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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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wind producers as they move in. >> very fast moving storms pushing across a good share of the tv9 viewing area right now. main severe weweher threat as we head through the next two and a half hours three hours evolve through waterloo cedar rapids iowa city and push towards dubuque ultimately into areas of western illinoi and southwestern areas of wisconsin as that movement continues. strongest cells right now are located right along that line from waterloo and south and it will crossing interstate 380 moving through the cedar rapids and iowa city area. with that 50 to 55-mile per hour movement we can expect very strong winds, winds of at least 70 miles per hour. anytime the storm is moving that fast. produces any winds at all you know it's going to be a high wind and 70 miles an hour wind can cause damage and that's why you see up and down along this line right now severe thunderstorm w wnings are issued. we've been talking about the safety rules. you have to keep in mind that
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the storms are moving through. i would say anytime we have a warning storm issued through the next two and a half to three-hour period be it a severe storm or tornado warning you need to stay away from windows need to your get to your safe place basement or lowest floor of whatever structure you're in, know where you can have find a flalalight if it goes out inin the lightning in these systems don't use things that are plugged into the wall stay safe and these storms move through actually quite rapidly. why don't we take a look justin at all the warnings we have in effect. and it is severe thunderstorms now in effect at this moment i don't see any tornado warnings that are in effect right now. the tornado warning that has been in effect for iowa county has expired. that's certainly some good news. however, some wind gusts over 70 miles per hour still remain possible. again here's the rundown of warnings grundy county until 5:30. black hawk until 5:30. tachld ama until 5:30. benton until 5:15. linn 5:45.
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iowa county 5:15. johnson county 5:45. washington until 5:45. efferson until 5:45. and then henry county until 5:45. one thing i want to point out is there was that 70-mile per hour mined report in johnson county that was before the heaviest rain came in that was on the very leading edge of the storm. so this is a situation where the strongest winds are going to be coming in really before the heaviest rain arrives and probably as the lightning starts to intensify right about that time. you're not going to have a lot of time of lightning and rain before the winds come in. it will probably be right on front of it. don't wait for the storm to arrive because by that point the wind has begun to move in. >> let's go ahead now pull up the iowa city city cam let's take a look storm off to the west of iowa city probably arriving let's say within the next 15 minutes t the downtown iowa city areaeae'll brinin up the iowa city cam to take a look at the sky. i'll point out two things as we change that title over to iowa
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you'll notice number one the sky is certain dark we see lightning in the distance. this is somethingngou'll not be able to see as the storms move in if there happens to be some rotation in the storm, if there happens to be a tornado lightning would be the one aid that you might be able to but with the fast movement you certainly cannot do that and boy you mentioned justin there is some intense lightning looking at the city cam live switch over to the lightning tracker we'll show the lightning as it's moving across the area. this is a good indicatioio of the energy within ththe storms, and many times as we watch these storms move across iowa you'll see the lightning dissipate that means they're losing energy, holding their energy as they contntue offf towards the east northeast large area of low pressure that's moving through the area allowing those storms to remain very, very strong. >> new tornado warning respite short-lived thisisas issued a moment ago for black hawk county until 5:45. thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado, six miles
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southeast of hudson or eight miles south of waterloo moving north east at 45 miles per hour. we'll put a storm tracker on that as it moves off towards the northeast at about that speed. we'll actually just do the whole segment of that line as it moves northeast. so around 5:05 at orange, hawkeye community college 5:06 washburn 5:06 junction 5:06 and mobile home parks at 5:07. gilbertville at 5:08. waterloo missed that, looks like 5:11 for the waterloo, central part of waterloo in about five to six minutes we'll start to get that storm moving into the actual downtown parts of waterloo. >> this is the history with these storms they've been moving across the area especially when entering eastern iowa all of a sudden enough rotation in that storm that the popoential is there for tornado to develop and it's something we need to continue to watch as the storm
