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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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s with the waterloo school district are thinking after voters rejected a 47-million dollar bond issue, yeerday. the measure fell well short of the 60 percent super majority needed to o ss. only 44 perernt of voters approved the bond. turnout was low. about 14 percent of registered voters cast ballots. district would have used the bond to pay for career anantechnical educationn
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new 35-million career center. waterloo east and west high schoolslso would have each undergone a six million dollar renovation. kcrg t-v nine's forrest saunders joins us here in the studio. forrest, what are waterloo schools planning to do now? bruce, the district is still trying to figure that out. waterloo's superintenden t says she was surprised the bond didn't go through. jane lindaman says the district spent four years coming up with the plan that voters struck down. she said the district figured the community was, for the most part, verer supportive of the plan. now, administrator s want to know what went wrong. the district is planning on opening a dialog with voters to find out why so many said no. in the meantime, the superinteteent said they'll do what they can to improve career and technical education programs. the district was planning to create 30 new ones. now, ty're unsure how many they'll be able to do. "we are really commmmted to career and technicic education. it's proven, we know that it's the right thing. it's been studied for four years by
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know it's the right thing, we'll just figure out how to move forwarar " lindaman said there is a silver lining. school administrator s built relationships with a number of local businesses in preparation for t t career center. thosos businesses s e still planning too take students in for internships and donate supplies. right now, the district is focusing on prioritizing its most important tasks with the mon it does have. bruce and beth? b the cedar rapids school district is planning to change the school day for high school students to save the district money. next year, students can sign up for as many y seven classes. right now, they're limited to six, but could add an early bird class before the regular school day. here's how they safe money: the district will hire fewer teachers and require current teachers to teach one more class each day. the district says the change will s sve one
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have to hire more teachers. the district is expecting to ve to cut its budget by 1 point 5 to two million dollars next school year. that's if lawmakers pass iowa governor terry branstad's proposed 2 point 4-5 percent increase in education the state. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman joins us now live from washingtgt high school. dave, how do you squeeze in an extra class period each day at the high schools? beth, the plan is to start all the high schools a half hour earlier beginning next fall. then they'd cut about three minutes from the existing class period and all of a sudden you have the time for a seventh class hour at all the high schools. washington currently has 65 classroom teachers. based on t t supplemental aid numbers coming from the statehouse now that would mean cutting five positions to replace the missing
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budget. but by asking teachers to take on one additional, but shorter, class s riod a day washington could eliminate either staff or programs. and it would give students more options to add a class. "i think some students will explore electives they haven't had time for...maybe arts, or industrial tech or foods and nutrition or something like that" "i didn'n'ever want to take early i don't have to take early bird but i still get that extra class i wanted " the change also means every cedar rapids high school will start and end regular classes at the same time. that extra class period will mean more work on the teachers but the hope is to balance that by ducing the size of e eh class with more slots for students. we'll look at that tonight at six. live in cedar rapids, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. iowa house repeplicans have a
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millions of dollars in sales tax revenue to public schools. governor branstad has proposed extending the state's sales tax for schools an extra 20 years, but he wants to divert some of the money to water quality projects. now the house education committee has approved bills that would extend the sales tax 20 years, but they would direct all the money to schools. east dubuque's superintendent of schools is leaving to become the new superintenden t in the galena school district. the galena school board voted to hire greg herbst at a special meeting last night. the east dubuque school board put herbst on administrative leave last summer without explaining why. it reinstated him justt before the start of the current school year. herbst said the confusion led to him seeking another job. just two days after the iowa caucuses, another republican presidential canandate has pulled out t the race, and another plans to
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today, rand paul announced he's suspending his campaign for presint and will f fus on his senate re--ection bid. ick santorum is expected to announce he's ending his campaign tonight and endorse a candidate. santorum came in 11th in the iowa caucuses, with just one percent of the vote. paul came e fifth in the caucuses with 4 point 5 percent. paul spoke with kcrg- tv9's peter zampa in our washington d-c bureau shortly after dropping out today. andup intro: senator paul finished ahead of six other candidates in iowa, but he tells us there just wasn't enough momentum to keep pushing towards the white house. senator rand paul sot: if i thought i could win i'd still be in. but i don't want to do it just to do it. i really wanted to do it not only to spread the message but to win. vo: last year, senator paul asked the kentucky gop to switch from a primary to a presidential caucus, so he could appear on the ballot as a senator and in the caucus as a presidential candidate. though he dropped out, he says he doesn't regret switching formats. senator rand paul sot: this is
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building project and we're excited about the caucus, and i'm going to work very hard to make it a success. vo: the senator says that as of right now he is not endorsing another candidate. senator rand paul sot: i don't want to pre-decide the election. the people of kentucky have a lot of candidates to choose from and i'm going to leave it up to them to choose. standup t t: senator paul wouldn't hintnts to whether another presidential run is in his future, but he did say he'll keep fighting for his message on capitol hill. reporting in washington, i'm peter zampa. today republican donald trump accused ted cruz of stealing the iowa caucuses. cruz got nearly 28 percent of the vote, compared to trump's 24 percent. trump says he wants a new set of caucuses, or wants iowa republicics to nullify monday'y' results. he said the cruz campaign shouldn't have misled supporters by hinting monday night that ben carson was leaving the race. trump claims the announcement caused many carson supporters to switch to cruz. caucus data show democratic presidential
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with young democrats in iowa. the gazette's vanessa miller reports an estimated 31- thousand people between the ages of 18 to 29 turned out to caucus. 84 percent of that group supportededanders. data from the center for information and research on civic learning reports barack obama captured 57 percent of that same demographic in 2008 in iowa. two blood samples from people in iowa will undergo testing for the zika virus. and the state hygienic lab in coralville could start testing for the disease if the c-d-c needs help in the future.
