leave. scott pelley shows us why they chose to stay behind and what's left. >> reporter: let us show you what parts of long beach island used to look like. notice the white house with the pool. now look at it today. that's the white house. wrecked. and the street is now a canal. long beach island has 150,000 residents in the summer, but today we found it mostly empty. the national guard is on patrol. earth movers are clearing roads and tons of beach sand. piles of debris are rising in parking lots. among the only residents here
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today were frank and sandra smith. they rode out the storm. they're in day three without power and the utility may shut off gas in town tonight as a safety precaution. it's been several days. what has it been like living here on the island? >> cold. dreary. we have no water except drinking water. no electric. >> reporter: why did you decide to stay? >> we knew if we left we couldn't come back. they won't let -- if we leave now we can't come back. would you like to see inside? >> reporter: what does it look like in there? >> pretty awful. >> reporter: let's have a look real quick. you have water up to your knees at least. you were watching the ocean go by the front door. >> yeah. >> reporter: on the way to the bay. >> right down the street. >> reporter: what can d you
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think? >> you know what, i thought i'm really sad this happened. but i'm so glad we're here. >> reporter: you wanted to see it? >> i did. >> reporter: why? >> an experience. i have experienced something amazing. >> with just five days until americans vote the storm has clouded the presidential campaign. at least until today. cbs news reporters are on the trail with the two candidates. >> reporter: the president bounded back on to the campaign trail wearing a bomber jacket embracessenned his title, commander in chief. >> it is good to be back in green bay, wisconsin. >> reporter: he started by sharing lessons from hurricane sandy. >> when disaster strikes we see
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america at its best. all the petty differences that consume us in normal times, all seem to melt away. >> reporter: both sides acknowledge the storm provided mr. obama with a valuable opportunity to show bipartisan leadership in the closing days of this race. republican new jersey governor and romney supporter chris christie repeatedly praised the president's performance and his compassion. >> you're going to be okay. you're going to be safe. >> reporter: today mr. obama was back in campaign mode deriding governor romney's promise to bring change to washington. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. turning medicare into a voucher is change, but we don't want that change. >> reporter: the president's schedule over the next five days tells you a lot about his strategy. he'll be spending a great deal of time in ohio and wisconsin trying to build a midwest firewall to prevent governor romney from reaching 270
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electoral votes. >> we really can't have four more years like the last four years. i know that the obama folks are chanting four more years. our chant is five more days. >> reporter: at a rally in virginia a campaign cheer was also a reminder of how little time is left. >> five more days. five more days. >> reporter: before the hurricane romney had momentum. the race was in a dead heat and he was tied or within striking distance. but the storm knocked him off the front pages at a crucial time in the race. on monday and tuesday he canceled rallies. back on the trail yesterday in florida he tend down his criticism of the president. today in virginia romney was back on his economic message with sharp attacks on president obama. >> his campaign and his address is about attacking. we actually have a plan to get this economy going top we're going to put it in place to help the american people. >> reporter: now before this
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storm romney had the lead over the president on questions of which candidate would be a stronger leader and which would be better in working with democrats and republicans. if he loses ground on either one of those questions that could be a real sign the storm hurt him. >> closer look at the candidates schedules between now and tuesday. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney will be visiting several battleground states. some more than once. only the president will visit nevada and florida. >> back in the bay area the murder of a business owner in oakland is prompting a promise from the police chief. the man known as mr. marcus was shot and killed last night at his cellular store on international boulevard. how neighbors are remembering a man known as a leader in the community. >> reporter: disbelief that
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someone killed a man who gave so much to a community that has so little. >> he was always giving the kids raider tickets. kids would come in if they were hungry he would give them money to feed them. >> it's such a sad sad moment. not because of just what they've taken from us but what they've taken from everyone else. my father was an amazing man. >> reporter: the police chief and the victim's family spoke out this afternoon asking witnesses to speak up and help solve the senseless killing. >> i'm personally saddened by this very senseless act of violence. i pledge to this family and this community we will pour as many resources as we can into finding the killer. >> reporter: police say someone robbed wilbur bartley as he was closing his cell phone store last night.