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continues as the line moves in because they're isolated in nature and they're moving out to reports-of-damage across iowa as we move through this entire line. those of you in hudson down towards eagle center over totord gilbertville you certainly want to be in your safe place, and now look at how fast that movement takes it. all the way up now as justin mentioned only takes about five to six minutes for those storms to be moving through the waterloo areaea themselves. kimble avenue. hess road. dieser road if you're familiar with those areas and you're in that area that's the time you need to be in a safe place, and the safest place, of cououe, as the tornado is moving through is the basement or lowest floor of your room. windows not a good place to be get under something sturdy cover yourself with blankets and pillows as we remind you and kids put the bike helmet on that will afford yoyo protection. tornado watch across the tv9 viewing area basically along highway 20 and points to the south we do@have of crse
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breemer and butler county within that watch and that watch continues until 9:00 tonight. it does appear that the severe weather threat itself in the tv9 viewing area probably will be going about 7:30 or 8:00 as that storm moves through. there's again a live look at tv 9's first alert pinpoint doppler radar behind the system sue city and council bluffs there's rain showers. once we get this line through the area then we won't have to worry about the severe threat anymore. >> as far as thunderstorms go. now about ten minutes ago got a report from the weather service in des moines they were getting se reports of nonthunderstorm wind gusts over 50 miles an hour in mamahal and tama counties. there's the potential for some gusty winds behind all this not associated with thunderstorms that we'll be wching. that's sothing we've been talking about the last few days winds rampinggup tonight as we head into tomorrow as well. for the time being we're focused of course on thunderstorms and
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>> and meterologist chris havley and britley and we have coverage from instagram and facebook. >> these are from 96.7 fm from south melrose and monroe county, extensive damage, house ripped in half, a roof is torn off, you can see the mud on the side of the house and the cars. another one from the save credit and you see the ba is destroyed cut in half roof taken off. so this is south monroe and south melrose extensiveamage there. >> damage off to our west as well. there have been reports of damage across western iowa as the stormsms move through. they really develop oh right around the noon hour or so back across southwestern iowa continue that movementand once these storms develop and moved
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instability that wewehad, they really took off and they moved rapidly and occasionally you can get rapidly a tornado develop. >> exactly. i was chatting with the weather service literallll seconds ago rotation tightening near tiffin they put out a tornado warning for that this inudes north liberty and northern part of johnson county is under this tornado warning. weather radio going off. souou eastern part of lili county. now, this includes probably the south eastern corner of the city of cedar rapids. so it's something we want you to do if you live in north liberty, tiffin, corralville and ely and lisbon south parts of the south part of cedar rapids, east of cedar rapids as well you want to be in your tornado safe place as there is an increase in the rotation and the potential fofo tornado as that moves to the northeast what do we have, 55 miles per hour. so that would put it as kent
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really the ii0 tiffin exis it 5:11 mobile home park at 511, the western hills mobile home park 380 interchange 512. anddoving towards north liberty at 5:16. sullivan at 5:22. sioux falls at 5:15. and twinville heights 5:18 and ely 5:20 and swisher 5:15. state park 5:25. mount vernon 5:29. this rotation is moving just to the east of north again this is very near the town of tiffin as it moves to the north and east and we're near commute time. if you happen to know anybody who normally commutes on 380 right now, tell them they need to go to a safe place immediately becauau this is not a good situation as we have probably a fair amount of traffic on 380 during a tornado warning. let's pinpoint some of the towns, streetshere this wouldd
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let's see we have 260th street northwest. james avenue northwest. swan lake road northwest. heading up to the servoir any of the streets around there are certainly going to be a place that you need to be in a safe place right now. >> and we are hearing the sirens downtown and across linn and portions of johnson county. normalllli would say at are those sirens doing i'm saying because linn county and johnson county are either under a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning i want you to get to your safe place now. as these storms move through, as we've been showing you, they can rapidly develop some rotation and that can lead to tornado very, very quickly. along with that, the winds have been around 70 miles per hour as these storms have moved through. if you don't have that rotation the storm. that has been causing damage in some areas as well. so right now you need to get to a safe area been talking about this all afternoon if you're under any type of warning via warning, thunderstorm warning,
