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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  Me-TV  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:02am CST

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captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) stephen colbert, y'all! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey! shay! (cheers and applause) thank you, everybody. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: hey, welcome to the late show. thank you so much. up there, down there, over there. everybody up there.
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thank you very much. thank you, welcome to the late show. welcome to the late show. oh, such excitement, thank you so much. thank you in here, out there, america, out-therica. you know, i do the show every night. i get the pleasure-- i meet a lot of celebrities. and i think people think being a celebrity is a 24 hour party, a fast pass into the bus lane to easy town. but i meet these people and i know, and these guys know, being a celebrity they have problems too. for instance, and this is an absolutely true story. the sundance film festival is going on right now. and bradley cooper, you guys who know bradley cooper ises, you love him, amazing. festival this year. but it turns out-- no, no, it gets better. it turns out there is some guy who has been going around the festival getting too parties pretending he's bradley cooper.
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now i have no idea why anyone would-- all right, the sex and the free drinks, but anyway, he has fooled a lot of folks showing up at parties and people want to be with bradley cooper, take a selfie with bradley cooper. let's look at an actual photo of this guy. there he is. (laughter) that's bradley cooper. and i got to say, i kind of see why people would believe him. he's not really brad, but he's brad-ley. (laughter) and he came prepared. when a bouncer asked him for i.d., and this is true, he pulled out his iphone and showed a screen saver which was a picture of bradley cooper from the movie "the hangover." (laughter) you've got to be in the movie to have that on your phone. it is the same reason only astronauts are allowed to play space invaders. and his commitment to character was admirable. he handled himself like a celebrity. when the iphone screen saver didn't work he got tossed out by
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screaming, quote, you're done for! oh man. he wanted them thinking that they messed with the wrong guy. which is true. he literally was the wrong guy. (laughter) now i feel bad-- (cheers and applause). >> stephen: it's honest. i feel bad for brad because have i been through this myself. before i got this job some clown spent nine years pretending to be me on tv. said some stuff, said some stuff that got me in some trouble. so i am thrilled to say that here tonight to clear this whole mess up, ladies and gentlemen, the real bradley cooper, everybody. (cheers and applause) >> thank you, steve, thank you. >> stephen: thank you. >> thank you for having me, the real bradley cooper on your show tonight. >> stephen: no, thank you. i didn't even know you were in town. now obviously i know are you bradley cooper because you told
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but just for the audience's sake, did you bring any i.d.? >> of course i did, stephen. here i am on the cover of my very own cooking movie "burnt." >> stephen: okay, there you go. you do look a little different. you do look a little different right now. okay. but this did come out almost three months ago. so now bradley, as a spokesman understand you have a message about celebrity for the audience. >> i do, stephen. my message is simple and yet powerful. people need to stop impersonating us movie-- movie stars much these imitations cheapen celebrity and make it harder for us to get free stuff for being famous. (laughter). >> stephen: that was beautiful, that was beautiful, it must have been painful to talk about. >> yeah. >> stephen: okay. >> stephen: is this really a problem with celebrity now? >> you would not believe how hard it was for me to get a free burrito today. jimmy?
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well i'm going to get some free burritos. i was told this was free for bradley cooper. >> yeah. >> have you heard of the movie "burnt" on blu-ray? that's for you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> stephen: bradley cooper, everybody, bradley cooper. (cheers and applause) such a good guy. >> jon: nice guy. >> stephen: such a good guy. >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: well, we've got a genuine 100% real show for you tonight. my first guest is the acclaimed actor josh brolin. (cheers and applause) pretty sure it's him. pretty sure it's him, big guy. much bigger than you think. he stars in a new coen brothers movie "hail caeser" i hope it's about that pizza pizza guy. then also the host of "face the
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(cheers and applause) because he hosts "face the nation," you normally only see him on sunday mornings so to set the mood you might want to make pancakes. then i will talk to environmental activist erin brockovich. (cheers and applause) she, of course-- she is the inspiration for that julia roberts movie "mystic pizza"? i'm not-- and a performance by country musician aubrie sellers. (applause) that's right. her debut album will be released tomorrow, that is in 20 minutes. so i hope she is finished with it. oh, what jazz through yonder ear-hole breaks it is jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody.