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police say he was passing out halloween candies to neighborhood kids. investigators say the gunman fired a number of shots during the robbery, killing the well- liked small business owner. >> he gave continuously without a second thought. >> reporter: neighbors and customers lit candles, dropped off flowers and wrote messages for the man they knew as marcus. >> a humble person. once again, i'm very hurt and appalled by this. >> we can't have pillars of our community being murdered and gone unjustly. >> reporter: before they can find out why someone killed him, the police say they first need to catch the gunman. >> people living in the berkeley hills are on the lookout for a deer with a painful wound. there are reports of a doe with an arrow sticking out of its torso in areas near campus drive. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook has the latest on the search for that wounded animal.
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>> reporter: if you live in many parts of the bay area you have to learn to live with deer neighbors. is we see them every day. they usually come up and eat up the plants. >> reporter: something was wrong with the deer in the backyard of her berkeley hills home. >> felt sick at the thought that someone would do that. >> reporter: the doe had an arrow in its side and it was crouching on its hind legs. next to her a fawn. these pictures to people who live in the area. >> completely unexpected. >> reporter: chris came home this evening to seep the two deer in his front yard and what may be a good sign. >> there was no arrow. she had what looked like a bloody watch. >> reporter: shooting deer is illegal in berkeley. chris has his own theory. >> one of the neighbors was upset with her eating out of their garden. >> reporter: the defendant fish and game and animal services say they'll continue to search looking for the doe and her
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fawn. they are relying heavily on the people who live in the area to track her where abouts. if they do catch the doe her chances of survival are very slim. >> well, it's a basic clothing item that can get expensive depending where you shop. how do you steal $10,000 worth of them? how thieves pulled off a bizarre heist in palo alto. >> he's an american. that's the thing. >> not exactly on his sleeve, more like getting it off his chest. giant message that stole the show at wednesday's parade. >> november now. typically we see rainfall totals double from october to november. it's not rainfall that's going to be going up, it's the temperature. find out which day is likely to end up in the 80s. your forecast next.
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shopping center. thieves it's been a rough week for a lingerie store. he's struck not once, but twice. and they were not there for the cash. kiet do picks up the story. >> reporter: as bra thefts go it was a double d-sized heist. the angel fantasies push up bra is one of the nicest ones and the thieves stole 180 of them, worth $11,000. >> oh my god. that's shocking. >> reporter: employees temperature us it was likely a group of women who came in the store on a busy halloween day and emptied the drawers in
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assorted colors and styles. it went down in a matter of seconds. these guys were good. they made it completely through undetected. there was no suspect description the high end version costs $82. shoppers like maria aren't surprised. >> you're talking about like $80. so yeah. >> reporter: you can see why they stole them. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is not the first time it's happened. thieves hit the same location just last friday and took $7000 worth of bras, again at the front of the store and made a quick exit. a company spokesperson had not heard of thefts at other stores nationwide. >> if ever there was a photo worthy of the front page, in this case a picture speaks about a million words. give or take a few giants fans. ace closer sergio romo soaking
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up the love and glory during wednesday's parade. there is something you can't quite see in this picture even if it's already framed on your wall. >> it is the first four words on sergio's shirt. right there. len ramirez has that and the reaction. >> got him looking. >> reporter: by striking out the final batter to win the world series, sergio romo became a baseball hero by wearing a t-shirt with the message i just look illegal, he became a full hero to many mexican americans. >> everything is censored. it's just amazing he could step out of that circle and speak his mind. >> he's an american. that's the thing. that's probably why he wears that shirt. >> reporter: advertising executive says if romo was trying to make a statement about racial profiling it was a stroke of genius. >> the message is simple. you can't make judgment calms
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on the way people look. that's just a real simple message. it's gotten so much play because many of us feel that way. >> reporter: romo is a u.s.- born mexican american. he was raised near the mexican border. one of the smallest players with one of the biggest arms he's known as a prankster. he wore what looked like an iconic beatles t-shirt with the words "the beaners" instead. his message yesterday echoed his t-shirt message. >> if there's one thing i've noticed about my team, we are a great example of this city. look at the diversity of personalities where we all come from, the different faces from different places. >> reporter: not everyone agrees with him. do you think he should have made that statement at that time? >> probably not. definitely-- he wanted attention, obviously. he got if. >> reporter: that's for sure.
