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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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as faculty members are set to join the boycott. and a big cat prowling the streets. captured after a pursuit. good monday morning. we begin in egypt and new fears that isis was able to infiltrate that airport used by tens of thousands of tourists. >> yeah, officials are revealing gaps in security before the crash of the russian passenger jet. and details about what isis was saying before and after the plane went down. >> and russia sent over the first team of investigators after suspending all flights to egypt. overnight, more clues that terrorists likely brought down the doomed russian airliner. u.s. authorities telling abc news that electronic intercepts of isis both before and after the crash indicate that isis was
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the sharm el sheikh airport. 224 people died when the metrojet plane crashed in egypt's sinai desert shortly after takeoff. this morning, airport workers say they're being intensely questioned by investigators. surveillance videos are being searched for a possible suspect. aviation experts say it could have been an inside job, with isis recruiting someone with access to the airport ramp to plant a bomb on the russian jet. as more of the 224 victims were buried this weekend in st. petersburg, officials said that shrapnel wounds were found in several of the bodies, indications that the plane was brought down by an explosive device. egyptians officials say the cvr, cockpit voice recorder recorded a distinct but undetermined noise just before it stopped working. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the the cvr recording. >> reporter: that sound could be
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crashed. congressman adam schiff was one of eight members of congress to receive a classified briefing on the investigation. >> if this is a bomb by a facility of isis, thenin sinai, they have eclipsed al qaeda as the gravest terrorist threat in the world. >> they say a key baggage system was not plugged in to save power. they say the biggest weakness was human error. not searching workers, officers, and friends. we move to the other major story this morning. it is, of course, the presidential race. and another republican showdown just one day away. >> the big issue among republicans right now appears to be truthfulness. the latest on "your voice, your vote" from abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: a busy weekend for gop presidential candidate dr. ben carson. >> 51. >> reporter: carson, at a rally in puerto rico on sunday, throwing his support behind making the u.s. territory a state.
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usual low-key self. the opposite of this display on friday. >> what a bunch of garbage. >> reporter: scrutiny heating up. carson firing back. on "this week" with george stephanopoulos on sunday, he addressed the accuracy of his life stories, which are in question. >> in the end, do you think these questions will help your campaign? >> yeah, because people are clearly able to see what's going on. the number of people that come up and say, don't let them get you down. we believe you. >> reporter: his campaign clarified he was never admitted nor applied to west point, after originally claiming he received a scholarship. other questions remain surrounding his claims of violence as a young man against his family and some friends. carson's chief rival in the polls, donald trump, says the entire thing is just plain strange. >> i hope it all works out for him. it's a weird deal going on. >> reporter: trump put on his own show over the weekend, live from new york. >> donald trump. >> reporter: the republican front-runner hosting "snl" for the second time since 2004. the fist sketch, a look at a trump presidency. >> donald. >> enrique.
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>> i brought you the check for the wall. >> reporter: the next big show, the gop presidential debate set for tomorrow where both trump and carson are among the eight white house hopefuls who will battle it out on the main stage. kendis and reena, should be quite a show. back to you. >> a lot of people looking forward to it. stephanie ramos, live in washington. thank you so much. okay, as for the democrats, the presidential hopeful hillary clinton is in new hampshire today with that state's primary exactly three months from now. she'll officially file her candidacy today. she'll also host a town hall meeting there. the focus this week shifts back to iowa for the next democratic debate. there's been another stabbing incident on the west bank this morning just a day after seven israelis were wounded in three separate attacks. one of those caught on camera. when a young woman stabbed a settlement security guard. she pulled a knife from her purse when she was asked for identifyication identication.
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he was slightly wounded, but was able to shoot his attacker. the woman in serious condition. israel's prime minister is in washington today. it's benjamin netanyahu's first meeting with president obama since the iran nuclear deal was adopted. that's why israel is looking for a new security agreement. also hanging over today's meeting, netanyahu's new chief spokesman has described mr. obama as anti-semitic. well, this morning, dozens of families are waking up in hotel rooms after one of two major train derailments in wisconsin over the weekend. west of milwaukee yesterday, 13 tanker cars jumped their tracks spilling hundreds of gallons of crude oil and forcing the evacuation of at least 35 homes. there were no reports of injuries or fires. it's not clear what caused the derailment or when families can return to their homes. in western wisconsin, 32 cars derailed saturday morning, spilling nearly 20,000 gallons of ethanol into the mississippi river. and forcing evacuations as well. no fires or injuries were reported in this derailment either.
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the cause is still under investigation this morning. some new storms are blowing in off the pacific this morning. bringing rain and snow to the west. take a look at the radar. winter weather advisories in effect in nevada and the northern rockies. heavy rain could fall on san francisco and central california. thunderstorms and downpours are also possible in the valleys of southern california. and take a look at the scene in the east. rain moving up the coast this morning. up to three inches expected in the carolinas. the storm front strengthens during the day. showers arriving in the mid-atlantic region tonight. into tomorrow, and spreading into the ohio valley. still ahead, the new cup at starbucks causing controversy. and player protests. the entire team at a major division i school sitting out until the president is no longer there. why the team wants him to step down.
