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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  Me-TV  October 14, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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back in the 50's by >> pelley: death opens the doors of a secretive church. parishioners are charged in the savage beating of two teenagers to force them to confess their sins. also tonight, clinton, sanders and the first democratic debate. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mail. >> thank you. >> pelley: products promoted as health supplements are sending tens of thousands to the emergency room. and they're just delivering the paper, so why are 15,000 people following them? >> this i captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin tonight with death in the word of life church.
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two teenagers were brutally beaten, one fatally, by members of the congregation, including the victims' parents. as for the motive, michelle miller is following the investigation. >> reporter: 59-year-old deborah leonard and her 65-year-old husband bruce were charged with manslaughter in the beating death of their 19-year-old son lucas. authorities say lucas and his 17-year-old brother christopher were brought to the word of life church sunday night as part of a spiritual counseling session. new hartford police chief michael inserra. >> both brothers were continually subjected to physical punishment over the course of several hours in the hopes that each would confess their prior sins and ask 3415 forestdale drive giveness. >> reporter: according to the police complaint, lucas sustained blunt-force trauma with injuries to his stomach, genital, back and thigh areas. authorities say at one point lucas stopped breathing and was taken to the hospital monday afternoon.
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police later found christopher brutally beaten inside the church. he's in serious condition. the assault has left a central new york community stunned. tara litz lived next door to the church for ten years. >> we always joked around and said they were a cult, which now we're believing that they probably were. >> reporter: what made you think that? >> just the odd behavior. it's a greated community. you line up in a row. they all go in together. the gate closed. >> reporter: four others, including the victim's sister, have been charged with assault. scott, this investigation is ongoing and police do expect more arrests. >> pelley: and the accused have not commented yet about the charges. michelle miller, thank you very much, michelle. last night we told you about a landmark verdict in milwaukee. a jury ordered badger dunne to
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police officers who were injured by a gun purchased from that store. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: when a milwaukee jury saw this gun sale at a local store and then saw two policemen shot with the same weapon in the hands of an underage gunman, they found the store at fault. brad heaton was a juror. >> i am surprised at how easy it is to get a gun, and if you're organized and you're a decent liar, pretty much anyone can. and so it is incumbent upon gun dealers to do everything they can to investigate. [gunfire]. >> reporter: in 2005, congress passed a law barring most lawsuits against gun manufacturers and sellers for the way buyers use their products, but there were exceptions involving negligence. in the milwaukee case, the 18-year-old gunman had an older friend buy the gun for him, which is illegal. the jury found that the gun store employees either knew or should have known that. >> they didn't care.
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i mean, a core part of their market was criminals buying guns. >> reporter: etward flynn is mark yes's chief of police. >> common sense americans citizens said, wait a minute, reckless behavior where gun stores are supplying criminals with firearms has to be something that's punished. >> this is a really neat pistol. >> reporter: but at arnzen arms in minneapolis, gun salesman steve jantscher said the jury verdict was chilling. >> we can't be held responsible for the actions of others with a legally acquired firearm or any other product. i think if there's an unreasonable hysteria, people start doing a knee-jerk reaction. i'm sure that has the possibility of putting out the business. >> reporter: the attorney for the gun store said the ruling will be appealed. scott, he has until november 16th to file it. >> pelley: and the shooter in the case got 80 years, and the person who bought the gun two years. dean reynolds, thanks.
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so what does all this mean? rikki kleiman is our cbs news legal analyst. rikki, does this mean that cases like this are going to be filed all over the country? >> reporter: well it certainly means that case like this that are in the pipelines will go forward. and they will go forward with more hope than they had a week ago. however, it does not mean that they will succeed. as we know, there is an appellate process here. it is going to take years for this to become a real precedent. right now it is simply a jury's verdict under very unique circumstances, scott. >> pelley: and what are the unique circumstances that made this case a slam dunk for the jury? >> well, what happened here is you have video. and the picture was worth 1,000 words. you had the real purchaser, and then you had the straw purchaser, the guy who was going to go in, who was of legal age to buy for his friend, and you can see their shenanigans in the store. in addition, the straw purchaser
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he checked off that he was the purchaser... >> pelley: on the federal form. >> reporter: on the federal form, and the clerk helped him correct it. now, those circumstances are so unique to show that this store should have known or had reasonable belief to know that this gun ultimately might be used for a criminal purpose. >> pelley: rikki kleiman, our legal analyst. thank you so much, rikki. today vice president joe biden said he is proud of last night's democratic presidential debate, but if he was looking for a reason to jump into the race, he likely didn't find it. hillary clinton dominated. and nancy cordes was there. >> if all of the --. >> reporter: clinton and sanders clashed from the start other gun control -- >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: capitalism -- >> we should look at a country like denmark. >> we are not denmark. >> reporter: and how to reign
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>> i went to wall street in december 2007 before the big crash, and i basically said, cut it out. quit foreclosing on homes. >> congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress. [cheering and applause] we have to break the cycle. >> reporter: clinton was ready when all four criticized her 2002 vote to go to war in iraq, which she now calls a mistake. >> i recall very well being on a debate stage i think about 25 times with then-senator obama, debating this very issue. after the election he asked me to become secretary of state. >> reporter: but sanders came to clinton's rescue on the issue that has dogged her the most. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mail. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. >> reporter: some people are going to say you gave her a big gift. >> i don't know i gave her a big gift. what i said was true. let us talking about the real issues. >> reporter: of the three candidates polling near zero,
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former maryland governor martin o'malley had the strongest night. >> we passed comprehensive gun safety legislation. >> reporter: if vice president joe biden was hoping for a front-runner to faulter, it didn't happen, and clint's campaign manager said today it's time for him to make up his mind. all biden shared today was this brief assessment of the night. >> i was proud. i thought they all did well. >> reporter: biden's backers insist there is still room for him in this race, even if the others exceeded expectations. one adviseddor told me today, scott, if he does jump in, voters will forget all about that first debate and focus on the second one here at drake university in iowa next month. >> pelley: nancy cordes. thanks, nancy. today israel deployed hundreds of soldiers to stop a wave of attacks by palestinians. in jerusalem, israeli police shot and killed a palestinian man they say was running toward them with a knife.
