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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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snow and ice falling as millions prepare to travel back. fierce winds downing trees and power lines. a huge stretch of the country bracing for trouble. crossing the line? attack. going after a reporter appearing to mock his disability. tonight, why it's trump demanding the apology. a clear picture. the stunning new video of that good samaritan medical student. a new view of what really happened when he stepped in to help. shopping frenzy. the first black friday shoppers are already hitting the mall. the best deals and the best apps to help you with your holiday gift list. and, movie mystery. walt disney's long lost film, locked in the vault for nearly 90 years. do you recognize this character, ready for his comeback? good evening. great to have you with us on this thanksgiving day, i'm tom llamas in for david. we begin tonight with that
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holiday storm. 13 states and tens of millions of people in its past at this hour. snow blowing across the rockies. and into the heartland. the plows out on the roads in minnesota. dangerous ice in nebraska, coating roads and windshields. but in south dakota, this chef grilli his turkey outside despite the snow. the storm is on the move right now, set to make a mess of black friday traffic across the plains. we start with abc's aditi roy, reporting in from a freezing denver tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that extreme weather, 35 million people, bracing in the southern and central plains, with snow d ice spreading across the heartland. >> it is extremely cold and windy. >> reporter: gusts of 30 miles an hour blowing the ice. >> the sleet's actually pretty painful. >> reporter: cars coated. along with power lines and trees. in colorado, more than 200 flights delayed at the denver airport. the bromirski's now missing
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with their family. >> it's frustrating and a little disappointing. >> reporter: andrew greer's trying to get home to alaska. you've already been in transit for 24 hours. >> yes. >> reporter:hen will you get home? >> ah, at 3:19 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: out west, parts of drought-ravaged california getting ten inches of snow in the last 24 hours. and damaging winds at this flea market. gusts as high as 45 miles an hour turning tents to sails. witnesses shaken. 11 hurt. luckily, just minor injujues. here att the denver airport, it's frigid and frozen on the tarmac. 10 te agrees tonight, and in the single digits tomorrow. making the snow and ice hard to melt and travel conditions rough. tom? >> it's not going to be easy to get around for some. okay, aditi, thank you. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano here. where is the storm headed? >> reporter: it's really expanded. we have a whole list of weather
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problems to deal with. winter storm warnings, an ice storm warning. look at the map. fit things into motion here. heavy rain in dallas around 8:00 and that mix from amarillo all the way to oklahoma city. the hef yes rainavy rains could cause flooding from midland, texas, all the way to chicago. half an inch or more of ice across the oklahoma and texas panhandle. that will likely take down power lines and very, very tricky roads there. and the heavy rains, could see ten inches in some spots and with the mets snow around chicago, that's going to cause flooding, too. >> going to be a messy storm. rob, thank you so much. next to washington, and a bizarre security breach at the white house. this man climbing then jumping over the fence, wrapped in an american flag and raising his arms in victory. all while the first family was inside, celebrating thanksgiving. he was immediately taken into custody. this, even after the secret service added spikes to the top of that fence. and in the race for the white house, donald trump
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he's done that before, but this time, appearing to mock that reporter for a disability. tonight, the video, and what trump is saying about it now. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: it's being called a new low even for donald trump. the presidential front-runner in appearing to mock a disabled journalist. to see this guy, "ah, i don't know what i said! i don't remember!" >> reporter: that reporter? "the new yortimes"' serge kovaleski, who has a chronic condition affecting his joints that limits flexibility in his arms. tonight, "the new york times" firing back, saying, "we're outraged that he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters." it came as trump defended his claim that he saw people in new jersey cheering on 9/11. law enforcement and government officials now rejecting that as false. but this is hardly the first time trump has come under fire for offending someone. from mexicans --
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>> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: to veterans -- >> he's not a war hero. i like people that weren't captured, okay? >> reporter: to women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs -- >> only rosie o'donnell. i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember! >> reporter: trump not backing down this time either, saying he was merely mimicking a flustered reporter, tweeting, "if mr. valeski is handicapped, i would not know because i do n n know what he looks like." >> cecilia, yet another tweet from trump? >> reporter: that's right. he says the reporter is using his disability to grandstand and is demanding now an apology from "the new york times." as for not knowing that reporter, he says he covered trump for years and, in an interview with "the washington post," he says he is sure that trump remembers him and his condition, tom. >> trump staying in the headlines always. cecilia, thank you. next tonight, a new look at
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the deadly encounter between a chicago police officer and 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the view from officer jason van dyke's squad car. can you see him chasing mcdonald there. then, moments later, van dyke shot him dead. protesters gathering even on this thanksgiving day and promising bigger disruptions tomorrow. abc's alex perez in chicago tonight. >> reporter: tonight, our first look at a revealing new video that shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald, moments before he was shot. the dash cam from jason van dyke's vehicle captured the pursuit, back in october 2014. van dyke then opens fire as mcdonald is walking away. 16 shots in 15 seconds. >> if we don't get it -- >> shut it down! >> reporter: more protests. at one point, tearing lights off the city's christmas tree. protesters are furious it took state's attorney anita alvarez nearly aear to charge van dyke.
