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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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good evening... i'm allen martin... and i i just saw people -- we okay. calm down. god -- start getting out. >> tonight the father from the bay area who helped dozens of passengers escape asiana airlines flight 214. after it crashed at sfo and burst into flames. >> sounded like slow motion. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm ann notarangelo. passengers tell us they knew something was wrong. here's the latest, all 307 passengers and crew are now accounted for. two people were killed and cnn is reporting they were chinese citizens. the flight originated in shanghai and stopped over in seoul. their bodies were found outside the plane. 181 people were injured.
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six of them critically. aviation experts tell us it came in too low and too slow and it hit the seawall right before the runway. tonight two of the four runways at sfo remain closed until federal investigators give the okay to open them and that means expect delays on arrivals and departures for several days. >> a couple of live looks tonight. first from chopper 5. the charred fuselage there down at the very bottom of your screen. it is still sitting in the exact spot. here's a ground picture from across the waterment it's sitting in the exact spot where it ended up off runway 28 left as they call it. in the inside of the fuselage completely burned out. the tail section which should be on the right side of your screen on the end of the plane completely broken off. strewn into pieces on the runaway. we have team coverage covering all ans of the crash to be the
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-- angles of the crash tonight. >> linda? >> reporter: it's a very busy terminal as you can see behind me passengers are scramble to reschedule their flights and ntsb, national transportation safety board investigator is on the scene of the crash site right now. the rest of his team from washington, d.c. are expected here around midnight. that is when a full investigation will begin and maybe they can get to the bottom of exactly what happened. asiana flight 214 touched down at 11:27 a.m. according to some survivors and witnesses, the tail section hit first. the plane broke in two. burst into flames and passengers got out through the escape chutes. >> on arrival we did observe some of the passengers coming out of the water. but the plane certainly was not in the water. there was a fire on the plane. so the assumption might be that they went near the water's edge which is very shallow to maybe
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douse themselves with water. >> reporter: crews say it could have been worse. >> to have 123 roughly walk away from this given the -- the conditions of the plane is incredible to me. >> i did survey it from looking in the rear of the plane. you know, there was a lot of collapsed seats. a lot of the -- plane was on fire. so quite a bit of damage. quite a bit of damage to the plane. and 2010, it's miracle really we had so many survivors. >> reporter: in the minutes following the landing relatives and friends of the passengers frantically tried to get information. none was available. >> all we know is that we got this picture of a plane on fire. nobody will come out -- they've hung up on us three times and information people are like just talk the asiana. just go downstairs. no one is out downstairs. >> reporter: robert's wife and daughter were on the plane. they sent him a video of the burning wreckage after escaping and told him what they were experiencing as they landed. >> my daughter called me just after the accident. she said that it seemed like they kind of overshot the
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runway a little bit and came down a little hard on the front tire. what what she recalled the tire fell off. the back tire came off then. then it started to roll and i guess it flipped over and caught fire. they were up in the business section and the fire was up front. and then they came to a rolling stop and then started evacuating everybody. >> reporter: rescue crews had given the chaos "people" were calm. the two -- people were calm. the two dead were found on the outside of the aircraft. no information is available on who they were. the airport was shut down most of the day by late afternoon passengers were seen rescheduling flights. >> and working to restore the airport to normal operational status. we've got a total of four runways at sfo. two of those runways remain closed as a result of this incident. we have reopened two other runways and we are accepting limited aleves and departures -- arrivals and departures. traveling at sfo continues to be to check with the airline for the status of their flight.
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>> reporter: the flight did originate from shanghai, shine. then continue -- china. then continued on to seoul, south korea before heading and ending up here at san francisco international airport late afternoon and into this evening family and friends were being reunited with the surviving passengers. reporting live from san francisco international airport, linda yee, kpix 5. a father of two from san francisco is being called a hero for helping passengers escape the burning plane. he was headed back from business trip in asia when she says right before landing, everything turned to slow motion. >> it was disbelief. screaming. bit of chaos. >> with pain in his ribs, but a sense of calm, 39-year-old benjamin levy helped panicked passengers escape flight 214. >> the crew was overwhelmed. i mean the crew was not expecting it at all. >> he says he opened the emergency exit door and helped more than 50 passengers off the plane. >> you know i just told people we okay. calm down. god -- start getting out you
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know leave your items behind and help each over. >> from his hospital bed he's okay. he realized something was wrong when he looked out the window. >> if you know san francisco airport. there's a few piers exitancessing into the water from the runway. and you know, i could quickly -- i realized quickly we were like i don't know, it felt like two or three meters above. so you know maybe ten feet above the water. and we are not even on the runway. i don't see any runway. just see water. >> he says the pilot tried to pull the plane back up. >> it's like -- six flags show right? you're tied up to your chair and then again we are skipping on the runway. i thought maybe we'd go back up and start flying again. >> but it was too late. the plane slammed into the run way. >> as i said it feel like slow motion. >> the plane was filled with screaming people and smoke. >> if i hear a lot more and smoke coming out and explosions coming out. at this point i felt like most of the people were out of the plane. >> he says most imagined to get out quickly and he stepped on
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the remnants of the plane to escape. >> i'm hurting because i -- the bruise. so it's going to hurt for several months probably. but again, i'm very very fortunate. >> levy says originally he thought he'd broke some ribs but x-rays were negative. by the way his wife was scheduled to be on the flight too but she was with her two children. he and many other passengers were treated at san francisco general and that's where sue kwon is tonight with the latest, sue? >> reporter: because of it well- known trauma center and tonight we have the latest numbers, 53 patients in all ranging from ages 20 to 76 and half of the patients were children. one of them tonight is in critical condition. >> the first ten patients to arrive at san francisco general came in critical condition. some required surgery for burns internal injuries and broken bones. two were children. >> some of them are in shock.