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tonight allowing the winds to diminish. we have already seen dropping
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day and by morning we are expecting lows in the singles digits in many areas. thursday remains a quiet winter day with a slight chance for some light snow veloping late fridayan early peak at the weekend remains quiet with highs in the middle to upper 30s. have a good night. tonight: clearing out, colder low: 6-12 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 15-21
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high: 32 - low: 18 saturday: partly cloudy high: 36 - low: 21 sunday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 25 monday: chance of snow high: 28 - low: 22 tuesday:y& chance of snow high: 19 - low: 11 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 29 - low: 6
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two groups in eastern iowa are teaming up to bring more businesses to the corridor. theyeye also hoping to attract and grow the area's skilled workforce. u-s employers added jobs at a steady pace last month. and some types of companies were able to hire more new employees than others. stay with h ur 24 hour news urce, kcrg-tv9.
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lookok toward the future today. the cedar rapids metro economic alliance held its annual luncheon today. it focused of growing the local economy as a region. the event drew a record crowow of about eleven hundred people to hear about those regional plans. the economic alliance highlighted a new partnership with the iowa city area development group. they'll launch a regional planning process next week t t promote the area as a region to potential new businesses. economic alliance president dee baird says
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thousands of cities around the world. "that's a lot of opportunity or competition for people to land a busines, so the more we can sell the regional assetts to attract a business and workforce talent collectively gives us a greater opportunity to win and grow." baird added that attracting and growing a skilled workforce remains one e the biggest challenges to attracting more businesses. u-s employers added jobs at a steady pace last month. a private survey by payroll processor a- d-p says businesses added 205-thousand jobs in january. that's down from 267- thousand jobs added in december. the numbers indicate banking, retail and health care companies are still hiring despite slowing growth overseas. however, manufacturin g companies did not add any net jobs last month. stocks closed mostly higher today after a surge in the price ofofrude oil. u-s ude jumped 8 percent today. this comes after
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plunged over the past two days. many of the top companies that posted gains today were energy companies. however, bond prices fell. the state hygienic lab in coralville is sending blood the centers for disease control to test for the zika virus. that doesn't mean the virus is here in iowa, but the lab says it's workiki with the c-d-c
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the universisi of iowa is one of dozens of research institutions closely watching the zika virus. right now, an institute in brazil is trying to develop a vaccine to fight the disease. the virus is believed to cause microcephalu s, or small head syndrome, in newborn babies. the brazilian institute is hoping to create a zika vaccine from an existing vaccine for dengue, which
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this is video from inside the emergency operations center at the centers for disease control, which is coordinating the u-s response to the diseasetoday, florida's govererr declared a healthh emergency in four counties in that state due to the zika virus. at least nine cases have been detected in florida... all the victims people who traveled to countries where the disease has spread. kcrg t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us live now. mark, is the university of iowa on high alert right now? yes, ey're watching this disease closy over athe state hygienic lab in coralville. right now w e the lab does not test for zika. but, they're in the process of sending two blood specimens collected from people right here in iowa to be tested by the c-d-c for the zika virus. that's not to say zika is h he here in iowow but they
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the iowa department of public health and the c-d-c to further investigate. lab officials say they expect that at some point in the near future they will begin direct testing for zika in this lab because they say the cd-c will likely need some help. "we're not just the onlylyeople in the country that are concerned, there are people all over the country, and there's only one place, the cdc, that tests it right now, so there might be a backlog, i have no idea how many specimens are being submitted to them right now. " the lab here in iowa won't have any role in developing a popoible vaccine for zika. again, they're just making plans and preparing to begin testing for zika in the near future if the c-d-c give them the go ahead. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. now here's a look what's coming up at 5:30 on abc's world news. coming up, three days until the
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tonight, donald trump's new tirade charging ted cruz stole iowa with d dty tricks. cruz going off on trump. plus, at least six confirmed tornadoes, blizzard conditions hitting the east now. coming up. for ways to have fewer people in jail. we'll look at how a program in texas could mean changes here. and as presidential candidates drop out, ar senat grassley's thoughts on how iowa's caucuses play a roll. tonigig at 6.
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recapping today's top story, the waterloo school district is figuring out the next steps after voters rejected a 47-million dollar bond issue yesterday. the district says it's focused on technical and career education programs, and it had planned to implement 30 new programs with money from the bond sales. but it's still hoping to go forward with a few of tse programs by partnering with local businesses. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. the prolonged storm system moves east tonight allowing the winds to diminish. we have already seen dropping temperatures through the day and by morning we are expecting lows in the singles digits in many areas. thursday remains a quiet winter day with a slight chance for some light
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early peak at the weekend remains quiet with highs in the middle to upper 30s. have a good night. low: 6-12 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy high: 26-32 winds: sw 5-15 thank you for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 5. now wgo to new york for abc's world news with david muir. tonight, donald trump's new charge. arguing ted cruz stole iowa with dirty tricks. here. plus, ted cruz going off on trump. >> he's losing it. >> all just three days before the big republican debate. plus, hillary clinton tonight, arguing she's now on bernie sanders' home turf, hoping new hampshire surprises her again. also breaking, a major storm hitting from florida to maine at this hour. at least six confirmed or the nay domes now. blizzard conditions and blinding rain. breaking news involving the zika outbreak.
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health emergency.
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