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tornado black hawk where you continue tornado warning and johnson and linn county under the tornado warning and the entire line extends from waterloo to mount pleasant where extreme warnings have been issued. you have a funnel picture. >> we have a pipiure on fusion one. dakota, from williamsburg, looks very similar to a funnel cloud, could be that's the same storm or close to the same storm that's producing the tornado warning now for johnson and linn counties. looks could be a ask youed cloud but looks very ominous almost like a funnel cloud. it's potentially going to be one that's when there is still a little bit of daylight looking at city rapids on kirk wood campus it's night fall you're not going to see a tornado approaching as these come in here. in fact, this is probably the strongest signature that i've seen thus far as far as potential rotation i'm just going to swing the camera around
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southern view unfortunately. but as i spin the camera around i can see there's plenty of lightning going on. i'm of course seeing traffic as well. the radio partners out traveling northeastern county johnson and nn county you needed to be in a safe place honestly the rotation happening just north of tippin is probably the strongest i've seen in our area so far from this event. it's going to be a situation where ifthere is a tornado hahaening it's going to come in quickly no time to react other than going to the safe place immediately. >> that's a live picture from our cedar rapids south city cam, lightning heavy rains high windnd potential tornado moving through the area. now we have two tornado warnings in effect. here's the one that's in effect for portions of johnson as well as linn county. you can se that storm now extending from swisher and north libert down to pippen ely farther south as well move the radar if we can farther to the
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in effect that continues for portions of black hawk county. back we can sese from waterloo over to gilbert ville to dunkerton as we move to the gilbertville and waterloo heading to dunkerton that's the area that can see some of the rotation moving through that potentially could be producing a tornado. that will move into portions of northern buchanan county see frequent lightning strong winds on the front side of this system about 70 miles per hour the rotation possibly leading again to tornadoic formation. give you wide view across the tv9 viewing area if you're joining us for our 5:00 news we've been on with you since the mid part of the afternoon with a line of thunderstorms that developed and moved very, very quickly. the loop you're looking at radar is a two-hour loop boy those storms move very quickly from des moines all the way to cedar rapids in two hours that's about a 50 to 55-mile per hour
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moment, about 100 miles very, very qukly and they continue that movement off towards the east northeast as the storms move through they produced numerous high wind reports as well as some heavy rain and now we're looking at that potential for tornado in two arars one across black hawk county as we showed you extending across black hawk county near the dunkerton area and move farther down the south south eastern portion of linn county as well as northern portion of johnson county. we'll go ahead and pinpoint some of the area again as that storm now moves we can see the rapid movement moving toward the ely area ttwinview heights and chewiville. moving towards the college campus. the tornado warning that extends today and will continue as we move thtough the next what 45 minutes. >> 'm going to say even if you're t in thatat tornado warning around the western end of it, so let's say you live
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380 not near the warning i want you to be in the it's going to be heading toward western fringe of that warning box the way it's looking at this point. >> that would be move it close to ultimataty downtown cedar rapids as well. very close that's something that's somewhat concerning as that rotation does lift off for the north and east. this rotation is just about on top of swisher and chevyville moving east part and north side near marion in just a little while. let me zoom in here pinpoint some of these streets again where i'm seeing some of the strongest rotation just south of swisher here. let's see, where are my streets. 140th street northwest. 120th northeast and fisher pond road northeast, farp road near the lynn johnson county line and
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wawaord to the boulevard east of the airport. vista road near ely near jappa road that's moving toward that direction and if you move on the eastererhalf of cedar rapids i want you to be in your safe place as the storm is moving 55 miles per hour almost highway to this. if you're hearing me say this right now just in your safe place don'n' wait to see if you see the storm coming in. >> that's a good point wanted to point it out we have the one picture of the potential funnel cloud near the williamsburg area this is not the time to be going outside trying to take picture of the storm as it moves through 55 mile per hour movement you have little time to react as the storm moves in and you need to be in your safe place, that safe place, of course, includes the lowest leveve in whatever strucucre you're in. so if you stayed back at work, find the lowest structure in that area. go to the basement or lowest floor of whatever building you're in stay away from windows