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>> jon: yeah! we're about to kick this whole show off, but before they do, one more thing. mattel will now be offering barbies in three new more realistic body shapes, tall, petit and curvey. meanwhile, ken still comes in only one shape, junkless crotch. (applause) >> tonight, stephen welcomes josh brolin. "face the nation" host john dickerson. environmental whistle-blower erin brockovich. and a musical performance by aubrie sellers.
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human. and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: i know, the campaign is going on for almost six months now. but we are getting down to the nitty of the gritty. iowa caucuses are this monday and tonight fox news held a 7th republican debate. nobody tell me who won it because i'm not going to watch. i have watched every other debate but i might skip this one because somebody else already did. >> just when you thought he could not shock you any more, he does. >> donald trump locked in an explosive feud with fox news
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>> from digging in his heels boy coting tonight's fox news debate. >> he claims megyn kelly is biased against him. >> jon: >> stephen: that's right, trump is skipping the debated because megyn kelly will be a moderator. after all why would he want to practice going head-to-head with a strong blond woman. (cheers and applause) fox news stood by megyn kelly and i don't blame them. a news channel cannot let a politician decide who they put on the air. that's what ratings are for. now trump was still planning to attend until fox news released a mocking statement questioning trump's guts. quote we learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and putin both intend to treat donald trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president.
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>> stephen: meow. get a-- of milk for fox news. for a news organization, inviting you to attend their debate, that is a little douchey. i mean you don't see me making fun of people then asking them to be on my show. which reminded me, bradley cooper, thank you for being here tonight. now when trump saw this press release from fox news he immediately dropped out. okay. they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. so let them have their debate. and let's see how they do with the ratings. >> stephen: he's right. we all know he brings huge ratings. after all, he is the star of this year's top reality show celeb rita-president. and with no trump, with zero trump in tonight's debate, there are now 24 million viewers up for grabs. and i'm grabbing them. (laughter) if fox news has no trump, then i
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welcome to "the 2016 tremendous all you can trump luxury presidential debate." (cheers and applause) welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to debate night americana style, a nation in the balance. tonight the leading republican faces off against arguably his greatest opponent, himself. tonight is mano-o-moutho. tonight it is donald against trump, or as they're known by their celebrity couple name, dump. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: gentlemen, gentlemen, you know the rules. you say the first thing that comes into your mind and no matter what it is, your poll numbers go up. (laughter) all right. let's get started. donald, first of all, thank you for joining us tonight.
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>> stephen: and i would also like to welcome you, mr. trump. >> i wrote the art of the deal. >> stephen: yes, you did, sir. but in fairness, you have no read it. (laughter) donald, let's start with you. your chief republican rival ted cruz has attacked you for skipping tonight's fox news debate. do you believe your absence will improve cruz's chances. >> i don't think ted cruz has a great chance, to be honest with you. he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him, nobody in congress likes him, nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. >> stephen: okay. so no one likes ted cruz. mr. trump, a rebuttal. >> i really do, i like ted cruz a lot. (applause). >> stephen: all right. right out. gate there's a strong difference of the opinion between our one candidate. okay. donald.
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of iowa and your chances with them? >> i love iowa. we've done really well here. >> stephen: all right, fairly stated. mr. trump, your thoughts. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? (laughter) (cheers and applause). >> stephen: we will find out on monday. now gentlemen, if either of you win this nomination, you're likely to go up against hillary clinton. how do you assess her foreign policy experience? >> hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of the united states. >> stephen: worst in history! wow, mr. trump, your thoughts. >> hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i mean i'm a little biased because have i known her for for years. i think she really works hard and i think she does a good job and i like her. >> stephen: that is a strong endorsement of hillary clinton from donald trump.