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and 30 palestinians have been killed. the taliban's recent surge in afghanistan has apparently led president obama to change his mind about pulling nearly all american forces out. margaret brennan has learned the president's plans. margaret? >> reporter: scott, this is a tough call for the president, who declared the american war in afghanistan to be over. there are currently 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan, and sources tell us that the u.s. is expected the leave around 6,000 after 2016. now, that's an increase from the 1,000 soldiers that the president had originally planned to station in kabul by the end of his term. but just last month, taliban forces overran a major afghan city for the first time since 2001, and u.s. military advisers are warning that a more robust american military presence is needed to combat a resurgent
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threats from the islamic state and al qaeda. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the white house for us tonight. margaret, thank you. tomorrow a zimbabwean hunter will go on trial for helping an american client kill a beloved lion. the american, walter palmer, does not face charges. he paid a fortune for a hunting permit. that money is supposed to help conservation, but our debora patta discovered who is really bagging the blood money. >> reporter: cecil was the star attraction of a national park. the minnesota dentist who killed him says he's done nothing wrong. he paid $55,000 for a legal hunting permit. >> cecil was an icon in our industry. >> reporter: emmanuel fundira heads up the safari operations in zimbabwe. he told us americans like palmer make up the majority of zimbabwe's trophy hunters. part of the huge hunting fees they pay is supposed to go to
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conservation and community projects. fundira told us it rarely does, blaming corrupt government officials. >> it is a problem. it is really a menace. people are in dire straits, and people can almost do anything in terms of selling their soul for a bit of silver. >> reporter: one district council we visited received $158,000 in hunting fees this year, eight times the average salary in zimbabwe. but visitors like edward ngwenya said they hadn't seen any of it. what do you live on? how many dollars? nothing? not one cent. he wants to sell his goats for food. for now he lives with the meager crops he grows. unlike the villagers the councilors hate, phindile ncube has running water. he showed us his thriving sun flowers. >> reporter: under the sun, the crops are not doing so well.
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>> you need to water them. >> they don't have water. >> unfortunately. >> reporter: in addition to schools and clinics, ncube told us the hunting fees also go to buy food. so why does everybody say they don't have it? are you saying they're lying to us? >> of course, yeah. >> reporter: they're lying to us? >> yeah. no one will go hungry. >> reporter: it is rare for illegal hunting to be prosecuted in zimbabwe, but this time the international outcry over the shooting of cecil the lion resulted in not only a trial, but a partial ban of big game hunting on some of the farm's bordering the national park. >> >> pelley: deborah pat, yeah thanks, deborah. after a deadly outbreak of listeria, we've turned up more red flags about our food supply. and this church had londoners praying for peace... and quiet
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>> pelley: right here on monday we reported that former blue bell creamery workers complained about filthy conditions at a texas factory that was linked to an outbreak of listeria. turns out the outbreak had been going on for years. ten people got sick from the bacteria. thee died. tonight jim axelrod continues his investigation. >> reporter: richard porter and tina eddigar were patients at st. francis hospital in wichita, kansas, when they&were both infected with listeria. they were treated by dr. tom moore and his colleagues. >> i think the public has an expectation, i think a reasonable expectation, that when they come to the hospital, that the food that's given to them is safe. >> reporter: they had been sickened by contaminated blue bell ice cream. porter survived the infection. ettiger did not. did our food safety system fail richard and tina?