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this was a mysterious ray of light streaking across the southern california sky this weekend. it sparked a million questions in a social media frenzy. eyewitnesses say it looked like a regular airplane at first. then blew up into an enormous bright light. was it a ufo? the navy said they were conducting a scheduled missile test. the missile was unarmed. in michigan three teenagers are under arrest after officials foiled what they believe was a school shooting plot. police say two 15-year-olds and an 18-year-old used instagram to hatch a plan to attack a middle school and a high school in gennessee county.
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if they're convicted, they could face life in prison. a change of direction for the federal government. the head of the national highway transportation safety administration says seat belts should be on buses. in the past, the agency said that would be too expensive. now it says not having seat belts is quote a gaping hole in security. the agency has not yet announced any new rules on this. it was james bond to the rescue this weekend at the box office. after several weeks of flops. 007's "spectre" was a hit. the second film in this james bond franchise. it made about $73 million in ticket sales. "the peanuts movie" opened with $45 million. and "the martian" wasn't in the same orbit with $9 million. the santa displays are being carted away from at least one mall this morning. the fake glaciers at five malls around the country were supposed to represent the north pole and replace christmas trees. shoppers rejected it saying it was political correctness gone too far. the mall operator said that
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message. the christmas trees are arriving today. still too soon for christmas. >> never too soon for christmas. when we come back, olympic skier lindsey vonn, showing off her badly damaged hand and talking about how her dogs are to blame. and caught on camera
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incredible scene here in mississippi. a giant cave-in at an i-hop parking lot. the big gash opened up in the pavement and swallowed up a dozen cars as families ate dinner in the newly built restaurant just a few feet away. the crevasse is 15 feet deep and longer than a football field. no one was injured. now for a look at morning road conditions. rain in the east calls for caution from central florida up through the mid-atlantic states. if you're flying, airport delays possible in san francisco and l.a. in the west, as well as atlanta and charlotte in the east. a funeral is set today for a young boy in louisiana who was killed in a police chase that seriously injured his father. >> police say 6 yeerltd jeremy martis died last tuesday after city marshals fired into a vehicle driven by his father. still not clear what triggered
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the the chase or why the officers opened fire. a bond hearing scheduled for today for officers greenhouse and stafford who both face second-degree murder charges. in austin, texas, police are searching for a suspect in an ambush shooting of a judge right outside her home. district judge julie kocurek was shot friday night, reportedly as she was pulling into her driveway. police are combing through thousands of her past felony cases for a potential suspect. now her colleagues are being told to be on alert for their personal safety. students at the university of missouri may find classes canceled today and tomorrow over reported threats of a faculty walkout. it's the latest salvo in racial tensions at mizzou where dozens of black football players are refusing to practice or play until university president tim wolf steps down. he's under fire for failing to take action after a series of escalating racially hostile incidents. >> i'm not allowed to comment on
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like i said, we're all going to stay together as a team. we made a decision as the team to not talk to the media. so you're not going to hear much >> were you scheduled to have practice today or anything? >> yes, we were. >> and you're not having it now? >> we're not having practice. >> any idea when you will? >> when this gets resolved. president tim wolf is refusing to step down. he acknowledges that racism exists at the school and that many of the student groups' demands are already under consideration. the dallas cowboys defensive lineman greg hardy had more of an impact off the field last night than on it. the website dead spin posted graphic photos and other documents regarding the alleged assault last year of hardy's ex-girlfriend. hardy tweeted this weekend his regret about that incident. many fans and some analysts say he shouldn't be playing at all. hardy didn't talk to reporters after last night's game, which the cowboys lost to the eagles in overtime, 33-27. another injury for skier lindsey vonn. but it had nothing to do with the slopes.