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some are very tearful. some look stunned. overall, i think it's amazing how well most of the patients are coping. >> reporter: the e. r. chief says his staff treated several spine and head injuries. possibly caused by a violent bouncing of the plane as it broke into pieces. >> closed head injuries. bleeding as a result of a closed head injury. cervical spine injury. some patients would have intraabdominal injuries to their organs from blunt force trauma. >> reporter: throughout the afternoon a second third and fourth wave of patients flowed into the e. r. with less serious injuries. some were treated and released in tents set up outside and for the rest the hospital cleared a whole floor moving existing patients with low level care needs to laguna honda to make room for the families. >> we had 53 patients. 26 children.
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27 adults. six are in critical condition. seven have been discharged. >> reporter: and we have 22 tonight still being evaluate today give you a sense -- evaluated. to give you a sense they had to clear out a floor to make room for the many people we have. koreans as well as chinese, vietnamese patients so you can understand the level of care that's needed in translation services. social workers here as well and we have seen in the evening very somber mood as family members and relatives come in after a long day of search to find out the condition of the loved ones, allen? >> sue kwon at sf general. thank you. stanford university hospital also pressed into servic administrators activated the emergency plan. quickly assembling seven trauma teams. 45 survivors brought in by helicopter and ambulance and bus. >> probably within 30 minutes, or even less, we had over 150
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health care providers including physicians, nurses, and all kind of support systems. >> 16 of the injured were admitted to stanford. three of them tonight are in critical condition. as with most international flights there were many people outside customs that were waiting for their loved ones. imagine those people who went through their mind when they heard the plane just crashed. >> christin ayers spoke with some of them. >> reporter: friends and family members told me it has been a day of highs and lows after finding out the loved ones were okay. they waited for hours here at the international terminal to reunite. when tape finally they heard harrowing firsthand accounts of the crash. beth wassen board with his wife and 15-year-old son when it crash-landed. >> the moment -- it touched the runway there was bang and you know and we -- we realized that you know something has gone wrong. something terrible has happened. >> reporter: it was over he says in ten seconds. he fractured his collarbone in
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the accident and used one of the deployed chutes to evacuate. >> really reallotmentsed to go out and -- it could have been much worse. >> reporter: he joined the family and friends of other crash survivors searching for answers in the terminal. the families waited for hours in the reflection room at the airport. flanked by police officers. until escorts took them tole a club lounge beyond the security gates where they were reunited with the survivors. >> it was like -- emotional roller coaster. i was like devastated. and then terrified. >> reporter: june park whose friend was on board the plane was sill searching for him. his friend called family members to say he was okay but he seemed to disappear after that. >> after you know hearing that he's okay. i was like so relieve and then -- now that we don't know where he is i'm kind of like anxious to figure out where he is.
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up and down all day. >> reporter: and again everyone accounted for at this point. airport officials tell us those reunifications happened inside the airport at the red carpet lounge and the united airlines terminal. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> flights are arriving and departing at sfo again. but airport operations far from normal. joe voska is at sfo. >> reporter: allen it's a mess still right here at sfo. the last we heard from airport officials is this. there are four runways here, two of them are operating right now. and so what that means right now is that not just here at international terminal but domestic as well is there hundreds if not thousands of people just standing the line for in some -- in line or in some cases camping out. >> the situation is they have no connecting flights to get us out of here until tuesday. the 9th. our option was either to stay
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here until tuesday or to fly back to burbank and then get another flight out monday afternoon. >> reporter: right now is terminal 3. domestic. look at these long lines. one couple told us they'd been waiting in line for three hours and this is the line get this -- to rebook, that is to rebook their next flight and what they're being told is they will not be allowed the book anything tomorrow. it will have to be monday or tuesday before they can get out of here. >> we can't get out of here until the 10th but we're going to try the counter. >> this is the rebooking line. how long have you been in this line? >> three hours. >> three hours to rebook. not even sure what you'll get on. >> right. >> reporter: this is one floor down. baggage claim. look at this. thousands and thousands of bags ovulationage, in fact in some cases -- of luggage, in fact in some cases people are literally looking for them right now trying to find theirs. >> in the morning had a layover
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in chicago for three hours. and then we got diverted to denver. then we've been stranded at denver since 11:00 a.m. in the morning. finally our flight made it here and now i can't find my bags. >> reporter: i told you, it's a mess right now. now here's the question. what if you have a flight tomorrow or the next day? what should you do? check in with the airline to check with sfo but i have to tell you it's so chaotic right now that may not be enough. keep it tuned right here. we'll give and give you -- try and give you the latest information as it becomes available. reporting live at san francisco international airport, i'm joe vasquez, eyewitness news. they had to switch it to san jose and then people got information off the little ipods. >> the scramble to redirect flights and how passengers coped when stranded up in san jose and oakland. >> stay with us for continuing coverage including a special hour long newscast on kpix 5 at