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per hour wind or higher will blow around get under something sturdy when you get into the safe place heavy bench or table oo-under the stairs another good spot cover yourself with ankets and pillows put on your bike helmet those things protect you as well as that storm passes that will keep you protected as well. we want to remind you we have the tornado watch that continues across most of the tv9 viewing area along highway 20 to dubuque, iowa city and washington that will continue as we move until 9:00 and then the storms evolve and we'll ultimately move into rtions of illinois and wisconsin. here's again a live picture from tv9's first alert pinpoint doppler radar. latest picture showing the red box around the area where the tornado warning is officially in effect, as w told you earlier along this entire line there are thunderstorm warnings that have been issued. and this is one of those situations where you need to take the thunderstorm warning just as seriously as you're taking any tornadoo wwarning. you'll notice the orange boxes we have extending around linn
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as we head farther south through washington county down to henry county we can move that same north all the way up rough areas of black hawk county. i with also expect to see buchanan county put under a severe thunderstorm warning quickly and tornado warning remains in effect for portions of northeastern areas of blackck hawk county, particularly now in the dunkerton area and canton area and janesville if you're in those areas surrounded by severe thunderstorm or tornado warngs youneed to be in your safe place now. this is how the system has been moving off to the east northeast as the movement continues we're watching the storms maintain their strength and they will as they move through thee manchesterr areas. as they move through independence. they'll be moving through monticello, those in solen or tipton they will set the sun has set it's dark and allwe have is lightning out there and radar which we're watching that's what
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as well to see how the storms are moving and evolving. whwhe are you noticing most of that rotation right now. >> right now it's crossing 380 near the swisher and chevyville area. that's close to town of ely and wright brothers boulevard and burrthra area and highway 13 where it meets up with highway 30. i'll circle here with my mouse you can see that. near the swisher area wewe see those red and those greens kind of coming together there's also a little bit of a hook showing the rain wrapping around. there's certainly some rotation within this particular storm and that's why we're watching this, because if it's not producing a tornado it could in any moment truth be told this could be probably the strongest picture we've seen in the tipton area we've seen all evening long. >> you put areas we'll jump on the weather wall. a little hard to see the mouse as it's moving through.
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what justin is looking at we're looking at two different things looking inside the storm this is the wind inside the storm that's the latest picture we just got. we're seeing winds move away from the radar site and green means moving towards. and swisher we're seeing the rotation counterclockwise fashion. that's a dar signature that could lead to a tornado or could be a tornado at this time. back off across the radar more traditional what we see notice how the rain is hooking around the same direction in that same ely moving over to swisher that's the area of great concern we could be seeing the tornado move through and that's why the ornado issue. siren has been going off weather radar and apps going off. be in your safe place, tornadoes at night are very difficult because number one you're not going to be able to sese it. you're not going be able to see visually that that storm is moving in or that you're seeing that tornado. you may hear the rain may hear
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lightning that's why taking the warnings seriously is top of the line now. yy won't be able see it go to the safe spot. warnings in effect all along the line, waterloo to mount pleasant in that line youshould be in your safe spot. get under something sturdy ifif you can cover yourself with blanket and pillows and it's best whatever area you're in, if you're waiting wait that storm out it's really only going to take about 40 minutes or so for that storm to pass rough and you can get safely to whatever destination you go to as we see it move through. high winds moving in tonight not severe in the sense of severe storms we'll talk about that certainin as we head through the latter part. any updates on the warnings or any damage reports we might have coming in. >> new warning which you might be able to hear from our weather radio going off. this includes, i just lost it on my list.
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luoisa and muskatene. it keeps moving off towards the east. couple more weather storm reports. let's see here. 5:15, hills had a port of pen anyplace sized hail. let's see,, iowa city an estimated wind gust of 60 miles per hour. and at 5:12, so ten minutes ago, in henry county, trenton, a report of an estimated 65-mile per hour wind gusts. let's get the map on here to show you that new severe thunderstorm warning includes southern jones county. all of cedar county includes all of mukatine western clinton and moving through scott and rock county as well as that storm moves off to the east as i would assume still close to 50, 55 miles per hour. actually weather service has put it down to about 40 miles per hour. i'd be surprised if it slowed down quite that much we'll split the difference here call it about 45 miles per hour as it moves off towards the east into our eastern town. .