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up in the hospital over the weekend after trying to break up a dog fight. she was bitten while wrestling away a frisbee from her two dogs. she had to get a few stitches. she was well enough to post a video of her injured thumb. she's still healing from a broken ankle. apparently, it's always alligator season in parts of san jose sharks. near houston, this surprise visitor dropped in on a shopping center on saturday. measuring 12 feet long. weighing more than 900 pounds. it put up quite a fight before it was subdued. meanwhile, that brave woman, who wrangled it into submission, braving those giant teeth, also works part-time as an alligator trapper. her other job? a dental hygienist. and in another close encounter with a wild animal. this time, it was a mountain lion in southern california. the young lion eluded capture for about an hour before it was cornered in a parking lot next to a bowling alley. wildlife officials believe that the lion is no more than a year
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old and was somehow separated from its mother. it's now being checked out at a shelter. >> she looks a little scared. well, it's sports time now. another sunday of nfl action in the books. >> here are our guys at espn. >> he's j.b., john buccigross. i'm j.a., john anderson. you have the bengals, the panthers, and the patriots. you know who i didn't name? broncos. >> denver, in indy. peyton's old stomping grounds. fourth quarter, his team is down by seven. off the play action, manning finds owen daniels. the game is tied. broncos defense get a stop, get peyton the ball back, they win the game. adam vinatieri, from 55 yards. center cut pork chop. 27-24. and then manning, plenty of time to go down the field, take your time, no need to -- oops. butler, a beautiful interception. from there, the colts go down the field. a couple of bad penalties by the
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the aforementioned panthers. hosting the packers. the panthers up, 30-14. they had this game in control like you couldn't believe. devin funchess, 14-yard touchdown. 37-14. packers, frustration coming out. the packers get it tight. 37-29. newton throws a pick to randall. the packers have a chance. get a touchdown, get a two-point conversion. maybe get some overtime. yeah, that's a pipe dream. on fourth down, aaron rodgers throws a pick. he's not happy about that. panthers are joyous. they're 8-0. after a 37-29 victory. chargers-bears on espn, "monday night football" tonight. the final game of the week. >> you should watch that. if you like to watch all the highlights of the day, "sportscenter," live, 9:00. >> fresh. >> that's somebody other than john and i. >> yeah. >> we're done. >> thank you, fellas. up next in "the pulse," starbucks' new cup. simple, red, but getting criticized. and caught on camera.
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hey, there. time to check "the pulse." starting with starbucks under fire for what's not on the holiday cup. >> starbucks is using the simple red cup. no ornaments, reindeer, or anything else holiday. some are accusing them of waging war on christmas. >> starbucks says it tries to create a culture of inclusion and diversity. the cup is meant to be a blank canvas canvas, so draw your own. so most of us use a pass code that is pretty simple on our smartphones. six or four digits. experts say longer is safer.
4:23 am
this japanese commuter seems to have taken that to heart. >> he was seen entering what is probably the world's longest pass code. goes through the first 40 digits or so, then pauses for the last ten. >> what if he forgets the pass code? >> that could be a problem. you're right. fwlnchts next, some frightening moments far group of divers in south africa. a shark torpedo. >> caught on video. a great white shark lurking between the bars of a shark cage. it's giant razor sharp teeth coming within inches of divers' heads and arms inside. luckily, no one was injured. in did you see the chompers on that guy? the video is posted online by american tourist spencer riley, who was on his honeymoon, diving south of cape town. okay, seals riding whiles is now a thing. you might remember photos of a seal riding a humpback in
4:24 am
this morning, new video of another seal diving under the water, surfacing on the back of a gray while. there this time, off the coast of baja, california, in mexico. a boat full of whale watchers reportedly catching it up a. the seal seems to be having a good time. not sure in the whale is in on the fun. >> the whale is trying to figure out how the get this guy off me.
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luscious... flowing... welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap... unwind... experience the melt. only the lindor truffle. from the lindt master chocolatiers. our top stories this morning, sbel against officials say isis was in contact with someone at egypt's sharm el sheikh airport before last week's plane crash. more experts are pointing to a bomb as the likely cause. no public appearances for ben carson today after a busy weekend, answering questions about the accuracy about the storyies about his life. he's sure to be asked about it tomorrow night at the debate. benjamin netanyahu and the
4:27 am
will try to mend ties today. the first face-to-face talks today in more than a year. rain and snow storms moves through the west. a heavy downpour up the east coast and into the ohio valley. milder in the midwest. finally this morning, a heart-warming tale of survival for a little girl who appeared to be losing her battle against l leukemia. >> an invitive group of doctor refused to give up and her unfailing parents brought a miracle about the. >> reporter: the scientific breakthrough behind this little smile, inspiring doctors and cancer patients around the world. is there i'm thankful. it's a miracle. >> reporter: after spends most of his shore life battling leukemia, her parents were told traditional treatments weren't working. their baby girl was going die. >> i don't believe in giving up. that's not in me. i carried on in my head. i'm going the fight the doctors.
4:28 am
when i lose, i'm going to get the result that i need. we just pushed and pushed and pushed. >> reporter: her doctors in london decided to try an experimental treatment. injecting her with a donor's immune cells, genetically engineered to attack cancer. >> the technology has enormous potential. >> reporter: nearly two months later, her leukemia appears to be gone. it's too soon to tell if she's cured. >> it needs to be studidyied further in other children. >> reporter: still, a dose of hope from this now healthy, happy girl. and her ground-breaking treatment. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> giver something much for so many people in this country. leukemia, the number one form of cancer for kids and teens. we're hoping there is a breakthrough of this technology. >> this treatment, i'm told, has been used with some success for patients who had hiv.
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>> we wish her and her family the best of luck. that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday,'re watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is ??? . police in central iowa had their hands full this weekend. there were 3 deadly shootings in the des moines area in just 48 hours. fighting fraud. millions of americans get caught up in a scam and lose a lot of money. a group is back to help stop swindling. if you have library fees, all you need is canned food. the dubuque county library is swapping food for fines. good monday morning! it's already the start of the second week of november.


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