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the southern california company which made the t-shirt is being asked to print more. it's exploding on social media. >> i heard it on twitter. i thought it was funny. to me instantly it didn't click as something that was bad. just going along with how he is normally. >> reporter: for someone used to throwing pitches it may be a fastball down the middle of a hot button issue. >> the los angeles company making the shirt says it had only sold 40 of them in the last two years. it sold more than 100 yesterday afternoon. >> that's right. those people were watching cbs 5 and the parade coverage we had. >> there you go. best advertising you can get right here. mother nature advertising a little bit of summer here in the middle of fall. it's not going to feel like november at all. maybe firing up the fireplace, getting ready for the holidays. how about 80 degrees to change that. that's where we're heading. it is friday eve after all.
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look at the bay. high def doppler. it's going to stay that way for a while. nights are going to be chilly. low 50s you see here. san rafel 50. this will likely be the warmest night for the week. low pressure moving out. higher pressure moving in. not in the perfect spot for the 80s yet. we're getting a westerly flow. it's cloudy near the bay right now. you'll get partly to mostly sunny skies. when high pressure gets bigger, stronger and moves to the north we'll get a dry northwest blow of air. that gets you in the 70s. that gets you into the 80s inland for sunday, monday and tuesday. three straight days the chance to be in the 80s in november. near record highs coming up. afternoons will be mainly sunny. mornings are going to be chilly. it's going to be down right warm. average high for many drops to
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the upper 60s. we'll be flirting with 80 degrees. close to 70 tomorrow. we'll be close to normal for concord. san jose, 69 degrees tomorrow. how about 71 for walnut creek. upper 60s for san rafel, mill valley. that's a lot of sunshine for november. how about 80 on sunday inland over the weekend. 70 at the coast on tuesday. we'll get a little cloudier toward the middle of next week. for folks who don't want to let go of summer and early fall. raise your hand. this is the kind of forecast that will keep us not thinking about christmas. >> yeah. well i just started thinking about it. it's november 1st. >> about 53 shopping days to go? >> la la la la.
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yeah. but at least it'll be sunny and people will be happy. >> yes. exactly. enjoy the sunshine while we have it. we'll be right back.
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california woman almost misd her dead you know the old saying a day late and a dollar short. a southern california woman almost missed her deadline to claim a fortune. the unidentified woman bought a ticket worth $23 million in the california super lotto last may. at some point she tossed it in her glove compartment. the hunt for the winner gave others a chance to dream if only for a few minutes. >> we were in the lottery for the $23 million that day. thought we were millionaires for about 5 minutes. we figured we better keep playing. >> lotto officials say the winner's daughter spotted her picture in the paper and got a hold of her millionaire mom. the winner had until november 26th to claim the jackpot. she'll identify herself tomorrow at a news conference. >> an nba player hit the lottery tonight, sort of.
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and say good-bye to the rally.
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the giants decided not to pk up an option on aubrey huf's contract for next aubrey's playing career is over in san francisco. the giants decided not to pick the option up on huff's contract for next season. this year he had a home run, hit .192. he'll be remembered as a big reason why the giants won their first title. rumors flying about turner's job status. forgot his teammate didn't have
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a helmet. chargers up 10-6. rivers, 13- yard touchdown to floyd. chargers beat the chiefs. record back to 500. turner still alive in san diego. landon donovan antel.a. galaxy tied in their game against vancouver. the earthquakes will host l.a. in the semifinal of the mls playoffs. really picking up steam. spurs and thunder tied. san antonio over okc 86-84. revenge for the spurs. and your golden state warriors home opener tomorrow night. >> didn't you say they're going to go all the way? >> i said the warriors will make the playoffs. >> 49ers will win the super bowl. >> 49ers will win the super bowl. >> good night.
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