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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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converge on des moines tuesday to lobby for a bill that would get minors out of the tanning beds. this is the third year in a row they've made a legislative push for a tanning bed ban for those under 18. only 8 states, including iowa, still allow minors to risk skin cancer by using indoor tanning devices. so with recent legislative progress they're wondering if this is finally the year. when 27-year-old andrea ard talks to lawmakers about melanoma and tanning beds, she's liable to reach for her phone. she has photos of the scars from three surgeries to remove her skin cancer two years ago. she started tanning as a 16-year-old, with parental permission, and did it as often as five times a week. and if she could turn back the clock....... " i would tell myself not to put my body through need to look into he health risks and at that age all you think about is the social pressure " ard will join the cancer society
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lawmakers tuesday to tell her personal story. cancer society statistics show a 59 percent increased risk of melanoma for those who start artificial tanning before age 35. many salons require parental permission for those under 18. but who will lobby lawmakers say an age ban is better. " it's not something i'm ever going to give up on, it's important to me and a lot of iowans that teenagers aren't able to tan even with parental consent. we want it to be they're not allowed to do it. " "melanoma rates are increasing astronomically and it's a clear correlation" streit says some tanning salon owners say minors don't make up a large percentage of the tanning business. so a ban for t tse under age 18 might not be the financial blow some fear. tanning ban supporters say some schools are
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tanning" pledges for prom to eliminate the health risk. but those under 18 might still feel peer pressure to sport a tan unless it just wasn't an option based on age. bruce? we're two and a half weeks away from when iowa's medicaid system will switch over to private management. and the president of the iowa senate says she doesn't think the state is ready for that change on march first. " i'm not convinced it's a done deal yet. and i believe if the network is really that thin and the state has not met all o o the metrics that cms has requested of the state that they can delay it again. there's nothing that says they have to give the green light by march 1." this week the senate approved a bill that would halt governor branstad's effort to privatize medicaid. supporters of the bill say the state is rushing the transition that will afafct 560-thousand iowans. jochum also says she has talked
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states that have tried to privatize medicaid, and the dubuque democrat says each told her it hasn't worked well. meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, we're in for a cold weekend. after a windy day across eastern iowa we are in for a calmer night. a clear sky tonight allows the mercury to drop into the single digits near and below zero. with nw winds at 5-15 we will see the chill dive to -20 at times and is the reason a wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 am saturday. plenty of sunshine is in place saturday with clouds thickening late. snowfall begins overnight saturday and continues for valentine's day. 2-4" is the current forecast for snow throughout eastern iowa with some blowing snow late sunday and monday. have a good night and a safe weekend.tonig ht: mostly clear low: -4-2 winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny, chilly high: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10 with below zero temperatures overnight, shelters across eastern iowa are going to be filling up. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann shows us some shelters that are running into a problem
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all is quiet during the daytime hours at the maria house. but after dark, this transition home for women is in dire need of volunteer workers to staff the over-night hours. it's hours like those administrators say appear to be daunting. "it seems on paper someone is like, 'i am working an 11 hour shift'. that looks like it's going to be a lot of time and work. " the maria house needs female volunteers, over the age of 18, to staff the house from 8 p-m- to 7 a-m. maria house administrator s says the overnight volunteer has her own bedroom and bathroom and can sleep during the shift. "it's essentially just like being on call, except you are on site. so if a problem does arise or there is a phone call, someone needs shelter, you'd be responsible for answering that phone. " back in november, we spoke to a dubuque homeless shelter for men called "almost home". shelter administrator s