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now for the next portion of the debate, we're going to go and take questions from every day americans who are watching. our first one comes from a megyn k who lives in 2011. megyn, what is your question. >> do you really think that you're a better moderator than i am? >> no, i could never beat you. that wouldn't even be close. it would be no contest, you have done a great job, by the way, and i mean it. >> stephen: that was a very positive message, how about you, donald? >> i have zero respect for megyn kelly. i don't think she's very good at what she does, i think she's highly overrated. >> stephen: now i must warn you, sir, i must warn you to be careful, mr. trump. in the past when you have turned gns a woman that way, she ends up with half your assets. now donald, if you yourself are elected, who can we expect to see in your cabinet? >> we're going to have the smartest, the best negotiators in the world. and i know most of them. and believe me i know people you never heard of who are better
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>> stephen: that is an impressive list of no information. (laughter) now i will give you a chance here, mr. trump. who do you have in mind for your cabinet (laughter) >> you could own this. >> stephen: mr. trump, it is nice to see you finally reach out to a person of color. well, all right then. donald-- (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you so much. it's been a great debate. a great debate, donald, mr. trump. i want to thank you both for being here tonight. for your final statements you each have five seconds. what is the one thing you would like the american people to know about you. >> believe me. i understand steaks, it's my (laughter). >> stephen: and may i say, sir, you are yourself impressively marbled. now donald, your final
11:16 pm
>> if ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps i would be dating her. >> stephen: voters do like a family man. (laughter) well, that concludes the late show 2016, top tremendous all you can trump luxury presidential debate. i want to thank donald trump for being just as divided as this country is. we'll be back with josh brolin. (ding) (dong)
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. , trt: :30 c cbs cares - justin constantine: overcoming adversity jc14oa30, trt: :30 closed captioned as a marine in iraq, i was shot in the head by a sniper. at first no one expected me to survive, let alone regain my life. with the right help and determination, i did. whatever hardship you face, never give up. if you feel overwhelmed by problems, it's okay to ask for help and lean on others for support.
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[music] narrator: of all the things you've done with your bike, donating it to goodwill may be the most incredible of all. your donations help fund job placement and training for people in your community. which means your stuff can be more powerful than you think. goodwill. donate stuff. create jobs. >> stephen: welcome back, everybody, my first guest tonight is an oscar nominated acker now starring in "hail caeser." >> i offered you some future suitable clean young men. >> you think if there wasn't a good reliable man i wouldn't have grabbed him. >> what about-- he is the father, isn't he? >> yeah, yeah. >> a marriage doesn't need to last forever but having a child without a father would present a public relations problem for the studio. the pictures do very nicely for
11:22 pm
>> you go and strap on a fish ass and mary arnie. >> the pictures do well for all of us and it's a tri beult to you, the public loves you because they know how innocent you are. >> stephen: please welcome josh brolin. (cheers and applause) now this movie. >> admit it. did they tell you to clap or are you just clapping on your own? (cheers and applause). >> stephen: look at that. look at that. we even toll them to clap if you asked the question. (laughter) >> there was one woman that stood up over there. thank you very much. >> stephen: one woman over
11:23 pm
>> in the blue. yes. yeah, my next wife. (laughter) no, that's not-- . >> stephen: no, not true. >> no, not true. i'm getting paried, though. >> stephen: when? >> it's on facebook. if you look on facebook. >> stephen: honest to god. >> no. >> stephen: it's not on facebook. >> no, why would i put my-- everybody is invited. everybody should come. thank you very much. by the way. >> stephen: you're welcome. >> thank you. she's a wonderful, wonderful woman. >> stephen: to doubt. >> are you a wonderful man. >> stephen: no yun doubted that, no one is questioning you on that. it's interesting you had to lead with that. >> when you saw me the first thing you said was what, he's a big guy. >> stephen: i said hey, tough guy. >> did you not. >> stephen: i said hey, tough guy. >> you said fight me. >> are you not stuff enough to look me in the face and say hey, tough guy alone. in front of a lot of people who can protect you, you will. >> stephen: is that an insult to say hey tough guy? >> yes. listen to you. >> stephen: really? >> listen to you. >> stephen: no. >> you skinny man. >> stephen: skinny man.
11:24 pm
>> stephen: it's not a skinny tie. how about no tie. how about no tie, really? (cheers and applause). >> stephen: you got no chest hair. you got no chetion hair, my man. do you wax? >> why are you looking at my chest so much. why are you looking at my chest. >> stephen: you totally-- let me-- in there. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: that's nice. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: good luck explaining that. to your fiance. >> to my fiance. >> stephen: exactly. >> my fiance is loving it. that's true love. >> stephen: i like your description of true love succumb here, there are markers on your body and she asks, no questions. >> no questions. >> stephen: whatever makes you happy, josh brolin. >> she looks at me and she goes colbert?
