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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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week, saying quote: "social media posts raised concerns about mr. javius' training and professionalism this led the district to conclude that the parties' relationship had been compromised." the social media posts dr. buck references include ones like this, from the campbell high school teachers association in november 2014. it says the school district there had also contracted with javius and his company, ed equity, out of san jose california. they say mr. javius purported himself to the district a its teachers to have a doctorate in urban school leadership f fm usc, when in fact he did not. javius responded to that post yesterday, saying he had attended the doctoral program at usc, but had not finished his dissertation, and had in the interim misrepresented himself as a doctor. we spoke with edwin javius over the phone within the last hour. told us he never misrepresented himself as a doctor to the cedar rapids school district, and said he els remorse about past indiscretions.
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superintendent for the district. she said the district had no knowledge of the allegations against javius, , a lawsuit filed against him in 2013 for copyright infringement, prior to contracting with him. we'll hear more from her, tonight on the kcrg- tv9 news at ten. thanks, brady. turning to meteorologis t joe winters. joe, a little snow is in the forecast.
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a federal magistrate is requiring the owners of a zoo near manchester to transfer their tigers and lemurs to a facility that can take better care of them. the magistrate said the zoo's owners, pam and tom sellner, don't provide the right sanitary living conditions and medical care for the animals. the sellners opened their o at 1512 210th street near manchester in 1986. they have been fighting to keep it open for years. but the animal legal defense fund filed a lawsuit saying the zoo violated the federal endangered species act. kcrg t-v ninins dave franzman joins us now. dave, have the zoo owners reacted to this decision? bruce, i spoke with co-owner pam sellner just briefly this afternoon. she said the family needs to speak to their attorney before making any comments or
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ththmagistrate's decision gives the zoo owners 90 days to find a new home for the lemurs and tigers still here. that new home must be a u-s agriculture department approved facility. the sellner's also can't acquire any new animals on the endangered species list until they prove they can provide adequate care. ve iowans were part t the suit h hrd last fall and one says it's a victory for the animals. "obviously i was very excited. i think it's great the judge saw through the evidence at trial and found it accurate and compelling enough to rule in our favor. " braumann says he agreed to be part of the suit after visiting the rural manchester zoo twice in recent years and finding what he called appalling conditions. the animal legal defense fund will try to help t t owners find proper homes for the tigers and lemurs.
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tried to get the magistrate to remove several hybrid wolves from the zoo as well. but because those animals are a mixture of wolf and dog the decision was they aren't a true endangered species. live near manchester, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. the iowa utilities board pushed back its decision on the bakkkk pipeline possibly to march. the board has been discussing the 346 mile days. north and south dakota, iowa and illinois. wa is the only state that hasst signed onto the underground crude oil line. the utilities board is trying to decide whether to give a texas company the authority to force owners of 296 land parcels to sign easements. iowa house republicans have released their budget year. and it's lower than what senate democrats
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proposed. the house plan calls for spending seven point- 32 billion dollars for fiscal 2017. the senate plan totals seven point 398 billion. and governor branstad's budget proposal was seven point- four billion. republicans want to spend less than democrats on both education and health care. an iowa house representativ e from johnson county has decided she's not seeking another term. voters elected sally stutsman in 2012 following 18 years as a johnson county supervisor. she represented district 77. she said after 21 years of public service, she wants to spend more time with her husband. north liberty's mayor amy nielsen has already announced plans to run for stutsman'seat. she has been mayor for two years. around 1919housand of the more than three million people living in iowa are african american. in our area, only three african americans serve in local government, which leaves much of the black community feeling un-represented.
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plan to change that. recently elected waterloo mayor quentin hart and iowa city councilman kingsley only two african americans who have held a seat in the past two years. now with hart settled in as mayor, councilman jerome amos jr is moving into his council seat. these three say it's time to say there are big issues facing african americans in both of their areas. they are taking the steps to address those problems by reaching out to the community. "i'm d dinitely making more of an effort especially in the leadership position to do more as far as bring some of the information back and providing, and say hey these are some of the things that need to be worked on and i need your help." "somememes people think its this grand plan that needs to take place, and yes it does but its those smaller things that have the quickest impact in the lives of people." tonight at 10, i'll dive dive deeper into hart and botchway's feelings on the state of african americans in iowa, and their plans to change the dynamic. back to you at the
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the hawkeye basketball team goes up against a tough indiana a osier team tonight. ""if they're controlling how they send messages online, they're going to control what they do offline as well." a relationship expert tellp dubuque students how one sexual text message picture can be used against teens and lead to other types of sexual abuse
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the dubuque school district has concerns
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sexting each other... which means texting sexually explicit messages. so the district's trying to address sexting and dating violence issues before it's too late. today, the district held a summit with 150 middle school students to discuss these issues. it's part of national teen dating violence awareness month. a 2013 centers for disease control and prevention survey found 10 percent of high school students reported sexual victimization. that includes sexting. sexting is more common among young girls than boys. according to do-something dot org, 22 percent of teen girls and 18 percent of boys have sent at least semi-nude photos. the website also shows that more than half of sexters share messages with more than one person. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us now. katie, what are dubuque schools doing about this? today the school district hosted a summit for middle school students to better understand what's an age