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volunteer shortage issues. now, that shelter continues to deal with the same shortage.. putting most of the overnight shifts on just one volunteer. "i think it puts our whole program in jeopardy, because if anything were to happen to him, what would we do?" both shelters say, the over night hours can be tough. but they say helping people when they need it most can be really rewarding in several ways. "about 25 or 26 percent of people who volunteer are more likely to get employed. so if you're looking for a job, a great way to start is to volunteer. " an over-night shift that could lead to great things, overnight. in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news. we attached links about how to volunteer at either shelter along with this story on kcrg dot com. oelwein police arrested a 42-year-old man for inappropriate contact with a child. ryan tupper faces two counts of second degree sexual abuse. oelwein police say tupper abused one or more
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than 12 years old. the incidents allegedly happened from 2006 to 2009 and 2011 to 2012. a judge sentenced a woman who lied about someone attacking her last year to get insurance payments. the punishment for stephanie settle of asbury is two to five years of probation, 30 days in jail and a deferred judgement. in january and march of last year, settle told police a man with a knife attacked her at her home. she also said in the january incident he stole 15- thousand dollars worth of jewelry. police found inconsistencie s in her story. a bill in the iowa house aims to repeal iowa's public intoxication laws. clinton democrat mary wolfe introduced it, and she says police have tter ways to use taxpayers' money than arresting people for that offense. but her bill's getting some resistance from law enforcement. they say they're just trying to keep people from hurting themselves. and the iowa division of
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justice planning says black hawk county charged 612 people with public intoxication in the last fiscal year. that's the lowest number of the four counties we checked. dubuque county charged 718 people. linn county had 11- hundred 59 public intox charges. and johnson county had close to 12-hundred. kcrg t-v nine's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson joins us live now. mark, you spoke with iowa city police chief sam hargadine about this. what does he think? hargadine says at this point it's just not practical. he says officers need to have the ability to arrest people who are drunk for several reasons. but he's not opposed to looking at ways to keep the jail population down. and he says curbing public intoxication arrests is a way to do that. he says his
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and several other area law enforcement agencies are looking at other places to take people who are drunk besides the hospital or jail. but right now their hands are tied when it comes to making public intoxication arrests, largely because it's a public safety issue. "there's a safety factor if someone is super intoxicated and they could have medical issues especially in the weather we have now, we have a tool in place to take them to the emergency room or to jail." i spoke with representativ e mary wolfe today who introduced this bill. she says it could die next week if it doesn't get through the next phase. she says she really has no idea how it will fare at this point. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. ambulances in johnson county will soon move out ofthe current facility and into
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next month the county is expected to demolish and rebuild the current facility on south dubuque street near downtown iowa city. the construction means the current ambulances housed there will have to find new homes. one of the ambulances will move to a nearby county building, another outside of downtown to fire station four on dodge street near interstate 80. officials say they don't believe theheove will hurt response times. the university of iowa is ready to unveil a projects that's been more than seven years in the making. performers and audiences will on be able to enjoy the new hancher auditorium. stay with tv9. the newly rebuilt hancher
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the newly rebuilt hancher auddorium is almost ready for performers to take the stage. home since the building. so, for nearly eight years, hancher has hosted shows at different venues across the state. helped build 18 hundred people. and in case of another flood, a built-in basement "bath-tub" design will pump any water back out of the building. for executive director chuck swanson, it's been an eight year journey the entire community rallied behind. "it's a journey that's had highs and lows but really, its gone quickly. i'm totally amazed at the work we've been able to do. but it boils down to a lot of people have been involved, a lot of people have helped make this happen."
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performance. bobby mcferrin will take the riverside casino stage at 7 o'clock. we'll take you inside the show tonight on t-v nine news at ten. this weekend the coralville marriott is a one-stop shop for any homeowners looking to make improvements the greater iowa city home builders association is presenting the 2016 iowa city home show. over 100 exhibitors along with even more experts are under one roof for the event. it costs six dollars for adults, and children under 14 years of age get in free. the event shows visitors the latest trends in landscaping, kitchen and bath design, and interior decorating and design. "it's a great way for them to get out and actually meet the contractors and the people that are involved in those type of, um, retail sales and things like that. " the home show started today and ends on sunday. it opens each day at 10 a-m.