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of the city. because we can be -- we could be on the verge of another ferguson. >> reporter: but alvarez defends the investigation, saying the time was needed to review evidence to charge van dyke with first degree murder. >> it's the first time it's happened in over 30 years in chicago, so, these are very heavy charges. >> reporter: van dyke's defense argues he fired at mcdonald because he feared for his life. but investigators say he was not threatening van dyke at the time of the shooting. the citizen watchdog group invisible institute says at least 20 complaints weree filed against van dyke in his 14-year career as an officer, including allegations of racial slurs. but so far, van dyke was not disciplined. abc news confirmed 18 complaints. and tom, tomorrow, all eyes will be right here on chicago's magnificent mile. protesters who say they want their demonstrations to have an economic impact, plan to protest as black friday shoppers descend here. tom?
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and tonight, extraordinary new surveillance video. you may remember that dramatic encounter between that good samaritan medical student and a gunman who tried to kill him. well, the new video filling in details about how that young man tried to help, and what happened after he was shot. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: a new look tonight at the bravery of a good samaritan. his willingness to help nearly got him killed. this surveillance video, first obtained by fox station wvue, shows 25-year-old med student peter gold checking on a intoxicated woman on a new orleans sidewalk, just after 4:00 a.m. friday. the man who just robbed her pulled a gun on him. stomach. police say the shooter then tried to finish him off with a few bullets 0 the brain. remarkably, his gun jams. >> male shot in the stomach. >> reporter: new orleans police have since arrested 21-year-old
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attempted murder. this new surveillance video also shows people trying to help tulane university student peter gold after he was shot. even the young woman he saved comes to and tries to crawl toward her good samaritan. that medical student is spending this thanksgiving in the hospital. a place where he'd normally work. tonight, we're told he's in stable condition, and his family says, he continues to improve. tom? >> ryan, thank you. we want to head overseas tonight. french president hollande in a new round of shuttle diplomacy, putting together a coalition to fight isis in syria. vladimir putin telling him russia is with him, but there are cracks in the alliance, as well. putin has ordered a trade boycott against turkey over the downing of its fighter jet. and tonight, chilling new details of that concert hall attack in paris, and the narrow escape for the band. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: speaking out in their first interview, members of the rock band of the deadliest attack during the paris massacre are recounting
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their narrow escape from the bataclan theater. >> i can see the gunman. and he looked right at me and he shot at me and he missed. he screamed at the top of his lungs, "allahu akbar," and that's when i instantly knew what was going on. >> reporter: the california band, eagles of death metal, told their harrowing tale to vice founder shanenemith. the full interview posted on here in belgium, the manhunt for at least ten terrorist suspects including alleged driver salah abdeslam continues, police raiding two locations outside of brussels. today, the mother of one of the paris suspects, mohammed abrini, spoke exclusively to abc news. "if you can hear me, please turn yourself in. i don't sleep anymore. i don't eat anymore." in brussels, life has gun to return to a semblance of normal. the subway is running again under intense security. and schools have re-opened,
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return yet. and tonight, security threat in brussels lowered from four, the highest level, to three. belgian officials saying they still believe that a paris-style attack could happen. the threat is still there. but they no longer believe it is imminent. tom? >> ron claiborne for us tonight. ron, thank you. back here at home now, no specific or credible terror threat on this thanksgiving day, but higher individual lens all across the country. here in new york, the biggest police presence in the history of the city's famous macy's parade. this clown marching by three heavily armed officers. and this little girl watching from behind a police officer. fortunately, no incidents were reported. and right now, it may still be thursday, but for some stores and shoppers, black friday already started. a crowd outside toys "r" us in times square, whenn it openedd for e holiday crow just a short time ago. look at that line. more than 100 million people expected to turn out between now and sunday, either in stores or online. and abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca
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jarvis with the first of them in chicago tonight. >> reporter: tonight, across the country, the deems race is officially on. best buy, toys "r" us, macycy, walmart, target and k mart all officially open for business right now. >> i'd be slaving in the kitchen if it wasn't for this sale. >> reporter: nearly 60% of americans, 136 million of us, planning to shop between tonight and sunday. the number crunchers cracking the shopping code, finding today and tomorrow, black friday, are two of the best days of the year for deals on electronics. but even those unwilling to brave the crowds can cash in because many of those top tech deals are also online. >> now, there's so many sales online that it's almost like, there's no point in actually being bombarded by other human beings in stores. >> reporter: still, some retailers are sitting out this year's early openings. staples opened the last two
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years on thanksgiving will shut their doors completely for the holiday this year. tom, the crowds are still pouring in here at this best buy in chicago. the first person in line started rain. so, what't' bringing everyoyo out to stores tonight? it's'sthis. the 49-inch tv here for 149 bucks. tom? >> 49 inches, $149. that's a gd deal. rebecca, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thanksgiving night. an up next, a warning to holiday shoppers this weekend. you won't be the only run reaching for your wallet during those black friday sales. the surveillance video that shows how pick pockets are upping their game. and a thanksgiving surprise for "star wars" fans. the force was with them today with a brand new look at "the force awakens." believe it. at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch in the house, in a treehouse,
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next tonight, a consumer alert. tens of millions of americans holiday. not everyone making their way through those black friday crowds is looking for a deal. steal. warning for us all tonight. >> reporter: take a look at this surveillance video. do you see the thieves grab this watch again. two men acting as decoys. the woman using items in the store as cover while she tries not once, but six times to snatch her wallet. >> these individuals tried many times to get this one purse. they did the unlatching. they wenen back, they did more distracting. and many tempts, and then they went for the kill. >> reporter: then, in full view of the surt scamecurity camera, they go threw her wallet, taking whatever they can. so, when you're in the store looking at something, the detective is going to sh us how easy it is for them to grab your wallet without even knowing. it only takes a second if you look at a garment, you are a little bit distracted.