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one part of that summit included a session warning students about the dangers of sending nude pictures. among this group of middle school students, every single one of them has a cell phone and almost all of them have the snap chat app. that's the app for taking and sending pictures, but the photo disappears a few seconds after the receivers looks at it. stunts say, snap chat is typically used, just for fun. "see how i just took a picture and it has her face. check it out. . " but students tell us they often hear of other students taking things too far. "if they are in a relationship sometimes they think it's ok to send pictures of themselves naked." "i don't really pay attention to that. i could care less about that so i just stay out of it. " last fall, administrator s discovered several middle school students had been sharing nude or partially nude pictures. the district says it happened over the summer, outside of school. still they say it's the school
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students about the dangers of sexting. "students who are sexting early on are more likely to develop other forms of abuse in their relationship. " accccrding to the national organization called "break the cycle", some middle school students believe sending nude photos to their boyfriend or girlfriend is a requirement of being in a relationship. even if they y n't feel comfortable doing it. "if someone is forcing you or coercing you to take the picture, which happens so much, young people feel like they have to send it because, that's what you do. " and experts say what's really scary is when those photos fall into the hands of people other than who they were intended for. "there's apps now that have been created to hack io snap chat so you will never know that i have an app that's storing everything. " you might remember we told you in october the dubuque school district blocked snapchat from its wi-fi. administrators said that app is distracting for students. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news
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students across the coununy. and now the university of iowa's college of public health is stepping up to help victims. tonight on kcrg t-v nine news at ten, hear about a bullying prevention tool kit the university and an eastern iowa theater group put together. the hawkeye men are hoping to continue a successful season with a win against indiana this evening. and the women are hoping to get back on track tonight at home against ohio state. stay with your 24 hour news
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showers tonight. accumulations will be light, staying under an inch, but falling snow always can bring some slick travel spots. friday is a quiet day after any flurries move out in the morning with a high near 20. the winds do get stronger, from the northwest, and that chill remains in the air into saturday. sunday, for valentine's day, we see another round of snow. more heartwarming weather, with highs near or topping 40, arrives early next week. have a good night. tonight: light snow likely low: 14-20
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am snow, clearing high: 17-23 winds: nw 15-30tomorrow night: mostly clear low: -3-3 winds: nw 5-1515turday: mostly sunny, chilly high: 14 - low: 0 sunday: snow likely high: 26 - low: 8 monday: mostly cloudy high: 34 - low: 17 tuesday: chance of rain/snow high: 38 - low: 23 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 25
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thanks joe. the iowa men's basketball team faces a tough road trip tonight at indiana. and the college baseball season opener is just around the corner for the iowa hawkeyes. stay with tv9.
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... the iowa men's basketball team will take ... the iowa men's basketball team will take the court against indiana in about 90 minutes. this game features two of the top teams in the big ten standings. ... it also features the top two scoring teams in the big ten with indiana in first averaging 84 points a game, iowa averages 80 a game. the hoosiers have four starters who are shooting 47 percent or better from the field. they're
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yogi ferrell. "they move the ball. they run. they attack. they get layups. if you're shooting those kinds of numbers, you're getting layups. they're also a good three-point shooting team for the most part. so they got your defense stretched out." "you have to be locked in the entire game. he can get going in a hurry and if you're not pressuring him, he's loading other guys up. he's a very unselfish player and he plays the point guard position the right way. he's a guy you really have to disrupt his rhythm and be locked in the entire game." trt: 28 oc: "the entire game" ... the iowa women's basketball team is hoping to bounce back after losing to 14th ranked michigan state on sunday. but the schedule doesn't get any easasr as the hawkeyes host no. 6 ohio state in iowa city. this team has experienced a lot of growing pains, but is trying to stay positive. "we outrebebnded michigan state. they were a positive 10 rebounding team coming into it and we outrebounded them. we were right there. we were one point down
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seconds to go against the no. 14 team in the country. so, i think we have to remember that and build on that." "we've had a lot of games where we've had the lead and we've given that up. we do have a youngngeam and we recognize that. it's just finding a way to be able to finish those games. that's what our goal is from here on out." on out" ... the iowa baseball team held its media day today. the historic season by going to the ncaa tournament for time in 25 years. they also won their first ncaa tournament game since 1972. this team will have some strong pitching led by tyler peyton senior season despite being drafted. "it was awesome. one thing that i think everyone appreciates is making history. we felt like we brought the culture of iowa baseball back to iowa because for awhile it was forgotten. we take pride in bringing it back." "we're just going to try and do what we know how to do, and play the game hard. and hopefully yy
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that." "it was basically just wanting to be apart of this program for one more year. honestly, i wasn't sure if i was ready for the next step. it became easier when i knew i was coming back to such a great program with great coaches. all- in-all i'm really happy with my decision that i'm still here." trt: 38 oc: "that i'm still here" ... iowa defensive end drew ott has been invited to the nfl combine. in six games last season, ott collected 11 tackles and five sacks before suffering a season-ending knee injury. ott has applied for a medical hardship to come back to iowa and is waiting for a decision by the ncaa. for now, he joins his teammates marshal koehn, austin blythe and jordan lomax who were also invited to the combine. ... tomorrow is a huge milestone for the roughriders and t tir head coach markrkarlson. it will be the 1,000th game in franchise history, and coach carlson has been there for every single one. the roughriders host waterloo at the stable. we'll have more on coach carlson and the milestone tomorrow at 6.
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showers tonight. accumulations will be light, staying under an inch, but falling snow always can bring some slick travel spots. friday is a quiet day after any flurries move out in the morning with a high near 20. the winds do get strtrger, from the rthwest, and that chill remains in the air into saturday. sunday, for valentine's day, we see another round of snow. more heartwarming weather, with highs near or topping 40, arriv early next week. have a good night. tonight: light snow likely low: 14-20 winds: sw 5-10tomorrow: early am snow, clearing high: 17-23 winds: nw 15-30
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