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will celebrate a big milestone tonight. the hockey team will take the ice for the one thousandth game. we'll take you there live. stay with your 24 hour news
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calmer night. a clear sky
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mercury to drop into the single digits near and below zero. with nw winds at 5-15 we will see the chill dive to -20 at times and is the reason a wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 am saturday. plenty of sunshine is in place saturday with clouds thickening late. snowfall begins for valentine's day. 2-4" is the current forecast for snow throughout eastern iowa with some blowing snow good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly clear
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winds: nw 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny, chilly high: 11-17 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow night: snow likely late low: 5-11 winds: se 5-10sunday: snow likely, windy high: 26 - low: 8 monday: mostly cloudy high: 34 - low: 17 tuesday: chance of rain/snow high: 38 - low: 23 wednesday: partly cloudy high: 34 - low: 18 thursday: partly cloudy high: 43 - low: 19
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and head coach mark carlson who will coach his 1,000th game tonight in cedar rapids. josh joins us live from the stable and josh coach carlson has been incredibly loyal to this franchise. ... that's right scott. mark
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17 years. it's rare for a player or a coach to spend that much time with just one organization. since day one, mark carlson has built the cedar rapids roughriders into a powerhouse in the ushl. he's won 559 games and led them to the playoffs 14 times, including a clark cup championship in 2005. "it's been special to be here for that long. the one thing that i think is kind of neat about it is that i've benn able to be here for 1,000 games. but, let's put the focus on the organization and it's a great night for the organization as a whole." "do you remember your first game here?" "sure do. it was against the rochester mustangs. we didn't know ife were going to get the game off; we were still trying to get the ice in. we had cones on the ice in warmups. but we were able to get the game in and win in a shootout." in those 1,000 games, coach carlson has also coached hundreds of players. many of them have gone on to the
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"at this level, one of the neat things is you feel like you have an opportunity to make an impact no matter how small it may be on lots of people and to see guys to have success in hockey or outside of hockey." "i just appreciate how much he cares. every day he comes in and tries to make us better players, better people around the community. he's done a great job of that so far. it's honestly really special for me to be apart of this organization." "i've heard that it's a challenge to be here and not everyone that comes through here can play here. but it's what i expected it to be and i'm happy with that because i wanted it to be hard." ... just one coach has coached more ushl games than mark carlson... that happens to be p.k. o'handley of the waterloo blackhawks, the team the roughriders host tonight.
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linebacker luke knott has decided to forgo his final year because of multiple surgery's including two on his hip. uni is moving along on their search for a new athletic director. they have interviews scheduled on campus this monday, tuesday, and wednesday. another name that has surfaced in the job search is nebraska omaha ad trev alberts and that makes sense. he has experience and is a big name. trev starred at nu high school in cedar falls and was a butkus award winner at nebraska and was the 5th overall pick by the colts in the 1994 nfl draft. the cedar rapids titans will kick off their season tonight against the iowa barnstormers at the us cellular center.. we will have highlights tonight at 10:00. and finally kcrg is proud to announce we will be broadcasting 48 cubs this year. we expect to have announcement on white sox games next week.
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calmer night. a clear sky tonight allows the mercury to drop into the single digits near and low zero. with nw winds at 5-15 we will see the chill dive to -20 at times and is the reason a wind chill advisory is in effect until 9 am saturday. plenty of sunshine is in place saturday with clouds thickening late. snowfall begins overnight saturday and continues for valentine's day. 2-4" is the current forecast for snow throughout eastern iowa with some blowing snow late sunday and monday. have a good night and a safe weekend. tonight: mostly
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time's running out on this. you need to make a decision. i submitted you a notarized list. i'm sorry, but "gollum" and "flakey" are not acceptable. well, you don't like "princess corncob," you don't like "fester"-- you're just impossible to please. we'll come back to that one. this brings us to the final item in our annual state of the relationship summit. item 29: valentine's day. ah, the worst for last. hmm. classic flakey. before you get upset, i believe i've come up with a way for us to celebrate the occasion that we both can enjoy. people usually start a meeting with a joke, but you go ahead-- end with one. i propose we spend a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in napa valley. i hate every word in that sentence. including "in," "at," "we" and "a." come on, sheldon. why not? for starters, a bed-and-breakfast forces you


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