5:47 pm
did you already get it? >> get what? >> reporter: i really didn't think they got it. experts say the best way to avoideing a victim of pick pocketing are to keep any backs or purses zipped up and in front of you. keep your wallet in the bottom of the bag and use credit cards. most thieves are looking f that wad of cash. >> she's running. she has our stuff. >> reporter: thefts around home spiking, as well. deliveries stolen right off your porch. while police say you should never confront a thief on your own, there are some ways to make sure your christmas cheer isn't stolen. schedule your deliveries for a time when you're home, or send them to office or ask a neighborhood to collect them. hopefully you can avoid having your christmas wreath,along with everything else, stolen from your front door. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> kayna, thank you so much. when we come back, steaming our hearts. that other thanksgiving tradition. nearly 200 hopeful hundreds strutted their stuff on tv. but just wait until you see what
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you've probably never even heard of this breed. and, what p ppared a thanksgiving feast in zero gravity looks like. the message from two nasa astronauts, tonight from 250 miles up. what if one piece of kale uld protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13 vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that t n cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in t t hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13 may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site,
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5:52 pm
he's the first skye terrier to take the show's top honors. shaggy little guy. and giving thanks in zero gravity. nasa astronauts scott kelly and chelle lindgren showing after their thanksgiving feast. it's not a butterball. it comes in plastic baggies, freeze-dried and just 20 minutes to rehydrate. >> going to have the -- the -- the candied yams. they're -- man. they are delicious. >> good stuff. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> at least they can laugh about it. nasa's thanksgiving dinner, smoked turkey, yams, cornbread stuffing, potatoes and corn. pretty much the same menu since 1973. and coming straight to us from a galaxy far, far away -- >> we all need to run. >> lucas film and our parent company disneyrereasing another trailer on their facebook page
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serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don'n'start humira if you u vean infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. > finally tonight, think you've seeee all the classic movies from walt disney? tonight, one you haven't seen, because it's been locked away in a vault for nearly 90 years. it stars a disney character that came before mickey mouse, but
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feels very familiar. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: you know this duck and this dog and of course you know this mouse who started it all, mickey. but did you know that there was an animated charactct that came via w wt disney before mickey? yup. oswald. the lucky rabbit. seen here in an early six-minute silent film called "sleigh bells," a film that was lost to memory until a disney researchers discovered it was listed here, which had the only remaining copy. last screened in public sometime around 1928. back when walt disney worked for someone else, he and collaborator ub iwerks designed oswald for a whole series of cartoons, but a business falling
5:58 pm
him. they'll be screening the film again restored by disney animation studios, whose parent company also owns abc news. >> with oswald, they got it mostly rigig. >> repororr: oswald, of course, being a silent star, never s sd a word, so, we'll say it. welcome back, oswald. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> welcome back is right. we thank john for that story and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. i'm in for david muir. for david and all of us here, happy thanksgiving.shows that we have seen a messy day with rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. the snow ended a couple of hours ago in sioux city and now we should expect to see slowly clearing skies. our winter weather advisory has been trimmed away from most of the area. here's the dayplanner where we can anticipate cooling temperatures and clearing skies tonight. your
5:59 pm
complete forecast is coming up - your news starts now. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om " " tim happy thanksgiving and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman, jenna rehnstrom has the night off a local restaurant... known for it's southwest/caribb ean fare.... opened its doors to feed the less fortunate today. and even though nothing on the menu was being offered... everybody went away happy. as abc 9's bria bel explains... that includes those eatting ang those serving up the special thanksgiving dinner. bria: tim, many people from different walks of life was at rebos today for thanksgiving. word
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