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>> i believe it did. >> reporter: blue bell's own testing found wisteria in its oklahoma plant as far back as 20 20 -- 2000. the laws at the time did not require them to report what they found. >> do current laws do enough to protect americans? >> we don't think they do enough to protect all americans. that's why we have the 3,000 deaths annually from a wide range of path -- pathogens. >> reporter: taylor says that will change with the implementation of the food safety act. the first overhaul in food safety laws in more than 70 years. >> the kind of practices that we saw is what this law is intended to prevent. >> you're going from reactivity to prevention. >> exactly. that's the paradigm shift. >> reporter: that shift started this fall when the f.d.a. began implementing the new rules, giving it greater
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but with 1,000 inspectors for roughly 100,000 facilities, taylor says they can't do it alone. >> the companies have to take responsibility for understanding the hazards in their facilities. >> you'll never have the resources to be in every production facility every day. >> you've got to have a system that creates real accountability on the companies for doing the right thing for prevention every day. >> reporter: of course the f.d.a. needs money to make this all work, and so far congress has authorized just about 28% of what it's estimated they'll need to fully implement the new law. >> pelley: we've learned so much in this series, jim. thanks so much. there was a close call at los angeles international airport. an airport worker drove onto a runway just as a jetliner carrying 78 people was cleared for take-off. an alarm sounded in the tower. the pilot hit the brakes. nobody was hurt.
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>> pelley: today the government blamed dietary supplements for sending 23,000 people to the emergency room each year and putting more than 2,000 of them in the hospital. dr. jon lapook is looking into this. >> reporter: two years ago when chris herrera was 15, he lost 56 pounds while taking a green tea extract billed as a fat burner. his mom, lourdes gonzalez. >> him seeing the difference what one pill was doing, he probably decided to take more on his own without letting me know. >> reporter: but then his eyes turned yellow. medical tests showed his liver was failing. doctors blame the green tea extract. >> having to hear the doctor tell me every day that chris had a 50% chance of dying and not
5:52 pm
making it was hurtful. >> reporter: herrera recovered. half of american adults use at least one supplement, so 23,000 emergency visits a year reflect the relatively low complication rate, but since these products don't need f.d.a. approval, the c.d.c. says it's important to monitor their safety. weight loss and energy products accounted for about 50% of visits in patients five to 34. the most typical patients were young adults. the most common symptoms were cardiac, chest pain, palpitations and elevated heart rate. dr. andrew geller of the c.d.c. is the report's lead author. >> some may have benefits, but there are risks. and we encourage patients to tell their physicians that they're taking dietary supplements and which ones. >> reporter: scott, patients often don't tell doctors they're taking supplements because they don't consider them real medication, but supplements can have real interactions with prescription meds. one idea is to bring all your medicines into the doctor's
5:53 pm
and one by one go over exactly what you're taking. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook, thanks, doc. in london they asked not for whom the bell tolled. they asked if anyone could stop it. a technical glitch caused the bell at st. george to ring non-stop for 24 hours. the residents went nuts. one chimed in, "have you tried turning it off and then on again?" we don't know who finally fixed it, but he's our candidate for the no-bell prize. and we'll be right back. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by pacific life. for life insurance, aknewities and investments, choose pacific life, the power to help you succeed. for my daughter. for the little things. and the big milestones. and just like i'm there for her, pacific life is there to help protect me and my family so i can enjoy
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that verdict could for central >> pelley: we end with a look at new media and old. here's chip reid. >> it's 4:30 a.m. when the first boat docks at martha's vineyard, and every morning yann meersseman and his wife moira fitzgerald load 2,000 pounds of newspapers into two beatup vans and hit the road. >> good morning. >> reporter: after losing their six-figure incomes in architecture and software during the recession, it was a way to make just enough money to stay on the island they love. their friends on the mainland thought they had gone mad. >> and i said, you know what, you should see this place in the morning. it's fantastic. i said, you know what, i'll take a picture every day and send it to you. >> reporter: that's how it started. today they have 2,000 e-mail followers and over 13,000 on facebook. >> the way the light strikes
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something. you think, okay. i have to stop right now and take that picture. >> reporter: so you're totally preoccupied. you're not even thinking about the paper route. >> sometimes 25 minutes go by and i think, maybe i should deliver some papers. >> reporter: demand for their photos is so great they've expanded into cars, calendar, even art exhibits. still, they earn a fraction of what they used to make in their high-pressure corporate jobs. >> about 20%. >> reporter: you make about 20% now. >> maybe. >> reporter: are you happier now? >> yeah. >> here. check this out. >> wow. beautiful. and you were worried it was going to be too gray to get a good photograph. >> it's always something. >> reporter: in the morning light here, there's always something. >> i love that little boat. >> reporter: to brighten the day for thousands of their closest friends.
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vineyard, massachusetts. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. >> it'd be like suing ford because you hit me with your car. kevin: a local gun shop owner weighs in on calls to repeal a law that gives liability protection to gun dealers. stacey: was pete polson too intoxicated to know what he was doing when he went on a shooting rampage in pleasant hill? what a police cruiser camera shows. kevin: there was a time when valley junction was the hottest neighborhood in west des moines. why city leaders there are now pushing for renovations. gun store owners here in iowa waiting to see the effect a wisconsin lawsuit will have here. stacey: a jury there ordered badger guns to p nearly to two $6 million milwaukee police officers. both men were shot by a gun bought at the store. a gun purchased by a so-called straw buyer, a person who buys guns for people who can't legally obtain them.
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jurors ruled that badger guns


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