11:25 pm
and she goes it's okay then. >> stephen: all right. anyway, tough guy, that movie. >> yes. >> stephen: that movie. >> yes. >> stephen: it's go about the golden age of hollywood. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: and you play something called a fixer. >> a fixer. >> stephen: what does he do? what is a fixer. >> okay. so the thing with actors, whatever, even now, when you think of them you think of kind of debawcherrous acts, right. >> stephen: yeah, yeah. >> so a fixer is a guy who makes sure and kind of whatever maf yoso way he k men with chest hair, which i play in this movie. >> stephen: was it all just photo shopped in or something like that? (laughter) >> apparently. well, you just figured it out, didn't you. but is a guy who makes sure that all his debau cherous spoiled children are kept in check. >> stephen: he leave-- leans on the press. and says let me fix you. >> no, i put it out there. i pretty much-- .
11:26 pm
it out there, nobody will put it in there. >> okay. >> stephen: an old joke, an >> it's true. >> stephen: you should carve that on a headstone. but were you-- when you were younger you were a very rowdy guy. >> no, that's what you think by looking at me because i'm twice your size. >> stephen: no, i look at >> oh, wow. >> stephen: there you are, tough guy. >> stephen: no, because are you asking. something, you want to prove >> let's do it. >> stephen: ready? >> all right. (cheers and applause) >> stephen, stephen, stephen! >> i can't do that. >> stephen: you can't do that. okay, i will keep mine on, i don't want an unfair advantage on you.
11:27 pm
[bleep] (laughter) >> there are very few parts of my body that are that thick. okay. but they've got hair on them. >> i'm not going to touch you. i'm not going to touch you. >> stephen: okay, let's do it. >> okay. ready? >> stephen: all right, y'all call, ready, one, two-- [bleep] what are you doing--. >> one, two, three, go. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: that was like arm wrestling a back hoe. >> are we done? we have one minute left. >> what should we do. >> stephen: do you want to talk any more? we don't have to talk any more
11:28 pm
>> hail caeser is amazing. just tell people to see it. that's why we are here. >> stephen: you saw it last night. >> i did. i thought it was very good. >> stephen: i know what i want to ask you about. >> instagram. you have to mention instagram because i love instagram. this came from instagram, and i am ale curious because i love intra gam, it's my new thing, i like intra gram-- instagram. no, no, we have 30 secondsk my daughter is going to be in a lifetime movie on february 6th called the lost giferls. i got it all in-- lost girls. >> stephen: i do have a question for you. >> yes. >> stephen: i understand that you for some reason you have read every one of donald trump's books three times. >> not three times but i read a lot of his books. i was a big fan. >> stephen: why? why did you read them are you buddies with him. >> i was. but i-- . >> stephen: you had a fallk out, what happened?
11:29 pm
his-- he single handedly turned around the economy of manhattan. i found that very fascinating. i think he's-- . >> stephen: does he say that in the book because you're the first person, even he hasn't said that yet. >> he will. >> stephen: he will now. >> he will now. >> stephen: he will quote. no less of an expert than josh brolin said. >> josh brolin said. even one of my republican friends where i grew up, its very republican area of california thought his daughter watched a show that i was on. and these are high-end, i guess, i don't really know, but they are lou biton souls which only had red soles, he thought that i wore them as a republican symbol, that i was-- seriously. he thought that-- like it would be blue. >> stephen: i can understand that. i'm wearing these in support of black lives matter.
11:30 pm
"hail caeser" comes out february 5th. josh brolin, everybody. josh brolin. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) crawfish shorts i like your style hooked it just a little bit (window breaks, car alarm sounds) don't open that cellar door
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest is the political director for cbs news and host of "face the nation," please welcome john dickerson. (applause) nice to see you again. >> nice to be here. >> stephen: the first thing i want to say before we get into like the heat of the meat with this race, is that one of the nicest things about you hosting "face the nation" is that you have family history there. i'm a big fan of your mom.
11:34 pm
things, your mom was an associate producer on "face the nation" for the first broadcast in 195. >> 7-- no, 54. >> stephen: 1954, the associate producer there, and now you're the host. and she was the first female network news on-air c kor, right. >> first for cbs. >> stephen: for cbs (cheers and applause). >> stephen: that's her. and i got to say, kind of a dish. now. >> how do i respond to that? >> stephen: how does it feel to be hosting the show that your mom was working on in 1954. >> it feels enormous. it's big muf after taking over after bob schieffer. >> stephen: of course, everybody loves bob sheefer, yeah, so withness so that is big enough. but then, you know, you've got kind of her looking down on you.