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11:00 and around the clock updates on ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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afternoon. nearly 3 dozen flights were diverted to other bay area airports. we have 2 reports-
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starting with ryan takeo at oakland international. nearly three dozen flights were divert today other bay area airports, we have two reports starting with ryan takeo at oakland international. >> reporter: busier than expected here at oakland international airport. 11 planes were diverted here from sfo. eight of those were domestic flights. three were international flights. and that's a problem because normally, there are no international flights scheduled on saturdays to come here to oakland international. so they were not prepared customs agents so basically people had to wait on the tarmac until agents from sfo were able to come here to oakland international. we also talked to travelers who had to change their plans including one woman who was at sfo and knew that there was going to be a lengthy delay. because of what she saw. >> it just lookedlike a big ball of smoke, there was fire trucks and comes and you know -- cops and you know all sorts of stuff going down. >> at that point did you
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realize there's no way we're getting out of here? >> pretty much at that point yeah. >> when they said the plane was on fire at the end of the runway then it was like well hum i don't think we're going to be going anywhere for awhile. >> reporter: a spokesperson told me the airport is ready for any other diverted flights and he expects that to be a possibility nor all four runways are open at sfo. i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5 at oakland international airport. the skies and runways here with jammed with 25 extra flights and 4,000 extra passengers when planes that would have landed in san francisco were diverted to san jose after the asiana plane crash. >> big response at the san jose airport was immediate. those runways were shut down at sfo. those aircraft needed a place to. >> all of the diverted flights landed safely but the airlines had nowhere to put the passengers, many were forced to wait inside the plane for hours on end and then hours more in the hot sun to board buses to
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take them to sfo. >> they could have brought us some water or been a bit more organized. we sat on the tarmac for three hours and they should have organized some more buses to be ready to take us i would think. >> besides no water. >> thread in foot on board. that's what -- was so bad. nobody really had anything to eat. >> passengers loaded up again. >> we're getting there now. >> just thankful to be on their way. in san jose, hen ramadas, kpix 5. more of the continuing coverage on the crash of flight 214 including the social media component. >> and one of the strangest pictures we found on twitter. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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video was on yout social media again playing a huge role in telling the story today of the plane crash at sfo. this video was on youtube within a couple of hours. just one of several and then there was tumblr instagram and twitter posts. >> it caught our eye. passengers who escaped looking back at the scene but you notice the woman at the center with her shopping bags? wasn't the only evidence we saw passengers who left the plane with bags in their carry-ons. >> see that horrifying sight? the blue skies roberta gonzales has a look at the forecast. >> visibility was unlimited today but now we have the return of the overcast conditions. good evening everybody. it's live looking out to the bay bridge wither overcast. -- where we are overcast. current air temperature in the mid 50s to the low 60s and we now are picking up a northwest breeze anywhere between 12 and 17 miles per hour.
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highs today, we're warmer than yesterday but not as warm as it will be tomorrow from time to time 61 degrees in pacifica. 70 oakland. to the mid 80s well inland to the east and also to the delta. fairfield at 85 degrees. so we have your love tonight with some areas of -- cloud cover tonight with some areas of patchy fog. cloudy start for the sunday and then sunshine and warmer conditions and really no big dramatic temperature swing. futurecast illustrates that we have the saturation at the low clouds. some marine layer at 8:00 in the morning streams inland all the way to concord and clinton backs off and hangs tight to the coast of san mateo. otherwise some partial coastal clearing, tonight overnight into the 50s from pacifica through oakland. all the way to napa and sonoma. otherwise 60s beaches and s and 70s across the central bay to the upper 70s and mountain view and low and mid- 80s to the north and to the east.
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low 90s towards the delta. the winds out of the south and southwest at 15. here's your extended forecast. warmer on monday. and tuesday. and then quite seasonal by wednesday all the way through saturday. that's your pinpoint forecast. the news continues but first, this brief time-out. ,,,, ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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with pitcher madison bum garner. he struck out puig. ramirez flute and the giants beat -- flew out and the giants beat l. a., miguel tejada still doing it now for kansas city who hosted the a's. up the middle with bases loaded and rosales couldn't make a play. the a's lost 4-3. women's wimbledon finals, lisicki on the left and all marion bartoli. only tooker 81 minutes to win it 6-1 and 6-4. yeah. those ladies are going to be at the bank of the west classic july 22nd at stanford. a nice little draw if you're into tennis. >> all right that's it for us at 10:00. >> all right, one last look at flight 214 there outside there at sfo where the ntsb will be
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arriving shortly. they already have an investigator on scene and they'll be combing through the wreckage. >> a special hour long newscast coming up on kpix 5 at 11:00. ,, look at 'em.
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