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so about 40 to miles per hour there. 5:23 at the highway 30 iowa 13 interchange palisades kepler state park 5:24. oasis 5:25, ttipton, 5:43. the attalisa exit 5:40 campground 5:33, rather than 527. and plater cedar county five clun. cedar bluff. tornado for linn county it's been cancelled for johnson county. as of the latetet update, storm, potential tornado located over ely moving northeast at 50 miles per hour. so kind of focusing in on that storm once aggin as the storm is now moving or has moved, r rher, into linn county anan out of johnson county. again, this is very near the town of ely moving northeast at about 50 miles per hour. >> we've been watching the storms on radar both inside the storm watching at the winds
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watching how the rains have been moving let's take a look at what the storms look like tv 9's mark carlson in iowa city captured video as storms were moving through notice the sheets of rain moving through. that's the indication that the high winds were with us, rains very heavy as well from our iowa city newsroom a spot you see mark stding looking over the streeee visibility certainly reduced as well. lightning in the distance certainly with these storms we showed you plenty of electricity within the storms as well. that shows you why number one you don want to be on the road with these storms, have visibility is reduced and high winds tornadoic threat let they pass through it won't take much time as they move in east northeast you'll be able toget your destination safely. that's what we want you to do. tornado warning for portions of linn county, area of johnson county now out of the tornado warning itself particularly the south eastern corner of linn county, but yoyore looking at
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some rotation just where north of the fairfax area right now. >> its potential rotation. it's only been here for a couple of scans. i'm not sure if it's real or t i'i' highlight it any way. there's potential rotation starting to pick up just north of the fairfax area moving northeast. not particularlyconcerned right now at this point because it's not asas strong as what we'v'v been seeing elsewhere however we'll keep an eye on that. this would affect the west side of cedar rapids you mean towards robin and al bernet if it actually continues otherwise we'll keep highlighting the main potential tornadoic part which now looks like it's about highway 30 near the kirk wood campus moving off toward the north and east. iowa 13, interchange the southeast side of cedar rapids lifting toward the northeast. let's say the east side of marion where we
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toward dubuque i'll put more streets here. most likely here near the highway 13 interchange. some streets for you here would be old river road. out toward ber tram holes man road as we look toward east ry and mount vernon road where it meets up 151, cottage grove parkway another one we have to watch for. lynn ridge road and it looks like that rnado rning for linn county may have been let go for was it 5:30 expiration i see the red just went away. however because there's still been some rotation on it, i'm not going to tell you to leave your safe place just yet only because we also still have potential for 70-mile an hour winds in addition to the 4:20 tornado coming through looks like the tornado warning has been let go for some time encouraging news but it's not the all clear. we haveestrong winds coming into
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extreme storm warning in eastern linn county under the tornado warning. >> we'll t that rotation and suddenly that tornado warning is back. want to show as the storm passed through this is a live picture right now from the kirkwood college campus, south city cam and you're looking at some clearing back off and some ask youed clouds as the storm passes through, nothing from those clouds we're noticing it move quickly, keep in mind the quick movement and lightning off to the east of the kirkwood campus as it moves east northeast. and some of the storms and gusts we've seen clear creek and manna and regina, 35-mile r hour gust from waterloo west high school and marion so far about 31-mile per hour gust look at the marion city cam a little earlier again not any heavy rain in the downtown marion area but streets certainly wet. but heaviest east of cedar rapids through the mount vernon
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area off across western areas of johnson county. this will be moving right along interate 380 as well anan i was just going to mention the west branch area and pull up west branch. >> no tornado warning for west branch at this time. however i'm going to assume that that potential is coming because i'm sing some ne rotation pretty much right on top of west branch moving to the northeast 50th miles per hour west branch moving areas northeast of that stormtrack on tts again. at this time therere no storm warning for this particular part of the storm cedar bluff 5:40 when this would be moving in. west branch i'm seeing some signs of potential rotation, and we'll keep an eye on things if we happen get a tornadodo rning on this. and joe's actually going to go over here show you exactly what we're seeing. >> again, it's what we've been watching and justin doing some
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great analysis of the radar, looking both at the winds and the rain and the storm. you'll notice right re this is the winds, the green as well as the red. green is going towards the radar site. red moving away we'll notice the potential near the west branch area there y be some rotation in the storm. look back off toward the rain area. the radar picture that you see earlier in the day not seeing the rotation qui as much there but you have to look in the storm to see it and that's what we're looking at again continuing to follow it as we look into it at the tv lab. as we move through the next two hours the storms still continue to move across eastern iowa. they've been ving still at about 50 to 55 miles per hour, and look at that movement. they're lifting now through the cedar rapids area and lifting towar independent some of the rain moving northeastern iowa notice it's the strongest storms where most of the instability is still located extends now across
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south eastern areas of linn


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