11:35 pm
the first word out. >> stephen: just very quickly, do you think trump hurt himself or helped himself by saying i'm not showing up at your debate. >> we'll know when they start voaght. he is running his on strength. this is about him showing strength and dom nation. it's right in line with what he has been running on. >> stephen: so good, bad? you know, i have called you publicly the most elvish correspondent i've ever seen because in the lord of the rings it said ask not advice of the elves for they shall say both yes and no. and with longer hair, you could do-- easily. >> that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. >> stephen: let's go get to iowa. this is the fifth presidential campaign that i have done jokes about, but this is the first
11:36 pm
not knowing what any of this means. what is a caucus? cuz it's been explained to me four times before. what is a caucus? i mean why not just vote. >> it is an algonquin word that means the meeting of chieftains. >> stephen: seriously. >> yes. >> stephen: cuz you could just make it up and i wouldn't know. >> people are listening though. >> stephen: exactly. >> so that is what a caucus is. but the two parties do it differently. >> stephen: okay. >> let's start with the complicated one, the democrats. there are about 1700-- . >> stephen: this will happen on monday. >> 1700 precincts, they're in schools, churches, little places. you get into a room. everybody breaks off into their groups. if one group doesn't represent viable. they go. grabs. >> stephen: so this is not >> in rooms. >> stephen: they play red rover red rover, hand your delegates on over? how does it work?
11:37 pm
if you don't make viability, okay, so your candidate x and your people don't-- you're not viable. they are now up for grabs. and the other candidates try and grab them. because if they can grab them it means they get more delegates. >> stephen: were caucuses invented before there were pieces of paper and boxes to put them in. >> it is this way because it is supposed to convey-- the democrats don't want to pick a winner. they are winnowing, they are like a sales clerk at a store. they go in, they are taking the thousands of ties and saying here are three we would like you to choose from. it is not a winner. they want to have a conversation and they want to be engaged in the ideas and the people. not just a thumbs up or thumbs down. that is the complicated dem kraltic prosessments the republicans, they just put a name on a paper and vote. >> stephen: that makes a lot of sense to me. okay, so is it more important for one party than the other to win this? >> is it more predictive, how about that? >> well, no. i mean you have somebody like mcgovern who et goes the nomination without winning iowa or new hampshire. so.
11:38 pm
about these first two so much. >> it's a first inkling of where the party. is whether the candidates have the kills-- skills to go out-- what is great they are having conversations one-on-one with this. if i can't convince you one-on-one, then i just lack the political skill that will be necessary. >> stephen: but trump's not doing one-on-one. he's doing one on 20,000. >> well, he's the exception-- exdrk dsh exception as he has been in this race. everybody hell's had to do coffee clachs, build support by the dozens, by the ones and twos. stadiums. he's giving helicopter rides at the iowa state fair. thand is a great test. ted cruz is the old-fashioned way with technical expertise, specificity, scientific analysis of who the voters are and trump his enthusiasm. that is one of the things we'll learn on monday night. >> stephen: has there ever been anybody like donald trump, somebody in the past. because are you a fan of the history of running for president. anybody out there like him? >> no, you would have to build
11:39 pm
pieces of-- i don't mean-- perhaps. >> stephen: perhaps frankenstein? (applause) i'm afraid we're out of time. i got an answer out of you, donald trump is frankenstein. the host of "face the nation," every sunday morning. go ahead. >> tell me about a ben ef lent thing that was built in pieces and i will use that analogy next time. >> stephen: the united states of america. (cheers and applause) john dickerson is the host of "face the nation" every sunday
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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>> stephen: welcome back. my nest next guest is a famous viementsal activist here to tell us about the water crisis in flint michigan. please welcome erin brockovich. (applause) so everyone knows you as an environmental activist who
11:44 pm
i admire you, you are a real life superhero. are you like water batman. is there-- (applause). >> stephen: how do you, how are you getting involved in the crisis in flint, michigan. how did you first find out about it? >> from the community. about a year ago they contacted me. and people were concerned about the changes of the color of the water, they were concerned about the smell of the water. they became concerned about their families. so oftentimes when we get calls we'll send investigators out, which we did. and we actually wrote a protocol for the city on how to treat the situation. >> stephen: and when was that. >> this time last year. >> stephen: a year ago. >> yes. >> stephen: okay, so let's give people an idea of what is going on. now this is water coming out of a hydrant. >> hire hydrant. >> stephen: we may expect this not to be necessarily the cleanest water in the city but it's supposed to be potable water. >> it is. and it's definitely concerning to see that color. >> stephen: this is coming out of a sink right there. and it is at a hospital.
11:45 pm
the glass today. and this is just somebody at a protest holding up a jug of the water. how did this happen? >> this happened, the city was having some obvious financial issues. and they hired an emergency city manager. and they made a decision to switch the water systems. and everybody's water quality is different. so you can't just willy-nilly start changing river systems. so they switched from the detroit water which is from huron, to using the flint river water which is very cor rosive. and what happened was when it hit the system, it caused all the lead, the iron, the an copper to leech out from the led pipes and all that lead was delivered to the residents and their taps. >> stephen: people need water every day. what are people going to do? >> well, everybody has been graciously delivering bottled water. one thing that they need to do right away is find the right ion
11:46 pm
everybody can have a water filter at their tap and on their shower head to provide some measure of safety until this problem is ultimately corrected. >> stephen: is there a way to filter out lead? >> there is. you have to have the type that-- the exact type of ion exchange resin swi sold which they can find. but the state should be providing that for every single household, every single family member, period. (applause). >> stephen: i have been reading lately that there are elevated lead levels in drinking water not only in many cities in michigan, but in many cities in the united states, especially east of the mississippi river. is this just the tip of the leadberg out there for what we are drinking? am i drinking lead? is there lead in that water we have provided for you tonight? if this came out of a tap in new york city?
11:47 pm
you the answer to that for certain. right now about this water. i can tell you that flint, michigan is the tip of the iceberg. i can tell you for certain that this is a national crisis. that we're not getting ready to face, the crisis is already here. even since flint has hit the national stage, we've now found out that seabring, ohio, has the same problem and they realize they have been delivering their customers lead. the same thing has just now been happening down in louisiana. and we're hearing rumors, i haven't verified it before i came out, that they're having the same situation in wisconsin. so the answer is yes. we've been treating water differently with something called chloramines which is very acidic. our infrastructure is very old. and it's causing all the iron and lead and copper and everything in these pipes to leech out. because if it is a cheaper way than doing what they should be doing. and it's affect many municipalities across the united states. >> stephen: if there are
11:48 pm
help, what can they do. >> one thing you can still do is the american red cross. this reout there. >> stephen: are they providing water. >> they are providing assistance and water to the community. and i think that one thing that's really important that everyone can do, there is a local hero out there. her name is dr. mondaya. she has done an incredible job with these children. and so many thousands of children are going to be poisoned by this lead, that's going to impact them for the rest of their lives. we'll probably never be able to permanently remove the lead. you could be looking at neurological conditions, learning disabilities. and she is setting up a foundation to focus specifically on how we can help those children and their medical care going forward and for the rest of their life. her name is dr. mondaya. she's going to start a foundation. so look for that, please. >> stephen: erin, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you very much. >> stephen: erin brockovich, everybody.
11:49 pm
(cheers and applause) here we go. ah man, who invited these guys? hey clay, it's cool if we order some delivery? it's time for you guys to make the right call. we're having digiorno pizza, fresh-baked in my own oven. okay.
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11:55 pm
sitting at the corner of an old crossroads yellow light, red light, green light, go i can't hit the gas can't turn the wheel can't go back and make a deal sun ain't up moon's gone away sure gets dark before the light of day
11:56 pm
a long way home and there ain't no map for the road i'm on wind won't blow stars won't shine been that way for the longest time looking for something to show me the way sure gets dark before the light of day running out of time running out of gas lucky as a mirror with a broken glass now i know what they mean when they say sure gets dark before
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>> can't stay here can't turn around ain't no trouble like the kind i've found i guess this is the price i pay sure gets dark before the light of day sure gets dark before
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>> stephen: whooo! >> thank you so much. >> stephen: aubrie sellers debut album new city blues come out tomorrow. go get it, everybody.
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